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Cushman & Wakefield is the world’s largest privately held real estate services
firm. Founded in 1917, the company has 189 offices throughout 57 countries
and over11, 000 staff delivering services such as estate brokering, asset
management and consultancy. Although founded in the UK, Cushman &
Wakefield now conducts 60 per cent of its European business on the continent.

Cushman & Wakefield has been serving the evolving real estate needs of
businesses in the United States since 1917. Cushman & Wakefield Healey &
Baker, which merged into Cushman & Wakefield in 1998, has been serving
companies in Europe since 1820. The merged organization today provides a
wide range of real estate services across North and South America, Europe, the
Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.

C & W has a worldwide reputation for seeing past the immediate need. Instead,
their goal is to gain a complete understanding of how real estate fits into the
business plans of our clients. They then deliver customized services and
solutions by actively advising, implementing, and managing on behalf of
landlords, tenants, and investors through every stage of the real estate

From sophisticated, complex transactions to basic administration, our services
are provided on a regional, national, and worldwide basis to major
corporations, pension funds, developers, entrepreneurs, government entities,
small and midsize companies, and financial institutions worldwide. They
provide the high quality, knowledgeable real estate thinking, advice, and
service, seamlessly coordinated and delivered through their worldwide offices
and global technology platform.


Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. is an international commercial real estate service
firm headquartered in New York City. The company was established in 1917.

In 1998, Cushman & Wakefield merged with British firm Healey & Baker to
create one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the world. Bruce E.
Mosler is president and CEO. Rockefeller Group, the previous owner of
Rockefeller Center, is the parent company.
On 13th March 2006, Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker became known
simply as Cushman & Wakefield, aligning the brand with other global regions.

Globally the firm has over 11,000 professionals in over 57 countries. It offers
the full range of commercial property services and represents a wide range of
clients, including multinational corporations, pension funds, developers,
entrepreneurs, government entities, small and medium-sized companies and
financial institutions.

Cushman & Wakefield offers its clients a comprehensive range of integrated
real estate services, combining local expertise and experience with the most
updated international techniques and standards.


Cushman & Wakefield is a professional real estate advisory firm that provides
businesses, institutions and individuals with integrated solutions to complex
real estate needs in virtually every major market around the world. Our multi-
skilled teams are connected by technology and other essential resources.

Cushman & Wakefield has been meeting the complex,
changing needs of businesses and institutions in the
United States and around the globe for more than
 80 years. In 2002 alone Cushman & Wakefield
completed 13,389 assignments valued at $37.8 billion,
totaling more than 304.1 million square feet.


   Tenant Strategies and Solutions: They consistently achieve long-term cost
    effective solutions for occupiers in the office market. Their process relies
    on gaining a detailed understanding of the tenant’s business needs,
    identifying a shortlist of potential properties, and ultimately negotiating
    with one or more suitable properties.

   Residential Services: The Residential Services team provides high level of
    service to clients, both individual and corporate, by assisting and advising
    them through the complexity of real estate transactions and issues unique
    to each location.

   Retail Services: Retail Services department provides developers with
    practical and appropriate solutions to any retail development project. Their
    teams combine extensive local knowledge with wide ranging international
   expertise, drawing on the global resources and retail knowledge of the
   latest trends in the retail sector.

      Project Marketing: Their Project Marketing Services are aimed at
       enhancing asset value for building owners through maximizing rental
       values, occupancy levels and tenant quality. Their services run through
       the entire development cycle from initial concept and project feasibility
       to the leasing or sale of the completed product and beyond.


C&W's Asset Services Group provides property, facility and project management
services, in addition to strategic agency leasing services. Asset Services
requires a level of service that is highly responsive, innovative and sensitive to
the individual needs, financial goals and core business objectives of each
Client. Cushman & Wakefield specializes in real estate services tailored to
meet the operational and occupancy requirements of a broad range of
commercial properties and owner occupied facilities. In doing so, it applies the
talents of specialists who understand client needs and are dedicated to
preserving and enhancing the value and usefulness of an asset.

Property Management services are provided on behalf of landlords in order to
maximize ongoing operations and the overall efficiency of the property.

Facilities Management enables clients to focus their internal resource on core
business through the strategic outsourcing of the management and provision of
all occupant support services to obtain world-wide best practice, enhanced
service delivery and cost efficiency.

Project Management provides development and management expertise
through a team of project managers, architects, engineers, programmers and
construction auditors.


C&W Advisory Services helps clients identify and implement solutions that
enable their real estate assets to more effectively support their core financial
and operating strategies. Advisory Services integrates the expertise of
professionals in the following areas:

Strategic Advisory employs strategic programming; expansion and
development analysis; location and demographics analysis; and economic
incentive negotiations to identify the locations, physical configurations and
usage standards that will enable a client to operate at maximum efficiency.
Investment Advisory formulates innovative techniques to acquire, dispose of,
or finance real estate in order to: (1) achieve specific accounting and financial
statement impacts, (2) promote efficient use of capital and credit resources,
and (3) mitigate tax burdens.

Valuation Advisory quantifies the current and projected value of real estate to
support informed decision-making.

Research & Analysis measures and evaluates current and projected economic
and market conditions impacting real estate, thereby enabling clients to
manage their risks and take advantage of future opportunities.

Development Consultancy Working with property developers and investors to
investigate the feasibility of development projects and maximize investment
returns, advising on all aspects of a development from building specifications
and design to target market and likely future income streams.

Industrial Site Selection
It is essential for industrial companies to gain a clear understanding of
alternative locations in terms of inbound and outbound logistics, power
reliability and infrastructure, labour costs, land costs, tax and other incentives
etc. Our industrial site selection team can assist you in selecting between the
many alternative locations available, and ultimately assist in securing a cost
competitive low risk industrial location that will maximize the competitive
advantage of your operations.

Bangalore          No 578, Syndicate Bank Road
                   Indira Nagar First Stage
                   Bangalore - 560 038
                   Tel: (91 80) 25219 756 X 8
                   Fax: (91 80) 25219 755

Chennai            Karumuthu Centre, Ground Floor,
                   498, Anna Salai, Nandanam
                   Chennai 600 035
                   Tel: (91 44) 4206 6611/22/33
                   Fax: (044) 4205 5522

Hyderabad          Cushman & Wakefield (India) Pvt. Ltd.
                   Suite No.201, DBS House 1-7-43-46,
                   Sardar Patel Road
                   Secunderabad - 500 003
                   Tel: (91 40) 2784 6970
                   Fax: (91 40) 2784 6855

Mumbai             First Floor, Mafatlal House
                   Padmabhushan H T Parekh Marg
                   Churchgate, Mumbai 400020
                   Tel: (91 22) 2281 3317/19/20
                   Fax: (91 22) 2202 5165

New Delhi          B6/8 Commercial Complex
                   Opp. Deer Park
                   Safdarjung Enclave
                   New Delhi 110 029, India
                   Tel: (91 11) 2619 2512 x 17/19/20
                   Fax: (91 11) 2619 5829

Client Requirement
Kodak, the world’s leading company in photography with its headquarters in
Rochester, New York appointed Cushman & Wakefield as its exclusive real
estate service providers for Greater Asia region.

To centralize all of Kodak’s Asia-Pacific leases, C&W first collected,
abstracted, verified, and databased Kodak’s entire portfolio to eGryfon, a
Web-enabled Lotus-notes-based real estate data management system
developed by our Asia Pacific offices. The data was then checked against
Kodak’s global system. In the process, C&W and Kodak identified substantial
cash-generation and cost-savings options in the region, such as Singapore,
where Kodak occupied an under-utilized 75,000 sf owned asset. C&W prepared
a detailed strategy and action program that led to above market- value sale of
the Singapore facility in December 2002 and the relocation of Kodak
Singapore’s 30,000 sf operations to a more efficient facility with considerable
lease flexibility.

Other Achievements
C&W Advisory and Transaction team further identified a lease restructure with
cost savings potential for its 100,000 sf warehouse facility within the Free
Trade Zone and negotiated for an additional double-digit percentage savings.

Cushman & Wakefield Services
• Lease Abstraction & Audits, Market Intelligence
• Consolidation solutions
• Strategic Planning
• Transaction Management


Client Requirement
General Motors has identified India as a very strong source of intellectual
capital in Engineering Design and R&D Arenas. In keeping with their plans to
strengthen their engineering capability globally and in the Asia Pacific region,
GM wished to establish a Technical Centre in India. This Centre would focus on
engineering and R&D work to support their global portfolio. Cushman and
Wakefield India was appointed to assist GM to make an informed strategic
decision for their city selection process and further implement their site
selection and acquisition process.
Based on inputs received from GM’s different user groups and understanding
GM’s requirements, C&W undertook a location analysis based on evaluation
criteria that are relevant and important to GM and it’s various user groups. This
study also aimed at highlighting the relative strengths and weaknesses of the
cities so that they met GM’s real estate objectives and global benchmarking
standards. After an extensive study C&W compiled a strategic location report
evaluating the best cities, keeping in mind the infrastructure, HR and
business/markets relevant to GM.

Subsequent to the city selection, C&W led and managed the selection and site
evaluation process in the short-listed city. C&W managed the negotiations,
due-diligence and documentation process and assisted GM in finalizing their
preferred option in an integrated & fast track approach. C&W India assisted GM
in securing a 39,000+ sq.ft facility in Bangalore to accommodate their global

To execute this prestigious assignment, C&W dedicated a team of highly skilled
& experienced professionals from the Advisory and Corporate Services who
were able to assimilate GMs requirements with their real estate expertise,
quality market research and incisive analysis.

Client Benefits
Leveraging on C&W’s inherent strengths and its network, C&W was able to
provide GM with the best solution that optimized their different requirements
including future growth plan. The key driver for the success of this project was
C&W’s ability to precisely understand and assess GMs real estate needs,
identify the right solution and complete the acquisition on a fast track basis.

Current Status
Exclusive service provider - GM Technical Centre, India. C&W has been retained
by GM for the fitout management and the same is underway.

Cushman & Wakefield Services
• Corporate Advisory Services
• Strategic Location Analysis
• Transaction Management
• Fit-out Management

Client Requirement
In March 1999, on recognizing the potential for back office processing in India,
HSBC decided to establish a Call/Data Center in Hyderabad for its UK and
European back office processing activities. HSBC retained C&W to conduct an
extensive location analysis of potential sites.

In order to service the client in a market where C&W did not have a physical
presence, C&W set up a dedicated account management team to execute the
assignment. The Corporate Services Group was able to mobilize resources and
provide updated market intelligence to facilitate a swift decision-making
process. The team conducted a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of
all available options across locations. C&W led all negotiations and due
diligence of the final short listed options to achieve a cost-effective solution
for HSBC Data Processing India Pvt. Ltd.

C&W India has assisted HSBC in securing two facilities of 30,000 sq.ft. and
185,000 sq.ft respectively for their data processing and call center facility in
Hyderabad. C&W has further assisted HSBC with the acquisition of their branch
offices in Jaipur and Ludhiana and is currently assisting HSBC with the
acquisition of branch offices in other city locations. C&W has also assisted
HSBC with the successful lease renegotiations of their corporate office space in
New Delhi and is continuing to assist them with the rationalization of its real
estate portfolio in North India.

Client Benefits
HSBC was provided with a fully resourced team capable of accessing the best
real estate options backed with authentic market data which supported an
informed decision making process for the client. C&W India recognized the
need for a well co-ordinated site selection process and consequently dedicated
the resources of senior real estate practitioners to ensure that HSBC was able
to secure the optimum property at a competitive price.

Current Status
Preferred Services Provider - India

Cushman & Wakefield Corporate Services
• Strategic Location Analysis
• Transaction Management
• Lease Renegotiation


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