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									Five Celebrity Lawsuits that Make You Ask Why

The court of law is a place of justice and fair appraisal of unfair situations. Every American has the right
to bring someone to court at any time for any problem they can think of.

All locals would need to do was hire a Utah small business attorney to represent them in court, and they
can fight a legal battle several months long. Even without the Utah small business attorney, you could
pursue the case through your own representation should you choose.

Ms. Lohan
As you can imagine, some people have taken it too far, even a few of your favorite celebrities. Lindsay
Lohan filed a lawsuit against E-Trade for using her first name in a commercial.

Two babies were depicted holding a conversation about a boyfriend having a milk-aholic Lindsay on her
hands. Lindsay was positive that they were referring to her and her alcohol and drug issues.

The case she is taking to the bench is that she has single name recognition like Cher. The court of law
has yet to rule on this case.

Dustin Hoffman and 50 Cent
Dustin Hoffman, Kung Fu Panda’s voice for Shifu and star of Kramer vs. Kramer, has created his own
drama—Dustin vs. LA Magazine. Dustin dressed as a woman in the movie Tootsie.

                                                LA Magazine thought it would be fun to Photoshop him
                                                into a new outfit. Dustin was not happy about this and
                                                sued them for five million dollars.

                                                The case ended awarding him a measly three million.
                                                Famous rapper 50 Cent sued Taco Bell because they used
                                                his name in a commercial.

                                                They wanted him to change his name to 99 Cent, in honor
                                                of their 99-cent menu. People started making fun of him,
                                                he didn’t like that and so he sued Taco Bell. Taco Bell
                                                countersued for four million and things were settled
                                                outside of court.

                                                MJ Look Alike and Samsung
                                                If you can believe it, some guy sued Michael Jordan and
Phil Knight for the fact that he looked like Michael Jordan.
In some twisted way, Allen Heckard grew so tired of people stopping him to ask for his autograph, that
he sued the NBA star for being his lookalike. Apparently MJ made a huge mistake by (1) living and (2)

He took a hack at Phil Knight—head of Nike—for promoting Michael’s image. He wanted eight hundred
and thirty-two dollars for it.

When asked to explain, all he could say was “ah.” Television’s beloved Vanna White had a run in with
Samsung Electronics back in the 1980’s.

They ran an ad showing a dressed up robotic woman doing her job for her. Instead of letting Wheel of
Fortune take the case against Samsung, she went for it all herself and won.

Ridiculous Issues?
There are many ways to take a lawsuit against another person, some more ridiculous than others. These
celebrities had their various reasons for doing what they did.

These issues hit close to home. Everyone has issues, entrepreneurs can sometimes make a whole list of

But before you jump to conclusions and take someone to court, consult with a Utah small business
attorney to find out if this is really something to pursue. A good Utah small business attorney can help
you identify a worthwhile case.

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