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									Review your Dental Hygiene Habits
Keeping up on one’s dental hygiene has more benefits than just staving off bad breath, although those
you talk to certainly consider it a benefit. The mouth is the portal to the body where all forms of
diseases and germs can enter if a person does not take precautions through regular cleaning.

By properly maintaining this portal to the body and by keeping it clean and tidy means that a person can
stay healthier longer. Having good dental hygiene is one of the first steps that a person can take to
ensure their good overall health moving forward.

The Importance of Hygiene
A lack of dental hygiene can cause serious health problems for an individual such as the gum disease
gingivitis. This condition can lead to bone loss in the mandible due to decay and deterioration.

To avoid such diseases and to maintain one’s overall health, return to the basics of dental hygiene. Only
this time, make sure that all the appropriate steps to dental care are being taken; this revision of a
person’s oral care should take the place of their childhood dental health when two swipes with a
toothbrush and off to bed was the extent
of their dental hygiene habits.

For some, returning to the basics of
dental care may seem like a step back in
dental health and not a step forward but
this is probably because these people are
harking back to those childhood years
and think that the must do more to keep
up on their oral care. This is not accurate
simply because “the basics” of dental
care may be more complicated than one

Proper and basic oral care, the term oral care is here used to emphasis the point that maintaining good
oral hygiene is not limited to the care of one’s teeth but is instead caring for one’s mouth in its entirety,
is based largely on the fundamental steps prescribed by dentists everywhere to brush one’s teeth and
floss regularly. But even these two simple oral care practices have components involved within them
that most people fail to perform.

When brushing one’s teeth, for example, there are several things that a person should be aware of. The
first is to brush twice daily and to use proper technique by holding the brush at a slight angle and
brushing in short cylindrical motions on all surfaces of the teeth.

Brush Your Tongue!
Also be sure to brush the tongue and chewing surfaces of the molars. Remember that forceful and
vigorous brushing motions can be more detrimental for teeth than moderately paced brushing.

                                Flossing likewise has its own technique that should be followed. The
                                string of floss should be moved not only up and down in-between
                                teeth but should be used to clean the side walls of each tooth by
                                holding the floss against the inner side of the tooth.

                                  By truly remembering how to perform the basics of dental care, an
                                  individual in Oklahoma can maintain proper oral care and limit the
amount of work done by dentists in Oklahoma. Remember to include visiting your dentist in Oklahoma
regularly to ensure your oral health is preserved.

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