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									                       How Kindle Came About

Kindle came about in 2007 when it was launched by Amazon and designed to be a
mobile device for users to purchase, save and ebooks anywhere anytime at their
convenience similar to how they used mobile phones.

Though its standard price was $399, it proved to be popular among most US readers.
So much so that all copies were sold out within 6 hours and it was not released again
until April 2008.

However its popularity to readers and profitability to Amazon prompted other models
to be launched into the local market.

This was clearly evident in its sales which have surpassed and ultimately caused the
downfall of bookstores like Borders in market value.

When buying physical book, you can only obtain information from that book and
nothing more unless you buy more books. But in Kindle, you can obtain information
from multiple books at one time without spending more.

This was largely due to an extendable memory slot included within the kindle. If your
intention is to save plenty of books, just simply boast its memory power.

Problem is none of the earlier models possess such feature the reason being that} that
their memory bank is large enough to store many books through there is a limit to

Because of that, Amazon came up with Kindle 2 in February 2009 with a larger
memory space. It can hold up to 1500 non-illustrated books.That makes it very easy
and convenient for you to carry like mobile phone. Its thickness was shrunk to make it
lighter for customers to hold while reading.

Compared to the first Kindle, it is certainly offered an easier reading experience and is
much more affordable at just $299 in July and $259 in October.
While the first kindle is primarily targeted at US market, the second one is for

You can browse titles from various nations. You no longer have to limit yourself to
books from just Atlantic only. It was priced at $279 which was then lowered to $259
and further down to $189 due to worldwide popularity and demand.

That is also why it is a matter of time before Kindle 2 too went out of stock.

Within the same year, Kindle DX was launched. Compared to its predecessors, its
screen is much bigger and comes along with accelerometer which enables the screen
to rotate to portrait or landscape. This is accordingly to how the user held it.

This is much more attractive as it gives you greater reading pleasure. Because of that, it
was also released worldwide.

In 2010, Amazon launched Kindle 3. Also known as the Kindle Keyboard 3G, it has a
built in Wi-Fi and keyboard. By far the best Kindle version available, the Kindle 3 is
affordable, convenient and has features which are not included in previous models.

The following year, Amazon announced Kindle 4 at much lower prices of $79 and $109
respectively. Maintaining the 6 inch e-ink display of its predecessors and experimental
web-browsing capability when within Wi-fi range.

It is also a lightweight in size. Not to mention the 9 hard keys, a cursor pad, an on-
screen, flash storage capacity of 2GB and an approximate one month battery life.

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Besides video games and movies, Jake Lionel Spencer is an avid collector of Amazon
Kindles since the first one was launched in 2007.

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