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					  KnowWP WordPress Reseller Membership
           License Bonuses
November 14, 2012 By Joseph Mai
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Making money online is easy if someone else does the hard parts for you
   Creating your own products is important but not as important as
                     making some money now
Simon & Jeremy’s deals are amazing yes! You are absolutely right (and
                        all these folks agree)
Key Reseller Features…

Ready To Start Making Sales In Just 2 Minutes…
Running a membership site couldn’t be easier – All the hard work is done for you…
Just complete your account details and get your unique customer registration link to give to your
buyers – Everything else is managed and maintained by us.

Promotional Toolkit Included (+ Ad Banners)
When you become a reseller we provide you with a complete marketing pack to promote the
membership offer …
This includes a professionally designed landing page with high converting video, copy/paste
email &advertising banners.

Over 50 High Quaility, Pro Made Video
Rest assured your members only get the best and most up-to-date training online.
Our exclusive videos are created by a pm tutorial maker and all member content veil be updated
to reflect key changes in WordPress. ‘Evergreen product for you!

You Collect & Keep 100% Of All Payments…
With our unique reseller system you are free to collect member payments how you choose using
any payment processor.
Simply set your price let recommended minimum marry amount above), and collect payments -
VVe dothe resd

100% Automated Commissions On ClickBank/JVZoo
Mile membership fees are a one time payment your earnings door stop when someone signs up&
becomes a member
Offers inside the member area along with outgoing member ernails all carry your affiliate Ds for
hands-free commissions .
Easy Reseller’s Control Panel And Admin
Check your sales stars anytime by simply logging into your ow account and checking your
reseller admin panel
Here you can administer member accounts set your member logout URLs , edit your profile and
get affiliate offer approvals.

Full White Label Support For All Your Customers
We provide a white label support platform for all members no you dons have to.
We ask you to support payment/refund requests, but all technical and course related questions
are covered by our helpful and fast responding support team.

Member Area & Emails Branded With Your Info
To boost your brand and authority stat. you name/company name is used inside the member area
and in all outgoing member emails.
Members will only ever see your name (and not ours) j.t as if you built it yourself

Fully Hosted, Updated & Serviced By Us
You may want to host your own offer page (provided by us but everything else is done for you
including all member content hosted on high end dedicated servers.
We fully manage the member area, site updates & security so you don’t have to!

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                  Wow! That’s Awesome!..
           But Are You Sure The Price Is Correct?
Don’t Worry! We haven’t made a mistake, you really can get an entire 12 months
reseller license today for just a small, one-time investment…

Here’s why… As you may already know, our regular reseller & private label licenses
regularly sell between $197 – $297 – In fact, our offers tend to sell out fast even when
we’re talking about the $5,000 – $10,000 deals we occasionally run… And we have
hundreds emails from people wanting to buy licenses from us every month!

But this time we wanted to guarantee everyone gets a chance to make some easy
profits… Creating video training products like these from scratch is extremely
expensive, setting up a membership takes time, technical skills and investment in
software – In fact, you may have already purchased PLR from us and just need a quick
and profitable solution to tide you over until your own offer is complete! We wanted to
make this affordable!

This special time sensitive discount has been created to help you – Because this is
WordPress training and demand is so mind-bogglingly MASSIVE, competition hardly
factors. We can release more licenses and make the price affordable so that everyone
wins… That means your ‘RISK’ is basically ZERO.

       Act Now… Make Just A Couple Of Sales At The
        Recommended Price And Your Investment Is
Keeping You Happy Benefits Us: When you buy this reseller license today then go
on to make a huge ROI from your investment, we’ve added another happy client to our
licensing clients list. We then know that next time we release rights you’ll likely want re-
invest some of your profits on more licenses from us - It’s a WIN:WIN

The only way you could lose here is if you walk away empty-handed… This really is the
easiest way to get all the benefits of owning a high quality membership product with
huge potential without the hassle or stress that usually comes with it.

And by taking action right now you guarantee yourself the lowest price and eliminate
the 3-4 months development time that it would take to create something like the training site for yourself!

         Your Membership Reseller License Terms:
This offer is for a non-transferable, non exclusive, membership reseller license to sell one-time
paid memberships at our membership website.

Memberships Resell Terms:
You are responsible for all marketing, promotion activities and first layer, billing and registration
level support for your customers including the honouring of any/all refund requests made by
your customers along with the detailed reseller obligations contained within your official reseller
license document.

You may sell unlimited memberships to your customers at any price you choose at or above
our recommended minimum pricing.

       Lifetime Membership Access – Minimum Recommended Price Point = $17 (one
        time fee)
You may also offer memberships as a bonus to one of your own paid products or a paid product
you are promoting as an affiliate if that product has a net customer purchase value above $97

Membership can be incorporated within another membership site/club if the membership is paid
and has a recurring monthly fee above $27 or annual fee above $97 (cannot be included in free
membership sites).

You may integrate your reseller offer within your own affiliate program but must not offer
commissions higher than 75% (higher %’s such as 100% commission offers are classed as a
license transfer and are not permitted)

Memberships cannot be given away for free, traded or bartered in any way.

Failure to adequately protect your unique registration form url, open publication of it, and non
compliance with these terms will result in the immediate termination of your license and
suspension of all your member accounts.

 AGAIN IN 1 YEARS TIME @ $197 IF REQUIRED (or discounted upgrade available as

60 Day Money Back License Guarantee For Extra Peace Of
                        We’ll be totally straight with you here… If you plan on purchasing
                        then asking for a refund, please don’t order a license. This is a
                        limited offer, so if you are not 100% committed then leave the
                        licenses for others who will be able to put them to good use right
                        away. We only want to work closely with serious marketers that
                        are ready to take their business to the next level.

                    That said and because we want you to start today with total peace
                    of mind, your investment is backed up by our full 60 day money
back guarantee - You can order now in total confidence.
                 Click Buy Now to get following bonuses:
                        === Bonus From ===

                              Instagram Money Maker - Value: $20

WP4FB 2.0 – Custom Facebook Fan Page Tabs using WordPress [Unlimited Agency License] -
                                    Value: $197

                                  WP Mobile Pro - Value: $399.5

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