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SIMBA Provides Traceability Under Harsh Conditions


									Seafood Processor Uses Mobile Computers To Improve Traceability &
Improve Quality In Rough Environment

Redmond - WA – September 13, 2012 / Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Redmond,
Washington software developer specializing in barcode data collection, has
installed mobile computers with Ocean Beauty Seafoods, resulting in improved
traceability and reduced transportation costs.

Rugged Mobility The Psion Work about Pro3™ Mobile Computer was chosen
for the installation because the units are rated for harsh environments – sealed
against dust and sprayed water; multiple drops from 6 feet to concrete.

Ocean Beauty uses the Psion units with their SIMBA system, which is designed
for production, inventory control and shipping in a food processing environment.
SIMBA allows a production line worker to change content of product labels with a
fingertip on the computer touch screen, capturing variable information including
weight, size, color, grade, as well as any other information required by the
customer (country of origin, dates, etc.), and with a barcode identifier for that
tote or carton. The label information is stored in the SIMBA inventory system,
which then provides production and inventory reports. The system has features
for re-boxing, palletizing and shipping, including production of the bill of lading.
This integrated system gives the user complete traceability of the product from
receiving to shipping. See Seafood Processing Software.

Additional Benefits Of SIMBA Features include the ability to track
inventory (boxes, totes, pallets) to a specific location within the warehouse,
cooler or freezer. For those customers who use SIMBA at multiple locations, the
Product Tables that hold information for the labels can now be modified at one
location and broadcasted to all other locations simultaneously. And the ability to
create an Electronic Bill of Lading has been added. The Psion Work about Pro3™
mobile computers are used to track location of cartons and to record shipments.

15331 NE 90th St.                                                  425-216-1204
Redmond, WA 98052                                                  800-342-3999                                                425-861-3976 (fax)
Results Key results from implementing the SIMBA software include increased
production speed; the ability to get same day, accurate production reports;
ability to fulfill traceability requirements; accurate inventory; professional looking
carton and pallet labels; and expedited van loading.

Contact: Rob freeman Business Development 800-342-3999 X 208;


15331 NE 90th St.                                                    425-216-1204
Redmond, WA 98052                                                    800-342-3999                                                  425-861-3976 (fax)

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