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									    Webinar: AIR Now
Air Quality System (AQS)

     July 13, 2011
• Introductions
   – Sarah Swenson, EPA (facilitator)
   – John E. White, EPA (presenter)

• Format
   – EPA speaker (15 minutes) – overview of Air datasets
   – Lines are muted - submit questions as the speakers talk
   – Questions and Answers (15 minutes)

• See the website:

            Background about the Challenge

• Apps must use EPA data and address one of EPA
  Administrator Lisa Jackson’s Seven Priorities
• Judged based on usefulness, innovativeness, and
• Submissions are due by September 16
• Winners and runners up for Best Overall App and Best
  Student App, plus People’s Choice
• Recognition from EPA in Washington, D.C. in
• Get more details at
AIRNow Web Services
Overview of Available Data
            Prepared by
 Steven A. Ludewig, Timothy S. Dye
     Sonoma Technology, Inc.
           Petaluma, CA
            John E. White
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
     Research Triangle Park, NC

           AIRNow Program Overview

AIRNow is the National system for acquiring and
distributing air quality observations and forecasts to the
• Voluntary participation
• 130 federal, state, local, and tribal air
  quality agencies)
• Standardized Air Quality Index (AQI)
• Partnerships with national media
• Air quality education and outreach
• Emergency response (e.g., wildfires)
• Exceptional Event tools
• EnviroFlash
The Air Quality Index
               AIRNow Web Services:
               Why Are They Needed?
• Web Services provide a way to retrieve data and
  information ‘on demand’ from the AIRNow system.
   –   Forecasts
   –   Action days
   –   Observed data
   –   Multiple format options including maps
   –   Agency, reporting area, and monitoring site information
• Uses
   –   Agency websites, web developer access
   –   Local news organizations
   –   Other agencies
   –   Schools and researchers
   –   Spreadsheets and other applications
   –   The public

AIRNow Web Services
     A few potential uses

      AIRNow Web Services
• Where we’ve been
  – Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP): not
    as simple or clean as it sounds
• Progress in 2009
  – A RESTful approach
• The future – an AIRNow Application
  Programming Interface (API)
  – Additional services, data sets, and formats
    useful for building applications
  – An easier to use, well-documented interface
              AIRNow Web Services:
               A RESTful Approach
• Example question: “What is the current air
  quality forecast for my home town ZIP Code?”
   – URL:
• Looks complicated, but let’s break it down
   –   ForecastByZIPCode = the name of this request*
   –   Key = unique user key
   –   ZIPCode = ZIP Code of interest
   –   Format = payload options (CSV, JSON, KML, XML, etc.)
   –   Optional: Date = any date of interest (defaults to the
       current date)
*a companion service exists for observed data: ObservedByZIPCode

  AIRNow Web Services (example)
Use of ForecastByZIPCode and ObservedByZIPCode
services by the EPA MyEnvironment website: and other state web sites

          AIRNow Web Services
Use of a geospatial Web Coverage Service (WCS) by
Shasta County, CA:

          KML file
            AIRNow Web Services

•   ForecastByZIPCode      • SiteInfoByAQSCode
•   ObservedByZIPCode      • AgencyGetSites
•   ForecastsByIssueDate   • GetReportingAreas
•   ActionDaysByDate
•   Ozone24HourAQI
                           • WCS – point
•   PM25Mid24HrAQI
                           • WCS – time series
•   ReportingAreaMax-
    AverageAQI             Coming Soon:
                           • WCS – grid
• SiteMaxAverageAQI
                           • WMS – mapping service

                                      Demonstration Tool
AIRNow Web Services – The Future

  – Expanded library of services
  – Additional geospatial services
  – More payload options
  – Improved standardization
  – Extensive documentation
  – Online query generator tools

           AIRNow Web Services

                Thank You!

 Steven A. Ludewig       John E. White
 (707) 665-9900          (919) 541-2306

                 Questions and Answers

Potential topics:
• Questions about accessing or using AIR Now or AQS
• How to submit ideas for apps
• Ideas for future webinars – what datasets do you
  want to learn about?

                         Next Steps
• Check out our new webinar site to catch up on any you’ve missed!

• Weekly webinars for the next 6 weeks – Wednesdays @ 2 PM EST
    – The next webinar is on Wednesday, July 20 at 2 PM eastern
    – Topic: EPA’s Water data! Check the website for registration info

• Submit your apps by September 16
• Check the website for the latest news and sign up for the listserv
   (EPA App Developer Community)

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• Apps for the Environment:
• AIR Now
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