New trends in shopping mall by noidarocker


									Currently there are a lot of 2D virtual shopping malls using Hyper-Text Mark able Language
(HTML). However, the 2D virtual shopping malls are different from real shopping malls, and
novice computer users cannot easily access the malls. 3D virtual shopping malls are able to
provide users with the more intuitive environment. Just as real environment, the 3D malls can
also provide users with the function in order to buy the better commodities by consulting their
friends. In this paper, we propose a system design to satisfy these requirements such as intuitive
environment and information share. And using a test system with a amended Virtual Reality
Modeling Language (VRML) browser, we show the implemented results.

Shopping Malls create fashion awareness
February 16, 2007
Shopping malls of Lucknow have become the focal point for creating fashion awareness and
bringing on a retail boom in Lucknow.

Lucknowites pick up fashion trends just as well now as their metro counterparts – from shrugs to
trench coats to boots and stilettos.

Lucknowites have become more fashion conscious due to increase in purchasing power and mall
culture Exposure to media has helped to keep up with changing fads and with page 3 parties
becoming a hit, making a style statement has also gained importance.
, said Lucknow-based fashion designer Asma Husain.

Demographic Trends
Bring Boomers Back to the Mall
By: Greg Maloney, SCSM President
Jones Lang LaSalle Retail
Boomers turned shopping centers into a mega-industry. And by catering to youthful boomers,
The shopping center industry allowed boomers to carve out a unique identity that remains the
Driving force in American society today.

That year, the oldest boomer turned 10, the age when children become independent

Shoppers devoting 20 percent of their holiday gift budget to e-tailing, according to a survey by
Goldman Sachs, Harris Interactive, and Nielsen/Netratings. To stem the bleeding, let alone
prosper, the shopping center industry must recapture the baby boom Market.

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