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									Outdoor digital sign.
Outdoor digital sign solutions include many solutions from LCD enclosures, digital signage enclosures, outdoor digital
signage kiosk to outdoor digital signage totem solutions, so let us look at the solutions that would fit the applications.

Outdoor digital sign using digital signage enclosures.

The digital signage enclosures for digital displays are specialized steel casings that protect the screen from the weather
and theft. The LCD enclosures, are usually used for exterior digital signage to protect the internal hardware from
excessive heat and cold and usually are fitted with high end heating and cooling systems to cope with the most
demanding of environments. Ranging in sizes to screens 17" to 70" a protective LCD enclosure could be the solution.

Outdoor digital kiosk - is this the outdoor digital sign solution for you?
This unit is designed to be left outdoors all year and is floor mounted, the screen is a commercial grade screen and can
either be in landscape or portrait position inside the protective case. The content is stored on an internal media player
that is connected to the screen within the housing. The content can either be updated locally or remotely using an
internet connection depending on the media player. Sizes start at 32" and go up to 80" screens!

Outdoor digital signage totem - your outdoor digital sign solution?
An outdoor digital signage totem is similar to an outdoor digital signage kiosk but the screen is in the portrait position
and a media is not supplied with the totem unit but can be added depending on the users requirements. One of the main
advantages is that almost any commercial grade screen will fit into a digital signage totem and does not have to be an
outdoor screen, as the digital signage totem provides the protection to the screen with the internal thermo management
system supplied. These are available in sizes 40", 46", 50" and 55".
Outdoor digital sign solutions as you can see come in various shapes and sizes and for extreme outdoor use, some
outdoor advertising kiosks even need to be touch screen so that they offer an engaging solution for consumers.

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