Tube Sites – an unlikely ticket to fame

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					Tube Sites – an unlikely ticket to fame

Tube sites are video sharing websites which hold tones of collection of videos with varying
subjects for free viewing or even downloading/uploading.

One of the most successful tube sites is the youtube, a video-sharing website, created by three
former PayPal employees in February 2005. Youtube made a mark in world of online
entertainment as common people shared their own videos in a creative, captivating, funny or
even absurd ways. Because of this site, some made it to their 15-minute fame, some even made
it to stardom. Haven’t you heard of the homeless beggar with a golden voice who became a
youtube sensation then became a famous DJ? Or Maria Aragon, a Fil-Canadian youtube child
sensation, who performed with Lady Gaga’s concerts?

Hence, it is no joke after all. Yes, it is entertainment, but it changes lives.

Care to upload yours? - Laugh like a seven year-old

I am an avid follower of funny videos for quite some time now. It has been my practice to view
funny video sites every time I want time to treat myself with a good laugh or to brush off those
negative moods.

I stumbled upon this site, a Pinoy-made video site which features practical jokes and humorous
situations captured in home-made videos mostly captured in the Philippines. I was captivated in
this site the first time I visited it because of its rawness. Its videos are straight forward funny
because funny moments just come in unexpectedly. Common people just doing their stuff then
something just come in unexpectedly then you can’t help yourself from laughing. For me, that’s
a real treat of laughter – no sign of scripts or pretensions.

Lately, I made a successful contact with its author and he shared me a secret. It was his seven-
year old son who chooses the videos to upload.

So if you want to treat yourself with a good laugh, check out and let us all be
seven-year old again.

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