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                                         Mastering the
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                                                                               town has welcomed sailors of all sorts since its earliest days.)
                                                                                  There were more than a dozen cruising vessels swinging
                                                                               on their rodes alongside us or snugged down in slips, all
                                                                               waiting for the perfect weather window before crossing the
                                                                               dreaded Gulf Stream. Day after day we huddled aboard as
                                                                               early cold fronts rolled down the coast, stirring an unruly
                                                                               chop in the offshore current headed the opposite direction.
                                                                               We took the time to enjoy tours of Beaufort’s historic cem-
                                                                               etery, an art walk in the local galleries, and visits with cruis-
                                                                               ing buddies over cups of hot spiced cider.
                                                                                  From our latitude, most of us had Bermuda in our sights
                                                                               (those aimed toward the Bahamas or the ‘Thorny Path’ gen-
                                                                               erally depart from more southerly ports).
                                                                                  Eventually we received a thumbs up from Herb Hilgen-
                                                                               berg, the weather guru of Single Sideband fame. He pre-
                                                                               dicted a lull between fronts, and that’s what we got: a lull, as
                                                                               in zero wind in our sails. So all of the cruisers fired up their
                                                                               iron genoas and uneventfully crossed the stream.
                                                                                  The low-wind conditions persisted throughout most of
                                                                               our prolonged crossing, except over Bermuda where a
                                                                               storm system thwarted plans for a landfall. So we took a 90
               Sea Spell on the hook in
               Beaufort awaiting her first
                                                                               degree turn to the right and headed for the Virgin Islands.
               Gulf Stream crossing.                                              One result of our delayed departure and slow progress
                                                                               was that we found ourselves at sea for one of the more
                                                                               memorable Thanksgivings I’ve ever enjoyed. Rather than

                        fter surviving a hot southern summer and, hopeful-     feast on turkey and stuffing, we cooked fillets of the mahi
                        ly, dodging any tropical storm systems the season      mahi I had reeled in the previous day. Instead of watching
                        sent our way, it’s time to get back aboard the boat.   parades on the television, I listened to the Macy’s tradition
                            For those who sought refuge from the heat in       on the shortwave receiver. It was definitely different than
           the cooler waters to the north, now is the time to flee ahead        any Thanksgiving I’ve enjoyed before or since. (Of course,
           of the early winter cold fronts. Let’s welcome these snow-          in my wife’s homeland in England, they have a completely
           birds as they migrate into our southern waters, escaping            different name for Thanksgiving. They call it “Thursday.”)
           the bother of winterizing their boats.
               Perhaps it’s time to shakedown a new boat acquired at
           one of the many fall boat shows. Or maybe you’ve finally             A different kind of boating Thanksgiving tradition takes
           finished upgrading and provisioning your dream boat, and             place in Georgia each year. Read about it on pg. 40. How-
           it’s time to launch into that long-awaited cruise to the is-        ever you enjoy your holidays, we join you in giving thanks
           lands. Whatever the case, this is a great time to be thankful       for another year on the water. And thanks for reading!
           for being on the water.
               It was in November a few years ago that my wife Jo and I
           sat poised for our journey to the islands. We had spent more
           than a year thoroughly exploring the East Coast from Texas
           to the Chesapeake. It was time to see what that Caribbe-
           an paradise was all about. But first we had to hurry up and
           wait, anchored in Beaufort, N.C., one of our favorite historic                                  Rob Lucey,
           towns. (Edward Teach used to drop his hook there before                                              Editor
           running his flagship aground just outside the inlet – so the                      

November 2012

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                                      CO V E R S H OT: Snowbirds are migrating down the Dismal Swamp Canal. Meet lockmaster Robert Peek, p. 28.
                                      Photo by Great Loopers Thomas and Linda Ray on board m/v Raydiance

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                                                                                              Swordfish Success:
                                                                                 Lady Angler Hooks Up on First
                                                                                       Trip to Charleston Bump


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                                                                                                              Savannah Slam Time:
                                                                                                              Let Them Eat Shrimp
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                   PAGE 42
               Schooner Race:
      One of the Chesapeake’s
               Finest Traditions


                                                                                         PAGE 44
                                                                              Queen Bee Returns
                                                                                from Solo Trans-
                                                                               Atlantic Crossing

Mississippi         Alabama        Georgia


  Gulf                                                                                                           Bahama
   of                                                                   Grand
                                                                       Bahama I.         Abaco Island

 Mexico                                                                              New
                                                                                   Providence Eleuthera Island

                                                                                                    Cat Island
                                                                         Island                              San Salvador
                                                                                    Great Exuma          Rum Cay

                                                                                           Long Island        Crooked Island
                                                PAGE 48
                                                P                                                 Long Cay            Mayaguana Island
                                                Gulf Coast Dries Out                                          Acklins        Turks & Caicos
                                                                                                              Island             Islands
                                               After Isaac

                                                                                                                     Great Inagua Island

                                                                                                                     NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   9

                                      SOUTHEAST NEWS
                                      WAT E R F R O N T H A P P E N I N G S A R O U N D T H E R E G I O N

                                    The Riviera Sport Yacht Series II offers
                                    plenty of elegant comfort.

                                RIVIERA NAMES SOVEREIGN AS DEALER                                  by boat to provide dockside service to clients.
                                Riviera, Australia’s largest luxury boat builder, expanded its        “Our partners did the haulout, and we did the service,”
                                American dealer network with the appointment of Sover-             said DYS Chief Operating Officer Ryan Levi, who purchased
                                eign Marine Group in Florida.                                      the business in 2007. “We were a maintenance company
                                   “My own personal experiences in running and using the           without a home. Our offices were landlocked.”
                                Riviera boats that I have owned and sold over the years at-           Levi and his team realized they needed a permanent
                                tracted me to the brand, and I am pleased to be part of the        home with water access.
                                Riviera family,” said Sovereign President Greg Terraglio, who         The company acquired its property at 751 Fisherman’s
                                recently visited Riviera’s 14-hectare, state-of-the-art Coomera,   Wharf in Fort Myers Beach. The $25 million development
                                Queensland facility. “The American people will be amazed           became fully operational this summer. While the business’
                                with the new products and new technologies of all Riviera          11 service trucks still provide dockside services, DYS is now
                                product…The new models should take the United States to a          able to do service work at its waterfront location.
                                new level of yachting. Their sleek design and the comforts they       “We have a 50,000-square-foot air-conditioned hangar,
                                provide are above what I have currently seen and I look forward    which is hurricane-resistant up to 150 miles per hour,”
                                to representing Riviera in Pompano Beach and Jacksonville.”        Levi said.
                                   Sovereign, founded in 2001, recently expanded to a full-           Marine Travelift’s North American sales manager Jason
                                service marine center with yacht brokerage, storage for up to      Johnson and his team worked with DYS to identify and
                                40 vessels, certified marine mechanics, insurance, warranty,        meet the company’s needs. He said the 150 CII’s all-wheel
                                financing, canopy shop and electronics at its two locations         electronic steering allows the eight-wheeled machine to
                                on Monterey Road and Flagler Avenue in Stuart, Fla.                “crab walk” sideways in the yard, and in carousel mode, the
                                                                                                   machine can rotate on its own axis. “It allows DYS to place
                                                                                                   different-sized boats in formerly restricted space through-
                                DYS TAKES TRAVELIFT DELIVERIES                                     out their yard,” Johnson said.
                                Fort Myers, Fla.-based Diversified Yacht Services Inc. took
                                delivery of a new 150-ton CII mobile boat hoist and a TM
                                60 transporter in May. The two machines were critical ele-         BoatUS RECRUITS CLEANUP ORGANIZERS
                                ments of a major business shift for the nearly 20-year-old         Clean waterways are essential to safe and fun boating.
                                yacht service business. Until recently, DYS was strictly a mo-     Each year thousands of individuals help by participating
                                bile business. Technicians traveled throughout the region          in waterway cleanups around the world, collecting millions

                                 of pounds of trash and debris. Boaters and marine-based
                                 businesses are especially well equipped to get to locations
                                 that can otherwise be difficult to reach. Organizing a clean-
                                 up has become just become easier.
                                    The BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean
                                 Water’s new “Guide to Waterway Cleanups” covers every-
                                 thing you should do before, during and after your cleanup
                                 event, including information on recruiting volunteers, pro-
                                 moting your event, getting donations and educational ma-
                                 terials on the hazards of marine debris. Visit
                                 Foundation/Cleanup to download the guide.
                                    To learn about existing events in your area, contact the
                                 Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup at

                                 HOOVER OPENS IN GALVESTON
                                 Ron Hoover Marine expanded onto Galveston Island recent-
                                 ly with the opening of its seventh location. The family-owned
                                 company celebrated with a grand opening in early October.
                                    Ron Hoover has been selling boats since 1986 and currently
                                 offers a large selection of bay boats, pontoon boats, run-
                                 abouts, sport boats and offshore vessels, as well as recreation-
                                 al vehicles at several locations. In addition to a full sales staff,
                                 the island location includes a service bay and marine store.

                                 The Sarasota Yacht & Ship team gathers aboard a Vicem 57.

                                 SARASOTA YACHT & SHIP SIGNS VICEM
                                 Vicem Yachts, Turkish builders of luxury classic motor
                                 yachts and mega yachts, has named Sarasota Yacht & Ship
                                 the official distributor for the Americas. “We are very ex-
                                 cited about the opportunities presented by this appoint-
                                 ment and expanding our role with Vicem Yachts,” said Gary
                                 Smith, senior partner at the brokerage. “The quality, fit, and
                                 finish work of a Vicem Yacht is second to none as the yachts
                                 are head-turners in every marina. We have come to learn
                                 that Vicem offers the newest technologies integrated and

                                                                            Continued on page 14

                                                                                                        NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   11

               Boaters making lengthy journeys may find them-
               selves targets of cash-hungry states if they stay too
               long, making them subject to various taxes. The Boat
               Owners Association of the United States (BoatUS)
               has online state tax information at
               gov/states to help keep boaters on the right side of
               the law and out of hot water with the taxman.
                  Normally, a recreational boat must be registered
               in the state where it is principally used, and any
               sales and use taxes are paid to that state. A prob-
               lem arises when the boat leaves this principal-use            AIWA CONFERENCE LOOKS TO RESTORE ICW
               state and enters a new one for a prolonged visit, ex-         As thousands of snowbirds of the recreational boating
               tended cruise or lengthy repairs. This could include          variety migrate south via the Intracoastal Waterway from
               “snowbirds” cruising south each winter in search of           Norfolk, Va., to Miami, many will find areas of severe
               warmer waters.                                                shoaling. Following the course isn’t easy, with ground-
                  Boaters may be subject to state taxes when they re-        ings and delays getting more common each year.
               main in one location for a consecutive number of days,          Plotting a course to ensure the future of this his-
               or over-stay their visit for a certain number of aggregate    toric waterway is the focus of the Atlantic Intracoastal
               days per year. This “grace period” is generally 60 to 90      Waterway Association’s 13th annual conference Nov.
               days. In the past, BoatUS has heard of tax authorities        13-14 at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, S.C.
               walking the docks, inspecting marina records and ag-          “Keep America’s Promise: Restore the Atlantic Intra-
               gressively enforcing tax codes.                               coastal Waterway” is this year’s theme.
                  “Boaters should keep records such as log entries,            More information and conference registration is
               marina and fuel receipts or repair contracts while            available at
               traveling. These documents are critical for boaters to        conference.
               keep, and are often the only way to fight an unjust tax
               bill,” said BoatUS President Margaret Podlich.                MELBOURNE GAM FEATURES CORNELL
                  The grace periods are 90 days in Virginia, North           The Seven Seas Cruising Association will hold their
               Carolina, Florida, Louisiana and Texas, but just 60 days      37th Annual Melbourne Gam Dec. 7-9 at the Eau
               in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.          Gallie Civic Center along the Intracoastal Water-
                  According to BoatUS, sales and use tax rates in the        way. The event includes cocktail parties, seminars, a
               Southeast are: 2 percent with a $2,000 maximum in Vir-        nautical flea market and the SSCA Annual Meeting.
               ginia, 2 percent in Georgia, 3 percent with a $1,500 maxi-    Jimmy Cornell, joined by his daughter Doina Cornell,
               mum in North Carolina, 4 percent in Georgia and Louisi-       will be the guest speaker. Other presenters are Lee
               ana, 5 percent with a $300 maximum in South Carolina,         Chesneau, Chris Parker, Pam Wall and Kathy Parsons.
               6 percent with an $18,000 cap in Florida (with an exemp-        A gam is a social visit or friendly interchange, es-
               tion for boats brought to the state for repairs), 6.25 per-   pecially between sailors or seafarers. The Melbourne
               cent in Texas, and a whopping 7 percent in Mississippi.       Gam attracts many cruisers making their way south
                  Some might look at the $300 maximum South Car-             for the season.
               olina tax as a cruising fee akin to what boaters are            Register at by Nov. 28 for a discount.
               required to pay when entering the Bahamas.                    There is plenty of space to anchor with a free dinghy
                  When initiated, the Bahamas fee was $150 for a boat        dock. If you prefer dockage, Waterline Marina has a
               up to 35 feet and $300 for boats 35 feet and longer. This     special rate of $1 per foot per night. For land cruisers,
               year, the $300 fee applies to boats 30 feet and larger. It    SSCA has secured a special rate at the Crowne Plaza
               is good for 12 months and covers fishing permits.              Beachfront for the weekend.

           Continued from page 11
           combined with old-world craftsmanship to produce out-
           standing yachts.”
              The 26-year-old brokerage has offices in three locations
           in Sarasota, Fla.

                                                                                                                                                                PHOTO BY CRAIG SPINDEL
           Cigarette Racing Team chose Destin, Fla., for its first-ever
           Cigarette Rendezvous in September. The company, which
                                                                                           A Top Gun Unlimited participates in the
           has built performance boats in South Florida since 1969,
                                                                                           Cigarette Boat run during the rendezvous.
           treated guests to cocktail parties, dinners, lunch at Leg-
           endary Marine’s Yacht Club and breakfasts at the Emerald
           Grand Hotel. Several Cigarette clients with homes in the                     camaraderie was contagious, as was much boat envy as
           area assisted in party locations, water taxi services, docking               Cigarettes ranged from vintage 38 Top Guns to the newest
           and even in creating GPS chips showing the routes for area                   50-foot Marauder and 42-foot Huntress performance center
           attractions and the best boating waters.                                     console. Several 39 Top Fish center consoles, Cigarette’s
              Approximately 20 boats joined in the fun and traveled                     first foray into the outboard market, made the trip. A new
           from as far as California to explore the Emerald Coast. The                  42X with twin 1350 Mercury Racing engines created a buzz

              EVENT CALENDAR
              Please send future events to This month and next month’s events are currently published here and at Your
              specific area may or may not be shown based on identified activities for these months.

              BEAUFORT, NC                        HAMPTON, VA                          NEW BERN, NC                        STUART, FLORIDA
              NOVEMBER 3                          NOVEMBER 4 – 16                      NOVEMBER 17                         JANUARY 11 – 13
              Boatshop Bash                       The Caribbean 1500 Rally             Turkey Trot North Carolina          Stuart Boat Show
              Music Festival                      to the Caribbean                       Championship                      Boat Show
              www.ncmaritime                      Cruising Rally                       Sailing Regatta                     www.AllSports
              252-728-7317                        carib1500/                           808-227-3507                        contacts@allsports
              252-728-1638                        757-788-8872                                                   
                                                                                       NEW ORLEANS, LA                     954-522-5288
              CHARLESTON, SC                      HOUSTON, TX                          DECEMBER 4 – 7
              JANUARY 25 – 27                     NOVEMBER 17                          The International                   TAMPA, FL
              Charleston Boat Show                HYC Turkey Day Regatta                 Workboat Show                     JANUARY 26
              Boat Show                           Sailing Regatta                      Boat Show                           Gasparilla Pirate Festival
              www.TheCharleston                            Music Festival
                            281-471-1255                         customerservice@                    www.gasparillapirate
                                                  JANUARY 4 – 13
              FT. MYERS, FL                       Houston Boat Show                                                        VERO BEACH, FL
              NOVEMBER 1 – 4                      Boat Show                 ORLANDO, FL                                    NOVEMBER 17 – 18
              Calusa Blueway             NOVEMBER 11 – 14                                Vero Beach Boat Show
                Paddling Festival                                           Marine Dealer                                  Boat Show
              Stand Up Paddle Boarding            KEY WEST, FL                Conference & Expo                            www.verobeach
                                                  NOVEMBER 4 – 11
              www.calusablueway                                             Industry Conference                  
                    Key West World Champion-              
                       ship Powerboat Races    mdce/                                          772-563-3463
              239-533-7474                        Powerboats
                                                     ST. PETERSBURG, FL                             WASHINGTON, NC
              NOVEMBER 8 – 11            NOVEMBER 29 – DECEMBER 2                       NOVEMBER 10
              Fort Myers Fall Boat Show           305-296-6166              St. Petersburg Power                           Pamlico-Tar River Foundation
              Boat Show                                                       and Sailboat Show                              27th Annual Oyster Roast
                                                  JANUARY 20 – 25
                                             Boat Show                            
              john@goodevent                      Quantum Key West 2013
                                                  Sailing Regatta               
                                                    st_petersburg/event/                           252-946-7211

among the lucky fans who jumped on for a ride. The assort-
ment of boats and people and the casual elegance of the
event created a special bond for the Cigarette clients.

The Monroe County Tourist Development Council has pro-
vided funding to support the Key West World Championships
Super Boat Racing through 2013. The weeklong powerboat
race held in Key West, Fla., every November is recognized as
the marquee event for speedboat offshore racing, attracting
racers, celebrities, media and fans from around the world.
                                                                                                ‡Located along the ICW               ‡Adjacent to Beaufort Inlet
   The Key West World Championships is always a sell-out
                                                                                                ‡Transient Yachts are Welcome!       ‡Valvtect Marine Fuel/No Ethanol
event and hotel room vacancies are nowhere to be found in                                       ‡Depth at MLW 10-13 feet             ‡Electricity 30/50/100 AMP
Key West and the lower keys. This year’s even kicks off Nov.                                    ‡15-20 Restaurants within            ‡Clean Restrooms/Laundry/
4-6 with the opening of a display of boats in Race Village                                       Walking Distance                     Clubhouse
and racer registration. Three races per day will be held Nov.                                   ‡Protected Harbor                    ‡Marina Services Available
                                                                                                ‡Competitive Dockage and             ‡Over 1200 ft of Side Tie
7, 9 and 11. Visit for a complete schedule.
                                                                                                 Fuel prices                          Floating Docks
                                                                                                ‡Daily/Weekly/Monthly/               ‡Yacht Brokerage on Site
                                                                                                 Annual/Seasonal Rates               ‡Professional and courteous staff
                                                                                                ‡Only 30 miles from the Gulfstream   ‡Only a 3 hour drive from Raleigh

                                                                                                               Morehead City Yacht Basin
                                                                 COURTESY OF DAUNTLESS YACHTS

                                                                                                                        Morehead City, NC

 An artist’s rendering of the new Dauntless boat.

75-FOOT EXPLORER                                                                                               Creek                River
                                                                                                     Club Foot Creek, off the Neuse R
Dauntless Yachts, based in Panama City, Fla., expects to
launch the company’s first hull this month. Naval architect
Jon Overing designed the 75-foot explorer yacht for fuel
economy. Built of infused vinylester resin in Istanbul, Tur-
key, the vessel is expected to have a cruising range of more
than 4,000 miles when its 4,000-gallon tanks are topped up.
The three decks include four staterooms, a separate crew
quarters, laundry facilities, deep-freeze units, extensive dry
goods storage, and plenty of space for auxiliary machinery
and spare parts, enabling the vessel to cruise for months in                                           Sail the
remote locales without re-provisioning.
  In addition to the 75-foot model, the company also                                            Beautiful Neuse River
offers an 85-foot version. Both displacement hull mod-
els have an operating draft under six feet for a bluewater
                                                                                                 and Pamlico Sound
vessel that can also cruise shoal areas like the Bahamas.
  The company compares the Dauntless to a small ship
outfitted with the luxuries of a megayacht. The first hull has
                                                                                                  For Information on slips, call 252-444-1805
been sold.

                                                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET      15
Coastal Life

           W H AT TO D O W H E N YO U R K I D S M U T I N Y

                 ’ve had the most amazing summer learning to sail
                 Grand Illusion II, a Beneteau 51, for seven days in the
                 breathtaking Exuma Cays and becoming open water
                 certified with PADI. Dreams really do come true.
              I’ve loved the sea and boats for as long as I can remem-
           ber and, growing up in Jamaica and living in The Bahamas,
           I’ve never been far from either. Now – finally – I get to live
           my dreams of solitary coves, brilliant blue as far as the eye
           can see, and that scent in the air that cannot be described
           or forgotten, the smell of freedom, of life at sea.
              There’s only one problem, well two: my sons, ages nine and
           six. I thought they would be thrilled that their mom has learned
           to sail and eager to join me on my next trip. I was so wrong.
              I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m determined to fix it.
           This summer both suddenly and inexplicably have a prob-
           lem with the feel of sand. The younger declared, “I don’t
           like the beach because I get sand in places I’m not sup-              The boys in Montego Bay, Jamaica when they
           posed to have sand in.”                                               couldn’t get enough of the beach
              What happened to the boys I took to the beach before
           they could sit up, who loved the sand, the sun, the water,
           except when it was really cold and I took them in anyway,             What do I do now? How do I get them to fall in love with
           after all, they better get used to it since they’re going to be    the sea if they won’t even go near her? How do I execute
           two sailing, surfing, gloriously tanned free diving champi-         my plan to make all family trips sailing trips without them
           ons? Or so I thought.                                              onboard? Do I push them, do I leave them alone?
              I rarely watch TV, and the boys continue to ask why. My            I’m not sure which will work to get them eager to spend
           stock answer is there really isn’t anything on there that in-      the new year at sea. I have four months to figure this out.
           terests me. Enter Discovery’s Shark Week. What better              There’s no wind in my sail, I’m adrift in a sea of confusion
           way to spend summer days, if you can’t be at the beach?            and disappointment.
           So I announce that Mommy’s watching TV this week. I’m                 Maybe the answer lies in time. As in all things, time has a
           overjoyed that we are together, piled in one bed one day,          way of sorting things out, one way or the other. Maybe my
           on one sofa the next, submerged in everything shark! The           love of the sea and boating is enough and there is no need
           boys are interested, engaged, and brave, laughing at me            to struggle or push, to force anyone else to love as I do.
           when I scream and rolling their eyes when I cry.                   Maybe if I could surrender on land, the way I do onboard,
              The more we watch the more I look for signs that my two         I would find a semblance of the peace and joy that always
           water babies are rediscovering the beauty and wonder of            awaits me at sea.
           the sea. My hopes grow with their interest. Little do I realize
           that they are gathering further evidence to support their
           mutiny. Shark Week comes to an end and not only are they           Elizabeth has a love of boats that borders on obsession.
           not thrilled at the idea of a week on a glorious catamaran,        Growing up in Jamaica and now resident in The Bahamas,
           they’re now telling me I’m neither to go sailing nor diving        Elle is an avid hatha yoga practitioner, photographer, sailor,
           ever again. “What happened? I thought you loved Shark              diver, poet and lover of the sea. Her photography, poetry
           Week?” I ask, exasperated.                                         and contact information is available at

Motor Cruising

                                                           EARL AND MICHELLE WEBER
                                                           H AV I N G T H E T I M E O F T H E I R L I V E S
                                                           BY LISA OVERING

                                                          Caribbean Sparkle sparkling in the Caribbean.

                                                          wanna party wit you!” Earl Weber’s bubbly voice
                                                          enunciates the slogan on the carefully pressed t-shirt
                                                          his wife, Michelle, is holding on a hangar.
                                                             It’s the rallying call for the Krewe of Conch, and Earl
                                                      Weber is the king. Mardi Gras isn’t enough. Earl and Mi-
                                                      chelle launched their own parade: Krewe of Conch, a band
                                                      of merry mariners who cruise to Guana Cay in the Baha-
                                                      mas each May.
                                                        ULTIMATE DESTINATION: Nippers.
                                                        RENDEZVOUS POINT: The iconic bar’s palm tree – that              Earl and Michelle Weber
                                                      pole everyone dances around. It’s the palm that shimmied
                                                      so much it lost its fronds on top.
                                                        “The population of Guana is like 96 permanent peo-               The Webers’ natural charm – a combination of good hu-
                                                      ple,” says Michelle. “When we go down with 47, Guana’s           mor, good looks and southern hospitality – is magnetic.
                                                      population increases 50 percent. We have kids in sleeping          “We don’t have the biggest boat or the best boat,” Earl
                                                      bags all over the salon, adults in the four staterooms.”         says. “But we have more fun on our boat than anybody. Peri-
                                                        M/Y Caribbean Sparkle led the krewe, all revelers from         od. We’re from New Orleans and we’re New Orleans people.
                                                      New Orleans. Weber’s 107-foot Dennison that he recently          That means we party. If we’re not having fun, let’s not do it.”
                                                      sold was Michelle’s namesake.                                      Earl displays his photo album in his penthouse in the
                                                        “Her nickname is Sparkle,” Earl says with a smile.             heart of the French Quarter. The album has about 400

                                                                 tremendous. The Webers are the literal epicenter of party
                                                                 central USA.
                                                                    Earl and Michelle stroll to their favorite restaurants, like
                                                                 Port of Call, Galatoire’s, and the world’s best cuisine just
                                                                 steps away from Jax.
                                                                    “One day, you end up in a pine box. The guy who has
                                                                 the most fun wins. That’s how we live,” Earl says.
                                                                    Earl Weber walks his talk. His parents died in their early
                                                                 50s, about the age he and his “Sparkle” are now. His fa-
                                                                 ther passed when Earl was just 17 and his mother three
                                                                 years later, but many good times shaped the backbone of
                                                                 his personality. Instead of having a chip on his shoulder,
                                                                 Earl embraces life with both hands and both feet. He’s a
                                                                 self-made man who’s not selfish.
                                                                    He put his photos from the Krewe’s last rendezvous
                                                                 aside to discuss his love for boating, which started as a
                                                                 child on Bayou Bievenue. Earl water skied daily and built
                                                                 his first boat at age 12.
                                                                    “It was just a little wooden flatboat with a four horse-
                                                                 power Mercury motor,” Earl says. “It was eight feet, the
                                                                 biggest sheet of plywood we had at the time, and I made
                                                                 it with my own hands. We had a great time and started
                                                                 from there, skiing, fishing, and hunting every day until I
                                                                 moved from St. Bernard. I’ve had in the neighborhood of
                                                                 40 boats, including that first wooden one.”

                                                                 Naturally N’awlins
                                                                 Today Earl Weber stands his ground as a local New Orlea-
                                                                 nian determined to keep his city alive during Katrina’s sev-
                                                                 enth anniversary. His sons attended local schools during
                                                                 the city’s metamorphosis in a post-Katrina world. Earl and
photos and every single person in every picture is smiling.      Michelle Weber are part of the city’s backbone, helping
One shot seems out of place, with a woman who looks sad          other survivors put their lives, businesses and community
and wet, like someone rained on her parade.                      back together, one day at a time.
   “That was hysterical,” Earl explains. “This lady was sea-        Earl cut hair before he amassed his real estate for-
sick and on Dramamine. She never had one drink of alcohol        tune. He bought and sold property along Lake Pon-
that day. But she did fall off the boat, into the water, upon    tchartrain before graduating to office buildings and
disembarking. She wasn’t hurt, but she got soaked,” he           shopping centers. Now he’s focused on development,
hoots. “Here she is again, a little drier, a few hours later.”   primarily hotel projects.
                                                                    While they pack 20-plus people on Caribbean Sparkle
Welcome to Earl’s World                                          with plastic go-cups to transport drinks, it’s evident that
While the Webers have the money to live anywhere, they           the Webers’ secret to happiness after 30 years of marriage
choose to live in New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina,          is “playing together.”
Earl and Michelle moved with their sons, Jonathan and               The Webers are now planning for Caribbean Sparkle II,
Michael, into the signature Jax Brewery building, which          having recently closed a deal to sell the yacht that provid-
Earl bought in 1999 to develop into residential condos.          ed so much merriment to so many guests. They’ll continue
  “You couldn’t get us outta here with dynamite,” Weber says.    to keep most of their cruises to 10-14 days.
  Television networks stake out the Webers’ rooftop to              “If we leave for longer on the boat, we’d miss too much
film the New Year’s ball drop and to get the best shots           here,” Michelle says. “It would be living away from New
of St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, and the mighty           Orleans, and there’s still so much fun here. The French
Mississippi in the heartbeat of New Orleans. The view is         Quarter is better than ever and our city is back!”

                                                                                                          NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   19
Fishing Report

           L E T T H E M E AT S H R I M P

              From left to right: Captain Brendin Page and Johnny
              Gondol were with Kent Phillips when he caught this
              82.5-pound swordfish at 3 a.m. while drift fishing
              large baits in deep blue waters of the Gulf Stream off
              Savannah, Ga. Kent’s sword was 3.5 pounds shy of
              breaking the men’s Georgia state record.

                           hen November rolls around, the inshore bite
                           picks up. Most anglers get the opportunity to
                           catch what is known in our area as the Savan-      This shrimp as well as quite a few others were caught on small
                           nah Slam! This boils down to catching a red        pieces of shrimp while bottom fishing in the sound! This question
                                                                              was asked, “Should we use them for bait or for an afternoon
           fish, a spotted sea trout and a flounder all in one day.             cocktail?” So we did both!
              The secret to catching more inshore fish during this time
           is to use live shrimp as bait. All fish like shrimp, because it’s   cause – once a feeding frenzy starts – I think they might eat
           easy to eat, easy to kill, and it’s more plentiful. And once       your shoe if you cut it up!
           you get the bite “a going,” it’s simple enough to change             As far as how to present your live shrimp, there are sev-
           straight to any sort of artificial shrimp pattern.                  eral ways:
              Just to name a few: DOA’s rigged or not, Berkeley scent-
           ed gulps, Strike King soft baits flukes, etc. All will work be-     place a small split-shot weight about 1 foot above the

hook, because this helps keep the bait deep under the            ent color skirts or rigged just plain naked with or without
cork. Another good thing about popping corks is the              chin weights.
sound that they make when they are popped. They                     For those who just want to drag the artificial stuff, be-
sound just like a shrimp flapping its tail up against its         lieve me it does work. I like pulling cedar plugs that have
body! This is a spotted sea trout, flounder and red fish           been soaked in menhaden oil. This is where you forget
“head turner” for sure.                                          the painted cedar plugs and just go plain cedar. They re-
                                                                 ally soak up the oil and they certainly do leave a nice oily
great when trying to find the bite at different depths.           scented trail.

hook, leader and bait. The shrimp swims where it thinks it’s
                                                                 I suggest dragging small to large ballyhoo
safe, and that’s where the fish are in waiting.
                                                                 dressed in different color skirts or rigged just
                                                                 plain naked...
Trolling and Strolling Offshore
When it comes to catching big fish, this is the place to start!
  For those fishermen who don’t mind a longer ocean ride            I also like pulling artificial squid with feathers behind
or find themselves strolling through the blue waters of the       birds, which really can bring on a strong mahi mahi bite.
Gulf Stream, this is one area that can certainly hold the in-      For those who want to pull any sort of diving lures, I sug-
terest of big game fish.                                          gest pulling black/silver and blue/silver Halcos and black
  During this time, an edge is formed when the cooler            back with orange bottom Terminators by Yo-Zouri.
western waters meet with the warmer waters of the Gulf             And if the trolling doesn’t work, there is always deep wa-
Stream. This is where smaller fish feel safe and where larger     ter jigging for big gags and scamp grouper. Best jigs for
fish feed.                                                        deep water are the big boys like Williamson or Shimano 7
  As far as best baits to drag, you have lots of options.        to 10.5 ounces. All you have to do is to drop these jigs on
For those fishermen who want to do a little rigging, I sug-       the ledge, keep them close to the bottom, and work them
gest dragging small to large ballyhoo dressed in differ-         up and down in the water column.

                                                                                                        NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   21
Fishing Report


                                                                                                           Will Brown and Michael Madsen
                                                                                                                 display some fresh shrimp.

                        uring shrimp baiting season, Sept. 14-Nov. 14, a       son. “I like to set up during low tide and shrimp the incoming
                        $25 license from the S.C. Department of Natural        water,” said Able. “I will set out my 10 poles and then go
                        Resources allows recreational shrimpers to col-        back and add the bait next to each pole. I use a combination
                        lect a 48-quart cooler full of the tasty crustaceans   of Bait Binder fish meal and menhaden milk when making
           each night – and boatloads of memories. The healthy fun of          the bait balls that sit on the bottom and slowly disintegrate.”
           throwing a cast net over and over again in search of a legal          After choosing a buddy or two to ride along for the
           limit of shrimp can also build some powerful back muscles.          shrimping trip, the most important tool is the cast net. For
              Each shrimper is allowed 10 bait stations during a shrimp-       shallow water shrimping Able recommends the Bett’s Super
           ing trip, which are marked by PVC poles. Shrimping is al-           Pro eight-foot net with 5/8th-inch mesh, which retails for
           lowed at any time of day, but experience shows that the             $139. The net carries 1.5-ounces of lead per foot to get it
           shrimp begin to gather, or ‘run’, the best right around dusk.       down once cast over the shrimp. Increasing the amount of
           Recreational shrimpers use inshore areas because it offers          weights is possible, but then the net is too heavy for the
           them both shallow areas to cast their nets, and protection          shrimper to cast 50-plus times each trip.
           from any breezy conditions.                                           A good formula for shrimping success includes three
              Graham Able, who works at Haddrell’s Point Tackle Shop in        buddies: one captain, one light man and one net man. Fill
           Mount Pleasant, averages 20 shrimping trips during the sea-         the cooler with beverages and, in the course of a few hours,

consume the beverages and fill the cooler with shrimp. A
simple lighting system helps the shrimp baiting crew see
their catch after each cast. Able attaches a painter’s clamp
light to a seven-foot pole and powers it off his boat battery.
   “I don’t usually have trouble catching a decent amount
of shrimp as long as the current is moving,” he said. “At
some point during the night, we usually catch one or two
bait balls in our cast net, and that helps us to judge how ef-
ficiently the bait is dispersing. Factors like water current and
salinity can vary each trip.”
   It may only take one or two hours to collect a 48-quart cool-
er full of shrimp, but with the set up time and the time spent
afterwards heading the shrimp, the activities last all evening.
   If your only goal is to dine on shrimp, then it is more cost-
effective today to buy them at the supermarket. Factor in
the expense of boat gas, time spent making bait balls, and
hours casting your net on the water, and you have made a
tidy investment in time and money. However, bait shrimp-
ing allows one to spend quality time on the water, and often
provides enough shrimp to share with family and friends, or
to stock the freezer.
                                                                   AMELIA ISLAND
   Able likes to freeze his shrimp in saltwater in order to pre-     Amelia Island Yacht Basin is a full-service marina in
serve their taste, and he prefers eating these hallmarks of the      a first-class resort island setting on one of the East
Lowcountry with cocktail sauce, either grilled or fried.             Coast’s most-refined and relaxing resort islands.
                                                                     Amelia Island provides access to world-class fish-
                                                                     ing, golf, a quiet evening on a Victorian veranda, or a
                                                                     short drive to vibrant downtown Jacksonville.
Jeff Dennis is an outdoor writer and photographer who
grew up on a creek in Charleston loving the saltwater, and
                                                                     The marina features 146 wet slips and 224 dry slips in
he contributes regularly to All At Sea Southeast. Read his           3 dry storage buildings. On site full-service yard and
blog at                                   parts department with haul out up to 50 tons, fuel
                                                                     dock, state of the art pump out stations, ship store,
                                                                     bait, wireless internet, laundry facilities, bathroom/
                                                                     shower houses, and The Marker 13 Tiki Bar and Grill
                                                                     featuring a deck and seating for 60 people. Near
                                                                     Historic Fernandina Beach and the closest marina to
                                                                     Jacksonville Airport.

                                                                               AMELIA ISLAND YACHT BASIN
                                                                   251 Creekside Drive | Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034
                                                                        Phone: (904) 277-4615 | Email:

    Recreational shrimpers cast
    from the bow of their boats
    again and again.
                                                                                 w w w. s u n t e x m a r i n a s . c o m

                                                                                                            NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   23
Boating Humor

                                THE JOY OF
                                DOUBLE STANDARDS

               Fatty not only has
               double standards, he
               can be two-faced.

               have double standards. There – I admitted it. In print. For        For instance, your vessel sails slow because you are a
               all the world to see. Yippee! The reason I did so is because   poor sailor. Your vessel looks shabby because you are a
               I don’t want to be a hypocrite. Of course, I am a hypocrite.   poor ship’s husband. And everyone treats you poorly be-
                  When you do something stupid, I think, “What an             cause you deserve it.
           ass! What an idiot! What a fool! Why doesn’t that guy/girl             My boat, however, (even if she is much slower than yours)
           remove themselves from our collective gene pool before             is NOT slow. It is seaworthy – that’s the buzz word we use for
           they cause further problems by reproducing?”                       boats that sail like half-tide rocks.
             When I do something stupid, however, I’m a tad more                  The reason my vessel looks like hell isn’t my fault either.
           compassionate. “To err is human,” I say breezily, and then         It is the designer’s fault, builder’s fault, shipyard’s fault, boat
           repeat the words my therapist used to mouth (for $140/             boy’s fault – whomever!
           hour): “Don’t beat yourself up over it, Fatty. Don’t sweat the         Those rust stains on the foredeck? Who knew that the
           small stuff, especially since it is all small stuff!”              lesser grades of galvy contained steel? All the topside
             The beautiful part about having double standards is that         scars? That’s because the bastards downwind of me are al-
           they can be applied to so many different situations. There’s       ways dragging up and damaging me! That green tint on
           no end to their flexibility.                                        the topsides? Well, a sailor has to puke somewhere!

   I hate to say it, but most other cruising sailors travel to
uninteresting places and do, at best, uninteresting things.
I am different. I travel to trendy spots where cool people
hang out. How do I know? Because I am there! Easy, eh?
   Oh, double-standarding (I made up the word, which is
my right as a commercial writer) is fun! Take longevity of
living aboard, for example. I’ve lived aboard 52 years. Thus,
I don’t have to be civil to anyone with less experience. Alas,
I recently bumped into a 74-year-old British sailor who had
me beat. I dismissed him with, “Pathetic! He’s intimidated
by shore! How sad!”
   Which isn’t to say I wasn’t interested in him. I was. In fact,
I asked him as we parted, “Call me or drop me an e-mail
when you die!” so I could wear the crown without fear
of contradiction.
   It infuriates me when people can’t accept the simple fact
that I am right – about everything, always.
   Why is that so tough? I mean, it is obvious, isn’t it?
And yet people struggle against it. Fruitlessly – even
the gay ones!
                                                                    NEW YORK HARBOR
                                                                    Liberty Landing is a landmark marina with 520 slips of-
The beautiful part about having double                              fering year-round dockage and dry storage for boats
standards is that they can be applied to so                         up to 200 feet in length. Located in Liberty State Park
many different situations. There’s no end                           along the Morris Canal and provides easy access to
to their flexibility.                                                the lower Hudson River.

                                                                    The marina features a marine store, 60 ton travel lifts,
  I am, I admit, a high school dropout who only attended a          as well as full marine service including: engine repair/
few years of dreary grammar school, but what has that to do         repower, electronics installations, sailboat rigging
with my ability to judge others? Nothing! Thus, people with         shop, generator repair/installation, diesel fuel polish-
less education than I have are ‘mentally disadvantaged,’            ing, painting bottom/hull/topside, and prop and shaft
and people with more education than I are ‘stuffed shirts.’         services. 24 hour fueling, new restrooms and tenants
  I hate people with initials after their name! Sure, I could       lounge, peace-of-mind marina security 24/7, two res-
                                                                    taurants on site, 85 transient slips, and minutes away
write, “Fatty Goodlander, S.O.B” but why brag?
                                                                    from NYC by onsite ferry service.
  Double standards are especially useful for sailors living
on double-hulls, paying double money, and constantly
laughing disparagingly at us sailors who heel. Frankly, I                       LIBERTY LANDING MARINA
find catamaran sailors doubly vexing. I mean, would any                  80 Audrey Zapp Drive, Liberty State Park
sane person want to sail across the Atlantic on a sea spider                 Jersey City, New Jersey 07305
named This Side Up?                                                     Phone: (201) 985-8000 | Fax: (201) 985-9866
  Trimaran folks have, obviously, multiple personalities – at            Email:
least one of which is an ancient Polynesian god. That’s why           
they are always showing off their Pacific language skills with
their AKKA and AMMA talk.
  My buddy Russ Brown sails his proa across the Pacific as
wind and whim strike. Here’s a designer-guy so confused
by naval architecture that he can’t decide which end of the
boat the rudder goes on, for gosh sake!
  The beauty of all this is that each mariner gets to look
down his nose at someone else. For instance, the fellow on                       w w w. s u n t e x m a r i n a s . c o m
the motorsailor (delimitation of motorsailor: a vessel which

                                                                                                            NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   25
Boating Humor

           does neither well) gets to look down his nose at the stink-           perature of your soft drinks?”
           potter (definition of stinkpot: a vessel which would like to              Yes, he had a pocket thermometer, and, no, the can of
           merrily spew more carbon in the air, if only gasoline wasn’t          Coke was only 35 F… not cold enough! The chips were
           getting so damned expensive!)                                         three grams lighter in weight than similarly priced chips at
              Both types of vessels, of course, like to travel to quiet, pris-   a competing marina.
           tine, seldom-visited coves – and unexpectedly give the kay-              “Do you think I am a fool?” he demanded of the dock
           akers there immense, life-endangering wakes. Ah, yachting!            jockey as he stomped angrily back to his zillion-dollar ves-
              Once, while anchored peaceably in Nirvana Bay, a Hell’s            sel and departed, “that I don’t count my pennies just be-
           Angel dude with the skull-and-cross-bones on his PFD                  cause I own most of Europe, Asia and much of Africa?”
           zoomed up aboard a massive Harley Davidson jet ski, ran                  I, personally, attempted to console the dock jockey immedi-
           over my 93-year-old mother swimming astern, crushed the               ately afterwards – and was in the middle of doing so when a fuel
           knee caps of my daughter dangling her feet off our swim               truck backed down the dock and stopped beside my vessel.
           platform, and amputated three of the fingers of our grand-                The dock jockey appeared stunned. “What the f#@k?”
           child while putting vicious scrapes in our topsides and loudly           “Calm down,” I said as I took the hose from the driver.
           demanding to know why we sailboaters gave him no respect.             “Competition is good for America!”
              “Because you didn’t take the USPS’s Safe Boating                      “But… but… this is a fuel dock…”
           Course?” was my rather tepid response.                                   “Exactly,” I said. “And that is why I chose it to refuel!”
              But it isn’t others who are the main problem with the ma-             We were, of course, prepared to act fast. As the dock
           rine community, it is ME. That’s right – the pompous, know-           jockey ran ashore to squeal girlishly to the main marina of-
           it-all cruising sailor is the very worst of the lot.                  fice, I concluded my business with the driver briskly. Per-
                                                                                 haps a bit too briskly, because by now the harbor water was
                                                                                 all rainbow-colored around me.
           It infuriates me when people can’t accept
                                                                                    “Stop! STOP!” I could hear the dock boy screaming as I
           the simple fact that I am right – about                               roared one way in my sailing yacht, and the gypsy fuel truck
           everything, always.                                                   the other.
                                                                                    Actually, I almost collided with the USCG ‘emergency re-
              Let’s start with the dishonesty. Have you ever heard a cir-        sponse’ vessel arriving, and the EPA helicopters filled with
           cumnavigator say, “I am going to sail around the world and in-        the SWAT team settling down from skyward.
           form everyone I meet that they are total idiots – because they           “Gosh,” my wife said as the batons flashed evilly. “That
           aren’t doing everything exactly as we do back in New Jersey.”         dock guy was amazingly frisky, but there’s no denying he’s a
              No? Neither have I. But that’s what many of our ‘cruising          red-blooded American now!”
           good will ambassadors’ do on a daily global basis.                       “Don’t fret, my dear,” I yawned. “He was probably a com-
              Next, cheapness.                                                   munist or anti-capitalist, ACLU member, or some such so-
              There is nobody cheaper than a sailboater – nobody!                cietal scum!”
           That’s right, Scrooge was wildly extravagant in the opinion              Landlubbers are so silly. I mean, why Occupy Wall Street
           of most circumnavigators. They are so tight they squeak.              when you could Occupy Mustique and Occupy St. Barts
              I was recently tied to a fuel dock in the V.I. during a busy       and Occupy Monaco?
           holiday weekend when a working guy in a tinny (aluminum                  Of course, having a marine-based double standard soon
           skiff) refueled. We started talking. He worked construction           rubs off on other areas. For instance, I dismissively refer to
           and liked to fish. When he paid for his gasoline, he also pur-         other give-away marine publications as ‘fish wrappers’ and
           chased a can of Coke and some potato chips. He thanked                yet sing the praises of this one as ‘affordable literature for
           everyone, smiled, said goodbye, and left.                             the informed sailor!’
              Nice guy. Next up was guy aboard a 180-foot racing                    See how mastering this double-standard business imme-
           sloop, which cost more than Costa Rica. About a dozen                 diately puts me on a higher plane of consciousness than my
           boats had to move to accommodate his gleaming craft. His              fellow sailors?
           crew was dressed in nautical-themed tuxedoes and wiping                  Here’s an additional example: when I read an article like this
           down the varnish with fresh, fluttering hundred dollar bills.          elsewhere, I dismissively say, “Sophomoric!” That is, unless the
              The hopeful dock jockey had, needless to say, dollar               byline is mine – and then I laugh so hard my stomach aches.
           signs in his eyes. He had the diesel fuel hose all ready and             Editor’s note: Fatty and Carolyn Goodlander are current-
           unrolled, but the stick-boat owner stalked past the fuel              ly in Grenada, panhandling on the dinghy dock of Mount
           pump with his nose in the air and said, “What is the tem-             Hartman Bay.

Work on the Waterfront


               Arnold Parkinson at the bow
               and Robert Peek secure Pisces
               for the lock-through.

                      eep Creek Lock, this is Pisces requesting a lock    “Cap’n Parky” like old friends as Pisces neared the lock wall
                      through,” said the deep voice on the VHF radio.     and Peek reached down to nab the aft line with his long
                         “Roger that, Captain. I’ll be opening the        boat hook. No instructions needed as the men have done
                      gates at 1100 hours. Have your fenders and          these maneuvers many times before.
           lines ready on the starboard side and proceed in slow and          The water level in the lock rose to meet that of the ca-
           easy half-way up when you see the green light,” came the       nal, and Pisces began the short trek to the bridge and the
           immediate reply by rote.                                       free dock just beyond where Cap’n Parky planned to do
              “Will do. This is Pisces standing by on Channel 13.”        some provisioning and spend the night. Meanwhile, Peek
              That is a fairly typical exchange between southbound        donned his bridge master hat, drove his pickup to the
           boaters and Robert Peek, lockmaster at the Deep Creek, Va.     bridge, stopped automotive traffic, and raised the single-
           ingress/egress to the 22-mile Dismal Swamp Canal. Not only     span bascule bridge. Two northbound sailboats waited un-
           is Peek the lockmaster, he is also master of the Deep Creek    til Pisces was clear before proceeding to the lock.
           Bridge and Dam, titles held most of his 16-year tenure.            “He has a girlfriend in every port,” Parkinson said of Ad-
              Peek acts as an unofficial ambassador and historian for      die as he secured his lines. “He’ll probably go mouse-hunt-
           the historic Great Dismal Swamp. Just ask any one of the       ing ashore later this afternoon, but when the engine starts
           3,500 boaters who choose the alternate ICW route between       in the morning, he’ll be back. Without fail.”
           Norfolk, Va., and Elizabeth City, N.C., each year.                 Peek hurried back to lock-through the waiting boaters.
              “Many of my customers are repeaters,” said Peek. “After a       This was the first Dismal Swamp Canal experience for Bri-
           while, you develop a special connection with some of them.”    an and Michelle Cole on Jennie B from Brooksville, Maine,
              So it is with Arnold Parkinson, who single-hands 43-        and Marja and Stephen Vance on Motu from Seattle, Wash.
           foot Pisces with Addie, his diabetic cat. Peek chatted with    Both couples are full-time liveaboards.

       $0(5,&$1 0$'( ‡ 35(0,80 48$/,7<

Bottom Paint that Delivers a
  Gripping Performance
     Increase vessel speed and
     We guarantee it!

                                5,> 5(<;0*(3 *6(;05.: 05*
                  [O :[YLL[ 5VY[O *SLHY^H[LY -SVYPKH 
                                            <:( 6US`
                    0U[LYUH[PVUHS ‹ -H_ 
                           ,THPS! JVU[HJ[\Z'ZLHOH^RWHPU[ZJVT        -HTPS` 6^ULK 

                                                                                                          NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   29
Work on the Waterfront

                                                                             play ‘Saints,’ so I learned,” said Peek. “My wife and I heard
                                                                             about a competition in Key West, so we went. I had Old
                                                                             Blue, my favorite horn with me and decided to warm up be-
                                                                             fore the contest. I played ‘Saints’ and nailed it. The organiz-
                                                                             ers told me I couldn’t compete as six people just dropped
                                                                             out, ‘because of your little stunt.’ They told me I could be a
                                                                             judge and judges drink for free. That worked for me.”
                                                                                As lockmaster, Peek has helped many boaters avoid disaster.
                                                                             The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has recognized and awarded
                                                                             Peek several times for going above and beyond his duties. A
                                                                             few years ago, the owner of a new boat couldn’t get the trans-
                                                                             mission into neutral or reverse to slow his forward motion.
           Mileage chart from Deep Creek Lock.
                                                                                “He was coming into the lock at four knots and couldn’t
              Peek, who has a long-ranging reputation for entertaining       back her down,” said Peek. “He was facing 108,000 pounds
           boaters by playing one of his many conch shells, was ex-          of steel at the other end, with nowhere to go. He just froze.
           cited to learn Jennie B had recently been to the Bahamas.         I yelled at him to bring the boat over to me at the wall.”
              “Did you bring me a horn,” he asked the Coles. The flow-           Peek grabbed lines from the boat and wrapped them
           erbeds and gardens near the station house, which Peek built,      around the bollards. As each line grew taut, he released it,
           are lined with sun-bleached conch shells from visiting boaters.   ran forward and wrapped it around the next bollard. He was
              The two-lane Deep Creek Bridge is scheduled to be re-          able to slow the boat’s speed and bring it to a stop inches
           placed by one with five lanes – two for each direction of          from the steel doors. A bolt had worked its way out of the
           traffic and one for emergency vehicles.                            transmission linkage and was a quick fix.
              “It might end up being wider than it is long,” laughed Peek       A few years ago, during the southbound migration of cruis-
           as he worked switches and levers to raise the bridge for Joy      ing boaters, Peek managed to squeeze 19 boats into the lock.
           Sea III, a Donzi cruiser, to pass through at 1:30 p.m.            Cap’n Parky and Addie, onboard Pisces, were part of the pack.
              After Peek drove back to the lock house, Joy Sea III was          “Most everybody was good natured about the whole
           ready to lock through. As part of their North Carolina Loop       affair,” said Parkinson, a native of England. “Fenders and
           trip from Elizabeth City to Coinjock, this was the first time      lines were everywhere. When we thought the lock was full,
           the four boaters had made the canal trip. In his element as       Robert here managed to fit one more inside. She ended up
           historian, Peek asked if they would like to know about the        crosswise at the back, but it worked.” To Peek’s credit, he
           swamp as he handed them an informational brochure. He             said he has never left a boat behind.
           peeled off detail after detail, bringing history alive:              Dedicated to the swamp and his job, Peek has missed
                                                                             only one day of work in 16 years and on that day, he called
               black bears in North America.                                 in sick from the hospital emergency room. Since 1996, he
                                                                             has spent every hurricane at the lock. The locks and bridges
                                                                             are designed to never fail and barring a major disaster, “we
                                                                             can have them operational within hours.”
               is being formed.                                                 It costs from $800,000 to $1.2 million dollars to operate
                                                                             the Dismal Swamp Canal per year. Peek said the U.S. gov-
               by tannic acids from tree bark.                               ernment “quietly” closed more than 100 canals across the
                                                                             country between the years 2000 and 2010. When the Dismal
               and North Carolina mountains.                                 came on the chopping block, Congress received more than
                                                                             35,000 e-mails in one month in support of keeping it open.
                gates are original, from 1938.                                  “Part of that is because I called 35,000 of my closest
             The list continued. Then he offered to play a song on the       friends,” said Peek. “I am passionate about the Dismal
           conch shell. Grabbing one of the larger ‘horns’ from the gar-     Swamp and its canal, and it is anything but boring or dismal.”
           den, Peek wiped off some dirt, positioned his hands just right       In addition to his official duties, Robert and his wife Jack-
           and blew a few notes warm-up notes before performing a jaw-       ie own and operate Great Dismal Adventures, which offers
           dropping rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In.”           waterway tours of the canal and nearby Lake Drummond
             “I’ve been blowing the horn for a lot of years, but a bud-      every Spring and Fall. Visit www.GreatDismalAdventures.
           dy of mine told me he wouldn’t be impressed until I could         com for more information.

                                          BETA MARINE
                                                                          Our engines idle smoother and quieter because of our high-enertia engineered fly-
                                                                          wheel. This is one of the many Beta Marine exclusive features that make our diesel
                                                                          engines easier to live with.

                                                                                                                                       Engine Model
                                                                                                                                         Beta 38

                                                               Beta 30
                                                         installed in a
                                                        Morris Justine

                  Some of our installations:
Beta 14 (BZ482)
                 Albin Vega
                                    Beta 35 (BV1305)
                                                       Sabre 38Mk1
                                                                          What a concept!
                                                                          Engineered to be serviced easily
                 Cape Dory 28       Beta 38 (BV1505)   Valiant 37
Beta 16 (BZ602) Tartan 30                              Westsail 32
Beta 20 (BD722) Contessa 32         Beta 43 (BV2003)   Valiant 40
                 Island Packet 27   Beta 50 (BV2203)   Bristol 41.1                                  BETA MARINE US Ltd.
                 Pearson Vanguard                      Hinckley B-40                         P.O. Box 5, Minnesott Beach, NC 28510
Beta 25 (BD902) Alberg 35                              Morgan 41 OI
                 Morgan OI 33                          Morgan 45
Beta 28 (BD1005) Alberg 37          Beta 60 (BV2403)   CSY 44
                 Pearson 35

                                                                                                                            NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET         31
Mechanically Inclined

           GEAR CHECK

              A Simrad NSS12 with Structures Scan flush
              mounted in a Gause Built Boats center console.
                                                                                  The Humminbird 360’s transducer
                                                                                  that can be remotely deployed via
                                                                                  an extendable shaft.

                      eing able to tell how deep the water is beneath your
                      boat has come a long way from a lead weight on a
                      line. Today’s technology will tell you accurate depth
                      and indicate the type of bottom structure. Emerg-
           ing technology can even show what is around your vessel in
           graphic detail, displaying fish suspended among pilings.
              Traditional downward-looking sounders and fish finders
           have three primary components: the display, the sounder
           module and the transducer. The sounder module sends a sig-
           nal to the transducer that broadcasts a sound wave into the
           water column. As that sound wave bounces off dense matter
           such as fish and structure, it is reflected back to the transducer.   worlds, but the cost for these systems is considerably more
           This information is sent to the module to be interpreted and        than for a self-contained, single-display system. Manufactur-
           displayed in a graphic format on the display screen.                ers such as Raymarine are now offering the ability for your
              The choice of display is an important decision. Bigger is        smart-phone or tablet to act as a repeater for your sounder.
           usually better (albeit more expensive). Screen resolution is        The company has developed an app that allows full control
           important. If a smaller screen has a higher resolution, it might    of some of its displays from phones or tablets.
           outperform its bigger brethren. If you plan on splitting your          The sounder module, or core processor of the sounder,
           screen to show zoom screens or other sounder information,           is another consideration in how well your sounder or fish
           or if you plan on sharing the screen with a chart-plotter, you      finder will work. You can spend a lot of money for high out-
           should go with as large a screen as your console real estate        put power, which is not needed if you are fishing inshore
           and budget will allow. If you go with a system with side-by-        or near-shore. Think of the transmit power as the bright-
           side multi-function displays and a separate sounder module,         ness of a flashlight. Low power fish finders are like penlights
           you can run a chart-plotter on one screen and have a full           that work fine in your cockpit. Mid-grade sounders are like
           screen fish finder on the other. This can be the best of all          Maglites that help you see to the end of dock. The highest

power units equate to a 4 million-candle spotlight that can        sels and others where transom and in-hull units don’t work.
illuminate a distant channel marker.                               Most thru-hull transducers are bronze, stainless or nylon. The
    Inexpensive fish finders for small boats in waters 200 feet      material they are made of is particularly important if you are
or less can have an output power of between 100 and 300            mounting them to a metal-hulled vessel. Because you have to
watts. The 500- to 600-watt units boast decent resolution          drill a hole in the hull to mount these transducers, it is advisable
to between 400 and 1,000 feet. (Note that many manufac-            to have it done professionally to ensure it is correctly mounted.
turers rate the range of their sounders in freshwater, which          Some transducers by Airmar (the producer of many of the
tends to give deeper capability than denser saltwater.) The        transducers used by manufacturers today) are flush mount-
1kW, 2kW and 3kW processors are designed for blasting a            able with pre-angled elements – an advantage over tradi-
signal in the deepest trenches. The 2kW and 3kW proces-            tional transducers that require fairing blocks and are not flush
sors are commonly seen aboard commercial, ocean-going              with the hull, increasing drag and chance of impact. Trans-
fishing vessels but the 1kW units are becoming standard             ducer sizes are proportional to the power and frequency they
on many offshore recreational fishing vessels. They provide         operate on – the more power the larger the transducer.
excellent resolution past 1,000 feet for finding canyons and           If you have more than one sounder, fish finder or a combina-
thermals where trophy fish congregate.                              tion of either, they should never be on simultaneously if they
    The operating frequency and transducer type also play          are operating on the same frequency, as they will interfere with
important roles in resolution at any given depth.                  each other. We are seeing a wider range of frequencies of-
    Most lower priced systems, such as Garmin’s Echo line          fered than ever due in part to a new era in fish finding. Chirp
or Lowrance’s X-4 series, will run on 200 kHz frequency,           (Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse) fish finders are high-
with some offering dual frequencies of 50 kHz (or 83 kHz)          power deep-ranging (and expensive) devices that use mul-
and 200 kHz. Lower frequencies travel better over deeper           tiple frequencies to give incredible detail in deeper depths.
depths, so high-power deep-water units typically operate
at 50 kHz or lower. Frequencies of 200 kHz or higher provide
                                                                   This transducer is capable of doing a 360 sweep,
better resolution in shallower water.
                                                                   similar to radar.
    Transducer types are transom mount, in-hull (affixed to
the inside of the hull to shoot their signal through the hull),
or thru-hull transducers (drilled and mounted through the             New products have changed the expectations of rec-
hull with the transducer penetrating the hull). All require        reational anglers. Side imaging offerings from Hummin-
clean, uninterrupted water to pass under them.                     bird and Navico have changed the look of fish finding with
    Transducers mounted to the lower portion of the transom        their high def, easily read images of structure on either
are usually the best option for smaller boats. Stepped hulls,      side of the boat.
I/O or inboard boats and surface drives are better suited to          Sean Edmunds of Navico explained that its side scan tran-
use an in-hull or thru-hull transducer. Some transom mount         som mount transducer is about 11 inches long and 1.5 inches
transducers can become in-hulls by epoxying them inside            wide. Two elements look right 80 degrees, two look down 30
the hull (never use silicone or 5200 type materials, as they       degrees and two look left 80 degrees. Because the side scan-
absorb the signal the transducer is emitting).                     ning elements are on such a high frequency and emit such a
    Most in-hull models will either be a puck style or have a      narrow beam, they can reach out as far as 350 feet on either
housing that is affixed to the hull and filled with mineral oil.     side. The detailed information they return is astonishing.
The transducer is attached to the housing with the element            Bill Carson of Humminbird demonstrated that his compa-
suspended in the mineral oil. These have the advantage of          ny has added its own twist to its existing side-viewing tech-
not having anything on the outside of the vessel that can be       nology with a deployable (not while under way) transducer.
struck, thus eliminating the risk of leaks or damage to the        It is shaft-mounted in what looks similar to Humminbird’s
transducer. Because they are transmitting through the hull         Talon anchoring system. Once deployed, this transducer is
itself, there is a slight loss of sensitivity and range. Locate    capable of doing a 360 sweep, similar to radar. This not only
the in-hull unit as far back as possible so that clean water       enables excellent side views, but also can see all around
passes under it even at higher speeds. In most cases the hull      the boat and focus in on pie-shaped areas of interest. In
location should not be more than an inch thick. Foam or hol-       his words “this eliminates dead water fast,” thus enabling
low core boats are not good options for these transducers          fishermen to maximize their time on the water.
unless a solid mounting point is created. In-hull transducers         A combination of new technology and old school tried
also cannot be used on aluminum and alloy hulls.                   and tested sounders has produced a greater choice for an-
    Thru-hull transducers are the primary choice for larger ves-   glers and mariners than ever before.

                                                                                                               NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   33
Ask JWorld

           MAKING ALL CREW                                                                                         coac orld’s exp
                                                                                                               answe hes have ag ert
                                                                                                                      r your
                                                                                                                   in f
                                                                                                                              sailing eed to

           MEMBERS ESSENTIAL                                                                                  questio uture issues questions
                                                                                                                       ns on         . Send
                                                                                                                   to Kris any sailing
                                                                                                             kristen       te
                                                                                                                    @jwor n Berry at pic
           BY KRISTEN BERRY                                                                                                         polis.c

           Kristen, this season I have had trouble keeping “non-es-
           sential” crewmembers on my team. Only so many folks can
           trim the sails, so what can we do to help keep people com-
           ing back to participate in the roles that are less important?

                     eeping a team of sailors together is a task that
                     befuddles teams at all levels. Whether it is club
                     racing or the Major Leagues, managing people is
                     a huge part of the sport. I would suggest that one
           of the first things to keep in mind is that there are no “non-
           essential” positions on the boat. On any high functioning
           sailing team there are at least two information “loops” run-
           ning at anytime: the speed loop and the strategic and tacti-
           cal loop.
              The speed loop is trimming the sails, watching the speed,
           angle and heel of the boat.
              The strategic and tactical loop is ensuring we are sailing
           the best course to the next mark, tracking our relative per-
           formance, collecting and tracking course data.
              Thought of another way, there are physical and cerebral
           roles on the boat and it is difficult for any crewmember to
           execute their role if they are part of both loops. Yes, that’s
                                                                                    Sample notes by the tactician
           right skippers. I am talking to you. You can’t do both and
                                                                                    during Key West race.
           expect to do well.
              With this “loop” concept in mind, that means that every
           person has a very essential role to play.                             you have that list, discuss how to divide the tasks across the
              Often when I jump onboard a boat for a regatta I seek out          average number of crew positions you have. A cool way to
           the least experienced person and declare them the “tacti-             do this is to put a pack of sticky notes on a table and ask ev-
           cian.” This person is responsible for recording our heading on        eryone to write down all of the tasks they can think of on the
           the race course, our boat speed as well as listening to the rest      stickies. Place one task per sticky note. Then create a space
           of the conversation and recording items of interest. When we          on a table or a wall for each crew position onboard the boat.
           need to confirm whether we are sailing the best course, it is             Each person then takes their stack of sticky tasks and plac-
           easy to ask our tactician to read back the last four or five head-     es them under the position they think should do those things.
           ing notes and whether we are lifted, headed or at median be-          In the end the visual of dozens of stickies under a handful of
           comes perfectly clear. The essential part of this is that I am free   positions will help create a sense of how important each role
           to look out of the boat and keep us sailing towards the next          is. As well, this drives a smart discussion on who should be
           strategic element. The least experienced person on the boat           doing what and whether the process on the boat is as effec-
           becomes the most important for making decisions, and this             tive as possible. It will also help illuminate areas of deficiency
           helps keep them engaged even if their role is non-physical.           (don’t forget tasks like bringing lunches, waters and ice!).
              For many of us, our primary sailing season is drawing to              Try it this winter and let me know how it goes. In fact,
           a close. This is a great time to get your team – including            send your crew task lists along and I’ll provide some out-
           extended team members, spouses and kids – together to                 side feedback that just might help you improve your per-
           discuss all of the perceived roles onboard the boat. Once             formance and crew satisfaction next season.

                                                                                                                        Pro Tips


     n anticipation of the annual southerly migration of        low these tips, practice in good conditions, and head south!
     boats to the islands and beyond, this month we’ll             Negotiating a reef passage requires precise navigation
     explore the Bahamas. These low-lying islands just 60       and skilled seamanship. Detailed charts are essential, and
     miles off the coast of Florida provide fantastic cruis-    always consult sailing directions. Glean local knowledge by
ing grounds for sail and power boats alike. But, unlike the     broadcasting a request on the VHF – you’ll be surprised
relatively easy ins-and-outs on the ICW, many of the pas-       how eager others are to offer advice.
sages into and out of harbors in the Bahamas – especially          Attempt a cut only in daylight, ideally with the sun aft.
the Abacos, the closest group of islands to Florida – are       Heave-to and wait for dawn if approaching at night. Even
shallow, often unmarked and surrounded by reefs, making         better, plan your passage to arrive just after sunup – most
for some challenging pilotage.                                  of the cuts in the Abacos are on the east side of the islands.
  Not to worry. The successful running of a reef break is a     You’d be approaching towards the west, with the morning
rewarding experience for your confidence as a mariner. Fol-      sun shining behind you, giving the best visibility.
                                                                   Plot precise compass bearings, confirm any visual
                                                                aids, and program a series of waypoints in the GPS as
                                                                backup. The helmsman should have a hand-bearing
                                                                compass on hand. Establish a bail out point on ap-
                                                                proach that would allow room to safely turn around if
                                                                something seems amiss.
                                                                   In a sailboat, it’s actually easier to sail through a narrow
                                                                channel (unless it’s dead upwind), especially with a sea run-
                                                                ning. Driving the boat at speed with sails flying helps to
                                                                stop rolling and aids in directional stability. Keep the boat
                                                                below hull speed, but sailing fast enough to respond in-
                                                                stantly to the helm. Have the engine running, but in neutral.
                                                                The anchor should be un-fastened, the rode ready to run
                                                                free, and all halyards/sheets ready to let fly.
                                                                   In a powerboat, keep some speed on for the same rea-
                                                                sons, and keep that anchor ready in case of engine failure.
                                                                   Station a crewmember at the bow to read the water – in
                                                                coral, light patches indicate sand, brown patches danger.
                                                                Deep blue means deep water. Know the charted depths
                                                                and keep a sharp eye on the depth sounder.
                                                                   Once past your established point-of-no-return, trust your
                                                                visual bearings, check the instruments and hold a steady
                                                                course on the helm. Now is not the time for indecision, so
                                                                be sure to triple-check the plan before entering. The re-
                                                                ward is often tranquil water and a cold beverage.

                                                                Dennis Schell is a USCG Master Mariner with a lifetime of sail-
Chad Jones at the bow of his Mason 44 Corrina Corrina heading
                                                                and powerboat experience in the southeast, the Bahamas and
into Man-o-War Channel in Marsh Harbor, Bahamas.                offshore. Contact him at

                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   35
Southeast Boatbuilders

           AT PAC I F I C S E AC R A F T

                                                                                                                   New boat construction
                                                                                                                and refit projects continue
                                                                                                                    on the Pacific Seacraft

                            hen Steve Brodie and his father, Reid Brodie      The boat is now like new. Others have received wheel-
                            III, purchased Pacific Seacraft and moved          to-tiller conversions and vice versa; complete electrical,
                            the company across the country to Washing-        plumbing, and mechanical updates; modified cabinetry;
                            ton, N.C., in 2008, their goal was simple – to    new headliners and interior upholstery; and refinished teak
           continue to build the world’s best cruising sailboats. The         both inside and out.
           company was already known for its quality and for the ex-             Because Pacific Seacraft has the original templates, pat-
           ceptional sailing characteristics of its line of Bill Crealock-    terns and tooling, the work can be done efficiently and to
           designed vessels.                                                  the same high level of quality as the original build.
              Many of Pacific Seacraft’s managers and craftsmen had               “I think the refit program has been a win-win,” Brodie says.
           such a passion for the boats they were building they want-         “Existing owners with sentimental attachments to their vessel
           ed to continue their work. The Brodies were glad to bring          are able to bring her to us to make her like new. Brokerage
           their experience and expertise to the East Coast along with        customers are able to bring us tired vessels and have them
           the hull molds and tooling.                                        spruced up, factory certified, and upgraded prior to taking
              It’s clear that the brand’s reputation is in safe hands. Soon   delivery. They are able to do this with the confidence that
           after the relocation, several owners of older Pacific Seacraft      this work is being performed by the same hands that may
           yachts approached PSC President Steve Brodie. Their boats          have built the boat originally. The refit work has also given us
           were structurally sound, but in need of various updates, up-       a lot of insight into what works well and what minor improve-
           grades and refurbishment.                                          ments can be incorporated in the new boats to make them
              Brodie says the hulls themselves are virtually indestruc-       even more durable, functional and owner friendly.”
           tible, but electronics and other systems need updating peri-          The new boat line currently includes the 31, 34, 37, 40
           odically. To that end, the Pacific Seacraft refit program offers     and 44, all designed by Crealock. Construction details like
           a variety of services to help owners keep their boats bristol.     the hull/deck joint, skeg-hung rudders, and strong scant-
              Refit projects have ranged from cosmetic makeovers to            lings serve as evidence that these are boats that are built to
           major repairs. One 40-footer was rebuilt after nearly half of      withstand the rigors of the sea. That theme is carried down
           the hull on the port side was damaged during a hurricane.          below as well. Each model has a secure seagoing galley,

plenty of handholds, and berths that are as comfortable on          ing platform. The ketch rig was the owner’s choice and was
passage as they are at the dock. The hull forms produce a           designed by Perry to be an integral, not ornamental, part
comfortable motion even in heavy seas, and the traditional          of the sailplan.
lines still turn heads in the harbor.                                 “Catari is a perfect blend of tradition and performance,”
   A new project taking form at the Pacific Seacraft factory         Brodie says of the project. “Thousands of hours have been
is also sure to turn heads and garner attention – Catari, a         invested in her design, with inordinate attention paid to
custom-built 61-foot ketch designed by Bob Perry.                   even the most minor detail. Her modest beam and long
   “The Catari project marks a new era and direction for Pa-        waterline will make her an enviable fast ocean passage-
cific Seacraft,” says Brodie. “While we have no intention of         maker. The twin cockpit design offers wonderful open-air
abandoning our roots, we are branching out to tackle larg-          spaces for lounging and al fresco dining. The interior can
er, more diversified custom projects. Catari, while unique,          be customized to meet the varied requirements of any
still holds to all of the values that have afforded Pacific Sea-     cruiser or liveaboard.
craft such a loyal following for more than 30 years.”                 “The ketch rig offers a very sensible, flexible, and man-
   Designed for a client to serve as an ideal platform for a        ageable sail plan for a cruising couple. And finally, she
family to cruise anywhere they choose.                              exhibits what many Pacific Seacraft owners have come to
   In trying to decide between a center cockpit or an aft           know as the ‘lookback factor.’ When leaving their vessel by
cockpit, the designer and his client decided to use both.           dock or dinghy, Pacific Seacraft owners can’t help but look
The aft cockpit will be the primary working space, with the         back and admire her classic and timeless beauty.”
helm, engine controls, and most of the sail controls; while           The hull mold for Catari was built this summer, and the
the center cockpit forward of the mizzenmast, will be set up        hull layup began in the fall. Pacific Seacraft plans to make
for relaxation and light sheet handling. The aft cockpit fea-       the 61’s hull and deck the basis of semi-custom yachts for
tures a hard dodger with a space underneath for the crew            discerning customers who will have the opportunity to pick
to be well protected on watch in unpleasant conditions. Pa-         out the interior and rig details that best fit their own cruis-
cific Seacraft has built full-scale mockups of both cockpits         ing needs and wish lists.
to ensure that every detail comes out just right.                     With the new 61, the classic line of cruising yachts, and
   Below the waterline, the modern hull shape features a            the popular refit program, the Brodies and Pacific Sea-
sturdy cruising fin keel and a carbon spade rudder. The              craft are poised to continue the company’s legacy well
raked transom hides a folding door that becomes a board-            into the future.

                                                   At left: President Steve Brodie and production manager Raul Olivares discuss plans
                                                   at the Pacific Seacraft factory in Washington, N.C.; above: Pacific Seacraft has
                                                   begun construction on Catari, a 61-foot custom ketch designed by Robert Perry.

                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   37
           FINAL JOURNEY

                      ick Gardner, a seasoned captain with 56 years of           In Swansboro, N.C., we had the most wonderful grou-
                      pleasure boating experience, decided this spring        per sandwich from the Ice House. After crossing into South
                      – at the age of 85 – that it was time to retire from    Carolina, we spent a night in Harbourgate Marina and
                      his ownership of Ric-Star II, a 42-foot Bertram. His    heard the bridge dinging every time it opened. Moving on
           final journey would deliver the boat from his home in Eliza-        to Georgetown Landing Marina, we approached the dock
           beth City, N.C. (known as the Harbor of Hospitality) to that       with zero visibility but the captain took us in safely.
           of his daughter in Sanford, Fla.                                      As we entered the Ben Sawyer Highway swing bridge
              Over the years, Rick had owned a Carver, four Chris-            connecting Mt. Pleasant to Sullivan’s Island, we saw a large
           Crafts, two Bertrams and many smaller boats, but now               sailboat aground. If you navigate out of the channel at low
           it is time to watch the boating activities on the Pasquo-          tide this is your destiny. We could not help but slow down
           tank River from the banks and day dream of his many                to prevent any wake action. Charleston Harbor was very
           past cruises.                                                      confusing and congested, but we enjoyed an interesting
              Rick was mayor of Elizabeth City for three terms and            walk through the Charleston historical district.
           has always been very active in the community. Many or-                We spent two days in Beaufort, S.C., before moving on to
           ganizations would auction off trips aboard Ric-Star II, and        Georgia. At Thunderbolt Marina we woke up to donuts and
           he was happy to take them cruising on the Pasquotank.              a morning paper on our deck (a little competition for the
           He and his wife, Lydia, usually rented a slip in Ports-            Harbor of Hospitality). We were very lucky that we had our
           mouth, Va., for six months of the year. They loved cruis-          thunderstorms in the evening after arriving at port.
           ing Chesapeake Bay, watching the tall ships and visiting
           with the live-aboards.
              My husband and I (owners of a 36-foot Albin trawler) were
                                                                              His toast was not about giving up the boat, but
           asked to help Rick and Lydia crew on their final cruise to          to the amazing trip we had.
           Florida. On the dock at Gardner Pointe on July 27, we had
           a toast for fair winds. The sky was a Carolina blue and the           Kilkenny is always a port because there is not anything
           clouds looked like cotton candy.                                   else for miles. Docking at Jekyll Island was a little scary be-
              As friends and family waved good-bye, Rick took off the         cause of the currents. We made our final border crossing to
           lines at home for the last time. Bear in mind that Rick was        Florida, finding a slip at the Jacksonville Brewery Marina.
           always the first off the boat to help with lines and the power         Two weeks after starting, we arrived in Palatka, Fla., where
           cable, and the last person to board when we left a port. I         my husband and I left to return to North Carolina. On our
           did mention that Rick is 85 years young!                           last evening with Rick and Lydia, his toast was not about
              We watched for crab pots as we traveled down the Pas-           giving up the boat, but to the amazing trip we had and to
           quotank River. They always appear to be in the middle of           the fellowship we had enjoyed during this journey.
           the channel. As we cruised the Alligator River heading for            Rick and Lydia ventured on down the St. Johns River to
           the ditch to Belhaven, dolphins were playing in our wake.          Sanford and transferred Ric-Star II to his daughter. They are
           I thought to myself, this must be a good omen for the trip.        now in Elizabeth City enjoying the memories of nearly six
              We traveled the Intracoastal Waterway, which is a favorite      decades of boating!
           for the snowbirds who make this trip every fall and spring. We
           visited 15 ports in 16 days. Rick kept us on course and kept our
           spirits high with a 10 o’clock fruit drink each morning.           Pauline Berard ran an office supply business for 25 years
              Oriental, N.C., on the Neuse River, was one of our fa-          and served on the board of Elizabeth City Downtown, Inc.,
           vorite ports. This area is known for its sailing community. It     which administers the Main Street Program to revitalize the
           boasts wonderful restaurants and the shower and laundry            historic downtown. She has attended many Rose Buddy
           facilities are the best.                                           wine and cheese parties to welcome visiting cruisers.

                                             Rick steers a course away from his
                                         Elizabeth City dock for the final time.

                  Rick and Lydia toast
                  the end of their
                  boating journey.

Rick is always
  the last one
    on and the
  first one off
   the boat to
 secure lines.

                                                           NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   39
           C R U I S E R S W E LCO M E D F O R H O L I DAY T R A D I T I O N
           BY TERRY BORAM

                      s the hurricane season began to wane my hus-
                      band Clint and I turned our attention to getting
                      our beloved Contour 34 trimaran, Tri Dreaming,
                      from the Chesapeake to her new port in Florida.
           Although we have a trailer, we found ourselves wanting to
           plan a trip as if we were “snowbirds” heading south for the
           winter. What better way to experience the cruising life than
           to move our boat when hundreds of cruisers are traveling
           the ICW? Realizing that we would be traveling over the
           Thanksgiving holiday I wanted to experience one of the
           traditional cruisers’ potlucks I have read so much about.
           Perhaps the largest is in St. Marys, Ga., where hundreds of    to miss out on the holiday meal. He asked Riverview Hotel
           cruisers gather not for the food, but the for the people.      owners Jerry and Gailia Brandon if they would open their
              The tradition began 12 years ago when a small group         lounge for a cruisers’ potluck. With Jacobs cooking a tur-
           of cruisers tucked into St. Marys to wait out a nor’easter     key, other townspeople providing food and supplies, and
           over Thanksgiving. Local resident and avid sailor Charlie      the cruisers bringing the side dishes, a tradition was born.
           Jacobs knew how difficult it was to prepare even a small        As word spread about the warm hospitality, the event be-
           turkey breast aboard a boat, and he didn’t want the sailors    gan to grow to numbers no one ever imagined.

   Ann Barr and Lynn Harden arrived in 2004 to spend their     the keys in his old car for the cruisers to use during the
first Thanksgiving in St. Marys and have been coming back       week to run errands.
ever since. Always raising their hands to help out, they          Then there are Jerry and Gaila “who literally turn their
found themselves in the Cruisers Coordinator role several      hotel over to the cruisers,” says Ann. In September, the
years ago and once again this year. Their job is to get a      couple and their hotel were named the Seven Seas Cruis-
rough head count of the cruisers coming in and organize        ing Association’s “Cruising Station of the Year.” Last year
the side dishes.                                               the Brandons hosted an Oyster Roast on Thanksgiving Eve
   When I called Ann to get more information, I was en-        where four bushels of oysters were consumed by hundreds
thralled by her stories about past events and the generosity   of cruisers and townspeople.
of others. She said the townspeople of St. Marys are the          Thanksgiving Day volunteers transform the lobby of the
true center of this now week-long event.                       Riverview Hotel into a banquet hall with enough donated
                                                               turkey and ham to feed an army. The cruisers then arrive
                                                               with their side dishes and desserts with enough variety for
At the end of the day this is not about the meal
                                                               even the most finicky eater. “Cruisers bring what they can
but the people you celebrate it with.
                                                               afford to bring,” Ann says. She recognizes that there are all
                                                               levels of cruising budgets. “Some only have a can of peas
  David and Judy Johnsen of Read’em Again bookstore are        to share while others bring elaborate sides and desserts.”
some of the special locals who have welcomed the cruisers      At the end of the day this is not about the meal but the
to their town with open arms. They host a very popular book    people you celebrate it with.
exchange for the cruisers complete with muffins and coffee.        As I ended my call with Ann I felt as if she had just read
  Rocky Smith, owner of the marina in town where many of       an old sailing story about some far away island and the wel-
the cruisers have work done during the week, hosts a happy     coming nature of the natives. It was good to know that right
hour as a way to give back to the cruisers.                    here on the east coast of the good ole’ USA there is still a
  Then there’s Craig Miller who makes five gallons of           town full of people who open up their hearts for strangers
homemade gravy every year, or Charles Culp who leaves          and treat them like family.

                                                                                                      NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   41

              SCHOONER RACE

           A Ted Brewer Lazy Jacy 32 schooner during the parade of sail in front of the Baltimore Aquarium.

                     he Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race is about             explain why the race isn’t really about racing.
                     seamanship and tradition; it’s about camaraderie              Today, the event’s official slogan reads “Racing to Save
                     and friendly competition; it’s about living in the mo-     the Bay.” It is rooted in the cause of cleaning up the Chesa-
                     ment. By the time you read this, the 23rd race will        peake while providing educational opportunities for local
           have been run and a winner crowned; but curiously, the Great         youth, and it’s not a bad excuse for a bunch of sea dogs to
           Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race is not about racing at all.             get together and share their passion.
              Every fall, right after the Annapolis Sailboat Show, 40              I last sailed the race in 2009 aboard Capt. Jennifer’s 74’
           schooners – from historic tall ships like Pride of Baltimore II      Woodwind. At Fells Point we rafted alongside the AJ Meer-
           to the replica Martha White with her crew of bluegrass mu-           wald, an historic working schooner of 115’ that dwarfed us
           sicians (really) – assemble for a week of celebration. And           at the dock. I recognized many of the boats from the previ-
           though that week includes a sometimes brutal 130-mile jaunt          ous two races I crewed in. I spent much of the evening in
           down the Bay, ask the schooner captains just why they come           the cockpit of Roger Worthington’s Prom Queen, sipping a
           each year, and the answer likely will not be for the race.           rum drink and talking boats with his crew and the crew of
                                                                                Heron, Aram Nersesian’s 60’ aluminum schooner.
           Fells Point Rendezvous
           The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race begins in Baltimore           Traditional Seamanship
           where the vessels rendezvous at Broadway Pier in Fells Point.        The Schooner Race is unique in that many of the traditional
           The Baltimore connection goes back to the very first race, when       boats are just that. There is a decided lack of modern equip-
           the late Lane Briggs aboard his ‘tugantine’ Norfolk Rebel chal-      ment on board, and the crew are sailors in the true sense of the
           lenged the Pride of Baltimore II to race the length of the Bay.      word. Woodwind, though traditional in appearance, is one of
              Capt. Briggs was an interesting man, and his Norfolk              the newer boats in the fleet, yet her instruments consist of a knot
           Rebel was an interesting boat – essentially a tugboat with a         meter, depth sounder and hand-held GPS. We plan the route
           schooner rig. She earned her keep towing fragile tall ships          the old-fashioned way, with pencil, parallel rules and dividers.
           and old boats full of character, including Jacques Cous-               The actual racing begins just outside Annapolis Harbor. In
           teau’s famous Calypso. The notion that she could challenge           2006, we’d enjoyed a brisk sail south from Baltimore, but just
           any sailing boat to a race was certainly absurd, which helps         as the gun went off the wind died and 40 schooners sudden-

ly saw their sails slatting. We tried hoisting our asymmetrical
spinnaker but it was useless. Finally a breeze crept in from
the south, building continually over the next few hours. Soon
the fleet was hurrying close-hauled down the bay.
   Capt. Jen was about ready to serve dinner when the ex-
traordinary wind shift of 2006 caught the fleet by surprise.
Out of nowhere an icy blast from the NW slammed the
fleet, and suddenly we were broad-reaching in 30-knots.
   Schooners, especially the gaff-riggers, are designed for
downwind sailing, and suddenly the modern Marconi rig of
the Woodwind was at a decided disadvantage to the larger
Pride and Virginia, literally flying down the Bay with clouds of
canvas spread from their top-masts right on down to the deck.
   Sometime around 0200, Pride finally caught us. Rook
Singer, my watch buddy, noticed running lights coming up
astern of us, and a peek in the binoculars provided an in-
credible sight – the enormous silhouette of the replica 19th
Century privateer with her wings stretched loomed on the
inky horizon, a haunting image straight from the history
books. She finally passed us to starboard, barely visible in
the moonless darkness, not 200 yards away. Pride crossed
the line first that year, and she deserved it.

Celebrating Sail in Portsmouth
The race finishes just off Thimble Shoals, but it’s a long slog
– usually in the early hours of the dawn – into Portsmouth
after you cross the line. What awaits is a weekend of rev-
elry that only the schooner folk could provide. Most of the              CLIMB YOUR MAST BY YOURSELF
schooners are actually on their way south for the winter, ei-
ther as private yachts or working tall ships providing tour-
ist daysails. The Schooner Race provides a fantastic shake-               MASTCLIMBER
down cruise and a welcome diversion.
   Surrounding the wharf of the historic town, the schooners
rest by the quayside after a long night of real sailing. Crews
mingle from boat to boat, impromptu sea shanties bringing
the history to life. It’s impossible to describe the feeling of
camaraderie and fellowship that emanates from the wonder-
ful schooner sailors, truly a group belonging to another age.
   What I’ve come away with through each experience, is that              MORE THAN
the Race is truly not a race at all. Instead it’s a celebration of why
we sail, a reminder that sailing is an art form, valuable simply for
                                                                          10,000 SOLD!
the sake of its enjoyment. Certainly the sailboat (and especially
the schooner) as a mode of transportation is a relic of history, yet
we continue to ply the seas at the pace of a slow jog, and seem
to not only find this enjoyable, but even exciting.

Andy Schell is the former editor of All at Sea Southeast and
a professional yacht captain. He and his wife Maria Karlsson
recently completed their second west-to-east Atlantic cross-                   SERIOUS SAILING EQUIPMENT
                                                                               1 800 874 3671 |
ing in as many years. Follow them online at

                                                                                                      NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   43
North Carolina


             From the left,
             Rich St. Pierre,
             Owen and Joan
             Maxwell and
             Scott Douglas.

                    cott Douglas and his brother-in-law Rich St. Pierre    The submerged outboards kept the bow partially exposed.
                    went tuna fishing on Nantucket Sound onboard               The seaworthy hull was discovered in Spain last January
                    Queen Bee in August 2008. They were having a           with a “slightly bruised T-top frame,” a little rust, a few bro-
                    good time when a monster wave threw them over-         ken latches and its two outboard engines intact. A first-aid
           board and carried their boat out to sea, leaving them swim-     kit, radio, nautical charts, batteries and fire extinguishers
           ming for survival.                                              were still in place. A nickel was found in the glove box.
              “There were big waves and we were getting pounded,”             Notified by their Spanish counterparts, the U.S. Coast
           said Douglas. “I looked around and thought, ‘Where is every-    Guard contacted Douglas who in turn contacted Regulator
           body?’ There was nobody around. I told Rich to ‘hold on, here   Marine. After six months of negotiations with the Spanish
           comes another one,’ as the waves hit, one after another.”       government, which rightfully owned the boat according
              Then the rogue wave hit, tossing the duo into the sound.     to international salvage laws, Queen Bee was released to
           It was the last time the men thought they would see Doug-       Regulator. They shipped her back across the Atlantic and
           las’ 2003 sportfisher. The Regulator Marine-built 26-footer      brought her to their factory.
           – sans fishermen – crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the coast          According to Joan, the boat survived at least six hurri-
           of Spain on a voyage lasting more than 1,000 days.              canes, and she was told by the U.S. Coast Guard that Queen
              Owen and Joan Maxwell, co-owners of the Edenton,             Bee “probably could have floated for another three years.”
           N.C.-based company, designed the center-console flagship            “This is a testimony to American manufacturing,” she said.
           model with a “great running hull that would take a pound-          The Maxwells reunited Douglas and St. Pierre with their
           ing, be quick and maneuverable.”                                long lost vessel during a ceremony in Edenton, almost four
              Somewhere along the journey, Queen Bee flipped over.          years to the day after their fateful fishing trip. There, Doug-

las and St. Pierre recounted their tale of survival.
    The birds were working, the sun came out, yet there were
no fish, so they called it quits and St. Pierre took the helm.                   Boat Insurance
“I looked over my shoulder and saw a 14- to 15-foot curling             As marine specialists, we can arrange insurance for
wave right next to us,” said St. Pierre. “It was a wall of green
                                                                    Any Craft, Any Use, Any Age, Anywhere!
coming over the tee top.”
    Knowing he couldn’t outrun the wave, St. Pierre opened              Comprehensive cover with
                                                                        no hidden conditions and
the throttle hoping Queen Bee could ride it out. Instead,
                                                                        insurance is not normally
the wave tossed both men, who were not wearing life pre-                subject to a survey.
servers, overboard and dragged Queen Bee out to sea.
    When Douglas surfaced, he was grateful the boat was not
                                                                    5                              d
                                                                        Survey Not Normally Required

over them and the water was not cold. “I knew I couldn’t            5   Any Boat - Any Use

just tread water,” he said. “ I needed an intense focus, so I       5   Personal Belongings

began to swim and head toward land.”                                5   Equipment Cover

    St. Pierre, who had open-heart surgery the year before,         5   No Claims Discounts
“watched Scott swim toward shore like he was Michael                    Contact us today for a tailor-
Phelps.” Assessing the situation, he thought to himself, “I             made quote or click to our
                                                                        web site and complete the
don’t have a good feeling about this.” A waterproof bag,                proposal form.
the only gear found in the water, floated next to him.
    “Scott had been carrying that bag to and from the boat
for the past three or four years,” said St. Pierre. “I didn’t
know it had a PFD [Personal Flotation Device] or a two-
                                                                        TEL +34 952 476 090 FAX +34 952 471 498
way submersible radio in it. And the radio still worked. So I
grabbed the bag and kept it next to me like Tom Hanks did
with the ball in the movie [‘Castaway’]. It filled with water
and I considered letting go of it, but it still floated.”
    Together, they swam toward shore.
    Still wearing his sunglasses and Croakies, St. Pierre could
see shadows. “I knew they were waves, but I was so tired
and I kept seeing sharks,” he said. “I almost threw off the
glasses, but I’m glad I didn’t.”
    At one point during Douglas’ swim, he could no longer
lift his arms out of the water.
    “I thought, ‘Holy mackerel, I’m going to die 30 yards
from the beach,’ but in the end I had what it took to sur-
vive,” he recounted.
    Once ashore, Douglas said he couldn’t see his brother-in-
law, but hoped he “stayed with the bag.”
    Douglas managed to walk to the nearest house, a rental,
where the people let him use a cell phone to call 911.
    “Looking at me, I’m sure they thought some whacko showed
up,” said Douglas. “When they knew I was legit, they covered
me in a blanket and gave me something hot to drink.”
    The man from the rental house found St. Pierre on the
beach about an hour later.
    “He asked me at least four times to let him have the bag
and I kept telling him, ‘No, I’ll keep it.’ In the end, I let him
carry it to the house,” said St. Pierre. “The bag saved my life.”
    Queen Bee will be on display at several upcoming boat
shows on the Eastern Seaboard. Visit www.Regulator for a complete schedule.

                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   45
South Carolina

               SWORDFISH SUCCESS
               L A DY A N G L E R H O O K S U P O N F I R S T T R I P TO
               C H A R L E S TO N B U M P

               BY JEFF DENNIS

               n a classis tale of everything going perfectly, a lady       swordfish that weighed nearly 150-pounds, which is large
               angler looking for her first ever swordfish was able to        by recreational angler standards.
               complete the feat on her very first try. Heather Leman           The week before her Aug. 31 fishing trip, Leman fished with
               of Charleston dared to take her 23-foot boat, Miss Be-       a guide in Rhode Island while targeting yellowfin tuna. “The
           havior, nearly 100 miles offshore for an overnight trip to the   tuna bite was good, but a funny thing happened when I told
           Charleston Bump, an offshore formation known for hold-           the guide that I wanted to pursue a swordfish back home,” said
           ing good numbers of swordfish. With an inexperienced and          Leman. “He divulged a wealth of swordfishing knowledge that
           seasick crew, Leman managed to hook up with and play a           struck me as a lot more simple than I thought it could be.”

   Leman took that knowledge and applied it.
   “Running far offshore for an overnight trip, I watched
the weather forecast like a hawk, and the Labor Day week-
end trip had to be moved up to Friday due to oceanic
conditions,” said Leman. This decision kept an experi-
enced angler from accompanying two novice anglers and
Leman to the fishing grounds. “Leaving that afternoon, we
reached the Gulf Stream by nightfall, and a flat calm set in
over the ocean.”
   Amazingly, the ocean offered long-range visibility that
night, being lit up by a large blue moon.
   With her two crewmen looking green from their voyage,
Leman elected to fish only two lines for swordfish. After
only 45 minutes, she got the strike of a lifetime on a bait set
400 feet down, since swordfish like to lurk in deep waters.
   “I use a circle hook baited with squid, and the rest of my
terminal tackle consists of and 8-foot leader of 150-pound
mono, a 20-ounce weight attached by rubberband that is
designed to release during any fight, and I employ a blink-
                                                                            It’s about time!!
ing LED light attached to my swivel above the leader.”                Any Boat. Anywhere. Anytime.
   Even though Leman is an experienced angler, this
large swordfish tested her Avet 50 reel, Chaos heavy-ac-
tion rods and all of her prowess over the duration of the
three-hour battle. “The fish nearly spooled me once and
it came to the surface and jumped several times,” said
Leman. The moonlight aided my ability to see the fish
in the water, as did the blinking LED light, so I did have
some warning each time the fish surged to the surface
to jump.”
   Finally, at 2 a.m., the swordfish began to tire and Leman
used a pre-measured rope to check that the swordfish was
a legal length for harvest. Crewman Glen Collier and his
son helped Leman land the fish by using two gaffs. The big
swordfish stretched across the entire transom of Leman’s           When in Charleston consider
boat and its size rendered the fish box useless. With 500          Pierside Boatworks for your
pounds of ice on board, they used it all to cover the sword-      repowering needs.
fish, and then cranked up to head back to port before the
fish spoiled.
   Arriving at the Charleston Harbor Marina early on Sat-
urday morning, harbormaster Stan Jones helped the crew
weigh the swordfish in at 140.8 pounds. “This was my first
ever swordfish, caught during my first swordfishing trip on
my new boat, which makes this all very special,” said Le-
man. “Everything went better than I had ever planned, and
this fish fought me hard up until the very end.”

Jeff Dennis is an outdoor writer and photographer who
grew up on a creek in Charleston loving the saltwater, and        843-554-7775
he contributes regularly to All At Sea Southeast. Read his
blog at                                    1300 Pierside St., N. Charleston SC 29405

                                                                                               NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   47

               ’S SHIP STO
                                                                                    GULF COAST

                                                                                    DRIES OUT
                                               OPEN DAILY 7am - 6pm
                                                                                    AFTER ISAAC
           On the St. Lucie River                                                   STORY AND PHOTOS BY LISA OVERING
                                                (On the SW side of US1,
         N27.12.004 W080.15.515                under the Roosevelt Bridge)
        S U N S E T B AY M A R I N A A N D A N C H O R A G E . C O M / S A LT Y S

                    U.S.C.G. Approved Training & Testing
        U.S. East Coast ~ Great Lakes ~ Midwest
        Upgrades to 200-ton Masters, Able Seaman, STCW Basic Safety
         Training, Radar, ARPA, Tow & Sail Endorsement and MORE!                                                        Vessel owners across the
                                                                                                                      Southeast sought refuge in
                                                                                                                     hurricane holes during Isaac.

       TOLL FREE:   866-249-2135 ~

                                                                                                     eeks after slow-moving Hurricane Isaac re-
                                                                                                     lentlessly dumped water across the Gulf
                                                                                                     Coast, cleanup efforts continued, especially
                                                                                                     in New Orleans where many neighborhoods
             Read what you love...                                                  lost electricity for four days.
                  all the time, any time!                                              Everyone in New Orleans’ West End worked over Labor
                                                                                    Day weekend, tearing out sheetrock and removing soft
                                                                                    goods and appliances from soggy boathouses.
                                                                                       Ed Boos rode out Isaac at his boathouse onboard his 49-
                                                                                    foot Neptunus, enjoying the benefits of generator power.
                                                                                    His fishing and hunting camp in Myrtle Grove, La., was also
                                                                                    hard hit. His fishing boat was blown out of dry storage,
                                                                                    landing almost a mile away.
                                                                                       Boos, who bought his boathouse on Lake Pontchartrain in
                                                                                    2006, experiences water damage after any exceptionally hard
                                                                                    rain. He’s used to the cleanup, but Isaac was a bit worse to re-
                                                                                    cover from than anticipated. “We’ve got work to do here,” he
                                                                                    said. “The water from Isaac was higher than Gustav or Lee.”
                                                                                       Isaac crept very slowly over South Louisiana. Wind-driven
             Subscribe to                                                           water seeped through hurricane windows at Southern Yacht

              ALL AT SEA                                                            Club, causing interior damage to elevators, carpet and
                                                                                    walls, forcing a temporary closure for repairs. Club races re-
                                                                                    convened immediately following Isaac and the crane and
               U.S. Subscriber, 12 issues - $29.95                                  dry storage quickly resumed normal operation.
              Canada Subscriber, 12 issues - $39.95                                    The good news is that all the structures that were rebuilt
          Non-U.S./Canada Subscriber, 12 issues - $64.95                            after Katrina – the boathouses, the yacht club and the new
                                                                                    lighthouse – stood up to Isaac.

        USA 800-773-0105
     Caribbean 284-494-8925
   International 305-743-7711
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           A L L AT S E A ’ S S O U T H E A S T U. S . M A R I N A G U I D E

                                                                                                                                             l l i te




                                                                                                                             Lau r / W
                                                                               gth um

                                                                                                                     ply l
                                                                                                                Sup ctrica



                                                                            Dra ximu







                                                                                           f Sl



                                                                                                                 El e







            Jersey City     NJ Liberty Landing               201-985-8000   15’ 200’ 520                      30/100 Amp                           16

                                                                                  200’                       30/50/100 Amp
            St. Michaels    MD St. Michaels Marina           800-678-8980   10’        50+                                                         16     FREE
                                                                                   +                          Single Phase

            Washington      NC McCotters Marina              877-272-6632   6’    65’ 180                     30/50 Amp                            16     FREE

            Havelock        NC Matthews Point Marina         252-444-1805 5.5’ 50’       110                  30/50 Amp                            16     FREE

            Morehead                                                        8’- 200’
                            NC Morehead City Yacht Basin 252-726-6862                88                      30/50/100 Amp                         16     FREE
            City                                                            10’ +

                                                                                                              480v & 208v,
            Charleston      SC Charleston City Marina        843-723-5098   25 300’ 415                                                            16     FREE
                                                                                                                3 phase

                                                                                                              30 50 & 100
            Isle of Hope    GA Isle of Hope Marina           912-354-8187   16’ 200’ 100                                                           16     FREE
                                                                                                              Single Phase

            Amelia Island   FL   Amelia Island Yacht Basin   904-277-4615   6’ 100’ 135                       50 & 30 amp                         72/16

            North Palm
                            FL   Old Port Cove Marina        561-626-1760   15’ 200’ 202                     30/50/100 Amp                         16/8

            North Palm           New Port Cove
                            FL                               561-844-2504   5’    80’    43                  30/50/100 Amp                         16/8
            Beach                Marine Center

            North Palm
                            FL   North Palm Beach Marina     561-626-4919   10’ 150’ 107                     30/50/100 Amp                        16/68

                                 Boca Raton Resort
            Boca Raton      FL                               561-447-3474   8’ 170’ 32                         200 Amp                             16
                                 & Marina

            Fort                                                                  un-                     30/50/100 Single
                            FL   Bahia Mar Yachting Center   800-755-9558   14’       250                                                          16
            Lauderdale                                                            lim                      & Three Phase

            Fort                                                                                          30/50/100 Single
                            FL   Pier Sixty-Six Marina       954-728-3578   17’ 290’ 127                                                           16
            Lauderdale                                                                                     & Three Phase

            Fort                 Hilton Ft. Lauderdale                            un-                     30/50/100 Single
                            FL                               954-728-3578   17’          33                                                        16
            Lauderdale           Marina                                           lim                      & Three Phase

                                 Hyatt Regencey
            Sarasota        FL                               941-953-1234    6’   38’    32                   30/50 Amp                            16
                                 Sarasota Marina

                                 South Seas Island
            Captiva         FL                               239-472-7628   10’ 120’                         30/50/100 Amp                         16
                                 Resort and Marina

                                 El Conquistador
            Fajardo         PR                               787-863-1000   12’ 70’      35                    30/50/100                           16
                                 Resort & Marina

            Canyon Lake     TX Canyon Lake Marina            830-935-4333         85’ 449                                                          16

            Canyon Lake     TX Cranes Mill Marina            830-899-7718         45’ 250                                                          16

            Austin          TX Hurst Harbor                  512-266-1800         100’                                                             16



A L L AT S E A ’ S S O U T H E A S T U. S . B O AT YA R D S G U I D E

                                                                                                                                                               l i ty
                                                                                                                                                            i ty







                                                              gth m
                                                              ugh m

                                                                        am m

                                                                                   Dra m

                                                                                                                                           site p

                                                           Len ximu
                                                           Dra ximu

                                                                      Be ximu

                                                                                Air ximu





                                                                                                                                           nt S
                                                                                                                                           c tri






                                                                                                                                      El e

                                                                                                                                      El e


                                                                                  no                                         60 ton
Jersey City     NJ Liberty Landing          201-985-8000   9’   75’   19’                      50 Amp        24x7
                                                                                limit                                       travelift

Wanchese        NC Blackwell’s Boatyard     252-473-1803   6’   70’   20’                    30/50 Amp        M-F           70 tons
                                                                                                             7-12 S

                     McCotter’s Marina                                            no                         8-5:30
Washington      NC                          252-975-2174   6’   60’   14’                    30/50 Amp                      15 tons
                     & Boatyard                                                 limit                          x7

                                                                                  no                        8-5 M-F/ 35 ton
Oriental        NC Deaton Yacht Service     252-249-1180   5’   50’   18’                    30/50 Amp
                                                                                limit                        8-12 S travelift

Minnesott            Wayfarers Cove                                               no
                NC                          252-249-0200   6’   50’ 18.5’                    30/50 Amp      8-4 M-F         60 tons
Beach                Marina & Boatyard                                          limit

                                                                                  no                         8-4:30
Charleston      SC Pierside Boatworks       843-554-7775   15’ 60’    22’                    30/50 Amp                      70 tons
                                                                                limit                         M-F

                                                                                  no                         8-4:30          30 ton
Brunswick       GA Two-Way Boat Yard        912-265-6944   7’         16.5’                    30 Amp
                                                                                limit                         M-F           travelift

                     Amelia Island                                                no                          8-6
Amelia Island   FL                          904-277-4615   11’ 100’ 19’                      30/50 Amp                      36 tons
                     Yacht Basin                                                limit                         x7

                                                                                  no                         7-3:30
Stuart          FL   Apex Marine            772-692-7577   8’   65’   19’                    30/50 Amp                      65 tons
                                                                                limit                         M-F

Fort                                                                              no                          7-4
                FL   Apex Marine            954-759-7212   9’   90’   22’                   30/50/100 Amp                   92 tons
Lauderdale                                                                      limit                         M-F

                     Sailor’s Wharf Yacht                                         no         250 50 Amp/     7:30-5          85 ton
St. Petersburg FL                           727-823-1155   10’ 85’    20’
                     and Boat Yard                                              limit          30 Amp         M-F           travelift

                     South Texas                                                  no                                        37.5 ton
Kemah           TX                          281-334-7245   7’          16                      30 Amp         M-F
                     Yacht Services                                             limit                                       travelift
                                                                                                             8-12 S


                                                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET     51
Coastal Real Estate Guide

                SOUTHEAST U.S.                                                                                   Virginia
                WAT E R F R O N T P R O P E R T Y
                                                                                                                 Carolina   5


                                                                   Mississippi   Alabama         Georgia
                          Texas                                                                              3
                                                       Louisiana                 1


                                                                      Gulf                                              2
                                                      To display your Real Estate in All At Sea contact

            1                                                                    2

                                                                                 Palm Beach, FL. Completely refurbished Maurice Fa-
           Mobile, AL. Historic former Volanta Hotel. Com-                       tio Tudor-style house, one of the few built in Palm Beach.
           pletely updated. This is truly a one-of-a-kind historic               One-hundred fifty feet of Intracoastal views highlight this
           home overlooking Mobile Bay on a 60-foot bluff. It was                large 1.25 acre property, which includes a 30,000 square
           built in 1890 and has gone through a number of reincar-               foot vacant lot; perfect for pool house or tennis court.
           nations. Incredible landscaping, especially designed to               Seven large bedrooms are encompassed in the 12,000
           attract hummingbirds and hummingbirds it has. The in-                 square foot main residence. Large kitchen and exquisite
           side has soaring ceilings and beautiful hardwood floors.               family room provide comfortable family living. Large living
           There is a 300-foot pier with an upstairs air conditioned             room and outdoor porches on the water provide an ex-
           dock house. Master bedrooms upstairs and downstairs.                  tremely elegant setting for more formal gatherings. Ask-
           Eligible for the National Historic Register as well as                ing $24.95M. Call to discuss this unique opportunity.
           Fairhope Historic Register. $1,295,000.                               JOHN PICKETT, Realtor-Associate
           PAM STEIN, Roberts Brothers                                           Barrett Welles Property Group
           251-401-3155 |                           Cell: 561-301-5266 |

                                                                           Coastal Real Estate Guide

3                                                             Waterfront Real Estate
                                                                 FOR SALE

Amelia Island, FL. Oceanfront dream home boasts
a large kitchen, new granite countertops and wood floors.
Large living spaces are perfect for entertaining or fam-
ily retreats. Four large bedrooms, each with a fabulous
ocean view and dedicated bathroom. Relax in the heated
ocean-side pool or walk to the sandy beaches using the                                         Located adjacent to and
dune walkover. Features three central heating/cooling                                          directly behind STYC, this
systems, hurricane shutters, brick paver driveway, two hot                                     end of "Port Lane" gated
water systems, central vacuum, updated metal roof and         compound boasts two family residences, each 3bdrm/2bath
more. Live here or invest as a vacation rental with $80K in   as well as a small boatyard on .810 acres. Income producer.
annual revenue potential. $1,799,000.
                                                                         Offered by owner/builder: $1.2M
ROGER MARTIN, ERA Fernandina Beach Realty                                         No brokers please.
                                                                     Email for appt.
Mobile (904) 206-0444 | Toll-free (800) 741-4011                                                      S T .   T H O M A S ,        U S V I


Kiawah Island, SC. This spectacular 6,000 square
foot-home is an architectural dream. An open floor plan
with exposed wood beams, vaulted ceilings, beautiful
hardwood floors, and walls of windows create a warm
atmosphere. In every room, oversized windows highlight
the majestic oak trees and marsh waters surrounding the
home. The vanishing edge outdoor Jacuzzi and pool pro-
duce waterfalls from the home’s rear exterior. An outdoor
living space, tiers of porches, and deepwater dock, all
overlooking Kiawah’s stunning tidal marshes and creek,
reinforce this beautiful home and its surroundings exist
together to create a unique lifestyle. Kiawah Island Club
Membership available. $5,000,000.
Kiawah Island Real Estate
Toll Free: 800-277-7008 |

                                                                                                NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   53
Coastal Real Estate Guide

            5                                                                         6

           New Bern, NC. This property is all about the wide ex-
           panse and panoramic views of the Neuse River and its first
           row seats for sailing regattas. Architecturally designed,
           this 3 bedroom, 3 bath home takes advantage of water                      Virginia Beach, VA. Fabulous north-end Sand-
           views from every room offering access to the expansive                    bridge oceanfront home built in 2005 with 7 Large bed-
           deck from each room. The finished room over the garage                     rooms and 5.5 baths. Features high ceilings, open floor
           offers another bedroom or activity room. High above                       plan and Trex Decking for low maintenance. Bright and
           the Neuse, no flood insurance needed. Fully bullheaded                     sunny colors throughout. Large living room with vaulted
           beachfront and small white sandy beach. This is a beauti-                 ceilings and windows galore to enjoy the breathtaking
           fully landscaped property with awesome views! $625,000.                   views. Kitchen with granite countertops and upscale ap-
           DONNA WOODRUFF, GRI, Broker                                               pliances. Nice wide lot for amazing beach views. Great
           Coldwell Banker Willis-Smith                                              investment property! $1,675,000.
           Cell: 252-259-3009 | Office: 252-638-3500                                  TRISH PUCHKO, Sandbridge Realty
                                           Cell: 757-675-9984 | Toll Free: 800-933-4800 x121

                                                              Brokerage/Classified Order Form

        BROKERAGE CATEGORIES:                                                      We accept payment by cash, check or:
                 C                        Dinghy                   Powerboat       Account #:________________________________________________________
                 S                        Boat Sharing             Boat Wanted     Exp: _______ / ________    Security Code (back of card): _______________
        CLASSIFIED CATEGORIES:                                                     Name on Card: ____________________________________________________
                   Boat Gear/Parts            Business Opportunity
                                              B                                    Phone: ___________________________________________________________
                   Dock Space
                   D                          Employment Opportunity
                                                                                   Billing Address: ____________________________________________________
                   Personal                   Real Estate
                                              R                    Services
                                                                                   City: ______________________________ State: _______ Zip: ____________
                                                                                   Email Address: ____________________________________________________
        Ad Copy: ______________________________________________________________
        ________________________________________________________________________    1-40 words: $35 per issue OR 40-80 words: $70 per issue
        ________________________________________________________________________             Photos are the SIZZLE THAT SELLS
        ________________________________________________________________________                   Add a picture for only $15 more per issue!
        ________________________________________________________________________   (All high resolution images must be emailed to
        ________________________________________________________________________    DEADLINE IS THE 1ST OF THE MONTH PRIOR
                                                                                                Payment must be received before placement

            Complete this form and mail to: ALL AT SEA, 382 NE 191st Street #32381, Miami, Florida 33179-3899
                                             OR Fax this form to: (815) 377-3831


                                                                                       — FOR SALE —
                                                                              25’ Albin Diesel Cruiser

                                                                             60HP Yanmar, 8/10gal/hr @8kts,
                                                                             25 gal fuel. Galley w/ stainless sink.
                                                                                    5’10” headroom, stove,
                                                                             17 gal H2O. 8’ self draining cockpit,
                                                                                   swimladder, portapotti.
                                                                              Draft 2’4”, Beam 8’6”, trailerable.
       Oriental, N.C., Boat Slip:                                                        $15,500
                                                                             CONTACT BILL AT 252-331-1559
                                                                             OR WILLIAMRWELTON@GMAIL.COM
       A Short Stroll from Everything – Just $46,900
       FOR SALE: Slip E-8 in Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor is
       now available. This slip accommodates boats up to 40+ LOA
       and 13' maximum beam with an access channel dredged to 7 ft.            SELL YOUR
       and zero height restrictions. (Deeded measurement 18.37’ x 49.87’
       fixed wood pier on pilings.)
                                                                              BOAT HERE!
       Slip is part of Whittaker Creek Yacht Owners Association.                  starting at just
       Full amenities include water, electric and wifi, a swimming pool,             $50/month
       clubhouse, showers, laundry and easy access to boat services.
       Live aboards allowed for slip owners. Ideal place to keep your boat         advertising
       or a great source of rental income.
       E-MAIL: or CALL: 281.627.6818

        DEATON YACHT SALES                                                                     SELL YOUR BOAT
                                                                                                Take Your Pick!
                       We’re #1 in Oriental!
                                                                                                          FOR SALE: 43’ 1973 SEAWARD
                        1201 Neuse Dr., Oriental, NC 28571                                                MONK TRAWLER. Twin caterpillars,
                                                                                                          excellent condition, genset, 3 cabin
                                                                                                          layout, galley up, flybridge. V-berth,
                                                                                                          side berth, enclosed head. GPS, VHF,
               Complete Brokerage Service for Sail and Power Yachts                                       DF, FF. Fully equipped. Great Value.
                                                                                                          $135,000. Contacat us for more info!
                Broker/Salesperson Wanted                                                         1    TEXT ONLY
                                                                                                       (Up to 40 Words)

         Ross Yacht Sales is looking for brokers; experienced or will train.
         Positions open to work in our Dunedin, FL headquarters or work
         out of your house. Ross Yacht Sales has brokers from Naples, FL                                 FOR SALE:
         to Gulfport, MS. Be part of a dynamic company celebrating its 50
                                                                                                      43’ 1973 Seaward
         year anniversary. Look over our website at
                                                                                                        Monk Trawler
         Interested parties e-mail Rick Grajirena at

                                                                                                                                      2      1/16th
                                                                                                                                             PHOTO AD
                                                                                                        Twin Caterpillars,
                                                                                                       Excellent Condition
       Employment Opportunity                                   Sailboats                                   $135,000
     WANTED: Ross Yacht Sales is look-
                                                   tained and kept year-round in Tortola,
                                                   BVI. Information at www.BviKetch.
                                                                                                $50 us for more info!
     ing for brokers; experienced or will train.
     Positions open to work in our Dunedin,
     FL headquarters or work out of your           2010 42 FOOT CARRIACOU
     house. Ross Yacht Sales has brokers           SLOOP ZEMI FOR SALE This tra-
     from Naples, FL to Gulfport, MS. Be part      ditionally built Caribbean wooden sloop         FOR SALE: 43’ 1973 Seaward Monk Trawler
     of a dynamic company celebrating its 50       has bronze fastenings, 8K of lead, a
     year anniversary. Look over our website       2011 yanmar 50 hp with about 40 hours.
     at Interested         The boat has won Antigua Classic Yacht                                                  Twin Caterpillars
     parties e-mail Rick Grajirena at rick@        Regatta in the Traditional Class in ‘11 &
                                                                                                                                           Excellent Condition                           ‘12. New hardly used North Sails. Boat
                                                   has done about 500 miles of sailing in                                                  Genset
                                                   total and will make a great day charter                                                 3 Cabin Layout
                                                   or cruising vessel. Asking US $155,000                                                  Galley up
     FOR SALE 1988 GRADY WHITE                     Call +1 268 725 7263 or email elianti-
                                          for more info or photos.                                                  Flybridge
     Twin 150 hp Evinrudes from 2000. V-berth,                                                                                             Great Value
     side berth, enclosed head. GPS, VHF, DF,                    Services                                                                  $135,000
     FF. Fully equipped. 2007 aluminum trailer.
     $19,500. Oriental, NC. 252.249-0983.          NORTH CAROLINA CHARTERS                       Contact us for more info!
                                                   - sail the Inner and Outer Banks
     BELTRAM 46.6 (2)DD 8V92 Onan
     12K generator year:1984 Galley Down.
                                                   from Historic Washington, NC. 36-42
                                                   feet including flagship Saga 409.
     Professional maintenance, excellent
     cosmetic and mechanical condition.
     Boat is in P.R For additional inf.please
                                                   Contact Carolina Wind Yachting
                                                   Center, 252.946.4653, www.caro-
                                                                                                     3     BUSINESS
                                                                                                           CARD AD

                                                   WANTED 42 TO 45 CATAMARAN                   Contact us!
     ERSON KETCH IN THE BVI. Two                   115,000 the remaining balance we
     ownership interests are available in this     pay, house in island of vieques Puerto
     long established boat partenership at         rico beautiful views minutes away to
     $10,000 for 4 weeks usage a year. On          prestine beaches for info email amapo-
     Eagles’ Wings is professionally main-


"My Cabin Smells Great!"
“I have a 43 footer with an odor that no amount of cleaning would eliminate.
We placed Tea Tree Power Gel in the cabin and now the whole boat has a fresh
scent. I’m a believer.” - Greg C. South Wharf Yacht Yard

After only three days, my locker smells fresh and the mold that was
present wipes clean very easily. Good stuff.” - Rob M. Basin Marine                   4oz Gel
                                                                                                          8oz Spray

Marine Grade Odor Control
All Natural Made With 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil
Degrades & Attacks Mold, Mildew, And Bacteria
Neutralizes & Eliminates Odors Safely & Naturally
Long Lasting-Protection Maintains Healthy Cabin Air


                                                                                                NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET   59

                                                                                             Fish On Charters
                                                                                             Full and Half-Day Trolling
                                                                                                               W        ^
                                                                                             “Lisa Ann”
                     Major Channel Dredging Completed                                        Captain Bill Hamner
              Painting, Gelcoat, Rigging, Carpentry, Mechanical & Electrical                 910-320-3044
                                                                                                       &                           E
                                                                                             ^             &         E            

                                 your source for                                            NATIONAL
                           marine supplies                                 at low prices
                                                                                            SAIL SU PPLY
                                                                                             Best sails for the money
                          Marine Safety Equipment                                                You’ll see the quality.
                       Yacht Chandlery and Supplies                                           You’ll feel the performance.
            Saltwater Fishing Tackle | Life Raft Sales and Service                                But most of all,
                                                                                           you’ll appreciate the price!
             Inflatable Boat Sales and Service | Marine Paints
                         Fire and Safety Equipment                                              Phone: 1-800-611-3823
                   2827 River Drive, Thunderbolt, GA 31404                                        Fax 813-200-1385
        912-354-7777 | toll free: 800-673-9391 |                     
                                                                                           ORDER ON THE INTERNET | NEW & USED IN STOCK
                                                              Sailing doesn’t have to be expensive

                                                                                                                   B O AT S H O W S F O R A L L TA S T E S   BLESSING THE FLEET   RYBOVICH RENDEZVOUS

              Subscribe to
        R E A D W H AT Y O U L O V E . . . A L L T H E T I M E , A N Y T I M E !                                  ALL AT SEA
        Send a subscription to: (please print)                                                                    SOU T HEAST
        Street Address: ___________________________________________________________________
        City: _________________________________________ State: __________ Zip: ______________
                                                                                                                     Fishing For
        Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________                         Miracles
        Would you also like us to send a gift card? From: ______________________________________

        We accept payment by cash, check or:
        Account #:________________________________________________________________________                                                                               Fun Filled FALL FESTIVALS
                                                                                                                                                                                   CRUISING Stations
        Exp: ___________ / ____________         Security Code (back of card): ______________________                                                                    Gulf Coast’s LARGEST YARD
                                                                                                                                                                EVERGLADES’ First Tournament Model
        Name on Card: ___________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                       OCTOBER 2012   FREE

        Phone: __________________________________________________________________________
        Billing Address: ___________________________________________________________________                          U.S. Subscriber: 12 issues - $29.95
                                                                                                                     Canada Subscriber: 12 issues - $39.95
        City: _________________________________________ State: __________ Zip: ______________                    Non-U.S./Canada Subscriber: 12 issues - $64.95

           Complete this form and mail to: ALL AT SEA, 382 NE 191st Street #32381, Miami, Florida 33179-3899
                                            OR Fax this form to: (815) 377-3831

                                           Apex Marine
                                    “The Luxury Yacht Boatyard”

                                   FORT LAUDERDALE                                                          STUART

                                   954-759-7212   “HABLAMOS ESPANOL”                       772-692-7577

                                   FULL SERVICE AND REPAIR YACHT FACILITY
                                   FORT LAUDERDALE:


                                   EXPERIENCED, CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY STAFF


                                             Call fo a free quote. We will NOT be undersold!


                                                                          Let Hydrovane
                           SUPER                                       sail you home safely
                            DECK                                        WHAT IF...
                                                                             Autopilot fails

                                                                             Batteries are dead
                                                                             Engine won’t start
                                                                             Steering broken
                                                                             Rudder damaged
                                                                             Crew incapacitated


    DIRECTORY                                                                     Wauquiez PS 43 with
                                                                                  off-center installation

                                                                        NO WORRIES
                                                                            WITH HYDROVANE
              Search by:                                                Totally independent
                                                                        self-steering system and
         Location                                                       emergency rudder....
                                                                        in place and ready to go.

         Company                                                           We can fit any transom!


                                                                        NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET                                       61
      Adventure High School                                                                                                        TURBOCHARGERS!!                                                 TANK TENDER
              Adventure High School                                        SU BS CRIBE TO                                          and Water Cooled Elbos                                        THE ORIGINAL PRECISION
               Scholarship Program                                                                                                                                                              TANK MEASURING SYSTEM!
        Adventure High School delivers high
      quality education to students from across
                                                                        ALL AT SEA                                                  Cat, Cummins, Yanmar,
                                                                                                                                   Perkins, Det. Diesel, Volvo,                                                         Accurate tank
       the world. Our programs are delivered
       at sea and ashore. Some of our students
                                                                        SOUTHEAST                                                   MTU, ABB, MAN, EMD,                                                                 soundings have
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        never been easier
         study on full or partial scholarships.                                                                                      IHI, KKK, MAN, Holset,                                                             when one TANK
           YOU CAN HELP: Donate your
      boat or boating gear to the Adventure
                                                                              for as little as                                        Rajay, Toyota, Garrett,                                                           TENDER monitors
                                                                                                                                      Mitsubishi, Schwitzer                                                             up to ten fuel and
        High School Scholarship Program.                                       $29.95/year                                             Worldwide Service & Exchange                                                     water tanks. Reli-
        WHAT IS NEEDED? Sailing boats of all
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        able non-electric
      and over and multihulls for our Caribbean
                                                                             subscribe                                                 Ram Turbos Inc.                                                                  and easy to install.
                                                                                                                                                                         HART SYSTEMS, INC.
        Within the USA (800) 927-9503
                                                                                                             office: 305-743-2920                                       PH 253-858-8481 FAX 253-858-8486
      From the Caribbean (727) 798-1099                                                                                              cell: 321-536-9154                                         

      MYSTIC                                                                                                                       Kolisch Marine                                                  J OIN THE
      KNOT                                                                                                                           Insurance                                                 M A R K E TPLACE!
      WORK                                                                                                                           Over 30 Years Experience                                            Display your
                                                                                                                                        in South Florida
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Business Here
      Nautical Gifts                                                                                                                  We can provide superior
      Connect                                                                                                                          coverage at lower cost.                                   Rates starting at just
      Generations:                                                                                                                    Call Joe for a fast quote!                                     $45/month
                                                                                                                                           305-992-3482                                                 443-321-3797

       SPONSOR DIRECTORY:                       ALL AT SEA would like to thank its sponsors for their patronage and support. We
       encourage our readers to help keep us a community-focused, free publication by supporting our sponsors. Tell them you saw
       their company information or product in ALL AT SEA.

       Adventure High School.................................. 62                     Fish On Charters ............................................... 60           River Supply ....................................................... 60
       AERÉ Docking Solutions ................................ 29                     Forespar ............................................................... 59   Rolex Regatta ..................................................... 13
       APEX Marine Repair ......................................... 61                Fort Yachtie-Da International                                                 Ross Yacht Sales ................................................ 58
       Atlantic Sail Traders ......................................... 62               Film Festival ....................................................C3        Salty’s Ship Store .............................................. 48
       ATN Inc. ................................................................ 43   Fortress Marine Anchors................................ 11                    Scandia Marine.................................................. 63
       Beneteau ............................................................. 27      Hydrovane........................................................... 61       Seahawk Paints ................................................. 29
       Beta Marine ........................................................ 31        Inland Waterway ............................................... 61            SeaSchool............................................................ 45
       BOW Worldwide Yacht Supply..................... 21                             Kolisch Marine Insurance .............................. 62                    Seaworthy Goods ............................................. 63
       BVI Yacht Sales ................................................... 57         KTI Systems Filter Boss ......................................2               ShadeTree Fabric Shelters ............................. 59
       Carolina Wind Yachting Center.................... 60                           Little Yacht Sales ...........................................3, 56           Smart Move Crew Accommodations ........ 63
       Catalina Yachts .....................................................3         Matthews Point Marina .................................. 15                   Suntex............................................................ 23, 25
       Chesapeake Yacht Sales ....................................3                   McCotters Marina ............................................. 61             Tank Tender ........................................................ 62
       Cooper Marine Inc. .......................................... 56               Morehead City Yacht Basin ........................... 15                      The Air Line......................................................... 41
       Coppercoat ......................................................... 49        Mystic Knotwork ............................................... 62            The Moorings ........................................................5
       Crew Unlimited ................................................. 49            National Sail Supply ........................................ 60              The Multihull Company ................................. 55
       David Weekley Homes.................................... 53                     Nature’s Head..................................................... 61         TurtlePac .............................................................. 61
       Deaton Yacht Sales .......................................... 58               Nautical Wheelers ............................................ 63             Wavecraft USA ................................................... 49
       Dunbar Sales, Inc. ................................................3           Old Port Cove Marina...................................... 17                 Wayfarers Cove Marina & Boatyard ........... 60
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       eMarine Systems .............................................. 59              Outland Hatch Covers .................................... 63                  Yacht Chandlers ........................................... C2, 1
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                                                                                                   NOVEMBER 2012 ALLATSEA.NET                  63
On the Intracoastal


                      orth of Tampa Bay lie beautiful
                      waters where spring-fed rivers
                      flow into the warm Gulf of Mexico.
                      This is a paradise where manatees
           gather, scallops abound, redfish prowl the
           oyster beds, and ospreys soar overhead.
           Homosassa is a magnet for boaters, but be-
           neath the water surface lurks another attrac-
           tion: Million Dollar Rock.
              So dubbed by locals, Million Dollar Rock
           sits just outside of marker 47 on the Homo-
           sassa River and is famous for its uncanny
           siren-like knack of attracting vessels. They
           strike it and either run hard aground, dam-
           age their props and drives or punch through
           their hulls, causing cracks and holes that can
           sink even the most seaworthy vessel.
              The million-dollar moniker derives from
           the cost of repairs over the years that the
           rock has inflicted on hapless boaters de-
           spite the channel being clearly marked.
           Homage has been paid to its destructive
           abilities in the form of a unique work of art.
           Palm trees sculpted from damaged props
           have been erected at Riverhaven Marina
           (one of the repair facilities nearby that can
           haul a sinking vessel once it’s towed from
           the rock). The trees remind all boaters run-
           ning the river to watch for not only this fa-
           mous rock but others too.
              Homosassa is known for its rocky bottom
           and hazardous shallow waters. Capt. Ernie
           Croft of Sea Tow, who has plied these wa-
           ters since the 50s and towed boats off the                                                         The propellers of many of the
                                                                                                               hapless victims of the Million
           rocks since ’95, calls this area “moving rock                                                         Dollar Rock form an artistic
           country.” He says that you could be travel-                                                         sculpture at a nearby marina.
           ing over the same waters for decades and
           never strike a rock, but if you catch the tide
           at just the wrong moment you can hit a rock that you never         er parts of the river he considers more treacherous, such as
           knew was there. He says this in not necessarily the case with      Hell’s Gate, due to their being very narrow with vessels travel-
           Million Dollar Rock.                                               ing at speed. Boaters can be forced up on the rocks to avoid
              Despite clear markers on either side of the channel, boaters    other boaters who are not paying attention, and the danger is
           continuously wander off course and meet the local hazard.          compounded by anchored buoys that drift out of place with
              All the waters in the area are shallow and Capt. Mike Dunn of   heavy traffic (at print time one buoy broke from its anchor and
           Towboat US says that the depth at the center of the channel can    was washed upriver).
           be as thin as 3 feet at low tide. Some may think there is enough      So if you’re up on the West Coast of Florida and want to visit
           room to pass on the wrong side of the marker, but it’s a gamble.   a beautiful river with much to offer, make sure you don’t con-
              Dunn says most boats run aground on Million Dollar Rock         tribute to another bronze palm tree. If you don’t pay attention
           because the captains are not paying attention or are just not      and stay in the channel you may help inflate Million Dollar Rock
           sure what side of the marker they should be on. There are oth-     into a multimillion-dollar attraction.


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