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					                                               Atlanta Chapter
                                               NEWSLETTER OF THE ATLANTA CHAPTER
                                               OF THE SURFACE MOUNT TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION
                   MAY 2008
C.W. Kelley                                From tthe Presiidentt
                                           From he Pres den
Z-MarTechnology                             It seems you can't turn-on a TV, tune-in a radio or open a
Vice President                              newspaper these days without being buried by an avalanche of
Dick Russell                                political commentary on the 2008 Presidential election. Yet it is in
Micromeritics        Happy Mother’s Day!    the midst of this media frenzy that I want to bring to your attention
Secretary                                   another election in 2008, one that absolutely deserves a moment of
Bob Lazzara                                 your time and consideration: Our SMTA National Election.
Circuit Connect

Eric Moen
                                            The SMTA National Election is always important: The people we
VP Membership                               elect will steer and influence the course of the SMTA over the next
Jean Arnold                                 year. So for the 2008 election I'm particularly pleased to announce
Cable Connections
                                            that Atlanta has three of it's members running for office. They are:
VP Technical Programs
Sue Max                                          •   Dr, Dan Baldwin, Engent, nominated for the office of
ITW Chemtronics
Expo Committee Chair                             •   Dr. Kola Akinade, Cisco, nominated to be a member of
Frances Steward                                      the Board of Directors.
UP Media-Group
                                                 •   Matt Kehoe, SIPAD Systems, nominated to be a member of
Webmaster                                            the Board of Directors.
Ben McCallum
                                            Short biographies for each of these fellow
     = Inside This Issue =                  chapter members follow at the end of this
Page       Feature                          newsletter.
1.   From The President
2.   Pictures of our Exhibition             This is your opportunity to determine the future direction of SMTA.
3.   You: Become a Member                   Please take advantage of your voting privilege by returning your
4.   From The Mothership                    electronic ballot by May 30, 2008. Ballots received after that date
5.   Around Atlanta
7.   May Meeting Preview                    will not be counted. Use this link to vote:
         Contact the Editor
                                            Have a Wonderful May -
TEL:       (800) 560-9457 ext. 1
FAX:       (800) 878-5566                   C.W. Kelley, IV

 Atlanta Chapter News is an independent publication of the Atlanta Chapter of the Surface Mount Technology Association
  2008 SMTA EXPO
       original photos courtesy
      Matt Kehoe/SIPAD Systems

The complete picture archive will
soon be available on our chapter
website at:

 Atlanta Chapter News is an independent publication of the Atlanta Chapter of the Surface Mount Technology Association
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                                            Support the Atlanta Chapter:
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 Atlanta Chapter News is an independent publication of the Atlanta Chapter of the Surface Mount Technology Association
                                                            SMTA IInternatiionall 2008
                                                            SMTA nternat ona 2008
         SMTAI 2008!
          Come. Focus.                      Don't be left on the waiting list for our 2008 show! Join your colleagues
                                            who are already planning to exhibit at the industry's best technical
                                            conference on electronics assembly and advanced packaging.

                                            To register, please download and complete the Application to Exhibit at:
                                            Please view the floor plan and indicate your first three booth choices on
                                            your application.

                                            Contact Leslee Johns at 952-920-7682 or Gayle
                                            Jackson at 540-639-0439 with questions or for
                                            more information.

                                            Register Now for Design For Manufacturability
                                            (DFM) Webinar
                                            DFM: What Can No Longer Be Ignored
                                            Dale Lee, Plexus Corporation
                                            Tuesday, May, 13th, 2008
If you are interested in
                                            11am to 12:30pm Eastern
attending this webinar, please
                                            Component packaging technology continues to decrease in size (length, width,
contact Ryan
                                            thickness), interconnection density per unit area is increasing (thinner PCB’s,
Flaherty, Director of
                                            smaller lines & spaces), functional performance is increasing (thermal,
Communications at
                                            mechanical, electrical) at the same time as assembly processes are changing to
the SMTA.
                                            lead-free assembly and other legislated requirements.
952-920-7682. Visit the Online
                                            Due to these evolutionary changes in technology, many elements in the product
Presentations page at
                                            design and assembly process can no longer be ignored. This presentation will
for more details and to register
                                            highlight examples of several elements within the product design process (PCB
                                            and assembly), manufacturing tooling design, SMT and PTH assembly, cleaning,
                                            SMT and PTH rework, and inspection/test opportunities that may impact process
                                            deployment and yield improvement.

                                            Title: Mechanical Design of Electronic Systems
                                            Authors: James Dally, Pradeep Lall, and Jeffrey Suhling
                                            Non-Member Price: $106.00
                                            Member Price: $96.00

                                            This book has been written for engineers to serve as a first text on the
                                            packaging of electronic systems. The material has been written for an
                                            engineering student or for a practicing professional working as a
                                            mechanical or electrical engineer with a company producing electronic
     Mechanical Design of                   products or systems. The engineering student should
      Electronic Systems                    have completed fundamental courses in the engineering
                                            sciences, thermal sciences and materials as
 Don’t wait for the movie!                  prerequisites. The practicing professional will probably be
Get it from our Bookstore NOW:
                                            at the early stages of his or her career and be more
                                            concerned with the technical details of the design rather
                                            than the business strategy of a product line.

 Atlanta Chapter News is an independent publication of the Atlanta Chapter of the Surface Mount Technology Association

                                            Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Symposium 2008
                                            Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Symposium 2008 is a conference
                                            highlighting the latest technologies and applications of green and energy
                                            efficient products and services. The presentations will be particularly
This conference will be                     orientated toward industrial, manufacturing and facilities operations. The
held November 5-6 at the                    symposium will be held November 5-6 in Atlanta, Ga. This first annual
Atlanta Marriott Marquis                    event will feature presentations on corporate sustainability, renewable
                                            energy, energy efficiency, green building materials and financing, as well
Hotel, Atlanta, Ga.
                                            as the latest market trends, best practices, case studies and opportunities
                                            for "greentech" implementations.

                                            The conference is designed for sustainability managers, operators of
Energy Efficiency and
                                            renewable and alternative energy systems and programs, managers of
Sustainability Symposium
                                            energy efficiency and green programs for product development.
2008 will feature:
• Successful Implementations
• Technology Advancements                   If you are involved in a sustainability program, this is a must attend event.
• New Products and Services
• Market and Opportunity Trends             The conference will be held November 5-6 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis
• Effective Sustainability                  Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. Use the symposium to learn about the latest services
Programs                                    and technologies available, and network with peers, professionals and
                                            potential business partners involved in technology solutions serving a
                                            variety of applications.

                                            Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Symposium 2008 will be co-located
Who Needs to Attend:                        with Remote 2008, and will share a combined exhibit hall. Remote 2008
• Sustainability managers and               Conference and Expo focuses on the leading advancements for the
developers                                  monitoring and management of distributed equipment and facilities,
• Operators of renewable and                remote assets, automated process & system controls and device
alternative energy systems and              networks. Large-scale users and industry experts will speak on SCADA,
programs                                    security (cyber and physical), control, automation, onsite and back-up
• Managers of energy efficiency             power, M2M, networking, emerging wireless technology, telemetry and
and green programs                          condition monitoring.

                                            Interested in taking an active role in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
                                            Symposium 2008?
                                            The conference committee is currently accepting abstracts for
Benefits of Attending:                      presentations. Please visit the Call for Presentations page for details on
• Discuss your specific system              submitting an abstract or contact Shannon Given, program manager, at
needs with technology experts
• Find out the latest market and
technology and opportunity
trends worldwide                            Become an exhibitor or sponsor at Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
• Optimize your ROI on green                Symposium 2008. There are packages available to fit every budget.
products                                    Please visit the Sponsor & Exhibitor page for details or contact Jessi
                                            Carter at

 Atlanta Chapter News is an independent publication of the Atlanta Chapter of the Surface Mount Technology Association

The seventh annual
conference and expo will                    Remote 2008 Conference & Expo - SCADA, Device Networking, M2M,
                                            Wireless Technology, Onsite Power and Security for Remote Sites.
be held November 5-6,
2008 at the Atlanta                         Remote 2008 Conference and Expo will focus on the leading advancements for
Marriott Marquis Hotel,                     the monitoring and management of distributed equipment and facilities, remote
                                            assets, automated process & system controls and device networks. Large-scale
Atlanta, GA.                                users and industry experts will speak on SCADA, security (cyber and physical),
                                            control, automation, onsite and back-up power, M2M, networking, emerging
                                            wireless technology, telemetry and condition monitoring. (New for 2008: A session
The seventh annual conference and           track dedicated specifically to security as it relates to remote sites and equipment!)
expo will be held November 5-6,
2008 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis
Hotel, Atlanta, GA. This technology-        This year's event will offer managers of distributed equipment and remote facilities
driven and solution oriented event          the most informative conference on these mission critical technologies. Over 50
brings together the innovators and          technical speaker presentations will provide focused sessions the latest
users from multiple industries,             technologies and market trends, multiple case applications from users in many
including utilities, power, oil & gas,      industries and integrators, and how-to sessions for the engineers and managers of
telecom, industrial, water & public         remote sites. This year attendees will receive certificates of attendance and can
utilities, agriculture and facilities       earn continuing education credits through some sessions and pre-event

The event is designed to attract and        The two-day international conference will serve equipment and facility managers,
serve key decision makers from              communications system operators, designers, developers and integrators
organizations     throughout     North      interested in learning the latest capabilities and best practices in these rapidly
America. It offers an excellent venue       advancing fields. This will provide an opportunity to network with peers,
for promoting your company, its             professionals and potential business partners involved in technology solutions
products and services, and for              serving a variety of applications. See the latest products, services and systems
networking with key decision makers
representing     valuable    business
                                            available and discover what's coming next.
partners and customers for your
company.                                    To sponsor this value-packed event, there are several options available, one or
                                            more of which is sure to fit your company's promotional goals and budget. For
                                            more information, call 800-803-9488 x114 or email

On Monday, April 21,
Women in Electronics
held their 15th Annual Golf
Tournament Fundraiser at
Reunion Golf Club. A
grand time was had by all,
and all for a great cause!

                                            The Mulligan Brothers (AKA Kamden Robb/UPMG, Dave Hoyt/Intercept
                                            Technologies, CW Kelley/Z-Mar Industries) pose at UP Media Group’s sponsored hole.

 Atlanta Chapter News is an independent publication of the Atlanta Chapter of the Surface Mount Technology Association
Our Next Chapter Meeting                    Our May Chapter Meeting:
=SPEAKER PREVIEW=                           JIM PRICE – Guest Speaker

                                            High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) SMT Assembly Strategies

                                            We will explore the various approaches that can be implemented in
                                            HMLV manufacturing based on the equipment designs in use: for
                                            example, turrets, gantries, quick-change carts, etc. In addition, we
                                            will cover the various software approaches that can be utilized when
                                            programming for multiple assemblies. Finally, I will provide an XL
                                            model that allows the engineer a way to make useful decisions as to
Plan now to join us in for                  which approach is best for a specific job.
our next chapter
meeting. For up-to-the-                     BIOGRAPHY
minute information on                       With more than 25 years of electronic equipment and process
our May meeting, visit                      experience as a product and sales manager, Jim Price has led the
our web site at:                            North America Surface Mount Technology (SMT) sales team for
ext_meeting_tba.html                        Sony Manufacturing Systems America Inc. (SMSA) since June

                                            Reporting directly to the president of SMSA, Mr. Price is
                                            responsible for new product launches, strategic sales planning and
                                            the implementation of a sales network to enhance and secure Sony’s
                                            presence in the North American market. He also works closely with
                                            the R&D group in Japan to design next-generation products to fit
                                            the growing chip placement markets.

                                            Mr. Price has a bachelor’s degree in marketing management with an
                                            emphasis on professional selling. His background began with the
                                            U.S. Coast Guard, where he learned about electronics. After that, he
                                            worked in outside sales positions, both as a manufacturer’s
                                            representative and in a direct factory position. He has also been
                                            appointed as a product and sales manager in charge of customers in
                                            Mexico and Europe. With his solid working knowledge of
                                            electronic operation, especially high-frequency chips, Mr. Price is
                                            committed to offering customers optimal solutions on the assembly

                                            For complete details visit us on-line at:

 Atlanta Chapter News is an independent publication of the Atlanta Chapter of the Surface Mount Technology Association
                                           SMTA Atlanta Chapter Candidates for 2008 National Election
                                           Dr. Dan Baldwin from Engent has been nominated for the office of President. Dan
                                           is the president and CEO of Engent, Inc. – Enabling Next Generation
                                           Technologies, providing enabling manufacturing services and process
                                           technologies in the areas of microelectronics, flip chip, optoelectronics, and
                                           MEMS. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at
                                           Georgia Institute of Technology. He was an Associate and Assistant Professor of
                                           Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech from 1995-2005. Prior to joining the
                                           faculty, he was a Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories, Princeton,
                                           NJ, working on electronic product miniaturization. He was formerly the Vice
                                           President of Siemens’ Advanced Assembly Technology Division. He was a
                                           research manager and research assistant at MIT’s Laboratory for Manufacturing
                                           and Productivity from 1990-1994, a Draper Fellow at the Charles Stark Draper
                                           Laboratory in Cambridge, MA from 1988 to 1990, and an Engineering Intern for
                                           Mitsubishi Electric, Kamakura, Japan in 1987. Dr. Baldwin received his S.M. and
                                           Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 1990 and 1994,

                                           Dr. Kola Akinade from Cisco has been nominated to be a member of the Board of
                                           Directors. Kola has 25 years of experience in the chemical and electronics
                                           industry. Presently, he is a manager of Material Science and Supplier Quality at
                                           Scientific-Atlanta, A Cisco Co. In this position he is responsible for resolving
                                           corporate product and manufacturing quality issues, supplier qualification and
                                           materials related research. Prior to this assignment, he worked for Motorola and
                                           ON Semiconductor for 11 years. During this period, Kola established and served
                                           as the Manager of the Motorola Transmission Products Division’s state-of-the-art
                                           Advanced Process & Failure Analysis Laboratory. The laboratory was responsible
                                           for electronic materials, processes, and failure mode analysis supporting
                                           manufacturing plants domestically and abroad. His international experience
                                           includes establishing and managing Technical Operations groups (TOPS) in the
                                           Philippines and Guadalajara, Mexico. The TOPS group is responsible for
                                           transforming the organization to a knowledge-based organization through the
                                           application of basic knowledge for problem resolution, process improvement and
                                           new technology development at both die and packaging levels. Before joining
                                           Motorola, Kola worked as a Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratory.
                                           His group was supporting AT&T’s printed circuit board manufacturing facility in
                                           reliability and quality issues. Prior to his position at AT&T, Kola worked as a Senior
                                           Research Chemist at Dow Chemical Company in the area of Polymer Fabrication
                                           and Characterization. He received his B.S. and Ph.D. in Physical Inorganic
                                           Chemistry from Howard University, M.S. in Physical Chemistry from Marquette
                                           University and MBA from Auburn University. He is an adjunct professor of
                                           Chemistry at Georgia Perimeter College. Kola has been an active member of the
                                           SMTA since 1991.

                                           Matt Kehoe of SIPAD Systems has been nominated to be a member of the Board
                                           of Directors. Matt began his career in electronics in 1981 as one of the original
                                           employees at Proto Systems of Atlanta. In 1987 Matt Co-founded Miltec
                                           Electronics where he designed, installed and managed a pre-internet network of
                                           paperless purchasing software systems for printed circuit boards called BearWare.
                                           Numerous national and international speaking engagements and workshops with
                                           the ICDA resulted in his introduction in 1990 to the SIPAD solid solder deposit
                                           process invented by Siemens in Munich Germany. In 1996 Matt secured the sales
                                           and marketing rights for SIPAD ssd in the United States and with the help of
                                           Midwest Printed Circuit Services, successfully imported the SIPAD solid solder
                                           deposit technology from Germany, designing and managing the first solid solder
                                           deposit facility, MPCS Atlanta, from 1997 through 2001. In 2001 Matt founded
                                           SIPAD Systems Inc, the first and only dedicated solid solder deposit service
                                           bureau in the world offering SIPAD coating services to OPM’s, CEM’s and printed
                                           circuit manufacturers. Matt has been an active member of SMTA since 1997.


Atlanta Chapter News is an independent publication of the Atlanta Chapter of the Surface Mount Technology Association

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