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									                                        JEFF WHITSETT
                                          Mount Airy, N.C. 27030

                                                 Career Summary
A senior level management professional with extensive experience in the leadership required to operate and grow an
organization. Strengths include providing vision, setting goals and then managing the people, projects and methodologies
necessary to achieve the goals, on time and on or under budget. Quality driven and focused on exceeding targets through
strong cohesive team building, and able to utilize highly developed interpersonal skills to successfully interface with a
diverse public, as well as associates. A uniquely imaginative and creative thinker with strong motivational skills who can
plan and implement all assigned projects and processes.

                                                  Areas of Expertise
Multi-Divisional Management                                     Organizational Branding
Budgetary creation, management, and oversight                   Community relationship building and maintenance
Creating efficiencies for lower costs & greater profitability   Employee recruitment, development and retention
Program design and implementation                               Project Management

                                            Professional Experience
     J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc.                                                                             1991– 2012
        Vice President, Regional Manager                       2008 – 2012
               Supervise & manage all divisions in NC, SC and TN.
               Provide leadership for teams in charge of marketing, sales, customer service, and branch retail operations.
               200% total sales increase.
               50% reduction in staffing expenses.
               Consistently in top 1/3 of business nationwide.
               100% customer satisfaction, never a single unresolved issue on file.

        Vice President, Branch Manager                          2000 – 2008
               Oversee all functions of the NC branch.
               Manage teams for on-site retail operations, customer service, product distribution and shipping/receiving.
               Organize and head teams performing off-site convention/conference and live sales event productions.
               Maintained a steady increase in sales each year without exception.
               Doubled off-site exposure while minimizing budgeted expense increases.
               Oversaw all aspects concerned with a physical move of business locations.
fundraising media donors administration business communications marketing public relations
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                                  JEFF WHITSETT

 J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc. (continued)                                                               1991– 2012
   Operations Manager                                       1995 – 2000
          Supervise and manage all operational teams within the NC branch.
          Recruit and hire for all staffing positions.
          Created procedural efficiencies resulting in lower expense costs.
          Set standards for same day order processing and shipping for all orders placed by 4:00pm.
          Developed employees to maintain a diverse staff producing an extremely small turnover rate.

   Customer Service                                             1991 – 1995
          Provide direct one on one customer service in person, on the phone and over the internet.
          Perform order entry, customer research, A/R support, problem resolution and order fulfillment.
          Prepare orders for shipment and receive incoming stock for retail center.
          Fulfilled all duties with little to no direct supervision required.
          Developed superior customer relations which lasted throughout my entire company career.
          Completed assignments under deadline and continually strove to seek greater responsibilities.

 Duncan Music                                                                                      1990 – 1991
   Customer Service
   Performed same duties as customer service position above until print music division bought out by J.W. Pepper.

 Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools                                                              1989 – 1990
   Music Educator
   Instructed students in playing and performing using band instruments.

 American Multimedia                                                                               1986 – 1988
   Mastering Engineer
          Work directly with musical artists and their provided studio recordings to achieve optimal audio quality.
          Prepare a Master Tape(s) for large and small scale production of finished, ready to sell cassette tapes.
          Worked with clients ranging from Janet Jackson and Tina Turner to locally known singer-songwriters.
          Performed all duties with minimal supervision required.
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                                 JEFF WHITSETT

 Laurel Ridge Moravian Conference Center                                                           1985 – 1986
  Interim Director
         Manage all functions for year round conference center, including supervising housekeeping, dining,
         maintenance, and recreational staff.
         Provide total customer service as required.
         100% customer satisfaction without a single unresolved issue on file.
         0 staff turnover during my term of management.

 American Red Cross                                                                                1981 – 1985
  Mobile Unit Technician                                   1982 – 1985
         Transport, set up and prepare all equipment necessary for off-site blood collection services.
         Receive collected blood from nursing staff to process and prepare it for storage and transport to ARC lab.
         Assist nurses as required with donors needing additional attention during immediate post collection time.
         Dismantle all equipment for return transport to blood center and replenish supplies for the next trip out.
         First Mobile Unit Technician hired for opening of the Winston-Salem Blood Center.
         Recognized by nursing staff for superior service and team leadership abilities.
         Never received a negative write-up and maintained a 100% blemish free employee file.

  Refreshment Coordinator/Volunteer Staff Chauffer 1981 – 1982
         Maintain adequate supplies of post donation refreshments.
         Deliver and set up supplies at the mobile blood collection site.
         Pick up volunteer staff, drive them to collection site and return them to chapter house as needed.

 Emack and Bolio                                                                                   1980 – 1981
          Manage all aspects required to staff and operate a retail ice cream store.
          Acquire all ingredients to create gourmet ice cream and their accompanying extras and toppings.
          Account for and deposit all monetary income and expenditures.

 Laurel Ridge Moravian Camp                                                                        1978 – 1980
  Summer Manager

 Laurel Ridge Moravian Camp                                                                        1974 – 1978
  Summer Staff
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                                  JEFF WHITSETT

                             Leadership and Other Experience

 Executive Board – Piedmont Wind Symphony                         1992 – Present
 Associate Conductor – Piedmont Wind Symphony                     1992 – Present
 Board of Directors – Salem Band                                  1990 – Present
 Director Emeritus – Salem Band                                   2011 – Present
 Director – Salem Band                                            1992 – 2011
 Board of Directors – Carolina Music Ways                         2000 – 2005
 Director of Moravian Bands – Winston-Salem                       2006 – Present
 Assistant Director of Moravian Bands – Winston-Salem             1991 – 2006
 Executive Planning Board – Moravian Music Festival               2009
 American Red Cross                                               1980 – 1981
 Reynolda House                                                   1972 – 1974
 Moravian Church                                                  1968 – Present

 Bachelor of Music – New England Conservatory of Music

   Social Media Marketing – Forsyth Technical Community College
   Web Site Design (basic level only) – Winston-Salem Computer Learning Center
   Creative Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking – Park University Enterprises, Inc.
   Creative Leadership – Park University Enterprises, Inc.
   Team-Building, Mentoring and Coaching Skills – Park University Enterprises, Inc.
   Total Management Skills – Park University Enterprises, Inc.
   Communicating with Tact and Professionalism – Park University Enterprises, Inc.
   Designing Brochures, Newsletters, Ads and Reports– Park University Enterprises, Inc.
   North Carolina Teaching Certification – University of North Carolina at Greensboro
   Technical Certificate – The Recording Workshop Institute

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