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					How to Eliminate Sense Sleepy - Some people can not sleep or insomnia, there are also people who
are too much sleep (hypersomnia). Anehkan? Last week we discussed how to overcome ttelah
insomnia or restless sleep, this time we will discuss about the hypersomnia or someone with
excessive sleepiness.

The average patient is usually excessive sleepiness caused by sleep pattern is wrong or
inappropriate, such as late nights, too tired, bored or even because of default. Well, for those of you
who regularly experience excessive sleepiness that makes you wonder and disgust because you are
sleepy, this time we will share you how to eliminate these sleepy, consider the following tips:

Enough Sleep

This is the main cause why you feel sleepy, even arguably super sleepy. Try to sleep 8 hours a day,
and make it a habit to sleep at 9 pm, because time is the most optimal time to sleep due. Besides
being able to make you lose your drowsiness, sleep enough according to the study can also eliminate
other diseases like stress, high blood pressure and others.

Drink Coffee or Tea

Tea or proven to eliminate sleepiness due mengandu caffeine substances that can stimulate your
brain refreshed. But remember, do not drink too much coffee because too much coffee may have
implications for a variety of other diseases, especially stomach.

Drinking Water White glass

It can make you fresh again because of fluid in your body back to normal. Try to drink 8 glasses of
pure water a day.


It's also one of the most effective and probably you too often. To be more effective, try to wash your
face with cold water.

Pull Breath
According to research, when you yawn mean oxygen levels in your brain is being reduced. Because
meguap is also one of the characteristics you're sleepy. To overcome this, coballah inhale deeply
stand for about 5 seconds and then exhale for 5 seconds, do this a few times until it makes you feel

Rest for a moment

When you're working or studying, try to get some rest. The best way to relax is to do gymnastics
warm-up exercises like stretching the arms, legs, waist, or shaking your head.

Keep the Light Space

When a work space or study your light, your brain will respond better and make your eyes do not
feel mnegantuk. For that, try to learn your desk or near the source of light such as glass or lamps.


When you're talking, your brain will feel better for doing activities in your mind. But let's not talk in
front of The Boss or your teacher, you might even scolded.


By exercising you will feel better and make your sleep more soundly at night. Not only that, various
penyakitpun will stay away from you.


I'm not kidding tablets, this is the most powerful and super powerful mngilangkan your sleepiness.
Try it if you do not believe it, because when you are sleepy means your brain tells you to sleep. So
the most effective way is to sleep. But, there is the but that is not to sleep when you are working or
studying. But a regular sleep at night.

That is the way to eliminate drowsiness, do not forget the try or practiced. Having tried it do not
forget to leave a comment below this post dikolom.

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