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									                                                         Are You the Victim of a Slip and Fall
                                                         Accident in the Los Angeles Area?

                                                     It’s true that anyone can sometimes trip
                                                     over their feet and fall down. In fact, it
                                                     happens routinely through the world
                                                     every day. The difference in needing a
                                                     lawyer and not needing a lawyer is when
                                                     that fall is caused by the negligence of a
                                                     property owner. Cases where a lawyer
                                                     for slip and fall in Los Angeles is
needed include when a landlord or property owner has failed to adequately maintain both in and
out door property so that people can come and go without the worry of injury. Slip and falls
usually take place on a slippery surface. To know more about lawyer for slip and fall in Los
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Places where injury may occur include at the supermarket, when spills have not been properly
dried, an item is dripping unnoticed across the floor, a drink is spilled, fruit, like bananas, have
been dropped and tread on, creating a mushy, slick, mess, or refrigeration equipment has failed,
resulting in a hazard. Whether you are injured as an employee or a shopper, the property owner
is responsible for keeping the premises free of any hazards and properly identifying a potentially
hazardous spot. Other places someone may trip and fall include fast food restaurants, bank and
hotel lobbies with slick floors, department stores, and more.

Aside from needing an attorney for slip and fall in Los Angeles, another type of case is the trip
and fall. As opposed to a slip where the victim falls backward after sliding on a slick surface, in a
trip and fall the victim falls forward after tumbling against something like a non-level sidewalk
or other hazard. In cases like these, the claim is most often filed against the city or county since
they are responsible for keeping sidewalks and roads in good condition, free of injury potential.
It’s paramount that in a case against the city or county, or any government body, you have an
experienced attorney to help you.

When a slip and fall, or even a trip and fall, accident occurs, it’s imperative, despite the calamity
of the situation, that someone with you immediately begin to note the scene. Record everything
that lead up to the event, including temperature, weather, and crowd size, as well as anything that
was noted to be on the floor or lack of notification in a wet or slick area. It’s also a very good
idea to have anyone with you or who witnessed the accident take pictures of the area. Having
clear, brightly lit pictures will go a long way in proving your case.

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