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									Batanes… pure and timeless…

Batanes lies at the tip of the Philippines, where Pacific Ocean meets the South China Sea. It is 270 km
north of Aparri, Cagayan, the nearest point to Luzon, about 800 km from Manila and 224 km from
southern tip of Taiwan.

Batanes is a haven of lush green, clear and clean blue waters and verdant rolling hills. It is a place where
nature shows its magnificence. It has been tagged with varied names by people who had visited the
place. Among them are “Paradise of the North”, “Citadel of Nature and Culture”, “Playground of the
Winds”, “Wavelapped Islands where nature’s mystic and power reign supreme, experienced only by
those destined, and, lately, Batanes is simply known as the “nature’s love nest…pure and timeless”.

In this province live beautiful people called Ivatans. They boast of their unique culture and historical
heritage evident in their creations, whether natural, processed or simply in their tourism offerings.
Ivatans were famous for light houses and stone houses made of ten-inch thick limestone walls and
cogon roofs designed to protect them from hostile climate. These are the living symbol of Ivatan’s
resiliency, thus, they were known as the history’s “true insulares”.

Batanes is an ideal tourist destination for those who seek peace, fresh air and oneness with nature. It
offers both natural and cultural sites that are invigorating and soothing to the mind, body and soul. No
wonder, it is the favorite subject of many artist in their quest to capture the true beauty of nature in its
great splendor, so pure and timeless…

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