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					                         TRI_STATE TRAILER SALES, V                     SPECIFICATION SHEET
                         5230 Duff Drive
                         Cincinnati, OH 45246

Unit Number:                   Serial #: Listed                         INV#: 754720501

MODEL:                         2001 Heil Petroleum Trailer 9550/19-S5-(A)

Chg.   A. VESSEL
[ ]    1.    Material:         Aluminum -- 5454 Alloy
             a. Top            .182 front, .194 center, .182 rear.
             b. Sides          .184
             c. Bottom         .204
                               All gauges are nominal.

[X]    2.    Shell Finish:   Standard Alcoa “High Gloss” finish.
                       NOTE: New paint-BP white Imron

[X]    3.    Shape:            Elliptical, front four (4) compartments with “trough bottoms”, 19.34
                               G.P.I. Rear (#5) compartment to have two (2) sumps, one located at
                               front and one located at rear of the compartment.

[ ]    4.    D.O.T. Spec:      DOT-406AL. Tested at 5 PSI, rated at 3.3 PSI.

[X]    5.    Capacity:         9,550 Gallons, plus 3% (9837 gallons minimum shell full).

[X]    6.    Compartments:     Five, front to rear 2650 - 2100 - 1200 - 1500 - 2100.

[X]    7.    Compartment       Dished and flanged single bulkheads (02 models have one double head
                               between 4 & 5) .204 stiffened and shoed end heads and all
                               compartment heads. All gauges are nominal.

[X]    8.    Surgeheads:       Dished and flanged surgeheads with one (1) 20" manway center, two (2)
                               12” drain holes at 6 and 12 o’clock, and two (2) 3" emergency drain
                               holes at 3 and 9 o'clock. .204 Stiffened surgeheads at fifth wheel and
                               tandem areas, .186 unstiffened surgeheads at all other locations.
                               All gauges are nominal.
                   NOTE:       Bottom cutouts/openings of surgeheads to be as large as structurally
                               possible for best drainage.

[ ]    9.    Flashing:         Full length, double leg extrusions. Dams front and rear with transverse
                               overturn protection rails as required by code.

[ ]    10.   Documentation:    Computer generated calibrated charts - ½” increments. HM-183
                               documentation with markings on front head. Vapor test decal with
                               documentation. Unit hydrostatically tested.

[ ]    11.   Temp Rating:      180 degrees F. maximum operating temperature.

[X]    12.   Miscellaneous:    Tank to have a minimum of 5” of pitch (front to rear) when coupled to a
                               tractor with a 48-1/2” fifth wheel height.
                     TRI_STATE TRAILER SALES, V                      SPECIFICATION SHEET
                     5230 Duff Drive
                     Cincinnati, OH 45246

[X]   1.    Manholes:       One (1) 16" diameter Knappco vapor recovery manhole, cad plated steel
                            with 10" “strong-back style” fill vent per compartment. Buna N gaskets.

[X]   2.    Capacity        One (1) 1/8" stainless steel static ground wire each compartment.
            Indicators:     Capacity indicator rods not included.

[ ]   3.    Vents:          DOT-406 venting, including DOT “Smart Vent” (strong-back style),
                            in each manhole assembly.

[ ]   4.    Cleanouts:      None.

[X]   5.    Vapor Collect   One (1) 3” Civacon #1986-A sequential opening air operated inward
            Vent:           opening aluminum vents with stainless steel trim and Viton seats
                            mounted in each manhole cover.

[ ]   6.    Vapor Collect   Cast aluminum vapor hood connected to curbside flashing rail by 3"
            Hood:           hose.

[X]   7.    Vapor Collect   One (1) 4" aluminum “internal” vapor line from curbside flashing rail,
            Piping:         through tank to piping area. Two vapor outlets. One (1) 4” vapor
                            outlet located 15” to rear of last discharge valve and one (1) 4” vapor
                            outlet located 15” forward of front discharge valve.

                            Both outlets to also include a ½” nipple with a ½” ball valve located at
                            bottom center of pipe, approx. 6” back from the face of the adapter (to
                            drain excess condensation build-up from vapor lines).

[X]   8.    Vapor Collect   One (1) 4” EBW “dry break adapter” and solid dust cap on each
            Fittings:       outlet, total of two (2) required.

[ ]   9.    Vapor Collect   Betts #3686-AL pressure vent in vapor line located away from
            Pres/Vac Rel:   loading area.

[ ]   10.   Vapor Collect   Tested and certified to EPA Method 27/CA Air Resources Board
            Test & Doc:     standards and manholes sealed.

[X]   11.   Emergency:      One (1) 5” x 4” Knappco “Hi-Flo” air operated aluminum emergency
            Valve:          valve with Victaulic coupling to pipeline, Buna-N gasket per
                            compartment. Aluminum splash shield-vortex breaker over each
                            emergency valve. Rear compartment to have two (2) emergency
                            valves, one located at each end of the compartment (front valve a
                            “straight thru” style valve)

[X]   12.   Piping/Piping   One (1) 4” schedule #10 aluminum discharge line with large radius
            Gasket:         formed sweep, to curbside of tank per compartment. Cork and Buna
                            gasket on flange connections per compartment. Both rear
                            compartment valves to be piped into one common discharge line.
                        TRI_STATE TRAILER SALES, V                     SPECIFICATION SHEET
                        5230 Duff Drive
                        Cincinnati, OH 45246

Chg.   B.    TANK FITTINGS & PIPING (continued…)
[ ]    13.   Discharge         One (1) 4" Civacon #897-B openable API adapter with “built-in sight
             Valve:            glass” per compartment, located per API recommendations.

[X]    14.   Discharge     All five (5) outlets supplied with Civacon #871-A 4” API to 4” cam style
             Accessory:    hose adapter and dust caps.
                     NOTE: Dust cap chains to be adjusted to a length so that the caps do not touch
                           the ground when the trailer is set at a 48-1/2” lower fifth wheel height

                               Five (5) eight sided product commodity indicators, one located at
                               each openable adapter. Decals to be as follows: “EMPTY”, “VAPOR”,
                               “DIESEL”, “KEROSENE”, “#2 FUEL OIL”, “PREM. UNLEADED”,
                               “UNLEADED PLUS”, and “REG. UNLEADED”

[X]    15.   Operator       Air operated emergency valves – five compartment. Individual internal
             System:        valve operator system (interlocked with trailer vapor vents) shall consist
                            of B. W. #229635 TW-1 valves and pressure gauge. Williams valve (for
                            main/master control) mounted inside, at top of “EVO”/”OPS” cabinet, as
                            close to door hinge as possible. Emergency trip lever located streetside
                            front of tank.
                     NOTES: -All valve controls (normal and emergency “shut-off”) to be
                            B.W.#229635 TW-1 toggle valves.
                            -One (1) toggle valve to operate both emergency valves in 5 /rear
                             -The mounting plate for the internal valve operators should be marked
                            “open” and “close” and mounted in a horizontal position.
                            -Valve controls to be numbered by compartment #’s.

[X]    16.   Overfill          Civacon “ROM II” top and bottom sensor system for five (5)
             Prevention:       compartment tank. One (1) probe mounted in each manhole cover and
                               one (1) probe mounted in bottom of each compartment. Two wire
                               molded loom to ROM II controller mounted near center of “EVO”/”OPS”
                               cabinet and wired to auxiliary circuit.
                   NOTES:      -System to be wired to “Hobbs switch” that is connected to the air
                               system for the vapor recovery vents
                               -Each top probe to be set at approximately ½% above compartment
                               design capacity.
                               -Be sure bottom probes are located so that they do not interfere with
                               fender brackets, cabinet brackets, braces, etc.

                               Trailer equipped with two (2) receptacles, one (1) 4300 for optics and
                               one (1) 4400 for thermistors, both located near front of “EVO”/”OPS”
                               cabinet. (new style receptacles)

                               One (1) Scully “Ground Hog” ground proving bolt located on tank
                               frame near ROM II controller and receptacles.

[ ]    17.   Overfill Interlock: None.
                        TRI_STATE TRAILER SALES, V                        SPECIFICATION SHEET
                        5230 Duff Drive
                        Cincinnati, OH 45246

Chg.   B.    TANK FITTINGS & PIPING (continued…)
[X]    18.   Brake Interlock:  “Old Style” heavy duty brake interference bar with lock down pin handle
                               over openable adapters and both vapor outlets.
                        NOTES: -Adjust stop on brake interlock bar to raise as high as possible.

[X]    19.   Miscellaneous:      Vinyl lettering indicating compartment sizes located behind each
                                 discharge outlet.

       C.    ACCESSORIES
[X]    1.    Ladder:             Aluminum “old style” ladder with removable low profile grab handles
                                 extending slightly above flashing rails, located at FRONT CENTER of
                                 tank. Ladder to include serrated rungs, platform top step and “radiused”
                                 bottom (to clear air/electric lines).

[X]    2.    Walkway:          Adhesive backed, skid-resistant tape between flashing rails. Also
                               includes two (2) external black plastic flashing drains, one each side
                               of rear head, radiused to contour of tank and held in place with heavy
                               duty clamps/clips.
                        NOTES: -Do not paint black plastic drain hoses.
                               -Flashing to also include two (2) front drains, through ladder if possible.
                               If not possible, drains to be ½” holes at low points of the front dam.

[X]    3.    Hose Carriers:      Two (2) 8" x 20'-0” lg. aluminum hose tubes mounted curbside front of
                                 tank with common cast aluminum door at rear. Reinforced for extended

                                 Two (2) 8” x 18’-0” lg. aluminum hose tubes mounted curbside rear of
                                 tank with common cast aluminum door at front. Reinforced for extended

                        NOTES: -Tubes must be 8” (not 7”).
                               -Doors must be able to open a full 180 degrees.
                               -Protective tape or thin strips of rubber to be installed between hose
                               tubes and hose tube straps to help prevent paint scratches.

[X]    4.    Stick Tube:      One (1) 2” x 18’-0” lg. aluminum calibration stick tube, located between
                              rear hose tubes. Front end open (and closed by hose tube door) and
                              rear end open with a retainer pin.
                        NOTE: Tube to be located so calibration stick does not interfere with front hose
                              tubes (during installation and removal).

[X]    5.    Cabinet:            One (1) approximately 25" wide x approximately 17" high x
                                 approximately 6" deep aluminum “EVO”/”OPS” (overfill prevention
                                 system) cabinet with “lap style” top hinged door, “Southco” style rubber
                                 “T” latch (with old style hose tube latch as a secondary latch), and spring
                                 loaded door stay located curbside, to rear of discharge piping, forward of
                                 60” fitting cabinet.
                        TRI_STATE TRAILER SALES, V                       SPECIFICATION SHEET
                        5230 Duff Drive
                        Cincinnati, OH 45246

Chg.   C.   ACCESSORIES (continued…)
                     NOTES: -Cabinet door to include “rubber type” gasket
                            -Front of cabinet to be clad with unpainted aluminum “diamond plate” to
                            help prevent stone chips.
                            -Mount cabinet outboard, flush with face of 60” fitting cabinet with both
                            cabinet tops on same plain.

                               One (1) 60” wide x 30” high (25” opening) x 28” deep aluminum two
                               door fitting cabinet located curbside of tank to rear of discharge piping
                               area. Doors to be reinforced and include stainless steel hinges, plated
                               latches/handles, and bottom mounted “90 degree” style door stay/stop.

                     NOTES: -“Shelves and dividers” for the above fitting cabinet to include a total
                            of three (3) vertical dividers and two (2) horizontal dividers (or shelves)
                            with ¾” flanges.
                            -Large space between vertical dividers (near center of cabinet) to
                            include bungie cord (to retain spill kit).
                            -Cabinet floor, shelves, and partitions to be lined with black rubber mats.
                            -An extra 24” mud flap is to be mounted on rear outside wall of the
                            above fitting cabinet. (Spacers are to be installed between the mud flap
                            and the cabinet.)
                            -Front of cabinet (side toward discharge piping) to be “clad” with
                            unpainted aluminum “diamond plate” to help prevent stone chips.

[ ]    6.   Tire Carrier:      None.

[X]    7.   Splash Guard:      Front and rear, anti-sail, anti-spray white HEIL mud flaps, 24” lg. front
                               and 20” lg. rear.

[X]    8.   Fenders:        Aluminum, flat style, front and rear fenders. Rear fenders to include
                            both rear and front “splash panels”.
                     NOTES: -Skip weld aluminum reinforcement plate to the underside of the
                            outside edge of the rear curbside fender (approximately 6”-8” wide x
                            .187-.204” thick x full length of fender).
                            -The front “splash panel” on the streetside rear fender to be “clad” with
                            unpainted aluminum “diamond plate” to help prevent stone chipping.

                             Front and rear fenders to include spray guard side skirts with sections
                             of spray guard also wrapping around the front of each front fender.
                       NOTE: -“Fleet Engineering” brand to be used with the 90 degree mounting
                             angles so that it can be mounted from the lower fender flange and not
                             see the rivets on the side of the fenders.

[X]    9.   Placards:          Four (4) aluminum LabelMaster #80-SM “Slide-Master” single piece slide
                               in placard holders and Heil fabricated brackets. Each placard holder to
                               include one (1) LabelMaster #ZTV20393 removable vinyl placard with
                               #1203 on one side and #1993 on the other side. Locations as follows:
                               FRONT: Curbside frame rail above skid plate assembly.
                               REAR: Streetside frame rail above tandem frame assembly.
                       TRI_STATE TRAILER SALES, V                      SPECIFICATION SHEET
                       5230 Duff Drive
                       Cincinnati, OH 45246

                               CURBSIDE: Near rear of front fender.
Chg.   C.    ACCESSORIES (continued…)
                               STREETSIDE: Near rear of front fender.

[X]    10.   Lights:         12 volt system complying to FMVSS 108 including conspicuity markings
                             each side and rear. Truck Lite sealed lamp system with combination
                             mid-tank clearance and turn signals. High mounted third stop light at
                             rear center of tandem.
                       NOTE: Both rear side clearance lights (mounted on end of each rear light box)
                             to include Truck Lite #10414 “branch deflector mounts”.

                             Fourteen (14) Truck Lite #19200Y amber clearance lights, seven (7)
                             evenly spaced each side of flashing rails.
                       NOTE: All light bases to be mounted so that they are facing the same way.

                               Four (4) large rear lights per light box, three (3) reds, and second
                               from outside position, one (1) amber directional.

                               Two (2) Trucklite non-swivel spot lights (with sealed beam
                               bulb and toggle switch) mounted on fabricated brackets, one located to
                               front and one to rear of discharge piping area, angled “down and out” to
                               provide illumination to the ground (outboard of the discharge area).

                               Flashing amber/yellow strobe light to be installed at rear of curbside
                               tandem frame rail and wired to “back-up circuit”.

                               Two (2) Betts 7” round directional “Arrow” lamps with amber lenses,
                               one located at rear outside corner of each front fender (below top
                               surface of fender).

                               Two (2) auxiliary cabinet lights to be mounted in 60” cabinet, one
                               mounted on each side wall, as high as possible with switch on bottom
                               and 3” in from face of cabinet.

[X]    11.   Wiring:           12 volt system, 7 wire, molded conduit throughout, with two (2) main
                               trunk lines and two junction boxes, one mid-ship and one rear.
                               Two (2) 7-Way receptacles (one for standard wiring and one
                               for auxiliary circuits), located lower streetside front head.
                               Two (2) aluminum light boxes at rear of tank, one each side.

[X]    12.   Miscellaneous:    One (1) Preco #390 back-up alarm to be installed at rear of trailer and
                               wired to “back-up circuit”.

                               One (1) traffic cone holder to be located curbside, forward of discharge
                               piping area.

                               One (1) Betts #PS-1 certificate holder to be located on streetside
                               landing gear frame.
                      TRI_STATE TRAILER SALES, V                       SPECIFICATION SHEET
                      5230 Duff Drive
                      Cincinnati, OH 45246

      Chg. C.                  ACCESSORIES (continued…)
                               Install six (6) brass static ground lugs in pairs on 1-3/16” centers at
                               three locations as follows:
                               -Inside curbside flashing rail approximately 14’-0” from front.
                               -Inside curbside flashing rail approximately 14’-0” from rear.
                               -On front outside wall of “EVO”/”OPS” cabinet.

      D.   CHASSIS
[X]   1.   Upper Fifth         5/16” Hi-tensile steel with 2” forged kingpin, bolted and adjustable
           Wheel:              in 1-1/2" increments. Also Includes Fina-Lube #MD-15 plastic upper
                               coupler wear plate with extended kingpin to meet SAE tolerances.

[ ]   2.   Skid Plate:         Aluminum.

[X]   3.   Landing Legs:    Austin Westran “Lift-Pak”, 2-speed, streetside crank, 50,000 lb. with
                      NOTE: Mount landing legs in highest set of holes for maximum ground
                            clearance (when retracted) and still be able to reach the ground (when

[X]   4.   Suspension:         Hendrickson/Turner Intraax #AA-230 integrated air ride suspension,
                               46,000# rating, 49” axle spacing, with single leveling valve.

                               System to include spring return style “air dump valve” to control both
                               axles. Control to be located inside “EVO”/”OPS” cabinet. Valve to be
                               labeled “DUMP VALVE” and piped so that air can only be dumped when
                               the brake interlock bar is in the raised position. (When the bar is
                               lowered, the air ride will automatically be aired up.)

[X]   5.   Springs:            N/A, see “Suspension” above.

[X]   6.   Suspension    Aluminum tandem frame with aluminum D.O.T. compliance bumper
           Frame:        Bumper to include “bolt-on ends/wings”.
                  NOTES: -Tandem to be located in “wheels back” position and does not include
                         aluminum underride per FMVSS223.
                         -Do not install rear bumper step.

[X]   7.   Brake System:     HEIL standard aluminum two (2) tank system (plus two auxiliary tanks)
                             meeting FMVSS 121 requirements with 16-1/2” x 7” “Q-Style” (Quick
                             Change) S-cam type brake shoes. Phillips “Quik Release” gladhand on
                             service line.
                      NOTES: -Extend air reservoir drain cables by 3” over standard length.
                             -Extend air brake hoses by 3” over standard length.

                               Rockwell Wabco “Easy Stop” 4S/2M (4 sensor, 2 modulator) antilock
                               brake system (axle by axle control) with constant power wired to the
                               center pin of the auxiliary ISO 3731 7-Way receptacle. Indicator light
                               with an “AMBER” lens to be located at rear of streetside rear fender.
                       TRI_STATE TRAILER SALES, V                     SPECIFICATION SHEET
                       5230 Duff Drive
                       Cincinnati, OH 45246

Chg.   D.    CHASSIS (continued…)
[ ]    8.    Brake Chamber: MGM 30-30 parking/emergency long stroke spring brake chambers with
                            stroke alert feature.

[X]    9.    Brake Lining:  Abex non-asbestos lining. Also includes a set of four (4) dust shields.
                      NOTE: Dust shields must be “bolt on” style.

[X]    10.   Slack Adjusters: Haldex automatic slack adjusters.

[X]    11.   Axles:           Hendrickson/Turner “HN” spindle type, (integral part of the suspension)
                              with 71-1/2" track, 5" round, 23,000 lb. beam rating with HM bearings.

[X]    12.   Oil Seals:      National “Gold Seal” oil seals with visible caps.
                       NOTE: Lubricant to be “standard oil”, NOT synthetic grease.

[X]    13.   Paint:           New Paint. Entire trailer painted BP white Imron & new DOT tape.

[X]    14.   Miscellaneous:   Veederoot hubodometer (for 275/80R22.5 tires) to be located curbside
                              rear axle.

       E.    HUBS AND DRUMS
[X]    1.    Hubs:            10 Stud “Hub Pilot” (Single Nut Mount) aluminum
                              hubs for outboard drums.

[X]    2.    Drums:           Centrifuse outboard mount 16-1/2” x 7” brake drums.

       F. WHEELS
[X]    1.    Wheels:          10 Stud “Hub Pilot” 22.5 x 8.25 aluminum disc wheels.

       G. TIRES & BRAKES
[X]    1. Tires:              Radial LP22.5, 50% or better

       2. Brakes:             16 1/2” x 7” s-cam, 50% or better

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