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                                                                            April 2009

                                 It’s your Update!!

Welcome to the latest edition of Update. This is the first one produced by its two new editors,
Lucy Thompson, (your secretary's granddaughter) and Margaret Tupling (your treasurers
„other half‟). Our aim is to produce regular quarterly issues of your newsletter, but know that
previous editors have found difficulty obtaining sufficient „copy‟ to make the Update
interesting and relevant. If you have any ideas, views, know of any forthcoming events, any
amusing anecdotes, any praise or grumbles that might be of interest to other kidney patients,
please send them to us.

One problem that has again come to our attention is the unacceptable waiting times etc. some
patients are having with Medicars. If this has been your experience please let us know. If we
can gather enough examples we can go to the „powers that be‟ and try to improve the
situation. You can use the SAKA free-post address or email margtup@live.co.uk.

If you have any problems with which you think SAKA could help please contact us and we
will try to assist you.

Would anyone be interested in social activities if we organised some sort of event? Any ideas
you may have would be appreciated, perhaps a trip to the theatre, ten pin bowling, a coach
trip out to the coast /countryside, a karaoke evening or other form of entertainment. Please let
us know and if there is sufficient interest we will try to organise them.

Some events planned for the near future include:
        Sunday 25th May Celebrity Cricket Match in Barnsley (see page 6)
        Saturday 6th June Marks & Spencer at Meadowhall have kindly agreed to us
                             having a „Bag Packing‟ event to raise funds. We need
                             volunteers, please contact Betty Rayner if you can help.
        Saturday 18 July Garden Party, 39 Barrowby Road, Rotherham (the Tupling‟s)

        July 30th- August 2nd British Transplant Games in Coventry
                              This includes a sponsored Fun Run. A number of our
                              members will be participating with the aim of raising funds
                              for SAKA.
               Your support at any or all of the above would be appreciated.
                              Rotherham Satellite Unit
Its all happening at Rotherham! The dialysis unit has been taken over by Diaverum Renal Services
Group, who aim to provide a totally new modern and functional environment. When work is completed
the clinic will be basically double its present size, with a larger , more comfortable waiting area, easier
access, a climate-controlled environment, new equipment (including replacement dialysis machines), and
a barrier controlled car park dedicated to clinic users.

In the meantime dialysis treatment will continue as normal and Diaverum aim to keep disruption to an
absolute minimum, However if you have any questions or concerns, you can put them to Jill Webster-
Hogg at the clinic, or Vicki Dobson at Vicki.dobson@diaverum.com or 07525671492.

The new improved clinic is planned to be operational by mid December this year. Diaverum are very
interested in forging links with SAKA so we look forward with anticipation to the future of dialysis in
Rotherham. Watch this space!

                    Learn About Your Kidney Problems
 Several books are available free of charge to SAKA members. They explain in clear, easily
 understood terms all about kidney related problems and offer sound advice. They are:

          Kidney Failure Explained by Dr Andy Stein & Janet Wild RGN

          Kidney Dialysis and Transplants by Dr Andy Stein and Janet Wild RGN

          Living Well with Kidney Failure by Juliet Auer (a cheerful guide on living life to the full)

 These books are particularly helpful to those members who have recently been diagnosed with kidney
 failure. They are obtainable from Ken Tupling (01709 371949)

                                           SAKA Contacts
Chairman (Temporary)                         Barnsley Rep. George Hopkinson 01226 714214
Andrew Raftery                               Rotherham Rep. Kerry Radford   0114 2475591

Vice Chairman                                Committee:         Darren Lath             0114 2378901
John Powell   0114 2471161                                      Trevor Fretwell         0114 2480701
                                                                Margaret Carter         01709 368571
Betty Rayner 0114 2462237                    Clinical Mgt Team Rep.
email: betty.rayner@talktalk.net

Treasurer, Membership                                        Caravan bookings:
Ken Tupling 01709 371949                                     Skegness   Cath Askwith 0114 2472498
email: ken.tupling@talktalk.net                              Filey      Darren Lath 0114 2378901

SAKA UPDATE           Editors: Lucy Thompson & Margaret Tupling
                      to contact them use the SAKA Freepost address.

As I write this the sun is shining, the daffodils are in full bloom and our thoughts are
turning towards summer holidays.

Organising a holiday when you are on dialysis, particularly ‘haemodialysis’, we know
can be a daunting exercise . That’s why we are so pleased to learn that holiday ‘haemo’
facilities are now available at Scarborough and Bridlington hospitals, both within a few
miles of SAKA’s Filey caravan.

This 8 berth caravan is pleasant and spacious and is situated on the superb site of
Haven Holiday park at Primrose Valley. The site is extremely well maintained and offers
a full range of amenities, including a well stocked shop, funfair, amusements, indoor
and outdoor swimming pools, boating lake, bars and eateries. You really don’t have to
go off the site if you don’t want, there is so much to do. In fact something for everyone.
Plus of course access to what is arguably the best cricket beach in the country.

Alternatively there is our 6 berth Skegness caravan, which was new last year. ‘Haemo’
facilities are available very close to this popular site as are all the amenities at this busy
popular seaside resort. To book Skegness caravan contact Cath Askwith (0114 - 247 -
2498 or 07792150994) and for Filey caravan Darren Lath on 0114 - 237 - 8901 (after
6.00 p.m. during the week).

Don’t forget that SAKA can help with travel expenses to and from the holiday dialysis
facilities as well as offering the caravans at heavily discounted rates to SAKA members.
There are still vacancies for both caravans but we are hopeful the new facilities will
encourage members to take advantage of these super sites.

It is important that you arrange your holiday dialysis for Scarborough, Bridlington (both
for Filey caravan) or Skegness as soon as possible as dialysis stations are limited and
allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Whichever caravan you choose it is most
important to liaise with the holiday co-ordinator at your home dialysis site, to get your
dialysis spot confirmed, BEFORE making your caravan or any other holiday booking

Whilst on the subject of holidays, we often get asked about holiday insurance. It is as
important to get holiday insurance for this country as well as abroad. NEVER be without
it on holiday AND make sure that any pre – existing illnesses are covered. Do not rely
on being covered by insurance offered as a benefit on your credit card. Read the
small print.

Freedom is a company specialising in providing cover for people with pre-existing
medical conditions and operates a ‘partnership’ available to charities such as our own.
We are enclosing one of their booklets which gives good advice about holiday
insurance. There are, of course, many other companies supplying holiday insurance
cover and SAKA is not able to recommend any particular one. It is up to the individual
patient to make sure that all their needs are met whichever company they use.

Whatever your holiday plans, or even if you are unable to manage a holiday this year,
we hope your summer proves as pleasant and refreshing as possible.

                         A Kidney-Kind Light –Bite Recipe
                   Easy to make, Low potassium , Low phosphate
   Ingredients                                           Sauce
         200g tin of tuna in oil (drained)                       25g polyunsaturated margarine
         110g white rice (cooked, but not rinsed)                1 tbsp chopped chives
         1 medium egg (beaten)                                   3 tbsp crème fraiche
         Pepper                                                  1 tbsp lemon juice
         Lemon juice
         Flour or oats for coating, oil for frying

   1.    Thoroughly combine fish, rice, beaten egg and seasoning. Allow to cool and firm up
   2.    Shape into fishcakes, roll in flour or oats and refrigerate for 30 mins
   3.    Shallow fry in oil for 10 mins turning once or brush fish cakes in oil and bake at 200oc
         (gas mark 6) for 8/9 mins.

   For the sauce
   Put all ingredients into saucepan. Heat and stir before serving.

                        Serve with a salad of your choice and enjoy!

                                 Research Funding Request
We have been asked by Mr Shrestha to fund a research project titled Intervention Study
Nephropathy. He and Mr Butt who are carrying out the research, came to the committee
to explain its aims. This research is to investigate ways of stopping scarring in
transplanted kidneys and thus preventing transplants failing.

The committee are recommending we grant this request. The funding of this project will
cost £15,000.
In accordance with our constitution we are obliged to seek permission from our members
to agree the funding and would ask that you support our recommendation for this
study to be funded. We have the money available and we are following one of the
main objects in our constitution i.e. to assist research in to kidney illnesses.

Anyone who has any objections to the above should contact our secretary Betty Rayner
within 14 days of receiving the newsletter.

                                           In the Spotlight

We are continuing the series started in a previous Update and invited Richard (Dick) Williams ) one of
our hardworking Renal Social Workers to answer a few questions

1      What is the best thing about your job?        The great people I get to meet
2.     And the worst thing?                          Too much computer time, it does my head in
3.     What is your favourite pastime?               Rock climbing and fell running
4.     Have you any unfulfilled ambitions?           Work abroad, climb in Yosemite
5.     Have you any hidden talents?                  Can belt out a song. ‘You’ll never walk alone’ –
                                                     sad but true
6.     Choose 5 words to describe yourself           Short, baldy, beardy, daft but happy

7.     What if your favourite TV programme?       Newsnight with Paxman getting stuck into a
8.     What/who is your favourite film/character? I Like Jim Carey, he makes me laugh just
                                                  looking at him
9.     Who was your childhood hero?               Roger Hunt (1960’s Liverpool FC inside - right)
10.    What is your favourite food & drink?          A right good curry and a beer
11.    Your most treasured possession (family excluded) My bed
12.    4 ideal dinner party guests (dead or alive)   Kenny Dalglish, Nelson Mandela, Nicola
                                                     Williams, and Bruce Springsteen
13.    3 things you would take to a desert island    DVD of Kenny Dalglish’s greatest goals. –
                                                     Pretenders song, ‘Don’t get me wrong’, a DVD
                                                     player plus the latest SAKA minutes for bed
                                                     time reading!
14.    What is your greatest extravagance?           Rock climbing gear
15.    If you could be invisible for a day, where would you go? Cabinet Meeting
16.    What one thing REALLY annoys you?             Racism
17.    If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? Stop chewing my nails

Sheffield Area Kidney Association publishes SAKA UPDATE. The views and opinions
expressed by contributors are not necessarily the view of Sheffield Area Kidney
Association. SAKA cannot accept any responsibility or guarantee of services mentioned
in this publication. Readers are advised to make their own enquiries where necessary.
      SAKA is registered with the Charity Commission No. 506386             Established in 197 6
     A charity cricket match will be held on Sunday 24th May at the Cricket
     Ground, on Shaw Lane in Barnsley. Stars from Emmerdale and Coronation
     Street will play a team of celebrity all stars

     There will be a bouncy castle, slides and face painting to entertain the children
     also musical entertainment on stage. Refreshments including, burgers hot -
     dogs and strawberry cream teas will be available.

     Please come along and support the event. It promises to be a good day out for
     all the family. Proceeds to be shared between Barnsley Dialysis Unit, Sheffield
     Area Kidney Association (SAKA) and Sheffield Kidney Research Foundation

     Tickets cost £5 - adults, £2:50 - children (under 12) are available by ringing
     0114 257 2055 or 01226 203509. Tickets can also be purchased at „the gate‟.

                               Hospital Visitors Expenses

As renal patients one of the last things we want to do is have a spell in hospital.
However, should you be unfortunate enough to spent some time at the NGH hotel, SAKA
has a facility of providing some recompense to a family member who is visiting you.
SAKA visitors expense claim forms are available from ward clerks and explain how to
complete the claim and how much is available. We know that our help does not cover all
the travelling costs but as a famous supermarket slogan says “Every little helps”.
If you are unable to obtain a form from the ward clerks, contact Ken Tupling (01709 -
371949) and he will send you one.

                          Holiday Taxis & Dialysing Abroad

If you are a haemodialysis patient and have to travel to a unit while on holiday, no
matter where you go SAKA is prepared to pay taxi fares (confirmed with receipts).
In 2008 we also made a policy decision that SAKA will pay for 1 dialysis per holiday
week up to a maximum of 4 weeks per calendar year, for patients holidaying anywhere
in the world and having to pay for their holiday dialysis.
Details available from Betty Rayner or Ken Tupling.

                      Take a break - PRIZE QUIZ TIME
1     Who discovered the antibiotic drug penicillin?
2.    Which planet is the largest in the solar system?
3.    Name the young hero raised by wolves in Rudyard Kipling‟s Jungle Book

4.    What form of distinctive form of jazz did Scott Joplin develop?
5.    Which mammal is the swiftest runner over short distances?
6.    Which major sport is played at Sheffield‟s Crucible Theatre?
7.    Name the Greek city commemorated in a running event over 26 miles 385 yards
8.    In which city can you see a statue of a Skye terrier named Greyfriars Bobby?
9.    Marion Michael Morrison was the real name of….. ?
10.   Who is Britain‟s First Lord of the Treasury?
11.   How is „La Giaconda‟ usually known?
12.   Who composed Madame Butterfly?
13.   What kind of creature was the legendary Phoenix?
14.   Which animal‟s eye can grow to over 38cm (15 ins) in diameter?
15.   How is Eddie Edwards better known?

       Answers to SAKA Freepost
                  NEA 12111
                  Rotherham S60 3BR                    Closing Date 30.6.09

Congratulations to January‟s quiz winner PETER IVISON - a £10 M & S Voucher is on its way.
      1 Spain                                   9 Female
      2 Heaven                                 10 Mr Kipling
      3 Brassica                               11 Joseph
      4 Tomato juice, vodka, Tabasco, lemon 12 Aphrodite
      5 Pennines                               13 Captain Cook
      6 Red Lion                               14 Milk Tray
      7 Citroen                                15 Mexico
      8 Eye

                       Important Renal Unit telephone numbers:
                                   Sorby Outpatients

Room 1         0114 271 5320                                  Appointments 0114 271 5131

      Renal Unit                                                         Satellite Units
‘E’ Floor 0114 2715331                                        Barnsley         01226 320310
‘F’ Floor 0114 2715136                                        Chesterfield     01246 512626
‘G’ Floor 0114 2269164                                        Doncaster        01302 381455
Vickers 2 0114 2266392                                        Rotherham        01709 838333
Vickers 3 0114 2266813                                        Sheffield        0114 2290970
                                                                                   Membership Renewal and New
                                                                                    Membership Application Form

the Sheffield Area Kidney Association
Registered Charity No 506386

Renewal for year commencing January 2009                                       New members please tick this box

Please complete as much of the form as possible so we can keep our records up-to date. All correspondence and copies of
SAKA Update will be addressed to the first name on the form

First Member
Full Name_______________________________Category of Membership*______________________________


PostCode___________________Tel No____________________ Email address_________________________

Second Member (spouse, carer etc) if applicable

Full Name_______________________________Category of Membership*______________________________


PostCode___________________Tel No____________________Email address__________________________

*Category: Transplant/ APD/CAPD/ hospital haemo / home haemo / pre-dialysis / other kidney problems /
spouse / carer / parent / friend / relative / staff

I / we are a member (s) of / interested in receiving details of:

City Branch—meets last Monday of every month at 7.30 p.m. in the Board Room, Clock Tower, NGH

Please tick if you or a member of your family or friends may be able to occasionally at any of the following

Supermarket collections                                     Selling NKF Cash Draw tickets
Helping at local shows                                      Selling Xmas cards to family & friends
Administration tasks
Write articles for Update                                   Represent a patient group

Is there any other way in which you could and would be prepared to help from time to time

Please tick if you like to receive any of the following FREE publications:

UPDATE –The SAKA quarterly newsletter                        KIDNEY LIFE - the National Kidney Federation

Whilst SAKA does not ask for a specific membership fee it does ask that members make an annual voluntary
donation to help SAKA’s work for patients and support kidney research.

I enclose a voluntary donation of _________           Please treat this as a Gift Aid donation
                                                      N.B. (This only applies if you are a UK taxpayer)

Signature___________________________________                           Date_______________________________

Completed forms should be sent to              SAKA, FREEPOST
                                               S60 3BR


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