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									Teachers, schools & districts are under constant pressure
to keep up with accelerating accountability demands.

Many opt to build their own assessments, BUT…
COST is a major challenge, as is finding the TIME to
create (or locate) QUALITY PASSAGES that will help
develop & enhance local
assessments and instructional
programs without worrying
about copyright infringement
or paying huge sums of $$$
A: Using PassageBank.com, finding high-interest
reading passages across a wide variety of genres and
text types is both EASY & AFFORDABLE.
We know building assessment &
instructional programs from
scratch is not easy, but…


We specialize in finding &
creating high-interest passages
and we take care of all the
copyright issues so you have
one less thing to worry about!
• Since launching in 2011, our site has grown to over 1500 passages with
  users in 49 STATES with more joining every day.

• The PassageBank.com site may be used by multiple stakeholders
  to search for passages by genre, readability, word count & keyword.

• Simple search criteria allow for EASY CUSTOMIZATION
• Registration takes ONLY MINUTES to complete
• Most users DOWNLOAD passages in convenient PDF Format
• District accounts may also choose to receive passages in HTML
More than 20 Genre Categories are available, including:
•   Realistic Fiction        •   Plays
•   Poetry                   •   Short Stories
•   Fables & Folktales       •   Functional Text
•   Informational Articles   •   Journals/Diaries
•   Letters & Speeches       •   Persuasive Essays
•   Historical Documents     •   Nonfiction Narrative
•   How-to/Procedural        •   Excerpts from Longer Works
• Passages are SEARCHABLE by KEYWORD so they are easy to
  integrate into THEMATIC LESSONS or units
• Great for Common Core Standards based instruction & assessment

       Don’t be afraid to GET INTO CHARACTER &
       have your students do the same!
Q: How many passages are in PassageBank.com?
A: PassageBank.com currently has well over 1000 passages & more are being
added every day. We expect to increase the total by hundreds of new passages
each year.

Q: Can I use PassageBank.com to create common assessments for my district?
A: Absolutely. PassageBank.com was specifically created to support both
district, school and classroom use, BUT you need to have a district or school
account to use our passages in assessments administered in more than one
classroom. Contact us today to learn about licensing options and get set up.

Q: What grade levels & genres are available?
A: We currently have resources cataloged for approximately 20 genres in
grades K-12 and we will be introducing new tools to search by readability soon.

Q: Who wrote the passages in PassageBank.com?
A: PassageBank.com resources come from professional writers and editors, as
well as time-tested authors such as Shakespeare, Dickens, & Walt Whitman.

Q: Who should use PassageBank.com?
A: PassageBank.com is a great resource for just about anyone looking to
access a library of passages in a convenient, searchable format, including
teachers, instructional coaches, assessment and data specialists and ELA
curriculum supervisors. Many of our customers are districts that use our
passages to create common assessments and PD programs.

Q: How much does PassageBank.com cost?
A: Depending on your specific needs, several pricing models are available,
including monthly subscription, student seat license & per passage options.

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