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					Don’t Dispute Your Credit Report On Your Own

One of the biggest problems we see daily is the fact that so many people try to
dispute credit report on their own thinking that it will magically remove the bad
credit and result in a better credit score. Some read websites online saying that
anyone can file a credit bureau dispute, and some even purchase letter templates or
kits that claim to show you how to send in disputes. Then, when all of that fails they
decide to seek out expert help from a credit repair company.

Did you know that by initiating a dispute in the wrong manner could result in a very
difficult credit repair journey for you? These letters, kits and eBooks have been
circulating the internet for several years now and they are continuously rebranded
with fancy names and websites, but when it comes down to the actual strategy they
are suggesting it becomes obvious that they are outdated and not effective. Sending
the credit bureaus a letter that basically states that none of the negative information
on your credit reports belongs to you does not work. Do you honestly believe tat it is
that easy? If so bad credit would be nonexistent, but in reality sending letters like
those will just result in your credit file being flagged and also a potential fraud alert
placed on your credit file.

When the credit bureaus receive this type of generic letter claiming that none of the
derogatory information belongs to the individual they are fully aware that the
sender is not aware of the legal side of credit repair and these requests stand out
like a sore thumb and they are easily flagged. So, what will the credit reporting
agencies do in this situation? Well, nine times out of ten they will not properly
investigate at all and just return a generic response stating that they verified
everything. They will match up the name and fire a response back.

Now, if you make this mistake and then go seek out help from a credit restoration
company the credit bureaus many state that they have already provided verification
and this makes it more difficult for the company to do the work because they now
have to fix your error. Does this mean all hope is lost? No, but it will result in more
work and time to clean up the mess and do it correctly.

Avoid a potential headache and just get the situation handled correctly the first time.
Let the experts at Credit Restore USA handle the repair process the right way, using
proven legal methods designed to give the best possible results. What good is it if
you do something that can prevent you from having the best possible outcome when
it comes to fixing your credit? Avoid any potentially harmful methods and
suggestions and let us do it right the first time. When you do it right the first time
the end result is more favorable in terms of deletions as well as quicker completion.