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case study ihdp International Home Deco Park


                  TABLE OF CONTENTS –
                1.1)- INTRODUCTION AND
                     IDENTIFICATION OF PROJECT
                1.2)- NEED OF HOME FASHION
                     ESTATES IN INDIA
                1.3)- CONCEPT OF THE PROJECT
                      FASHION ESTATES

                 CULTURAL CONTEXT
NOIDA, a acronym for the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority is
located in the left bank of the river and is equidistant from Ghaziabad and
Delhi. It is developed near Delhi, across river Yamuna in 1960’s as modern
Industrial city. There has been extensive growth of population in NOIDA
during the last to decades and the population is estimated to be about half

                                                                              Site analysis
a million. There is a new Greater NOIDA township being developed on the
outskirts of NOIDA, to cater to the phenomenal influx of population into
this region.
Over the past 25 years, NOIDA has emerged as a planned, integrated
modern Industrail city that is well connected to Delhi through a network of
roads, national highways and the ultra modern DND flyover, offering inter-
road linkages to different parts of North India .
NOIDA is one of the largest planned industrial township of Asia, and it
symbolizes harmony between human habitat and Industrial Enterprise in
NOIDA is an important part of the Industrial landscape of the nation. It is
part of the National Capital Region (NCR) and is spread over 20,316
hectares, with most sectors fully developed .
NOIDA offers a pollution free high standard of living and a highly
supportive industrial environment with it’s unique infrastructure providing
matchless facilities. Today, it stands as an enviable monument of the
concept of integrated industrial township, with it’s smooth and wide roads,
well developed land, uninterrupted power supply, clean and safe drinking
                 HOME FASHION residential complexes in peaceful
water, unfailing telephony and splendidESTATES
 located   at the door step of Delhi, NOIDA is only 14 Kms. away from Cannaught
  Place and New Delhi Railway Station , both of which are in the heart of New Delhi.
  The 5.5 km. long Eight lane NOIDA Toll Bridge across Yamuna connecting Maharani
  Bagh in Delhi to NOIDA has further reduced the distance, time and cost of commuting
  Maharani Bagh in Delhi to NOIDA has further reduced the distance, time and cost of
  commuting between Delhi and NOIDA .NOIDA has all the key advantages of Delhi
  without having its disadvantages.NOIDA is bounded by NH-24 By-Pass in the North
  beyond Which the Ghaziabad Development Area exists, in the East by River Hindon
  beyond which Greater Noida Industrial Development Area exists, in the West by

                                                                                        Site analysis
  River Yamuna beyond which are the states of Delhi and Haryana and in the South is
  meeting point of the rivers Yamuna and Hindon
  The township lies at an average elevation of about 200 m above mean sea
  and has a flat topography. The latitude and longitude of Noida are 28 2’
  GRID- 30’ EastCONCEPT-
  and 70 IRON respectively.The town area as per as master plan 76-77 is
  about 3,000 hectares.
  NOIDA has been planned on the grid iron concept and employs state-of-the-art
  technology in Engineering and Urban Planning. Significantly, it conceptualizes
  the need of fast-developing city of the future. The Action plan and approach
  compares well with international standards and is aimed at providing rapid
  momentum to the growth of the industrial sector both in the state of Uttar
  Pradesh and the Country.

                  HOME FASHION ESTATES
Noida Metro has now made available with 6 metro
stations At City centre, golf course, botanical
garden, sector18, Sector-15,Sector-16 At present
there is no parking facility at Golf Course and
Sector 18 Metro stations.


                                                                                                             Site analysis
                                    The Roads in NOIDA are smooth and wide for movement of Traffic.NH-
                                    2, Link Road, Kondli Road, NOIDA – Greater Noida Expressway, the
                                    NOIDA-Agra- Mathura Expressway currently under construction and
                                    the eight-lane DND Toll bridge flyover provide additional ease and
                                    comfort to road-traffic into and out of the city of NOIDA. The DND
                                    flyover with Toll Bridge and Toll Plaza is a unique project. The NOIDA
                                    Authority maintains more than 400 Kms of internal roads and 125 kms
                                    of boundary roads, which make the intra-city-road traffic comfortable.

NOIDA has uninterrupted power supply. Telephony in NOIDA is digital and
provided through optical fiber cable. It has a state-of-the-art electronic
exchange providing integration Service Digital Network (ISDN) services
facilitating high quality voice, data and image transfer; inter computer and
a variety of phone plus services. NOIDA has inter dialing facility with Delhi,
Faridabad, Ghaziabad and other adjoining towns, reducing the cost of
communication to any town, which is within 200 Kilometers.

                HOME FASHION ESTATES
NOIDA has given topmost priority to the development of Educational Institutions.
Leading such as Amity International School , Apeejay and Army Public School, D.P.S.,
Khaitan, Cambridge and Somerville provide School level education facilities to attract
children from both NOIDA and Delhi residents. The number of Higher Education,
Management, and Technical Institutions abound in NOIDA. Incidentally ,
IIM Lucknow has NOIDA as one of it’s centers of operation.

                                                                                                 Site analysis
                                    HOUSING PROJECTS -
                                     About 35% of NOIDA is being developed into residential
                                     area. 450 sq. kilometers of land has been ear marked as
                                     residential area and the rest is meant for group hosing
                                     projects. For the working class professionals, which
                                     includes Engineers and employs of different
                                     Projects have been initiated involving construction of
                                     more than 3000 residential units. Plans are also afoot to
COMMERCIAL-                          create a senior citizen’s residential complex.
Side by side with the creation of commercial
centers in each sectors and as a part of it’s
planned and synchronous development, a full
fledged commercial complex have been
developed in Sector-18. One can get everything
from an ordinary writing paper, Stationary to
fashionable garments, simple tools & tackles to
electrical and electronic goods and appliances.
This area is replete with well known

                HOME FASHION ESTATES
  The NOIDA Authority has developed a number of green belts, garden and parks to give
  further impetus to it’s pollution free environment. A modern, efficient and
  infrastructure comprising of residential facilities, commercial areas, business centers,
  office ,complexes recreational areas will compliment the continuously developing
  industrial sectors within the NOIDA limits.
  Unlike many other industrial areas, infrastructural facilities in this area have well
  development. Emphasis has been laid on developing NOIDA as a green heaven- named

                                                                                             Site analysis
    NOIDA has impeccable law and order. To make this possible, the network of Police
    Posts, Police Stations and round-the-clock Police Patrolling has been set up
    out NOIDA, similar to the network in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.
   The sewerage collection is through existing open drains. Approximately 70% of
   city is sewered.The developed sectors of the city have an extensive sewer system
   and while the city generates about 70 MLD of waste water, only about 9 MLD is
   being treated in an oxidation pond, the rest being discharged untreated to an
   agricultural canal running through the city and ultimately reaching the river
   Yamuna. Thus the pollution contribution to Yamuna from NOIDA is about 12,500

                   HOME FASHION ESTATES
 The soil of the NOIDA area are mostly light and subordinate amount of medium
texture soils .The light texture soil is represented by sandy, loamy, sand and sandy
loam; whereas medium texture soils are represented by loam silty loam. The soil is
generally suitable for irrigated moderately salt resistant crops such as wheat, barley
and mustard.


                                                                                                                 Site analysis
 This year, with a view to keep the city green and clean and hence maintain the ecological balance, a
 project to develop parks in 165 acres of land comprising of 95 acres of green belt and 150 kms of road
 side tree-plantations is being initiated. Two sewage treatment plants are also being planned. These
 plants, once operational will produce 70 mn litres of water per day, which will irrigate the green belt areas
 and parks. Underground water supply facilities are being created to provide for water at cheaper rates for
 irrigation purposes. To maintain ecological balance, the Authority aims to involve NGOs and government
 organisations in the development and maintenance of green belts and parks. Besides raising public
 awareness towards environmental issues, this approach will give a new dimension and direction to the
 NOIDA plans attention towards planting traditional trees, which include about 65,000 Neem, Jamun,
 Tamarind, Gullar, Shesham , Arjun.

                HOME FASHION ESTATES
The climate of NOIDA region is semi arid type and with three well defined seasons.
The winter season begins at the end of November and extends upto February,
The summer season begins from March and continues upto October,
The monsoon season are from June to September.
                                                                   Humidity %
 1)- HUMIDITY-                                      80
 During January to February the climate             60

                                                                                                  Site analysis
 is cool and dry .Only in the month of              50
 July, August and September the relative
                                                    30                               Humidity %
 humidity is 70%.During the month of                20
 March, April, May and June the relative            10
 humidity is less than 50% During the                0
 remaining part of the year it exceeds
 50% and he temperature is high.

  About 87% of the annual rainfall is
  received During the monsoon month
  June to September on an average the
  rain falls 27days in a year of these21.4
  days are during monsoon months for
  design considerations, Rainfall
  intensity is 20 to 30 mm which is
  generally occurs in one hour duration
  be taken account.

CHART                                                                    45
              Rainfall     Max.     Min. Temp.
             (mm)        Temp.

                                                 TEMPERATURE (CELCIUS)
 January            23        21        07
 February           22        24        10                               30

 March              19        30        15                               25

 April              07        36        21                               20

 May                08        41        27                               15

                                                                                                                          Site analysis
 June               65        40        29                               10
 July             211         35        27                                5
 August           173         34        26
 September        150         34        25
 October           31         35        19
 November          01         29        12
 December          05         23        08                                          AVERAGE DAILY TEMPERATURE(MAX.)
The temperature in hot summers is usually                                            AVERAGE DAILY TEMPERATURE(MIN.)
21.1C and 40.5 C. Winters are cold and night                                  MAX = Approx. maximum daytime temperature
temperature also falls upto 6.5 C during the period                                (shade) in Celsius
between December and February. The average                                    MIN = Approx. minimum daytime temperature
annual temperature recorded in NOIDA is 31.5 C                                     (shade) in Celsius
based on the records over the period of 70 years
maintained by the Meteorological Department.

                  HOME FASHION ESTATES
CLIMATIC INFRENCES-                   North
                                               Presence of water bodies is must as it cools
Building should be design with a view
                                               Downs the adjoining areas and also gives the
to keep minimum exposure on the north
                                               soothing effect
and west direction.
                                               Microclimate should be created within the
North – South orientation for adequate
                                               premises to counter the harsh and unhindered
lighting and ventilation.
                                               Effect of sun and winds
All the rooms have to be sheltered from
                                               Shading is must during summers
the cold winds and admit desirable
                                               Sun breaks , louvers are used to protect opening.
Monsoon winds for human comfort.
                                               Controlled landscape, enclosure walls desired to
openings should be provided for proper South
                                               protect against dust and thermal winds.

                                                                                                           Site analysis
Penetration of breeze but protecting the
building from hot and cold winds,
Opening should be provided on east and                          Wind direction
south wall.                                                       in summers                       N
The built mass would be low and dense,                          From NW to SE
Enveloping courtyard for climate control.                                                    w         E
The west wall should be minimum openings.
The Surrounding vegetation can greatly
affect the microclimate of the area.
The trees provide shading to the walls,
Noise insulation and protect against
Winds.                                                                         Site
Deciduous trees like Mulberry and champa
can be planted to shut off the hot summer
winds and winter winds sun in the interior.
In hot region like Noida Building should be
oriented to minimize solar gain.
Rectangular shaped building elongated in                              Sun                 Wind direction
East and west direction are considered                             moveme                  in monsoon
best.                                                              nt                     From SE to NW
                       Site analysis
The site is located on Plot no. A-6,
 sector 62.
Total area of site is 8.8 Acres
The plot has north-east orientation.
The longer axis of the building is in
north-south direction.
The building should be design in such
a way that it has maximum exposure
towards road side to catch a good

                                                                                             Site analysis
view.                                        SUITABLE ENTRY POINT-
Site is Curvilinear in form, north east      The proximity of two roads to the site
Side of the site is also facing green belt   offers possibility of suitable entry or exit
TRAFFIC-                                     points to the site
As a site touches a main road on             The site also connected to NH-24
north and eastern side .                     The roads on northern and eastern edge
The distance between site and                offers good possibility for entry and eastern
NH- 24 is about 50 m.                        side can be used as service entry.
The traffic noise will be more along
These edges , the trees along these          BUILDABLE AND NON BUILDABLE
edges also helps in reducing noise           SPACES-
20m wide Buffer zone is provided             The site is flat with no trees, contours or rocks
between site and national highway            Hence the complete site can be built upon except
to reduce the noise.                         For the setbacks which can be used as land scape
Public activity areas are design on          or open exhibition area.
the edges of the site whereas office         The site is surrounded by some important buildings
area                                         Like tech boulevard, IBM, Jaypee institute of
are placed inside to preserve.               technology

                  HOME FASHION ESTATES
                       Site analysis
                 TABLE OF CONTENTS –
               1.1)- INTRODUCTION AND
               1.2)- NEED OF HOME FASHION
                    ESTATES IN INDIA
               1.3)- CONCEPT OF THE PROJECT
                     FASHION ESTATES


                                                                                          need of home fashion estates in India
It is clear seen that the consumer today can no longer be compared to the one of about
20 years ago. At the same time , the retail trade also faced some major structural
The development of these kind of parks are need of a developed nation to stabilize it’s
trade market.
Home Fashion Estates is a form of business park which is designed to accommodate
construction and home furnishing industry with large number of companies all grouped
together usually on the outskirts of the city.
It was originally conceived to address the gap of a huge untapped potential in the home
deco industry in India.
 Business park have been in the existence in the United States since at least the early
 1950’s and have since spread around the world with such new parks continually arising.
 While each country may have different reasons for creating business parks, generally
 the primary goal of a business park arrangement is to increase the number of
 Knowledge based enterprises in an economy.
 Developing countries with no local expertise may use business park to attract foreign
 direct investment to create jobs and increase revenues.

Home Furnishing Estates is a business to business market place made up of Indian
manufacturers and international business buyers .It brings the best available

                                                                                           need of home fashion estates in India
products, design and services from Indian and international manufacturers of home
décor articles in one world class facility.
Dressing up one’s home is very much in vogue and has be role came a huge business
all over the world, An emerging wide trend reflects that home fashion changes all the
time just like apparel fashion.
One stop marketing solutions for manufacturers and a sourcing solution for buyers.
These are amalgamation of modern technologies, services and professional state
management to create a truly world class experience.
In recent months, Home furnishing industries has focused on the question of what
requirements a permanent meeting point for professionals should be able to meet and
how it can fulfill this role. An in-depth survey carried out among the different players
among the different players in real state or construction industry has revealed a
growing need for a permanent meeting platform for professionals where a clear
segmentation exists between the different sectors.
Consumer plays a important role, his taste, preferences, vision, personality are clearly
reflected in his consumption patterns.
These are popular in many suburban division locations, where it is cheaper to develop
land because of the lower land cost and lower building costs for building wider , not
necessarily higher. They are often located near motorways or main roads.


                                                                                        need of home fashion estates in India
India has been developing at a fast rate ever since globalization has set it’s pace
 and leaving behind the introverted attitude, we are fast opening our horizons to the
 rapid faced technological advancements of the work beyond us However like any
 other developments.
Majority of showrooms of outstation companies are located in Residential colonies
 which are unauthorized , there are not good branding and corporate image, we
 need to create a better impression of our products as better businesses.
Home fashion estates can make a big difference of the buying confidence of a
 visiting international buyer.
Exporter’s will get a legally authorized space and have their showrooms in
 presentable complex
From Buyer’s point of view, this kind of park would mean convenience and wider
 exposure to new possibilities in products as well as Supplier can also get chance
 to meet different exporters in the same building, It can also helps in expanding
 their businesses

need of home fashion estates in India
                                        HOME FASHION ESTATES
                         CONCEPT OF HOME FASHION ESTATES

                                                                                                     need of home fashion estates in India
 Home Fashion Estates is basically a Retail park which aims to cater the needs of Construction and
  Home furnishing industries in a best possible manner
It intends to bring out awareness of varieties of materials and home furnishing products among the
  new designers and architects through audio visual form and through display in exhibition hall.
It has a much broader range of functions including economic development to entertainment

need of home fashion estates in India
                                        HOME FASHION ESTATES
need of home fashion estates in India
                                        HOME FASHION ESTATES
need of home fashion estates in India
                                        HOME FASHION ESTATES
 Basic aim behind the home fashion estates are to provide a one stop trade park.
An trading centre educating people about all present forms and criteria’s of
building industry.
The building fulfills the functions of Home Fashion Estates, business centre as
well as Entertainment Centre.
To serve the people from all over the world looking for individuality, creative
designs, style for their homes.
It provides a world class spaces for offices and business events.
It encourages organizational programme of activities for technology and
It saves a lot of space and accommodate a lot of varieties of products in a small
To improve the economic condition of a developing nation by improving it’s trade
For convenience of public sector, exporters and international buyer’s
It also helps in maintaining partnership between government, academic institution
and private sector
A joint venture for the development of the nation.
It helps in bringing the top décor exporters under one roof.
It also help’s in attracting buyer’s from all over the world and emerge as a huge
business hub which deals with construction and home deco industry.
It provides display’s, product launch and exhibitions for world’s best furnishing
To provide creativity, ability, reliability, quality and service under one roof.
It also saves time and expense in meeting vendor across India.
Showcases the complete range of finest textile and floor covering, furniture,
handicrafts and building materials.
It enhances the quality and quantity of business between buyer’s and seller’s of
home deco products and furnishings.

International Home Deco Park (IHDP), a world-
       class space for offices and events.
 This exceptional complex, spread over 5 acres
    of prime commercial location in Noida, is
 probably the most beautiful business campus
  you will find in the country. In IHDP modern
 technology, services, and professional estate
   management put together to create a truly
              world class experience.
  While the ambience and infrastructure of the
              property are a delight.

                                                 This convergence of class and convenience
                                                 makes IHDP a smart choice for discerning
                                                 Corporates and Exporters .IHDP is the ultimate
                                                 location in Delhi National Capital Region(NCR) for
                                                 corporate offices, business events, export
                                                 showrooms & displays.
                                                  Designed by – Ar. Vidhur Bhardwaj
                                                 Design Firm – Design & Development
                                                 Owner – Sharda international
                                                 Site area – 5 acres
                                                 Built up Area – 40000 sq. ft

Surrounded by some of the most
happening real estate
developments like : International
•5 Star Hotels
• Formula 1 Track
•Night Safari
•Numerous corporate offices like
HCL, Hewitt, Perot Systems and
• IHDP is certainly a location to
expect sharp appreciation of

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