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									West Bengal Tourist Places – Mayapur A Spiritual and
Religious Place
Mayapur is a spiritual place located on the banks of the River Hooghly in Nadia district of West
Bengal. There are many temple attractions Mayapur and also most visited Religious center in
West Bengal. This is the main attractions for the tourists. Every year tourists from each and
every corner of the world visit here. Mayapur is the awesome place for the one who visit and
enjoy the place. If you are planning a tour to West Bengal Tourist Places include Mayapur in
your list. This is considered as one of the most visited place in West Bengal. Mayapur is
compared with Mathura and Vrindavan because in mayapur also devotees of Krishna have a
more respect for this place. Mayapur is a famous pilgrim center and now it is considered as
picnic spot. This popular pilgrim center is founded by Bakthi Vinod Thakur.

There are many temples in Mayapur and these temples are dedicated to Radha and Krishna.
Everywhere in Mayapur you can find Radha Krishna Temple. Mayapur is a spiritual place there
for it is a perfect and best place for relax and enjoy. You can visit the place any time but don’t
miss to visit. You can plan a tour to West Bengal Tourist Places when you feel tired, tensed and
distracted from the busy work schedule. Planning a trip to Mayapur makes you live happily.
Mayapur you can feel pleasant and calm climate it refreshes not only your mind and body it also
refreshes your spirit.

Mayapur is visited by over a millions of pilgrims annually from all across the globe. In Mayapur
you can find many attractive places to visit. The main attractions in Mayapur include ISKCON
Chandrodaya temple, Yoga peeth, Sri Chaithanya Math, Chand Kazis Samadhi. ISKCON
temple or Chandrodaya temple is the famous temple in Mayapur. The temple is filled with peace
and serenity Thousands of tourists from all over the globe visits this place during the festivals of
Holi, Sri Krishna Janmashtmi and other Vaishnava festivals. If you visit this place once in your
life you will surely forget all the tensions from busy city life and you will be influenced towards
Lord Krishna.

September to February is the ideal time to visit Mayapur. July to August is the reason. So it is
better to not to plan a tour to West Bengal Tourist Places during these months. Most of the
festivals in Mayapur fall in the month of October and November so it is called as festive season
in Mayapur. Navaratri festival is the famous festival and which is celebrated for 9 days with lots
of fun by the tourists as well as the people living in Mayapur. The Kali Puja is also an important
festival celebrated during these months in Mayapur. During the months of February, March holi
and month of August Janmastmi is also celebrated.

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