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					Example Of How To Rebuild Credit

When I signed up for credit repair help through Credit Restore USA they gave me
some suggestions of what I could do on the side in order to help rebuild my credit
while they did their work. I was willing to do whatever it took in order to end up
with a healthy credit score.

I never had issues with my financed until I went through a divorce, and what I
thought would be a relatively simple process turned into a very messy legal battle
over assets and money. In the end payments were skipped, joint credit cards were
charged off and even a car was repossessed. It wasn’t a case of not having the ability
to pay, but I did what my Attorney advised, and since there was a lot on the line I
followed his suggestions although I really hated to let things go, as I knew it would
totally crush my credit; something that I was very proud of.

Our divorce took about 16 months to finalize and it was a huge weight off of my
shoulders when it was over. It was a year and a half of constant stress, and when it
was over I honestly didn’t care about my credit. I was just glad I could sit back and
breathe again knowing that I would not have to deal with negotiations, attorneys, or
my ex-wife ever again. For the next year I didn’t even think about my credit, because
I knew it was damaged. I paid cash for everything and never applied for anything. I
figured the best thing was to just let it settle and I would then address it at a later
date. After the divorce was finalized I felt like a new person, and I knew that if I
looked at my credit I would be devastated so I just let it be for a while.

The time finally came when I was ready to get some help. I knew that credit repair
worked but I was not sure what company was the best. I did some searching online
and went with Credit Restore USA, as I was confident that they could deliver the best
service for me. I let them do their work, but I also asked them to show me how to
rebuild credit at the same time in order to get my credit score to a healthy level
when all was said and done.

They advised me to get a secured credit card immediately and pointed me in the
direction of a card that did not require a credit check and it reported to all three
credit bureaus each month. They also explained how authorized user accounts could
also boost my credit score and juice up my credit profile. Thankfully I had a lot of old
satisfactory accounts that show over 30 years of credit history, so I am sire this
helped tremendously.

When all was said and done I spent five months in the credit repair program and my
scores were all over 700 on all 3 bureaus thanks to the great service and also the tips
on rebuilding my credit. The complete experience was great and I would
recommend these credit professionals to everyone wanting to fix their credit.