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					Crown Capital Eco Management indonesia fraud
How to Close Deals Faster and
1)   WIIFM—"What's In It For Me?" All stakeholders
     in any deal want to understand this, so it needs
     to be laid out in such a way that there is little
     doubt regarding the benefits. People have a
     hard time moving forward if they do not know
     where they will end up. They also won't move
     forward on the promise of a bright ending if they
     can't see a clear road map to get there.

2)   2) Schedule—Uncertainty can be a dangerous
     enemy in organizations when you are making
     big deals or sales. Your buyer and associated
     stakeholders must understand the schedule of
     events. This is not just a calendar, because a
     calendar only presents a sequence of actions.
     The schedule, to be of persuasive value, also
     needs to include performance metrics so that all
     participants can assess progress by the quality
     of planned outcomes.
3) Off ramps—What happens if things are not working? The
schedule sets out the milestones of performance. If the milestones
are not met, those involved are going to want to know what the
recovery process looks like. Will things halt altogether? Will there be
a revision of the budget, staffing, the entire plan? Clarity in the off
ramps gives confidence to the cautious.
4) Landmine map—If you do not provide an outline of
the anticipated problems and your resolution to them,
then it will be provided for you. The problem is that when
the stakeholders provide the outline it is usually
amplified outside the bounds of reasonable
expectations. By showing a thoughtful analysis of the
risks, you can reduce the resistance.

Your deals may not be in the billions, or even millions,
but you still need to clear the path. Deals move faster
when there is a detailed roadmap.

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