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            St David’s Hotel & Spa, Cardiff
               Friday 26 September 2003

                  WILLIAM WILSON
                 Director, Cambrensis
               Report from 14th Annual Meeting of the
                US National Hydrogen Association
                   Washington DC - March 2003

   US nonprofit, incorporated membership (trade) association, with
    members from industrial companies, small businesses, universities and
    research institutions
   Witnessing a surge of interest in hydrogen, especially since President’
    Bush’s last State of the Union address and the announcements of the
    National Hydrogen Energy Roadmap, November 2002, FreedomCar,
    FreedomFuel and FutureGen
   Lists of Members, Board of Directors and copies of policy statements
    available to seminar
   Website www.HydrogenUS.org
   15th US Hydrogen Conference and Hydrogen Expo USA
   27-30 April 2004, Hollywood, California

Renewables & Hydrogen Contact Group - September 2003                          2
                   Cambrensis Presentation
                  ‘The Hydrogen Economy –
               a View from Britain and Europe’

   Considered US emphasis on fuel security and contrasted it with EU
    emphasis on environmental protection
   Argued for hydrogen production from renewables to be given much
    higher priority instead of being regarded as an ultimate aim
   Reported on Cambrensis Hydrogen Economy Seminar, London,
    January 2003, and in particular –
   Issues raised by Dr David Slater on the safety characteristics of
    hydrogen handling and storage, and
   Issues raised by Dr Dick Derwent, Met Office about greenhouse gas
    and climate change effects of hydrogen
   Presentation available on request

Renewables & Hydrogen Contact Group - September 2003                    3
                 Gene Nemanich
    Chairman, US National Hydrogen Association
             and Technology Ventures
     VP of Hydrogen Systems, Chevron Texaco

 “Hydrogen development on a new plane now”
 NHA Annual Meeting March 2003 had to close the list at 550 delegates
 Referred to President Bush’s announcement of an international carbon
  sequestration leadership forum

Renewables & Hydrogen Contact Group - September 2003                     4
                      Dennis Campbell
                 CEO, Ballard Power Systems

   Paid tribute to Sir William Grove, Welsh barrister and judge and
    inventor of the first fuel cell in 1839
   “When oil peaks, prices will go right up”
   Fuel cells the only replacement for the internal combustion engine
   California Fuel Cell Partnership
   Hydrogen highway refuelling from California to Vancouver?
   “Power to change the world”

Renewables & Hydrogen Contact Group - September 2003                     5
                      Larry Burns
           VP, R&D & Planning, General Motors

   Goal is to remove the automobile from the environmental debate
   Hy-wire GM Autonomy vehicle: skateboard chassis with hydrogen fuel
    stack and compressed hydrogen storage
   Home refuelling a big potential use
   Aim to sell 1 million fuel cell vehicles by middle of next decade
   Aims for tenfold reduction in fuel cell stack in 3 years
   Wants hydrogen “undeclared” as a hazardous material and treated as a

Renewables & Hydrogen Contact Group - September 2003                       6
                    Senator Byron L Dorgan
                   (Democrat – North Dakota)

   US imports 20 million barrels of oil per day
   Much comes from troubles areas of the world
   Over half goes on transportation
   “The success of a rain dance depends a lot on the timing” – Cherokee
   Very big deal for a Republican President from the oil industry to commit
    to H2
   $1.2 billion spending was “timid” but “when elephants fly you don’t
    criticise them for being awkward”
   Big idea, needing an Apollo/Manhattan Project scale of thinking
   Dorgan Senate bill calls for $6.5 billion plan over 10 years

Renewables & Hydrogen Contact Group - September 2003                           7
                         Dr Bernard Bulkin
                         Chief Scientist, BP

   BP wants to be involved in all aspects of production and use cycle
   BP not developing fuel cells – wants partnerships
   Hydrogen needs to be in 30% to 50% of fuelling stations, and to fill a
    car in 1 minute
   “Too soon to pick a winner” from among the numerous promising R&D
   Technology is important but political and social challenges to hydrogen
    are more important
   Not looking for incentives to be put in place in advance of demand

Renewables & Hydrogen Contact Group - September 2003                          8
                     Spencer Abraham
               US Secretary of State for Energy

   President asked for long term, ‘game changing’, solutions
   54% of US oil is imported: predicted to grow to 68% by 2025
   Oil imports currently 20 million barrels per day
   Aim to lower cost of fuel cells by a factor of 10
   Aim to lower cost of hydrogen by 2010 to around $1.50 price of
   Investigating international collaboration on nuclear fusion
   FutureGen – coal fired power plant from coal gasification, sequestering
   Storage on cars and trucks for range, infrastructure challenges for
   H2 will rival introduction of electricity and the internal combustion engine
Renewables & Hydrogen Contact Group - September 2003                               9
       Renewables and Hydrogen Contact Group

 Recruited three experienced US participants in hydrogen development
  issues as Corresponding Members
 R Rhoads Stephenson, California
  Formerly Deputy Assistant Laboratory Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  Has contributed a very useful handout to this meeting on recent important
  articles on hydrogen in leading journals
 Joseph J. Romm, Principal, Capital E
  Formerly Assistant Secretary, US Department of Energy
 Jim Ohi, Leader, Hydrogen and Natural Gas Systems
  National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado

Renewables & Hydrogen Contact Group - September 2003                    10
                 Future meetings of the Group

   Carbon Sequestration
    28 November 2003, Middle Temple, London
    Looking at legal as well as technical issues
    Hope to cover update on FutureGen and international forum for carbon
    sequestration announced by President Bush

   Renewables targets
    30 January 2004, Middle Temple, London
    Considering debates on renewables targets in the 2003 Energy White

   www.cambrensis.org ‘Events’

Renewables & Hydrogen Contact Group - September 2003                       11

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