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A hard pill to swallow
      s it just me, or are we starting to miss out on   However, in the West, it almost seems like game
      some powerful leaders in the technology           over – Apple’s like Usain Bolt, already won even
      space? Not companies, I know Google and           though the race is still being run, and the only
      Apple own the world – for now. I mean strong      way they can lose is to muck it up themselves.
and powerful people like Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates.         And mucking it up is very much a possi-
Regardless of whether you loved or hated them,          bility now, because they seem to lack someone
they seemed to be the people on a mission. They         to bring in all new fans. With the launch of
started their companies, and they had that sense        the iPad mini, reactions range from “This
of ownership, I suppose. I know stockholders            is the best thing since sliced bread” to “Ho-
actually own companies technically, but that’s like     hum”, or the media favourite, “Would the iPad
saying Nike owns Manchester United because they         mini exist if Steve Jobs were still alive?”
might give them a rumoured billion pound spon-              We ask this because it was Jobs himself who
sorship. Stockholders are like the men who bet on       criticised the smaller 7-inch screens of rivals,
football. You always try and put your money on the      basically saying they were confused products               Robert Sovereign-Smith
winner, and yes, sometimes you lose, and abandon        that were too small to be tablets and too big to be        Executive Editor
loyalties and move on to the next cash cow.             smartphones. So of course Apple couldn’t come              editor@thinkdigit.com
    Companies, brands and even products are             out with a 7-inch version, so they came out with
made great by passion and commitment. The               a 7.9-inch version. Apparently because the iPad
reverse holds true also – some brands and               is 9.7-inch so making the mini 7.9-inch makes it           “Would the iPad mini
products are horrible because of the confu-             easy to remember. Or maybe it’s just the good              exist if Steve Jobs
sion or a lack of vision by the spearhead(s). Not       old “Only $9.99 is a lot better than saying $10”           were still alive? We
all companies are run this way, of course, but          marketing gimmick. Either way, 7.something-                ask this because it
certainly the ones you remember are the ones            inch is clearly taking on the other 7-inch tablets.        was Jobs himself
that have a colourful character at the helm.                Reviews online range from “amazing” to                 who criticised the
    For Apple it was Steve Jobs, who came across        “ho-hum” as well, and we’ll reserve judgement              smaller 7-inch
as a no-nonsense go-getter in a single minded           for when we see it ourselves. One thing’s pretty           screens of rivals...”
pursuit for perfection. For Microsoft it used to        clear though, this is a repackaged iPad 2 with a
be Bill Gates, who came across as a business            smaller screen, and after making such a big deal
whizkid, making sure we were addicted to his            about retina displays, the resolution is a little
software. It’s people like these who seem to            disappointing. Also the price is higher than the
make you sit up and take notice, for better or          Nexus 7, and now people are comparing the two
worse, and think what you want about them,              to one another. Apple has shown it’s hand, and
you still respect them for having a vision. These       now Google has the chance to come back at it
people also inspire fanboys. Not that that’s a          with something amazing. For the first time, we’re
good thing in my opinion, because I hate fan-           seeing Apple taking on someone head to head. All
boys, almost as much as I hate evangelists… but         this time it’s been like a Bugatti Veyron against
this isn’t the time or place for that discussion.       many Premier Padminis (Pad-mini, get it?), but
    What I’m building up to here is the fact            by levelling the playing field to try and get into the
that the PC race seems done and dusted. No              7-inch space, is Apple shooting itself in the foot?
they’re not going anywhere just yet, so I’m not             Sometimes trying to capture markets you
making one of those idiotic “the PC is dead”            don’t compete in isn’t always the best way
proclamations. What I’m saying is that the PC           forward. What happens to Apple’s image
market is almost boring now, because you have           (without its iconic leader) when it competes
a few players, they’re all very well settled, you       and loses in a head-to-head battle? Losing in
have your leaders and the ones playing catch            an apples to oranges comparison is one thing,
up, but it’s almost always been that way. And           but losing Apple to apple could really be bad
that’s only the hardware side... on the software        for a market leader. Only time will tell.
side it’s pretty much Microsoft all the way.
    The smartphone business has a little more
                                                                                                                   Liked or hated this column?
excitement, but perhaps the problem of way                                                                         Write in to editor@thinkdigit.com and
too many players. It’s the tablet market that                                                                      let me know your thoughts.
seems to hold the key to success in portability.

                                                                                                            Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 1
                  nOveMBeR 2012 vOlUMe 12 \ ISSUe 11

001 EntEr
 016 COnnECtIOnS

032 SCI tECH
    Aircraft Design
           Big Data
           Moon colony

           Tips & Tricks

068 trIED &
           Mini ITX
           Gaming Gear
           Bazaar                                    54 themonth we take youof technology with
                                                             funny side
                                                                             on a laugh-a-coaster
098 StrEEt SMArt                                                  articles on virality, funny tech moments and more

    Agent 001
           Price Watch
           Killer Rigs

  118 ESC
                                                                                                     ultrabooks test
           Community                                      Ivy Bridge ultrabooks are flooding the market and we
                                                                        round up 14 of them for thjis annual test

 TRIeD &                                   87                                    89                                91
     TeSTeD                                CORSAIR neUTROn GTX
                                           240 GB
                                           The best SSD we have tested to date
                                                                                 AMD A10-5800K
                                                                                 Trinity APU with great graphics
                                                                                                                   SAMSUnG GAlAXy
                                                                                                                   nOTe II
                                                                                                                   It’s the Galaxy SIII and more

2 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
  Digital life                              28
                                                  Is this the next step in human
                                                  evolution? We take a closer look
                                                  and find out

                                                 Gun o’clock
              We’ve all thought of smashing the alarm clock (phone,
          tablet, etc) for ruining our sleep on at least one occasion –
           may be more. With Bandai’s Gun O’clock, you can channel
           that early sleep-deprived surge of anger to literally shoot
         at the interrupting clock! How cool is that? The clock has a
                                                                                                             SanDisk Ready Cache
                                                                                                             SanDisk has announced quick install
                                                                                                             client SSD caching solution to boost PC
                                                                                                             performance at `3,759
                                                                                                                                                                      Acer Aspire S7
                                                                                                                                                                      Acer launches its new Aspire S7 ultrabook
                                                                                                                                                                      flagship shipped with Windows 8 and up to
                                                                                                                                                                      5 hours of battery life

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    SSL’s death knell
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Security researchers at Univ. of Texas at Austin and Stanford
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    University have found serious vulnerabilities over poor APIs that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    implement SSL. A report http://dgit.in/TdGdGh

                                                                                                                                                                Good evening, Clarice. If you parade a goatee on your
                                                                                                                                                             face, aren’t a sure hand at shaving your beard, and tired
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Drool maal

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                On The DVDs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Game Demos                    Maintenance
                                                                                                                                                                 of paying your friendly neighbourhood barber guy for
           bullseye on top of its case and a wireless plastic gun with                                                                                            his services, you’ll need to buy this. The product’s a
             which to hit an infrared beam at the clock. The simplest                                                                                           GoateeSaver – saver, not shaver, we checked -- which
             mode is when the alarm goes off, you wake up, grab the                                                                                       helps you keep your goatee intact while you go nuts rolling
            gun and BANG! hit the target and the alarm dies; but the                                                                                         the razer all over that pretty face. Just don’t get caught
           hardest mode expects you to hit the target five times and                                                                                         wearing the thing outside the privacy of your washroom,
                no doubt a great way to wake up even the heaviest of                                                                                        or you might get arrested for trying (and failing badly!) to
            sleepers. The clock apparently has no other way to stop

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Commander Keen                Defraggler
                                                                                                                                                                                      impersonate Dr. Hannibal Lecter.
                           the alarm, so you better be a sharpshooter!

                  Funny products                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Wolf 3D                       SpeedFan
           that don’t cost a bomb,
                 but worth a laugh
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             R2Q5 USB Hub
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This is going to be a big hit with all Star Wars fans out
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             there. If you haven’t lived under a rock all your life,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             hopefully the word R2D2 won’t fall on deaf ears – look
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Armored Fist 3                Speccy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             up Wikipedia, for Pete’s sake. With the R2Q5 – the darker

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Alien vs Predator
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             version of R2D2 – we have an official memorabilia from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             the epic sci-fi fantasy which you can plug into your PC or
                                                               QuikPod                                                                                                                                                       laptop. What’s more, it blurts out lines from the movies,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             too, apart from providing four USB 2.0 ports on its torso.
                                                               Talk about ingenuity leading to laughter and gag, and you won’t be far                                                                                        With the R2Q5, waste no time and connect your gadgets to
                                                               away from the gist of this product -- the QuikPod. In all honesty, it’s a great                                                                               the Dark Side.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Battle of Britain             Lectures
                                                               tool allowing people to take photographs of themselves without relying on
                                                               someone’s help. This magic-photography-wand that some call a monopod
                                                               tethers your camera on its end securely, just like a tripod screw stand. You
                                                               can fix either a heavy DSLR or compact zoom camera on the QuikPod, hold
                                                               the stick away from you a few feet and click a photo of yourself in an exotic
                                                               background. Of course, if you aren’t trampling through Antarctica or some
                                                               remote wilderness, and you aren’t a self-obsessed shutterbug, you could just

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Max Payne 1/2                 JAVA Tutorials
                                                               as well 1) stop wasting your time, 2) request a passer by for taking a quick
                                                               photo and 3) prevent yourself from being openly laughed at or ridiculed.                                                                   Horsey
                                                                                                                                                             Who doesn’t like to accessorize their bicycle? We all do.
                                                                                                                                                               Our idea of accessorizing our bike may not be as mind
                                                                                                                                                            numbingly ridiculous as this so-called horse contraption,
                                                                                                                                                               but accessorize our bike we do. Shortlisted for several

                                                                                                                                                                 design awards, Horsey is the brainchild of a designer
                                                                                                                                                           from Korea, meant for bicycle riders who want to imagine
                                                                                                                                                            themselves as equestrians. In the designer’s own words,
                                                                                                                                                                “Horsey is an attachable bicycle ornament/accessory
                                                                                                                                                                 which makes one’s bicycle look horsey! Through this
                                                                                                                                                          ‘horsey’ project. I wanted to give a special look to bicycles

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Caeser 3                      Suggested
                                                                                                                                                                  so that people would care about cycling not only as
                                                                                                                                                           transportation but also as a lovely pet.” And if you believe
                                                                                                                                                           in unicorns, you just need to put an ice cream cone on the
                                                                                                                                                                                               horse’s head and voila!

 26 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 27

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Delta Force                   7-zip

026 Droolmaal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Doom
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              .NET framework
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Daemon Tools lite
                                                  Gadgets that will make you laugh out loud
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Future Cop                    Free Download Manager
 103 World view                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 X-Com                         Adobe Flash Player
                                                  Our pick of some of the best tech stories from                                                                                                                                                                                                                and many more...
                                                  respected sources around the world                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Movie trailers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Full games                    A good day to DIE HARD
 107 devworx                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Black Mesa: Source            The Croods
                                                  We look at Python in India and talk to Sarim                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Source SDK 2007               Life of Pie
                                                  Aziz, Developer Relations, RIM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Battlecruiser 3000 AD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                GTA 2                         devworx
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                S.W.I.N.E.                    JDK x86 and x64
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                SimRaceWay                    WordPress 3.4
                                                                                                                                                       SkOAr!                                                                                                                                                   Wild Metal                    Premium WordPress themes

                                                                                                           122 Borderlands 2                                                                                                                                                                                    C & C: Red Alert 1            WordPress Plug-ins

                                                                                                                                                       Arise Vault Hunter!

                                                                                                         124 FIFA 13
                                                                                                                                                       The undisputed king!

                                             BlACK MeSA:

DvD                                                                                                                                                                        80+ FrEE GAMES

88                                                                                                                                                                   92
IBAll AnDI 5C                                                                                                                                                        nORTOn InTeRneT
A good budget 5-inch Android                                                                                                                                         SeCURITy 2013
smartphone                                                                                                                                                           Amazing feature-set at a
                                                                                                                                                                     resonable price

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 3
  November 2012 • Volume 12 • Issue 11
                                                                                    to Advertise                                                      Products reviewed this month

                                                      Email: sales@thinkdigit.com                                                                     Bazaar
                                                                                                                                                      ADATA HE720
                                                                                                                                                      Alienware X51
                                                      National Manager:                                                                               AMD A10-5800K
                                                      Lalit Arun, Mobile: +91-95822 62959                                                             Amkette Smart Bluetooth Keyboard
                                                                                                                                                      Antec P280
                                                      South:                                                                                          ASUS HD 7970
                                                                                                                                                      AVG Internet Security 2013
                                                      Ram Sarangi, Mobile: +91-98864 06961                                                            Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad
  Sensei Dr Pramath Raj Sinha                                                                                                                         Bose SIE2i
                                                      Jijo George, Mobile: +91-76768 81480
  Master Chef Kanak Ghosh                                                                                                                             Corsair Neutron 240 GB SSD
  Paranoid Android Asheesh Gupta                                                                                                                      Corsair Neutron GTX 240 GB SSD
                                                      West:                                                                                           Creative Inspire S2
  Scribes                                             Sajeed Momin, Mobile: +91-98192 44603                                                           Dell Latitude
  Dreamcatcher Robert Sovereign-Smith                 Suvarna Shringarpure, Mobile: +91-93249 28247                                                   Edimax IC3015Wn
  Mojo Maker Siddharth Parwatay                                                                                                                       F&D W330BT
  Bandwidth Hog Anirudh Regidi                                                                                                                        Garmin NUVI 40LM
                                                      North:                                                                                          Gigabyte GA F2A85X-UP4
  Crash Test Dummies                                  Aveek Bhose, Mobile: +91-98998 86986                                                            HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus
  Big Daddy Jayesh Shinde                             Debleena Majumdar, Mobile: +91-98101 19492                                                      iBall Andi 5c
  FLOPS-aholic Nimish Sawant                                                                                                                          Kaspersky Internet Security 2013
  Demolition Squad Vishal Mathur, Sameer Mitha,                                                                                                       Lenovo IdeaPad Y580
                                                      East:                                                                                           Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad
  Swapnil Mathur, Anirudh Regidi
                                                      Jayanta Bhattacharyya, Mobile: +91-93318 29284                                                  Map My India Carpad 5
  Minions Chaitanya Dhruv, Spandan Sharma
                                                                                                                                                      Norton Internet Security 2013
  Call Centre Shweta Mali                                                                                                                             Samsung Galaxy Note II
  TC Elf Vikas Patil                                                                                                                                  Sony Xperia Tipo
                                                                              Advertising index                                                       Transcend StoreJet Cloud 32 GB
  Codemonkeys                                                                                                                                         Western Digital My Net N900
  Codemaster Nash David
                                                     Brand                                                                        Page No
  The Portal                                         Air Force .............................................................................21        Mini ITX Motherboards
  GLaDOS Soham Raninga                                                                                                                                ASRock PV530A-ITX
                                                     Asia Power...................................................................... 128             ASUS E35M1-I
  News Junkie Abhinav Lal
  SEO Nazi Kul Bhushan                               ASRock ............................................................................... 69        ASUS E35M1-I Deluxe
                                                                                                                                                      Digilite DL AHD1S-K
  Eye Candy
                                                     ASRock ................................................................................75        Foxconn AHD1S-V
  Merlin: Jayan K Narayanan                          ASUS.................................................. 7, 13, 77, 79, 81, 83                     Gigabyte GA E 240N
  Magician: Anil VK
                                                                                                                                                      Gigabyte GA E350N
                                                     Bajaj........................................................................................9   Intel D2500HN
  Photoshopaholics: Atul Deshmukh & Anil T
                                                                                                                                                      Intel D2700DC
  Star Gazers: Manav Sachdev & Shokeen Saifi         Cricket Today ................................................................. 127              Intel D2700MU
  Page Mage: NV Baiju
  Scribblers: Raj Kishore Verma                      Go Tech ...............................................................................57
  Shigil Narayanan, Suneesh K & Haridas Balan        HP ......................................................................................IFC     Acer Aspire S3-391
  Decorators: Charu Dwivedi, Peterson PJ                                                                                                              Acer Timeline Ultra M5-481T
  Midhun Mohan & Pradeep G Nair                      iBall .............................................................................. 11, 33      ASUS S56CA
                                                     India AV ............................................................................. 99        Dell Inspiron 14z
  Muppets                                                                                                                                             Dell XPS 14
  Elmo: Prasanth Ramakrishnan                        Intel ......................................................114, 115, 116, 117                   Fujitsu Lifebook U772 Red
  Kermit: Rahul Babu                                 Kaspersky..........................................................................BC            HP Envy 4-1002TX
                                                                                                                                                      Lenovo IdeaPad U410 (59-342-778)
  Shooting Range                                     LIC .......................................................................................15    Lenovo IdeaPad U410 (59-342-788)
  Sniper: Subhojit Paul                                                                                                                               Samsung Series 5 (NP-530U4C)
                                                     Living Media ......................................................................47            Samsung Series 9 (NP-900X3C)
  Machine-Gun: Jiten Gandhi
                                                     McAfee ................................................................................19        Sony VAIO T-11
                                                                                                                                                      Toshiba Satellite U840
  Unsalaried Exploits
                                                     QNAP ...................................................................................25       Toshiba Satellite U840w
  Scribes Nimish Dubey, Perzen Darukhanawalla
  Abhishek Choudhary, Jait Dixit                     RDP...................................................................................... 59     Gaming Wheels
  Grammar Police Infancia Cardozo                                                                                                                     Logitech G27
                                                     RP Info............................................................................ IBC
                                                                                                                                                      Nitho Drive Pro 3
  The Technicians                                    RX Infotech ...................................................................... 45            Nitho Drive Pro V16
  Miracle Worker Shivshankar Hiremath                                                                                                                 Steelseries Simiraceway SRW-S1
  Dr. Print Rakesh Upadhyay
                                                     Seagate ...............................................................................23
  Hyper Drive Vilas Mhatre                           TechCom ............................................................................37           Gaming Mice
  Postmaster General Vijay Menon                                                                                                                      Cooler Master CM Storm Recon
  Crazy Hands Brahmanand Nikalje
                                                     Top Gun ...............................................................................17        Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel
  Executioners M P Singh, Mohd. Nadeem Ansari        Top Notch .......................................................................... 39          Advance II
  Nilesh Shiravadekar                                                                                                                                 Cooler Master Spawn
                                                     TP-Link............................................................................... 53        Corsair M-60
                                                                                                                                                      Corsair M-90
  Wall Street                                        Trend Micro ...................................................................... 29            Logitech G300
  The Bank Navneet Miglani                                                                                                                            Logitech G400
  Stockbroker Kshitij Garg                           Xerox ...................................................................................... 5
                                                                                                                                                      Logitech G500
  Mr. Calculator Shauvik Kumar                       ZoHo .....................................................................................31     Logitech G9x
  Analyst Chandan Sisodia                                                                                                                             Steelseries Diablo III
  Adman Kishan Singh                                 ZOTAC................................................................................. 43        Steelseries Kana
                                                                                                                                                      Steelseries Kinzu V2
  The Crew                                                                                                                                            Steelseries Sensei (Fnatic)
  Golden Compass Samir Mehta
                                                    Published, Printed and Owned by Nine Dot Nine                                                     Steelseries Sensei (RAW)
  Deck Officers Jayanta Bhattacharyya,              Interactive Pvt. Ltd. Published and printed on their                                              Steelseries Sensei Pro Grade Laser
  Norbert Joseph                                    behalf by Kanak Ghosh. Published at Bunglow No.
  Navigator Dharmendra Singh                        725 Sector - 1, Shirvane, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. 400706.                                             Gaming Keyboards
  SeaMan Vijay Mhatre                               Printed at Print House (India) Pvt. Ltd. R-847, TTC                                               Cooler Master CM Storm Quick Fire TK
                                                                                                                                                      Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger
                                                    Industrial Area, MIDC, Rable, Navi Mumbai 400701.                                                 Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro
  Happy to help                                     Editor: Anuradha Das Mathur                                                                       Corsair K90
  Social Butterfly Sourabha Shakya
                                                                                                                                                      Logitech G19
  [F1] [F1] [F1] Itishree, Pinky, Sudhir, Shabana   Disclaimer                                                                                        Logitech G510
                                                    For every Digit contest, there will be only one winner,                                           Steelseries 6GV2
  Cover design & illustration: Manav Sachdev        unless specified otherwise.                                                                       Steelseries 7G Pro
                                                    In the event of a dispute, the Editor’s decision shall be final.

4 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com

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6 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com

                                               Buzz                                                         ASUS VivoTab RT

                                               Apple, Microsoft and Google all claim
                                               to revolutionize the world. Is that
                                               really the case?
                                                                                                            ASUS launched its VivoTab RT tablet on
                                                                                                            October 26th, with prices starting from
                                                                                                            $599 for the 32 GB model

Don’t get us wrong dear readers, we
love you all, but some of you are down-               Feedback for the October 2012 issue of Digit
right nuts. Here are few examples of
some of the weirdest letter we’ve ever
got. Of course this is just for fun, so
names have been changed to protect
identities. So, without further ado, here
are the funniest letters Digit has ever
got, in their complete unedited beauty:

And the winner is…
) Years have passed, science I loved some
one. It was in the month of April in 1996
I was comming out of my class from
my Art class . Suddenly from my hands
my art file and pencil box fell down. I
bent down to pick my things and when
I looked up i saw a shining face, it was
a face which seemed that I recognised it
from ages and soon I realised that she was
a senior student of my school . I was in
class 9th and she was in 11th. Her name
was <censored>. But the Day I saw her was           present. Soon I learnt Astrology, ameturely     The runner up…
the start of a love saga. Soon there were           and soon found that I am very good in pre-      ) How?
sleepless nights and restless days. I never         dicting the future. I got the power to under-   (yes that’s all it said)
told her that I loved her. All that i gave her      stand people and forgive them for their
was a card, made by my own hand of a                wrong doings, I got the power to be calm        Ed’s reply
hearts written her name allover. I was too          in any situation even though the attitude         Why?
shy to talk to her and was afraid if I made         of people towards me was to neglect me.
her get angry she would have slapped                These all powers were because of my love.       The pirate...
me on my face if I did speak about my               I believed <censored> to be my wife, and to     ) I learnt the geek-o-logy , geek-language
love for her or she would think that I was          protect her and to save her life again from     tried all of the games / softwares you
MAD because I would tell her of her and             evil forces as she would be my weakness         guys provided infact I am addicted to
my past relationship. Who will believe              and could be a target.                          it. This is my 1st letter to you guys.
it, I know no one as no one did then!                   I decided to loss her, go away from her         In one if your issues you gave Angry
     From some days after I saw her, I started      and this could be only done by making her       Birds Space v1.0.0. I played it to its demo
having nightmares that I and she were               realise that I am not her man as a matter       limit and all till today I am searching
fighting a evil warlord in space and on a           of fact she did not remember her past and       for a Keygen for this game installed
different planet. One day I saw that she and        it was easy, the time we spent together,        utorrent (provided by u guys). I have
I were killed or say brutally murdered by           the beautiful happy days and then the           downloaded the attached torrents but
those evil looking demons and lastly I saw          destruction and death were all are in my        they are either password protected or
one of them say that the next planet is Earth       memories and I enjoy them and regret to         didnt download. Can you guys provide
to be destroyed by darkness.                        some that why couldn’t I save them. And         the keygen.exe or a surveyless, pass-
     Soon I started relating these incidents to     thats the reason, I am calling the “Youths of   wordless rar file or even a downloaded
my life and soon I realised that I was reborn       the World” to help me unite the World and       torrent which doesnt ends in a pass-
for a purpose i.e. to save Earth from evil          build an army.                                  worded rar. Please?
forces. One day a “Sage” came in my dreams              An army of “Lightworkers”
and said you have to chose to love one                  It was same like George Lucasse’s Film      Ed’s reply:
person or to love the whole Universe, and           “STAR WARS”. Mr. Lucas was enfluenced             No
the choice is yours. I chose to love the Uni-       by some supernatural power to create a
verse and from that day I decided to fight          fictional represtation of what had happened     Sheer brilliance...
against evil. People belive in God though           in the past on a different planet and to warn   ) Sir plz tell how to send email
they have not seen him, they worship him            us of the future happenings so are we ready
but they do not believe him, and if they            for “STAR WAR EARTH THE NEXT                    Ed’s reply:
do, why don’t they belive in evil he is also        PLANET”.!!!                                       You just did.

8 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com

                                      Samsung Ultra HDTV                                                       Apple iPad sales

                                      Samsung has announced plans to launch
                                      ultra High Definition TV in India by the end
                                      of the next year
                                                                                                               Apple iPad sales crossed the 100 million
                                                                                                               mark, just two and a half years after
                                                                                                               creation of the product line

 Now for the serious stuff. These are
                                                                                       LeTTer of THe monTH
 a collection of the more sensible
 letters of appreciation and criti-                        ) I’ve been an irregular reader of            8. Your ‘Buy Smart’ cover story is one of
 cism from readers all over India.                         Digit since 2005. Even though I don’t             your best cover stories in one of your
                                                           buy every month’s issue I’m a regular             best issues. Thanks for including the
 ) I’m fifteen and a big fan of Digit. I                   visitor on thinkdigit.com and your                most important gadgets from this
 started reading it last year, and must                    Facebook page. This is my first ever              generation’s daily life – from smart
 say your team has got me hooked. Keep                     letter to Digit. I’m writing this after           phones to graphic cards.
 up the good work! I actually wrote this                   reading your October issue. I seri-           9. Thank you for the website building
 mail to congratulate the editor, because                  ously don’t know where to start or                tutorials, awesome movie making
 in every edition of the magazine, your                    how to put my excitement into words,              tutorials and obviously the F1 game
 column stands out to me amongst the                       but let me try my best here.                      demo on the DVDs. I’m yet to read the
 others. The flow, simplicity of the lan-                  1. The best part about the                         Fast Tracks, but I’m sure they’ll be
 guage you use, your ability to write on                       October issue is that you                          awesome :D
 the topic with so much ease...well...have                     guys thought and wrote                               10. On the downside, there are
 got me hooked. Great job. I particularly                      about more practical daily                             full-page ads on almost every
 liked Robert’s article in the September                       matters such as pur-                                     alternative page. And the
 issue. It was awesome. And yeah, the                          chasing a new gadget,                                     Cinema 3D smart TV ad
 cover gave “Beauty in simplicity” another                     rather than just an article                               between an article itself
 dimension. The cover story was great                          on “Increase in the                                          looked like an article.
 as well! I wish you could tell me whose                       usage of tablets on the                                      For a moment I thought
 speech was that. I hope you continue                          planet”. I’m not against                                    it was an article. Later I
 doing your work in the same way, and                          the latter but am more inter-                         realized it was a removable
 best of luck for the future issues.                           ested in topics like you touched on in            page. You got me there but please
     One last thing. The October issue was                     this issue.                                   don’t do it again.
 great as well.                                            2. The news about new product                 11. Please work on your website’s online
                               Kshitij Chauhan                 launches in the market sounded like a         store page. It always gives an error.
                                                               mini review of the gadget itself and I        This time I got the special promo code
   Thank you for your email. It really                         really loved it.                              from Digit’s Facebook page for the
 means a lot to all of us at Team Digit. We                3. This month’s ‘Digital life’ had some           discount but I kept getting an error
 hope to continue to keep you riveted :)                       of the coolest products I’ve ever seen,       continuously asking me to buy the
                                      Robert                   especially Personal Submarine and             magazine from a news stand without
                                                               Phibian. Why don’t you come up with a         any discount :(
 ) I liked 99% of the October edition                          subscription plan where a 5 or 10 year    12. Last but not the least, the Digit 101 on
 including the magazine, Fast Track, 3                         subscriber gets a Phibian as a gift ;)        motherboard parts was really good.
 DVDs & devworx. Seeing this month’s edi-                  4. Audiophilia gives an insight to people         I didn’t know much about mother-
 tion on stands, I immediately purchased it                    like me who don’t know much about             boards before.
 since there was no other option. Generally                    speakers. Thank you for that.                 Thank you Team Digit for keeping us
 I search for magazines & compare the                      5. This month’s Tips & Tricks                 updated about the tech world.
 usefulness of content and then purchase.                      included Photoshop, Illustrator,                                                 Sonu K
 Thanks for so much content Digit.                             After Effects and Premiere Pro.
 I’m still going through it.                                   Yabba-dabba-dooo!!!                           We’ll always be there to guide you
     E-commerce, DVD2 Omega                                6. External storage devices are some-         with your technology needs. Since
 (*After Effects, Premier Pro, Power                           thing people always buy and still         Diwali is coming up this month, we con-
 Director 10), DVD1 Alpha (Building                            many in India don’t know what             sidered October to be the right time to
 Website 500+ tutorials), DVD3 Extraa…                         specifications to look for apart from     educate our readers about smart buying.
 Wow! Superb!!!                                                the capacity. You have a detailed com-    We’re glad that you liked our articles,
                             L.Naveen Kumar                    parison test featuring leading brands     it is nice to know that our hard work
                                                               in the market and a cover story on        is appreciated. Regarding the ads, we
    We are happy to see you happy!                             smart shopping secrets. I was actually    always mention on the page itself when
 Getting out a magazine such as this                           thinking of buying a new one. You         something isn’t editorial, so you can
 requires a lot of hard work and dedica-                       made my job easier.                       keep an eye out for that. We’re looking
 tion from the team, but all of that is for                7. Killer Rigs and Spend Smart are            into the problem with the coupon
 naught if you guys are not happy. :)                          helpful as always.                                                            Nimish

10 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com

                                            ASUS Taichi Ultrabook                                          Apple Fusion Drive

                               WorldMags.netASUS announced its 11-inch Taichi dual-
                                            screen Ultrabook in November, with a
                                            13-inch version to follow shortly
                                                                                                           Apple announced the Fusion Drive system
                                                                                                           for its new iMac, that fuses separate SDD
                                                                                                           and HDD with custom firmware

 Here a revolution, there
 a revolution, everywhere
 a revolution
 Apple revolutionises the Mac, the tablet, the 7-inch tablet, the 13-inch MacBook
 and more. Microsoft tries to revolutionise the tablet in their style; Google is
 rumoured to revolutionise the tablet; AMD tries to revolutionise the CPU...

 The revolu-                               only work some of the time.”;        and is something that is actually  Where Bill Gates was claimed
 tionary Apple                             “We’ve created the ultimate          commendable and not appreci-       to have said, “64KB of RAM
 Apple’s October 23rd keynote              maps experience, as long as you      ated by many. You’ll be getting    ought to be enough for anyone”,
 held in San Jose featured the             live in select cities.”              a full and detailed review once    Apple would have said, “64 KB
 release of some of the most                   Dissing aside, the new iMac      we actually get our hands on the   of RAM is enough for anyone”
 products in the history of                is actually one of the most ele-     device, but we can tell you right  and then proceed to build every
 ground-breaking products, or              gant PCs currently available in      now, there probably won’t be       Mac for the next two years with
 so they claim. After starting off         the market, and possibly one of      much to say other than the fact    only that much RAM.
 with some Apple propaganda                                                        that it has been marginally
 on how awesome their com-                                                         redesigned, is slimmer at the   Microsoft: Scratching
 pany is and a long and drawn                                                      edge and is a bit faster given  the Surface
 out run-through of the com-                                                       the upgraded hardware and       Microsoft launched its Chrome-
 pany’s product line-up and                                                        Intel’s hybrid drive system.    book this month to much fanfare
 how well it sold, they finally                                                          We just wish they         and a mixed reception. Wait!
 got down to the real meat of                                                      wouldn’t insult our intel-      Did we just say Chromebook?
 the whole show.                                                                   ligence with most of their      Well, it is called the Surface but
     When it comes to unveiling                                                    meaningless mumbo-jumbo         in reality, it isn’t anything more
 new products, Apple could                                                         about occupying 40% less        than a Chromebook. What does
 teach the army a thing or two                                                     volume and stuff like that.     it have? It is, after all, an ARM-
 about shock and awe tactics.                                                      They don’t tell you that you’re based device with almost no
 When they unveiled the new                                                        probably getting 40% less       apps and has a fully-featured
 Mac, the world almost keeled                                                      PC in the bargain, at almost    browser and relies on the cloud
 over at how slim it was (not                                                      double the actual value. Or     for almost everything. How is it
 really). How did they do it?                                                      what about the new “fusion”     that different from a Chrome-
 How could they put a whole                                                        drive and the new smart         book running IE10 instead of
 PC into something thinner                                                         tech in the MacBook? All        Google’s Chrome browser?
 than an iPhone? Well, they                                                        they actually did
 chucked out the DVD drive,                                                        was take Intel’s
                                            The new iMac – thinner? Really?
 stuck the cover glass to the                                                      hybrid drive and
 slimmer LCD, shoved the                                                           SRT technology,
 hardware into a central region            the most well-built we’ve seen.      incorporate sup-
 and strategically positioned              The friction-stir welding that       port for it in their
 the Mac so you don’t see the              Apple claims to have used is         OS and rechristen it
 “unsightly” bulge on the back             no joke and is a process that is     in Apple-speak. It’s
 while taking pictures. Every-             used by the likes of Airbus to       interesting that how,
 thing from Apple seems like it            seamlessly weld sections of the      by just following Microsoft Surface - Another flash in the pan?
 has to come with a qualifying             A380’s wings together. The fact      a “living under
 statement; “It’s just 5mm thin,           that the displays are colour-cal-    an Apple instead of a rock”        Would you really pay upwards
 but only at the edge.”; “We’ve got        ibrated before shipping is some-     approach, they bluster through     of `32,000 for such a device?
 the best assistant in the world,          thing that very few manufac-         their events by claiming to        The device seems to be very
 but she’s still in beta and will          turers can even think of doing       reinvent the wheel every year.     well-built and designed and

12 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com

                                          LG 3D TV                                                            Samsung LED ES9000

                                          LG Electronics unveiled an 84-inch 3D
                                          TV that will be available in India from
                                          November, priced at Rs. 17 lakh
                                                                                                              Samsung launched its new 75-inch LED
                                                                                                              ES9000 TV in India, with a dual core
                                                                                                              processor and motion and voice control

 while the bundled apps are                plans for us users and the prices        flame war between the two com-
 excellent by themselves, they’re          are very reasonable (at $40),            panies. Google also launched a
 just not enough. The problem              especially if you’re still on XP.        Chromebook this earlier this
 here is that even Microsoft               The OS for PC use is still a             October, retailing at about
 doesn’t seem to realise that.             disappointment though. They              $250 (`14,000), which might
 They want to revolutionise                seem to have taken a Tablet OS           be a good deal for students and
 the tablet with an absolutely             and ported it to the PC rather           prolific Googlers for whom the
 brand new OS, but have built              than the other way around.               PC is nothing more than plat-
 no apps to support it. Even               This is very frustrating for us          form for the browser. The only
 Apple had better sense than               hard-core PC users and we feel           drawback is the continuous             High-speed internet finally?
 that when they launched the               it would have been far better            internet connectivity required,
 iPad. It barely had a few apps            if the OS would make up its              which would severely restrict       desktop APU, the A10. Make
 that took full advantage of that          mind about which version of              its use in India at least. Run-     sure to check out our review in
 screen size, but then it at least         the UI it wants to stick to. With        ning on a Cortex A15 processor      the bazaar section this month.
 had the backing of a vast library         the right hardware and touch-            processor, it is reasonably fast.
 of iPhone apps. This is another           screen device, the OS does come                                              Misc
 of those devices that teases with         into its own.                            AMD: Hoping for a                   Speaking of processors, Intel’s
 its potential but may never live                                                   piece of the pie                    earnings seem to have declined
 up to it and judging from past            Google: Up to its                        The Z-60 APU (formerly              a bit, especially considering the
 experience, might get scrapped            own devices                              Hondo) was announced                lacklustre sales in the PC seg-
 at the first hint of failure. Micro-      Google at least, is unfazed by           recently and features a dual-       ment. The news isn’t too terrible
 soft is very serious about the            the goings on in the Apple and           core 1GHz processor coupled         and if Intel can push ahead in
 device though, and considering            Microsoft world. Their OS is the         with an 80 core GPU (shader         the right direction, they can
 that this is possibly the second          most popular mobile                                                                  make up on that slight
 piece of hardware they’ve ever            platform and their                                                                   loss in revenue in no time
 produced, they’ve done a good             Nexus devices are flying                                                             at all. Their Ultrabook
 job, and hopefully will decide            off the shelves. The 7                                                               sales seem to be doing
 to stick with it long enough to           inch Nexus 7 is one                                                                  well and that is probably
 ensure it succeeds.                       of the most powerful                                                                 where they will focus
     What surprises us more is             and feature-packed                                                                   their attention from now
 why they didn’t learn from the            devices and is probably                                                              on. Good news for you
 Windows Phone 7 fiasco. For               the definitive Android                                                               internet junkies out there
 a company that held a funeral             tablet currently avail-                                                              – if Radius Infratel has
 for iOS and BlackBerry when               able. Rumours abound                                                                 its way, it won’t be long
                                                                                        AMD - Playing catch up
 the WP7 RTM was released,                 that there will be a                                                                 before we start seeing
 it was not fitting when they              Nexus 10 announced and by                                                    blazingly fast 1GBps speeds in
 dumped it like a hot potato (into         the time you get this issue,             cores). This is AMD’s attempt at    India. Don’t hold your breath
 Nokia’s lap) when they decided            we’ll know for sure. We’re               delivering a compelling, tablet     though, the prices are way too
 to move on to Windows Phone               really curious to see if Google          friendly chipset to take on the     high for the average home user
 8 and RT without the courtesy             will respond to Apple’s mockery          likes of ARM and Intel.             and there are some quite severe
 of a farewell speech. At some             of the Nexus 7 and what would                We would actually like to       bandwidth restrictions. Also,
 point in the development pro-             be really fun (wishful thinking)         see this APU in more devices        how many of you actually use
 cess Microsoft seems to have              was if there could be an all-out         as even though the power draw       CAT6 cables? Airtel and MTNL
 completely lost sight of                                                           is higher (translating to lower     are also planning to roll out high
 their target in their haste                                                        battery life), the performance      speed connections at between
 to get the OS out in time.                                                         benefits for a tablet device can    20-100 MBps with prices
 At the moment at least,                                                            be quite exemplary, especially      started at 2600 and going upto
 the Surface seems like                                                             considering the limited power       100MBps and beyond. The con-
 a decent device for stu-                                                           of Intel’s HD graphics when it      nections are currently limited
 dents and might actually                                                           comes to gaming. With the           to about 200Gb per month at
 work out well enough                                                               Tegra chipset from NVIDIA,          full speed but are still way faster
 with the right support.                                                            it is possible that AMD lost        than anything else available in
 Moving on to something                                                             this race a long time ago and       the market today. A 200Gb limit
 more cheery, Microsoft                                                             might never be able to catch        isn’t bad at all. Unless you’re a
 has laid out the upgrade                       Google – Paving its own way         up. They also announced a new       prolific pirate.

14 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com

                                                Mobile Watch                                               App Watch

                                18      22
                                                A lot has happened in the last month - iPad
                                                mini launch, Samsung galaxy SIII Mini
                                                launch and much more. Read on
                                                                                                           This month we take a look at the top
                                                                                                           apps as far as the Android OS and iOS
                                                                                                           is concerned

Old web sites, new services
 Google Maps underwater, reworked cloud-storage plans, Facebook’s gift plans and
 1 billion users and other happenings in the web world

            he usual Web Watch     can make money off other people                                              visit the updated field trial page
            suspects this month    making stuff.                                                                and select ‘Join the field trial’.
            made a number of           While Apple’s maps insist                                                    In a bid to encourage more
            changes to their prod- the sea is a field or something,                                             video uploads from outside the
 ucts and services, from Facebook  Google Maps is going under-                                                  US, Google has added a new set
 to Google to YouTube. Some        water to give you panoramic                                                  of caption translation tools on
 new services were introduced      pictures of reefs. Google                                                    YouTube. Google has integrated
 as well.                          released photos of six under-                                                its Google Translator Toolkit
    There might be some good       water locations, including Aus-                                              with YouTube Video Manager,
 news for broadband users in       tralia’s Great Barrier Reef, the                                             enabling support for more than
 India as well, as 9 cities are    Apo Islands and several other                                                300 languages. It’s notable that
 scheduled to get speeds up to     coral-filled spots throughout the        Google for Entreprenuers, a         these tools should not confused
 1Gbps, by mid-2013.               Pacific. It is part of the Google’s      new service                         with the automatic caption
                                   World Wonders project, which                                                 translator, which YouTube
 Google round-up                   uses Google’s Street View Tech-          being discontinued. The ones in     currently supports for about 50
 Google has announced a new        nology to map lesser known               the line of fire this time around   languages. Users who want to
 initiative that is aimed at pro-  sites across the world. Google           are – Google News Badges,           add captions in languages that
 viding entrepreneurs with         has partnered with The Catlin            AdSense for RSS feeds, spread-      are not supported by the auto-
 online resources and tools to     Seaview Survey, a major scien-           sheet gadgets, Classic plus (lets   matic caption translate will have
 help launch and set up small      tific study of the world’s reefs,        users upload custom images          to do the work themselves or ask
 businesses. The new initiative,   to make the images available             for search page) and the Places     others to help out.
 called ‘Google for Entrepre-      to the users of Google Maps.             directory app. The trimming             Google is planning to launch
 neurs’ is supposed to serve as    And unlike Apple, the reefs are          effort now means that around 60     a YouTube pay-per-view service
 “the umbrella” for various other  where Google say they are.               services have already faced the     for users in India, according to
 programmes and partnerships           In other news, google Drive          axe, in an effort to make the offer-reports. The move is likely to
 that support startups and other   is integrated with Picasa, and           ings more streamlined.
 entrepreneurs. Google’s head of   you’re getting less. Thus far you        For more information,
 Global Entrepreneurship Out-      got 5 GB of free storage with            refer to Google’s official
 reach, Mary Grove, explains       Drive and an additional 1 GB             blog post, which you can
 that the new initiative mainly    with Picasa. Now, however, you           find by Google searching
 focusses on building partner-     get 5 GB total. Now even though          of course.
 ships with organisations that     not many use all of that, sad                Following the intro-
 serve entrepreneurs in local com- smilies abound whenever you              duction of ‘Search Plus
 munities, to assist entrepreneurs lose something.                          Your World’ that inte- YouTube adds more languages
 with Google’s teams and tools,        Paying customers are also            grated social results
 and placing relevant Google       getting screwed! Those of you            into Google Search, Google is        help those poor movie stars
 tools in the hands of startups.   who paid for Google Drive’s addi-        now testing the customised           and producers poay the rent
 Or basically, we’re making stuff  tional storage, used to get the free     search feature for Gmail users,      bills more easily by reducing
 for people who make stuff so we   storage + what you pay for. thus,        who can now search across a          piracy and also givign con-
                                             if you paid for 25 GB,         range of Google products from        sumers a wider range of movies
                                             you got (5+25) 30 GB of        a single search box. Searches        and/or videos to choose from.
                                             storage. Now all you will      will include relevant informa-       Google’s pay-per-view services
                                             get is what you pay for,       tion from Gmail, and also files,     are already available in multiple
                                             with the free to everyone      documents, and spreadsheets          countries such as Australia,
                                             storage vanishing.             from Google Drive, which will        Korea and Japan. YouTube’s
                                                 The spring-cleaning        appear on the right hand side of     rental model includes a one-
                                             continues with certain         the results page. Users willing      time fee to stream the movie for
 Now you can scour the seas with Maps        services and features          to participate in the trial should   a limited period of time. Google,

16 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
          Security Watch

          Taking a break from the downright serious security-
          breaches, this month we look at some security
          compromises that will make you go LOL                            Web Watch                                          Web Watch

however, pointed out its main concern         network to cross the figure, indicating
is the payment mechanism. Google              that one out of every seven individuals
officials also hinted at the company’s        on the planet is using the service. Of
growing focus on regional content.            the one billion active users, 600 mil-
                                                                                                For A Highly Paid Career
                                              lion are accessing Facebook via mobile.
                                                                                                  in India and Abroad
Facebook                                      The average user age is 22 and since its      Special 10th Anniversary offer
In case you want to remember who you          launch in 2004, the site has seen 1.13        CCNA                               Rs. 8,000/-
                                                                                            CCNA Voice                         Rs. 12,000/-
were cyber stalking on Facebook, the          trillion ‘Likes’ with 219 billion photo       CCNA+CCNP-R&S                      Rs. 25,000/-
social network will now allow you to          uploads, 17 billion of which were loca-       CCNA+CCNP-Security                 Rs. 35,000/-
                                                                                            CCNA+CCNP-SP                       Rs. 35,000/-
review your search history. Facebook          tion-tagged. Facebook had 955 million         CCNA+CCNP-Voice                    Rs. 40,000/-
last year rolled out its Activity Log in      monthly active users, 543 million of           All Labs Conducted on CCIE Racks
conjunction with the revamped Time-           which accessed the site via mobile and        (Free interoperability labs with Juniper Devices)
                                                     552 million daily active users on
                                                     average as of June 2012.
                                                                                            Mr. Balram Shekhawat          CCIE(R&S)#37046
                                                        Facebook has announced its          Mr. Jaswinder Singh           CCIE(Security)#37042
                                                     user base in India has grown to 65     Mr. Gaurav V Patel            CCIE(Security)#36143
                                                                                            Mr. K. Narsimha Rao           CCIE(Security)#36119
                                                     million users, from just 8 million     Mr. Uzair Ahmed Baig Moghal   CCIE(R&S)#35454
                                                     in 2010, competing with Brazil         Mr. Ogidigbo Ufuoma Michael   CCIE(R&S)#35372
                                                                                            Mr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey       CCIE(R&S)#35028
                                                     and Indonesia for the number two       Mr. Vedprakash Sharma         CCIE(R&S)#35027
                                                     spot. As of August 2012, the user      Mr Naveen Kumar H             CCIE(R&S)#34903
                                                                                            Mr Anand Kumar G M            CCIE(R&S)#34629
                                                     base was around 50 million, sug-
                                                                                            Mr Shashank Singh             CCIE(R&S)#34290
                                                     gesting a rapid growth of the social   Mr Shiv Shukla                CCIE(R&S)#34286
                                                     networking web site in rural and       Mr Cenoj C Joy                CCIE(R&S)#34225

Facebook Gifts                                       urban parts of the country.
                                                                                              We also Offer Specialized
                                                                                                   CCIE Training
line profile. That allowed users to review    LinkedIn rolls out new
                                                                                            Special 15 days Bootcamp for
activity and approve or reject items          profile design                                CCIE(R&S)        : Rs. 60,000/-
for inclusion on their Timeline. Now,         LinkedIn has started rolling out a            CCIE (Security)  : Rs. 80,000/-
that activity log will include details on     revamped design for its profiles which
searches conducted on the site. Face-         will make it easier for users to build
book said it will update users’ activity      a professional identity. The updated           150 Cisco Routers (2811, 1841, 2621 XM,
logs with search data over the next few       LinkedIn user profile is available             3600, 2600, 2500, 1700, 700), 40 Cisco
weeks. A link to your activity log is         immediately for English-language               Catalyst Switches (5000, 3750, 3560,
located in the top right-hand corner of       users, and will be rolled out for all          3550,3000, 2950, 2900), Frame- Relay /
your Timeline, just below your cover          users over the next few months.                ISDN, 12 Firewalls: SonicWall, Watchguard,
photo. You can then drill down for                Addressing a media presentation            Cisco PIX 515 E (UR), ASA 5510, PIX 501,
search-specific data.                         at LinkedIn headquarters, the engi-            3005 VPN concentrator, 4240, 4210 IPS
    Facebook has launched a new service       neering team of the professional net-
                                                                                             sensor, Nokia IP 330, Check Point,
                                                                                             CiscoWAP/ NICs, Cisco Call Manager MCS
called ‘Facebook Gifts’, which allows         working web site said the new profiles
                                                                                             7825, Cisco IP Phones 7960, 7961.
users to purchase gift items for their        come with several enhancements and
friends via the social network’s desktop      new features. Some of the notable
or mobile versions and have it delivered      enhancements are in-line editing,
to their door. Facebook is rolling out the    sidebar for adding profile sections,
                                                                                            We have Graduated over 100 CCIEs.
Gifts service gradually, starting with        high resolution images and drag and
the US. Facebook users can send gifts         drop profile sections to sort according
from the birthday reminders links that        to users’ preferences.
appear on the right hand panel of the             LinkedIn also added a new feature
news feed or from a friend’s Timeline         for users that allow them to follow
by clicking the “Give him/her a gift”         the world’s ‘most respected thought
link or the icon for a present. There’s       leaders’ on the site. The company says
an option to post gift notifications on       the new “follow” mechanism allows
Friend’s Timeline or send privately.          users to keep up with select groups of
    The social networking giant has now       individuals, a “natural extension” of
crossed 1 billion active monthly users.       existing tools for following news feeds
This makes Facebook the first social          and organisations.

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                                                      Google Docs                                        Mozilla Firefox Plugin Check

 Mobile watch
                               WorldMags.net          Now all formats of documents
                                                      can be uploaded to Google Docs
                                                      including .docx, .xlsx, .pptx
                                                                                                         Firefox Recommends will warn users to update
                                                                                                         their plugins whenever required to minimize
                                                                                                         security risks

 iPad Mini, Galaxy SIII Mini, ASUS
 Padfone2 and more launches
 The mobile space is always packed with action each month. October was no
 different. Also there are over a billion smartphone users in the world now

        t’s been a period of waiting,      iPad mini is                           Apple’s Phil Schiller said, but     Windows Phone 8 – a
        and unfortunately, none of         finally here                           we’ve seen thinner pencils, to      refresher
        it is over. There have been        The much-rumoured and talked           be honest.                          While Windows Phone 8 is
        some new invitations               about mini version of the iPad             Schiller said the Apple         not yet out in the market, we
 issued as well since we last              was finally released by Apple          team “worked really hard”           thought we’d also jog your
 met. At the time of writing, all          on October 23. The 7.9-inch            thinking about the size of the      memory of what changes the
 expected major revelations still          Apple iPad mini was announced          iPad mini, which probably           new platform will bring, just in
 lamentably lie in the future –            alongwith the 13-inch Retina           means a lot of coffee breaks        case you forget all about them.
 including the first batch of Win-         Display MacBook Pro, the new           and real-world paper toss              Windows Phone 8 finally
 dows Phone 8 devices (October             iMac (both sporting Ivy Bridge         championships. Anyway,              supports the multi-core chipsets,
 29), and the Android mystery              processors) and a more pow-            they say they have iPad that        and the first batch from Sam-
 reveal (October 29).                      erful 4th generation iPad.             is capable of running existing      sung, Nokia and HTC all show
     On a side note, the accompa-                                                 apps, but isn’t so small “that it   off dual-core processors. All
 nying tablet sphere is heating up                                                stops being incredibly usable.”     WP8 devices will get Internet
 quite a bit, with the introduc-                                                      “All the software made for      Explorer 10. They will share
 tion of the first Windows 8 (with                                                the iPad works on the mini          native code with Windows 8,
 the shared NT kernel) tablets –                                                  with no change,” Schiller said.     bringing ease of porting, shared
 starting with Microsoft’s Sur-                                                       Schiller compared the iPad      APIs and libraries, and enter-
 face for Windows RT offering                                                     mini to existing Android tablets,   prise-level hardware features.
 in late October. If you get your                                                 criticizing its rivals for using    NFC (including mobile wallet)
 magazine late, blame the iPad                                                    plastic materials, only making      and Bluetooth support will be
 Mini, because it launched just as                                                the screen 7 inches, and not        up-to-date. Microsoft is also
 we were about to go to print. The                                                having as many apps. “There         finally adding microSD card
 possible 10-inch or ultra-low                                                    is a gigantic difference in these   support with Windows Phone 8.
 cost Nexus tablets from Google                                                   products,” he said. “They have         All Windows Phone 8
 at the Android mystery event                       Apple iPad Mini               phone applications stretched        devices will feature Nokia Maps
 stand to make things even more                                                   up, not tablet applications.”       powered by NAVTEQ data.
 interesting in the smartphone-               The iPad mini has a 7.9-inch            The iPad mini runs a dual-      They will offer turn-by-turn
 tablet ecosystem.                         panel with 1024x768 resolution         core A5 processor from Apple. It    voice navigation and offline
     With some big announce-               and measures just 7.5 mm on the        supports FaceTime HD and fea-
 ments, including a few in the             sides. It sports the new Light-        tures and a 5-megapixel iSight
 Indian space, it’s not all frustra-       ning connector so that you have        camera. There’s LTE connec-
 tion. The iPhone 5 has seen brisk         to buy all new accessories and         tivity, as well as 802.11 a/b/g/n
 business on the grey market and           spend even more.                       Wi-Fi. Apple promised 10 hours
 the online front here, whilst                Pricing starts at $329 for the      of battery life.
 being officially benchmarked as           16GB Wi-Fi version. The 32GB               Apple is also offering new
 the most powerful smartphone              Wi-Fi is $429, while the 64GB will     polyurethane Smart Covers for
 yet – despite its startling 7.6 mm        be $529. The Wi-Fi plus cellular       the iPad mini in pink, green,
 thickness. The iPhone 5 also has          versions will be $459 (16GB), $559     blue, light gray, dark gray and
 other records, with more than             (32GB), and $659 (64GB).               red for $39, but you’d be better
 5 million units sold in the first            since everyone loves per            off waiting for Chinese ripoffs
 week. The massive iPhone 5 com-           centages: the iPad mini is 23          at a quarter of the price.
 petition base now really has a lot        per cent thinner and 53 per cent           Read the hands-on with
 to live up to – at least on the engi-     lighter than its 9.7-inch coun-        the iPad Mini here: http://dgit.
 neering front.                            terpart. “It’s as thin as a pencil,”   in/WKGuaO                                  Samsung ATIV S

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                                          8 GB Nexus 7                                               Facebook ‘want’ button

 Mobile watch
                                          Google seems to have run out of
                                          stock of its 8 GB Nexus 7 tablet on
                                          the Google Play Store
                                                                                                     Facebook is beginning to roll out tests of “want”
                                                                                                     and “collect” buttons in an attempt to bring users
                                                                                                     and retailers closer together

 core processor, 2 GB of RAM,              and comes with 16 GB of inbuilt                                          GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
 an 8 MP camera, and a 2100                storage, along with a microSD                                            processor and has a 1 GB RAM,
 mAh battery.                              card slot that supports storage                                          32 GB of internal storage and an
    On the tablet front, Google            upto 32GB.                                                               8 MP digital camera with Fuji
 might be coming out with a                    There’s also an 8 MP camera,                                         image processor, f/2.2 aperture
 32 GB version of the Nexus 7,             which can take still images up to                                        and five-element lens.
 probably pricing it the same as           3280×2464, and record videos                                                 Samsung has launched
 the current Nexus 7 that is on            in 1080p. The battery has a                                              the Galaxy Note II in India,
 store shelves. We also heard that         2,020 mAh capacity. For con-                                             pricing it `39,990. The Galaxy
 there might be a premium 10.1-            nectivity, the HTC J Butterfly                                           Note II bears a 5.5-inch Super
 inch Nexus tablet in the works            supports LTE connectivity,                                               AMOLED display with a res-
 made by Samsung. There is a               NFC, HDMI and Bluetooth 4.0.                                             olution of 1280x720 pixels
 wild rumour of a $99 Nexus                In the meanwhile, HTC has                                                (16:9). It is powered by a quad-
 tablet as well, but don’t bet all         introduced a new version of the                                          core 1.6 GHz Exynos 4412
 your money on that just yet.              One X, called the One X+.                                                Quad processor and 2 GB of
 Finally, October 29 may also see              The HTC One X+ will ship                                             RAM, and runs on Android 4.1
 the unveiling of a new Android            with Jelly Bean right out-of-                                            Jelly Bean. It has an 8 MP auto-
 version – Android Key Lime Pie            the-box. It will feature an 8 MP                                         focus rear camera with LED
 – though this seems unlikely.             rear camera with an f/2.0 lens,                                          flash, and a 1.9 MP front facing
                                           along with a front facing 1.6 MP            ASUS Padfone 2               camera. The device comes with
 HTC J Butterfly and                       camera that does video at 720p                                           three storage options – 16 / 32
 One X+                                    @ 30fps. It features an NVIDIA       a 2,140mAh (fixed) battery,         / 64 GB – the `39,990 pricing
 HTC finally unveiled its Galaxy           Tegra 3 processor inside clocked     NFC and 50 GB of ASUS cloud         is for the 16GB version.
 Note rival this month, the HTC            at 1.7GHz, coupled with 1 GB of      storage. There’s no support for
 J Butterfly. It features a 5-inch         RAM. There is also 64 GB of          microSD. For connectivity, the      A billion smartphones?
 440 ppi high resolution full              inbuilt storage onboard, which       PadFone 2 features WCDMA            A new report from the research
                                           is not expandable. The One X+        900/2,100MHz radios, and LTE        and consulting firm Strategy
                                           also includes a bigger 2,100         800/1,800/2,600MHz radios in        Analytics says global smart-
                                           mAh battery, as well as Beats        the global model.                   phone sales have gone past
                                           Audio. Europe will be seeing             The tablet dock of the Pad-     the 1 billion mark – 1.038 bil-
                                           the new flagship from HTC hit        Fone, or PadFone station has        lion to be precise – for the first
                                           the streets sometime later this      a 10.1-inch IPS display with a      time in the third quarter and
                                           month, but Indian availability       1,280 x 800 pixel resolution. It    the numbers are set to double
                                           is not yet known, as usual.          is powered by a 5,000 mAh bat-      by 2015-end. The figures
                                                                                tery, and weighs in at just 514     translate into one out of every
                                           ASUS PadFone 2                       grams. With the smartphone          seven people globally carrying
                                           ASUS has officially unveiled its     attached, the weight is about       a smartphone.
                                           next-generation smartphone-          649 grams, which is still more         “By the third quarter of
                                           in-a-tablet, the PadFone 2. It       than 200 grams lighter than the     2011, we estimate there were
                                           features a 4.7-inch 720p Super       original PadFone.                   708 million smartphones in
                                           IPS+ panel, a Qualcomm quad-             The PadFone 2 without the       use worldwide. After a further
                                           core processor, a 13 MP BSI Sony     PadFone Station – the 16 GB,        year of soaring demand, the
                                           camera sensor, as well as a 1.2      32 GB and 64 GB variants – is       number of smartphones in use
                                           MP front camera. The camera          priced between $620 to $750,        worldwide reached 1.038 billion
                                           is capable of recording 720p         while the phone-in-tablet combo     units during the third quarter of
                                           HD video at 60fps, and 1080p         costs an additional US $210 to      2012,” Scott Bicheno, a senior
                                           HD video at 30fps. It can also       each version. The PadFone 2 will    analyst at Strategy Analytics,
           HTC Butterfly J                 take up to 100 continuous full-      be launched before the end of       said in a statement.
                                           resolution photos.                   December in Europe and Asia.           The researcher also points
 HD 1920 X 1080 touchscreen                    The device runs on Android                                           out that there’s still a huge
 display, and runs on Android              4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but          Indian launches                     scope for the growth of smart-
 4.1 Jelly Bean OS with Sense 4,           ASUS has promised a Jelly            Relevantly, ASUS recently           phones with smartphone
 powered by a quad-core 1.5GHz             Bean upgrade soon. Other             launched the PadFone in India       penetration relatively low in
 Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064                 notable features of the Pad-         priced at `64,999. The PadFone      emerging markets such as
 processor. It has 2 GB of RAM,            Fone 2 include 2 GB of RAM,          is powered by a dual-core 1.5       China, India and Africa.

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                                       Dark Souls DLC                                                        eFun’s ICS tablet

 App Watch
                                       The Artorias of the Abyss DLC for Dark
                                       Souls on Xbox 360 and PS3 is now
                                       available for download
                                                                                                             eFun has announced its new Nextbook
                                                                                                             Premium 10SE tablet that runs on Ice
                                                                                                             Cream Sandwich, and is available for $280

 Top of the mobile OS charts
 We take a look at the top-rated apps on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store
 Team Digit                                                                                                          inbox/outbox, apart from being
 readersletters@thinkdigit.com                                                                                       stored on the cloud.

            his month, we’ve got                                                                                     Camera
            a list of the most pop-                                                                                  CamScanner (Android
            ular apps and games                                                                                      and iOS)
            for Android and iOS,                                                                                     With CamScanner, users can
 across categories – software that                                                                                   turn the phone’s camera into
 has been trending on the charts           can choose from a selection of       InstaDM (Android and iOS)            a “document scanner.” It lets
 for the past month. Take a good           cool jetpacks, playing the role      InstaDM lets users chat with         users digitize any paper docu-
 look at our selection, and if you         of Barry Steakfries as he takes      fellow Instagram users, share        ments by photo shooting. Cam-
 happen to not already own any             to the skies.                        photos, and make new InstaDM         Scanner can also auto-crop
 one of them – we recommend                                                     friends. Illustrious members         images, enhance image quality
 you give these stalwart app-              Monster Quest (iOS)                  include SnoopDogg and T-Pain.        and create an industry standard
 store champions a try!                    A new role-playing and               You can follow celebrities           PDF file. Scanned documents
                                           strategy game on the iTunes          and friends, like and repost         can be shared via Email, faxed
 Games                                     app store, Monster Quest lets        images, curate profiles, juggle      or printed via Internet, uploaded
 Rayman Jungle Run                         players capture, create, collect     multiple Instagram accounts,         to a Cloud, and managed by tag-
 (Android and iOS)                         and train over four hundred          and get a list of suggested users,   ging or searching.

 Ubisoft’s new offering in the             monsters, and battle them            apart from chatting in group or      Vintique (iOS)
 platformer section, Rayman                online against other players.        private sessions.                    A popular alternative to Ins-
 Jungle Run is a touch-sen-                Players assemble armies for                                               tagram, Vintique provides
 sitive version of Rayman:                 battle and build across diverse      MightyText (Andriod)                 users with over 32 vintage
 Origins, the award winning                landscapes, apart from trying        An innovative app that has been      filters, as well as a variety of
 console and PC return of                  their hand at over 300 quests.       quite popular recently is Might-     image editing tools. Users can
 Rayman, released earlier this                                                  yText, which lets users send         share edited images on Insta-
 year. With beautiful graphics             Community /                          SMS text messages from their         gram, Facebook and Twitter,
 immersing you into a tropical             Networking
 world, the venerable Rayman               Loyakk (Android and iOS)
 is your companion for the roll-           A new location-based net-
 ercoaster of a ride.                      working app, Loyakk lets
                                           users startup conversations
 Jetpack Joyride (Android                  with people around them, or in
 and iOS)                                  places you want to be. It enables
 From the creators of Fruit                conversations in the context of a
 Ninja, Halfbrick Studios,                 location or venue, without regis-    computer or tablet or Android        with previews. The app is
 Jetpack Joyride has taken                 tration or check-in, allowing you    phone. Messages will appear in       also highly customizable,
 the mobile gaming world by                to go beyond your friends. You       inboxes from the user’s Android      allowing users to edit adjust-
 storm, as an addictive side-              can send private messages, or        phone number, and MightyText         ment steps and textures in a
 scroller. Winner of numerous              share your thoughts publically.      SMSes will stay synced with          filter, apart from other photo-
 mobile game awards, players               Anonymity is optional.               the regular Android message          editing options.

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                                Medal of Honor: Warfighter                                       Boeing CHAMP Missile

 Security watch
                                The latest expansion in the Medal of Honor series
                                finally launched, with a massive day one patch
                                released soon after
                                                                                                 Boeing recently tested a missle, codenamed Counter-
                                                                                                 electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile
                                                                                                 Project, capable of shutting down any electronics

 The Funniest Security Breaches
 from the Past Decade
 We have seen some serious security breaches in our time, but this time we decided
 to take a look at some of them which will make you go LOL

            he past decade has             We are Anonymous you should                                             finally became inactive, users
            seen quite a few mas-          have expected us                                                        had downloaded hundreds of
            sive security breaches,        GTFO                                                                    games for free. While many
            and in the recent past,        best of luck sorting thousands of                                       feared retaliation by the com-
 hactivist groups have emerged             mails                                                                   pany, Origin’s community man-
 – with Anonymous considered               Get a life                                                              ager, Sam Houston, said EA
 the mother-of-all. Not all hacks          Nobody watches those f******                                            would “honour all sales made
 are perpetrated in the name of            movies anyway, they are flop                                            with the coupon code over
 altruistic goals however – some           You are hated all over the internet                                     the weekend and hoped fans
 are just for fun, and others have         With enough soap you can                                                enjoy their games.” Many users
 money as their primary motive.            blow just about anything                                                speculated this was because the
                                               Anonymous then proceeded                                            company itself had no idea who
 Copyrightlabs vs                          to take down the web sites of the                                       had taken what.
 Anonymous                                 Congress Party, Supreme Court,
 Back in June, when the Indian             and Copyright Labs.                   HBGary website defaced by         Porn on a giant
 government had forced ISPs                                                      Anonymous                         screen?
 to block access to certain P2P,           HBGary vs                                                               You can’t make something like
 torrent and video sharing sites,          Anonymous                             acquired are, quite simply,       this up – a 40 year old unem-
 Anonymous had retaliated in               After Anonymous helped take           nonsense.” Barr was forced to     ployed Russian hacked into a
 numerous ways. Even after                 down sites that had boycotted         step down, and the company        giant ad screen overlooking a
 the ban was lifted (with the              WikiLeaks in 2011 and por-            avoided public appearances        main road south of the Kremlin,
 Madras High Court ruling that             trayed its personnel in a nega-       for months. The resolution to     and then uploaded a two minute
 entire sites cannot be banned),           tive light, global cybersecurity      this epic fail saga came more     pornographic clip for motor-
 the hacker group targeted those           investigators turned their            than a year later, when the       ists to see. Needless to say, the
 institutions that were still              attention to the hacker group.        majority of members of Anony-     clip caused mass frenzy on
 sending individual URL take-              HBGary Federal, a small startup       mous and LulzSec were appre-      the highway, leading to traffic
 down notices to hosts.                    security firm based out of Cali-      hended, in March 2012.            jams, and sent millions of keys
     Foremost amongst these                fornia, made public its inten-                                          tapping across the internet, to
 anti-piracy proponents in India           tions to infiltrate Anonymous,        EA promo code leaks               spread the news.
 was Copyright Labs. Anony-                with CEO Aaron Barr tweeting          The middle of October 2012            It’s not all a laughing matter
 mous targeted this group by               he had found out the identi-          saw one of the funniest leaks     though – Rossiya-24 televi-
 infiltrating their servers, and           ties of group leaders via social      in gaming history, when Elec-     sion reported that an elderly
 slyly changing their automated            networking, and planned to            tronics Arts issued a one-time    motorist suffered a heart attack
 takedown tool’s messages.                 announce the information at the       promo code (which could be        at the wheel after seeing the
 Unknowingly, Copyright Labs               next major security conference.       redeemed for Origin store         clip. Police said that the 40
 sent out takedown notices to                  Anonymous retaliated,             game content) that could be       year-old hacked into an online
 various sites, and was then sur-          exposing more than 50,000             used multiple times.The $20       company’s server to do his
 prised at the suddenly vicious            of HBGary Federal’s (and its          promo code, earned when           deed. The hacker was located
 responses – their takedown                parent company’s) emails,             answering a survey, was worth     in southern Chechnya and the
 notice now contained a mes-               defacing the company’s web site,      the price of a single game on     police claim that the volatile
 sage from Anonymous in place              and then releasing the so-called      EA’s Origin store.                nature of the region led the
 of the URL:                               incriminating evidence that              Users quickly realised that    hacker to believe that he would
     Kudos to SFLC for following it        Barr claimed to have on Anony-        they could use the code more      be safe there. The hacker said
 up and trying to find out how the         mous themselves, saying: “The         than once, and soon passed it     he wanted to “give people
 HC order was misused by ISPs and          personal details of Anonymous         around the internet. 18 hours     a laugh”, the daily Kommer-
 CopyrightLabs                             ‘members’ you think you’ve            later, by the time the code       sant reported.

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         Smart NAS with HD Media Player
         Enjoy high definition movies, music, or photos on big screen TV via HD Station
            Play your content from PC, Mac, or any DLNA server
            Stream video and music, and view photos online
            Centralized storage and backup center
            Low power consumption

                 * Available on TS-x69L, TS-x69 Pro series with V3.8.1 firmware.                    QNAP Remote                  TS-269L           TS-469 Pro

                Remote Control by Smartphone


                                                                                                        National Distributor:             Contact QNAP:
QNAP may make changes to specification and product descriptions at anytime, without notice. Copyright                                     Dehli: Sanjay Biswal +91-99530-36535
© 2012 QNAP Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. ® QNAP and other names of QNAP products are                                                Mumbai: Nilesh Savla +91-93233-27980
proprietary marks or registered trademarks of QNAP Systems, Inc. Other products and company names                                         Bangalore: Basavaraj Venkatapur +91-99164-54596
mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective holders.                                                                              Chennai: Amith Kumar +91-98843-19285

                                                 Transhumanism                                              SanDisk Ready Cache

 Digital life
                                                 Is this the next step in human
                                                 evolution? We take a closer look
                                                 and find out
                                                                                                            SanDisk has announced quick install
                                                                                                            client SSD caching solution to boost PC
                                                                                                            performance at `3,759

                                                Gun o’clock
             We’ve all thought of smashing the alarm clock (phone,
         tablet, etc) for ruining our sleep on at least one occasion –
          may be more. With Bandai’s Gun O’clock, you can channel
          that early sleep-deprived surge of anger to literally shoot
        at the interrupting clock! How cool is that? The clock has a
          bullseye on top of its case and a wireless plastic gun with
            which to hit an infrared beam at the clock. The simplest
            mode is when the alarm goes off, you wake up, grab the
           gun and BANG! hit the target and the alarm dies; but the
          hardest mode expects you to hit the target five times and
               no doubt a great way to wake up even the heaviest of
           sleepers. The clock apparently has no other way to stop
                          the alarm, so you better be a sharpshooter!

                 Funny products
          that don’t cost a bomb,
                but worth a laugh
                                                              Talk about ingenuity leading to laughter and gag, and you won’t be far
                                                              away from the gist of this product -- the QuikPod. In all honesty, it’s a great
                                                              tool allowing people to take photographs of themselves without relying on
                                                              someone’s help. This magic-photography-wand that some call a monopod
                                                              tethers your camera on its end securely, just like a tripod screw stand. You
                                                              can fix either a heavy DSLR or compact zoom camera on the QuikPod, hold
                                                              the stick away from you a few feet and click a photo of yourself in an exotic
                                                              background. Of course, if you aren’t trampling through Antarctica or some
                                                              remote wilderness, and you aren’t a self-obsessed shutterbug, you could just
                                                              as well 1) stop wasting your time, 2) request a passer by for taking a quick
                                                              photo and 3) prevent yourself from being openly laughed at or ridiculed.

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            Acer Aspire S7                                SSL’s death knell
            Acer launches its new Aspire S7 ultrabook
            flagship shipped with Windows 8 and up to
            5 hours of battery life
                                                          Security researchers at Univ. of Texas at Austin and Stanford
                                                          University have found serious vulnerabilities over poor APIs that
                                                          implement SSL. A report http://dgit.in/TdGdGh                           Drool maal

      Good evening, Clarice. If you parade a goatee on your
   face, aren’t a sure hand at shaving your beard, and tired
       of paying your friendly neighbourhood barber guy for
        his services, you’ll need to buy this. The product’s a
      GoateeSaver – saver, not shaver, we checked -- which
helps you keep your goatee intact while you go nuts rolling
   the razer all over that pretty face. Just don’t get caught
   wearing the thing outside the privacy of your washroom,
  or you might get arrested for trying (and failing badly!) to
                            impersonate Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

                                                                   R2Q5 USB Hub
                                                                   This is going to be a big hit with all Star Wars fans out
                                                                   there. If you haven’t lived under a rock all your life,
                                                                   hopefully the word R2D2 won’t fall on deaf ears – look
                                                                   up Wikipedia, for Pete’s sake. With the R2Q5 – the darker
                                                                   version of R2D2 – we have an official memorabilia from
                                                                   the epic sci-fi fantasy which you can plug into your PC or
                                                                   laptop. What’s more, it blurts out lines from the movies,
                                                                   too, apart from providing four USB 2.0 ports on its torso.
                                                                   With the R2Q5, waste no time and connect your gadgets to
                                                                   the Dark Side.

   Who doesn’t like to accessorize their bicycle? We all do.
     Our idea of accessorizing our bike may not be as mind
  numbingly ridiculous as this so-called horse contraption,
     but accessorize our bike we do. Shortlisted for several
       design awards, Horsey is the brainchild of a designer
 from Korea, meant for bicycle riders who want to imagine
  themselves as equestrians. In the designer’s own words,
      “Horsey is an attachable bicycle ornament/accessory
       which makes one’s bicycle look horsey! Through this
‘horsey’ project. I wanted to give a special look to bicycles
        so that people would care about cycling not only as
 transportation but also as a lovely pet.” And if you believe
 in unicorns, you just need to put an ice cream cone on the
                                     horse’s head and voila!

                                                                                                      Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 27
                                                The Humanity+ Website                               Tales of Transhumanism

                               WorldMags.net    Read more about Humanity+, h+ and
                                                everything else on their own website
                                                                                                    Firsthand accounts from the early
                                                                                                    adopters of this supposedly dark art

 The next step
 in evolution?
 If people really can turn in their graves, Darwin
                                                                                                    The work done is aimed at overcoming
                                                                                                    aging, cognitive shortcomings, involuntary
                                                                                                    suffering, and rather unsurprisingly, our
 would probably be doing somersaults                                                                confinement to planet Earth. Hell, for a
                                                                                                    while now executives at Humanity+ have
 Abhishek Choudhary                                   the Extropy Institute, Humanity+ actu-        been known to get chips implanted in their
 readersletters@thinkdigit.com                        ally understands that social dynamics of      bodies to make doors open automatically

                                                      the issue are of equal, if not more concern   for them. A minor feat, sure, but in the end,
                   ranshumanism is a class            here. That is why they are considered the     it’s really about what you want from this,
                   of philosophies of life that       better representatives of the movement        because, cliched as it may sound, the pos-
                   seek the continuation and          that is transhumanism. Like any other         sibilities probably are endless. In addition
                   acceleration of the evolu-         psuedo-support group, they have their         to lobbying to get their chain of thought
 tion of intelligent life beyond its currently        own magazine, the ‘h+’, and they hold         into the mainstream public thinking, they
 human form and human limitations by                  annual TransVision conferences at exotic      also claim to be doing extensive studies
 means of science and technology, guided              locations. Whatever heavy vocabulary the      about some of the raging issues that such
 by life-promoting principles and values.”            Humanity+ website may throw at you, the       a promise would spawn immediately.
 – Max More, 1990                                                                                   Studies range from singularity research
     Considering that the definition was                                                            to the (very real) fear of extinction. While
 coined two decades ago, it’s probably safe                                                         they’re really just asking permission to
 to assume that Transhumanism is not                                                                begin making cyborgs, the idea is not a
 really a new concept. But it has certainly                                                         new one in itself. Humans have, from times
 been gaining traction with time. And prob-                                                         immemorial, believed themselves to be
 ably with good reason too - if there is a new                                                      supremely powerful and capable (and good
 direction that we think we should be going                                                         looking). They’ve believed that any task
 in, this is probably the time to decide. Here,       A vision to reach our full potential          that is beyond them is not because they’re
 we take it upon ourselves to make sure                                                             not up to it, it’s because they haven’t figured
 you’re in the loop on this, because it might         essence remains that they are the people      out the solution yet. And this is the single
 be a genuine fork in the road, in the near           who are making the moves to make this         most important quality that we possess as
 future. So what really is transhumanism?             world home to the Terminators and Robo-       a race - resilience. It might just be the chief
 Well, for starters, it is...                         cops that we’ve only known on the silver      reason that we’ve achieved so, so much in
                                                      screen as of yet. We are not complaining.
 More than just a fancy word                              Their declaration of the cause says
                                                                                                      TransHuman & PosTHuman
 A campaign pioneered by the Humanity+                that they think that the full power that
 community (formerly the World Transhu-               the human form has in itself has not            Now this is where the lines of definiteness
 manist Association), it is a movement to             been harnessed efficiently yet, and that        blur, and ideas get hazy. A transhuman
                                                                                                      can broadly be defined as somebody/
 essentially garner support for the prospect          technology is the key to unlocking that         something that is on its way to posthu-
 of allowing us humans to take to tech-               potential. Their aim is to “broaden the         manism, but is still sufficiently identifiable
 nology to overcome all that we consider              human potential” by infusing into our very      with the human condition. A posthuman is
 to be wrong with the human ‘condition’.              structure, developments from various fields     everything we’re not. A form of life that so
                                                                                                      exceedingly bests anything that we mere
 Started 1998 by a couple of philosophers,            of science, ranging from present technolo-      humans have to offer, that it simply cannot
 Nick Bostram and David Pearce, they                  gies such as biotechnology and informa-         be called human at all. The proper defini-
 are not the only proponents of the use of            tion technology, and anticipated future         tion even states that posthumans might
                                                                                                      constitute conscious artificial intelligence.
 technology. But unlike the solely utopian            technologies, such as molecular nanotech-
                                                                                                      Woah, trippy!
 visions of its now defunct ‘competitor’              nology and artificial general intelligence.

28 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com

                             H+: The Digital Series                                                         The Singularity

                             It is is a web series that explores the possibilities
                             of a futuristic world, where Transhumanism is
                             mainstream http://dgit.in/RPtiLG
                                                                                                            Watch the man who defined transhumanism
                                                                                                            itself - an interview from Max More, touching
                                                                                                            everything transhuman http://dgit.in/X0PLd9

                                                         ongoing project, this might all fail, and the
                                                         early adopters might be reduced to little              WHere We’re aT:
                                                         more than roadside freakshows. Or at                   • A woman called Lepht Anonym has
                                                         worst it might kill you with some as-of-yet               been implanting herself with mineral
                                                         undiscovered issues that the concept might                and metallic implants in order to feel
                                                                                                                   electric and magnetic fields. She is
                                                         spawn. There might be specific prob-                      confident of finding a way to sense the
                                                         lems with specific transformations, too.                  magnetic north soon.
                                                         Who knows, really? The point is, there’s               •	 Researchers have discovered that life
                                                         absolutely no point in jumping in, if many,               can actually be used as a raw material
                                                                                                                   for development. They’ve created a
                                                         many people don’t jump into this together.                human ear from bovine (cow) tissues,
 The possibilities are endless(ly scary)                     Then there’s the bigger problem - the                 which was ‘cultivated’ on a rodent.
                                                         politicality of it all. Now, maybe it’s just us,       • Artists have found novelty in modifying
                                                                                                                   the human form. Surgeries, robotic third
 our time on Earth, that many other species              but any group that confer to themselves
                                                                                                                   arms, flesh-hook suspensions and pros-
 failed to come even close to. The techno-               and their identities as “we transhuman-                   thetics commonplace in some circles.
 logical aspect might be a relatively new                ists,” “promoting the movement,” “sup-                 • People have been implanting them-
 kid on the block, but the search to find the            porting the philosophy” and “ascribing                    selves with magnets, just so that they
                                                                                                                   can get metallic objects attracted to
 ‘key’ to ‘unlocking our potential’ has gone             to the worldview” smack of a community
                                                                                                                   their body. Even we’re stumped about
 on for centuries, and then some. The great              who consider themselves to be a cult. Not                 the “why” of it all.
 legends of the Fountain of youth, the Elixir            the best way to identify yourself, if you are
 of life, and the ilk, along with all of our             hoping to eventually be a global phenom-
 parallel ‘superhero’ universes just go on to            enon. Again, maybe it’s just us, but cults are       too. And we all know that when money
 show how much we love the idea of being                 probably not the way forward. Not unless             comes into the consideration, any prevalent
 inherently better than what we are today.               we want to be living in the dystopic cases           sense of it being a level playing field is van-
 So, in conclusion, Transhumanism is really              that are painted with generous amounts of            ished. Now, this world, already horrifically
 just taking the process of evolution by the             eerie in novels like George Orwell’s 1984.           crooked towards the rich, would be out of
 scruff of its neck, guiding it to make us what                                                               reach for the mango people. Nothing, from
 we want to become (in this lifetime), and tai-                                                               academics to art or sports would remain
 loring our body, right from the micro-level                                                                  sacred. A transhuman (billionaire, of
 gene mutations (which are actually more                                                                      course) Mr. Burns could slash Usain Bolt’s
 serious) to the macro body hacks like vision                                                                 record of the fastest 100m time, assuming
 and sensory implants, or artificial limbs                                                                    that Mr. Bolt does not throw comparable
 and such. This fast-tracking of the process                                                                  money upon himself too. Then there are
 – an override attempt at what we assume                                                                      more basic things to consider - things like
 to be nature’s work, and an endeavour at                                                                     reproduction, social harmony, world peace,
 playing God with whatever power science                                                                      and what not. Come to think of it, a planet
 has bestowed upon us – might not be the                                                                      full of futuristic, ageless Greek Gods would
 smartest move here. But, as a race, we’ve                                                                    have a hard time controlling the popula-
 achieved so much success in the fields                                                                       tion, energy requirements, law and order,
 where we just dived in head-first, that this                                                                 and everything else that ties our social
 is really an incredibly logical step, if you                                                                 fabric together. Off the top of our heads,
 think about it. We reached where we are by                                                                   the sort of issues that seemingly arise
 co-operating with nature in one way or the                                                                   would require the kind of poise and finesse
 other. If we could really end up controlling            On a plus side, six-packs would probably             for their handling that we haven’t really
 it, the possibilities are nigh endless.                 be a push of a button away                           seen our leaders display in recent times...
                                                                                                              or ever. And this is when they are ruling
 But you should probably avoid                           Also, there is the ‘community’ part to be            plain old humans. Controlling a popula-
 the agenda, because...                                  considered. The way that it is being propa-          tion of superhumans might be a different
 Of the potential suffering, on multiple                 gated, the push is being made for every              proposition altogether. We’re not saying
 levels. Let us take them one by one. First,             human to decide for himself the changes              that we’re entirely against the concept. We
 the micro level - your level. Now, this is              that he/she wants to implement over                  just think that meeting up in closed circles,
 basically an experiment - there’s no defined            themselves. Not to say that choice is bad,           and in dark political undertones is not the
 set of modifications that would make you                but consider that this might cause such dis-         way to do it. Maybe we should give it a little
 a transhuman, or one that could, with                   crepancies throughout the community, that            more time, let it sort out some of its issues.
 any degree of certainty, put you on the                 we might not remain compatible with each             Just food for thought. Lots of food for some
 road to posthumanism. Also, as with any                 other. Obviously, money will play its part           serious thought...

30 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com


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Ad_IndianPub.indd 1
                                    WorldMags.net                                7/11/12 11:25 AM
                                                Big Data: The Possibilities                                 Space Age

                                34     42
                                                Find out how the power of Big Data is being
                                                used to come up with innovative solutions to
                                                everyday problems
                                                                                                            Is it a coincidence that this section starts on
                                                                                                            this rather unique page number? Perhaps.
                                                                                                            The answer is just a few pages away

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yep it is.
 A Look At the Aircraft Designs Of The Future

 Abhishek Choudhary

            uturistic aircraft, the way they
            are presented in the cartoons and
            movies is far from realistic. But
            that is not to say that the future
 of manned flight would not be radically
 different from what we know of them
 today. On the right is what we started out
 with, when the world was taking its first
 steps in our journey to the heavens. Not
 to put the design or the creators down by
 any measure, but Wright brothers did
 not have the best of designs for sustained
 flying. Come to think of it, long flight             We’ve come a long way from this haven’t we?
 wasn’t their purpose, either - they just
 needed to show that it could be done, in             something that will create an obstruction         been tackled effectively with the advent of
 order to spur the rest of the world into             in the path of air, and air will essentially      drive-by-wire techniques in flight, which
 action. And spur into action it did.                 toss it up. This is the same principle by         is just fancy talk for computer aided flight.
     Now look at the image below. This is             which vehicles, homes and – in a surpris-         That is the reason the flying wings have
 what the majority of mankind thinks of,              ingly high number of cases – cows fly in          made a respectable comeback in the race
 when words like “plane”,”flight” or “air             the event of hurricanes. Doesn’t paint a          to become the core design for the future,
 travel” are mentioned. And no wonder,                pretty picture, does it now?                      in addition to being already operational
 either (sorry helicopters, but we’ll come                                                              in some capacity for many years now. The
 back at you later), because as it turns out,         What the future holds                             future definitely looks good for this design
 aircraft that are roughly based on this              It doesn’t really take much of a genius in        in the subsonic arena, at least.
 design in the world dwarf the ones which             aircraft design to figure out that it is really       Of course, as a parallel to the flying wing
 aren’t by something like 5:1. These are              only the wings of the general aircraft that       design thought-chain, we could say that if,
 incredibly useful machines, but these                do the flying. The rest of the body just tries    for some reason, we want to avoid making
 designs aren’t really the most efficient.            to keep as much out of the air’s way as it        everything one single wing based-design,
 Philosophically speaking, they accurately            can. There it is - Aerodynamics 101. So           we could just go on adding the number of
 reflect everything that is wrong with the            obviously, when tasked with producing             wings on our current models. This seems
 world, and everything that is leading us             more efficient aircraft design, the first shot    to be the motivation behind the boxed wing
 to, among other things, supremely high               will be at eradicating the notion of the          concept, where a huge, wing-based struc-
 fuel prices. The basic idea here seems to be         wings and the body in a plane - just one          ture encapsulates the entire basic aircraft
 that if you throw enough engine power at             huge, flying wing. And to think that this is      structure, and its edges all act like separate
 something, it will fly (and fly it does). So we      a new design concept would be a huge dis-         wings. In addition to reducing the drag of
 just attach super-high-powered engines at            respect to the man who pioneered the idea         the overall configuration, it handles the sta-
                                                      as early as 1910; one Mr. Hugo Junkers. A
                                                      German engineer by trade, he quickly be
                                                      realised that a clean flying wing is the most
                                                      aerodynamically efficient design configu-
                                                      ration, and therefore the best way forward
                                                      (being an intelligent man, he patented
                                                      the design too). The issues at the time,
                                                      of stability (or lack, thereof) and impos-
 Usually “Airplane” means this                        sible navigation requirements, have now           The flying wing in the commercial space

32 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
                   The Flying Shuriken
                   Watch this video to know exactly how the
                   shuriken shaped aircraft (SBiDir-FW) flies:
                   http://dgit.in/RdeyJc                                        From the Labs                               From the Labs

bility issues pretty well (though it does not
add much in the name of futuristic looks,
and loses out on drool points).
    Our next design - the Double Bubble
D3 has taken a different direction, in terms
of employing the latest in noise reduction
strategies. An aircraft’s noise might have
two sources - the aerodynamic fluctuations
by the flight, or the mechanical noise from         MIT’s Double Bubble D8 design
the engines itself. What this design hopes
to achieve is that the craft has the ability to     competition, is a completely new take on
stabilise itself by design, and not by power,       the way in which the airborne vehicle
which results in lesser air resistance and          should transform to adapt to the change
therefore, reduces on the aerodynamic               in supersonic to subsonic speeds, and
fluctuations. It also manages to further            vice-versa. The radical part of the idea is
channelise sound by placing a spherical             that the aircraft will take off and land in
plate to guard the underside of the engine,         one direction, while its flight will logi-
which reflects the mechanical noise                 cally be at in a direction perpendicular to
straight back up to the heavens, because            that. The supersonic bi-directional flying
hey, the big guy upstairs doesn’t care.             wing (SBiDir-FW) aircraft would rotate
                                                    into supersonic configuration by folding
                                                    winglets attached to the end of the wings
                                                    in subsonic configuration. Folding them
                                                    up again would see the aircraft rotate back
                                                    again to subsonic orientation once again.
                                                    The engine pod on the midsection would
                                                    also be rotated in the opposite direction
                                                    when switching modes, so that the orienta-
The boxed winged concept                            tion of the engine remains the same during
                                                    the transition, in order to conserve the
    Now, for some fantasy talks. Apart              kinetic energy of the plane.
from simply making aircraft look suitably               Tying up loose ends, we’d like to touch
futuristic, plans are in motion to give them        upon something that is probably at the
some mind blowing capabilities too. How             undertone of it all. There’s a strange sense
about a plane that can mutate its shape             of homecoming in all of these designs.
during flight? Fans of anime will instantly         When you take a close, analytical look at
recognize the image to closely resemble the         the designs they seem, in some way or the
shuriken. A team from the University of             other, to be trying to model the natural
Miami have created this idea to bridge the
compromise that is flying supersonic. The
key here is the wingspan. Subsonic flight
requires better wings to ensure efficient
output from the power
being pumped from the
                                                                          You’ll be riding
engines for the push. But,                                                Ninja stars soon
things change radically when something
crosses Mach-1. Aerodynamics at it again,           practitioners of flight more and more
now the wings need to be as subdued as              closely. Birds, bugs, whatever (and we
possible (along with everything else), to           sometimes imagine dinosaur in there too),
ensure stability during the flight. Up until        but finally the world agrees that the best
now, designs were hard-built as a mixture           way to do it is the way that it has been done
of them both. But this new design, which            for thousands of years. What should have
has been given a nod (and some $100,000             been obvious is now in the fore. There’s a
in grant) by NASA as part of it’s Innova-           strange sense of homecoming to the future,
tive Advanced Concepts (NIAC) design                when you think about it.

                                                                                                    Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 33
                                                  Ammo visualisation                                Big Data Goes official

 Tomorrow’s Tech
                               WorldMags.net      Google made this wonderful visulisation of
                                                  arms and ammo import and export across
                                                  countries. http://dgit.in/Ripe9m
                                                                                                    The Obama Administration announced the Big Data
                                                                                                    Research and Development Initiative, to understand
                                                                                                    use of big data in troubleshooting govt problems

Big data = Big opportunities?
 All those bits and bytes
 do add up to a lot
 Spandan Sharma

            he 2002 science-fiction movie
            Minority Report showed a
            special police unit that is able
            to arrest murderers before they
 commit their crimes. In another case of
 science-fiction turning into science-fact, a
 team led by well-known technology inno-
 vators Donnie Fowler and Zach Friend in
 association with the Santa Cruz (California)
 police department, have managed to create
 a similar set-up. However, rather than
 relying on psychic humans, they decided
 to harness the power of something called
 Big Data. This new field of study enabled
 them to mine vast amounts of crime data
 from the city, and use it to set up a system        Meet Big Data, the next big thing in Information Technology
 that, quite frankly, can only be described as
 uber-cool. Called “predictive policing” or          stretches their data management capacity.              Big Data definitions are therefore quite
 PredPol, the system has seen great success          What about very large global outfits and          subjective, depending on the communi-
 in the iconic city of Santa Cruz, with prop-        multinational corporations? By recent             ties/organizations concerned. However,
 erty theft dropping 19 per cent in the first        estimates, Google processes about 24              all definitions are based on three basic
 six months of 2012, compared to the same            petabytes of data in a day (1 petabyte =          parameters: Volume (how much data...),
 timeframe in 2011, when the technology              1000 terabytes = 1 million gigabytes).            Variety (...of what kinds...) and Velocity
 was not being used. This, without adding            That means by the end of 2012, Google             (...is received at what speed.) In recent
 more officers to the workforce, or changing         would have processed roughly 8760 peta-           times, data analysts have also agreed to
 beat and shift timings.                             bytes of data. Such astronomical figures          include Virtual as a parameter, thereby
                                                     are beyond the comprehension of most              largely restricting the definition of data/
 What is Big Data?                                   people, yet these are essentially what form       information to what is stored digitally in
 Wikipedia has the following to say about            the basic premise of Big Data.                    fileservers and data systems globally.
 Big Data, “In information technology, big
 data is a collection of data sets so large and
                                                        DAtA = CurrenCy?
                                                                                                       Why should you care?
 complex that it becomes difficult to process                                                          Most of the times, Big Data is useful only to
 using on-hand database management tools.               • “Data is the new oil.” Coined in 2006        large corporations and companies looking
 The challenges include capture, curation,                by Clive Humby, a British data com-          to better understand consumer behaviour
                                                          mercialization entrepreneur, this now
 storage, search, sharing, analysis, and                                                               and market trends, and utilize that knowl-
                                                          famous phrase was embraced by
 visualization.” Straightforward enough.                  the World Economic Forum in a 2011           edge to smoothen their work practises,
 Essentially, Big Data means any collection/              report, which considered data to be an       cater to the precise needs and tastes of the
 segment of data so large that analyzing it               important economic asset, like oil.          markets, and make a tidy profit along the
 using “regular” data management systems                • From the beginning of recorded his-          way. After all, an average Joe has no use for
 becomes nigh impossible.                                 tory until 2003, we created 5 exabytes       the kind of knowledge Big Data can fur-
                                                          (5 billion gigabytes) of data. In 2011,
    But how large is “too large”? For most                                                             nish, correct? Well, both right, and wrong.
                                                          the same amount was created every
 people, a few terabytes is more than they                two days. By 2013, it’s expected that            Big Data in fact can be very useful to
 can handle. For a small or medium-sized                  the time will shrink to 10 minutes.          even the common man not interested in
 firm, 300-500 TB might be the limit that                                                              extensive number crunching, by simply

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                                      Big Data Research                                                  Facebook’s Project Prism

 Tomorrow’s Tech
                                      The US State of Massachusetts announced the
                                      Big Data Initiative, to give state government and
                                      private funding for Big Data research.
                                                                                                         Facebook announced development of a new
                                                                                                         initiative - Prism - to help it better deal with the
                                                                                                         tonnes of data it generates everyday.

 letting him learn more about the world he
 lives in. And this can happen in two ways
 – directly or indirectly.
     Directly, Big Data can help you
 understand your surroundings better
 by providing new insights about eve-
 ryday stuff that you might not be aware
 of normally. For example, consumers
 frequently pay their utility bills without
 realizing how much exactly each instru-
 ment in their home consumes. MacArthur
 Fellow Shwetak Patel decided to find a
 solution to this problem. He realized that
 most devices used today have unique
 digital signatures that can be detected                Smarter Cities is an initiative by IBM which uses Big Data to assist city administrations
 with basic wireless sensors. Patel created
 an algorithm which, along with a sensor         cantly improve today’s risk-screening                  ways Big Data will help improve the
 placed anywhere in the house, gives             techniques for patients vulnerable to                  world of everyone in general, not just the
 users inexpensive visual feedback about         repeat heart attacks while the latter has              corporations and departments interested
 which devices use the greatest amount           led to the creation of custom software,                in data development. A conglomerate
 of electricity and how to conserve the          embedded into microprocessors and cam-                 of individuals and companies recently
 wasted amount. Utilizing Big Data, Patel        eras, that can be used to build eyeglasses             launched The Human Face of Big Data
 has empowered common consumers with             that will help patients of severe retinal              initiative, in a bid to let common people
 the information they need to make better        disease regain their vision.                           understand how exactly Big Data can
 decisions that help them in improving the           Big Data can also be helpful in                    be useful to them. Using crowd-sourced
 quality of their lives.                         improving governance and creating                      information based on apps for smart-
                                                           better, smarter infrastructure.              phones, this initiative is helping people
                                                           Information running into mas-                understand the wealth of information
                                                           sive streams of data is gener-               available to them through Big Data, and
                                                           ated daily by the digital utility            bringing them closer in the process. The
                                                           services common in most cities               apps contain a series of questions across
                                                           today, which if properly har-                categories, such as your Demographic,
                                                           nessed can completely change                 your opinions about friends, family,
                                                           the way authorities manage civic             yourself, etc. Answering the questions
                                                           systems. Equipped with tools to              truthfully creates a unique “signature”
                                                           analyze data for better decisions,           for you via your smartphone. The app
                                                           anticipate problems to resolve               then lets you compare your answers with
                                                           them proactively and co-ordinate             the general trend of answers given by
 Big Data can help us learn stuff about ourselves we       resources to operate effectively,            other users who’ve used the app on their
 never imagined                                            smarter cities, and their admin-             smartphones, even finding your “data
                                                           istrations, are the drivers of eco-          doppelganger” for you, someone whose
     Big Data analysis has also helped           nomic growth and progress for society at
 greatly in furthering knowledge in fields       large. The process of equipping cities with              how Big is Big Data
 like the health sciences. Researchers John      such facilities has already begun through
 Guttag and Collin Stultz, along with Zee-       initiatives like IBM’s Smarter Cities. The               • 247 billion emails are sent every day.
                                                                                                            (Up to 80 per cent are spam.)
 shan Syed, have created a computer model        IBM Smarter Cities initiative is an attempt
 to analyze discarded electro cardiog-           to use Big Data to help make significant                 • Every hour, we create enough Internet
                                                                                                            traffic to fill 7 billion DVDs. Side by
 raphy (EKG) data of heart attack patients,      changes in the way city administrations                    side, that’s seven times the height of
 while Sheila Nirenberg of Weill Cornell         approach their responsibilities. Utilizing                 Everest.
 Medical College has found a way to              the wealth of information revealed by Big
                                                                                                          • There are 133 million blogs on the
 artificially recreate the complex code seen     Data about how cities tick, the initiative                 web.
 by a healthy retina upon seeing an image        plans to make the jobs of officials easier
                                                                                                          • As of August 2012, there were just
 using massive amounts of data based on          and smoother, while giving citizens better                 over 4 million articles in the English
 multiple studies and diagnoses of retinal       standards of living through more efficient                 Wikipedia.
 diseases. The former stands to signifi-         services.These are just some of the myriad

36 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com

                                 Samsung display ends deal                                      updated Linkedin blackberry app

 Tomorrow’s Tech
                                 Samsung Display has reportedly decided to end
                                 its deal with Apple, stopping the supply of LCD
                                 panels to its longtime partner
                                                                                                LinkedIn finally updated its app available on Blackberry
                                                                                                devices, making it compatible with BB6 and BB7, and
                                                                                                adding several new features

 personality most matches yours, based on              Correlating this data lets them establish        competitive prices in the marketplace, and
 the data generated by your answers. Just              new patterns and find new informa-               how badly I need/want the product, it can
 a small example of the many possibilities             tion, such as deducing that a customer is        use this information to its advantage and
 that open up by analysing Big Data.                   pregnant (sometimes before family and            derive the maximum possible profit from
     Analysing crime report patterns to help           friends know) based on her purchases and         me. Literally, milk me for all I’m worth.
 predict crimes before they happen, using              patterns in her behaviour (this actually             Big Data can also be a divisive cata-
 call frequency analysis to understand                 happened in the United States where well-        lyst in most socio-economic scenarios.
 consumer behaviour and give them better               known retail chain Target identified preg-       By amplifying existing advantages and
 services – the potential for the use of Big           nant customers by the above method and           disadvantages, Big Data has the potential
 Data are endless. If we end up eventually             then sold them baby products). Creepy            to further widen the gap between the
 living in a world that runs primarily on              enough? It can get worse.                        haves and the have-nots. Those who are
 the information generated by the analysis                 Big Data incentivises collection and         savvy and well-educated, with ‘positive’
 of Big Data, it will hopefully bring us               longer safekeeping of data, leading to mas-      Big Data, are likelier to get better treat-
 closer as a race, as we learn more about the          sive storage banks of potentially private        ment from governments as well as private
 people around us and across the world,                and confidential data
 and use that information to bridge the gaps           that consumers might be
 between us and overcome our differences.              uncomfortable sharing
                                                       otherwise. Using this
 Big is not necessarily                                data to draw conclusions
 always better                                         about the consumers
 Big Data is generated through many                    would violate their sense
 methods, out of which one of the most                 of privacy. And this gives
 common is “data mining”. What it                      companies greater incen-
 essentially means is that once you have               tive to reveal minimal
 massive amounts of information, you can               amount of the data they
 mine that information and discover new                might actually be gener-
 patterns and relationships that you’re not            ating and storing on you.
 aware of normally, because you cannot                     Use of data mining
 compute at that level on an average basis.            by law enforcement            Shwetak Patel’s efforts prove how useful Big Data can be to
 This has given rise to the term “macro-               is another matter             everyday people
 scope” – like a telescope or a microscope             altogether. Labelling
 – which means looking at data to discover             someone as a potential criminal before           companies, as compared to those who are
 new patterns that were never known/seen               they have done anything, based on data           poor, ‘underprivileged’, and with some
 before. And that may pose a problem.                  generated from behaviour patterns, turns         form of negative Big Data, like a criminal
                                                       the entire concept of human rights and           record for petty theft. The latter will be
    our big data                                       justice on its head. One can no longer           identified easily, and might face preju-
                                                       claim innocence till proven guilty, as your      dices, thereby restricting their chances
    • 80 per cent of all humans own a
      mobile phone of some sort. Out of 5              guilt would be established even before the       of rehabilitation into society, and further
      billion mobiles, 1 billion are smart-            crime on the basis of what you’ve been           increasing stratification in society.
      phones. (In Singapore, 54 per cent of            doing over the past months. Try wrapping
      citizens are smartphone users.)
                                                       your head around that concept.                   Summing it up...
    • 60 per cent of all humans (5.4 billion               Big Data also has the potential to tilt      As is evident, Big Data has enormous
      people) are active texters. In 2010,
                                                       the scales in the favour of big organiza-        potential for improvement our under-
      193,000 text messages were sent
      every second.                                    tions with access to it, and away from           standing of us as an evolving species, and
                                                       individuals and common people who                predicting future trends with increasing
    • 50 per cent of 5-year-old kids in the
      U.S. are given access to a smartphone.           might not have the resources needed to           accuracy. But, there are a lot of problems
                                                       gain access to Big Data, let alone analyze       – ethical and otherwise – embedded in
    • 10 per cent of all photos ever taken
      were taken in 2011.
                                                       it. Economically speaking, it can allow          the process of using Big Data, that need
                                                       big companies to gain unfair advantages          to be properly addressed before it is
                                                       over smaller competitors who do not have         adopted wholeheartedly. Until we can
    When companies gather informa-                     access to the same kind of information. It       manage to find the right balance between
 tion about consumers, they collect a                  also holds a lot of potential for manipula-      these two sides, a wary and controlled
 wide variety of it, ranging from personal             tion and misuse of data – if a store knows       approach is perhaps the best way to
 information to buying patterns to even                exactly how much I can afford to spend           adopt for the world of wonders that Big
 eating habits and medical problems.                   on a product, how much I know about              Data can unlock for us.

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                                                Saturn’s burp                                           WPI 2013

 Space Age
                               WorldMags.net    The aftermath of a massive storm in Saturn,
                                                resulted in a huge increase of ethylene gas. In
                                                other words, Saturn burped!
                                                                                                        NASA-WPI 2013 registrations have
                                                                                                        opened and include a first prize of
                                                                                                        over $1.5 million

 Welcome to the moon!
 A trip to the moon, a stay in the 7-star Hotel Clavius in the Sea of Tranquility. If such a
 future exists, what will it be like? Read on to find out more

 Anirudh Regidi                                       including a dedicated limousine to take      and finally proceed to Clavius base via
 anirudh.regidi@thinkdigit.com                        you back and forth from the Space Centre     the SR-1 landing capsule.
                                                      during your training.

          he Hotel Clavius is painstakingly                                                        I’m on the moon!
          made with some of the finest                Physical training                            The descent, while a bit jarring during
          moon glass ever produced and                The 3 week training program is rigorous,     the landing phase, will be quite une-
          as a vacation destination, is               but not exhausting and you can think of      ventful. Given the low atmosphere of the
 unmatched. Wouldn’t you like to revisit              it as a slightly more rigorous health spa.   moon, there will not be any buffeting and
 the place where man’s first step to inter-           Throughout the training program you          vibrations that would be expected in a
 planetary travel was taken?                          will have some of our best doctors and       normal re-entry on Earth. The capsule
                                                      psychiatrists to ensure your mental and      will land directly in the Sea of Tran-
 The journey begins                                   physical well-being. Don’t worry though,     quility, not far from the place where Neil
 Your holiday of a lifetime begins with a             you won’t really have to exert yourself so   Armstrong first set foot on the moon!
 trip to the Kennedy Space Centre, where              much once you get to the moon.               The landing craft will put you down at
 you need to undergo a training program                                                            Tranquility spaceport, from where you
 which is essential for to ensure your                Space!                                       will be transferred to a waiting rover
 safety in space.                                     The day of the launch is really something    that will take you to the hotel.
     During your stay you will be put up in           special. The bone jarring vibrations of
 the Florida Olympian, one of the premiere            the thrust motors kicking in, followed       Hotel Clavius
 hotels in our chain, where you will have             by the smooth, effortless power of the       You will be taken to Hotel Clavius, the
 all the amenities you could ask for,                 massive, 24 million newtons of thrust        largest, most expensive and technologi-
                                                                    carrying you into space at     cally advanced hotel ever built by man.
                                                                    incredible speeds. Within      The vast, imposing dome structure,
                                                                    15 minutes, you’ll be          designed by world renowned architect,
                                                                    outside the Earth’s atmos-     Lunna Attic, covers 13 square kilometres
                                                                    phere and orbiting in LEO      and is made from an intricate network of
                                                                    (Low Earth Orbit) in the       very fine carbon-fibre tubing glass made
                                                                    calm and still blackness       from the surface of moon itself. The entire
                                                                    of interstellar space. This    surface is covered by moondust to provide
                                                                    time will be used for accli-   insulation and also to keep out the excep-
                                                                    matization and training in     tionally harsh sunlight. Day temperatures
                                                                    actual zero gravity.           on the moon can reach over a 100 C, with
                                                                        The rendezvous with        the night’s reaching a bone-chilling -230 C
                                                                    the International Orbital      and you would alternately freeze or burn if
                                                                    Platform-1 (IOP- 1) is         it weren’t for that insulation.
                                                                    entirely automated and             The hotel is strategically located in
                                                                    you’ll be transferred          the Sea of Tranquility, built over the spot
                                                                    directly to the Japanese       where mankind first set foot on the moon.
                                                                    Shizukesa module and           Originally designed to be only a bare bones
                                                                    propelled via the Indian       dome to preserve the one of the most
                                                                    S-200 rocket motor. The        important moments in recorded history,
                                                                    flight to the moon will be     the dome went on to become a museum,
                                                                    relatively quick and should    and living quarters for lunar miners; the
                                                                    be completed within 24         dome was eventually redesigned to make
                                                                    hours, at the end of which,    the largest hotel ever made by man.
                                                                    you will dock with the         This was possible, in part, due to the low
 The start of an incredible vacation                                lunar orbital space dock       gravity at the lunar surface. Visitor’s to

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              A smaller hole                                                 Something’s fishy here
              The hole in the ozone layer seems to be slowly
              shrinking as scientists have finally observed the
              second-smallest hole they’ve seen in 20 years
                                                                             A new batch of crew arrived at the ISS this
                                                                             month, bringing with them 32 extra members,
                                                                             Japanese medaka fish for the aquarium                       Space Age

the hotel are first greeted by the sight of        guns and cannons fitted to the system for         from the Hotel. The journey will take
the venerable Lunar Descent module, and            some more close range defense. Also, the          place via maglev transport and will be
the old American flag (replanted now that          few feet of lunar dust that cover the dome        accomplished in under 15 minutes. Lunch
the moon was colonized). The footsteps of          are quite capable of absorbing the impact         will be served at the LunaCorp mess and
the first astronauts are there for everyone        of any minor meteorite that might escape.         we will be given a tour of the facilities.
to see as well and are covered in foot-                                                              After the trip, you will be taken back to
high glass so people can actually walk             Day 1: Lunar tour                                 the hotel where you will be free for the
the same path as Neil Armstrong and                After breakfast, guests will be taken on          rest of the day.
Buzz Aldrin.The hotel, being such a large          a guided tour of the lunar colony and the
structure, is prone to meteorite impacts           infrastructure associated with it. Our first      LunaCorp Mining facility
and there have been incidents in the past          stop, being the closest, will be a visit to the   This sprawling facility covers over a mil-
when the debris from passing asteroids             lunar museum, where you will be shown             lion square miles and is in fact, the largest
has peppered the dome and once, almost             some of the primitive gear used by the            “farm” in the solar system, and is man-
resulted in a catastrophic failure of the          astronauts at the time of the early Apollo        aged by a staff of barely 2,000 employees.
structure. The dome has since been                 missions, including primitive seismographs        These employees, mainly maintenance
upgraded with the state of the art, Arclite        and the original Hasselblad camera that           engineers, are responsible for the care of
defense grid that consists of no less than 7       was used to take pictures of the moon.            over 8,000 harvesters. These harvesters
Arc lite mkII radars and 6, independently              After the tour, all guests will be            are not very different from the combine-
controlled OverArc cannons capable of              equipped with space suits, tracking               harvesters we used to use for farming on
vapourising a 40km diameter asteroid at a          beacons and wireless cameras (for your            Earth. Their primary job is to mine out the
distance of 300 kms using tactical nukes           safety) and will then be taken to the             surface of the moon and extract Helium
and pulsed lasers. There are many smaller          LunaCorp’s mining facilities just 90kms           3 from the regolith on the surface. These

                                                                                                            Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 43
                                                Lost and found                                           Hybrid capsule

 Space Age
                               WorldMags.net    NASA’s Spitzer space telescope spotted some
                                                tell-tale infrared background radiation that
                                                could indicate the presence of ancient stars
                                                                                                         NASA is currently testing space capsules
                                                                                                         with attached helicopter wings for better
                                                                                                         descent control

  harvesters each process millions of tonnes
  of regolith every year, to produce thou-
  sands of tonnes of Helium 3, which is then
  shipped off to Earth via a mass driver and
  orbital collector mechanism. The entire
  process is entirely automated and the
  harvesters follow very precise paths that
  are monitored remotely.
      The entire, partly processed ore is
  wrapped up in a large, plastic bag of sorts
  before being sent off to the “magazine”.
  The magazine is where the ore parcels
  (called pellets) are wrapped in foil and
  then loaded into the mass driver. The
  mass driver, powered by the energy from
  vast solar arrays on the poles, is a feat
  of engineering in itself. With a total build
  cost of over $18 billion, it is the single
  most expensive cannon ever produced.
  The device uses magnetic levitation and
  accelerates the package to mach 25 (1
  mach measured as the speed of sound at               A lunar mass driver capable of incredible accleleration in the low gravity
  sea level on Earth in this case). Since this
  is the moon and escape velocities are so              train ride that will take a few hours. All      noticed, it’s primarily a vegan diet here.
  low, the package can easily escape the                facilities, including entertainment will be     Hardly appealing to everyone’s palate
  moon’s gravitational force and is launched            provided on the train so you will have quite    wouldn’t you agree?
  into a High Earth Orbit.                              a relaxed and pleasant journey.
      Ships from the one of the 10 IOPs will                                                            Day 3: LunarSat
  rendezvous with the packages at regular               LunaCorp farms                                  Day 3 will take you on a tour of the obser-
  intervals, usually at weekly intervals,               Hydroponic farms were the only and              vatories setup on the moon, again, these
  where they will round up the packages one             inevitable, viable farming option on the        are at the poles. Each telescope costs over
  after the other, fit them with parachutes             moon. Given the scarcity of water on the        a billion dollars, but these, along with the
  and retro-boosters and return to the                  lunar surface, this was the only method         vast arrays of radio telescopes, are some
  IOP. The boosters will then be triggered              that could conserve and recycle water           of the most advanced ever devised by
  remotely and will guide the packages back             to the degree that we would like. This          man. The almost negligible atmosphere
  to Earth for reentry. The precision required          method of farming involves no soil and          and the relatively fixed position of the
  and, actually achieved, is quite staggering,          barely any water, which is absolutely           poles are absolutely ideal for peeking into
  with only 1 in 10,000 packages missing                perfect for the limited resources avail-        the dark recesses of space. The scientists
  their designated drop-zones by more                   able on the moon. The poles were the            here are extremely possessive about their
  than 2 miles. These packages are almost               obvious choice given that that was where        instruments, with good reason of course,
  priceless in value, providing clean energy            all the water was (frozen though it may         so you will only be allowed to visit the
  for the Earth, each package capable of                be), and also where the day night cycles        science centre and will be given a tour of
  running a country the size of UK for a few            at least resembled the Earth’s, in part.        the facilities from the outside. These tel-
  weeks at a time.                                      The food production has been refined            escopes and radars are not just meant for
      After the package is retrieved, the               over the last few decades and long gone         space exploration. Many of these form the
  boosters are inspected, refuelled, and                are the days when astronauts had to             first line of defence against asteroids.
  launched to one of the IOPs for reuse. A              depend on concoctions made from green
  very energy efficient process considering             algae and now you can get everything            Have a pleasant stay
  the elaborate process that is involved.               from potatoes to rice and wheat and             That’s it! After these first 3 days of tours,
                                                        even fruits. The food isn’t that delectable     you’re free to do whatever you like! The
  Day 2: Hydroponic farms                               of course, but that is more to do with the      hotel has many activities including “lunar
  The second day will involve a trip to the             low gravity messing with your taste buds        treasure hunt”, “Luney Races” with lunar
  moon’s hydroponic farms that are present              than anything else.                             buggies and don’t forget to visit Disney’s
  near the poles of the moon. The journey                   The food in the hotel is shipped directly   theme park at the Moretus crater. The
  will be a long one and will involve a maglev          from Earth though. As you would have            complete, family holiday destination!

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                                                Tips and Tricks                                   Viper SmartStart app

                                                This month we look at Adobe
                                                Speedgrade CS6 and JDownloader
                                                and more
                                                                                                  Viper's SmartStart 3.0 app, lets iPhone users use
                                                                                                  Siri to perform many remote functions on their car,
                                                                                                  including starting it

 Mysterious shortcuts, incorrect
 settings and faulty motherboards…
 Digit solves all your queries
     Corrupt pen drive                              by hitting “Win+R”. Type “CMD” and                graphics, then if you connect your
 I’m facing a problem related to my pen drive.      press the enter key. Now type “attrib -h          monitor display cable to your discrete
 I have important data on it in the form of         -r -s /s /d x:\*.* “ (where x is the drive        card, the monitor won’t get a signal as
 folders and files but due to a virus attack, all   letter for your pen drive) and hit enter.         according to the BIOS setting it will only
 my files have been converted into shortcuts.       After that, scan the pen drive, open it and       look at the on-board display port.
 Please assist me in accessing my data.             recover your files.
                                   Ashish Arora         Under no circumstances should you                 An alternative to Gmail
                                                    click on the shortcuts or your PC will be         I’d really appreciate if you could help me
     If you happened to click on the                infected again.                                   resolve the issue of sending mail with more
 shortcuts in the pen drive then it’s very                                                            than 25 MB worth of data since Gmail can
 likely that your entire PC is infected by             Waiting for a signal                           only handle that much. Can you please sug-
 now. We strongly recommend first                   I’m writing to you for a solution to a            gest some alternative way to send data by
 installing an anti-virus such as Avast             problem I’ve been facing often these days.        mail? Thank you in advance.
 (present on the Digit DVD), update it and          My PC turns on and all the LEDs and fans                                              Sasi Kanth
 then run a full boot-time scan. If you don’t       run. The HDD runs and the DVD tray ejects
 do that, then there’s a very high prob-            when the button is pressed. The only thing          You can use any of the following sites
 ability that every pen drive you insert will       is, it doesn’t boot and shows "No Signal"         www.dropsend.com, www.yousendit.com
 get infected. After running the boot-time          on my monitor and then it goes blank.
 scan, ensure that autorun is disabled (or at       This problem has happened with onboard
 least, press “shift”) while inserting the pen      VGA or extra GPU installed (in few cases).
 drive into your PC. Scan the pen drive             In most cases, I have resolved this issue
 with the anti-virus suite you’ve installed         by cleaning, RAM slot change and BIOS
 and hopefully, it should be able to detect         reset. Recently, I faced this problem with
 and take care of the virus. If that doesn’t        a desktop having an MSI (G41M P26), dual
 work, head over to http://dgit.in/SaZJ7K           core CPU, 2 GB RAM, iBall chassis with
 and download and install the program               450 watt PSU (bundled). I tried all the
 and run a scan again.                              mentioned methods but no success. Then I
     To check if your original files are still      tested the RAM and PSU which works fine           DropSend homepage screenshot
 in the pen drive, open command prompt              with other board / PC. CPU seems okay.
                                                    So I’m wondering whether the mobo VGA             or www.ge.tt which allow you to attach
                                                    is gone bad. Use of graphics card or the          files larger than 25 MB and have them
                                                    VGA port (where there’s a graphics card           sent across to any mail ID. DropSend and
                                                    installed) yield no success.                      Ge.tt allow you to send upto 2 GB of data
                                                         My query is, is there any other trick/       as a free user. YouSendIt offers you 2 GB
                                                    method to resolve this problem or is it better    storage and upto 50 MB data can be sent
                                                    to change the motherboard? Please help me         at a time. It has a free 14-day trial period
                                                    ASAP. Waiting for your reply eagerly.             though which allows you the benefits of
                                                                                      Prasanta Das    its Pro Plus plans. After you have sent
                                                                                                      your attachment, the recipient will get
                                                       You might want to check the BIOS and           the link from where s/he can download
                                                    see what setting the display adapter has.         the attachments.
                                                    Sometimes boards come with a default
                                                    setting of Auto i.e. the board checks both,           Analysing surveys
                                                    the on-board display port as well as the          Recently, my college gave me a project – a
                                                    display card display ports. Sometimes if          survey to be conducted on students and
       Avast is a free anti-virus software          the mobo setting is set to on-board               teachers. I’m done with the survey and have

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                       Symbian OS
                       Nokia announced that Symbian OS will see no more
                       further developments and no new features will be
                       implemented without extremely good reasons                       Q&A

all the responses in the form of paper. Now         My configuration is as follows:
I wish to input them into a computer and        •   Processor – Intel core i3 3.06 GHz
analyse the data. Please help me with this.     •   RAM – 4 GB DDR3
Suggest me a good database software, by         •   GPU – ZOTAC 8400 GT
which I can store that data digitally as well   •   HDD – Seagate 7200.12 500GB
as analyse it.                                  •   Motherboard – ECS H55M
                               Akash Manvar         I have another question. How can I
                                                       use an ethernet cable to transfer
                                                       data from one computer to another
                                                       in Windows 7. I have tried many
                                                       times to do this between my sister’s
                                                       laptop and my PC but failed!
                                                                                Rudrasis Gorai

                                                          The answer to the second
                                                      question can be found here:
                                                          As for your first problem:
                                                          Without having access to your
                                                      system, it might be hard to tell
                                                      where the problem lies and what
                                                      causes the crashes. However, try
                                                      to ensure you check things in this
                                                      1. If the machine is a laptop, give
Google Forms allows you to enter your questions
with options and then the replies will get            it to an authorised service centre
tabulated in a spreadsheet as seen above. Thereby for repair
helping in easy analysis of the data                  2. If it’s a desktop PC,
                                                 a) Turn off the PC, open the cabinet,
   One way to do it is by manually                    ensure you have enough light to see
entering all the data in an Excel sheet, but          the internals clearly, and turn on the
there are chances that you may goof up.               PC again
So instead you can use Google Forms              b) Ensure that the CPU fan is spinning
which allow you to analyse your data. Go              properly
to Google Documents/Drive >                      c) Ensure that the GPU fan is spinning
Create > Forms. Make a Form and fill                  properly
in all your questions, answer options, etc.      d) If both are spinning fine, turn off
and save the survey form. Then, fill in the           the PC, press down lightly on the
responses. So say there are 10 respond-               RAM strips, and ensure they are
ents, then you’ll have to fill out that form          seated firmly
10 times. All those responses will get        3. Change the CMOS battery, you can get
automatically filled into an excel sheet,        a new one from any watch dealer or
which you can later download. Once you           computer dealer
have all the data in a tabulated form, you    4. Keep the PC open while using it, and
can use the Charts function of Microsoft         if it crashes and hangs again, turn off
Excel to visualise the data in a better way      the power, and then touch the CPU
and analyse it.                                  heatsink, GPU heatsink and RAM
                                                 strips. Warning: Be careful they might
    That dreaded sound…                          be really hot
Sometimes my PC hangs and the speaker         5. If you have more than one RAM
makes a terrible sound. Even the mouse           strip, keep only one in the PC and
pointer doesn’t move, so I have to restart my    then test again to see if it hangs. If
PC. Sometimes, during rebooting it shows         not, replace the first one with the
"CMOS checktime failed ". I can't watch my       second, and so on to ensure that the
favourite movies or play games like Crysis 2.    RAM is not corrupted. Note: you

                                                                                                 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 47
                                       Adobe Acrobat XI                                         RailRadar

                                       Adobe announces Acrobat XI with tablet friendly
                                       touch and cloud services integrating more
                                       seamlessly with Microsoft Office
                                                                                                CRIS has announced a new web application RailRadar,
                                                                                                which allows users to access location of a train on Map
                                                                                                and track movements of trains on a real-time basis.

    can also burn to a CD / DVD any                       times of unplugging and plugging of the          BIOS and the device manager. First
    of the Linux distros we give on our                   SATA cable.                                      thing we would advise is downloading
    Digit DVD, boot from it and run the                2. The DVD drive doesn't read disks. It             the latest drivers. But since it cannot
    memtest option to ensure the RAM is                   shows up in the BIOS as well as device           read discs, so maybe there is some
    functioning correctly.                                manager, but not in the list of drives           optical issue. We mean there may prob-
 6. If none of this works, you may have a                 under disk management. There’s also              ably be some dust accumulation that is
    faulty motherboard, and will need an                  no directory under HKEY_LOCAL_                   an obstruction to the lens from which
    engineer to look at your problem                      MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\                the laser beam is pointed. Your drive
                                                          Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-               bay may have got some physical shock
   Unread disks and                                       BFC1-08002BE10318} that could be                 which is preventing the laser from
 other issues                                             deleted as per instructions. I even tried        pointing properly on the optical media.
 My system configuration is as follows:                   uninstalling the drivers and restarting the   3. This seems to be a common issue
 • Processor – Pentium dual-core E5500 @                  PC, but this too doesn't help. I’ve also         with ASUS boards. Try removing the
    2.80GHz                                               tried different SATA cables, but to no           CMOS battery for around 5 mins and
 • RAM – 4.00 GB DDR3                                     effect. The computer sometimes hangs             resetting the BIOS as well. You might
 • DVD SATA drive – HL-DT-ST DVDRAM                       on inserting a disk, or sometimes shows          want update the BIOS of the board.
    GH24NS72 ATA                                          no behavior whatsoever.                          Just download the latest BIOS from the
 • SATA HDD –                                          3. The computer, on startup, just after the         website on a clean USB drive and try
 • Seagate Barracuda LP ST2000DL003                       BIOS screen displays 'Not enough space           flashing the older BIOS.
 • IDE HDD – Seagate PM - ST3160215A                      in runtime area!! SMBIOS data will not        4. Sorry we do not think that issue will
 • Graphics Card – Nvidia GeForce 210 1GB                 be available.' message. What kind of             arise with a legit copy of the game. We
 • Motherboard – ASUS P5G4IC-M LX                         problem is this and how do I get rid of it?      do not encourage piracy.
 • Operating System – Windows 7 Ultimate               4. I played Batman Arkham City by
    (with Win8 Release Preview)                           mounting an image in the virtual drive.       From the Thinkdigit Forums
    I have a number of problems:                          It worked perfectly until I installed
 1. The SATA 2.0TB HDD is connected                       Windows 8 RP. Now it doesn't accept it            DVD tray's wierd behaviour
    with no OS installed. The IDE HDD                     and displays 'please insert original disk     First of all my DVD reader tray doesn't open.
    has got Win7.                                         instead of backup 1000'. I have my save       To open it I have to bang on it a coupld of
    The SATA hard disk, from the beginning,               files and don't wish to start the game all    times. Finally when i place a DVD on it and
    isn't working properly. It just suddenly              over again. What should I do to use that      close the tray, it tends to keep ejecting. I
    sometimes disconnects on its own and                  backup image again?                           have to apply pressure to push it in till i am
    there are rapid or slow beeps. Most                                                   Vinod Arora   sure that the DVD is being read. How can I
    of the time, it doesn't even show up in                                                             solve this problem
    the BIOS, and gives out irritating beep               Wow, you have quite a lot of issues. Let          Thanks in advance.
    sounds. Every time I perform a scan or             us look at them individually.                                                     Utkarsh Malik
    troubleshoot on this drive, the process            1. The HDD giving out beeping sounds
    slows down (with slow beeps) and the                  is a sure sign that it is going bad. You         The drive tray mechanism is at fault.
    drive hangs. If I'm copying something,                need to backup all the data that you          When the tray seems to have been
    for some time it goes well, then it hangs             have on that drive when it is func-           withdrawn and then it spits out the DVD
    a bit, and then the speed goes down to                tioning. An HDD making beeping                again, internally what happens is that the
    bytes/Sec.                                            sounds means that some internal               tray has not reached /signaled the logic
    Even after many automatic repairs, the                components have gone bad. Transfer            board that it's at its "closed/withdrawn"
    problem continues. I have no idea what                your data to an external drive ASAP.          position and so the tray mechanism
    the issue is. Is it some hardware defect,          2. Looks like your drive is getting the          simply assumes that the CD door is stuck.
    because it only works after a dozen                   power as it is being recognised in the        This is just like when you mount a DVD
                                                                                                        incorrectly, how the tray jams. It can be
                                                                                                        caused due to many problems such as a
                                                                                                        dying door-eject motor, dirt clogging on
                                                                                                        the saw-edged plastic rails of the tray,
                                                                                                        worn out/broken saw teeth (it happens!)
                                                                                                        or simply a misaligned tray.
                                                                                                            Btw do you have a habit of pushing the
                                                                                                        door shut rather than pressing the eject
                                                                                                        button? Just curious.

48 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
                                                                                                                                            Tips & Tricks

SpeedGrade                                                                                                               ysis picked up a lot of difference
Adobe has gone ahead and                                                                                                 to this frame compared to the
bundled an excellent color                                                                                               one before and the one after.
grading application with its                                                                                             Now it actually gets better - you
suite of video post-production                                                                                           can save the analysis that you
software. We look at some inter-                                                                                         performed as an EDL file, do so
esting tips and tricks to help                                                                                           by clicking on the “Save EDL”
you work better.                                                                                                         button in the Scene Change
                                                                                                                         Detect window. You can then
     Footage with                                                                                                        import the EDL file into any
     different                                                                                                           NLE or for that matter any
resolutions                                                                                                              application that supports that
When color grading footage,                                                                                              kind of information.
you are not really focused on
the resolution of the clips under                                                                                        GooGle driVe
consideration. But they can be                                                                                           Google Drive is a great service,
distracting and not necessarily                                                                                          no doubt, but simply installing
nice to look at.                        SpeedGrade ............................................................... 71    the application, and synchro-
    Rectify this by going to                                                                                             nizing your files is just the first
                                        Google Drive............................................................... 71
Timeline > View > Screen                                                                                                 step. These tips will help you
Layout. You can tweak the clip          JDownloader .............................................................73      take maximum advantage of
resolution properties here, and                                                                                          Google Drive, on the desktop as
the best thing is that changes are                                                                                       well as the internet – whether it

                                      {                                                                            }
                                           Tips & Tricks has its own page numbers, and does not follow the rest
effective for everything in the            of the magazine’s page numbers. This is done to ensure that you can           is synchronizing files between
                                               cut out and save T&T in a separate folder for later reference.
timeline. You can just increase                                                                                          different computers or using
the resolution of everything on                                                                                          facilities provided exclusively
the timeline to the maximum                                                                                              on the online service.
resolution i.e., the highest res-
olution shot is becoming the         time, you may get footage that              artifacts that may be present due                Move User
standard for everything else.        has been downscaled. It may                 to the transcoding.                              Folders
You will not see pristine quality    not necessarily be bad but you                                                      You can move your user data
videos, but you won’t have to        may want to qualify it even                            Scene Change                 folders (Documents, Pictures,
zoom in and zoom out for each        before you go into grading, i.e.                       Detection                    Music, Videos and Downloads)
shot.Also this can go across the     whether it is a good transcoding            SpeedGrade CS6 makes it easy,           by right-clicking the folder and
board for resolution so you can      of the material.                            compositing a clip that has edits       changing the destination path
mix SD, HD, whatever you want            A trick normally used by                in it but no EDL for it.
to throw at it. This isn’t exactly   compositing professionals is to             SpeedGrade has just the
desired but sometimes it may be      check the HSB composite of the              right tool for it called
the beneficial.                      clip at hand. Once again go to the          Scene Change Detect.
                                     Timeline > View > Channel                   You can access it under
         HSB Preview                 View > HSB Composite. You’ll                Timeline > Tools >
       You may not have              be able to identify the problem             Scene Change Detect.
access to raw footage every          in Bit Depth of any compression             If you open it, it will
                                                                                 actually start doing the
                                                                                 analysis. Once it’s done
                                                                                 analyzing you may want
                                                                                 to go over the edits again,
                                                                                 but typically it gets most
                                                                                 of the edits right. Once
                                                                                 the analysis is complete
                                                                                 you can either split into
                                                                                 multiple sub-clips or
                                                                                 just add keyframes to the Change the location of the user folder
                                                                                 timeline which gives you to the Google Drive folder
                                                                                 slightly more flexibility.
                                                                                     In the Scene Change Detect          under the ‘Location’ tab in the
                                                                                 window, whenever you see a              Properties menu. (Windows 7
Use HSB preview to find artifacts from downgrading                               blue bar, it means that the anal-       users need to go to the Explorer

| www.thinkdigit.com                                                       Vol 12 | 71                                                  Digit | November 2012
Tips & Tricks
                            WorldMags.net                                                                           select a file, click on the More
                                                                                                                    link in the sidebar, and then
                                                                                                                    select “Manage revisions...” from
                                                                                                                    the dropdown menu.
                                                                                                                        Previous revisions take up
                                                                                                                    space in your online drive, sim-
                                                                                                                    ilar to Trash. You can remove
                                                                                                                    previous revisions from this
                                                                                                                    menu if they’re taking up too
Add Google Drive folders to Library locations                                                                       much space.

                                       the home page of your online                                                          Install Apps
                                       Google Drive at the bottom of the       Don’t forget to empty Google                   Google Drive isn’t
                                       sidebar). Once you do that, you         Drive’s online Trash folder to       just another sharing service
                                                                               maximize available space
                                       will get a Google Drive folder                                               that lets you synchronize data
                                       in your list of user data folders,                                           across folders – it can also func-
                                       which is also accessible via the        they are permanently removed.        tion as a web-based hard drive
                                       sidebar of Windows Explorer             There is no way to retrieve          for web apps. The Chrome Web
                                       (it is in your Favorites menu).         those files after that, so be very   Store contains a category spe-
                                            Once you have the Google           careful before removing files        cifically for Google Drive apps.
Save the Google Drive folder           Drive folder, you don’t neces-          from the Trash folder.               They can be selected under Col-
as the default location for easy       sarily have to move files and                                                lections  Google Drive on the
accessibility                          folders to share them – use                   Restore                        sidebar menu.
                                       the Windows libraries folders                 previous file                      You can launch files in these
panel to the left, Expand the          instead. In any library folder,         versions                             apps directly from Google Drive.
collapsible Library folder, and        click the Location link near the        Google Drive saves previous          Conversely, the app can also
right-click the “My Documents”         top of the window.                      versions of files you’ve recently    save files directly into your
or similar folder to get the Prop-          Here, click Add..., browse         changed for up to 30 days, or 100    drive. This service provides
erties menu.)                          to the Google Drive folder              revisions – whichever comes          great relief in the form of a loca-
     Change the location of one        you wish to add to the library,         earlier. These can’t be accessed     tion where you can store your
of these folders to your Google        and select OK. You can add as           from the desktop folder though.      files, instead of scattering them
drive folder to synchronize it         many folders as you want from           You’ll need to visit the website     across multiple web apps.
between computers. Do this             the Google Drive folder to your         (drive.google.com), right-click          For example, Aviary for
on each computer you use and           library and even set it as your         a file and select “Manage revi-      Google Drive is a very easy-to-
you’ll have the same files in your     default save location. On doing         sions...” Alternatively, you can     use and handy photo editor. The
Documents, Downloads, and all          so, later when you open the
other folders on all your com-         library in Windows Explorer,
puters. NOTE: If the amount            you’ll see files from all included
of data you have exceeds the           folders, and when you move or
storage capacity of Google Drive       save a file to it, Windows will
(that is, if the data is more than 5   place it in the default save folder.
GB in size), then the above-men-
tioned function will fail to com-               Empty the
pletely transfer all files. Once                Trash
the storage limit of Google Drive      Files in the Trash (as well as
                                                                               Manage (and delete) previous versions of files saved in Google Drive
is reached, you will be unable         previous versions of files) take
to add any more folders/files to       up storage space. After deleting
it, and in this case, to your user     files from the drive, you’ll have
data folders as well.                  to empty the online drive Trash
                                       to completely reclaim your
      Customize                        storage space.
      Windows                              The Trash folder can only
Libraries                              be emptied from the online
To utilize this function, you’ll       version of Google Drive. Select
need to have the offline version       the More link in the sidebar, to
of Google Drive downloaded             reveal the option for the Trash
and installed (the option for          folder. Note: Once you delete
downloading is available on            files from the Trash folder,            Google Drive-specific apps available in the Chrome Web Store

Digit | November 2012                                                     Vol 12 | 72                                              | www.thinkdigit.com
                                                                                                                          Tips & Tricks

                                                                       total number of connections       the add-ons in Add-on man-
                                                                       should be limited. For average    ager. Below are the plugins
                                                                       internet users with download      which will make JDownloader
                                                                       speed up to 1.5Mbps limit the     more useful:
                                                                       number of connections to 2. If
                                                                       Max.Con. is 1, then Max.Dls       FlashGot for Firefox
                                                                       can be 2. Max.Con.=2 with Max.    The FlashGot add-on for Firefox
                                                                       Dls.=1 is not recommended.        lets you download all links,
                                                                                                         videos and audio clips within
                                                                            Use                          that particular page with a
                                                                            Extensions,                  single click integrating all the
                                                                       Plugins and Add-ons               files to JDownloader. However,
                                                                       To download and install           the current version of FlashGot
Chrome-based photo editor for Google Drive                             add-ons Open Addon tab.           is not yet compatible with
                                                                       Now Switch to “Add-on             Firefox 16.
app lets you pick any image file    as “Do not start new links if      Manager”>“Plugins            &
you want from Google Drive,         reconnect requested” and keep      Addons-Extension”. Select         JD Shutdown
edit it directly in your Chrome     the speed of paused downloads      the add-ons you want to install   This plugin, when enabled,
browser, and then save the          to a very low value, preferably    and click save. After pressing    automatically shutdowns
edited version of the file back     0 kbps.                            Save, JDownloader will notify     your system when all the
to your drive instantaneously.                                         you to download the selected      files are downloaded. You
While it’s no Photoshop, Aviary             Setting Number             add-ons. Press Start Down-        can even close JDownloader
makes photo-editing on-the-fly              of connections             load. After the download          without shutting down your
a lot easier and more fun.          Depending on your Host and         is complete your add-on will      system. The JD Shutdown
                                    Internet download speed the        be activated. You can disable     plugin can also be config-
Jdownloader                                                                                              ured to put your system on
JDownloader is a popular down-                                                                           standby or hibernate mode.
load management tool with the                                                                            Once the plugin is enabled go
ability to manage downloads                                                                              to Settings>Extensions>JD
from filesharing sites and                                                                               Shutdown and select the mode
features such as fast down-                                                                              you wish to enable. Standby
load speeds, control over your                                                                           and Hibernate mode only
downloads and set bandwidth                                                                              works on Linux and Windows.
limitations with auto-extract
archives. Besides one click                                                                              Schedule
hosters, JDownloader allows                                                                              Schedule helps you keep track
you to download content from                                                                             of your downloads. You can set
video portal sites like YouTube                                                                          times where JDownloader can
and convert them into mobile                                                                             Start/Stop download, adjust
supported formats. We have col-                                                                          download speed, and enable/
lected some tips and tricks in                                                                           disable reconnect. To edit the
order for you to get the best out                                                                        settings enable Shedule add-on
of this neat little utility.        Speed up your downloads by tweaking these settings                   from Settings>Extensions. Go to
                                                                                                         Addons tab and select Schedule.
         Speed up your                                                                                   Set the actions and parameters
         downloads                                                                                       and save your plan.
In order to get better download
speeds from JDownloader make                                                                             JDownloader Integration
sure you have proper optimised                                                                           JDownloader Integration is an
settings for your connection. Go                                                                         extension for Google Chrome
to Settings>Downloads and                                                                                which allows you to down-
Connection and select “Create                                                                            load content from the website
sub folder with package name                                                                             directly without copying the
if possible”. Determine when                                                                             link into link grabber. It ena-
the finished downloads are                                                                               bles you to download videos,
removed by selecting “When                                                                               audio files and webpages. You
package is ready”. Check “Start                                                                          can download this plugin from
downloads on Startup” as well       Schedule tasks for JDownloader                                       the Google Chrome store.

| www.thinkdigit.com                                              Vol 12 | 73                                         Digit | November 2012
Tips & Tricks

                          WorldMags.net                                                                      Interface. Under “Feel” tab,
      download                                                                                               Check “Show balloon infos”.
history to another PC                                                                                        JDownloader provides over
In order to do this you must                                                                                 40 different appearance styles
have a backup of files on the                                                                                for Mac, Linux and Windows.
previous computer. To do so                                                                                  You can change your appear-
go to File->save->backup.                                                                                    ance in the same User Interface
To save linklists go to File >                                                                               section under “Look” tab. For
Save > Save linklist. Now           As you can see, different formats have different folders                 example you can select “Win-
unzip the backup into config                                                                                 dows Style” if you are using
folder. Copy config folder to the   same tab depending on your                    Use Shortcuts              Windows OS. To change your
new PC where JDownloader is         network connection.                           to get around              font size go to “Barrier-Free”
installed. Now add the saved           Defaults values are 100              faster                           section and change the font size
linklists to linkgrabber.           000miliseconds == 100 seconds           We have collected few            as required.
                                                                            uncommon shortcuts to make
     Manage                                  Enable                         your life easier:                      Avoid Unwanted
     archives                                Notifications                  • Host Configuration =                 Host Websites
through JDownloader                 You can know when your files               CTRL+Alt+H                    and File types
The integrated unzipper for         are downloaded by enabling the          • Load Container = CTRL+O        You can block file sharing
RAR files automatically opens       notification feature in JDown-          • Drag&Drop target = CTRL+6      websites, video portal web-
downloaded archives. Go to          loader. To do so enable “Show           • Changelog = CTRL+SHIFT+C       sites or any file type to avoid
Settings>Extensions>JD              Balloon Infos” under Settings
Unrar>Advanced Settings.            > Basics > User Interface
Activate the Sub-path box to        > Feel.
create a sub folder for every
unpacked archive. “Ask for                Save different
unknown passwords” allows                 formats to
you to enter passwords that are     different folders
not saved in your list. Check       You can automatically put mp3
Deep Extraction if you want         files into a specific music folder
to decompress archives within       and jpeg files to a picture folder,
an archive.                         and so on. For this to work you
                                    need to enable the package cus-
     Increase the                   tomizer add-on. Once it’s ena-
     Download                       bled you can set custom filters
Timeout                             which can be applied to files
If your network connection is       with the use of Regex Filter
slow it’s best to increase down-    which applies to a single file with
load timeout. To increase the       a jpeg extension > .*?\.jpeg, filter
download timeout go to Set-         which applies to a single file with     Avoid and stamp out unwanted host websites
tings > Basic > Download            a png extension -> .*?\.png. You
and connection > Internet           can also use multiple regex             • Do a Manual Reconnection       accidental downloads. Set-
and network. Now change read        which applies to multiple files           = CTRL+R                       tings > Basics > User
timeout value as well as connec-    with a single regular expression        • Create Container = CTRL+S      Interface > Linkgrabber
tion timeout value under the        filter -> \.(png|gif|jpeg)$             • Execute update = CTRL+7        > Link Filter. Click on
                                                                            • Add-on Configuration =         the text box and add files or
                                                                              CTRL+Alt+O                     websites you want to block.
                                                                            • Enable or disable monitoring   To block files of particular
                                                                              the Clipboard for new links    extensions add .+?\. before
                                                                              = CTRL+8                       the file name. For example,
                                                                                                             write “.+?\. avi” to block down-
                                                                                Enable                       loads of files with avi extension.
                                                                                Notifications,               You can also block websites by
                                                                            Change Font Size and             adding “.*YOURWEBSITE.
                                                                            Appearance                       COM.*?”. For example, write
                                                                            To get notifications of your     “.*rapidshare.com.*?” in the
                                                                            finished downloads go to Set-    text box to avoid downloads
User interace is pretty basic                                               tings > Basics > User            from rapidshare.

Digit | November 2012                                                  Vol 12 | 74                                         | www.thinkdigit.com
                 WorldMags.net                                                     Provider of WLAN and Broadband CPE Products
                                                                   * Based on unit shipped according to ABI Research Q1'2012 WLAN
                                                                     and Broadband CPE tracking data.

                                                                                                    1 Product
                                            in.                         4 Uses                Compact and Versatile

                                                                        150Mbps Wireless N Nano Router

        Turn a Wired Connection into                   Wired
        a Wireless One                                 Connection
        (AP Mode, Plug-N-Play)
                                                                                                    Laptop          Tablet     Smart Phone

        Works as a Wireless Router                     Internet
        (Router Mode)
                                                                                                    Laptop          Tablet     Smart Phone

        Works as a Wireless Adapter to
        Equip Devices with Wi-Fi
        (Client Mode)                                  Smart TV    or   Desktop


        Extend Your Existing Wireless
        (Repeater/ Bridge Mode)
                                                  Router                          TL-WR702N         Laptop          Tablet     Smart Phone

TP-LINK INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED            Website www.tp-link.in                   Toll Free 1800 2094 168
 Cover story

 Jayesh Shinde

                     e may be humans at          appreciate that which makes us different.       ment? Will this tablet function the way I
                     large, but when it comes    So before we all go senile and eventually       want?” These are the questions that hound
                     to buying and using         die, it’s time to ridicule her and him.         men, and they can’t contemplate buying
                     technology, the fact that                                                   a product that doesn’t keep its function-
 “men are from mars, and women from              Form vs function                                related promises. It’s their worst nightmare.
 venus” couldn’t be more true. After all, we     This is a classic point of divergence between       We don’t want to say that these things
 have a few thousand years (possibly more)       men and women. Generally, and there are         don’t make sense to a woman, because that
 of Darwin’s theory to take into account.        exceptions to every rule, men seem to make      shoves us down a hole with no escape. So
 And when it comes to interacting with           buying decisions based on how a device          instead we’ll say that function isn’t always
 technology, the opposing genders can have       ultimately functions. Its colour, shape,        the top priority in a woman’s mind, when
 their own quirks and idiosyncrasies. It was     design and aesthetics may not matter all        she’s out shopping for gadgets. How many
 only a matter of time before some funny         that much when it comes to its function.        times have we been flipped out and amazed
 observations were compiled (by us), not         “Will these tiny speakers pump out sound        at questions like “But is this laptop avail-
 to start a gender joust but to celebrate and    according to my expectations and require-       able in pink?” or “Is there a cuter looking

54 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
                                                                                                                                                        Cover story
                              version of this phone?” from picky women           value are almost intuitive to men – they
                              who have higher regard for a device’s looks        can grasp these concepts easily. Women,      Men are seduced easily by tech gadgets,
                              and appeal than its intended function? Why         on the other hand, have trouble wrap-        which leads them to make snap, impulsive
                              industrial designers and fashion brands            ping their heads around them (at least,      decisions which may not be fully thought
                              don’t collaborate more often is beyond             for now). Sweeping generalisations           through. If a man goes in a tech store to
                              comprehension, for it will surely help create      are uncalled for, we agree, but in this      browse for laptops, it’s not strange to see him
                              better looking products than ever before,          context they’re largely true based on our    walk out with a laptop, a digital camera and
                              and technology will truly shine – literally        observations. While men may have a           a new TV. If he can’t afford all of those, you
                              and figuratively. Enough is enough: we             thousand boring questions on a device’s      can bet he’s walked out with a fresh desire
                              need more women in technology, down                hardware, upgradability, performance,        to save up for a new laptop, camera and TV.
                              with this guy’s club perception of tech!           applicability and price, women are                Women, on the other hand, actually
                                                                                                                              have emotional relationships with gadgets
                              Women accessorise,                                                                              instead of sordid affairs like we men do.
                              men accessorise differently                                                                     There’s no lust for a new toy, or getting
                              Another aspect of technology where women                                                        bored with one that’s barely a year old.
                              tread a path less trodden by men is their                                                       Instead there’s an emotional farewell when
                              ability to accessorize everything. From                                                         a much-loved gadget dies. For this alone
                              fancy iPhone cases beaded with glittery                                                         they’re smarter and spend less on tech
                              bits to stardust-splashed tablet handbags,                                                      than men, who instead lust after every hot
                              from cute little matching earphones to                                                          little thing with a big... er... touchscreen.
                              colourful stickers that make sense to them
                              alone, women have a penchant for, and the
                              tireless ability to, accessorise and accen-
                              tuate any tech gadget they can lay their
                              hands on. Not just gadgets, but you see it in
                              online games, too. If you have a Facebook
                              account, and if you see a female inviting
                              you to play Farmville, accept the invita-          largely unconcerned by these frivolous
                              tion to just go and visit her farm. You’d          details. They waste no time in looking
                              be hard-pressed not to find an estate with         past this tech jargon to select a device
                              different crops growing in various pat-            that looks good first, and then other fea-
                              terns, and every animal and farm object            tures (integral to lesser mortals from the
                              out on display. Farming alone isn’t enough,        opposite sex) are up for consideration.
                              farming with bling is equally important.
                                  This drive and urge may escape a man’s         Bargaining power
                              limited purview completely – who will              Women are good with finances. One
                              work with any gadget, even one as ugly as          thing you can’t take away from women             And no, you won’t find them pulling
                              a decomposing rat’s tail, as long as it serves     is their ability to hunt for a bargain       dirty stunts like buying the latest gadget,
                              some purpose important to him. But thanks          while out on a shopping spree. When          saying “it’s for you honey”, knowing
                              to women for single-handedly creating and          both the seller and the buyer are from       fully well that she isn’t really ready to
                              sustaining the gadget accessories market. If       the fairer sex, negotiations can be fun      break up with her current device, and
                              only more tech manufacturers join hands            to observe. Their verbal joust and           then happily offering to use it till she’s
                              with fashion designers to up the glitter and       ability to haggle while standing their       ready, or so that it won’t go to waste.
                              razzmatazz ante in tech gadgets, the world         respective ground is almost an educa-
                              of tech will be a bed of roses and a jolly, col-   tion for young, hapless men passing by.      Addiction
                              ourful playground. Gucci cover for that new        So while a man knows that he obvi-           Let’s face it, men are clinically obsessed
                              iPhone, anyone? No? How old-fashioned              ously can’t expect any freebies while        with anything tech to the point of insanity!
                              and manly of you! You need a makeover!             purchasing the latest phone from a           Guys can game till the world’s end, unaware
                                                                                 lucrative brand, women are oblivious         of anything around them. They are also
                              Spec matters                                       to these sensibilities to some extent.       known to fiddle – with a PC, laptop, car,
illustration: Manav Sachdev

                              There’s a reason why sales attendants in           They don’t discriminate between              bike, etc. – for hours on end. This extreme
                              any LFR’s digital section are predominantly        items – whether it’s shopping for curry      level of immersion and dedication is
                              men or why women browse these sections             leaves on the sidewalk or purchasing         something that only men can bring to
                              with “tech savvy” male tag-alongs who are          the latest tablet – the instinct to nego-    the table. Sorry, gals. You lose the addic-
                              only too eager to share their knowledge            tiate and get more out of every deal is      tion battle, but take solace in the fact that
                              of tech and make the world a better place.         natively ingrained in them. And since        you hold enough power to snap men out
                              Things like a gadget’s specifications, its         they succeed more often than not, if for     of it at will, with just the batting of your
                              performance, and therefore its perceived           nothing else, hats off to them for that.     eyelids – provided he notices, that is.

                                                                                                                                     Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 55
 Cover story

 Nimish Sawant                                    Stabilization feature in ‘On’ and ‘Off’ modes.   behind the campaign was to prod corporate
 nimish.sawant@thinkdigit.com                     Some video editor somewhere forgot that          users to use a BlackBerry handset instead of

                                                  even clear glass reflects in bright daylight,    the more flashy touchscreen phones. They
            here are times when great things      and when the scene passes a trailer, in the      even created a website for this campaign
            happen for companies, and             window you see a reflection of a jeep with       which has a rolling speech. One line says
            those are moments they will           a professional camera shooting the girl,         “Business is no longer just a suit-wearing,
            cherish forever. It defines the       and not the Lumia 920! Bam! Websites             cubicle-sitting, card-carrying kind of
 companies themselves, and the perception         were quick to pounce on that blink-and-          pursuit,” Gee! BlackBerry, you don’t say!
 of greatness is etched into our memories         you-miss-it frame which eventually led to
 forever. These are not those stories.            Nokia issuing an apology and stating on          Where the bridges sway
                                                  record that the promotional video wasn’t         and roads are wonky
 Nokia’s FakeView facepalm                        shot on the Lumia 920. Last we heard,            So Apple decided that it was about time
 Nokia Lumia 920 which is the company’s           Nokia is looking for a video editing guy.        they got rid of their competitor’s Maps
 flagship Windows Phone, was supposed to                                                           app. Google Maps was chucked out of the
 be the talk of the town. The specs were great:   RIM planning a flash mob                         latest iOS iteration. Now while showcasing
 Windows Phone 8 OS compatibility, Snap-          outside an Apple store                           iOS Maps app at WWDC in June this
 dragon S4 SoC, 8.7MP PureView camera             Let’s wind the clock back to the first week of   year, it was touted as the most “Beautiful”
                                                  May, when we woke up to news of flash-           (word repeated 7 times in the presenta-
                                                  mob beseiging an Apple store in Sydney           tion) mapping solution built from the
                                                  with participants holding a ‘Wake Up’            ground-up, with in-house cartographers!
                                                  placard. “Another Samsung stunt”, was            We don’t know which school they went to,
                                                  what majority of us thought. Till we learnt      because when someone decided to check
                                                  that it was the Waterloo based BlackBerry        out Mumbai, all we had were four major
                                                  maker Research In Motion, which had              roads, and no points of interest. A lot of
                                                  sponsored the whole event! Clearly the           Apple fanboys quickly came to its rescue on
                                                  world was laughing at RIM to have even           Twitter, stating stuff like, “Oh c’mon, Apple
                                                  attempted a Samsung! The whole idea              Maps has just launched. It took Google
                                                                                                   Maps six years to get where it is now.” Well
                                                                                                   we say Apple Maps work just fine for a few
                                                                                                   conditions: one, if you suddenly found your-
                                                                                                   self in the 70s or two, the Twilight Zone.
                                                                                                       But seriously, why chuck out a good
 Reflection showing high end camera setup
                                                                                                   service when yours is barely in beta? At
                                                                                                   the end of the day a maps app should do
 and so on. But instead, all we remember is                                                        only one thing right – show the correct
 the ‘fake’ promotional video. For a company                                                       satellite images. But what users got instead
 that’s struggling with its refreshed line-                                                        were wavy bridges, cloud cover on certain
 up of phones, this was the last thing they                                                        North European cities, hardly any detail
 needed. The video shows a couple, presum-                                                         in some Indian cities and so on. Between
 ably in love, riding on bicycles on an empty                                                      Apple maps and the local paan wala, we
 road. The guy is ‘allegedly’ shooting the girl                                                    will still prefer the latter for navigation!
 with his Lumia 920 phone. It even has the                                                             Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an
 split-screen view showing the Optical Image            Flash mob outside Apple store              apology and even suggested: “While we’re

56 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
                                                                                                                      Cover story
                         WorldMags.net        launch. We had predicted that it would          is not really ‘market’ intelligence. And
                                              indeed happen in our March 2012 issue and       when you are playing with the big guys
                                              it did. Just before the IPO, Facebook had       at Wall Street, you better have strong
                                              acquired Instagram for a mind-boggling $1       financials. Thankfully this IPO debacle
                                              billion – which many felt was a ridiculous      has brought in the much needed correc-
                                              sum for an app maker. There was a site          tion as far as social apps markets go.
                                              even which asked twitter users to predict
                                              Facebook’s IPO day pricing. About 2261          Ballmer’s quotable quotes
                                              Twitter users had predicted a price of $54      These quote in themselves are
                                              which was $16 over the first day closing        laugh out loud funny:
                                              price. All proving that ‘social’ intelligence       Back in 2007 after the iPhone
                                                                                              launch Steve Ballmer in his inimitable
                                                                                              style said the following while laughing
                                                                                              uproariously, “Five hundred dollars,
Apple maps to navigate in the Twilight Zone
                                                                                              fully subsidized with a plan, I say that
improving Maps, you can try alternatives                                                      is the most expensive phone in the
by downloading map apps from the App                                                          world. And it doesen’t appeal to busi-
Store like Bing, MapQuest and Waze, or                                                        ness customers because it doesen’t
use Google or Nokia maps by going to their                                                    have a keyboard. Which makes it
web sites.” Surely Google employees are                                                       not a very good email machine.”
in splits right now. This video explains                                                          At the All Things D conference in
it best we believe: http://goo.gl/opzR2                                                       2009, “Vista is faster than XP!”
                                                                                                  His views on Google, “Google’s not
Facebook IPO #Fail                                                                            a real company. It’s a house of cards”
Speaking about last laughs, Team Digit                                                            And finally the classic, “Devlopers,
had one, when news of Facebook’s stock                                                        Developers, Developers, Devel-
plunging first came out within 5 days of                   Balmer at his best                 opers”, and so on to infinity.

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  Phone : 011-26280172, 011-64592477 Mobile :09811792929, 09310085656
 Cover story

 November 3, 2072                                 November 4, 2072                               be called “dollars” then; made of paper,
 I am anonymous                                   Indiscriminate attacks                         they were actually carried around to
 I’ve started this retro-style blog, and will     Look, I’m only human. And it may be            buy stuff!) by making services such as
 keep it “anonymous” because I’m terrified        mean, but honestly, I look at some people      Facebook (which Google later bought and
 of catching the P-virus. I found the term        who are just so much larger than life and      changed to FB+). Of course back then,
 “anonymous” in an old online poster. It          think, “Yeah, they really deserve to get       watching video on TV and net access
 means to not reveal your identity – and yes,     the fever”, but for the most bit, I sit here   were actually done on separate devices,
 I’m aware of how crazy that sounds today.        thinking “No! Not her/him, anyone but          believe it or not. And there was actu-
 You’ll find out why as this blog progresses      them!” Now don’t Unlike me because of          ally an entire industry that made money
 – if anyone still reads blogs that is. About     that, a person’s got to eat you know. Of       off getting you to watch its stars on TV,
 the P-virus, which is what thi blog is really    course viruses are like that. Just as that     and you couldn’t fast forward the video!
 about, did you know that there was a time        old HIV disease didn’t care about race,        Those must have been terrible days!
 when only the random stray person would          bank balance, gender or sexual orienta-            Tip: The forgotten web is chockful of these
 catch the bug. It wasn’t terrible or anything;   tion, this new super bug was undis-            decrepit sites that say as much. If you have a
 in fact people would go “Wow! They’re            criminating as well. It didn’t need to be      library subscription, just search for videos that
 so lucky!” Most people self-destructed           marketed or encouraged, it just spread,        show this “money” on VTube. Use the “Paper
 back then after catching the virus, and          and every single one of us ended up either     money + oldies” keywords, and you’ll find a few.
 yet more and more people wanted it, and          spending all of our time trying to catch it,
 went out of their way to get infected.           or if we caught it, making sure we weren’t     November 9, 2072
     Identifying and managing the dis-            cured. Yes, that actually happens. I should    Beginning stages
 ease was easier in the early days. Fewer         know, I’m a recovering patient, but I’m        I found a really interesting story in
 people had it, they had it for a lot longer,     tempted to stop trying to get re-infected.     the library today. There was this chap
 and although the crowds of crazy people                                                         called Bongiovi, who was a famous
 trying to get close to them to try and catch     November 7, 2072                               singer way back when, and chicks loved
 the fever were larger, they were easier          Wasn’t always like this                        him and men wanted to be him – or
 to manage because it was all in the “real        I’ve been doing some digging over the          was it the other way around? From the
 world”. Then the internet came along, and        past few days – trying to figure out where     pictures I saw of him, who knows…
 the epidemic was uncontainable. Almost           it began. I’ve spent many hours online at          Here’s the story of how he caught the
 every “first world” citizen, and a growing       FB+ and VTube. Did you know FB+ wasn’t         virus. Bongiovi went out of his way –
 minority of “third-world” people (whatever       always owned by Google? And VTube              giving away CDs of his music to all the
 happened to the second world, eh?) now           was previously called YouTube, and that        RJs (radio jockeys) he could find, bribing
 had a digital intravenous line direct to         wasn’t owned by Google earlier either?         his way to them with free pizza. Rumour
 the brain, and the virus started spreading           When diseases hit us in the past,          has it that RJs were known carriers
 like wildfire. That’s not all though. There      entire industries were built around trying     back in the day, and every now and then
 used to be a time when this was a purely         to cure them. Condom manufacturers             someone would catch the bug from one of
 human disease. Then cats and dogs started        capitalised on the HIV epidemic when it        them – people caught a lot of things from
 catching the fever as well. More cats than       raged. Pharmaceutical companies then           one another in those days, but it’s just the
 dogs, as history shows, but there was            made billions when the cure was dis-           P-virus I’m interested in.
 always a stray parakeet, dolphin, tiger, etc.,   covered. The P-virus was the opposite.             Bongiovi, who later formed a band
 and even an octopus or two that caught it.       People made billions of Likes (used to         called Bon Jovi, caught the bug from an RJ

58 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
                                                                                                                    Cover story
who played his song on the radio – appar-
ently some device that people just listened
to, no video or anything! So Bongiovi
used his talent, his looks, his coolness and
spent money on free pizza in the hope of
catching the bug. There must have been
thousands just like him who tried and
failed. The P-virus was rare those days.
    About 20 years after that, an interesting
event took place. I’m not saying it was the
defining moment of when the P-virus finally
caught root in humanity, but it was certainly
an early warning sign that I think people
missed. There was a girl called Rebecca
Black. She begged her parents for 2,000 of
those old dollars, got someone to write her     Rebecca Black - Terrible and unintentionally funny videos make you famous
a song, made a video, uploaded it to VTube,
and promptly caught another strain of the       very big and popular paper news site from    forgotten web of someone being absolutely
same bug. Not as many people wanted to          back then, called a magazine) mentioned      terrible and still being infected. Didn’t
be her, but everyone got to know her for        her as one of the worst videos in history!   they know what was coming? Couldn’t
sure. That video got about 50 million views     To me that’s a defining moment, because      they see how low humanity had stooped?
at the time, and even Time (which was a         it’s the oldest record I can find on the     Whoops, I’m running low on Likes, and I

 Cover story
 have no food to eat. Time to get back to the   continue the research for you guys.                December 16, 2072
 real world for a bit, or else I’ll starve.     I can’t afford the Google bill to                  Grandpa
                                                keep this running otherwise.                       I met my grandpa for his 80th birthday
 December 8, 2072                                                                                  today, and he told me about the good old
 Hunger games                                   December 12, 2072                                  days. My dad says he’s getting senile,
 Yes I’ve ignored this blog, and now            Dead ends                                          but I think he makes sense sometimes.
 whatever few Likes I had for it have been      A lot can happen in 4 days! My entire              He says there used to be a time when
 deducted by the Unlikes you impatient          family used to be employed in the                  you would work for that paper money I
 readers have logged. It’s not easy you         services. Wages were always tight,                 spoke about earlier. And not all work was
 know, juggling two personas. One part of       especially for those who weren’t                   done to the specifications of the masses.
 me would love to stay here earning Likes       Like savvy, but it was “good honest                Companies had offices back then, and
 from the few of you who care to realise        work” my parents said. The Chinese                 friends would actually meet one another
 that something’s wrong with the world,         robotics rage that started 5 years ago             outside. People even had their own shops
 but the other half of me is my stomach,        has really affected everyone now.                  where they actually sold products and
 and other parts I don’t care to mention.          A day after my last post, they all got          services to other people for paper money.
     I’m not going to tell you who I am,        laid off. Robots are cheaper, don’t need           He said only a few individuals made
 or give you any clues. I don’t need the        breaks, don’t eat, don’t have families             purchases online at “Amazon”, “Ebay”, etc.
 ILAS* knocking on my door to interro-          and Like inflation doesn’t affect them.                I did some digging in the forgotten
 gate and get me to account for the Likes          I’m now the only earning member                 web, and it’s true, there were companies
 and Unlikes on this blog. Let’s just say I     of my family, and I’ve been too                    called Amazon and Ebay who merged to
 spent almost a month VTubing every-            busy making videos and shooting                    form what we know as Ambay a really
 thing I could to try and earn some Likes       pictures trying to earn Likes.                     long time ago. It proved to me he wasn’t
 that I could bank. It’s just so hard these        It’s getting even more laborious                senile at least. He also claimed a rather
 days. How many cats can you scare or           though, with 3 billion people already              small magazine from our country had cov-
 douse with water anyway? My entire             doing the same. What’s worse, my                   ered the beginnings of the P-Virus in his
 family has been humiliated countless           father now wants me to teach him as                youth. I went digging again, and I couldn’t
 times, and they just aren’t getting me the     well – anyone want to see a private                really find much about this paper maga-
 right number of views or Likes. VTube’s        show of my father making a fool of                 zine called Digit, but I did find an image
 new ad system isn’t helping either, and        himself trying to earn Likes? Just 100             someone had taken of themselves over
 this new brain mapping algorithm of            Likes for an hour, and you get to direct           60 years ago that had the magazine lying
 theirs seems to have robbed me of half         him – guaranteed to keep you in splits.            on the table. Image recognition was able
 my traffic. Damn you Google mathemati-                                                            to find only 4 million images with “Digit
 cians, can’t you leave well enough alone?      December 14, 2072                                  Magazine” and “Virality”. I stumbled on
     If that’s not bad enough, the new and      Me no Like                                         that last keyword by accident. I’m going
 inflated FB+ charges are only making           I haven’t got a Like for 2 whole days              through them now, and will report back if
 it harder. The third’s rule of 2 years ago     now, and my balance is running low.                I find anything.
 was bad enough, now they’re taking half        Doesn’t anyone have a craving for
 of my Likes? I wouldn’t mind if they also      humour anymore? All those private                  December 18, 2072
 took half the Unlikes away as well, but        suicide viewings seem to be hogging the            Phew!
 since I have to deal with that on my own,      limelight. At 20,000 Likes per viewer,             That was a long search. Luckily I was
 it’s just non-stop posting. How do people      there’s not much left for the rest of us.          able to find a few hundred pictures
 survive these days? I’m exhausted!             One of my neighbours who was also laid             of people who had posted on an old
     If anyone has some secret stock            off with my dad did one earlier today.             Facebook (FB+ archives) profile. Appar-
 market tips to share, I’d be eternally         I haven’t got details, but apparently              ently there was some prize for the
 grateful. I just don’t get the whole stra-     it was gory and he even took requests              most creative picture taken with the
 tegic Like-ing the right person at the right   right until the very end. They’re shifting         article open. I was able to piece the fol-
 time deal… how does paying someone else        soon, and if rumours are to be believed,           lowing together from those pictures:
 translate back into traffic that Likes you?    they earned nearly 6 million Likes.                    Now if you have crazy talent like Walk Off
 My neighbour says it’s because I actu-         That would last the average family                 The Earth then of course you deserve to be
 ally Like who I think is funny, instead        for like 3-5 years! No wonder my                   famous. But, what if you don’t? Is there a secret
 of Like-ing a person whose content a           dad’s been considering it, my elder                formula that you can follow to get discovered
 lot of other people will find Like-able.       sister too. Thank god for Ambay!                   and rake in the millions? Views that is, money
     Heck if I knew how that worked,                Got a good deal on army sur-                   isn’t guaranteed. We decided to find out why
 wouldn’t I be the one making popular           plus dried food. Even though it                    some things go viral, and why most don’t.
 videos and posts that get the mil-             broke the bank, at least we can                        To understand this virality of content, we
 lions of Likes?Please Like this back           survive for a couple more months,                  spoke to Arunabh Kumar, CEO of TheViral-
 into the positive, I really want to            and hope to ride this slump out.                   Fever.com, the agency behind the popular
                                                                               * ILAS = International Like Accounting Service (used to be known as the IRS)

60 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
                                                                                                                                    Cover story
Roadies parody show, Rowdies. While                that there are two ways to go viral. “You can         it nowadays for the 6 PM reporters and daily
ViralFever.com has made several spoof videos       either create absolutely new content or jump on       journalists as they get a regular paycheck for
of this series, the video called Rowdies 9 - Sab   a trend. The effort should go into the content, as    telling us how many murders or thefts were com-
Q-tiyapa has registered over 700,000 hits and      it must strike a chord with your audience”.           mitted while you fell asleep listening to Justin
the concept came about because the creators            Stress on the content like the man behind         Bieber on loop.
couldn’t understand why people went bonkers        Gangnam Style did, and the rest will figure itself         Rupesh and Nikhil of popular blog aam-
over the show.                                     out. The crazy hopping guy has received close         chimumbai.org and Facebook page, Aamchi
    His take on virality: “Like, with any conta-   to 500 million views in 3 months and it’s all         Mumbai, which has over 1.45 lakh Likes feel
gious disease, two things are important. First,    because of a catchy tune and an absurd video.         there’s a method to the madness. “Yes, content is
a virus needs to be something that you are not     For those who haven’t seen it – picture a guy         king, but a king requires a kingdom too, and the
immune to, and second, for you to contract the     doing a horse riding dance, intermittently            x factor is knowing and understanding why that
disease you need to be exposed to it. The success  singing below an ugly pelvic thrusting dude           particular content is being created. Like your-
of the virus then depends on the communities’      and a scantily dressed woman, and you have            self, your content too needs a personality. Based
threshold for that disease. That’s why some        your answer.                                          on how you convey it – the choosing between a
people will ‘get’ it while some don’t understand       Arunabh Kumar too believes that content is        video v/s image, time of posting, quality and lan-
what the fuss is about. To be really contagious,   king. “The single most important foundation is        guage of the content is all important…”
the virus has to be new.”                          for the creator to believe in his content. You must        Based on these factors you’ll either stumble
    Viral content then, is like                                                                                              upon genius creations such
a disease, and if all condi-                                                                                                 as The Annoying Thing aka
tions are perfect, the virus                                                                                                 Crazy Frog which is irritating
has potential to spread and                                                                                                  yet funny, and share it with
become an ‘epidemic’. Just                                                                                                   everyone; or you’ll feel the
Imagine. The epidemic of the                                                                                                 content is a joke on itself and
‘ sian Backstreet Boys’ or
A                                                                                                                            ignore it.
‘Charlie the Unicorn’. Yes,
you have our permission to                                                                                                  December 20, 2072
crawl under your bed and                                                                                                    Even more...
shiver lest you catch the ‘get                                                                                               I can’t figure out whether
stupid get famous’ virus.                                                                                                    this article was meant to
    I’ll try and decipher                                                                                                    serve as a warning in the
more later, but that’s                                                                                                       early days or to encourage
how much I’ve got so                                                                                                         the spread of the P-virus.
far. Interestingly, this            Double Rainbows - one of life’s great mystries                                           Most of the references are
magazine was able to                                                                                                         greek to me, and the data
identify it as a disease way                                                                                             corruption of the forgotten
back then. If only someone would have              have immense creative audacity and constantly         web archives in ’64 has not helped. It’s
warned them about what the pointless               try something new.”                                   hard to piece the message together and
clicking and the ‘get stupid get famous’               Content is shared for various reasons on the      also understand it. I’ll leave it open ended,
virus would do to humanity. What we call           internet. We share because an article or video        and you can help me understand it.
the P-virus today was already bothering            contains useful information, because we want              About 60 hours of videos are uploaded every
some people two generations ago!                   to appear smart or because you simply connect         hour on YouTube. Yet, a minuscule percentage
                                                   with the piece of content and want others to share    of them go viral. But, don’t let your viral career
December 19, 2072                                  the emotional experience.                             be discouraged by this fact. For the many that
More interviews                                        So, if you are aiming for your next video,        have failed, or for all the senseless videos such
I was able to piece together more of               blog, image etc. to go viral – what kind of           as the Double Rainbow video, virality has given
that article. Man they had terrible                content should you aim for? Should it be posi-        many a great career as well.
cameras in those days, with such hor-              tive or negative? Well, research undertaken by            Let’s take Canadian Indian comedian
rible resolution pictures and videos. No           the Journal of Marketing Research says that           Russell Peters as an example. An unheard of
wonder it’s called the forgotten web!              people would rather share positive stories, as        standup comedian who regularly participated
    Just in case you’ve been inspired by the sto-  they would prefer to be known as someone who          in comedy line-ups in Canada, Peters’ perfor-
ries of success we’ve highlighted, and now want    shares upbeat stories and make people feel good       mance on the comedy series Comedy Now! was
to become an online sensation, we spoke to some    rather than someone who shares things that            uploaded by a fan on YouTube in its 45-minute
viral content curators that are India’s claim to   makes others feel upset or sad. It is the typical     entirety. Subsequently various other snippets of
online fame to understand whether there was        Santa Claus v/s The Grinch that Stole Christmas       his performance were uploaded and according
a method to the madness and a secret formula,      theory. That is, on the internet it’s more likely     to Peters, when those snippets made their way to
or was it just dumb luck. Utsav Agarwal, co-       that stories that bring joy rather than doom and      those specified cultural groups he became a viral
creator of Sh*t People in Mumbai Say and now       gloom will be the sharing preference. We can          sensation. Today, widely known for his comedy
founder of music sharing app #nwplyng feels        leave the doom and gloom or ‘news’ as they call       punchlines such as “Somebody gonna get a hurt

                                                                                                                 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 61
 Cover story
 real bad” in which he re-enacts an attempt at        when we find them, we share” To go viral, like       Mayans were right. Only everyone
 rebelliousness in his childhood with a tradi-        anything you need to tell a story and what better    expected crashing meteors and exploding
 tional Indian father and “Be a man!” where he’s      way to do it than through humour and laughter.       stars or World War III (that’s 3 for those
 imitating a Chinese salesman trying to convince      You’ll watch a man dancing even though the           of you who didn’t have history or math
                                                                                                           as a subject in school). They all expected
                                                                                                           a sense of finality, like here today, gone
                                                                                                           tomorrow. They were just too stupid or
                                                                                                           immature to see the P-virus spreading.
                                                                                                           They were the first gen of popularity
                                                                                                           mongers, the first to be bitten by the
                                                                                                           popularity bug, and the first victims of
                                                                                                           the P-virus. The world began ending way
                                                                                                           before 2012; maybe the Mayans were lazy
                                                                                                           or maybe they knew that dates would
                                                                                                           be immaterial to people after that. Likes
                                                                                                           would be what we lived for, and where
                                                                                                           has it got us? A lot has changed in the
                                                                                                           past two days. The looting started yes-
                                                                                                           terday, and we could only hide as armed
                                                                                                           assailants broke in and stole our army
                                                                                                           surplus supplies.
 Kolaveri Di - Absurd lyrics equals fame                                                                       The screams from everywhere
                                                                                                           around make it harder to concentrate.
 him to pay more for an item than its worth, Rus-     song is Korean and you’ll also watch a fat half-     This will be my last post here. With so
 sell Peters has been declared as the 7th highest     naked guy singing in German because what they        many new private torture and suicide
 paid comedian globally by Forbes.com.                have in common is the ability to make you laugh.     viewings, my family of four has decided
      Or, what about pop-singer Justin Bieber. He     Humour is universal and so long as you con-          to do the only sane thing possible in this
 took second place in a local talent competition      tinue to tell interesting and entertaining stories   insane world. We’ve caught the bug too
 and posted his video online. Justin was then dis-    using laughter as your base you’re on the road to    finally, I suppose. The popularity virus
 covered by talent manager Scooter Braun who          viral fame and fortune.                              spares no one.
 introduced him to singer Usher and the rest as                                                                We’ve decided to host a private
 we say is history. He became the first solo artist   December 22, 2072                                    anything-goes viewing for 30,000 Likes
 to have four singles enter the Top 40 before the     End of the world?                                    for an hour, with a roulette controller to
 release of a debut album and he has since become     The world was supposed to end 60 years               viewers, so everyone stands a chance of
 a teenage phenomenon complete with teenage           ago today. Apparently, in ancient times a            being in the driver’s seat for 5 minutes.
 girls fainting at his concerts and other such dra-   race called the Mayans known for their               Log on to VTube.new/Apocalypse at
 matics. Other such notable examples that have        high intellect had calendars which ended             21:00 Google Standard Time, pay and
 since got full-fledged careers are people such as    in the year 2012. This was interpreted               enter. Includes all the latest weapons
 Susan Boyle, Ray William Johnson, Nigahiga           as the world ending in that year. Whilst             of choice, five wide-angle super4K
 and Kassem G to name a few.                          searching for snippets from the old                  robot cameras with the voice command
      Like all things creative, there’s no exact      magazine my grandpa mentioned, I                     interface. Guaranteed to be worth every
 science or rules for creating viral content. Many    came across a lot of forgotten web chatter           Like even if you just view. All Likes will
 digital experts say that one simply can’t make       around this topic. I think the ancient               be donated to the public library which
 viral content which is partly true because it only                                                        hosts the forgotten web, in the hope that
 gets viral after having gone viral. What one                                                              eventually our past with help fix our
                                                        Top Viral ViDeos you
 can work on are the individual elements such           shoulD CheCk ouT in no                             future. If there is one, that is. I’m told
 as humour, concept, context and relevance.             parTiCular orDer of                                the rioting and looting has spead even to
 Maneesh Madambath, CEO of digital media                ranking:                                           the rich parts...
 agency, Smursh that curated the popular series
                                                        •	 Kolaveri Di – http://goo.gl/2uFPP               Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and
 MTV Unmasked which went head-to-head for
                                                        •	 Asian Backstreet Boys – http://goo.gl/          takes certain creative liberties needed to
 awards with Kolaveri Di feels that “The crux                                                              paint the dreary picture we desired. Digit
 of virality is answering why people will share                                                            does not condone the happenings of this
                                                        •	 Numa Numa – http://goo.gl/S1U2                  fictional future. We believe hurting animals,
 this. And the biggest reason that I have found
                                                        •	 Gangnum Style – http://goo.gl/8ittD             other people or yourself is just plain idiotic,
 in objects that went viral is that people need to                                                         and you should seek counselling or call a
                                                        •	 Charlie the Unicorn – http://goo.gl/
 relate to the object and the object needs to say                                                          local helpline if such feelings arise within
                                                            DkDV                                           you. You will not regret it, your loved ones
 what they intend to say only better or in a cooler
                                                        •	 Jayhind TV – http://www.jayhind.tv/             will appreciate it as well, and besides, it’s
 way. After all, we’re all looking for things to                                                           cool to deal with life. Now go Like us on
 substantiate our opinions and attitudes and                                                               Facebook, some of us have to eat you know.

62 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
Cover story                                                                                                             Cover story

xkcd                                            dial up! Today the comic is pretty much       my skateboard...” With quirky art
A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math,           the same, but about newer games               style and a simple plotline, Hubris!
and language. A comic started by a geek         and they’ve made peace with dial up.          is a fantastically funny webcomic
for geeks, what else could you ask for?         Oh and do check out the “Sillies”.            http://hubriscomics.com
The creator has a degree in physics and         http://www.cad-comic.com/
has worked on robots at NASA! Enjoy...                                                        Legostar Galactica
http://xkcd.com                                 The Oatmeal                                   Legostar Galactica is a refreshingly dif-
                                                Pure genius. No other word to describe        ferent webcomic that does away with art
Cyanide & Happiness                             this web comic. Unless you’ve been            drawn in any form. Instead, the panels
Cyanide & Happiness has the reputation of       living under a rock you’d already             are filled with photographs of situa-
a politically irreverent, in-your-face, dark,   know about it. If you don’t please head       tions made using - you guessed it – Lego
twisted brand of humour for which no            over to http://theoatmeal.com. NOW!           blocks! Cool! Fans of Star Wars, Star
topic/subject is taboo. Filled with brilliant                                                 Trek and other similar sagas will love it.
satire that would make your parents cringe,                                                   http://www.legostargalactica.net
this webcomic is not for the faint-of-heart.
http://www.explosm.net                                                                        Yet Another Fantasy
                                                                                              Gamer Comic
CAD Comics                                                                                    One more in a long line of webcomics
The acronym stands for Ctrl + Alt + Del                                                       about geekdom, fantasy and gaming.
and we’d recommend you go right back                                                          What sets this comic apart that all the
to the first ever strip published in 2002                                                     panels are hand-drawn and inked, and
and move up to current editions. You’ll                                                       then scanned and uploaded. If you’ve
find tons of references to Quake, Unreal                                                      ever played games, you’ll love this comic.
Tournament, and constant rants about                                                          http://yafgc.net

                                                                                              One of the few webcomics with a very
                                                                                              loyal fan following, SubCulture is filled
                                                                                              with humour, reference and characters
                                                The Oatmeal                                   that are easily identifiable. Although
                                                                                              currently on hold indefinitely (the
                                                The Noob Comic                                “last” panel was on October 12th), this
                                                If you’ve ever played an MMORPG, you          webcomic is worth a read for everyone
                                                know how these worlds are filled with         just looking to have a good laugh.
                                                things that often make no sense. The          http://subculturecomic.com
                                                Noob Comic parodies all these, and more,
                                                chronicling the “life” of a game character.   For lack of a better comic
                                                http://www.thenoobcomic.com                   Random, absurd and downright
                                                                                              weird. Jacob the creator catches
                                                Hubris!                                       those everyday annoying moments
                                                Hubris is “a comic strip about the            and turns them into comical pieces
                                                things I wish I was doing every day           of art. A definite must read.
CRTL + ALT + DEL                                – riding my bike, horsing around on           http://forlackofabettercomic.com/

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 Cover story

 The Extraterrestrial                           @IyerAvin                                    we couldn’t have just ignored it. So
 readersletters@thinkdigit.com                  Avinash Iyer’s (@IyerAvin) is the            here’s our list of the funniest Facebook

                                                King of wordplay on Twitter. From            pages that you could subscribe to!
           he human body comprises of           Bollywood to current affairs to
           206 bones. Out of these 206          randomness, @IyerAvin’s tweets               Bawatips
           bones, the bone that matters         scream witty with capital W.                 www.facebook.com/bawatips
           the most is the funny bone.                                                       On a drunken night, Victor Daruwala
 We know, not everyone can laugh at             @mojorojo                                    and Hormuz Bana came up with the idea
 themselves and others. Which is why,           Rohan Joshi, better known as @mojorojo,      of a digital community for the bawas
 we have handpicked a bunch of fun-             is a comedian, writer and a full-time        (Parsis) called the Bawatips on Facebook.
 nies from the internet, just for you. Now      entertainer. When not performing with        From jokes on Navjote to Dhanshak,
 Twitter is usually a paradise for the          Vir Das, Rohan will crack you up with        Bawatips has the most amusing posts on
 attention seekers, the depressed, the          his funny and entertaining tweets on         the Parsi/Zorastrian community. Even
 bipolar and of course, comedians.              everything, including his gigs, which        if you’re not a Parsi, like their Bawatips
                                                by the way, you shouldn’t miss!              page on Facebook for majja ni life! P.S.
 Twitter                                                                                     The Bawatips t-shirt is called Bawatee’s!
 For your daily laughs, Twitter is filled to    @supaarwoman
 the brim with people who have snarky           She refers to herself as the ‘Khaleesi’      ROFLIndia
 opinions over everything under the sun.        (Game of Thrones fame) and people            www.facebook.com/ROFLindia
 And you know what’s awesome? It’s              on Twitter as ‘minions’. Ardent John         The ROFLIndia page on Facebook has
 all summed up in 140 characters! Be it         Abraham lover, Supriya Joshi’s tweets are    about 2, 45, 391 fans already. The page
 satire, internet humor, technology, parody     hilarious. Did we mention she’s funny?       spins out comical image-based posts on
 accounts, pop culture or rants, Twitter has                                                 topics like current affairs, food, relation-
 tones of people who will interest you. And     @eclectivV                                   ships, movies and entertainment. Plus,
 here’s a list of our favourite funnies on      Vishweshwar Jatain, better known as          they also let you share your image- based
 Twitter. Go on. Click that follow button.      @eclecticV, is one of the most intelligent   jokes on their page. What’s not to ‘Like’?
                                                and witty guys on Twitter. Sarcasm and
 @rameshsrivats                                 eccentricity ooze out of Vishweshwar’s       God
 Ramesh Srivats is not a comedian. He’s         tweets. Not to forget his tweets about       www.facebook.com/TheGoodLordAbove
 better than most comedians. Winner of          Apple products. See! That’s all we’ve got    Yes, that’s the name of the page on
 the GQ Digital Man of the Year Award,          from Twitter. But if you’re not a twit,      Facebook. We swear to God, we’re not
 Ramesh Srivats’ tweets will entertain you      that’s alright. We understand your plight.   kidding. But we can’t say the same about
 with puns on culture, politics, entertain-     Our list of funnies is well-thought out.     the page. With over 2, 65, 135 likes, the
 ment, Bollywood and current events.                                                         God page on Facebook shares satirical
                                                Facebook                                     religious posts. Definitely not for the
 @The_HappyNoodle                               Facebook is one of the largest social        religious! For the rest who can laugh,
 Namaah’s tweets are dark and uncon-            media platforms today. Plus it’s quite       in the name of God, go ‘Like’ it now.
 ventional, yet extremely funny. While          easy and simple. It’s so popular that the
 at it, you should also check her Tumblr        next friend request you’ll get, could be     I F**king Love Science
 account which is equally awesome.              from your Grandmother. So obviously          www.facebook.com/IFeakingLoveScience

64 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
Even if science wasn’t your favourite                            hilarious questions. And of course,
subject in school, you’ll still love this                        for every hilarious question there’s an
page. The page shares some of the most                           equally hilarious answer or three. So
intelligent science-based cartoons,                              the next time you come up with a stupid
jokes and photographs on Facebook.                               question, you know where to go!
So if you love dinosaurs, chloroform
or cloning, you know where to go!                                FakingNews.com
                                                                 ‘Monkey bitten by a software engi-
Web sites                                                        neer dies of stress’. Have we caught
Let’s admit it; we owe our sense of humor    @The_HappyNoodle    your attention yet? That’s the power
(and the habit of procrastinating) largely                       of the FakingNews.com. Faking News
to the internet.Had it not been for web                          is the ‘leading news satire web site of
sites like the ones mentioned below, we’d                        India.’ As the name suggests, the web-
have a lot of free time on our hands, and                        site publishes satirical news stories on
actually have to work or something.                              Indian politics and current affairs.

Cracked.com                                                      Faking 9gag.com
One of the most visited humor web sites in                       Please don’t tell us that you don’t know
the world would be cracked.com. Cracked’s                        of 9gag.com. C’mon, it’s one the most
hilarious articles on movies, science,       @rameshsrivats
technology, celebrities and pop-culture,
will have you cracking up in no time!

                                                                              Faking News logo
When it comes to parodies, theonion.com
would be your best bet. Made to look
exactly like a newspaper, The Onion is                           hilarious websites on the internet. 9gag.
                                                                 com is a funny image-based website.
                                                                 From memes, current affairs to trending
                                                                 topics, 9gag.com will always have the
                                                                 perfect picture to make you laugh!

                                                                 A dog is a man’s best friend. You’ve heard
                                                                 that before. So it’s only fair for your dog
               The Onion                                         to send you texts, right? That’s what
                                                                 textfromdog.tumblr.com is all about.
an American news satire website that                             It publishes fictitious SMS conversa-
has spoof articles on current affairs.       @mojorojo
With its satirical articles on the US
presidential elections, theonion.com will
have you in tears. Happy tears, that is.

Quora Humor
For those of you who have been living
under a rock, Quora.com is a question
and answer web site. How is that funny?
Well, Quora has a section called Quora       @supaarwoman                        Text from Dog
Humor, which hosts some of the most
                                                                 tions, between a dog and its owner.
                                                                 Textfromdog.com is so awesome that
                                                                 has recently inked a book deal. Need we
                                                                 say more? If you’ve got a different list
                                                                 that you want us to know about, let us
                                                                 know, we’re all ears! You can find us at:
                                                                 www.facebook.com/thinkdigit, @digitindia,
                                                                 and of course you know you can always
                Quora                        @eclectic V         write to us at editor@thinkdigit.com.

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 Cover story

 Jayesh Shinde
                                                but Microsoft’s cheeky recommendation           Maps – Apple’s very own Maps app. Apple’s
                                                for people to ramp up their hardware to run     map app had a LOT of glitches, so much
                                                Vista’s heavy cosmetic effects (Aero and        so that one wondered if it was designed
 HD DVD                                         whatnot) wasn’t too compelling, and we actu-    and put together in a drug-induced stupor.
 When DVDs were past their prime, and           ally though Vista was slower than XP. As a      Markers were off, straight roads appeared
 the future of optical media was being          result, Microsoft Vista never struck a chord    wavy, structures were flattened and entire
 debated, HD-DVD came to the fore, feeling      among retail customers, and neither wooed       cities were missing! One funny online comic
 like Superman come to planet Earth to          its business and enterprise clients for big     paying homage to Apple’s map app disaster
 give digital data hoarders and the enter-                                                      suggested that the team field-testing the new
 tainment industry a much needed shot                                                           feature got lost (obviously!) and couldn’t
 in the arm. To cut a long, boring story                                                        find their way back in time to inform Tim
 short, HD-DVD – the future of DVDs as                                                          Cook that it wasn’t ready for launch. For a
 Toshiba had envisaged – now resides in the                                                     company striving towards perfection in eve-
 dustbin. While it offered more storage space                                                   rything they do, this was a huge product and
 (15GB) than a dual-layered DVD, HD-DVD                                                         PR disaster for Apple; and not surprisingly,
 couldn’t build consensus among partners                                                        Christmas had come early for Apple bashers!
 and quickly perished after a hasty launch                                                      The half-baked app was inspiration for a lot
 back in 2006. It had no chance against the                                                     of gags, and made Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO,
 Sony-backed Blu-ray discs which packed                                                         apologise publicly for the first time ever.
 in 25GB of data on a single layer. And with
 major movie studios preferring Sony’s Blu-                                                     Blackberry Playbook
 ray, Toshiba had to lick its wounds, accept                                                    After Apple launched the iPad and started
 market realities and release its own Blu-ray                                                   dominating the tablet market throughout
 player in early 2009 – the ultimate insult!      Vista – something we all want to forget       2010, every other brand worth its salt
                                                                                                assaulted the iPad with competing offerings.
 Windows Vista                                  ticket orders (a substantial part of Micro-     It was only a matter of time before RIM, the
  Seriously, what was Microsoft thinking        soft’s business). The result was that Vista     fabled Blackberry phone maker, would join
 when they launched Vista? The OS wasn’t        became the most disappointing product           the party. So when RIM suggested “Amateur
 too different from Windows XP, didn’t offer    launched by Microsoft, so disappointing that    hour is over” in one of its first advertisement
 a killer set of features, and UAC annoyed      people wouldn’t switch to it even for “free”!   of the Playbook (its answer to the Apple
 everyone and their grandmother to no end.                                                      iPad) customers were expecting a compel-
 Sure, a steady stream of pre-release wallpa-   Apple Maps                                      ling tablet that would blow the competi-
 pers and themes (Longhorn, anyone?) had        Earlier this year, Apple released iOS 6 which   tion away. The Playbook was anything but
 piqued people’s interest about the upcoming    included a ton of new features. Hidden          compelling, and RIM’s marketing words
 operating system’s fresh new look and feel,    among those was a replacement for Google        would come back to hound the company.

66 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
                                                                                                                              Cover story
The Playbook was supposed to be the elite          network only for iTunes users to discuss         for interactivity.” Maybe he was referring
business tablet, something the iPad wasn’t         their love of music seemed ludicrous, not to     to fellow Googlers, and not the general
at the time, but instead it didn’t come with       mention myopic and lacking foresight. The        public, when Brin spoke about Google Wave.
some of the most basic features essential for      same people were doing similar things more       Sporting an interface that was a mish-mash
a corporate professional buying the tablet:        easily on Facebook! So it was no surprise that   of Twitter, Gmail and real-time documents
no native email, calendar or contacts app.         Apple’s Ping social media attempt was ruth-      editing in Google Docs, no wonder users
That was a mistake of epic proportions!            lessly beheaded and killed earlier this month.   logged in, got the living daylights scared out
What’s more, unlike Android or iOS, the            May it rest in peace and never resurface!        of them, and never decided to come back to
Playbook didn’t have many third-party                                                               give it another chance. Ahead of its time or
apps to choose from, and that squeezed out         Microsoft Kin phones                             not, Google Wave was definitely confusing.
any remaining breath out of the device.            Long before Microsoft got its smartphone
                                                   act together, and had no clue how to attack      Google Buzz
Notion Ink Adam                                    Apple’s lead in the smartphone market, it        While talking about Wave, it’s difficult to
In the tablet era, few products can match the      launched Kin. There were two models up for       leave out Buzz, another one of Google’s
Notion Ink Adam’s story. In the same year          grabs, Kin ONE and Kin TWO. The phones           rare slip-ups. When Google hadn’t quite
the original iPad was launched, imagine a          were supposed to be for youngsters hooked        announced full-fledged war on Facebook,
startup announcing a tablet that was even          onto social networks, and an important           and while it was still too busy being a search
more revolutionary and feature-packed              project within the company trying to attract     engine giant, it woke up and realised that it
than Apple’s crown jewel. That’s exactly           Gen Y with close to US $1 billion riding on      lacked a compelling social network service
what Rohan Shravan’s Bangalore-based               its success. Success was too busy in bed         in its umbrella of products (They forgot
Notion Ink did, teasing tablet enthusiasts         with the Apple iPhone though, and and the        about Orkut we suppose). Thus Buzz was
around the world with a device so tantaliz-        Kin phones were a resounding failure (our        born back in February 2010, hoping to
ingly wonderful that it looked too good to be      opinion), for they were sold in the market       champion Google’s social cause against the
true. A lot of hype led to burgeoning public       for just over a month before production          likes of Twitter and Facebook. But before
expectation and the result was a product           stopped and it was officially declared a         Google’s proverbial social silver bullet had
that fell flat on its face and became embroiled    failure (industry opinion). This failure cost    left the barrel, it had become a privacy breach
in a controversy. Before it was unveiled at        Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, half of his        for hundreds of early users of the service.
CES 2011, rumours began circulating that           annual bonus. We’ll bet he wasn’t jumping        Google faced a lot of negative press and
                                                   up and down excitedly that tax year.             angry users, and critics ridiculed Buzz as a
                                                                                                    mere afterthought by Google. And Face-
                                                   Google Wave                                      book was on its way to world domination!
                                                   Even to this day, no one really knows what
                                                   Google Wave was. Sure, you can watch the         iPhone 4 Antennagate
                                                   Google tutorials – but if your head doesn’t      For Apple, the year 2010 holds bittersweet
                                                   spin after the first few minutes, you aren’t     memories – the original iPad was launched
                                                   watching it properly, or probably dozing off     that year, and the world also had to witness
                                                   in boredom mixed with confusion. Google          the iPhone 4 Antennagate. Soon after the
                                                   Wave was heralded as a “real-time messaging      iPhone 4 went on sale in June, a lot of users
                                                   platform” (whatever that means!) when it         and web sites started reporting the phone
                                                   was unveiled back in May 2009. Sergey            losing signal when held on its antenna band.
                                                   Brin, co-founder of Google, went as far as to    All the irate iPhone 4 users complaining
                                                   say that Wave would “set a new benchmark         about the phone’s reception woes provoked
                                                                                                    an amusing response from the late Steve
   Notion Ink Adam - too good to be true                                                            Jobs – he simply said that everyone was
                                                                                                    holding the phone the wrong way! The
Notion Ink’s Adam had bitten off more than                                                          problem refused to go away even after Apple
it could chew. The company took pre-orders                                                          released a software update, hoping to fix
for the tablet but deliveries were delayed due                                                      it. At this point, deathgrip had become a
to production issues. What made matters                                                             household term in the U.S., and Nokia and
worse is that Notion Ink refused to speak                                                           Motorola had ridiculed Apple iPhone 4’s
to the media (including us) during this                                                             antenna woes in two of its own smartphone
critical phase of its young entrepreneurial                                                         campaigns. Steve Jobs, in a press confer-
life, and ended up losing all credibility.                                                          ence, defended iPhone 4’s design and said
                                                                                                    the deathgrip problem was industry-wide,
Apple Ping                                                                                          and promised iPhone 4 users a free bumper
Social media web sites are vast, broad-based                                                        case to amplify the phone’s signal recep-
online properties for one simple reason: to                                                         tion. And while all this was happening, tech
attract a lot of people. So the idea of a social     Google Wave – waves goodbye maybe              media and readers couldn’t stop laughing.

                                                                                                           Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 67
                                                     Gaming Gear                                                     Ultrabooks Test

Tried & Tested
                                 73      80
                                                     We take a look at some of the hottest gaming
                                                     accessories such as gaming mice, gaming
                                                     wheels and keyboards and so on
                                                                                                                     14 competitors face-off against
                                                                                                                     each other in this battle for the best
                                                                                                                     Ultrabook in town

                                                                                                                        Want to turn your

 Big things in
                                                                                                                        flat-screen TV
                                                                                                                        into a second PC?
                                                                                                                        We give you the
                                                                                                                        lowdown on the

 Mini packages
                                                                                                                        Mini ITX boards
                                                                                                                        to make your next

  Nimish Sawant                             basic tasks. There are a range of    E350 boards. ASUS E35M1-I              The E35M1-I on the otherhand
  nimish.sawant@thinkdigit.com              boards out there in the market       and E35M1-I Deluxe have a sim-         leaves no stone unturned as far

                                            for this set of discerning users,    ilar nomenclature, but they are        as on-board features go. It has a
                 ini ITX form               who have a mainstream PC for all     both very different in appear-         dedicated WiFi adapter slotted
                 factor boards are          their work and who are looking to    ance and the features provided.        in the board, whose wires
                 dime-a-dozen in            get one for casual use which has     While the E35M1-I looks well           make their way out to the WiFi
                 the market. Some           a compact footprint – perfect for    spaced in the sense that there is      antennas. It also has two USB
  of them come with on-board                a Home theatre PC.                   enough room around the CPU             3.0 ports, an eSATA port and
  processors, whereas others are                The most common processor        region and RAM slots, although         Bluetooth port alongwith five 6
  like any normal motherboard               sported amongst all the partici-     the layout of components is very       Gbps SATA ports. As far as the
  – just having the chipset and             pants was the AMD E 350 with         dense. The E35M1-I Deluxe              feature set is concerned, there
  you will have to add in all the           the Hudson M1 and Hudson D1          looks quite congested thanks           was no other board that could
  other components. We decided              chipset. On the other hand we        to the huge passive heatsink           match the E35M1-I Deluxe. You
  to concentrate on the former for          had the Intel Cedar Trail proces-    along with heatpipes that seems        will also find a MemOK button
  the purpose of this test, and will        sors with the Intel NM10 chipset.    to cover majority of the board         on the board which is generally
  cover the latter in the coming            There was a lone board with the      area. Both the boards have a pas-      seen on the more mainstream
  months. We are all familiar               VIA chipset.                         sive heatsink. The E35MI-1 has         boards which is used to debug
  with power-hungry rigs which                                                   six SATA 6 Gbps ports, a single        the DRAM modules. There is no
  are meant for resource-intensive          The Contenders                       PCIe x16 slot and basic connec-        provision to add a fan on either
  tasks. But there are some users           AMD Boards                           tivity ports on the back panel         of the ASUS boards.
  who want a very basic low-power           Let us start off with the most       including USB 2.0 ports, a LAN             The ASUS boards come with
  setup, needed to handle the most          common processor – the AMD           port and D-Sub and DVI ports.          UEFI BIOS now commonly

 68 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com

                                          Dropbox for Android                                                Amazon Kindle in Japan

 Motherboards Test
                                          Dropbox rolls out update to its Android
                                          App with a new photos tab feature
                                          inside the app
                                                                                                             Amazon launched its first Japanese language
                                                                                                             Kindle, the Paperwhite, along with the debut of
                                                                                                             the Japanese Kindle store

                                                                            novemBeR 2012                                                            novemBeR 2012

  Brand                                             ASUS              ASUS                  Gigabyte         Gigabyte         Digilite          Foxconn
  Model Name                                        E35M1-I           E35M1-I Deluxe        GA E350N         GA E240N         AHD1S-K           AHD1S-V
  Price (in `)                                      4,950             6,950                 4,300            3,700            3,500             3,300
  Features and Specs (Out of 60)                    21.66             34.5                  25.68            18.78            19.56             19.56
  Performance (Out of 40)                           21.87             25.48                 21.03            14.08            22.11             23.95
  Grand Total (Out of 100)                          43.53             59.98                 46.71            32.86            41.67             43.51
  Features and Specs
  Memory Slots / Type                               2                 2                     2                2                2                 2
  Maximum Memory supported                          8                 8                     8                16               8                 8
  Processor onboard                                 E-350             E-350                 E-350            E-240            E-350             E-350
  Processor speed (GHz)                             1.6               1.6                   1.6              1.5              1.6               1.6
  No. of Cores                                      2                 2                     2                1                2                 2
  Graphics chip onboard                             Radeon HD 6310    Radeon HD 6310        Radeon HD 6310   Radeon HD 6310   Radeon HD 6310    Radeon HD 6310
  Chipset                                           Hudson M1         Hudson M1             Hudson M1        FCH A45          Hudson D1         Hudson D1
  No. of SATA 2 ports                               0                 0                     0                4                2                 2
  No. of SATA 3 ports                               6                 5                     4                0                0                 0
  No. of PCI slots                                  0                 0                     0                1                0                 0
  No. of PCIe x16 slots                             1                 1                     1                0                1                 1
  Integrated Audio Controller                       VIA VT1708S       Realtek ALC892        Realtek ALC892   Realtek ALC887   NA                NA
  Heat Sink (for processor and chipset)             Passive           Passive               Passive + Fan    Passive + Fan    Passive + Fan     Passive + Fan
  No.of USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 ports                     6/0               4/2                   4/0              4/0              6/0               6/0
  No. of LAN ports                                  1                 1                     1                1                1                 1
  No. of eSATA ports                                0                 1                     0                0                0                 0
  Optical S/PDIF port                               0                 1                     1                0                0                 0
  On-board WiFi (Y/N)                               N                 Y                     N                0                0                 0
  All Solid state caps                              Y                 Y                     Y                N                N                 N
  Clear CMOS button                                 N                 N                     N                N                N                 N
  Power / Reset button                              N                 N                     N                N                N                 N
  UEFI BIOS (Y/N)                                   Y                 Y                     N                N                N                 N
  USB 2.0 header                                    3                 3                     2                2                2                 2
  USB 3.0 header                                    0                 1                     0                0                0                 0
  POST error code                                   N                 N                     N                N                N                 N
  HDMI port                                         0                 1                     1                1                1                 1
  DVI Port                                          1                 1                     1                0                1                 1
  D-Sub port                                        1                 0                     1                1                1                 1
  DisplayPort port                                  0                 0                     0                0                0                 0
  Parallel Port                                     0                 0                     0                1                0                 0
  USB Charger                                       N                 Y                     Y                N                N                 N
  Bluetooth                                         N                 Y                     N                N                N                 N
  Fritz Chess Benchmark
  Relative Speed                                    3.25              3.26                  3.24             1.45             3.22              3.24
  Kile nodes per second                             1558              1564                  1555             697              1550              1554
  Unigine Heave 2.5 (1280x1024, low settings)
  Score                                             142               104                   110              102              104               105
  FPS                                               5.6               4.1                   4.2              4.1              4.1               4.1
  CineBench R11.5
  Open GL                                           7.57              7.57                  7.58             4.43             7.55              7.55
  Multicore                                         0.58              0.62                  0.59             0.27             0.62              0.62
  WinRAR file compression/decompression (KB/s)      480               483                   478              235              440               440
  USB data transfer (in secs)
  4 GB Sequential Write                             166               48.94                 149.54           145              144.35            144.35
  4 GB Assorted Write                               208.23            91.63                 194.24           207.25           187.46            187.46
  4 GB Sequential Read                              159.26            59.35                 158.54           143              145               145
  4 GB Assorted Read                                152.42            61.96                 144.25           147              144               144
  Apple iTunes encoding (in secs)                   244.8             255.98                259.5            408.69           253.4             248.79
  HD Clips CPU Utilizaiton (in per cent)
  Clip 1                                            40                47                    48               84               28                18
  Clip 2                                            56                51                    61               NA               38                28
  ArcSoft Media Converter (100 MB VOB to AVI        52                50                    54               112              54                51
  conversion) (in secs)
  Gaming (in FPS)
  FarCry 2 (1024x768, High, DX10)                   10                11                    10               12               10                11
  Aliens Vs Predators (1024x768, low, DX11)         7                 7.1                   7.2              6.4              6.4               6.4

70 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
            Huawei Ascend P1 LTe                                TweetDeck for Web
            Huawei and Airtel unveiled India’s first 4G
            smartphone with Android 4.0 and 1.5GHz dual-
            core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor
                                                                Twitter updated its web and PC based app
                                                                TweetDeck with changes in designs, customisation
                                                                where users can use settings to customise font size      Motherboards Test

                                                                        seen on mainstream boards.             Foxconn AHD1S-V and Digilite
                                                                        The ASUS AI Suite II comes             AHD1S-K. As you may have
Intel            Intel            Intel            ASRock
D2700DC          D2500HN          D2700MU          PV530A-ITX
                                                                        with the board allowing you to         already noticed, the names are
4,176            3,306            4,060            3,290                monitor your voltage and tem-          similar. When we opened the
16.02            15.06            17.82            15.96                perature settings, overclocking        packaging, we noticed that the
21.66            17.24            21.78            7.85                 the boards, energy management          two boards looked identical. On
37.68            32.30            39.60            23.81                and so on.                             closer inspection, we removed
2                2                2                2
                                                                            Gigabyte had variety in            the Digilite sticker on the Digi-
4                4                4                4                    terms of the on-board proces-          lite board and as expected, we
D2700            D2500            D2700            VIA PV530            sors and chipsets. The E350N           found Foxconn emblazoned on
2.13             1.8              2.13             1.8                  board houses the AMD E350              the board. Long story short,
2                2                2                1                    processor whereas the E240N            the Digilite board is basically a
Yes              Yes              Yes              VIA Chrome 9 HD
Intel NM10       Intel NM10       Intel NM10       VIA VX900
                                                                        has the E240 processor along-          Foxconn board with the Digi-
2                2                2                2                    with the A45 FCH chipset.              lite branding. While checking
0                0                0                0                    Despite having dif-
1                1                1                1                    ferent innards, on first
0                0                0                0
                                                                        glance you cannot tell
Intel HD Audio   Intel HD Audio   Intel HD Audio   VIA VT1705
Passive          Passive          Passive          Passive + Fan        one board from the                               novemBeR 2012

4/0              4/0              4/0              4/0                  other. In fact, even their
1                1                1                1                    back-panel IO ports are
0                0                0                0                    identical. Both boards
0                0                1                0
                                                                        have an active heatsink
0                0                0                N
N                N                N                N                    for the processor and a
N                N                N                N                    passive heatsink for the
N                N                N                N                    chipset. The fan mate-
N                N                N                N                    rial is very sturdy and
3                2                3                2
                                                                        the fins do not bend
0                0                0                0
N                N                N                N                    easily. Both the boards
1                0                1                0                    also sport serial and
1                0                1                0                    parallel ports and
0                1                0                1                    have a single PCI slot.
0                0                0                0
                                                                        It is clear that they are
0                1                0                1
N                N                N                N                    targetted more towards                Asus E35M1-I DELUXE
N                N                N                N                    office use thanks to the
                                                                        legacy ports and absence of            online, we couldn’t find any
                                                                        on-board WiFi. Gigabyte has            AHD1S-V board from Foxconn
4.45             2.62             4.42             1.09
                                                                        a USB 3.0 model called the             but the AHD1S-K board. The dif-
2133             1255             2123             521
                                                                        E350N-USB3 which we sadly              ference between the two boards
NA               NA               NA               NA                   did not get for this comparison.       is that the one with the K mon-
NA               NA               NA               NA                   Thankfully both boards have an         iker has a completely passive
                                                                        HDMI out which is a thoughtful         heatsink whereas the one with
NA               NA               NA               NA
                                                                        addition alongwith the D-Sub           the V moniker, which we had,
0.71             0.4              0.72             0.12
712              466              711              227                  port. USB charging support             has a passive heatsink along-
                                                                        is present on both the boards.         with a fan. The Digilite board
146              148              146              161.62               There were quite a few electro-        too had the same kind of cooling
176              177              178              237                  lytic capacitors, whereas both         mechanism. The boards have a
127              128              127              132.51
                                                                        ASUS boards had all solid-state        well-spaced layout and majority
129              127              125.7            144.26
279.11           322.85           277.76           600.43               capacitors. But considering,           of the capacitors on board are
                                                                        boards in this category will be        electrolytic type. The Hudson
10               10               10               45                   used for low power applications,       D1 chipset on these boards is
12               12               12               100                  it is alright to have electrolytic     covered by a passive heat-sink.
42               60               41               203
                                                                        capacitors to keep costs low. The      One major difference between
                                                                        BIOS on the Gigabyte boards            the Hudson M1 and D1 is that
2                1                2                5                    is still the non UEFI one. The         the D1 does not support SATA
NA               NA               NA               NA                   other two AMD boards were the          6 Gbps ports. The SATA ports

                                                                                                         Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 71
                                        Apple iBooks 3.0                                                        microsoft office 2013

 Motherboards Test
                                        Apple’s iBooks 3.0 Update has finally
                                        gone live in the App Store, with features
                                        similar to the Amazon Kindle
                                                                                                                Microsoft confirmed that the company is
                                                                                                                planing to release a native iOS and Android
                                                                                                                version of Office 2013 next year

 HoW We TeSTeD                                                                      this one too comes with
                                                                                                                                  novemBeR 2012
                                                                                    legacy ports, there are
    We called for Mini ITX boards that sported a processor onboard, as
                                                                                    more electrolytic capac-
    we were looking at boards that will make for a good home-theatre                itors than solid-state
    PC or a second PC at your home. The only components we used on                  ones, a PCI slot and
    these boards for all these boards were the Corsair HX 620W power                no USB 3.0 ports. The
    supply, the BenQ EW2430 monitor, an Intel SSD with the Windows                  option to charge your
    7 64-bit OS (except for certain boards which required Windows 7
    32-bit OS) and Kingston HyperX 4 GB RAM (except for some boards
                                                                                    USB devices while the
    which only took laptop RAM memory in which case we used Kingston                system is in stand-by or
    4 GB RAM). We did not put in any discrete GPU as not all boards                 off mode is a good plus.
    came with a PCIe x16 slot.
       We put a lot of stress on the features offered by the boards, as             Performance
    they are entry level boards ideal for the most basic tasks. Boards
    with USB 3.0 and on-board Wi-Fi got more points. Similarly boards,
                                                                                    With the Intel boards
    which had an on-board processor with internal graphics helped give              we noticed a pecu-
    better scores in the graphics related benchmarks. We ran the boards             liar thing. When we                 Foxconn AHD1S-V
    through our standard set of benchmark tests, at lower settings of               installed the 64-bit
    course. Since these boards are not meant to be performance power-               Windows 7 OS, it installed all      smoothly but CPU utilisation
    houses, we kept the weightage lower on the performance parameters
    which weren’t very pertinent such as rendering or gaming. We gave
                                                                                    drivers except the graphics         was not as great as that seen
    the HD movie viewing experience a higher score as that is one task              driver. Only when we installed      on the Intel boards. Encoding
    that we expect an HTPC to do best. We noted the CPU utilization                 a 32-bit version did we see the     songs from .MP3 to .AAC was
    while both our test HD clips were running, with the help of a utility           Driver downloads section on the     fastest on the ASUS E35M1-I fol-
    called CPUMon. Also higher stress was laid on the USB read speeds,              Intel website showing the GMA       lowed by the Foxconn AHD1S-
    as we realised that since we are looking at an HTPC board, we
    would have to get most of the content from an external media if you
                                                                                    drivers. The native screen reso-    V. The Intel boards were quite
    didn’t already have a shared network. Overall, we gave a 60 percent             lution of our monitor was sup-      close. ASRock VIA board was
    weightage to features and specs and 40 percent to performance.                  ported with Windows 32-bit OS       the slowest when it came to
                                                                                    whereas the 64-bit OS only went     encoding music. When it came
                                                                                    upto 1280x1024. While the HD        to transcoding a video clip from
 on both the boards are placed             and serial ports that we saw             clips ran smooth, keeping the       .VOB to .DIVX we found the
 very close to the DIMM slots.             on the Gigabyte AMD boards               CPU utilisation under 15 per-       Intel D2700MU and D2700DC
 Although both boards lack USB             above, which means that these            cent, lower even than the AMD       boards to coming out the fastest
 3.0 ports, they feature HDMI,             boards are clearly targetted for         boards, the graphics on the Intel   thanks to hyper-threaded cores,
 DVI and D-sub ports.                      office use. The D2700DC on the           boards wasn’t enough to pass        followed by the E350 boards.
                                           other hand has the HDMI port             the CineBench R11.5 Open GL         Here again the ASRock VIA
 Intel Boards                              along with the optical S/PDIF            test. Gaming is out of the ques-    board was the slowest.
 In the Intel stable we had three          out ideal for home use.                  tion on these boards with their
 boards namely D2700DC,                                                             onboard graphics.                   Verdict
 D2500HN and D2700MU                       vIA Board                                    Speaking of gaming, even        We awarded the Best Buy to
 all based on the Intel Atom               ASRock PV530-ITX was the                 the AMD boards which sported        Foxconn AHD1S-V board for
 Cedar Trail platform. All three           only board we got which was              DX11, did not return any great      its decent performance at very
 boards look very similar in               based on a VIA chipset. It houses        frame rates either for resolu-      economical pricing of `3,300.
 terms of board layout with a              the VIA PV530 processor along-           tions as low as 1024x768. So if     If you are looking for the most
 few additions and subtractions            with VIA VX900 chipset. The              you want to game on the AMD         basic board which will playback
 here and there. One major dif-            board layout is quite decent with        boards, you will have to make       your HD content and help you
 ference between these boards              the processor having a passive           do with games that are old and      with casual surfing and docu-
 and the ones from AMD was                 cooler with a fan and the chipset        they should be run on low res-      ment work, go for the Foxconn
 the presence of SO-DIMM                   having just the passive heatsink.        olutions. All the AMD boards        AHD1S-V board as it offers the
 slots. Other component layout             Just like the Gigabyte boards,           ran both the HD clips quite         best bang for the buck.
 design is more or less similar.                                                                                            The Editor’s Pick was
 The D2700DC and D2700MU                    Chipset info                                                                awarded to the ASUS E35M1-I
 sport a PCIe mini card slot,               Chipset         Hudson M1      Hudson D1      Intel NM10   VX900            Deluxe board. This board offers
 to add in an mSATA compo-                  Platform        Brazos         Value Lynx     PineTrail    VIA PV530        a boatload of features such as
                                            SATA            6 x 6Gbps      6 x 3Gbps      2 x 3Gbps    2 x 3Gbps
 nent. The heatsink is passive              USB 2.0 ports   14             14             8            8
                                                                                                                        USB 3.0 ports, on-board WiFi
 and has many fins to enhance               USB 3.0 ports   0              0              0            0                which makes it an ideal candi-
 cooling. The D2500HN and the               PCI             0              4              2            2                date for an HTPC and perfect for
 D2700MU sport the parallel                 PCIe            4              4              0            0                wireless content streaming.

72 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
                                              asus PadFone 2                               aMD Z-60 microprocessor

gaming gear Test
                           WorldMags.net      Asus makes 4.7inch PadFone 2
                                              official with a quad-core processor
                                              and a slimmer design
                                                                                           AMD unveils its new Z-60 microprocessor which aims to
                                                                                           squeeze into the Windows 8 tablet market above Intel’s
                                                                                           Atom line and below the lowest-power Core i3 processor

                                         Prepare For
                                          `1.8 lakh worth of gaming gear slug it out in the
                                          ultimate showdown! Who won? The answer is more
                                          complicated than you might think

Anirudh Regidi                        and we get very little time to       like last time, we are not rating   as peripherals go, but this is
anirudh.regidi@thinkdigit.com         actually play with those prod-       these products based on their       mainly because there are very

                                      ucts. But gaming gear? What          performance, but are going to       few people willing to spend a
            very test in our office   do you do but play with them         talk about them and our expe-       lot of money on a device that
            is something special,     all day? The situation couldn’t      riences with them and what-         has only one use. The thing
            but the day we walked     be more ideal. Wake up in the        ever quirks we noticed which        is, however, that these are the
            into office and caught    morning (!), go to office, play      were relevant to us and feel are    most fun devices we’ve received
sight of the piles of boxes stuffed   games for 12 hours straight, eat     relevant to you. Everyone has       for testing, with everyone from
to the brim with some of the best     food, sleep, repeat!                 their own individual prefer-        Robert downwards (including
gaming gear available today was           All of us have our own           ences of course, but hopefully,     our product manager) having
probably one of the best days         favourites now and the dia-          after reading this, you will be     a go at the wheels and really
ever! Maybe the iPod docks            metrically opposite views we         able to make an informed deci-      enjoying the experience. A
came close but not that close.        had on many of the products          sion regarding what product is      wheel is a significant investment
Now products like graphics            is clear proof that purchasing       right for you.                      and is a purchasing decision
cards and mobile phones, cam-         the right gaming peripheral                                              that cannot be taken lightly. For
eras, etc. are fun, but what you      is a highly personal decision        Racing Wheels                       a racing wheel you need, more
really end up doing is running        and there really isn’t much we       This is a category that isn’t       than any other feature, analogue
benchmarks for hours on end           can do about it. Which is why,       really very popular as far          steering and pedal input. If that

                                                                                                          Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 73
                                                         eken leopard Tablet                                         Mozilla Firefox Metro

 Gaming Gear Test
                                WorldMags.net            Eken Electronics launches Leopard tablet
                                                         ranging from `6,900 – `11,999 depending upon
                                                         7-inch, 8-inch, 9.7- inch screen size
                                                                                                                     Mozilla releases Firefox metro
                                                                                                                     preview for Windows 8 modern
                                                                                                                     UI interface

 hOW We TesTeD                             and then discovers that there are    shifters are fun and functional,         wheel and on the gear assembly
                                           no bundled batteries and all the     but the actual gear lever feels          which can be mapped any way
    We played games. A lot                 nearby stores are closed for the     very flimsy and doesn’t have             you like, not to mention paddle-
    of games!                              weekend. After firing off emails     the weight and feel of a proper          shifters with the steering wheel.
                                           to Logitech, demanding that          gear shift. We avoided using it          Overall, the wheel is quite well-
    •   F1 2012                            they send the adapter ASAP, we       as much as possible and stuck            built and feels very sturdy. The
    •   Grid                               settled down to some indignant       to the paddle-shifts or automatic        wheel and gear assembly have
    •   NFS: Shift 2                       muttering about how inconsid-        transmission. A better designed          clamps that will allow you to
    •   Off-Road drive                     erate people are and how they        gear-shift would have really             attach them quite tightly to any
    •   CS: Global Offensive
                                           don’t care about people’s feel-      placed this wheel at the top of          surface, though we recommend
    •   Torchlight 2
                                           ings (no offence to Logitech here,   any racing fanatic’s must have           putting in a strip of rubber
    PS3                                    just a gamer’s rant).                list. Especially when you con-           between the clamps for a better
    • Gran Turismo 5                          That is of course, till we        sider the price tag.                     grip as we managed to yank off
                                           finally got the adapter a few            We had a few of the non-             the gear assembly in some of our
    Test Rig                               days later. All was forgiven         drivers among us asking if               more frenzied moments.
    • CPU: Intel Core i7 875k
    • RAM: 4GB DDRIII                      and forgotten and we smugly          the experience was similar                  Verdict: Officially priced
      1600MHz                              settled into our seat and had        to driving a real car and the            at a prodigious `30,000, this
    • HDD: Kingston SSD + WD               a go with the wheel. Everyone        answer to that is a very loud and        is insanely expensive con-
      Velociraptor                         did actually and it was quite        resounding NO. The wheel is a            sidering the features on offer.
    • GPU: Elitegroup nVidia
                                           some time before we actually         lot of fun to use but don’t for a        Even at `10,000 less (as seen on
      GeForce 560
    • Monitor: BenQ GL2750                 got down to trying to review the
                                           wheel more objectively.              company              steelseries     nitho         nitho       logitech
    Console                                                                     Model
                                                                                                     Simiraceway Drive Pro         Drive
    • PlayStation 3 with Dell              Gaming experience                                         SRW-S1      V16               Pro 3
      S2740L                                                                    Price (in `)         10,168          4,499         4,903       29,899
                                           We tried out quite a few games
                                           with this wheel and we must          Features
                                           say, the experience was a lot        Analogue steering    Y               Y             Y           Y
 input is not linear and precise,          of fun. The more arcade-type         Analogue pedals      Y               N             N           Y
 your actual in-game experience            games such as GRID were fun to       Force feedback       N               N             N           Y
 will not be as satisfying and             play, but games like Shift 2 and     Steering movement
                                                                                                  360                270           270         900
 you might as well play with a             GT5 really came into their own       (degrees)
 gamepad or keyboard.                      with this wheel. The force-feed-
                                           back we felt was really strong       moment think that driving a real         Flipkart), this is very expensive
 logitech g27                              and collisions would even have       car is replicated that well. What        and you need to be a really hard-
 This is the most expensive                the wheel slipping out of our        we realized while playing those          core racing fanatic with money
 product we got and frankly the            hands. Taking a corner at speed      various games is that the wheel          to splurge to want this wheel
 most attention grabbing. The              would have us really fighting        isn’t of much use in helping us          enough to buy it.
 moment we set eyes on this, we            the wheel and drifting was also      win races in arcade games like
 just knew that we had to play             quite a challenge. Overall, a        GRID (fun though the experi-             nitho Drive PRO V16
 with it. As we scrambled to               really fun experience.               ence was), but almost essential          and Drive PRO 3
 hunt out a worthy game to put                 One major complaint we           with simulation games like Shift         These two wheels from NITHO
 this beast through its paces we           have with the wheel is with          2 and GT5 which require precise          are low-budget racing wheels
 couldn’t help but feel just a little      the gear shift. The paddle-          analogue inputs.                         and while they’re quite decent,
 bit excited, giggling                                                             With the G27 you basically            after playing with the monster
 randomly with huge                                                             get a wheel (duh), a set of floor-       that is the G27, we could only
 grins plastered across                                                         pedals (accelerator, brake and           look at these with a certain sense
 our faces. The huge                                                            clutch) and a 6 speed + reverse          of detachment.
 disappointment we felt                                                         gear shift. The gear mecha-                  The wheels are of decent
 when we found out that                                                         nism and pedals connect to the           quality but they are built to
 we hadn’t received the                                                         steering column which connects           a price and feel cheap. Both
 power adapter that goes                                                        to the PC and PS3 via USB.               wheels have suction cups at
 with the wheel can only                                                        Additional power is required for         the bottom which while useful,
 be felt by a child who                                                         the wheel motors and the wheel           do not provide as much grip as
 receives the most awe-                                                         will not work without it. There          we would like, and there is a bit
 some toy in the world            Logitech G27                                  are additional buttons on the            of see-sawing when playing a

74 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
  google Virtual Keyboards                                     Kobian Mercury mTab7
  Google now brings 100 virtual keyboards
  to Gmail and now supports typing in
  75 languages
                                                               Kobian has introduced a new Android-based tablet Mercury
                                                               mTab 7 at Rs. 6,499 which runs on Android 4.0 operating
                                                               system and is powered by a 1.2 GHz Cortex A8 processor     Gaming Gear Test

game, where you tend to keep         work in analogue mode in our                                                     series of gaming mice and
pulling the wheel towards your-      games, forcing us to keep trac-                                                  they throw acronyms and
self and the entire assembly         tion control on high most of the                                                 jargon at you like confetti
rocks back and forth on the          time. The wheels also seemed                                                     at a birthday party. Most
flimsy cups. The wheels also         to have a very large dead-zone                                                   of it doesn’t mean a thing
don’t have feedback as good as       which we couldn’t eliminate via                                                  and what you actually
the G27’s, but rather, they offer    any in-game settings.                                                            need is a mouse you’re
some resistance and at least            Verdict: The lack of preci-                                                   comfortable with and does
have auto-centering.                 sion in these wheels and the                                                     what you want it to do.
    What was frustrating with        prices, lead us to conclude that                                                 Just because a mouse has
the wheels was that there was        these wheels are more suited for                          Steelseries SRW-S1     101 buttons doesn’t make
quite a bit of input lag, where we   arcade games such as NFS: MW                                                     it better than a mouse
would turn the wheel, but the        or GRID (with assists on) and         hands, what with the plethora of           which has only two. If
game would respond a fraction        are not meant for anything more       buttons and knobs, almost all of    you need 101 buttons, then of
of a second later. This was very     than having a bit of fun - they are   which can be mapped any way         course you don’t have a choice
frustrating in high-speed races.     cheap, so they might work out.        you like and the glowing LEDs       and you’ll take such a mouse.
It almost felt like the game was                                           that indicate revs.                 but as we mentioned earlier, not
waiting for the wheel to settle      steelseries sRW-s1                        The one thing that this con-    everyone wants the same thing
for a set amount of time before      Among the most unique devices         troller sorely misses out on is     and therefore, we can’t recom-
responding. Another irritant         we’ve come across in a long time,     some sort of stand to mount         mend a mouse to everyone and
was that the accelerator and         the device has to be held in the      the wheel on. Your shoulders        say, “Here, this is the mouse you
brake pedals were, for some          air, like a Wii controller, and it    can get quite painful if you’re a   should buy.” 16,000 DPI doesn’t
inconceivable reason, mapped         uses extremely sensitive acceler-     geek like us whose flimsy mus-      matter if you’re not going to play
to the paddle-shifts as well. This   ometers to measure the rotation       cles can’t support the weight of    at more than 1600 and we’re
was exceptionally frustrating in     of the wheel and translate it into    the wheel for long periods of       quite certain that many of you
games and it took us quite some      in-game motion. This wheel has        time. The degree of precision       will just use the features because
                                            been specifically designed     offered by this controller will     they’re there rather than because
                                            for one game, Simraceway       really be appreciated by hard-      you need to use them.
                                            (we’ve put it on the DVD       core gamers, but those looking          You need to figure out what
                                            this month) and works          for a fancy wheel with feedback     sort of a gamer you are and
                                            flawlessly with it. It can     should look elsewhere.              what you need from a mouse.
                                            also be easily mapped to           Verdict: This wheel is defi-    The problem with a fully-cus-
                                            games like F1 2012 or Shift    nitely one for pro racers and we    tomizable mouse is that, unless
                                            2 as a custom controller.      would very highly recommend         you’re a real pro who requires it,
                                                This is by far the most    this wheel if it wasn’t for the     you’ll spend more time fiddling
                                            precise controller we used     price. Paying `10,000 for this      with the weights and DPI set-
                                            and we quite liked its port-   wheel here is exorbitant and the    tings instead of actually playing
                                            ability and build quality.     $119 that it is actually worth (in  with it. You’ll start losing at CS
                                            It feels really sturdy and     the U.S.) is a far more reasonable  and you’ll think that maybe
Nitho Drive PRO 3                           the analogue paddles and       price and ideal for this device.    a little less weight is needed,
time to figure out that remap-       gear levers are well-built and                                            or maybe those low-friction
ping was possible but we never       conveniently placed. Holding          gaMing Mice                         skates would help and you get
actually managed to do it and        the wheel in your hand, you           There are gaming mice literally     distracted. Some people revel in
the process failed many times.       can’t help but feel like you’ve       everywhere. Any and every           it of course and if you do, well,
Also, the pedals would not           got a real racing wheel in your       manufacturer has their own          that’s the mouse for you then.

                                  Opera Mobile 12.1                                                             angry Birds star Wars

 Gaming Gear Test
                                  Opera has updated its mobile browser for the
                                  Android platform introducing SPDY, WebSockets,
                                  fraud detection and better CSS and HTML5 support
                                                                                                                Rovio releases the new version of its popular
                                                                                                                series Angry Birds Star Wars in partnership
                                                                                                                with Lucasfilm on November 8th

  company                    steelseries steelseries              steelseries steelseries          steelseries steelseries corsair                 corsair
                                                                  Sensei         SENSEI Pro
  Model                      KINZU V2           Sensei (Fnatic)                                    Diablo III   KANA            M-60               M-90
                                                                  (RAW)          Grade Laser
  Price (in `)               1,500              8,665             5,200          7,590             5,999        4,237           3,920              4,480
  Button Count               3                  8                 8              8                 8            6               8                  15
  braided cable (y/n)        Y                  Y                 Y              Y                 Y            Y               Y                  Y
  Adjustable weights (y/n) N                    N                 N              N                 N            N               Y                  N
  dpi switch (y/n)           Y                  Y                 Y              Y                 Y            Y               Y                  Y
  DPI indicator              N                  Y                 Y              Y                 Y            Y               Y                  Y
  DPI/CPI range              400-3200           1-5700            90-5670        1-5700            1-5700       400-3200        upto 5700          upto 5700
  profile switch             N                  Y                 N              Y                 N            N               N                  Y
  Profile indicator (y/n)    N                  Y                 N              Y                 N            N               N                  N
                                                32-bit ARM                       32-bit ARM                                     Aluminium
                                                                                                   Diablo III                                      Aluminium
  Misc                       NA                 processor, LCD,   NA             processor, LCD,                NA              Body, Adjustable
                                                                                                   artwork                                         Body
                                                11400 DCPI                       11400 DCPI                                     weights

 steelseries                               schemes but that just ended up                                                  better deals. The only mouse we
 First up are the Steelseries mice.        looking worse.                                                                  would consider in this lineup is
 These were the most numerous                   The cheapest of the Steel-                                                 the Sensei. The others are just too
 but, unfortunately, when we               series mice start at about                                                      badly built to justify the price.
 ripped through the boxes, we              `2,000 and we couldn’t have
 found that most of the mice were          been more disappointed with                                                     cooler Master
 the same. We received multiple            its build quality. The Logitech                                                 We got three CoolerMaster mice
 Kinzus and Senseis and a Kana             G300 is cheaper and feels                                                       for this review, two of which we’ve
 and a Diablo III edition Sensei.          better built (though the design           Steeleries Kana                       already reviewed in the past: The
 On further inspection we found            is a bit dodgy). Take the Kana                                                  Spawn and the Sentinel Advance,
 that the multiple Senseis were            for example - looks half decent           sors and precise tracking. Some,      the only difference being that
                                           but the single thumb buttons              like the higher-end Sensei,           the Sentinel now comes with an
                                           are downright flimsy and due              even have LCDs at the bottom          upgraded sensor. Both are good
                                           to their odd placement, we                and support custom profiles
                                           ended up randomly hitting                 but spending `8,000 on such
                                           those buttons while we played.            a mouse seems way too high.
                                           It’s the same with the Kinzu and          Do note that many pros swear
                                           it’s only the Sensei that brings          by these mice, so Steelseries
                                           some semblance of quality to              must be doing something right,
  Steelseries Kinzu                        these mice. Bear in mind that             though we don’t know what
                                           this is `4,000 plus mouse we’re           as we didn’t notice any differ-
 actually 4 different “variants”           talking about here (`7,000 for            ence between the Fnatic, RAW
 of the Sensei in about four               the Sensei) and for that price            and regular Sensei in terms of
 different colours and the two             you’ll get the likes of the Corsair       gaming. They each have dif-           Corsair C60
 Kinzus were identical but had             M90 or the Logitech G9x.                  ferent specs on paper but the
 different colour schemes.                      These mice themselves are            higher DCPI (as Steelseries calls
     Speaking of Sensei, Steel-            excellent, with very good sen-            it) seems more like PMPO fig-         mice and the Spawn has by far the
 series has taken a very “zen”                                                        ures for audio than any relevant     better grip (for a claw gripper) and
 approach to designing these                                                          value. Sure, if you want 16,000      is quite a decent mouse to behold.
 mice. They’re very smooth,                                                           DCPI and DPI increments in           One quirk with the Spawn is that
 almost elegant (except for the                                                       steps of 90, go ahead, get the       it was the only mouse in the entire
 garishly coloured orange one)                                                        Fnatic or RAW edition.               comparison that wouldn’t work
 and have a very unruffled look                                                           Verdict: Excellent sensors       without a mouse-pad or similar
 about them. Unfortunately,                                                           and decent ergonomics ham-           surface underneath. Gaming
 some might call them a bit too                                                       pered by high prices and low         wasn’t that much fun though
 plain (we would). Steelseries did                                                    build quality. At less than half     and we could barely snipe in CS,
 try to tone down that austerity                                                      the price, the Razer Abyssus or      but that could very well be a func-
 by adding some funky colour              CM Storm Recon                              Logitech G400 seem like much         tion of the way we held the mouse.

76 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
    Ballmer: More Ms hardware                                            google Drive for android
    In an interview to BBC, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
    confirmed that the company will launch more
    hardware in the near future http://dgit.in/RNsFmr
                                                                         Google Drive adds new features to its android app
                                                                         which allows users to create folder, upload to folder,
                                                                         and move to folder with new options to auto sync         Gaming Gear Test

logitech     logitech            logitech     logitech cooler Master           cooler Master cooler Master           heavy-duty they’re just very
                                                          CM Storm Sentinel CM Storm                                 well made. The essential dif-
G400         G9x                 G500         G300                                              Spawn                ference between the two mice,
                                                          Advance II        Recon
2,095        4,500               4,000        1,725       3,999                3,000            2,250                other than the slight difference
                                                                                                                     in design, is that the M90 is sup-
8            7                   7            9           8                    9                7                    posedly geared more towards
N            Y                   Y            N           Y                    N                N                    MMOs and the M60 towards
N            Y                   Y            N           Y                    N                N                    FPS gaming. So while the M60
Y            Y                   Y            Y           Y                    Y                Y                    comes with adjustable weights,
N            Y                   Y            N           Y                    Y                N                    the M90 comes with a multi-
400-3600     200-5700            200-5700     500-2500 200-8200                800-4000         800-3500             tude of buttons (all the extra
Y            Y                   N            N           Y                    N                N                    ones are on one side). In practice
N            Y                   N            N           Y                    N                N                    we found both mice to be excel-
Claims to Adjustable weights,                                                                                        lent, the only drawback being
                              Adjustable                  128KB memory,
replace the Interchangeable              NA                                    32KB memory      32KB memory          that the M90’s thumb buttons
                              weights                     adjustable weights
MX518       body                                                                                                     were hard to press and a little
                                                                                                                     awkwardly placed.
                                            The new entrant here is            (`3,000) and worth consid-                Verdict: What is there to
                                        the Recon. A slightly unusual          ering seriously. The Spawn is         say? These are excellent, well-
                                        looking mouse, this one is all         subject to your play style and the    built mice and well worth it at
                                        rubber and plastic and gives           Sentinel is frankly, quite unin-      the price they come for. Superb
                                        the impression that it was carved      teresting if you don’t like the       ergonomics and a unique
                                        out of a hunk of rubber from an        design. It is a decent mouse
                                        SUV tyre. The mouse is quite           though and good for people
                                        nice though, ergonomic and a           with large hands.
                                        pleasure to use. The mouse does
                                        feel a tad too narrow and people       corsair
Logitech G500                           with large hands might be in           The M90 and M60 mice from
                                        trouble. The thumb-buttons are         Corsair had us drooling over
As mentioned earlier, choose a          easily depressed and the middle-       their cool design and Alu-
                                                                                                                        Logitech G300
mouse that suits your play style.       click a bit too hard to press.         minium body. The mice are
This one didn’t suit ours, but              Verdict: The Recon is an           very well designed and feel
there will be some who love it.         excellent mouse at the price           exceptionally sturdy (obvious         design gives these products
    The Sentinel is also a good                                                given the liberal amount of Alu-      that X-factor that gamers would
mouse, but we’ve never really                                                  minium used) and were very            actually clamour for.
been a fan of the ergonomics or                                                comfortable to use as well. We
the design. But it’s a feature-rich                                            instantly fell in love with the       logitech
mouse and includes an LCD dis-                                                 ergonomics of the mice and            This company has had a long
play and other bells and whis-                                                 in fact, these are the mice that      history of making excellent PC
tles that you would expect in a                                                this reviewer spent most of his       peripherals and gaming devices
fancy mouse, including extra                                                   time with. Everything about           and their mouse lineup doesn’t
weights and skates.                     Corsair C90                            these mice felt very sturdy and       disappoint. Featuring the G300,

                                                ipad Mini                                                      google sued

 Gaming Gear Test
                               WorldMags.net    Apple has launched the long-rumoured Ipad
                                                Mini, along with a brand new iMac and more
                                                affordable Retina-enabled Macbooks
                                                                                                               Google has been sued in Delware, USA, for
                                                                                                               alleged infringement of a US Patent by its
                                                                                                               Google Wallet smartphone application

 G400, G500 and G9x, all excel-            KeyBOaRDs                                Things to look for on a key-      battle. We would have preferred
 lent mice and available in every          It is hard to sell a good keyboard    board are nKRO (for keyboard         a game-mode switch though.
 price bracket.                            to a gamer, for true gaming you       heavy games such as RPGs                Verdict: Both are excellent
    These mice are well-built              really need a mechanical key-         and MMOs; also known as n            keyboards and are essentially
 and though not in the same                board, or at least, that is what      Key Roll Over,
                                              the gaming pundits claim.          look it up), a
                                              After trying out the handful       game mode (not
                                              of mechanical keyboards that       a requisite but
                                              we got, we still can’t say for     nice to have)
                                              sure. Granted they’re sup-         and the ability
                                              posed to last much longer          to program on
                                              and yes, the Angry German          the fly macros.
                                              kid would probably break his       Additional
                                              desk before he dented such a       macro keys and                                 CM Storm Trigger
 Logitech G400                                keyboard, but the high price       profile modes
                                              doesn’t justify the improve-       are a bonus.                         identical. If you’re willing to
                                              ment in the feel unless you’re                                          spend above `8,000 on just a
 league as the offerings from              a pro. In fact, the `275 worth        steelseries                          keyboard, you can’t really go
 Corsair, make quite a good                Zebronics Judwaa keyboard             We received the 6Gv2 and 7G          wrong with these.
 case for themselves. We’ve had            that we received a year ago           mechanical keyboards from
 the G500 and G9x for over a               seemed as relevant as the Log-        Steelseries and they are good        cooler Master
 year now and we’ve grown to               itech G19 was at more than 40         keyboards for sure. The 7G sets      More mechanical keyboards
 really like them. The G9x can             times the price.                      itself apart by offering an almost   here, namely the QuickFire Pro,
 be considered, in some ways,                   We will say that the feel of     infinite KRO which is quite          TK and Storm Trigger. The TK
 as the ultimate gaming mouse,             a mechanical keyboard is very         amazing considering that most        is a compact keyboard and feels
 having every feature under the            different from that of a regular      keyboards offer something in the     a bit cramped for normal use.
 sun, including free-wheel                                                                     range of 5 KRO. We     The insert, home, delete keys,
 and ratcheted mode for                                                                        don’t really know      etc. are gone and replaced by the
 the scroll wheel and even                                                                     how useful this is     NumPad and so are the arrow
 interchangeable bodies.                                                                       as pressing more       keys, which double-up as the
 The price is a bit steep we                                                                   than 5 keys simul-     bottom half of the NumPad when
 feel, but acceptable con-                                                                     taneously usu-         NumLock is on. The keyboard
 sidering the features on                                                                      ally means you’re      is quite tall and we would have
 offer. The same goes for                                                                      bashing your head      liked a palm-rest to go with it. The
 the G500 and while it                                                                         on the keyboard        PRO is the full-sized version of
 doesn’t have interchange-                 Steelseries 7G                                      rather than con-       the TK with similar ergonomics.
 able bodies and is quite                                                                      sciously deciding      We noticed that the PRO has a
 large, it is also very comfortable        keyboard and that it does take        to execute more than 5 different     toggle-able fn key which is a nice
 and was our favourite mouse till          some getting used to, especially      keystrokes at once. The keyboard     touch as many of the function
 the M90 came along.                       for typing, where we found            also features USB ports and audio    keys double as media keys.
     The G300 and G400 are                 that we were, on average, 10          passthrough. A nice addition if          The Storm Trigger was the
 excellent entry-level gaming              words per minute slower with          you don’t like clutter.              most comfortable keyboard we
 mice and are good deals at the            mechanical keyboards than                 The 6Gv2 is the younger          got and though the keys were
 price. Nothing exciting to report         with regular keyboards. These         brother of the 7G and is iden-       supposedly identical to those on
 here other than the fact that             keyboards are something of a          tical except for missing USB         the PRO and TK (Cherry MX
 the G400 claims to be the new             niche product but we cannot           ports, audio jacks and palm rest.    red), they did feel a bit soft. Also,
 MX518 (a true classic) and the            definitively recommend them           Both the keyboards feature an        this keyboard requires external
 G300 looks a bit funky in our             over a regular keyboard.              unusually placed “Steelseries”       power if you are thinking of uti-
 opinion. All the mice track well              Mechanical keyboards are          key, which replaces the left         lizing the USB ports.
 and are quite precise.                    very nice to use however once         Windows key on a regular key-            Verdict: As with the Steel-
 Verdict: These are all excellent          you get the hang of them, and the     board. This can get quite frus-      series, these are all good key-
 deals at any budget and you               almost pre-cognitive response of      trating during regular use, but      boards and we can’t really decide
 really can’t go wrong with any            the keys (due to a shorter travel)    is meant for gamers who do not       between them. Though if we’re
 of these products. Highly rec-            is a pleasure to use after one gets   want to inadvertently press the      pushed for a decision, we would
 ommended products.                        used to it.                           Windows key in the heat of the       say the Storm Trigger would be

78 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
                  Facebook ads                                                   nikon 1 V2
                  Facebook Ads has finally started to see
                  some action, with about 300,000 small
                  businesses having tried the service so far
                                                                                 Nikon unveils its latest offering: a 14.2
                                                                                 megapixel ILC that can shoot 15 fps
                                                                                 still shots. Expected in November             Gaming Gear Test

company                 steelseries     steelseries     corsair   logitech        logitech       cooler Master cooler Master cooler Master
Model                   6GV2            7G Pro          K90       G510            G19            Quick Fire Pro    CM Storm          CM Storm
                                                                                                                   Quick Fire TK     Trigger
Price (in `)            8,599           9,999           7,280     6,395           12,995         5,500             6,999             7,999
Braided cable (Y/N)     Y               Y               Y         N               N              Y                 Y                 Y
Audio pass through      N               Y               N         Y               Y              N                 N                 N
USB slots               N               2               1         1               2              N                 N                 2
Mechanical (Y/N/Type)   Black           Black           Red       N               N              Red               Red               Red
nKRO                    6               Infinite        20        NA              5              6                 6                 6
Macro keys (Y/N/No.)    N               N               18        18              12             N                 N                 5
Game mode               N               N               Y         Y               Y              Y                 Y                 Y
Backlit                 N               N               Y         Y               Y              Y                 Y                 Y
Palm Rest               N               Y               Y         Y               Y              N                 N                 Y
Misc                    NA              NA              36KB      Monochrome Colour LCD          NA                Shortened         64KB Memory
                                                        Memory    LCD                                              keyboard

a slightly better buy. They’re        tionality and feels like nothing    spend `13,000 on a 2.5-inch LCD          nite departure from the regular
all cheaper than the Steelseries      more than a gimmick and the         because it’s cool?                       designs. Of all the bunch, this is
duo and might be better deals         colour LCD on the G19, while           Verdict: Gimmicky LCDs                a good keyboard to use as far as
because of that.                      more functional, feels like even    don’t make a good keyboard and           mechanical keyboards go, but the
                                      more of a gimmick. Yes you can      while these are excellent key-           unusual decision to shrink the
logitech                              watch YouTube videos or browse      boards (non-mechanical) and              left shift key to a fraction of its
Logitech sent us the                                                           have plenty of great features,      original size and move the “\” key
G19 and G510 key-                                                              paying for those almost use-        into the extra space offered left us
boards. These are not                                                          less LCDs doesn’t seem right.       bewildered and a little frustrated.
mechanical keyboards,                                                          To be avoided unless you            The “@” and ““”” keys were also
but stand out from the                                                         have money to waste.                switched on the keyboard but
crowd by including                                                                                                 thankfully, the change was not
a monochrome LCD                                                               corsair                             detected by the default layout on
on the G510 and a                                                              Corsair only had the K90 to         the PC. Other than these minor
colour LCD on the G19.                                                         offer us but it is sufficient to    issues we were quite satisfied
Other than not being                         Logitech G19                      give all the keyboards here         with this keyboard.
mechanical keyboards,                                                          a run for their money. This             Verdict: This is the most
these two come with everything        through photos or even maybe        was the only mechanical key-             feature-rich mechanical key-
that you would need, including        see a map from a game on that       board with dedicated macro               board we received and choosing
extra macro keys with three pos-      teensy-weensy display, but why      keys and given the price, is quite       between the CM Storm Trigger
sible profiles, LCDs which are        would you want to when all you      a good deal. The design follows          and this is a really tough deci-
linked to certain games, a game-      have to do is look a few inches     the same brushed pattern as their        sion. Both are capable keyboards
mode switch and even USB and          higher-up and see the same          mice, with plenty of brushed alu-        but we feel that the K90 sneaks
audio passthrough. The LCD            thing on a full-sized display?      minium on display and the key-           ahead with it’s extra macro keys
on the G510 has limited func-         Would you really be willing to      board does look nice and a defi-         and lower price tag.

                                        analogue era ends                                                          asus Zenbook

 Ultrabooks Test
                                        The UK has officially finished its switchover
                                        from analogue to digital-terrestrial TV
                                        broadcasts, marking the end of an era
                                                                                                                   ASUS has expanded its Zenbook line of
                                                                                                                   Ultrabooks, unveiling two new 14-inch
                                                                                                                   and 15-inch models

                                                                                                  The second generation of
                                                                                                  ultrabooks is here, and the gulf
                                                                                                  between portability and power
                                                                                                  has now been bridged!

 Vishal Mathur                             around the keyboard. The bezel          is dressed well in the non-shiny          For the Toshiba Satellite
 vishal.mathur@thinkdigit.com              has a similar finish, but in plain      brushed metal finish. When you        U840, it is a case of two halves

                                           matte. Connectivity ports on its        open the display, the lid pushes      – good and bad. Its lid and the
                    e have 14 of the       left edge have classy covers that       down on the back of the laptop,       palm-rest area has some flex,
                    latest ultra-          hide the ports well. On the right       raising it up a bit, and the slight   but it looks good, thanks to the
                    books pitted           side is the optical drive, this is      elevation at the back is helpful      premium brushed metal finish.
                    against each           one of the few ultrabooks that          while typing. Despite the lesser      The keyboard sports flatter keys,
 other, comparing only those that          actually offer this, apart from         area, the T11’s keyboard is nicely    with less than perfect key travel.
 have Intel Ivy Bridge proces-             other I/O ports. Despite hailing        spaced out and the key size           It takes time getting used to that,
 sors. All major manufacturers             from the Inspiron series, the           isn’t any smaller. However, the       and also the slightly smaller key
 are participating in this test with       classy design and good build            typing experience isn’t the best,     dimensions. There is adequate
 their latest ultrabooks. Further,         quality doesn’t betray the lower        because of the lesser key travel.     gap between the keys, and the
 we divided the ultrabooks into            price tag of the Inspiron 14z. Its          The Acer Timeline Ultra           touchpad response is among
 smaller categories according              keyboard is well spaced out,            M5 has a basic look. The grey         the better ones. However, a little
 to price bands, to make your              but when typing briskly, you            brushed finish is the same on         more effort on Toshiba’s part
 buying choice simpler.                    will see a bit of downward flex         the lid and the frame around          could have ensured a premium
                                           towards the middle of the key-          the keyboard. It is a bit thicker     finish for the U840.
 Build, design &                           board. Apart from that, the key         than most ultrabooks, due to the          If you are willing to spend
 usaBility                                 size, travel and response is very       optical drive. You have to reach      `60k on an ultrabook, there is
 Let us start with the least expen-        satisfactory. Although good, its        behind the display to get to the      none built better than the HP
 sive ultrabook in this test – the         touchpad is not the best in terms       USB, Ethernet and HDMI. Its           Envy 4-1002tx. A generous
 Dell Inspiron 14z. Its lid has the        of response, though.                    keyboard is comfortable to use,       amount of aluminum is used
 dual tone grey and silver finish.             The Sony Vaio T11 has a             with good key placement and           on the HP Envy 4, which makes
 Open it up and the dark grey              rather unique visual appeal.            adequate travel. Its overall build    it look more expensive than it
 brushed metal tone continues              Its small form factor (11.6-inch)       quality is good, there’s no flex.     actually is. Its colour combina-

80 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
  apple iPad exchange                                                    sony Xperia gets Jelly Bean
  Some Apple stores are exchanging old
  iPads for the new 4th Generation ones, if
  bought in the last 30 days
                                                                         Rumours say the 2012 range of Sony Xperia
                                                                         devices are likely to receive an update to the
                                                                         Jelly Bean OS soon                                             Ultrabooks Test

How we tested
  Not just for this comparison test alone, but this   a few. We have added a series of tests to          Ergonomics
  is how we generally test laptops for reviews        measure display quality too. We also measure       While look and feel can be a matter of personal
  conducted throughout the year in the magazine       performance with a bunch of subjective tests       preference to some extent, determining the
  and online on the website.                          consistent across all laptops -- for e.g.,         best ergonomic design is a matter of scien-
                                                      watching a movie at fixed volume and screen        tific principles. In determining the Design &
  Prepping                                            brightness to drain out a laptop’s battery,        Usability score for every laptop, we take into
  We never benchmark a laptop’s performance           running graphics benchmarks to ascertain a         account several factors like build quality, mate-
  with the way the OS and the software is, out of     laptop’s GPU cababilities, and more.               rials used, quality and placement of hinges,
  the box. We uninstall bloatware, download and                                                          keyboard usage quality and feel as well as
  install the latest drivers via Windows Update or    Feature listing                                    the comfort, palmrest real estate, touchpad
  the manufacturer website. We do this to ensure      Here we take a look at all the features offered    response quality, etc., and break it down
  none of the pre-bundled software or their corre-    by a laptop, be it the range of connectivity       exhaustively to arrive at a cumulative score
  sponding services has any effect on the laptop’s    options it provides, ports that it is supposed     for ergonomics, design and general usability
  performance score. After this step, we’re ready     to have or the operating system it actually        aspects of the laptop. What we also have to
  to benchmark the laptops.                           comes bundled with, and scrutinize it for          critically check for is the quality of the display.
                                                      anything it promises to deliver but doesn’t.       More points for the ones that aren’t reflective
  Benchmarking                                        To put it more plainly, if a laptop claims it      and have better viewing angles.
  We run a range of industry standard software        comes with 6 GB of RAM, we check whether                After going through this process for each
  benchmarks to measure a laptop’s hardware           it actually has 6 GB of RAM or not. We do          and every laptop, we arrive at a final score
  capability and overall performance – PC Mark        this for all the laptops, against almost all the   based on a formula with assigned weighted
  Vantage, 3D Mark and CineBench, to name             parameters that affect one’s buying decision.      scores for performance, design, and features.

tion, with the black/dark grey          same, and hence we will talk           slightly ahead of the Envy 4.                   Samsung has carried for-
on the lid and the keyboard             about them together. The Ide-          The layout is just perfect, and             ward the same design from
deck, and the crimson red               aPad U410 looks very similar           has adequate amount to travel               its previous generation Series
base, looks rather unique. The          to a MacBook Pro 13, albeit the        to make this universally accept-            5 ultrabooks to the Ivy Bridge
brushed metal finish on its lid         U410’s 14-inch display. The gun-       able. The U410 isn’t the thinnest,          series. Its design is functional,
and the palmrest area attracts          metal colour on its lid and                                                             but you do feel some flex at
fingerprints, surprisingly. It’s        keyboard deck contrasts                                                                 certain parts on the chassis,
very well built, there is no flex       well with the chrome frame                                                              due to the thinner materials
anywhere on the chassis. Its            along the sides. The U410’s                                                             used. This is one of the rea-
keyboard with island-styled             design is uniformly thick.                                                              sons why the HP Envy, the
keys is extremely comfortable           Its display hinge is the most                                                           Lenovo IdeaPad U410 and
to type on and their response           solid across all ultrabooks,                                                            even the Toshiba Satellite
is consistent. The HP Envy 4’s          it doesn’t vibrate or move                                         novemBer 2012        U840w score a lot better
touchpad has a brushed metal            around when subjected to                                                                in terms of build quality
imprint, and has a thin trench          sudden jerks. Open the lid                                                              than the Samsung Series 5.
dug all around it, giving it            and you get the well spaced                                                             Brushed metal finish seems
some elevation. This is by far          out keyboard that is very              Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook                      to be common across a
the best built ultrabook in the         easy to get accustomed to.                                                              majority of ultrabooks, but
price bracket.                          Among all ultrabooks in this           but it retains the practicality of          this one is slightly shinier than
    The two Lenovo IdeaPad              category, this keyboard has the        a great keyboard, which a blade             most. Open it up and the key-
ultrabooks look exactly the             best feel and user experience,         thin ultrabook mostly doesn’t.              board deck is fairly uncluttered.

                                                  apple wins new patents                                     oled tvs delayed

 Ultrabooks Test
                               WorldMags.net      Apple won 34 new patent claims, including
                                                  ones for Apple TV, 3D apps on the iPhone, and
                                                                                                             Manufacturing issues have caused delays,
                                                                                                             leading Samsung and LG to postpone the
                                                                                                             launches of their next-gen OLED TVs to 2013

 The keyboard is comfortable to            put together. Keyboard                                                                   The 14-inch display has a
 use, although it has a slightly           is slightly more spaced                                                                  1600 x 900 pixel resolu-
 spongy feel. Critically, key size         out than on most ultra-                                                                  tion but the advantages
 is perfect, and that can com-             books, which is nice.                                                                    of that are somewhat lost
 pensate for the lack of chunky                 The Acer’s Aspire                                                                   by its reflective nature.
 feel from the keys. Despite the           S3 looks and feels less                                                                      The Samsung Series
                                                                                                                novemBer 2012
 optical drive on one side, all            expensive than it actu-                                                                  9 at its thickest point is
 connectivity ports are accom-             ally is, unfortunately.                                                                  12.9mm, while the Mac-
 modated on its side, rather than          This feeling has been                                                                    Book Air tips 17.2mm at
 on the backside of its spine.             amplified by the better                                                                  its thickest point. But the
     If you want your ultrabook            built alternatives avail-                                                                slimmer profile of the
 to stand out in a crowd, then             able with more afford-               HP Envy 4 Ultrabook                                 ultrabook didn’t stop
 look no further than the Toshiba          able price tags. There                                                                   Samsung from fitting an
 Satellite U840w. While tradi-             is no taking away the fact that      with the red on its lid. Its mag-          assortment of I/O ports on its
 tional laptop displays are now            it looks very sophisticated, but     nesium build has absolutely                side. The chassis is claimed to
 16:9, this one has a wider aspect         it doesn’t have the visual pull      no rough edges or flex and it              be 100 per cent aluminum, and
 ratio of 21:9. The lid has a two          you expect from a device that        is without doubt one of the                looking at the overall package,
 toned brushed dark gold and               you have paid so much for. Its       smartest looking ultrabooks in             we think that claim is well jus-
 black finish with an imprint              minimalistic design works well       the market. But its keypad is a            tified. Materials used are pre-
 design. Open it up and the same           with the slightly unique colour      disappointment. The keys are               mium, and critically, the dis-
 tone extends onto the keyboard            - mixture of grey, gold and light    slightly thinner horizontally              play hinge tautness is among
 deck as well. Apart from the              brown. Its brushed metal finish      than the standard size across              the best, if not the very best.
 wider form factor, the element            was unique at launch, but it’s       ultrabooks, and the travel is just         Its mineral ash black colour is
 that catches your attention is            very common with ultrabooks          not adequate. To top it off, we did        rather rare. The overall design
 the placement of the speakers             now. However, there is no            not like the spongy feel offered           of the Samsung Series 9 is
 on the left and the right side of         denying the fact that the Aspire     while typing. The Enter key                very good. Open it up and you
 the keyboard – the extra space            S3 is very slim, more towards        is redesigned, and that bigger             will notice the slim bezel. The
 is used well. The palmrest area           the front than the back. It’s very   size takes time getting used to.           keyboard layout hasn’t been
 is lesser in terms of depth, and if       solidly built and the chassis        This ultrabook has the thinnest            compromised in any way, key-
 you do a lot of typing, then this         doesn’t flex at any point. Despite   frame around the display, very             board responds accurately
 won’t help. However, this ultra-          being very slim, its key travel      similar to the Samsung Series 9.           and precisely, like a well oiled
 book works well for multimedia            and feel hasn’t been sacrificed. A       The Dell XPS 14 builds on              engine. The ultrabook’s key
                                                                                the brilliance of the XPS 13,              travel and typing experience is
                                                                                with a design that stands out.             unaffected by its slimmer pro-
                                                              novemBer 2012
                                                                                The device’s minimalistic looks            file. It is the built ultrabook in
                                                                                and premium feel is unique.                the comparison test.
                                                                                There are three materials used
                                                                                on its chassis – aluminum, mag-            Features, sPecs
                                                                                nesium and silicon. The lid is             & PerFormance
                                                                                made of aluminum and the                   Category 1: The common pro-
 Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook                                                          keyboard deck has magnesium                cessor across this category is
                                                                                with a soft feel finish. Flip the          the Core i5-3317U processor.
 viewing. Although it can’t be             bigger than expected touchpad        XPS 14 over and its bottom has             There is 4GB of RAM to help
 slipped in a bag easily, it’s well        area is another strong point.        a layer of silicon that prevents           the performance. Among this
 built, with no flex on the chassis.           The Fujitsu Lifebook U772        heat from reaching your skin               category, the Inspiron 14z is
 The finish on the ASUS S56CA’s            sincerely surprised us with          when using it on the lap. Gen-             behind the Acer Timeline Ultra
 lid and keyboard deck isn’t as            its good build quality and the       erous cooling vents is something           M5 in terms of system perfor-
 dark as the Samsung Series 5 or           overall premium feel. This is an     we had appreciated in the XPS              mance, and pretty much at
 the Toshiba Satellite U840. The           ultrabook aimed at the demo-         13, and that has been carried for-         par with the Toshiba Satellite
 S56CA’s bezel is slightly thicker,        graphic that traditionally buy a     ward here as well. This ultra-             U840 and the Sony Vaio T11.
 housing its 15.6-inch display.            business laptop - the likes of the   book isn’t as thin as you would            However, this is the only ultra-
 Despite being big, it remains             Lenovo ThinkPad, HP ProBook          expect, and the dimensions have            book to offer dedicated graphics.
 very slim and still packs in an           or the Dell Vostro. The U772’s       more in common with a Mac-                 The AMD Radeon 7570M (1GB)
 optical drive. Materials used are         matte black finish on the rest       Book Pro than a MacBook Air,               shows fairly good mid-range
 fairly good quality and feel well         of the chassis combines well         but it attracts a lot of attention.        performance. Tested battery

82 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
             sleeping dogs dlcs                                       nintendo slashes forecast
             Square Enix announced two new DLCs for their
             hit sandbox game Sleeping Dogs - SWAT Pack
             and Screen Legends Pack
                                                                      Nintendo slashed its full-year net profit
                                                                      forecast by 70 percent, acknowledging poor
                                                                      sales of the 3DS handheld console                      Ultrabooks Test

life is 149 minutes, which                                                        saturation. By the way,      Series 5 scoring more for Black
is just about acceptable.                                                         the flash storage for        levels. Both are recommended
Display quality is a tad                        novemBer 2012                     caching is 24GB on           for anyone picky about display
disappointing on the Dell                                                         the Series 5, but 32GB       quality. The Acer Aspire S3 was a
ultrabook, with decent                                                            on the Envy 4. The           very good ultrabook when it was
black levels somewhat                                                             Lenovo IdeaPad U410          launched, but its price hasn’t seen
compensating for disap-                                                           came with two different      any revision, and rivals are now
pointing white levels and                                                         versions – one with a        offering more powerful packages
pixel stability.                                                                  Core i5 processor and        at lower prices, with the Envy,
    The Vaio T11 will not                                                         one with a Core i7. We       Series 5 and the IdeaPad U410.
disappoint in terms of                                                            were pleasantly sur-         While it is technically powered
performance, and the                                                              prised to find that the      by a Core i7 processor, it’s fairly
powerful package can                                                              Core i5 version scores       toned down – the Core i5-3317U
take as much multi-                                                               better in PC Mark Van-       consistently beats it across all
tasking load on the Core             Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook                   tage and PC Mark 07          tests. And that spoils the Aspire
i5 as any other more                                                              than the Core i7 one!        S3’s chances from the outset.
expensive ultrabook. Its           Category 2: The HP Envy 4 is                   Not surprisingly, the        Battery life of 153 minutes is the
battery life is good at 160 min-   the best performer within this        Core i5 version scores better in      lowest in this category, with the
utes. We aren’t sure how many      category, by far. Despite the         terms of battery life – 209 min-      Toshiba Satellite U840w saving
people would be comfortable        same Core i5 processor that           utes compared to 193 minutes for      its skin by only 3 more minutes!
with its small-ish display and     powers most rivals, it performs       the Core i7. Where the Lenovo         Acer needs to slash prices to
overall profile.                   drastically better. Its Radeon        IdeaPad U410s claw back some          enhance value. The Toshiba Sat-
    The Toshiba Satellite U840’s   HD7670M graphics also                 disadvantage over their rivals is     ellite U840w. has a unique 21:9
strong point is its excellent      emerged the best, and its                                                            aspect ratio. The system
system performance. It is a very   battery life of 223 minutes                                                          performance is quite
close race between this and the    is pipped only by the 229                                                            good, but the real kicker is
                                                                          novemBer 2012
Acer Timeline M5, with both        minutes scored by the Sam-                                                           the display quality. This
trading the lead in benchmark      sung Series 5.                                                                       display does very well in
scores regularly. Tested bat-          Speaking of which, the                                                           all aspects - black levels,
tery life is slightly better on    Series 5 has extra help with                                                         white saturation and
the Timeline M5 clocking 197       6GB of RAM as against                                                                pixel stability. The perfor-
minutes, while the the Satel-      the 4GB that the HP Envy                                                             mance is fairly standard,
lite U840 lasted 185 minutes.      comes with. Which is why                                                             but this ultrabook is more
Any one of the Toshiba Satel-      we were a tad surprised at                                                           geared towards entertain-
lite U840 and the Acer Time-       Samsung’s lower scores.                                                              ment use than anything
line M5 could have easily picked   The Nvidia GT620M is                                                                 else. The ASUS S56CA
up the best value award in this    also scoring a notch lower                Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook                 we received is powered
category had they been priced      than the 7670M, and that                                                             by a Core i7 processor,
as sensibly as the Dell Inspiron   completed the tilt in the Envy’s      with the excellent display quality,   that has not been launched in
14z. The Inspiron 14z took the     favour. The Series 5’s display        and they score the highest            the Indian market yet. That is
lead in the final performance      has the best black levels, but        across the category in terms of       expected to change very soon. No
scores because of its GPU.         somewhat disappointing white          display quality, with only the        official prices at the moment, but

 Ultrabooks Test
                                     novemBer 2012                                                    novemBer 2012                      novemBer 2012

                               Category 1 - `40,000 to `54,999                                      Category 2 - `55,000 to `69,999
                               Dell            Sony            Acer                 Toshiba         HP             Lenovo         Samsung                 Toshiba
                               Inspiron 14z Vaio T-11          Timeline             Satellite       ENVY 4-        IdeaPad        Series 5 (NP-           Satellite
                                               (SVT11113FGS) Ultra M5 -             U840            1002TX         U410 (59-      530U4C)                 U840w
                                                               481T                                                342-778)
  MRP (`)                      45,990                49,990            52,000       53,500          57,990            58,990            62,990            63,500
  Market Price                 43,000                49,000            50,460       53,500          56,000            53,000            57,000            63,500
  Test Scores
  Performance                  17.81                 16.34             18.06        16.49           22.53             18.69             21.74             17.49
  Features                     18.21                 13.57             14.80        13.27           16.86             17.11             17.55             14.91
  Design                       17.76                 18.24             20.16        18.84           21.36             20.76             20.28             21.96
  Final Score                  53.77                 48.15             53.02        48.59           60.76             56.57             59.58             54.36
  CPU                          Intel Core i5 -       Intel Core i5 -   Intel Core   Intel Core      Intel Core i5 -   Intel Core i5 -   Intel Core i5 -   Intel Core i5 -
                               3317U                 3317U             i5 - 3317U   i5 - 3317U      3317U             3317U             3317U             3317U
  Cores                        2                     2                 2            2               2                 2                 2                 2
  Clock Speed                  1700                  1700              1700         1700            1700              1700              1700              1700
  RAM (GB)                     4                     4                 4            4               4                 4                 6                 4
  GPU                          AMD Radeon    Intel HD 4000             Intel HD     Intel HD        AMD Radeon Nvidia           Nvidia GeForce Intel HD 4000
                               HD 7570M /                              4000         4000            HD 7670M /    GT610M /      GT 620M /
                               Intel HD 4000                                                        Intel HD 4000 Intel HD 4000 Intel HD 4000
  Discrete GPU memory          1 GB          0                         0            0               2 GB          1 GB          1 GB           0
  Storage Type                 HDD                   HDD               HDD          HDD             HDD               HDD               HDD               HDD
  SSD/HDD Size (GB)            500                   500               500          500             500               500               1024              500
  Flash Storage (GB)           32                    32                24           32              32                24                24                32
  Display Size (in inches)     14                    11.6              14           14              14                14                14                14.4
  Display Resolution           1366 x 768            1366 x 768        1366 x 768   1366 x 768      1366 x 768        1366 x 768        1366 x 768        1792 x 768
  No of Ports (USB/Firewire)   2                     2                 2            3               3                 3                 3                 3
  No of USB 3.0                2                     1                 2            1               2                 2                 2                 2
  Connectivity (LAN /          Y/Y/Y                 Y/Y/Y             Y/Y/Y        Y/Y/Y           Y/Y/Y             Y/Y/Y             Y/Y/Y             Y/Y/Y
  Bluetooth / Wi-Fi)
  Optical Drive (Y/N)          Y                     N                 Y            N               N                 N                 Y                 N
  Weight (kg)                  1.8                   1.4               2.3          1.67            1.75              1.7               1.8               1.68
  Benchmark / Test Scores
  Battery Life (in minutes)149                       160               197          185             223               209               229               156
  Display - Black Level    15                        16                15           15              17                17                19                20
  Display - White Saturation                         6                 8            5               8                 10                6                 6
  Display - Stability      5                         9                 10           10              10                11                10                9
  CineBench CPU            2.4                       2.4               2.4          2.4             2.39              2.4               2.35              2.4
  Cinebench OpenGL (FPS)   24.39                     10.85             13.91        12.92           33.78             16.02             25.01             14.5
  3D Mark 11 - Performance 940                       532               0            0               1155              656               1021              0
  PC Mark 07               2966                      3469              3636         4220            3150              3043              2371              3833
  PC Mark - drive test     18527                     16181             25949        12761           17205             17422             28342             16655

 we would expect this machine to                GT620M the Samsung Series 5             drive protection sensors, anti-            than the XPS 14, which loses out
 be priced between `60k to `65k,                comes with. The ASUS ultra-             theft protection, fingerprint secu-        points for being reflective, and
 at the most. At that price, the kind           book has very good battery life,        rity and the Intel vPro features           also because the U772 handles
 of performance that we saw from                clocking 221 minutes. This is the       that include identity and data             sharpness, black levels and pixel
 the S56CA is acceptable. It has a              one to consider of you prefer the       security, hardware virtualiza-             stability better. The Dell XPS 14
 fairly powerful spec sheet – Core              big display, and an optical drive       tion and remote repair. Its perfor-        has good system performance,
 i7 processor and Nvidia GT635M                 is also important for you.              mance is quite good, but the lack          with only two ultrabooks sur-
 (2GB) graphics. We are a bit sur-                                                      of dedicated graphics (expected!)          passing it across the board – the
 prised to see that the GeForce                 Category 3: This is the high-end        hurts it in comparison with the            HP Envy 4 and the Samsung
 GT630M (1GB) on the Dell XPS                   section of the test. The Fujitsu        Dell XPS 14. Its 128GB SSD scored          Series 9. In this category, the
 14 is scoring better across the tests          Lifebook U772 is the only ultra-        the highest in terms of drive per-         XPS 14 is the only ultrabook that
 than this one. The performance                 book in the test to be powered          formance. Its battery life was 158         comes with the option of a dedi-
 of the GT635M on the S56CA is                  by the Core i5-3427U processor          minutes which is much lesser               cated graphics chip - the GeForce
 similar to the Radeon 7570M that               clocking at 1.8GHz. Targetted           than the XPS 14 and the Series 9.          GT630M (1GB), and its perfor-
 the Inspiron 14z and the GeForce               at businesses, this one has hard        Display quality is overall better          mance is excellent. It is neck and

84 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
                              WorldMags.net                                                                                                        Ultrabooks Test

                                                                   novemBer 2012       novemBer 2012

                           Category 3 - `70,000 and above                                              Misc.
                                                                                                                                    are searching for the best per-
Lenovo       Acer          Fujitsu         Dell                                    Samsung             Asus
                                                                                                                                    forming ultrabook in the market.
IdeaPad U410 Aspire S3-391 Lifebook U772 XPS 14                                    Series 9 (NP-       S56CA
(59-342-788)               Red                                                     900X3C)
                                                                                                                                    Best Buy (category 1 - `40,000
63,990             66,949                75,900              85,990                1,02,990            To be launched               to `54,999)
60,000             69,000                75,900              85,990                1,02,990            To be launched               Dell Inspiron 14z: This is the most
                                                                                                                                    in-expensive ultrabook in this
17.70              14.68                 18.05               21.85                 23.68               19.09                        test, and the stable performance
17.78              13.41                 15.56               17.11                 15.53               18.52                        and good build quality sweetens
20.76              18.96                 19.80               23.76                 24.60               20.52
                                                                                                                                    the deal even more at this price.
56.24              47.05                 53.41               62.73                 63.82               58.13
                                                                                                                                    Perfect machine to introduce you
                                                                                                                                    to the world of ultrabooks.
Intel Core i7 -    Intel Core i7 -       Intel Core i5 -     Intel Core i5 -       Intel Core i7 -     Intel Core i7 - 3517U
3517U              3517U                 3427U               3317U                 3517U
2                  2                     2                   2                     2                   2                            Best Buy (category 2 -
1900               1900                  1800                1700                  1900                1900                         `55,000 to `69,999)
4                  4                     4                   4                     4                   4                            HP Envy 4: The performance
Nvidia GeForce Intel HD 4000             Intel HD 4000       Nvidia GeForce GT Intel HD 4000           Nvidia GeForce               of the Envy 4 is so good that
GT610M / Intel                                               630M / Intel HD                           GT635M / Intel HD            it is actually in a solid second
HD4000                                                       4000                                      4000
                                                                                                                                    place overall in terms of perfor-
1 GB           0                         0                   1 GB                  0                   2 GB
                                                                                                                                    mance. It’s priced attractively as
HDD                HDD                   SSD                 HDD                   SSD                 HDD
                                                                                                                                    well, compared to the Samsung
500                500                   128                 500                   256                 500
                                                                                                                                    Series 9. Brilliantly built as well,
24                 24                    0                   32                    0                   24
14                 13.3                  14                  14                    13.3                15.6                         feeling more expensive than it
1366 x 768         1366 x 768            1366 x 768          1600 x 900            1600 x 900          1366 x 768                   actually is. Recommended for
4                  2                     3                   2                     2                   3                            anyone who wants a very pow-
2                  2                     2                   2                     1                   2                            erful ultrabook under `60,000.
Y/Y/Y              Y/Y/Y                 N/Y/Y               Y/Y/Y                 Optional / Y / Y    Y/Y/Y
                                                                                                                                    Best value (category 3 -
N                  N                     N                   N                     N                   Y                            `70,000 and above)
1.7                1.35                  1.4                 2.1                   1.16                2.3
                                                                                                                                    Dell XPS 14: The XPS 14 really
                                                                                                                                    made the ultrabook fashionable,
193                153                   158                 210                   246                 221
17                 15                    14                  13                    16                  17
                                                                                                                                    with the use of exotic materials
10                 5                     8                   7                     6                   10                           that add to the solidity and the
11                 9                     11                  10                    10                  10                           premium feel of the package. Per-
2.79               2.79                  2.6                 2.38                  2.8                 2.79                         formance is excellent, but more
16.05              12.56                 12.9                30.26                 16.39               25.23                        than that, it is equally capable
656                0                     0                   1141                  0                   1083                         as a road-warrior and as a light
2037               2383                  4221                3159                  4647                2176                         entertainment/gaming laptop
13600              3314                  42453               16927                 41503               3851                         for home.

neck with the AMD Radeon                        is also the highest among this             package is a dedicated graphics          editor’s Pick
HD7670M (2GB) of the Envy 4.                    bunch of ultrabooks. The 256GB             chip, and that would probably            Samsung Series 5: This is a
Its battery lasted 210 minutes,                 SSD on the Series 9 is extremely           round off an unbeatable package.         very capable alternative to the
expect it to last even longer in real-          fast, and is pipped only just by the                                                HP Envy 4. Out of the box, you
world usage. Do remember that                   128GB SSD on the Fujitsu Life-             tHe winners                              get 6GB of RAM (as against the
the XPS 14 range starts at around               book. That really helps with the           Best Performer:                          popular 4GB trend), a 1TB hard
`79,000, for the version with no                system performance. The display            samsung series 9                         drive (as against the popular
dedicated GPU. As far as the Sam-               has a resolution of 1600 x 900             Among all ultrabooks, the                500GB trend) and an optical
sung Series 9 goes, it does look                pixels, but unlike the Dell XPS            Samsung Series 9 has the best            drive. Build quality isn’t as great
really admirable. Stop admiring                 14, this one is not reflective. The        performance, the maximum bat-            as the HP Envy 4’s or even the
the gorgeous looks for a second,                cherry on the cake is the bright-          tery life and very good, rugged          Lenovo IdeaPad U410’s, but per-
switch it on and the goodness con-              ness level, which is consistently          build quality. Of course, all that       formance more than makes up for
tinues. Its PC Mark 07 scores are               higher than the XPS 14’s display           comes at a price, but even though        it. In terms of its configuration, it
the highest across board, and its               at similar brightness settings.            this ultrabook is mighty expen-          offers a unique mix not found in
tested battery life of 246 minutes              The only thing missing from this           sive, this is the one to buy if you      any other ultrabook out there.

                                                                                                                               Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 85

                                                                                                   Page 91
                                                                                    Samsung Galaxy Note II

   The laTesT producTs
                                                                                    Page 91

   reviewed For you
                                                                                                                     Page 94
                                                                                                                  Alienware X51
  The Digit Test Centre receives hundreds of products
  every month. Each of these products is put through
  a series of tests and is finally given a score. The
  final score is arrived at after considering a number
  of factors and evaluating them in terms of features,
  performance, value for money, build quality, and, in                              Page 93
  the case of software, even ease of use.                                         Sony Xperia Tipo

  For better understanding of our ratings, here’s a
  quick guide to our overall score
     10    to    30      extremely poor product.
                         Keep away!

     31    to    50      strictly oK.
                         Not recommended                                                      Page 95
                                                                                    Western Digital My
                         decent product.                                                    Net N900
     51    to    70
                         Go for it, but there may be better products out there.                                              Page 96
                                                                                                                       ASUS Platinum
                         very good product.                                                                                 HD 7970
     71    to    90
                         Highly recommended.
     91    to 100
                         Ground-breaking product.                                 88 | iBall Andi 5c
                         We’ve never seen anything like it before.
                                                                                  88 | Creative Inspire S2
                         A definite must buy!
                                                                                  89 | AMD A10-5800K
                                                                                  89 | Gigabyte GA F2A85X-UP4
                                                                                  90 | MapMyIndia CarPad 5 navigator
                                                                                  90 | Kaspersky Internet Security
                                                                                  92 | AVG Internet Security 2013
                                                                                  93 | Dell Latitude E6430
                                                                                  94 | Antec P280
                                                                                  95 | HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus
                                                                                  96 | Edimax IC-3015Wn
                                                                                  97 | F&D W330BT
                                                                                  & More...
86 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
              viper smartstart app                                                Google to combine ads?
              Viper’s SmartStart 3.0 app lets iPhone users use
              Siri to perform many remote functions on their car,
              including starting it
                                                                                  Google CEO Larry Page suggested that the company
                                                                                  might combine its Mobile and Desktop Ads to offer users
                                                                                  greater seamless experience                                        Bazaar

Corsair Neutron GTX SSD
240GB and Corsair Neutron
240GB SSD                                                               NoveMber 2012

A best performer in our midst

          orsair has been coming out regularly with
          SSDs across all categories. We had found
          the Force GS series to be a fabulously per-
          forming drive thanks to the Toggle-mode                                                     Price 0                                    Price 0
NAND flash memory being used. With the Neutron                                                        18,20                                      15,35
series, Corsair is moving on from the SandForce
controller that was seen in its other series of drives,
to use a new controller from Link-A-Media - the                                                     drives: 357MB/s read and 339 MB/s write which
LM87800. It features an eBoost technology which
claims to improve the NAND chip lifespan.
                                                                            78                      was quite good. Random 512k read speeds were
                                                                                                    lower than the Corsair Force GS series drive but
    The difference between the Neutron GTX and                                                      the random 512k write speeds were better with
Neutron series of drives is the type of NAND                 Corsair Neutron GTX 240 GB             the Neutron GTX giving 448 MB/s which is much
memory being used. The more expensive Neutron                Features ........................ 80   better than 291 MB/s offered by the Force GS series
GTX houses 8 Toshiba Toggle-mode NAND chips                  Performance................ 85         SSD. That’s because the LM87800 controller does
with a 32 GB capacity per chip whereas the Neutron           Build Quality ................ 80      not employ real-life compression while writing
drive has 16 Micron synchronous NAND chips                   Value for money.......... 65           data as is done by the SandForce controller based
each with a capacity of 16 GB. While the Neutron                                                    drives. When it comes to sequential read speeds,
GTX drive has chips on only one side of the PCB,                                                    the Force GS drive performed better.
the Neutron drive has eight chips on either side.                                                       In the AS SSD benchmark, the overall score of
Apart from the memory, the PCB has the LM87800
controller alongwith its DRAM controller.
                                                                            78                      both the Neutron drives is really good at 1000 plus
                                                                                                    as compared to 657 of the Force GS series drive,
                                                                                                    as well as the Intel Series 520 drive which put up
Test Setup                                                   Corsair Neutron 240 GB                 a score of 771. Apart from write operations, both
•  Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K @ 3.5 GHz                  Features ........................ 80   drives perform within the margin of error.
•  Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4                          Performance................ 75             Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB SSD has been
•  Graphics Card: AMD HD 6850                                Build Quality ................ 80      the best SSD we have tested so far. It wins the Best
•  RAM: 2 x 4 GB Kingston HyperX RAM @                       Value for money.......... 70           Performer tag from the Intel Series 520 SSD for its
   1333MHz                                                                                          great overall performance. The Corsair Neutron
• Monitor: BenQ EW2430                                       Specifications                         240 GB offers good performance, taking a hit only
   Starting things off with the ATTO benchmark               Corsair Neutron GTX 240 GB             with write operations. But when you compare the
which measures transfers across a specific volume            Unformatted Capacity:                  write speeds on the Neutron with other SSDs that
                                                             223.57 GB; Interface: SATA 3;
length. We kept the test parameters at default                                                      we tested, they were pretty impressive.
                                                             Controller: LAMD LM87800;
from 0.5 KB to 8192 KB with the total length being           Memory: 8x 32GB Toshiba                    The Neutron GTX costs `18,200 and the
256MB. We noticed that the read speeds were quite                                                   Neutron costs `15,300. The Neutron GTX offers a
good with both the drives giving a speed of 555              Corsair Neutron 240 GB                 decent performance jump over the Neutron series
MB/s. The write speeds were better in the Neutron            Unformatted Capacity:                  when it comes to write speeds, but is below Force
GTX drive, which gave 511 MB/s, whereas the Neu-             223.57 GB; Interface: SATA 3;          GS when it comes to sequential operations. So,
                                                             Controller: LAMD LM87800;
tron drive maxed out at 370 MB/s. These speeds                                                      users who do not want to spend a `2,800 premium
                                                             Memory: 16x 16GB Micron
were completely in sync with what was advertised                                                    on the GTX series drive can opt for the Neutron
on the cover. Moving onto the Crystal Disk Mark                                                     drive, which is still better value for money than the
3.0 testing, we found that the 32-thread 4k read/            Email: indiaservice@                   Neutron GTX as well as the Force GS drive. A 5-
write performance which corresponds to numerous              corsair.com                            year warranty on both drives is a surefire plus.
small file transfers was almost identical on both the        Website: www.corsair.com                                                          Nimish Sawant

                                                                                                                    Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 87
                                                     Xbox smartglass launch                                               hTc release dates confirmed

                                                     Microsoft launched the free Smartglass app for the
                                                     Xbox 360, letting tablets and smartphones turn into
                                                     content controllers for the console
                                                                                                                          HTC’s One X+, 8X and 8S have finally had their
                                                                                                                          launch dates confirmed, and are expected by
                                                                                                                          November 2nd

 iBall Andi 5c                                                                           Creative
                                                                                         Inspire S2
 A budget 5-inch Android ICS phone                                                       Wireless 2.1                                      Bluetooth

                                                                                         Decent but expensive
           his 5-inch phone is
           powered by a 1 GHz                                                                                                              A handy dedicated keyboard
           Cortex A9 single-core                                                                             Price 0                       for your tablet
                                                                                                              4 ,99
           processor and has an
 IPS panel with a highly reflec-
 tive screen. It can take in two
 SIM cards (2 x GSM or 1 GSM
 + 1 WCDMA). The textured
 finish on the rear side gives it                                                                                                                              Price 5
 a very good grip but it is quite                                                                                                                               2,79
 heavier than the Samsung
 Galaxy Note.
     You will get a stock
 Android ICS with no
                                                   Price 9
                                                   12,99        bleeding is very
                                                                                         T   he S2 can wirelessly play
                                                                                             music by pairing with
                                                                                         any A2DP compatible device.
                                                                                                                                           S    etting it up on an iPad and
                                                                                                                                                an Android tablet is simple.
                                                                                                                                           Once paired, you get this
 customisations, which is a                                     prominent along          Performance wise the S2 is no                     additional on-screen keyboard,
 big plus. The onboard keypad                                 the edges if you view      big deal. You’ll get the same                     which also remains active.
 wasn’t that great. One hand                           the screen at eye-level. Vis-     signature bass heavy sound                        There are dedicated keys for the
 typing is slow and will lead                      ibility in sunlight is horrible.      that Creative is known for in                     Android and iOS ecosystem,
 to thumb-ache. Typing in the                      It sports a 5 MP rear-camera          their lower end Inspire series.                   like Search and Home. There is
 landscape mode is quick. Call                     and a VGA front-camera. The           However, bluetooth pairing                        literally no spacing between the
 quality was quite good except in                  camera tends to take quite            was a breeze with the controls                    keys, which takes time getting
 Zone 3 where you have just one                    a while to focus and it gets          within reach. The bundled D1                      used to. However, its typing
 bar on the signal. It beat Kar-                   worse in low lit conditions.          transmitter with its Apt-X codec                  experience is good, and build
 bonn A18 and Spice Stellar MI                     The images taken outdoors             support ensures higher fidelity                   quality is great. Keys have a
 425 in most of the benchmarks.                    were actually pretty decent for       over the air. The speaker set is                  chunky feel, travel is adequate
 The IPS panel’s backlight                         this category of phone. Yes, the      certainly expensive. Go for it if                 and the key-size is perfect. Lack
                                                   dynamic range isn’t great and         pairing wirelessly is a must and                  of palmrest means you can’t
                                                   you will see pixellation when         space is a concern. The compact                   type for long without feeling
                                                   you transfer images to your           footprint makes this set an ideal                 stressed. It’s priced very well.

                                                   PC. The outdoor images look           companion for a laptop.
                                                   great on the phone screen and
                                                   you shouldn’t expect anything
                                                   more from this phone. Video                                                                                 70
 Features ....................................70
 Performance............................60         quality is not at all good.
 Build Quality ............................60          The 2300mAh battery
                                                   lasts for a decent 8 hours on                                                           Features ....................................60
 Value for money......................65                                                 Features ....................................70
                                                   regular usage which includes                                                            Ergonomics ..............................65
                                                   calling, messaging, a bit of          Performance............................60         Build Quality ............................80
 Specifications                                                                          Build Quality ............................60      Value for money......................75
 Operating System: Android 4.0.3;                  gaming, watching movies and
 Screen size: 5-inch WVGA at                       surfing the web.                      Value for money......................50
 480x800 pixel; Internal Storage:                      At a maximum retail price                                                           Specifications
 4 GB (2 GB for data); RAM: 512 MB;                of `12,999 but an MOP of              Specifications                                    Connectivity type: Bluetooth 2.0;
 Camera (rear / front) in MP: 5 / 0.3;                                                   Frequency response: 40Hz -                        Compatibility: iOS 4 and above,
 Connectivity: 3G, EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi               `11,000, the Andi 5c is still         20 Khz; S/N Ratio: >= 75dB; Output                Android 3.0 and above, Windows XP/
 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth with A2DP;                expensive. But under `10,000          power: 26 W                                       Vista/7, Mac OS Snow Leopard and
 Dual-SIM: Yes; Battery: 2300mAh                   this can make for a great buy                                                           above; Battery: 2 AAA alkaline
                                                   for someone looking at a budget       Contact
 Contact                                           large-screen phone. Prospective       Raman Chawla
 iBall                                                                                   Email: indiagetcreativek@ctl.
 Website: www.iballmobiles.co.in                   buyers, wait for more budget          creative.com                                      Amkette India
 Email: sales@iball.co.in                          5-inch smartphones to launch.         Phone: 9224400610                                 Email: info@amkette.com
 Phone: 1800 300 42255                                                Nimish Sawant      Website: http://in.creative.com/                  Website: www.amkette.com

88 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
   eu accuses Microsoft                                                                      samsung ativ smart pc
   The European Union has formally accused Microsoft
   of failing to provide alternate browser choices to
   customers, despite a previous order
                                                                                             Samsung unveiled the latest models of its Ativ
                                                                                             computers’ range of Smart PCs, that run on the
                                                                                             Windows 8 platform                                             Bazaar

                                       AMD A10-5800K
                                       The Trinity APU that is much better than discrete entry level GPUs

                                                  MD had us all impressed with the                 was 15 secs faster on the A10-5800K than the A8
                                                  graphics performance of their Fusion             3850. But the real strength of this APU lies in the
               72                                 series Llano APU – AMD A8-3850 last
                                                  year. Carrying that tradi-
                                                                                                   gaming performance. Resident Evil 5 (1680x1050,
                                                                                                                     medium, DX10) gave 52 fps;
                                       tion forward, AMD’s latest APU                                                STALKER: COP (1680x1050, medium,
Features ........................ 70   - the A10-5800K, gives even better                                            DX11) gave a decent 32.4 fps and
Performance................ 75         graphics performance. The quad-                                               DIRT 3 (1680x1050, med) gave 42.1
Build Quality ................ NA      core A10-5800K is the flagship                                                fps. These readings were much better
Value for money.......... 70           APU codenamed Trinity, has a base                                             than HD 4000 on the Intel Core
                                       clock of 3.8 GHz which can scale up                                           i7-3770K, being over 12 fps in Resident
Specifications                         to 4.2 GHz on Turbo. It houses the                                            Evil 5 and Dirt 3. When we increased
Base Clock: 3.8 GHz; Turbo             384-core Radeon HD 7660D GPU                                                  the memory speed to 1866MHz, we
Clock: 4.2 GHz; L2 cache: 4            clocked at 800 MHz. This is quite                                             got a boost of 10 fps on each game on
MB; Integrated Graphics:
Radeon HD 7660D; GPU                   an upgrade from the HD 6550D that                                             the A10-5800K.
clock: 800 MHz; Radeon                 was seen on the A8-3850.                                  ice
                                                                                              Pr 0                       If you are looking for a GPU-inde-
Cores: 384                                 We tested the APU on Gigabyte                       7,00        pendent system, this is the processor for you.
                                       GA-F2A85X-UP4 board and 8 GB RAM @                                 It offers the best gaming performance that we
Contact                                1333MHz. When it came to processor prowess,                      have seen on any processor, but is not so great at
AMD India
Email: fusion.india@amd.               the A10-5800K gave 13,203 on Cinebench R10, a 9              computing tasks. It is priced at USD 125 which will
com                                    per cent increase over the A8-3850. The score is still      come around `7,000 which is a decent price.
Website: www.amd.com                   lower than the Intel Core i7-2600K. iTunes encoding                                                     Nimish Sawant

Gigabyte GA F2A85X-UP4
Feature-packed board for the latest Trinity APUs

           MD unveiled their Trinity APU platform             We tested an AMD A10-5800K APU alongwith
           for desktop and alongwith it a new socket
           – FM2. Gigabyte sent us their FM2 socket
                                                          8 GB Kingston HyperX RAM using integrated HD
                                                           7660D graphics. We got a PC Mark Vantage score of                                      70
           board – the GA F2A85X-UP4.                          15,287 and a CineBench R11.5 multi-core rendering
As you will notice from the                                        score of 3.29. All games score over 30 fps at                   Features ........................ 75
nomenclature, it has a                                                 1680x1050, medium settings.                                 Overclocking................ 65
new A85X chipset. It                                                          You will be much better off                          Build Quality ................ 80
offers some improvements                                                      overclocking via the BIOS. We got                    Value for money.......... 60
over the A75 chipset in the                                                       a sufficient boost in gaming
form of two extra 6 Gbps ports                                                        scores when we overclocked                   Specifications
and AMD Crossfire mode.                                                                  the memory to 2,133MHz.                   Chipset: AMD A85X; SATA
   The board is well laid out and                                                            For a mid-range                       6 Gbps ports: 6; USB 3.0
looks lovely in its matte black colour. Its                                              motherboard, it offers                    ports: 4; DIMM slots: 4;
                                                                                                                                   Display ports: 1xHDMI, 1xD-
back panel I/O port has all possible con-                                     a boatload of features which we                      Sub, 1xDVI-D, 1xDisplayPort;
nectivity ports you can think of, including              e
                                                     Pric 50
                                                                   like. Overclocking was not as smooth as we                      Audio: Realtek ALC892
four display ports, four USB 3.0 ports and so        11,7          expected, but then the APU that the UP4                         codec; DualBIOS: Yes
on. The heatsink around the VRMs does not                          will hold is more geared towards gaming.
look very bulky, whereas the one of the Fusion                       As was expected from the number of fea-                       Contact
                                                                                                                                   Gigabyte India
control hub chipset is quite respectable with decent        tures offered, the price of this board is definitely on                Email: anilkumarr@
number of fins. It has a POST error code LEDs and a       the higher side considering the APU costs much less.                     gigabyte.in
dedicated power and CMOS reset button.                                                                 Nimish Sawant               Website: www.gigabyte.in

                                                                                                                     Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 89
                                ps3 ‘master key’ leaked                                                                        bb bluetooth 4.0 certified

                                Crucial security information about the PlayStation 3
                                console has been leaked online by hackers who called
                                themselves The Three Musketeers
                                                                                                                               At least one of the Blackberry 10 series of
                                                                                                                               smartphones (RFH121LW) will come equipped
                                                                                                                               with Bluetooth 4.0 capability

 MapmyIndia                                                                            Logitech
 CarPad 5 navigator                                                                    Keyboard
                                                                                       A good keyboard that is only
                                                                                                                                         A fully-features suite at an
 Precise navigation on an Android base,                                                let down by its build quality.                    excellent price point.
 but pricey
                                                                                           Price 0
         Price 0                                                                                                                                                              Price
         19,99                                                                                                                                                                  899   x)

                                                                                       T    his keyboard is a nice
                                                                                            companion for your iPad
                                                                                       or any other Android device
                                                                                                                                         T   he suite seems quite toned
                                                                                                                                             down compared to the
                                                                                                                                         some of the other ones we’ve

           he updated CarPad                           This display is crisp           for that matter (we even tried it                 seen, but don’t let that fool
           navigator from Map-                     enough for reading maps             with an Android phone). It has                    you. This is quite a powerful
           myIndia is a much                       easily, and the touch response      an included home and search                       suite and at the price, includes
           improved product,                       is among the better ones we         button, which are really useful                   a lot of essential features to
 when compared to it’s prede-                      have seen in GPS devices.           when using a tablet and is                        help you monitor and tweak
 cessor, the CarPad 7.                                 Open the navigation             something we would like to                        your system and network.
     A 5-inch display size means                   app, and it takes around 10         see in more tablet keyboards.                     The network monitor and
 a more compact footprint.                         seconds to lock on to the           The case is a nice accessory                      task manager are very simply
 Straightforward design that                       satellite signal. This lock time    and while it doesn’t feel like a                  designed, but also very
 essentially looks like a slab                     is slightly quicker than the        premium product, it does its                      functional. Features like the
 of chocolate! The windscreen                      average 13 seconds across GPS       job and is reasonably sturdy.                     privacy cleaner are very useful
 mount design isn’t the slickest                   devices. The interface of the       The keyboard is far more                          and cover options such as
 one to install, because the suc-                  maps is brilliant, just like the    functional on an Android                          clearing the browser cache or
 tion cup and the armature of                      Aura maps we had seen in            device, but only because                          wiping the swap file on exit.
 the dock are too close together.                  the Zx250 navigator. The 3D         Android has far better support                    The suite also comes with an
                                                   buildings and landmarks ren-        for keyboards than iOS. Given                     in-built adblock utility and
                                                   dered extremely well. Naviga-       the price, we would say this                      many other troubleshooting
                                                   tion quality is very similar to     is a better buy than Apple’s                      tools. Good value for money

                       69                          the one we experienced on the
                                                   Zx250, and it works brilliantly
                                                                                       keyboard at the very least.                       as well.

                                                   within Delhi. Voice navigation

 Features ....................................80   is quite precise with an easy to

 Performance............................80         understand accent. The built-
 Build Quality ............................70      in speaker doesn’t jar or distort
 Value for money......................45           even if you push the volume
                                                                                                                                         Features ....................................95
                                                   to the max. Unlike all other        Features ....................................80   Usability ....................................75
 Specifications                                    navigators we have tested till      Ergonomics ..............................70       Internet Security ....................85
 Device type: GPS navigator; Display:              now, this one has dedicated         Build Quality ............................70
 5-inch (480 x 800 pixels); Maps: Aura;                                                                                                  Value for money......................90
                                                   volume controls.                    Value for money......................75
 3D maps: Yes; Network: 2G and 3G;                     The CarPad 5 will offer
 SIM card slot: Yes; Connectivity:
                                                   35-40kms of navigation on
 Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth; Expandable                                                      Specifications                                    Software Package: Safe Money,
 memory: microSD; Platform:                        a single charge. However,           Support: Android 3.0, iOS 5+; Power:              Secure keyboard, Parental Control,
 Android 2.3                                       the CarPad 5 does come at a         4xAAA batteries; Warranty: 3 years;               anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-virus,
                                                   premium and you could save          Accessories: Case+Stand                           vulnerability scanner and more.
 Contact                                           some money and consider
                                                   the impressive MapmyIndia
                                                                                       Contact                                           Contact
 Phone: 9999333223                                                                     Logitech Electronics Pvt. Ltd.                    Kaspersky Lab
 Email: http://www.mapmyindia.                     Zx250 for around Rs 15k.            Phone: 9833066008                                 Email: http://support.kaspersky.
 com/about/contact-us                                                  Vishal Mathur   Email: pgupta@logitech.com                        com/helpdesk.html

90 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
   Future data overload?                                                             hadoop on windows
   Oracle has warned that the number of devices
   connected to the Internet will cross 50 billion by
   2020, causing potential overload
                                                                                     Microsoft has brought Hadoop to Windows via the
                                                                                     beta release of an integrated software distribution,
                                                                                     named Microsoft HDInsight Server for Windows                          Bazaar

                                       Samsung Galaxy Note II
                                       It’s the Samsung Galaxy SIII, and then some!

                                                imply put, the Galaxy Note                                      mark stuff on images. It is quite
                                                II is an enlarged version of                                    sensitive to the handwriting style
                                                the Galaxy SIII, with a stylus                                  though, and will take you some
                                                thrown into the mix. Built                                      time to get the style in order,
Features ........................ 85
                                       well with no rough edges, the bezel                                      much like it is with accents and
Performance................ 85
                                       flanking its display is quite thin, and                                  voice assistance systems.
Build Quality ................ 65
                                       the earpiece above its screen has an                                         The Note II consistently pipped
Value for money.......... 55
                                       attractive chrome grille finish. How-                                    the Galaxy SIII in our benchmark
Specifications                         ever, the enamel finish on the back                                      tests, and the SIII till now is the
Processor: Exynox 4412                 tends to become slippery with sweat                                      most powerful Android smart-
Quad Core 1.6GHz; Graphics:            or moisture, which isn’t ideal.                                          phone. Multitasking on the Note
Mali-400MP; RAM: 2GB;                      The Note II’s 5.5-inch display has                                   II is a breeze as well. Graphics
Storage: 16GB + microSD up             a 16:9 aspect ratio, unlike 16:10 on the                                 performance is on an equal footing
to 64GB; Display: 5.5-inch
(1280 x 720 pixels); Super             first Note’s 5.3-inch display. It’s Bright-                              with the Galaxy S3, but game load
                                       ness when pushed above 70% works                                         times reduce due to more RAM.
AMOLED; Gorilla Glass 2;                                                                Price 0
Camera: 8MP; OS: Android               well in sunlight too. Surprisingly, the          39 ,99      With its huge 3100mAh battery, the Note II
Jelly Bean                             outdoor visibility isn’t very good when                      lasted an impressive two full days easily as a
                                       you are using the auto brightness setting.                 primary phone. This device is recommended for
Contact                                    S-Pen is the unique feature of the Note             big-screen handheld enthusiasts, those who want
Samsung India
Phone: 1800-3000-8282                  series of phablets and tablets. You can use this        more than just your average smartphone.
Email: http://dgit.in/TLk8iT           to create notes, scribble on documents and even                                                    Vishal Mathur

Lenovo IdeaPad Y580
Quite a powerful laptop, recommended for multimedia use

         enovo IdeaPad Z580’s colour scheme, pre-         considerably after we cleaned up the start menu,
         mium finish and the overall poise has a lot      and deleted some of the preloaded trial software.                       Features ........................ 80
         of sophistication. The brushed metal finish         Its Nvidia graphics chip is quite good, too. Its 3D                  Performance................ 80
         on its lid doesn’t catch                                             Mark 06 score of 9335 is among                      Build Quality ................ 70
fingerprints. Built solidly, there’s                                          the highest across all laptops but                  Value for money.......... 75
hardly any flex on its chassis.                                               scores lower in few game bench-
    Its optical drive is Blu-ray                                              marks than the AMD Radeon                           Specifications
capable, and that is a real value                                             7730M seen on the Inspiron 15R                      Processor: Intel Core
                                                                                                                                  i7-3612QM @ 2.1GHz; RAM:
addition. Unlike the Beats                                                    Special Edition. Expectedly, the                    8GB; GPU: Nvidia GeForce
Audio, or even Skull Candy                                                    battery life does dip quite a bit                   GT630M (2GB) + Intel HD
that Dell now deploys, the                                                      under the load of so much pro-                    4000; Display: 15.6-inch
Dolby audio setup on the                                                             cessing power. In our bat-                   (1366 x 768 pixels); Storage:
Y580 is precise and to                                                                  tery test, this one lasted                1TB HDD; Optical Drive:
                                                                                                                                  Blu-Ray; Ports: 2 USB 3.0,
the point. The Y580’s                                  ice
                                                     Pr 90                              2 hours and 24 minutes.                   1 USB 2.0; HDMI out, SD
speakers handle vocals better than the Dell          67,9         This will last just over 3 hours in most usage                  card reader; Connectivity:
Inspiron 15R Special Edition’s Skull Candy                       cases that involve typical web browsing, a                       Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth; OS:
or the HP Pavilion series’ Beats Audio.                         bit of music and document editing.                                Windows 7 Home (64-bit)
    Performance of the Y580 can be described as               The Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition is
quite powerful. Its PC Mark Vantage score of 8464         another option to consider, which has largely                           Lenovo India
is surpassed only by the Core i7-3610QM on the            similar specs, but no Blu-ray drive.                                    Phone: 1800-3000-9990
Toshiba Satellite L850. Boot-up times improved                                                        Vishal Mathur               Email: http://dgit.in/SfgQID

                                                                                                                    Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 91
                                                   hands-free video calling                                                Ms personal data agreement

                                                   Japanese mobility firm DoCoMo NTT has revealed a
                                                   glasses-like device that lets users make hands-free
                                                   videocalls while staying mobile
                                                                                                                           Microsoft has said it is considering remodifying its
                                                                                                                           updated personal data agreement, after complaints
                                                                                                                           from a US Congressman

 Garmin nuvi                                                                              Norton
                                                                                                                                             AVG Internet
                                                                                                                                             Security 2013
 40LM GPS                                                                                 Security                                           As a full-fledged AV suite,

                                                                                          An amazing feature-set and                         AVG IS misses out on some
                                                                                          UI at a reasonable price                           essential features.

 A budget GPS navigator that offers
 very good performance on the road
                                                                                                                                      :                                                  :
                                                                                                                                 Price 9                                           Price 0
                                                                                                                                  1,03                                              1 ,30

                                                                                          T    his is one of the most fea-
                                                                                               ture-rich AV suites we’ve
                                                                                          ever seen and the price is also
                                                                                                                                             T   he AVG interface seems to
                                                                                                                                                 have taken after Windows
                                                                                                                                             8 and that really isn’t a bad
                                                                                          just right. The interface is                       thing. The bland interface

         t is a huge positive that                                                        clean, simple and very acces-                      from the previous versions
         the nuvi 40LM from                                                               sible – even for novices. The                      has been dumped and a
         Garmin has the same                        text font size. Start the naviga-     reputation scanner, that scans                     refreshing change it is. The
         navigation quality in                      tion app and it takes around 15       all the system files on your                       tiles give you a nice overview
 multiple Indian languages                          seconds for the satellite signal      system and then rates it based                     of your system’s status, and
 as the much more expensive,                        lock. This is slightly more than      on its performance, reliability                    while the detailed settings
 but impressive nuvi 2565LM.                        the average 13 seconds, but can       and online reputation is quite                     menu is still present, it has
 The display is sharper and has                     also be attributed to atmos-          a nifty feature for identifying                    been well-disguised and its
 better colour reproduction                         pheric conditions at the given        threats. Other utilities like a                    location is not immediately
 most of the times than the Map-                    time.. The lane guidance fea-         system monitor that monitors                       apparent. Unfortunately, AVG
 myIndia RoadPilot. But you                         ture is quite helpful. During         resource usage and even high-                      doesn’t seem to have worked
 tend to see some reflections if                    the navigation process, this          lights the suite’s own usage are                   on the features-list as much as
 the brightness is less than 50%.                   information either gets tagged        a nice touch. The price is also                    they could have. The suite is
     The interface is easy to use                   along with the next voice-            quite reasonable considering                       comparatively expensive and
 thanks to the big icons and                        based directional guidance, or        what is on offer.                                  we wish it was a bit cheaper.
                                                    periodically mentioned if you
                                                    are on a straight road.
                                                        The windshield mount is
                      68                            well designed, and doesn’t get
                                                    loose over time. That has been
                                                                                                                88                                                 64
                                                    a big problem with most of
 Features ....................................70    the GPS devices that we tested        Features ....................................95    Features ....................................50
 Performance............................80          recently. The device itself is        Usability ....................................95   Usability ....................................85
 Build Quality ............................75       well built, with a slightly rub-      Internet Security ....................75           Internet Security ....................60
 Value for money......................45            berized finish which lends it         Value for money......................85            Value for money......................60
                                                    grip. Garmin bundles a free
 Specifications                                     lifetime map upgrade offer            Specifications                                     Specifications
 Device type: GPS navigator;                                                              Software Package: AntiVirus,                       Software Package: AntiVirus,
                                                    with the nuvi 40LM. Compare
 Display: 4.3-inch (480 x 272 pixels);                                                    Behavioral protection, Norton                      AntiMalware, AntiRootKit, Email
 Expandable memory: microSD;                        this to the likes of MapmyIndia       Management, Identity Safe, Safe                    Scanner, Protective Cloud,
 Preloaded India, Singapore &                       who charge around Rs 990 for          Web, Parental Controls, Anti-                      Community Protection Network,
 Malaysia maps                                      a single map update or Rs 1250        phishing, Browser protection, Insight              LinkScanner SurfShield, Social
                                                    for an annual pack that offers        2.0, Bandwidth management                          Networking Protection
 Contact                                            two map updates. We recom-
 Garmin India
                                                    mend the nuvi 40LM if you are
                                                                                          Contact                                            Contact
 Phone: 011-41325001/02                                                                   Kaspersky Lab                                      AVG
 Email: http://www.garmin.co.in/                    looking for a budget navigator.       Email: http://support.kaspersky.                   Website: http://www.avg.com/in-en/
 support/                                                               Vishal Mathur     com/helpdesk.html                                  customer-support

92 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
   Google’s all-Time high                                                                 ios 6.0.1 rumoured
   Google shares reached their highest-ever
   evaluation at $768.05 on October 4th, following the
   sales growth of its Android platform
                                                                                          It is rumoured that Apple will launch iOS 6.0.1
                                                                                          by end of this year, resolving many bugs and
                                                                                          user complaints                                                Bazaar

                                       Sony Xperia Tipo
                                       The first budget Xperia phone is pretty good

                                                  he Tipo is the first entry level                        a lot of noise around them. Surpris-
                                                  Android smartphone in                                   ingly, the on-screen keypad isn’t as
Features ........................ 60              Sony’s Xperia series. Straight                          cramped as one would expect. The
Performance................ 60                    out of the box, its tiny form                           Xperia Tipo does rather well within
Build Quality ................ 65      factor and surprisingly good finish                                its boundaries. If you are opening a
Value for money.......... 70           catch your attention instantly. Below                              maximum of 3 basic apps at the same
                                       the display are three touch sensitive                              time, you will not face any sluggish-
Specifications                         keys – return, home and options. The                               ness. However, any more and there
Processor: 800MHz single
core with Qualcomm                     coloured plastic runs all around the                               will be a performance dip that will
MSM7225A chipset;                      sides and the back. The build quality                              impact app opening times as well as
Graphics: Adreno 200; RAM:             is brilliant, something that thoroughly                            even UI responsiveness. Interestingly,
512MB; Display: 3.2-inch               surprised us, given the product’s                                  we found that Timescape doesn’t slow
(480 x 320 pixels); Storage:           aimed at the budget conscious cus-                                 down the performance on its own.
2.5GB internal + microSD
slot; Battery: 1500mAh                 tomer. It is slightly on the thicker size,                             Good call quality when you are
                                       but still feels very light.                                        in a good signal recepetion area, but
Contact                                    The 3.2-inch display on the Sony              Price9           calls do drop when in an area with 2
Sony Mobile India                                                                         9,49
                                       Xperia Tipo has its good and bad points.                     signal bars or less.
Phone: 180030002800                    Straightaway, we like the screen’s bright-                     The battery life on is quite good. Used as a
Email: http://www.
sonymobile.com/in/support/             ness levels and its liveliness in terms of colour        primary smartphone, this one lasted just more
contact-us/contact-form/               reproduction. However, text crispness isn’t the       than a day and a half. Overall, a decent phone.
Phones/phone/en_IN/                    most optimum and even the app icon labels have                                                 Vishal Mathur

Dell Latitude E6430
A business laptop that comes with a premium price tag

          he Latitude E6430 is a thick laptop, but                    The keyboard has the chunky feel that we
          that is to provide the extra solidity to the
          package. Dell calls it the Tri-metal combo
                                                                  used to relate to the IBM ThinkPad series. Busi-
                                                                  nesses would love the fact that getting used to this
          - brushed aluminum on the outside, mag-                               keyboard doesnt take time, and the
nesium alloy wrapped corners and                                                  key layout, size and travel are quite         Features ........................ 65
a powder-coated base. The rubber                                                    literally perfect.                          Performance................ 55
isolation protects the hard drive                                                         Inevitably, the performance           Build Quality ................ 80
against any impact or sudden jerks.                                                     is just okay. Reloading this            Value for money.......... 55
   The 14-inch display is com-                                                            machine with a 64-bit OS
pletely matte and non-reflective,                                                           would help. Battery life            Specifications
and that is a heaven sent for              Price 0                                           clocked almost 3 hours in          Processor: Intel Core i5-
anyone who is looking at the               94,13                                               the benchmark tests, and         3320M @ 2.5GHz; RAM: 4GB;
laptop screen all day reading                                                                  could be close to 5 in real      Hard Drive: 320GB; Display:
                                                                                                                                14-inch; 1366 x 768 pixels;
text and writing.                                                                              life usage. You have the         Graphics: Intel HD 4000;
   The review sample                                                                           slot for an extra battery        Connectivity: Wi-Fi, LAN,
only came with a 320GB                                                                        as well.                          Bluetooth; OS: Windows 7
hard drive. The same laptop comes                                                 The HP Probook 4431s offers a Core            Professional (32-bit)
with options of a higher capacity HDD and even the                i7 (Sandy Bridge) processor, 8GB RAM, 750GB
SSD option. Surprisingly, the machine comes with                  hard drive and 1GB AMD Radeon 7470M graphics                  Dell India
a 32-bit version of Windows 7 preloaded, which                    for around `70,000, and is worth considering.                 Phone: 1800-425-3002
cannot even use the full 4GB of RAM.                                                                         Vishal Mathur      Email: http://dgit.in/VQJkfc

                                                                                                                  Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 93
                           Grandstream GXp1160/1165                                                                      sennheiser usb headsets

                           Grandstream Networks announced two new 1-Line
                           IP Telephone models, featuring a 2-inch LCD display
                           and multi-language support
                                                                                                                         Sennheiser Communications has launched four
                                                                                                                         new USB headsets as part of its Circle Line series,
                                                                                                                         aimed at business use

 Alienware X51                                                                          Antec P280
                                                                                        Silent, classy cabinet with
                                                                                                                                          StoreJet Cloud
 Compact gaming desktop that comes                                                      excellent build quality                           32 GB
 at a hefty price tag                                                                                                                     A shot in the arm for your

                                                                                                                                          mobile devices space
            he Alienware X51
            gaming desktop                                                                                                                requirement
            sports a microATX
            form factor and its                                                                                                                           :
                                                                                                                                                     Price 0
 dimensions are loosely com-                                                                                                                          5,50
 parable to that of an Xbox 360
 gaming console. The chassis’
 built well and the quality of its
 plastic exterior’s quite sturdy.                                                                         Price 0
 Despite its slimmer profile, the                                                                          7,90
 Alienware X51’s internal fans
 do a very good job of keeping
 the chassis at room tempera-
 ture with bare minimum
                                                                                        N   ot everyone wants a
                                                                                            cabinet with flashing
                                                                                        lights. If build quality and
                                                                                                                                          W     ireless streaming of
                                                                                                                                                audio and SD content
                                                                                                                                          was flawless, but with 720P
 hot spots. However, the                                                                silent operation are your main                    and above clips, we found
 Alienware X51 tones                             Price 0                                expectations out of a cabinet,                    some lag on a cellphone. On
 down the bling, com-                            67,90           The Alienware          then the Antec P280 is a                          the iPad full HD content ran
 pared to past Alienware                                     X51 sports a mini ITX      model worth considering. It                       smoothly. File transfer to the
 desktops, which is a touch                                form factor moth-            supports upto XL-ATX form                         StoreJet drive happened under
 disappointing. With the Alien-                     erboard with pretty good            factor boards. The dedicated                      15 MB/s via the USB cable.
 ware X51, the focus is more on                     hardware, as far as desktop         SSD trays, ample options for                      Gives a five-hour battery life.
 its diminutive size, design and                    PCs go. So long as basic            wire-management, enough                           The WiFi bridge option did
 slim form factor rather than                       hardware components are             clearance space behind the                        not seem to work on smart-
 its overstated style.                              concerned, the Alienware X51        motherboard tray as well as                       phones or tablets. It allows you
                                                    gaming PC has a respectable         an option to control fan speeds                   to transfer content from your
                                                    configuration even by gaming        are good features. Lack of fans                   mobile device to the StoreJet
                                                    desktop standards, but it’s         on the front does seem a bit                      drive, also allowing camera

                                                    nothing great or extraordinary      unfair considering the pricing,                   access from the StoreJet app.
                                                    considering its hefty price tag.    but the build quality compen-                     At `5,500 it is priced on the
                                                    Multitasking is never a worry       sates that.                                       higher side.
                                                    on the Alienware X51 but its
 Features ....................................65
                                                    graphics performance wasn’t
                                                    in line with expectations.
 Build Quality ............................65
 Value for money......................40
                                                        Playing most recent games
                                                    (like Batman Arkham City                                  74                                                61
                                                    and GRID 3) is possible only
 Specifications                                     at medium settings, as per-
 Dimensions: (W x D x H) 95 mm x                                                        Features ....................................70   Features ....................................60
 318 mm x 343 mm; Weight: 5.49 kg;                  formance dips at Very High          Performance............................70         Performance............................60
 CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 3.4 GHz;                   or Ultra settings. Overall,         Build Quality ............................85      Build Quality ............................70
 GPU: Intel HD 2000 and Nvidia                      performance is good, but not
 GeForce GTX 555; RAM: 8GB;                                                             Value for money......................70           Value for money......................55
                                                    great. The bundled keyboard
 HDD: 1TB; Ports: USB 2.0 x 6,
 USB 3.0 x 2, HDMI, DVI x 2, SPDIF,                 is nice but the mouse isn’t a       Specifications                                    Specifications
 Headphone, Microphone jack,                        gaming mouse, just a simple         Case type: Mid Tower; 5.25-inch                   Capacity: 32 GB; Interface: USB 2.0;
 Gigabit Ethernet; Optical Drive:                   basic one – unexpected from         bays: 3; 3.5-inch bays: 6; Expansion              Network: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n; Video
 DVD Writer; Wi-Fi: 802.11n                         an Alienware machine. At            slots: 9                                          Formats: AVI, MOV, M4V, MP4
                                                    the end, the Alienware X51 is
 Contact                                            quite expensive even if you
                                                                                        Contact                                           Contact
 Dell India Pvt Ltd                                                                     Antec Inc.                                        Transcend
 Website: www.alienware.co.in                       consider its Alienware tag.         Website: www.antec.com                            Website: www.transcend.com
 Phone: 1800-425-4026                                                   Jayesh Shinde   Email: indiainfo@antec.com                        Email: sales@mediamangroup.com

94 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
               plantronics blackwire 700                                           assassin’s creed iii launch
               Plantronics introduced its Blackwire 700 series
               of corded crossover USB headsets, designed for
               multimedia, PC and mobile calls
                                                                                   Launched on October 30th, Ubisoft’s latest instalment
                                                                                   in the Assassin’s Creed series has gamers eagerly
                                                                                   waiting to get their own copies                                        Bazaar

                                       HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus
                                       An ideal candidate for your office needs

                                                  part from offering the standard print, scan    12.97 secs and highlighting with a marker will not
                                                  and copy functionality, the 8600 Plus also     leave behind any smudges. High quality mixed
Features ........................ 80              offers ePrint – where you assign an email      document printing was also quite fast at 24.12
Performance................ 80                    ID to the printer and                                                 secs. Colour copying took 14
Build Quality ................ 85      send print jobs from anywhere                                                    seconds. It even printed an
Value for money.......... 70           in the world; AirPrint – which                                                   A4 glossy photograph under
                                       allows you to print content off                                                  2 minutes. While the print
Specifications                         your iOS devices; WiFi – which                                                   quality is great with paper
Resolution: 4800x1200
dpi; Functions: Print, Copy,           allows you to print over your                                                    colour prints, the glossy A4
Scan, Fax, Web; Input tray             WiFi network and so on. The                                                      photo print wasn’t that great
capacity: 250 sheets;                  OfficeJet Pro also comes with                                                    as we noticed graining in cer-
Output tray capacity:                  a 4.3-inch touchscreen which                                                     tain regions of our test print.
150 sheets; Memory: 128                acts as the operational panel.                                                      While the printer costs
MB; Scan Resolution:
4800 dpi; Display: 4.3-inch            Mastering the operational                                  e
                                                                                              Pric 00
                                                                                                                        `20,000, the colour cartridges
touchscreen; Weight:                   panel does not take much time.                         20,0                      are priced at `1,565 (for
12.41kg                                The 8600 Plus comes with a USB port as well                        1500 prints) and `1,455 (for 1100 prints).
                                       as memory card slot for quick off-the-camera                      For home users there are more economical
Contact                                printing. It supports auto-duplex printing and also          options available. The 8600 Plus is ideal for a
HP India
Website: http://www8.                  on the automatic-document feeder tray on top.             small home-office setup as it gives very fast speeds
hp.com/in/en/home.html                     Considering it is an OfficeJet Pro series AIO, it     and good quality prints.
Phone: 1800 42 54 999                  offers high speed prints. For text printing it took                                                 Nimish Sawant

WD My Net N900 Central
An exorbitantly priced, feature-packed power-house

          he WD My Net N900 Central is an                  among the more elegant and faster interfaces we’ve
          unusual router in the sense that it is one       seen so far. Setting up the router for “cloud access”
          of the first one we’ve come across that          or even mobile access via the app (Android and
          comes with an in-built 1TB or 2TB HDD.
The router itself is exceptionally endowed
                                                           iOS) was also very simple and required not more
                                                                          than a couple of very simple steps.
with just about every feature you                                                    We would have liked to see
would need from a router,                                                             more USB3.0 slots instead                  Features ........................ 90
including “cloud” access,                                                              of the single USB 2.0 slot                Performance................ 80
NAS, parental control,                                                                 given the extremely high                  Build Quality ................ 80
gigabit ethernet ports, etc.                                                          price of this device. USB 3.0              Value for money.......... 60
   Setting up the router was                                                     won’t really matter over WiFi,
a breeze. But, we couldn’t run                                            but it will make a huge difference over                Specifications
the initial setup by just navi-                                    LAN. That said, accessing a USB drive over                    Dual-band, N900 capable,
                                                                                                                                 DLNA support, Parental
gating to as we normally                   rice 9
                                                     P 9            the network was painfully slow.                              Control, Cloud access,
would on a router and had to actually                25,9              The performance of the device was                         in-built 1TB HDD, 1xUSB
run the installation CD and setup the router                       strictly average for a dual-band router and in                2.0 slot.
completely before being able to access it. The                  the same league as the ASUS RT-N66U. Not a
process is quite straightforward and WD has taken          bad router by any means, but we feel that the price                   Contact
                                                                                                                                 Western Digital
care to ensure that the visuals are self-explanatory       tag is overly exorbitant and it would have probably                   Email: anil.kukreja@wdc.
and allow even a layman to setup the device with           been better off as a simple dual-band router.                         com
ease. We quite like the web UI of the router and it is                                                 Anirudh Regidi            Website: N/A

                                                                                                                   Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 95
                                                      asus eT2300                                                              halo 4 launch

                                         WorldMags.netASUS has launched its new ET2300 all-in-
                                                      one desktop, with a 23” touchscreen, aimed
                                                      for the Windows 8 platform
                                                                                                                               343 Industries’ Halo 4 is one of the most
                                                                                                                               hotly anticipated titles of the year, and is
                                                                                                                               launching on November 6th

 ASUS HD 7970                                                                           Edimax IC-
                                                                                                                                            Bose SIE2i
 Matrix Platinum                                                                        Decent IP cam hampered                              A well-performing product

 Edition 3GB
                                                                                        by bad server support                               with an expensive price-tag

 Your ticket into an elite club!                                                               Price 0

          he ASUS HD 7970
          Matrix Platinum is
          the latest entrant in
          the ROG branded                                                                                                                                    Price 3
 GPUs and as of now is the                                                                                                                                    8,66
 best performing AMD card
                                                                      Price 0
 out there. It comes with a
 massive factory overclock and
 has headroom for much more.
                                                                                       D    espite having a metal body,
                                                                                            this camera looks and feels
                                                                                        slightly better than something
                                                                                                                                           B    ose does charge a pre-
                                                                                                                                                mium for the SIE2 series
                                                                                                                                            of headphones. However,
 The card comes with a custom                                                           someone slapped together in                         you do get quite a lot for
 PCB as expected with features                     stock 7970 which runs at 925         some workshop just down                             that much money- good
 like VGA Hotwire, Tweak IT,                       MHz, these cards are over-           the street. The camera is an IP                     vocal clarity, neutral sound,
 Load Indicator etc.                               clocked by 125 MHz and 175           camera which means that you                         in-line volume and playback
    There are two variants                         MHz for the non-platinum and         can connect it to a network via                     controls, interesting colour
 with the better one called the                    platinum edition cards respec-       WiFi or LAN and then access it                      options, the water-resistance
 Platinum card. Compared to a                      tively. Likewise, the memory         over the network. Not some-                         capabilities, Reebok branded
                                                   is clocked at 1650 MHz which         thing new and it could have                         armband and good build
                                                   is 275 MHz above stock.              been better implemented. The                        quality. Ambient noise does
                                                       Rarely do we get to see cards    software kept crashing on us                        trickle in quite a bit, but then
                       83                          with exceptional build quality       and we had to login multiple                        again, the SIE2i aren’t meant
                                                   and this is one such card. It        times. We’ve also been receiving                    for environments where noise
                                                   features DirectCU II like most       multiple mails regarding                            cancellation shouldn’t be
 Features ....................................90   of the ROG members and has           motion detection even after the                     used. Colour options may not
 Performance............................90         a metal plate on its front and       camera was turned off. When it                      appeal to everyone though.
 Build Quality.......................... 90        back. Given the weight, these        works, the camera does a pretty
 Value for money .................... 60           reinforcement plates are a           decent job, but seems expensive.
                                                   necessity. Among the many
 Specifications                                    features that makes this card
 Chipset: Tahiti; Bus standard: PCI
 Express 3.0; Base clock: 1050 MHz;                stand out is the VRM design                                                                                    65
 Boost clock: 1100 MHz; Memory                     - this card features 20 power
 clock: 6600 MHz (1650 MHz                         phases of which 16 cater to the
 DDR5); Memory: 3072 MB GDDR5;                     GPU while the remaining four                                                             Features ....................................70
 CrossFireX: 3 way CF support;                     are for the memory.                                                                      Performance............................70
 Stream processors: 2048; Texture                                                       Features ....................................65     Build Quality.......................... 60
 units: 128; ROPs: 32; Connectivity                    On a performance only
                                                                                        Performance............................60           Value for money.................... 60
 ports: HDMI, DVI x2, DP x4; DirectX               scale, the ASUS 680 DC2T
                                                                                        Build Quality.......................... 65
 Support - 11.1; OpenGL Support: 4.3;              still manages to beat this card
 Power Connectors: 8 Pin connector
                                                                                        Value for money......................65             Specifications
                                                   in most benchmarks. How-
 x2; TDP: 375 W; Dimensions                        ever, this card has so much                                                              Earphone type: In-ear Canal
 (LxWxD): 279 mm x 130 mm x 54                                                          Specifications                                      Water Resistance; Dimensions:
 mm; Fans: 2 x 100 mm; Weight: 1.4                 overclocking headroom that at        Max resolution: 1.3MP                               Headphones; Width: 83 cm;
 kg; Warranty: 3 years                             maximum potential this is the        WiFi speed: 802.11b/g/n 150MBps                     Weight: 18 gm
                                                   best single GPU card hands           Dimensions: 80x55mm
 Contact                                           down. The highest overclock          Accessories: Stand and wall mount                   Contact
 ASUS Technology Pvt. Ltd                          record at hwbot is currently                                                             Bose India
 Phone: +91 22 6766 8800 /                                                              Contact                                             Phone: 1800-11-2673
 18002090365                                       held by this card. As you can        Mr. Eric Yang                                       Email: : https://www.boseindia.
 Email: reachus@asus.com                           see, this is an impressive GPU.      Phone: 9769919322                                   com/corporate/bose-contact.
 Website: www.asus.in                                              Mithun Mohandas      Email: ericyang@edimax.com.tw                       aspx?cmd=Contact

96 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
              lG optimus l7                                                         logitech Touch peripherals
              LG has dropped prices of its Optimus
              L7 model by 20 percent in India,
              because of poor sales this year
                                                                                    Logitech introduced the new Logitech Wireless Rechargeable
                                                                                    Touchpad T650, Logitech Touch Mouse T620 and Logitech
                                                                                    Zone Touch Mouse T400 for Windows 8 touch interface                                            Bazaar

F&D W330BT                                                                             Belkin
Strictly average, bordering on pointless                                               Cheap, portable, not great                            Elite HE720
                                                                                                                                             A slim and sexy external
                                                                                                                                             hard drive
                         5,99                                                                                                                         :
                                                                                                                                                Price 0
                                                                                                                                                 5 ,00

                                                                                                         Price 0

                                                                                       T    he Belkin CoolSpot laptop
                                                                                                                                             A    DATA DashDrive HE720

          fter the surprisingly                   satellites to the subwoofer;              cooler is an absolute bare                            is a drive that is meant for
          splendid perfor-                        painfully short wires if we          bones cooling pad, with no bells                      someone who is looking at a
          mance of F&D’s                          may add. So, the wireless tag        and whistles. Compared to the                         great-looking drive to comple-
          F680 last month,                        applies only to the source. You      Cooler Master Notepal U and                           ment their notebooks or desk-
we were quite eager to try this                   can pair your phone (or other        X3, the Belkin CoolSpot isn’t as                      tops. The one-touch backup
speaker set. But soon after                       BT devices) and play music           impressive, sporting no extra                         button is a valuable addition.
hooking it up, our excitement                     wirelessly.                          features apart from its cooling                       Sequential and Assorted Reads:
diminished in ever increasing                         Now you might think that’s       fan and USB power cable. The                          103 and 89.77 MB/s respec-
amounts. Let’s start with the                     a nifty feature for the one off      product is light but flimsy, with                     tively. Sequential and Assorted
feature set. They’re wire-                        case where a friend who’s            cable management underneath,                          Writes: 90 / 53 MB/s respec-
less speakers, which can be                       come over wants to play some         and it’s slightly inclined from                       tively. As far as 500 GB drives
a bit misleading to those not                     song off his phone. But is it        front to back. However, it didn’t                     go, the HE720 was only slower
familiar with the terminology.                    really convenient when you           perform exceptionally well,                           than the Buffalo MiniStation
To clear the air understand                       have to reach all the way to         just enough to show that laptop                       Thunderbolt The cost per GB is
that the speaker set does have                    the back of the subwoofer to         temps do roll down by a few                           around `10.73 which is on the
wires. There’s the power cable                    begin the pairing? Speaking          degrees. The product is quite                         higher side for a 500 GB drive
and indeed wires connect the                      of pairing, the wireless link        portable and worth considering                        when you take into considera-
                                                  was lost several times during        if you can’t spare more than                          tion the overall performance.
                                                  the test at close range. In          `1,000 for a laptop cooler.                           But for someone considering
                                                  fact even in wired playback                                                                pure looks, the cost isn’t much.

                     55                           the speaker set went in and
                                                  out of consciousness when

                                                  the volume went beyond the

Features ....................................60   halfway mark. Perhaps a fault
Performance............................50         with this particular unit so we
Build Quality ............................60      won’t penalise it too much on
                                                                                       Features ...................................40
Value for money......................40           that account. Performance?                                                                 Features ....................................70
                                                  Loud, good bass but a very                                                                 Performance............................65
                                                                                       Build Quality ............................50
Specifications                                    bright sound signature. So
                                                                                       Value for money......................60               Build Quality ............................70
Power output: 14Wx2+28W (RMS),                    you get clarity but the mid and
Satellite driver: 2.5”, Subwoofer                                                                                                            Value for money......................60
                                                  lower-mid range lacks body,
driver: 6.5”, Frequency response:                                                      Specifications
250 - 20KHz (satellite) 30 - 100Hz                so vocals sound at best flat         Dimension: 11.7 x 1.8 x 11.4 inches;                  Specifications
(subwoofer), Signal to noise ratio: ≥             and at worst as if processed         Weight: 600 gm; No. Of fans: 1;                       Interface: USB 3.0; Unformatted
70dB, Weight: 3.5Kg (net)                         through a flanger. Worth the         Warranty: 3 years                                     Capacity: 465.76 GB; Backup Utility:
                                                  price tag? Nope. Unless of                                                                 Yes; Rotational Speed: 5400 RPM
Contact                                           course you have some weird           Contact
Fenda Audio India Pvt. Ltd.
                                                  predilection for non-portable
                                                                                       Belkin India                                          Contact
Website: www.fendaindia.com                                                            Email: NA                                             ADATA Technology (India) Pvt Ltd
Email: care@soyerelectronics.com                  bluetooth playback.                  Phone: SMS BELKIN to 54646                            Email: sales_in@adata-group.com
Phone: 1800 425 5546                                           Siddharth Parwatay      Website: www.belkin.co.in                             Website: www.adata-group.com

                                                                                                                                        Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 97
                                                 Price Watch                                            Killer Rigs

Street smart
                                100     102
                                                 Find out the updated prices of
                                                 cellphones, external hard drives and
                                                 USB 3.0 flash drives
                                                                                                        Thinking of building a new rig for
                                                                                                        yourself or have a friend bugging you
                                                                                                        for rig suggestions? Read on

                                                                                               money. Trust me, printer technology
                                                                                               hasn’t improved by leaps and bounds
                                                                                               to suddenly render obsolete the best
                                                                                               performing photo printer from last year
                                                                                               – no way. So yeah, keep an eye out for
                                                                                               these bargains.

                                                                                                   The other option, which is in keeping
                                                                                               with marketing realities and availability
                                                                                               of products, is to just opt for a multi-func-
                                                                                               tion printer within that budget (10k), one

                                                                                               that’s hopefully good at printing photos.
                                                                                               Of all the colour inkjet multi-function
                                                                                               printers we’ve reviewed this year, I’d

                                                                                               like to bring into focus two products in
                                                                                               particular: the Brother MFC-J625DW
                                                                                               and Canon Pixma E510. Not only do
                                                                                               these MFPs have solid photocopying and
                                                                                               scanning abilities, their inkjet cartridges
                                                                                               when paired with the right type of paper
               With Diwali just round the corner, a lot of                                     produce some of the best photo prints you
               festive photos will be clicked. Here’s what                                     can expect to get out of an MFP selling
               to do if you’re scouting a photo printer                                        under `10,000. Not only is the total cost
                                                                                               of ownership of the Brother MFC-J625DW
 Agent 001                                      Performer, while the HP Officejet e609a        lower and more economical than most of
 agent001@thinkdigit.com                        bagged the Best Buy award. The Canon           its competitors, but it also offers an array

                                                photo printer was easily the best, with        of connectivity features not seen on most
        t has been sometime since I took        photo prints that reproduced skin tones        of its competitors.
        a proper look at buying photo           and glow extremely well. Images had                Other than these respectable printers
        printers, and it’s mainly due to        just the right level of colour saturation,     for your home, what if you need a port-
        two reasons: 1) MFPs or multi-          gradients were smooth, reflections and         able, compact printer to carry around on
 function printers have cannibalized and        shadows were believable, and the overall       vacations, capable of producing instant
 eaten into the single-function printer         photos were very good for home use.            prints? While I haven’t reviewed it, the
 space, and 2) nothing much seems to be         Now, Canon officially doesn’t list the         Canon Selphy CP900 is one of only two
 going on in the single-function printers       printer on its website anymore, nor does       new compact photo printers to launch
 at the budget end of the spectrum, and         it manufacture it, but I’d still like to say   in this calendar year, alongside the
 we’re talking about photo printers that        that you should buy this printer (if you       Epson Picturemate PM 245, which I did
 cost less than `10,000. Printers aren’t                                                       examine a couple of months ago. How-
 seeing new products launched day in                                                           ever, the reality of both these devices are
 and day out like smartphones, tablets                                                         that they’re extremely niche and expen-
 and ultrabooks, for instance. Printers                                                        sive compared to traditional, table-top
 aren’t hot anymore, they’re dull and                                                          photo printers. Go ahead and buy them
 boring boxes, not as exciting as some                                                         only if you can’t wait to come back home
 other obvious products. However, they                                                         and print your vacation photos.
 serve a purpose and for this reason                                                               Oh and don’t forget, while you visit
 alone I shan’t ignore them wholly.                                                            retail stores to check printers out in
 We’ll be only discussing A4 printers                                                          action, some of the best deals and dis-
 in the space below, for I don’t know                                                          counts for them are now available online.
 how many of you are really looking at          MFCJ625DW Brother                              Ecommerce websites are all the rage
 A3 printers for home use – if many of                                                         right now, and I found out that Flipkart
 you are, I might review some of them           just need a photo printer for your home)       has quite an extensive printer section
 just to let you know which one to buy.         if you stumble across it forgotten under       with up-to-date products; Infibeam and
     When we last looked at photo printers      a heap in some IT shop in Lamington            Naaptol, too, for that matter. Definitely
 selling under `10,000 in a comparison          Road, SP Road, or Nehru Place – not            scout these ecommerce websites to get
 test, several months ago, we declared          only will it be much cheaper than last         the best possible deal for your next photo
 the Canon Pixma iP4870 as the Best             year’s price, it’ll be still worth your        printer purchase. Good luck!

98 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
  HMV launches online marketplace                                                    Lumia 800 prices slashed
  HMV Group has launched an online marketplace for third-
  party applications and software in its bid to compete with
  rival Amazon
                                                                                     Nokia has slashed prices of its Lumia 800
                                                                                     model once again. It is now retailing for
                                                                                     `18,867                                          Agent 001

   Tablet connundrum                                                      Core i5 processor? I am
I want to buy a tablet. I’m a little bit confused so please suggest       an automation program
me some good ones. Here are my tablet requirements -                      developer. I am interested in
• Screen size: 7-inch or larger                                           HP. So your suggestion is quite
• Connectivity:                                                           important to me. Thanks.
   1. USB for 3G Dongle/SIM card slot                                              Amiya Rajan Pradhan
   2. Wi-fi & HDMI Port (both optional)
• Smooth playback of 1080p HD Videos                                         The HP Envy 4 ultra-
• Camera: Front & Rear                                                    book we reviewed recently               HP Envy 4 ultrabook
Waiting for your reply. Thank you.                                        (read our full review here
                                                          Rohit Saraf     http://dgit.in/XUxGgk) is a very good ultrabook, and we recom-
                                                                          mend it if you’re interested in spending close to `60,000 on
    Since you haven’t mentioned a budget, we would recommend              your next laptop. It’s unfortunate your friend had a bad
you take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100. It is priced           experience with HP, but these things happen even to the best
at `19,300 and fulfills all your requirements. the only down side         of brands. HP’s one of the top PC makers in the world and
                           is that it doesnt play .MKV files natively     India, and they have an extensive network of support and
                           and you will have to download a third          service centers. If you have a brand preference for HP, we
                           party app to play these videos – no            think you should stick with that.
                           biggie, there are plenty available in the         Between the Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors, Core i5 pro-
                           Google Play Store. You can read our            cessors are better. Among laptops, most Core i3 and Core i5 have
                           detailed review of the device here: http://    two cores each, but Core i5 has an additional feature like Turbo
                           dgit.in/StuTaH.                                Boost (dynamic overclocking) which significantly improves its
                               The market is full of sub 15k budget       performance on full load. Core i5 chips also have larger cache
                           tablets that also fulfill your requirement     size, besides clock frequency.
                           but the Tab 2 is a good premium device. If
                           you have a specific budget in mind then do
                           let us know. until then, the Tab 2 is good
 Samsung Galaxy            for you. It also doubles up as a phone since
    Tab 2 P3100            it has the ability to house a SIM card.

   Graphics card query
My system specs are as given below:
• Intel Pentium Dual core processor @ 2.66 GHz
• ASUS P5KPLAMPS motherboard
• LG Flatron W1941S monitor
• Umax 450w SMPS
   Please suggest a good graphic card for my system around 5k as
I would be playing latest games on my PC.
                                                     Vipul Yadav

   If you want to play the latest games, you will have to increase
your budget to atleast `8,000.
   However, in your budget, we would suggest you go with AMD
Radeon HD 6670, at the very least. But you will have to keep
options such as Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering at the
very minimum to get decent frame rates while playing the latest
games at HD resolutions.

   Laptop shopping
Please suggest a laptop that I can get for long term use. I am
interested in the Dell 14z and HP Envy 4 or Envy 6. I have heard
about HP’s hard disk crash problem, battery longevity issues,
and adapter issues from my friends. So I am a bit confused.
Also please tell me which is a better bet, the Intel Core i3 or

                                                                                                         Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 99
                                                  Sony Vaio t13                                         mtS mtag 353

  Price Watch
                                  WorldMags.net   Sony unveils touch-enabled
                                                  Vaio T13 ultrabook running on
                                                  Windows 8
                                                                                                        MTS launches Android based smartphone
                                                                                                        at Rs 5,999 powered by an 800MHz
                                                                                                        Qualcomm processor

  Spend Smart
  Updated prices of smartphones and external hard drives

    Brand               model                    operating System            processor   Display    primary        Battery       price (in `)
                                                                             (in mhz)    Size (in   Camera         rating (in
                                                                                         inches)    (mp)           mah)
    Blackberry          Curve 9320               Blackberry 7.1 OS           806         2.44       3.2            1450          14,151
    Blackberry          Curve 9360               Blackberry 7 OS             800         2.44       5              1000          17,999
    Blackberry          Torch 9860               Blackberry 7 OS             1200        3.7        5              1230          21,599
    Blackberry          Bold 9900                Blackberry 7 OS             1200        2.8        5              1230          33,099
    HTC                 Desire C                 Android 4.0                 600         3.5        5              1230          11,899
    HTC                 ChaCha                   Android 2.3                 800         2.6        5              1250          12,499
    HTC                 One V                    Android 4.0                 1000        3.7        5              1500          17,899
    HTC                 Sensation XE             Android 2.3                 1500        4.3        8              1730          23,999
    HTC                 One S                    Android 4.0                 1700        4.3        8              1650          25,900
    HTC                 One X                    Android 4.0                 1500        4.7        8              1800          34,999
    Huawei              Ideos X5 Pro             Android 2.3                 1000        3.8        5              1500          11,490
    LG                  Optimus Hub E510         Android 2.3                 800         3.5        5              1500          11,999
    LG                  Optimus L5 Dual E615     Android 4.0                 800         4          5              1500          13,499
    LG                  Optimus L7 P705          Android 4.0                 1000        4.3        5              1700          15,990
    LG                  Optimus Sol E730         Android 2.3                 1000        3.8        5              1500          16,990
    LG                  Optimus 3D Max P725      Android 2.3                 1200        4.3        5              1520          28,990
    Motorola            Defy Plus                Android 2.3                 1000        3.7        5              1700          12,999
    Motorola            Atrix 2                  Android 2.3                 1000        4.3        8              1785          18,999
    Motorola            RAZR XT910               Android 2.3                 1200        4.3        8              1780          21,999
    Nokia               603                      Symbian Belle OS            1000        3.5        5              1300          12,860
    Nokia               808 Pureview             Symbian Belle OS            1300        4          41             1400          33,899
    Nokia               Lumia 610                Windows Phone 7.5           800         3.7        5              1300          12,999
    Nokia               Lumia 710                Windows Phone 7.5           1400        3.7        5              1300          15,499
    Nokia               Lumia 800                Windows Phone 7.5           1400        3.7        8              1450          24,999
    Nokia               Lumia 900                Windows Phone 7.5           1400        4.3        8              1830          32,999
    Samsung             Galaxy Ace Duos S6802    Android 2.3                 832         3.5        5              1300          11,900
    Samsung             Omnia M S7530            Windows Phone 7.5           1000        4          5              1500          15,900
    Samsung             Galaxy S Duos S7562      Android 4.0                 1000        4          5              1500          16,900
    Samsung             Galaxy S Advance i9070   Android 2.3                 1000        4          5              1500          19,500
    Samsung             Galaxy Note N-7000       Android 2.3                 1400        5.29       8              2500          29,990
    Samsung             Galaxy S 3               Android 4.0                 1400        4.8        8              2100          34,900
    Samsung             Galaxy Note 2 N7100      Android 4.1                 1600        5.5        8              3100          38,500
    Samsung             Galaxy S 2 I9100         Android 2.3                 1200        4.27       8              1650          25,900
    Sony                Xperia Go                Android 2.3                 1000        3.5        5              1305          17,990
    Sony                Xperia Neo L             Android 4.0                 1000        4          5              1460          18,499
    Sony                Xperia Sola              Android 2.3                 1000        3.7        5              1320          19,999
    Sony                Xperia SL                Android 4.0                 1700        4.3        12.1           1750          30,999
    Sony                Xperia Ion               Android 4.0                 1500        4.6        12             1900          32,990
    Xolo                X900                     Android 2.3                 1600        4.03       8              1460          17,000

100 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
             mozilla Firefox 16                                                Webplatform
             Mozilla launched its Firefox 16 browser for
             Windows, Mac, Linux and Android OS with
             new developer tools
                                                                               Apple, Adobe, Google, HP, Microsoft and many
                                                                               others have come together to provide single source
                                                                               for all the latest information about web standards       Price Watch

                     external harD DriveS
Brand              model name                      hDD Capacity         rotational         Buffer       powered/non-         Cost per    price (`)
                                                   (unformatted) (GB)   Speed (rpm)        Size (mB)    powered              GB(`)
ADATA              DashDrive Durable HD 710        465.76               5400               8            Powered              8.8         4,100
ADATA              HV621                           931.51               5400               8            Powered              6.22        5,800
Buffalo            Mini Station                    465.73               5400               8            Powered              18.68       8,700
Buffalo            Mini Station Thunderbolt        465.76               5400               8            Powered              37.57       17,500
Seagate            Portable Drive (1 TB)           931.51               5000               16           Powered              5.39        5,025
Seagate            Backup Plus                     931.51               5400               8            Powered              5.71        5,325
Seagate            Backup Plus Desk                2794.39              7200               64           Non-Powered          3.52        9,850
Seagate            Satellite                       465.76               5400               8            Powered              21.68       10,100
Seagate            Portable Drive (1.5 TB)         1397.26              5400               8            Powered              8.94        12,500
Silicon Power      Stream S20                      698.64               5400               8            Powered              6.29        4,399
Silicon Power      Diamond D05                     931.51               5400               8            Powered              6.22        5,799
Sony               HD-EG5/B                        465.76               5400               8            Powered              9.11        4,245
Toshiba            Canvio 3.0                      465.76               5400               8            Powered              8.05        3,750
Toshiba            Canvio 3.0 Plus                 931.51               5400               8            Powered              5.95        5,550
Transcend          StoreJet 25M3                   931.51               5400               8            Powered              6.44        6,000
Transcend          StoreJet 35T3                   1863.02              7200               64           Non-Powered          4.29        8,000
Western Digital    Passport Essential              465.73               5400               8            Powered              9.23        4,300
Western Digital    My Book Essential               2794.49              5400               64           Non-Powered          3.9         10,900
Western Digital    My Passport                     1862.98              5400               8            Powered              5.9         11,000

                   USB 3.0 FlaSh DriveS
Brand                                 model                                          Capacity                          price
ADATA                                 S107                                           8                                 550
ADATA                                 C103                                           16                                748
ADATA                                 S102                                           32                                1500
Corsair                               Flash Voyager Slider                           8                                 850
Corsair                               Flash Voyager                                  8                                 1093
Corsair                               Flash Voyager                                  16                                1495
Corsair                               Flash Voyager GT                               16                                1955
Corsair                               Flash Voyager                                  32                                2530
Corsair                               Flash Voyager Slider                           64                                3651
Corsair                               Flash Vogayer GT                               64                                5003
Kingmax                               UD-09                                          32                                1230
Kingmax                               ED07                                           64                                4234
Kingston                              Data Traveler HyperX 3.0                       256                               18000
SanDisk                               Extreme USB 3.0                                64                                5189
Silicon Power                         Marvel M60                                     32                                2799
Strontium                             USB JetFlash                                   16                                650
Transcend                             JetFlash 760                                   8                                 716
Transcend                             JetFlash 700                                   16                                1055
Transcend                             JetFlash 760                                   32                                4000
Verbatim                              V3                                             16                                700

                                                                                                           Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 101
                                                      killer rigs
                                                      Everything you’ll ever need to build your own PC. Whatever your budget.

      Basic rig = 21,765           HTPC = 22,700          Entry-level gaming = 33,065    Mid-range gaming = 58,186         Ultra high-end = 1,48,648

  BASiC RiG                                                                     HTPC
    Processor          Intel Pentium G840                     4000               Processor        AMD A6-3650                         5900
    Motherboard        ASRock H61M-PS2                        2750               Motherboard      ASRock A75M                         4300
    RAM                Corsair 2GB DDR3 1333MHz               650                RAM              Corsair 2GB DDR3 1333MHz            650
    HDD                Seagate 500GB 7200.12                  3650               HDD              Seagate Barracuda 2 TB              6150
    Monitor            BenQ G610HDAL                          3900               Monitor          None (your TV)                      0
    Graphics Card      None                                   0                  Graphics Card    None (HD6530D onboard)              0
    Cabinet            Cooler Master Elite 310                1600               Cabinet          Zebronics Tambi                     2000
    PSU                Seasonic SS-400ES                      2700               PSU              Bundled (150W)                      0
    Speaker (2.1)      Altec Classic Audio BXR1221            1100               Speaker          None                                0
    Mouse              Zebronics Judwaa 5 (Bundle)            0                  Mouse            MS Wireless laser Combo XVA-00020   2750
    Optical Drive      Samsung 22x SATA DVD Writer            950                Keyboard         Bundled                             0
    Keyboard           Zebronics Judwaa 5 (Bundle)            465                Optical Drive    Samsung 22x SATA DVD Writer         950
    Sound Card         None                                   0                  Sound Card       None                                0
    Total                                                     21,765             Total                                                22,700

  EnTRy-LEVEL GAMinG                                                            MiD-RAnGE GAMinG
    Processor          AMD A8-3850                            7400               Processor        Intel Core i5-3450                  11500
    Motherboard        GIGABYTE GA-A75M-D2H                   6800               Motherboard      Intel DB75EN                        5600
    RAM                G-skill F3-10600CL9S-4GBNT             1050               RAM              G-skill F3-10600CL9S-4GBNT          1200
    HDD                Seagate 500GB 7200.12                  3650               HDD              Seagate 500GB 7200.12               3650
    Monitor            BenQ G2222HD                           7000               Monitor          Samsung P2350                       10800
    Graphics Card      None                                   0                  Graphics Card    MSI N560GTX Ti M2D1GD5-OC           14336
    Cabinet            Cooler Master Elite 310                1600               Cabinet          Cooler Master Elite 310             1600
    PSU                Corsair CX430                          2300               PSU              Corsair GS 600                      4000
    Speaker            Altec Lansing V2621                    1850               Speaker          Altec Lansing V2621                 1850
    Mouse              Zebronics Judwaa 5 (Bundle)            0                  Mouse            Razer Abyssus (bundled)             0
    Optical Drive      Samsung 22x SATA DVD Writer            950                Optical Drive    Samsung 22x SATA DVD Writer         950
    Keyboard           Zebronics Judwaa 5 (Bundle)            465                Keyboard         Razer Cyclosa (Bundled)             2700
    Sound Card         None                                   0                  Sound Card       None                                0
    Total                                                     33,065             Total                                                58,186

  ULTRA HiGH-EnD GAMinG                                                         OPTiOnAL ACCESSORiES
    Processor          Intel Core i7-3770K                    20000              Speakers (5.1)   Logitech Z5500                      17500
    Motherboard        ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional       15999              Controller       Xbox360 Controller (wired)          1350
    RAM                Gskill F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL              3150               UPS              APC 700VA (BE 700Y-IN)              3550
                       Seagate 2 TB + Crucial                                    UPS              APC 1500VA (SUA1500I)               10700
    HDD                                                       14299
                       m4 128 GB                                                 Webcam           Microsoft LifeCam Cinema            4300
    Monitor            BenQ XL2420T                           21000
                                                                                 Headphones       Klipsch Image S4i                   3850
    Graphics Card      ZOTAC GTX 680 2 GB                     33500
                                                                                 Mousepad         Razer Vespula                       1700
    Cabinet            Cooler Master HAF922                   7200
                                                                                 External DVD-
    PSU                Seasonic X850 (80+ Gold)               10000                               Asus/Toshiba/Buffalo                1900
    Speaker            F&D F680                               3500               Sound Card       ASUS Xonar Essence STX              7300
    Mouse              Tt eSPORTS Theron                      3500               USB Hub          Belkin 7 port USB HUB               1000
    Optical Drive      LG Blu-ray WH14NS40 RW                 7000               Wireless
                                                                                                  TP-Link WR740N                      1100
    Keyboard           Logitech G510                          4800               router
    Sound Card         ASUS Xonar DX 7.1                      4700               CPU Cooler       Corsair H100                        7400
    Total                                                     1,48,648           Thermal Paste    Arctic Cooling MX2                  400

102 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com

                                      Our pick Of the best tech articles frOm arOund the glObe

(Must reads)
                                          (buzzfeed corner)
                                       InnovatIve ScIence muSeum adS

7 scientific facts that
will ruin movies for you
some movies feature scientific
mistakes so basic and so terrible,
they give you what can only be
described as a logic epilepsy.
from Jeff goldblum being able
to decrypt alien technology in
independence day to texas sized
asteroids going undetected in
armageddon this article pokes
fun at many more mistakes.

the state of the web,
oatmeal style
the Oatmeal, which is a popular
web comics and which has prob-
ably made nikola tesla viral in
the last couple of months, had put     DId you know that you eat 430 bugs a year? You weigh less on the ground floor than
up this comic. the Oatmeal puts        on the top floor of a skyscraper? These and some more innovative outdoor adver-
things in perspective, and in the      tisements for a science museum make up this article. http://dgit.in/T5dpQc
process rips apart the instagram
acquisition by facebook,
google+’s redesign and so on.

worst tech predictions
We all know the (in)famous
“640kb ought to be enough for
anyone” quote attributed allegedly
to bill gates. but this scientific     Hilarious Facebook statuses            People who make iPhone, are people!        Why Surface can’t afford to fail
                                       People continue to amaze. Here         This article takes a funny look at how a   Buzzfeed’s Matt Buchanan gives a
american article compiles a            is a collection of the funniest and    Western journalist expressed surprise      lowdown on the exclusive Surface
whole list of such stupid predic-      probably the dumbest Facebook status   at what may seem like the most normal      hands-on time, interaction with the
tions by some really famous            messages, pictures, group names and    thing to do. Here’s one gem, “ It turns    Surface team behind the design
personalities, including bill gates    conversations we’ve ever come across   out that most of the Foxconn workers       philosophy of the tablet and ultimately
himself. read on:
                                       on the popular social network. Don’t   sitting and reading – actual papers!” As   why Microsoft will have to succeed with
                                       laugh too hard, you’ve been warned.    opposed to?                                this tablet launch.
http://dgit.in/Umlki8                  http://dgit.in/T8oiF2                  http://dgit.in/X649Rq                      http://dgit.in/TcuQTo

                                                                                                                  Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 103
                windows 8 confusion                        what is windows rt?                  GooGle’s data centres                 trollinG phone
                                so Windows 8               When Windows launched last                                                 scammers
                                has launched               month, you may have come                                                   there is a thriving com-

                                but you are                across this term Windows                                                   munity of scammers who
                                confused by                rt a lot in recent times. is                                               pose as “Windows technical
                the sheer options available -              it the same as Windows 8?            You probably use a lot of their       support” guys, and victimize
                laptop, slate, tablet, Windows             is it any different? this faQ        products while on the web. now        unsuspecting folk, claiming to
                8, Windows rt, Windows                     answers those questions and          have a look at google’s data          provide solutions - and asking
                phone 8. this article tries to             gives a complete lowdown             centre in this photo-essay. You       for cash. here are people who
                demystify all the hullabalo                on Windows rt. read on to            can even check the data cen-          trolled these scammers and
                around Windows 8.                          understand its significance.         tre’s using google street View.       exposed them.
                http://dgit.in/RhUJ1K                      http://dgit.in/TDC52T                http://dgit.in/Sfu7jv                 http://dgit.in/RT5AOv

         Clean, limitless fusion power could arrive
         sooner than expected
         It’s worth investing a few billion dollars in clean, limitless power                                                                - By Sebastian Anthony

                                                                  being built in the south of France. Whereas
                                   Copyright © 2012               NIF and Sandia create an instantaneous
                                   Ziff Davis Publishing
                                   Holdings Inc.                  fusion reaction using heat and pressure,
                                                                  ITER and JET confine the fusing plasma

                                                                  for a much longer duration using strong
                      ood news, denizens of Earth: If             magnetic fields, and are thus more inclined
                      the findings from two premier               towards the steady production of electricity.
                      research labs are to be believed,           JET’s breakthrough was the installation of
                      commercial nuclear fusion                   a new beryllium-lined wall and tungsten
         is feasible — and could arrive sooner                    floor inside the tokamak — the doughnut-
         than expected.                                           shaped inner vessel that confines 11-million-
             The first breakthrough comes from                    degrees-Celsius plasma (pictured above).
         Sandia National Laboratories (the same engi-                 Carbon is the conventional tokamak
         neers who brought us the fanless heatsink).              lining (and the lining that had been chosen
         At SNL, a research team has been working                 for the first iteration of ITER) but now it        tically an ITER testbed, so its results from
         on a new way of creating fusion called mag-              seems the beryllium-tungsten combo signifi-        the next year or two will have a large impact
         netized liner inertial fusion (MagLIF). This             cantly improves the quality of the plasma.         on the construction of ITER’s tokamak,
         approach is quite similar to the National Igni-          Hopefully this information will allow ITER         which should be completed by 2019.
         tion Facility at the LLNL in California, where           to skip the carbon tokamak and jump                    Before today, magnetic confinement
         they fuse deuterium and tritium (hydrogen                straight to beryllium-tungsten, shaving            fusion was generally considered to be more
         isotopes) by crushing and heating the fuel               years and millions of dollars off the project.     mature and efficient than inertial confine-
         with 500 trillion watts of laser power. Instead              Moving forward, JET will actually try          ment fusion — but Sandia’s new approach
         of lasers, MagLIF uses a massive magnetic                full-blown fusion with the optimum mix             might change that. ITER is one of the world’s
         pulse (26 million amps), created by Sandia’s             of deuterium and tritium (16 megawatts, for        largest ongoing engineering projects (it’s
         Z Machine (a huge X-ray generator), to crush             less than a second). At this point, JET is prac-   expected to cost around $20 billion), and
         a small cylinder containing the hydrogen                                                                    yet critics are quick to point out that we still
         fuel. Through various optimizations, the                                                                    don’t know if it will actually work. ITER
         researchers discovered a MagLIF setup that                                                                  isn’t expected to fuse D-T fuel until 2027
         almost breaks even (i.e. it almost produces                                                                 (producing 500 megawatts for up to 1,000
         more thermal energy than the electrical                                                                     seconds) — and an awful lot can happen in
         energy required to begin the fusion reaction).                                                              15 years. Still, the main thing is that we’re
             Probably more significant is news from                                                                  actually working on fusion power — when
         the Joint European Torus (JET), a magnetic                                                                  we’re talking about limitless, clean power,
         confinement fusion facility in the UK. JET                                                                  it’s probably worth investing a few billion
         is very similar to the ITER nuclear fusion                                                                  dollars, even if it doesn’t work out.
         reactor, an international project which is                                                                  http://dgit.in/RTeNX4

    104 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
back in the line                           not a riGht time for               breakinG the surface                     the tech behind the
                 this hilarious and        surface phone                                            at an              stratospheric skydive
                 extremely catchy          arstechnica argues why it is                             exclusive                          from the difficul-
                 parody features           not the right time for microsoft                         press event                        ties in getting up
a fake steve Jobs and tim cook.            to come out with their own                               in redmond,                        there, to breathing,
here’s a sampler: “You just bought         phone at the moment as             Washington, microsoft has given                          to re-entry, going
our gadgets, buy some more;                Windows phone Oems are             a handful of journalists an insid-       supersonic and everything in
You’re already hangin’ outside at          raising the bar with new           er’s view on how the surface             between. read on to find out the
the store; pull out your quarters,         launches and they might feel       tablet was conceived, designed,          challenges faced and the tech that
nickels and dimes; and get your            threatened if Windows outs         tested, and manufactured. clue           made felix baumgartner’s jump
gadget-lovin a** back in the line”         surface phone now.                 in all the details below.                from the edge of space possible.
http://dgit.in/UwxNju                      http://dgit.in/TDVSPz              http://dgit.in/PnQB3e                    http://dgit.in/XQvtmc

How drM will infest the 3d printing revolution
Copyright law is a complicated beast, and it’s not traditionally applicable
to objects. But how will it affect the future of 3D printing?                                                                          By Ryan Whitwam
                                                                                                                                  - By-Sebastian Anthony

                                                      it believes to be infringing. This has led to
                          Copyright © 2012            many calling IV a patent troll, and they prob-
                          Ziff Davis Publishing
                          Holdings Inc.               ably have a point.
                                                          So how do we get from where we are now

                                                      to some sort of dystopian future where your
                    hile you were busy get-           printer is tattling on you to the copyright
                    ting yourself all worked          cops? There will be two forces pushing us
                    up and declaring 3D               that way, the first being the association with
                    printing the beginning of         P2P (peer-to-peer file sharing). As increasing
a new age, one of the most maligned figures           fidelity is achieved in 3D printing, the com-
in modern patent law is preparing to rain             panies that sell you printers will more often
on your parade. Nathan Myhrvold, former               be compared to those that provide P2P soft-
Microsoft CTO and founder of patent holder            ware. That’s the primary legal headache           items are illegal. Weapon laws are not about
Intellectual Ventures, has managed to get an          these companies face. The makers of sev-          intellectual property, but they get us to the
expansive patent on 3D printing DRM. That             eral popular file sharing apps have ended         same place — restricted use of 3D printing.
3D printing revolution we’ve been hoping for          up in court, and I wouldn’t be surprised to       Copyright concerns can and will piggyback
just got a lot trickier.                              see something similar to happen to the Mak-       on this issue.
     The system envisioned by Myhrvold                erBot folks someday.                                 The sellers of 3D printers probably won’t
would be used to prevent users of 3D printers             The second way 3D printing will see           be directly required by law to implement
from abusing “object production rights.”              push-back is a little more ominous. There         restrictions, but the deluge of lawsuits over
The idea is that you would load a digital file        are already people out there investigating        printed guns and patented inventions might
into your computer and before any printing            the feasibility of 3D printing gun parts. It      drive them to give in. Even Google had no
could take place, you would have to connect           might not be doable now, but it will be one       choice but to implement harsh automated
to some remote server that checks to make             day. Before that happens, simpler weapons         copyright detection algorithms on YouTube to
sure you have authorization to print the              like “brass knuckles” made out of super-hard      limit its liability. We’ve seen these automated
object. If this sounds familiar, that’s because       plastic could worry governments where such        systems fail time and time again, though.
it’s basically what happened to music in the                                                               Every DRM scheme implemented so far
wake of Napster.                                                                                        has been cracked in some way. It’s really a
     Copyright law is a complicated beast, and                                                          cruel joke on the average user — while DRM
it’s not traditionally applicable to objects.                                                           stymies their digital life, those that actually
However, a new device, invention, or design                                                             might be engaging in shady behavior will
can be patented. This is where Intellectual                                                             be able to print all the patented objects they
Ventures (IV) makes its money, and prob-                                                                want. DRM won’t actually solve any prob-
ably why it’s interested in this kind of DRM.                                                           lems — it never does — but it might be an
The company acquires patents on various                                                                 inevitable part of 3D printing’s future.
technologies and inventions, then sues those                                                            http://dgit.in/Vz6giM

                                                                                                                   Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 105
   vsauce 2                                      (ProduCt LaunCHes)
   A channel filled with                         samsunG chromebook ipad mini                                                   nikon 1 v2
   some of the quirkiest,
   weirdest, craziest stuff

                                                 samsung just released                   Just before packing off the             nikon anonunced the suc-
                                                 the chromebook, google’s                magazine to print, we got a             cessor to the V1 mirrorless
                                                 chrome Os sporting note-                chance to see the ipad mini             camera with the V2. the
                                                 book. it has an 11.6-inch               unveiled. With a 7.9 inch               nikon 1 V2 sports a 14.2mp
                                                 screen, an exynos 5 dual pro-           1024x768 ips display, dual              cmOs sensor, an isO range
                                                 cessor, a pair of usb ports,            band wireless, and a sup-               from 100 - 6400, an expeed
                                                 an hdmi port and around 2               posedly manageable screen               3a image processor and an
   on the internet. Did you                      gb of ram. great for anyone             size, this latest apple newbie          advanced hybrid af system.
   know that ants are like the                   who works completely on the             will cost you $329 for the              With a 10-30mm lens and will
   internet or that sound can                    cloud. it is priced at usd 249.         basic version.                          sell next month at 800 gbp.
   levitate objects? Seriously,
   yes. Learn about all this                                                                                                                   ABSolUTe
                                                 wO R D j umb l e
   and more here, once you                                                                                                                     tImepaSS
   visit the website it’s hard                   H    K    W     H    O     M   E   W   O   R     L     D    J     J   Q    J   D    F
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                                                                                                                                              jumble there
                                                 H    T    I     N    Y     H   H   T   O   M     M     E    A     V   R    G   R    R
                                                                                                                                              are names of 15
                                                 J    K    D     K    K     B   O   N   M   D     Z     O    G     Z   R    E   H    S
                                                                                                                                              classic games
                                                 I    M    S     M    U     R   K   E   R   O     D     S    O     I   B    D   W    G
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106 Digit November 2012 www.thinkdigit.com
106 Digit ||November 2012 ||www.thinkdigit.com
      Interview with
    Sarim Aziz, Dev
                            > code / creativity / community >

    Relations – RIM
      For the complete
       interview visit:

                                                                                                                  *side panel
Facebook releases                                                         adds that “the modular design
                                                                          handles details you don’t care

new SDK for Android
                                                                          about while giving you more
                                                                          control when you need it.”
                                                                          This will easily help determine
                                                                          whether the user is logged in or
                                                                          not. Better Facebook API sup-
                                                                          port now allows developers to
                                                                          batch Facebook API calls, makes
                                                                          MVC style programming easier
                                                                                                                  *Linux Foundation
                                                                                                                  on secure boot
                                                                          and also includes much better              >>Secure Boot, as its name
                                                                          JSON manipulation. The new                 suggests, is a security
                                                                          mobile install ads product in              feature that—if supported
                                                                                                                     by hardware—can make
                                                                          conjugation with the Facebook
                                                                                                                     the boot process much less
                                                                          SDK enables measurement of                 vulnerable to viruses and
                                                                          clicks and installs from mobile            other malware. Read:
                                                                          app install ads. This feature is        http://dvwx.in/TiKEWn
                                                                          certainly one of the ways that
                                                                          will allow Facebook to churn            *Firefox Metro
                                                                          money from its mobile platform,         for Windows 8
                                                                          something it has been pressur-          available
                                                                          ised to do for a long time.                >>You can now download
                                                                                                                     a special edition of Firefox,
                                                                              The new Android Developer              and get access to the

F   acebook announced a major
    push to its Android SDK
by releasing Facebook SDK
                                     controls which includes Friend
                                     Picker, Places Picker, Profile
                                     Picture Control and Login
                                                                          Center includes a new Getting
                                                                          Started Guide, Concepts, How-
                                                                          to’s, Tutorials and other detailed
                                                                                                                     Metro version directly.
3.0 beta for Android. Accom-         Control. It also mentions sim-       reference material which defi-
panying this release is the new      plified session management,          nitely doesn’t look like a rehash
Android Dev Center which             better Facebook API support          of the old one and should be a
enables developers to get better     and mobile install measure-          great source of new information
access to tools and documenta-       ment among other highlights.         to developers.
tion regarding development on           Simplified session manage-
Android. The Facebook devel-         ment includes tools to ease the      Read the entire article at
opers blog mentioned new fea-        authentication and authorisa-        http://dvwx.in/TiLDWD and               *Mozilla’s Persona
tures such as new Native UI          tion process. The Facebook blog      share your comments.                    goes beta
                                                                                                                     >>Tired of having to
                                                                                                                     remember dozens of
                                                                                                                     passwords? Move over
                                                                                                                     autofills. In Persona,

*footer                                                                   *Mozilla’s
                                                                          Marketplace on
                                                                          Aurora for Android
                                                                                                                     Mozilla just might have the
                                                                                                                     solution for you. Read:
*Plasma Active 3 now                                                        >>Those who have been
available                                                                   following Mozilla’s recent
  >>It seems like there is a                                                activity will know that it has
  release of a new version of a                                             been working on creating an
  tablet OS nearly every other                                              open web app ecosystem
  week. Just goes to show how                                               ever since Google announced
  important and popular this form    *Microsoft’s approach                  its Chrome Web Store and
  factor is turning out to be. The   for Windows                            made it Chrome-only. Cross-           For latest news, updates
  latest OS to release is Plasma       >>Windows 8 signals a jumbo          browser compatibility, after
  Active 3, a tablet-centric OS        change, which will need a            all, is a core principle of the
                                                                                                                   and features, join us on
  in development by the KDE            major exertion in rewriting          open web. Mozilla Marketplace                Facebook at
  community, known to all open         existing applications. Microsoft     allows you to offer free or paid         facebook.com/
  source enthusiasts and adapters.     is now taking a new approach.        web applications.                          devworx.in
dvwx.in/TiL3In                       dvwx.in/QkJ9C2                       dvwx.in/TiQmI3
                                                                                                        devworx> | November 2012 | www.devworx.in 107
  The state of
  Python in India
  >>Python is popular in developer circles, primarily due to its
  adaption by companies such as Google among several others; and
  is now gaining momentum in India as well> by Noufal Ibrahim

                      ay back in 1991, Guido van Rossum developed          is very attractive to startups and such companies for whom rapid
                      what became known as Python, a programming           turnarounds are important. Larger companies rely on Python for
                      language. It grew from a small project into a first  their internal infrastructure and some even ship applications written
                      class programming language that powers every-        in Python to their customers.
  thing from modern websites to games to scientific computing and
  even NASA projects. Although initially used in prototyping and           Adaption by the industry
  toy projects for tinkerers, it now commands attention from many          Google relies on Python heavily for many of its internal infrastruc-
  companies that actually look for it on a resume.                         ture projects and provides Google App Engine which is a PaaS
      The Python reference implementation is available as free software    product that supports three languages, one of which is Python. In
  under a liberal licence and the overall direction of the language is     fact, Google employs the creator of Python himself, as well as many
  guided by a community process. This lends itself to the creation of      other luminaries of the Python community. ZeOmega is another
  communities of enthusiasts that support and help in the develop-         company with a long history of involvement with Python techni-
  ment of the language. Being a country with a rich IT culture, many       cally, as well as socially. They ship a number of products written in
  Python communities have grown and flourished in India.

                                                                                                                                                   PhOTO COuRTESY: KuShAl DAS
  The language was designed with the notion that code has
  to be read more than written. Python code is English-like
  and has often been called “executable pseudo code”. This
  makes it ideal for newcomers as well as people in various
  fields that aren’t professional programmers.
      Python’s success in the scientific / computing com-
  munity is an example of this. The dynamic nature of the
  language enables quick turnarounds and increases pro-
  grammer productivity. The huge standard library makes it
  very easy to get started with almost any kind of application.
  Add to all this a thriving 20-year old community of enthu-
  siasts and developers and you have all the elements needed
  to make a successful, reliable and high quality open source
  project. Python is also extendable in C making it a very nice
  “glue language”. It is possible to write a little C extension Get in touch with the Python community by joining the user group in your city
  for Python that can allow it to, for example, interface with
  a piece of hardware that can then be controlled from within the          Python and have backed the community and its conferences for a
  language console. Just like it is extendable, Python can be embedded.    long time now. Enthought, with its offices in Mumbai ships a suite
  This means that Python can be used as a scripting interface for a        of scientific computing products mostly written in Python.
  larger application. Many graphical applications implement their
  performance intensive parts in C and provide a Python scripting          Python in academia
  interface that can be used to extend the application.                    Perhaps the most widespread commercial use of Python, in India
                                                                           anyway, is for writing web apps. There are a number of companies,
  Emergence as a powerful language                                         large and small, in India who have public facing and internal web-
  While initially, it was only used by programmers for their personal      based tools that are written using one of the many Python web frame-
  projects, it has taken root in the industry and a quick search on pop-   works out there. On the academic side, there’s been an increasing
  ular job boards for Python displays numerous positions available.        interest in using Python as a first language for new programmers.
  The short development time and dynamic nature of the language            Various engineering colleges in Bangalore such as MSRIT and R.V.
108 devworx> |November 2012 | www.devworx.in
College of Engineering teach Python either as
part of the official curriculum or as a supple-
                                                      *pointers                             conference and the number of delegates as well
                                                                                            as sponsors grew over the years. It is a volunteer
mentary skill. Many students from India partici-      >>Nuggets of cool                     driven event that the Indian Python community
                                                      code at work
pate in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) projects                                               looks forward to every year.
related to Python and this number is growing.
    Senthil Kumaran, one of the Python core                                                 The Python Software Society of India
developers from India who entered the project via                                           To facilitate PyCon India and to spearhead work
GSoC talks about his experience – “Being a part of                                          that takes Python and related technologies for-
an Open Source project, especially a widely used                                            ward in India, the Python Software Society of
one like Python has been an amazing experience.       *Bill Gates on                        India was formed shortly after the 2009 confer-
It has taught me many things, most important of       Windows 8, WP8                        ence. It is a non-profit organisation that oversees
which is we work not for competition, money or        and Surface                           the conference and takes care of finances and
fame, but for enjoyment. It also takes away a good    >>Microsoft’s Chairman Bill Gates     book keeping not much unlike the PSF world-
                                                      chats about Windows 8, Windows
amount of time from you and you are never short                                             wide. It has recently instituted an award for stu-
                                                      Phone 8, Natural user Interface
of anything to do. Serious software engineering       and Microsoft Surface.                dents active in the Python community in honour
as a hobby and software as a craft is something       http://dvwx.in/PNSQgh                 of the first President of the society, Kenneth Gon-
many of us from India are yet to come to grasp                                              salves, who passed away earlier this year.
with, this is teaching me exactly that.”
    Another prominent example of the role of                                                Join the Indian Python community
Python in education is the FOSSEE project spon-                                             While there is no real formal “community” as
sored by the Ministry of Human Resources and                                                such, participating in the user group meetings
Development. It aims to bring programming                                                   and helping out with PyCon India are a great
skills to scientific professionals to do their work                                         way to get to know the larger Python commu-
and the language of choice is Python.                 *jQuery at LinkedIn                   nity. It can be a rewarding technical and social
                                                      >>Senior Web Developer at
                                                                                            experience. We’d love to have you! The official
                                                      linkedIn, Kiro Risk, talks about
The Indian Python community                           jQuery and how it has helped          PyCon India mailing list is at http://mail.python.
There are active user groups in Pune, Bangalore,      the powerful professional network     org/mailman/listinfo/inpycon. Signing up will let
Chennai, the NCR region and many other large          provide a better experience to        you take part in the discussions leading to the
                                                      its users.
Indian cities. The Bangalore group, which is                                                conference. Calls for volunteers and other such
one of the oldest, was created in 2007 or so and                                            things are made on the list. Local user groups
has met semi regularly since then at various                                                have their own mailing lists where meetups are
times. Anand Pillai, who was instrumental                                                   organised. Joining the one in the city closest to
in starting the initial Bangalore Python user                                               you is a good way to meet local Pythonistas. If
group or “Bangpypers” as it is called, is still an                                          your city doesn’t have one, considering starting
active member of the community. The commu-                                                  one yourself.
nity grew over the years and in 2009, the first                                             • ChennaiPy (Chennai): https://groups.google.
PyCon in India was held at the Indian Institute                                                com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/chennaipy
                                                      *Create a WordPress
of Science in Bangalore.                              theme from scratch                    • Bangpypers (Bangalore): http://mail.python.
                                                      >>This video shows you how to            org/mailman/listinfo/bangpypers
The Python Software Foundation                        take a regular hTMl page and          • PythonPune (Pune): https://groups.google.com/
The Python Software Foundation is a non-profit        turn it into a very simple               forum/?fromgroups#!forum/PythonPune
                                                      WordPress Theme Package that
organisation established in the United States         you can use on any WordPress site     • NCR-Python.in (NCR): http://mail.python.org/
for advancing open source technology related          using Dreamweaver.                       mailman/listinfo/ncr-python.in
to the Python language. One of its activities is      http://dvwx.in/VlqIhm                     The community section of the official website
the organisation of a worldwide conference for                                              of the Python programming language is at http://
all Python developers called “PyCon”. Regional                                              python.org/community/ and you might find links
conferences have sprouted around the world                                                  there that are relevant as well.
catering to local needs and in 2009, the first
one was held in India. This was conducted in                                                Read the original article online on devworx.
consultation with the PSF and while small, kick                                             Visit www.devworx.in
started PyCon India.
    The conference has grown since then. 2010         *BB10 Hands on                        *Author
                                                      >>here’s a closer look at Research    >>Noufal Ibrahim is a freelance programmer and
saw the event again in Bangalore at MSRIT and
                                                      in Motion’s latest mobile operating   trainer based out of Bangalore, currently working for
in 2011, it was conducted in Pune. In 2012, it        system. This is undoubtedly the       the Internet Archive. he was the founder of PyCon
moved back to Bangalore and was conducted at          most important release for the        India and the organiser of the first two conferences.
Dharmaram college. Over the years, the confer-        Canadian company.                     his personal website is at http://nibrahim.net.in.
                                                                                            he also runs the http://emacsmovies.org website.
ence grew and keynote speakers who were part          http://dvwx.in/TPvoeu
                                                                                            Outside of programming, he’s a self proclaimed
of the core Python developer group were invited                                             connoisseur of kitsch, bibliophile, opponent of the
from abroad. Tutorials were added to the main                                               serial comma and an amateur calligrapher.
                                                                                                      devworx> | November 2012 | www.devworx.in 109
                                   *join us!

                                                               >>You’ve been following devworx every               Indian technologists and developers are a very
  >>“BB10 is a new                                             month as you enjoy your favourite technology        close part of cutting edge innovation across the

  beginning for                                                magazine. With your support, devworx has been
                                                               on a steady rise, and is discovering its identity
                                                                                                                   globe. We want to help you innovate!
                                                                                                                        devworx is an attempt to recognise
  BlackBerry”>>                                                with you – the reader – the developer. While on     such stories in software innovation, early on!
                                                               one hand, it’s an extension of your most trusted    Irrespective of where you stand in the scenario
  >>Sarim Aziz, Developer                                      brand – Digit; on the other, it’s tailored for      illustrated, we invite you to be a part of us.
  Relations, Research in Motion                                application developers in India.                    Whether you’re an established app development
                                                                   Whether you’re an app development               company, a policy maker influencing the mobile
  Could you shed some light on BlackBerry 10?                  company based out of India, an application          ecosystem, or an individual developer, there’s
  I look at it as a new beginning for BlackBerry.              developer, or simply an enthusiast – you are        a lot to share with the community. We eagerly
  From the ground up, it’s an absolutely new mobile            nonetheless, a catalyst in India’s growth as a      want to hear your story. Write to us today! Visit
  computing platform. At the same time, it’s built             software development powerhouse. Be it the          www.devworx.in and go to the Contact us
  on an industry standard (QNX) real-time OS.                  Large Hadron Collider at CERN, or the Curiosity     and Careers pages for further information. You
  It’s fundamentally changing the way RIM and                  Explorer currently roving across Martian terrain,   can also email us at editor@devworx.in.
  BlackBerry is perceived. It’s a completely new

                                                              *open source
  experience from a mobile computing standpoint.

  Why a QNX-based OS instead of Linux?
  Oh yes, there are plenty of technical as well as
  other reasons for choosing QNX over Linux to
  base our new operating system. Although similar
  to UNIX, QNX is a real time operating system
  and is a micro kernel. What that means is that
  it is able to support distributed processing. As
  hardware changes, you don’t have to rewrite the
  whole OS. It’s used in mission critical operations
  already for more than a decade including internet
                                                               Aptana Studio                                         SproutCore
                                                                 >> Aptana Studio is an open source                     >> SproutCore is an open-
  routers, mission critical systems, medical devices             IDE for building Ajax web applications.                source JavaScript framework
  and space stations have been using QNX. Even                   Based on Eclipse, it supports                          that allows developers to create
  car dashboards have been using QNX.                            JavaScript, hTMl, DOM and CSS                          web applications with advanced
                                                                 with code-completion, outlining,                       capabilities and a user experience
                                                                 JavaScript debugging, error and                        comparable to that of desktop
  What are the advantages in keeping                             warning notifications and integrated                   applications. SproutCore is available
  BlackBerry closed source?                                      documentation.                                         under the MIT license.
  RIM has taken a balanced approach. In the mobile             http://dvwx.in/X8zNOk                                 http://dvwx.in/Ripd3E
  ecosystem, you have two extremes. One one hand,
  iOS is absolutely closed, while the other extreme
  is Android which is causing terrible fragmenta-                                                      Join the discussion on Facebook and
  tion. It is virtually impossible to test on all devices.                                             stay updated on latest news and
  With BB10, while the platform itself isn’t open                                                      features. Scan the QR code using your
  source, we’re the most open source friendly plat-                                                    smartphone, now!
  form. For example, all Android 2.3.3. apps abso-
  lutely fine on QNX.

  Read the entire interview online, at                                                                 Prefer 140 characters?
  www.devworx.in and share your comments.                                                              Follow us: @devworx.
110 devworx> |November 2012 | www.devworx.in
                                                 VPN for SoHo                                     Skype targeted by malware

                                                 It’s all about choosing the right
                                                 VPN solution for your small
                                                 office or home
                                                                                                  Skype, the internet communications platform
                                                                                                  was recently being used by hackers to distribute
                                                                                                  a “worm” that infects Windows PCs

Hybrid future
One-on-One with Ryusuke Kashiwabara, Toshiba Storage
Toshiba is aggressively                                                                           period, the cloud storage capacity will be
getting into the external                                                                         much bigger than what notebook, desktop
                                                                                                  or tablet will have. A large amount of data
hard drive market in                                                                              will be stored in the cloud. We see that
India and soon plans to                                                                           trend and are preparing for that. Capacity
launch hybrid drives in                                                                           wise definitely cloud, but unit-wise it will
the near future. We had                                                                           be on the consumer side. Question is will
a chance to speak to Mr.                                                                          it be HDD, SSD or Hybrid drive? We want
Ryusuke Kashiwabara,                                                                              to strongly promote the hybrid drive for
                                                                                                  that segment because the people by now
Marketing Head (ASEAN),                                                                           are very used to using tablets and smart-
Toshiba Storage, who told                                                                         phones. They give you quick response,
us about the upcoming                                                                             quick boot times. With traditional hard
Toshiba Storage products                                                                          drives, you have to wait comparatively
and a general overview                                                                            very long. So speed of is the essence. SSD
of where the storage                                                                              is very fast, but cost itself is still high and
                                                                                                  will be high in the future if you see the cost
industry is headed                                                                                per GB as compared to HDD.
                                                Ryusuke Kashiwabara, Marketing Head
Nimish Sawant                                   (ASEAN), Toshiba Storage                            How soon will the Toshiba hybrid drives
nimish.sawant@thinkdigit.com                                                                      be available in India?
                                                divisions within the same company. How            We are targeting the end of this year.
  What is your purpose of visiting India?       does that help you?                               The purpose of this generation of hybrid
We have been doing business in India, but       Customers expectations are very high. We          drives is to promote technology itself. We
recently we have increased our product          are the only one who has NAND, HDD                want to promote the technology in the
portfolio to external storage as well as        and SSD. So even though the HDD market            first generation and in the second genera-
3.5-inch desktop drives. So the purpose         keeps on growing, the growth of SSD and           tion we want to expand to all possible
is to visit our customers and promote           NAND flash is higher than HDD. So the             channels and OEMs.
our products. Also talk to the media and        one thing that we are focussing on right
promote products to your readers.               now are our hybrid drives, which inte-               What is your take on Thunderbolt exter-
                                                grate NAND flash and HDD tech together.           nal drives which are limited due to the spin-
   Since the Thailand floods, the prices of     Recently we announced a hybrid drive.             ning drives inside?
hard drives skyrocketed. They have reduced      That is one of our core future products           We also considered Thunderbolt ports,
for sure but not to the levels at which they    that we want to push.                             but using it for external drives does not
were before the floods. So when do you see                                                        make sense. If local PC storage has SSD
that happening?                                    Five years down the line, between these        and even the external storage is SSD
Before the floods we had five HDD ven-          four options, which do you think will be          level, then maybe using Thunderbolt
dors, but post floods there are just three:     at the top according to you: HDD, hybrid          with its fast interface will make sense.
Seagate, WD and Toshiba. So the pricing         drives, SSDs and cloud storage?                   But at this moment because of the inter-
situation is different from what it was in      If you talk about total units of shipment         nal HDD performance, we have no plan
the past. Of course due to the increase in      for HDD or SSD, cloud itself is not going to      to release that kind of product in our
areal density of the drive, the price will go   be enough because the number of HDDs              external HDD portfolio.
down year-by-year or quarter-by-quarter.        shipped to those cloud data centres is not
But that reduction will not be a sharp          as great as the number we ship to laptop or
decline, but it will be more gradual.           desktop consumers. The HDD itself of one
                                                                                                    Read moRe at: dgit.in/toshiba_d12
                                                capacity is quite large for the data centre.
  Could you give us the advantages of           But if you look at total capacity, the cloud
having both the HDD and NAND memory             itself is already quite large. Over a five year

                                                                                                         Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 111
                                    Authentication gateway                                         Setup help

    Smart SoHo
                                    The authentication gateways in many VPNs can
                                    also be effectively used as a firewall. If it’s capable,
                                    it may be better to use simply the VPN’s firewall
                                                                                                   Setting up a VPN is often very vendor-specific.
                                                                                                   However, many have web-based user interfaces that
                                                                                                   allow simple installation guides and wizards

                    VPN setting up for
                    Basics of
 Spandan Sharma

        magine you’ve finally managed
        to take a day off from work, and
        are at a long-awaited lunch with
        your friends. All of a sudden your
 boss calls you, and says that you have
 look at some data stored on the office
 network and mail a short summary to
 him. Right. Now. How do you view data
 stored on your office computer, or on
 a fileserver in office? One option is by
 keeping such data shared on a cloud-
 based service like Dropbox, but they
 can be quite insecure and vulnerable.
 In such a scenario, what you really need
 is a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
     A VPN is a technology for using the
 internet or another intermediate network                VPNs can greatly improve your employees’ accessibility and portability
 to connect computers to isolated remote
 computer networks that would other-                    to a single company computer, you can              has severe security issues, and hence
 wise be inaccessible. A VPN can provide                use remote desktop access software like            its use is gradually being phased out
 varying levels of security so that data sent           GoToMyPC or LogMeIn. However, if you               everywhere. So, while PPTP is still
 through the VPN connection can remain                  need multiple remote connections, a full           available, and will mostly be available
 isolated from other access points on the               VPN may be a better idea.                          for your device, choosing other more
 intermediate network, either through the                                                                  secure protocols may be a better choice.
 use of a dedicated connection from “one                Protocols to be followed                        2. IPSec: Internet Protocol Security
 end” of the VPN to the other, or through               Any VPN can follow one of several                  (IPSec) was created by the Internet
 encryption. VPNs are also capable of                   protocols available, or can even opt for a         Engineering Task Force (IETF) and is
 connecting multiple networks together,                 “hybrid protocol”, combining two or more           a standard that encrypts all network
 apart from connecting individual users to              elements from two different protocols.             traffic at a low level. IPSec is one of
 a remote network.                                      We’ll look at three of the biggest, and most       the most commonly used protocols by
     If you’re part of a small corporate                commonly used protocols for VPNs today:            many vendors, like Cisco, Juniper, and
 setup that has employees who need to                   1. PPTP: Point-to-Point Tunnelling Pro-            Microsoft, and even by open-source
 frequently work while travelling, or                      tocol (PPTP) was first implemented by           projects, like KAME and Openswan,
 work-from-home, you need to invest in a                   Microsoft in Windows 95, and VPNs               as the foundation for their VPN soft-
 solution that lets such employees connect                 for it have been around ever since. All         ware. The greatest advantage of IPSec
 to the office network and access data and                 Windows versions since Windows 95               is that it requires all remote users to
 resources on it via a secure connection. In               have default support for PPTP, as do            go through two levels of verification
 case you have a really small setup where                  Mac OS X and some smartphones and               before they are granted access – a
 only one or two people need to connect                    VPN devices. However, this protocol             basic authentication to connect to the

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  Mobile VPNs                                                         Site-to-site VPN
  “Mobile” VPNs can be used where the endpoint of
  the network is not fixed to a single IP address, like
  cellular data networks or Wi-Fi access points
                                                                      Apart from remote access, VPNs can also be used
                                                                      to establish site-to-site networks, which are used to
                                                                      connect two or more networks together                               Smart SoHo

   network, and another authentica-                  1. Teamviewer 5: If you’re                                       their advantages; however,
   tion to access data on the network.                   looking for remote con-                                      some may be more advanta-
   This helps in maintaining security                    trol possibilities with a                                    geous to you than others.
   for sensitive data. Some operating                    lot of features, the ability                                 Or, as mentioned earlier,
   systems like the Mac OS X come                        to share access to desktop                                   you might end up realizing
   pre-configured to connect with IPSec                  remotely, and get pres-                                      that a “hybrid VPN” of two
   VPNs, while most Windows systems                      entation software in the                                     or more different VPNs
   rely on third-party software for the                  package, Teamviewer 5 is                                     suits your needs more. Your
   same. Many mobile devices also sup-                   both the simplest and the                                    choice of VPN should be
   port generic IPSec connectivity.                      most powerful solution.                                      based on the requirements
3. SSL: Secure Socket Layer VPN (SSL-                    Businesses and corporate                                     that drove you to get a VPN
   VPN) (also known as Secure Socket                     setups will have to pay a                                    in the first place – if you
   Tunnelling Protocol (SSTP)) is a                      bit upfront, but individ-                                    deal with highly sensi-
   protocol that allows for the creation                 uals can get it for free. It’s Hamachi is one of the         tive data that needs more
   of “clientless” VPNs. This means that                 a great choice either way.      most popular VPN clients security when sending to
   the remote computer does not need to              2. Wippien: Wippien is a                                         remote machines, perhaps
   have a client pre-installed to login to               very basic but handy VPN software.            an IPSec based VPN is a better choice, like
                                                         Ideal for those whose network needs           the one offered by Cisco Small Business
                                                         are simply for sharing files and content      RV Series Routers. These routers utilize
                                                         and multiplayer gaming with friends.          Cisco’s proprietary Quick VPN soft-
                                                     3. LogMeIn Hamachi: One of the best               ware that is compatible with Windows 7
                                                         business-focussed VPN clients out             (64-bit and 32-bit), Windows XP (32-bit)
                                                         there. It’s a highly comprehensive            and Windows Vista (64-bit and 32-bit).
                                                         package with a clear focus towards            On the other hand, if you’re not worried
                                                         setting up VPNs for businesses with           about security, but have many employees
   SSL VPNs can help you access your                     industry-grade security. Hamachi              constantly on-the-move and portability
   network over the internet, without the                supports encryption of data, compres-         is an issue, an SSL-based VPN, like the
   need for a pre-installed client                       sion of multiple files and a surpris-         RV220W Wireless Network Security Fire-
                                                         ingly customizable chat option.               wall, will be more useful. Pick wisely, and
   the VPN. The user can simply use the                  The client itself is very handy and           make the right choice to meet your needs.
   Internet or a similar intermediate net-               user-friendly, however, only the basic            Another important thing to remember
   work to connect to the remote network,                version is free, and the user has the         while setting up a VPN is to ensure that
   where they will have to provide some                  option of buying additional add-on            you have sufficient bandwidth to support
   form of authentication to access the                  features at his/her discretion.               the VPN and its remote users. If your
   data. Due to the high amount of port-             4. OpenVPN Shield Exchange:                       upload speed is slow because of limited
   ability and accessibility offered by this             OpenVPN offers a safe and secure              bandwidth, the remote users will see a sig-
   protocol, it has become quite popular,                connection via the internet. It is quite      nificant drop in their network speed.
   although it often sacrifices security due             affordable, and offers clients for both           Last but not the least, be sure that the
   to the lack of an extra layer of authenti-            Windows and Mac platforms. How-               VPN you choose supports all the oper-
   cation, as seen in IPSec.                             ever, the service is free only for the        ating systems used by the machines on
                                                         first 100 MB of usage, and users have         your VPN. Certain VPNs support only
How do I know which VPN                                  complained that it occasionally slows         certain operating systems, so be sure to
software to use?                                         down browsing speeds. But overall, an         pick one that suits the requirements of all
As with most things related to the                       option worth looking at to get a basic        your VPN’s users.
internet and software, googling “VPN                     idea of whether or not a VPN is useful            Setting up a basic VPN is fairly easy,
software” can give you a bewildering                     to your company’s needs.                      and you can set one up for your small
array of options to pick from. There are                                                               business even without owning a server.
many free as well as paid VPN software               Stuff to remember                                 And once set up, all your data is (reason-
services available; although, if you’re              Many users are confused by the variety            ably) secured, and you no longer have to
a Small Office or Home Office (SOHO)                 of options available when choosing a              worry about other people spying on the
setup, a free service that fulfils all your          VPN, and end up picking one based on its          data sent to and from your network. Even
basic requirements will do just fine.                popularity and reviews. However, a more           the simplest VPN can give you remote
Below, we have listed some of the more               important question than “Which VPN is             security equivalent to the one of far larger
popular and recommended software                     better?” is “Which VPN is better suited           and more well-equipped companies, and
for setting up your very own VPN:                    for my business’s needs?” All VPNs have           is a great investment. Go for it!

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   a Closer look
   at ultrabooks
  an introduction to NFC
           ou may have heard a lot about NFC recently, with
           nearly every new smartphone touting NFC capa-
           bility. Even so there is a lot of confusion about
   what exactly NFC is, what it is capable of and what it
   means in terms of capability. You will hear a lot about                         and these are enough to power the device. The tag uses
   making payments and sharing photos, and those are good                          the power it gets from the RFID reader to send back its
   uses, but an understanding of the underlying technology                         own radio message with the data it stores—or it could
   will greatly help you in recognising other possible uses
                                                                   nfc has the     just have a small battery. In this case an RFID reader
   for this feature.                                               potential       is a passive device that sends the same bits of data it is
        It might sound like NFC is some recent development                         stored no matter what.
   that only came about in the past one or two years, but this     to simplify         What if you were to create a similar system where
   is far from the truth. NFC is a very old technology; in fact                    two devices could communicate using similar means?
                                                                   point to
   the first phone to feature NFC was actually released way                        Where both devices could work as both a tag and a reader
   back in 2006, it was the Nokia 6131, a clamshell phone.         point data      to pass along small messages. Well, NFC is exactly such
       While NFC has been seeing a splurge of interest of                          a system. NFC is in fact compatible with RFID, and you
   late, the technology was defined as far back as 2004
                                                                   comm.           could have NFC tags, just like RFID tags.
   by the NFC Forum founded by Nokia, Philips and Sony.            especially in
   Now of course the NFC Forum has many more members.                              appliCatioNs
       So now you know NFC isn’t some magical new tech-            point of sale   As you can guess from the name, and from its ancestry
   nology, it is actually quite old. But what is it?               transaction     NFC is for communication between devices placed very
                                                                                   close by, distances much closer than those required by
   What is NFC?                                                    operations      BlueTooth or WiFi. In fact devices usually have to be
   First of all NFC, since we haven't clarified that already,                      touching or placed a few centimetres apart.
   NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a tech-                              While this might seem like a disadvantage, and most
   nology for wireless transfer of data between two devices.                       certainly can be in many situations, it also has its positive
   If that sounds a lot like Blue Tooth or WiFi, that is because                   sides. While BlueTooth and WiFi require that a device be
   it is a similar.                                                                paired, or share a mutual password, NFC has no such
        NFC has its roots in RFID or Radio Frequency Identi-                       requirements. Authentication is assumed based on the
   fication. RFID tags are like bar-codes that don’t need to                       fact that the devices are nearly touching, which would
   be scanned, but merely placed near an RFID reader. An                           require both device users to choose to do so.
   RFID chip—which by the way can be smaller than a grain                              In fact NFC can be used as an alternative to entering
   of rice—can be read by an RFID reader without the need                          long WiFi keys or traditional means of pairing devices using
   for contact, so if a shopping mall were to tag everything                       BlueTooth. For example if you have a WiFi point that sup-
   via RFID, all a shopper would have to do is pass their                          ports NFC, it could automatically transmit the WiFi key to
   shopping bag / trolley near an RFID reader, and all the                         any device that is placed very near it. Or, rather that start
   products could automatically billed. For those who live in                      a tedious BlueTooth pairing process, you could simply tap
   Delhi a good example of RFID chips in use is in the Delhi                       two phones together and they would use that gesture as
   Metro, where tickets and smart cards use RFID tags.                             consent for a BlueTooth pairing. This particular feature is
        An RFID tag is essentially a chip storing some data                        in fact available in Android in the form of Android Beam.
   which gets activated by an RFID reader. The radio waves                             While NFC can be used for data transfer, it can be quite
   from the RFID reader are intercepted by the RFID tag,                           slow for large amounts of data, especially when compared

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                                                           nfc is growing, slowly.
                                                           with each passing year
                                                           more phones tout nfc
                                                           capabilities and its uses as
                                                           a means of payment or simple
NFC is now finding many uses in places
where RFID was used earlier                                data exchange are growing.
                                                           across the world adoption of
to BlueTooth or WiFi. So Android Beam uses
NFC and take advantage of its convenience                  nfc is growing and it is being
in quick communication over short distances,
                                                           using in public transit systems,
and uses that to authenticate the devices so
that that it can use quicker technologies for the          and banks.
actual transfer of data. As such it can transfer
anything, music, videos, or the state of an appli-
cation, such as tabs open in a browser, the
saved state of a game etc.                           at how BlueTooth is now common on many              of NFC at your disposal, quick initiation of
    NFC is also finding many uses in places          laptops and you will see how it is likely to find   communication, moderately fast data transfer
where RFID was used earlier. For example             future laptops fitted with NFC. Desktops usu-       speeds (around 400 kbit/s) and the possibility
it can be used as an alternative to ID cards.        ally have neither but are flexible enough to use    of having passive (without battery) items that
    One up and coming use is as a means of           dongles to add those capabilities.                  interact with NFC devices.
payment. Google Wallet for example allows                There are tons of imaginative uses for
one to initiate payments by simply tapping           NFC that people have yet to come up with.           the Future oF NFC
your phone on a payment device. Your finan-          All one needs to know are the advantages            NFC is growing, slowly. With each passing
cial details can be stored on Google Wallet,                                                             year more phones tout NFC capabilities and
and when you initiate a transfer using NFC,                                                              its uses as a means of payment or simple
Google Wallet only needs your authorisation                              Global                          data exchange are growing. Across the world
for payment, and handles the rest.                                                                         adoption of NFC is growing and it is being
    Games can use NFC to initiate a mul-                                                                     using in public transit systems, and banks.
                                                                  mobile networks
tiplayer gaming session and use WiFi or                                                                        Even in India it is in use by PayMate, an
BlueTooth for the actual game data.                                                                              Indian mobile payment network, and
    Tapping mobile and tablets, or                                      100 km                                    Tata Docomo.
putting them in close proximity                                                                                         Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U
                                                                    wimaxtm, etc
makes a lot of sense, but one is                                                                                     will support NFC in its gamepad
likely to have a hard time imagining                                     100 m                                       allowing for new forms of game-
such a thing working with desk-                                                                                       play and the possibility of NFC-
                                                                     wi fitm, etc
tops. Even so, a laptop or desktop                                                                                    driven microtransactions. Windows
fitted with NFC can use that func-                                      10-20 m                                      8 and Windows 8 Phone both have
tionality to enable all kinds of                                                                                     extensive support for NFC and Intel
useful interactions. You could for
                                                                  bluetooth, etc.                                  aims to make the feature available
example, transfer your browsing ses-                                  Up to10 cm                                  on its Ultrabooks as well.
sion to your tablet / mobile from your                                                                                The future is bright for NFC tech-
laptop / desktop before leaving home.                                                                           nology, and this is the initial stage,
Or sync between you laptop / desktop and
mobile / tablet just by using NFC.
                                                                       NFC                                    where any innovation could come along
                                                                                                           and cause a sudden burst in adoption for the
    You won’t find NFC on many laptops or                                                                technology. Even otherwise it is on a positively
desktops but it is only a matter of time. Look            Wireless Communication Standards               growing trend is a technology to look out for.

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  build touch applications
   touCh For desktop apps
   First of all, let us clarify desktop applications here doesn’t
   just mean applications developed for non-portable tra-
   ditional desktop machines. What we mean to convey is
   that these are applications that are delivered via the
   traditional desktop model. The user downloads or oth-
   erwise acquires the software, and then installs it. The
   software runs directly on the machine rather than in a
   web browser. The machine itself could be a desktop,
   notebook or netbook. In fact what we are talking about
   is more relevant to portable devices with touch screens,
   not actual desktops.                                             as a           packed. Often the interfaces are dense with information
       Looking back at the way the research subjects                               and controls to improve the efficiency for repetitive tasks.
   approached touch capability, they tended to move                 developer,         Touch simply does not give the kind of precision that
   between touch and the mouse depending on subtle fac-             why limit      one can get with a mouse. While a mouse always registers
   tors in addition to conscious awareness. What this tells                        an exact, single-pixel coordinate under the hotspot of the
   us is that the most comfortable mode of operation is not
                                                                    your target    cursor, the operating system assumes the input from a
   one where we are insisting that they use one method or           audience to    touch screen is likely to be inaccurate and compensates
   another; rather, it is indeterminate. A user may click a                        accordingly. The operating system thus has to be a little
   button on a form using the mouse 80 percent of the time                         intuitive and “guess” where you wanted to click based on
   and use touch 20 percent of the time one day and entirely        and tablet     where the user elements lie on the user interface, and the
   reverse this pattern the following day.                          users? with    “fuzzy” area covered by the touch of a finger.
       Whatever you design has to suit either input mode.                              For example, if the touch screen reports that you
   Do not decide for the user, or force the user to use only
                                                                    windows 8,     pressed just outside of a field, the operating system may
   touch for certain tasks and only the mouse for other task.       you can now    choose to interpret this as a click in the field, as you are
   Of course, if you fail in your design and end up making                         more likely to want to click in the field than you are to click
                                                                    target intel
   the user’s input decision for him or her, frustration will                      outside of the field. Therefore, one way in which you can
   certainly ensue.                                                 ultrabook      help the operating system is to space the fields so that
       Incidentally, the choice of platform and framework           users with     presses outside of fields can be more reliably mapped as
   used in the application’s construction is probably not rel-                     intentions to click in fields. The same applies to buttons.
   evant when talking about touch optimisation. For example,        rich and           Another way to help the operating system is to make
   Java and Microsoft’s dot NET are equally capable of              interactive    the fields larger, for the simple reason that a larger field is
   supporting developers introducing touch in that neither                         easier to hit. Generally though, the standard presentation
   platform considers touch a first-class way of providing
                                                                    apps           of buttons and fields is of an appropriate size for touch
   input into an application. Over time though, this view is        that take      or mouse operation.
   likely to change as touch works its way backwards from                              Oftentimes, forms get cramped, because software
   post-PC devices to PC hardware. Microsoft’s Metro for                           engineers want to get everything onto a single form;
   example, is entirely touch based and focused. Hence, any         of inbuilt     so, it’s easy to find applications that have fussy or fiddly
   work you have to do you’ll have to do yourself, although         sensors        forms. When touch-optimising this sort of form, you may
   such work tends not to be onerous.                                              find it appropriate to break out individual functionality
       Really, all you’re trying to do is be sympathetic to the
                                                                    including      into tabs. Of course, you also have to make the tabs an
   user. After all if they are frustrated by using your applica-    touch and      appropriate size. By default, tabs are typically too small,
   tion on a touch device they will look for an alternative that                   probably because designers generally considered them
   works. And the chances of this—that is a person using                           a secondary UI element. For touch optimisation, you’re
   your device on a computer—are only going to increase.                           turning that secondary element back into a primary ele-
                                                                                   ment by making it larger.
   targets                                                                             Toolbars and menus are another consideration. Menus
   For desktop applications, the major consideration is target                     are usually managed by the operating system, and as
   size. Many business applications are form based, and such,                      such, you can assume that the operating system will
   applications tend to have a reputation for being tightly                        interpret touch in an optimal way when working with

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menus. That said, because it’s likely the user          From time to time, developers build custom            Gestures such as pinch-to-zoom aren’t
will have a keyboard, you may choose to make       interfaces with the expectation that users will        something that can be replicated with a mouse
some of your touch optimisation work include       drag items around on their surfaces or scroll          though, so it is important to not have them
increasing keyboard accelerators for driving       around. Consider an image editing application;         as the exclusive means to perform an action.
the menu, thereby generally reducing the need      you are working on a canvas, where the image           Otherwise you will leave behind mouse users.
to use the menu.                                   can be moved around to put focus on different
     In terms of toolbars, you may find that the   areas. You can add elements to the image, and          study: ChildreN’s math game
buttons are too small. Toolbars are necessary,     resize or rotate them. In such a case you need         In this game, the user is given the option to
but developers tend to make them as small          to ensure that the handles for resizing, and rota-     choose a difficulty level. In every level, the user
as possible, because they are a secondary          tion are large enough to be picked up via touch.       selects operands (digits) and operators (+,-,*,/).
feature compared to the display of the data             You may run into a problem where the oper-        The goal is to construct an arithmetic sequence
you’re working on.                                 ating system is limited in the help it can give you    that uses both operators and operands to create
     The bigger problem with toolbars is           in interpreting touch placement. When the oper-        a sound mathematical equation. If the equation
tooltips. Introduced with Microsoft Windows        ating system is asked to display a form, it has an     is correct, the tiles disappear; otherwise, nothing
95, these tips allow users to use the mouse        understanding of the construction of that form         happens. The goal is to make all operand tiles
to obtain a deeper understanding of what a         and therefore is able to make decisions like, “The     disappear. It is possible to get stuck in a level
button does. Toolbar icons are often cryptic,      user clicked in a blank area; I suppose he or she      if equations aren’t constructed properly! Thus,
and often their meaning is established by con-     actually wanted to click this field.” If you custom    the game requires thinking ahead.
vention rather than meaningful icon. Consider
the often-used floppy icon for saving files. To
most people of this generation that icon bears
no resemblance to anything they use, for them
it is the save icon rather than the image of a
floppy. A new user then would have to look at
a tooltip over this button to understand what
it means rather than by looking at that icon.
     The Intel team’s research didn’t include
a test as to whether users took advantage of
tooltips, but it’s easy to assume that users
wanting to know what a button did might
well hold it down and expect more informa-         The user simply taps on each tile to make the selection
tion to appear. This functionality is certainly
doable, but consider that the user’s finger        draw the whole interface, the operating system             When the app is launched, the user sees:
and hand will be obscuring the screen around       just sees a rendering surface without deeper               If, for instance, the user chooses level 3, the
the button, etc. Therefore, you will need to       meaning. As such, you may need to replicate            game board XAML is loaded and play begins:
consider where you display the tooltip. As         the fuzzy matching that the operating system               On this game board, a correct equation could
tooltips are a standard feature of most toolbar    does on your own custom controls.                      be constructed as follows: (1+2)-2 = 1. Note
libraries, this change of presentation may                                                                that the game does not use the formal order
require additional work.                           ZoomiNg aNd sCrolliNg                                  of operations—equations are processed from
     Traditional desktop applications often rely   Operating systems typically interpret scroll           left to right. So, here, the user could choose
on pop-up forms and dialog boxes. The only         intentions properly. A word of caution, though.        the following tiles in this order: 1, + , 2, - , 2, 1
consideration here is that people often want       If you use third-party control libraries in                The game does not need an equal sign; the
to move and resize these items. The oper-          your application, you may run into problems.           game logic tracks the cumulative total as the
ating system will, of course, do this for you.     Although the operating system knows that one           user continues selecting tiles. The following
Moreover, the operating system should do a         of its list box controls is a list box and can infer   picture shows the partial selection of all but the
good job by itself of handling touch interac-      a scroll intention, that may not be a given for a      final tile.The selected tiles are shaded so they
tion on captions and borders. Therefore, verify    third-party control. That said, it should gener-       appear darker. Now, when the user selects “1”,
that your application works adequately in this     ally be the case that scrolling works alright, as      the equation is properly constructed, and the
regard out of the box.                             even third-party controls tend to build on and         tiles disappear!
                                                   extend the regular operating system controls.              There is one problem. The game has no
other appliCatioNs                                      One area where you may find yourself              way to arithmetically eliminate all remaining
So much for basic forms applications. What         working harder is zooming. “Pinch to zoom” on          operand tiles. Winning in the original level
about those applications with more novel, spe-     touch devices is natural, but there’s no built-in      structure shown above is left as an exercise
cialised interfaces?                               support for it on the standard controls.               for the user! n

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                                     CTC Winners
                                                 CTC IV is finally done. Check out our
                                                 community page to see who won!
                                                                                                    Borderlands 2, FIFA 13, PES 2013 and
                                                                                                    a look at ICGC (Goa)

  The funniest stuff on the net
  Being a humour issue this month, we spent quite some time looking for funny stuff as
  “inspration”. Our hours spent online hunting for funny stuff proved to be quite fruitful (sigh, we
  love our jobs) and here is the pick of the team’s “funniest stuff on the internet”

                                                 Troll Alert
                                                 David Thorne is a humanitarian and
                                                 graphic designer who helps design
                                                 free posters for the needy. Many of us
                                                 were in tears as we went through his
                                                 site, barely able to speak, held in the
                                                 grip of extreme emotion. If you need
                                                 any help, please do send him a mail at
                                                 david@27bslash6.com, just don’t forget
     Cat-ception                                 to send us a copy of the conversation.       Autotuned masterpieces
     Cat watching Nyan cat. Cat watching                                                      We’re a superstitiuous bunch at Digit and
     cat watching Nyan cat. Cat watching                                                      we can’t end our day without listening
     cat watching cat watching Nyan cat. Cat                                                  to Sweet Brown’s brilliant rendition of
     watching cat watching cat watching cat                                                   “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” An auto-
     watching Nyan cat. The video stops at                                                    tuned anthem that puts the likes of Sarah
     this point, probably because the crea-                                                   Brightman to shame. Also, we have an
     tor’s mind couldn’t take it anymore.                                                     inexplicable need to remind ourselves of
     Imagine being stuck in limbo, watching                                                   our lucky number, muttering “pucheees
     this video over and over again. [shudder]                                                pucheees” under our breath as we work.

                                                 Say “NO” to drugs
                                                 Did you know that a spider on marjuana
                                                 will make a hammock and lay down on it
                                                 instead of buiding a nice web for itself?
                                                 How do you think it’ll react to cocaine or
                                                 cafeine? What about LSD? Head over to
                                                 http://dgit.in/P4jMa8 and check out the
                                                 very educational video on the effects of
                                                 drugs on spiders. It’s a very startling
     You listen to mee                           resemblance to human behaviour.              I keeel you!
     engrish.com vely bad site ya. You no                                                     If you were to imagine staring down a
     visit that intanet prace vely much. You                                                  gaunt and livid terrorist as he stares
     stay away! It mess with your head see                                                    back at you, fire in his eyes and vehe-
     and you not know what happen to your                                                     mently screaming “I KILL YOU” in a
     engrish overtime. Now stop pesteling                                                     tremulous voice, you can’t help but
     meee. Get out o’ here. Go somewhere                                                      burst out in hysterical laughter at the
     else or you bad person, see? Next tile                                                   insanity of it all. Laughter you say?
     more appealing ya, stay away from                                                        Wouldn’t you be all knock-kneed, teeth-
     meee. I hate all of you. OK?                                                             chattering terror? http://dgit.in/Ri3VEZ

118 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com
            Digit 101
                              I couldn’t help it
            Tips on how to be funny online
            and even in real life.
                                                              A man tried to steal a bag of Marijuana from a police
                                                              station. His excuse, “I just couldn’t help myself!”                         Unwind

How we unwind

                                                 How to troll a Nimish...
                                                 You’ve been writing non-stop for a
                                                 couple of hours, there’s so much infor-
                                                 mation in your brain, you’ll probably have
                                                 an aneurysm; furstration levels are high,
                                                 what do you do? You turn to your right
                                                 and troll Nimish. You take his case on
                                                 everything from his professed love for
                                                 Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), jour-
                                                 nalistic soft corner for “human interest
                                                 stories” and pretty much everything else
 G27 and GT5                                     including his currently open chrome tab!           Borderlands 2
 What can we say? We got a Logitech                                                                 Yes, we’re still playing this game.
 G27. The very first thing we did, after                                                            Anirudh and Jayesh especially. Both of
 the power cable fiasco (read the review)                                                           them go home, come back the next day
 was to get ourselves a copy of GT5 and                                                             and then compare notes on their levels
 beg and plead with the mastah for his                                                              and what weapons they got and what
 PS3. He did eventually leave it for us in                                                          not. This got so bad by the end of the
 the office, but probably spent more time                                                           month, with dozens of deadines looming
 with it than anyone else, spending hours                                                           around the corner, Anirudh decided to
 trying to send a Paganni Zonda drifting                                                            start writing in Ubuntu just so that he
 around a speed ring.                                                                               wouldn’t “inadvertently” start playing!

  Productivity hit a new low this month as the gaming pe-               it wasn’t for Jayesh’s running commentary throughout the
  ripherals started trickling into the office. Everyone dropped         proceedings. Nimish, in his attempt to stay one step ahead
  whatever they were doing and started playing in an effort to          of us, was reading the Verge livecast while we were watch-
  “review” the products thoroughly for the sake of you, dear            ing the keynote on Apple’s site. Why that few second‘s ad-
  reader. We played and played and played to such an extent             vantage was appealing to him was beyond us, but what was
  that we didn’t actually do any work till the end of the month.        even more surprising was when Jayesh, without interrupting
  So, if you’re getting this magazine late, you have our most (in)      his running commentary, almost put his fist through Nimish’s
  sincere apologies.                                                    monitor in frustration. It gave us quite a turn, but being well-
      Moving on, we received a new minion this month, better            versed in each other’s oddities, we managed to maintain a
  known as Spandan “Vibrator” Sharma (we couldn’t resist,               poker face and pretend that nothing had happened.
  the name seemed so, well, apt). A strapping young lad with                Siddharth, a leading member with Digit’s twitterati, had
  the innocence and aura of a newly wed maiden about him.               a mild run in with the management. Recently put in charge
  Don’t worry though, we’ve been working on him and hope-               of managing Digit’s Twitter accounts, the double life of man-
  fully, we’ll get him to learn the ways of the world (our world        aging his own account along with Digit’s finally got to him
  at the very least) in no time at all. He is a fast learner and we     and he accidentally posted something weird on Digit’s twitter
  expect to see some improvement in the weeks that follow.              page (he blames his phone for the error, but we know other-
      In other news, the iPad mini launched this month and for          wise). Fortunately, he has the reflexes of a ninja and man-
  a couple of us geeks, it was actually the first keynote we had        aged to delete the post instantly. Unfortunately, you readers
  ever seen live. Yeah, we know, but we’re not such big fans of         have the reflexes of a hyper-active house fly and managed
  their keynotes anyway, especially when, being a true geek,            to retweet that post at least twice in the one second that it
  you know that all that fluff about fusion drives and thinner          was left online. All-in-all, this was among the more unusual
  devices is literally that, fluff. We would have fallen asleep if      months we’ve spent here.

                                                                                                         Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 119
                                                 Karbonn Agnee 3G                                                 Zynga Layoffs

                                WorldMags.net    Karbonn has unveiled its Android tablet
                                                 due this diwali and is expected to be
                                                 priced below `10,000
                                                                                                                  Zynga CEO Mark Puncus confirmed the firm
                                                                                                                  will be firing about 5 % of its workforce,
                                                                                                                  potentially shutting down its overseas offices

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        Kishan Bagaria                Manav Khattri                 Sumeet Gureck                 Salman Khan                   Rohan Kwatra

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        5. Akshit Gupta                                    4. Sanchit Gangwar                                  4. Utkarsh Mathur
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        • Editor’s decision is final and binding on all participants. • Prizes worth `30,000 (collectively) to be distributed amongst the top 5 winners as per
        rank. We will call up the winners to give them a chance to choose their own prizes. • Product images are for representational purposes only.

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          Google Search App                               Final Cut Pro X
          Google has delivered a new search app for the
          Windows 8 platform, that has increased tablet
          optimization than previous incarnations
                                                          Apple has released a fresh version of its
                                                          famous (and occasionally controversial)
                                                          video-editing software, Final Cut Pro          Community

Head over to www.thinkdigit.com/forum to meet some of the most helpful geeks. Our
forum members are always up for helping each other out in times of need.

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Demystifying Windows 8, just for you...

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                         Arise	Vault	Hunter

  Manish “Trigger Happy” Rajesh                      but also for rare loot which would make           the Eridium to himself and all vault hunters
  feedback@skoar.com                                 your game all the more fun. And it isn’t          dead, go figure. As you progress along the
                                                     just guns. You get whacky grenades as             main plot you’ll find yourself in a quest to

                  elcome back to Pandora!            well and even more fancy shields and              save Pandora and its endearing residents
                  Borderlands 2 brings you back      whatnot. Other miscellaneous stuff like           from Jack. Let Claptrap show you the way.
                  to your favourite planet to sink   class mods and relics also serve to fur-
                  yourself in complete shootout      ther enhance your character’s abilities.
  mayhem once again. What’s the differ-                   As with all RPGs Borderlands follows a          Verdict
  ence? This time it’s got MORE guns, MORE           levelling system which allows you to gain           All in all, Borderlands has taken eve-
  stuff to shoot at, MORE quests to complete         skills each time you advance a level. Like the      rything we love about the game and
  and MORE everything! You get the idea.             first game, Borderlands 2 has four classes to       made it even better, making some much
      The game was a fresh breath of air             choose from, each one having a specializa-          needed changes to allow players to enjoy
  from the usual plethora of role playing            tion of their own. The classes will be familiar     the game even more. In fact, what really
  games out there. Was it able to match up           to those who played the previous game, but          stands out in this game, even above the
  to the crazy, whacky style its predecessor         they are just different enough to provide           plethora of guns and excellent combat
  brought to the RPG realm? HELL YEAH!               a unique and enjoyable experience. More             and everything else, is the extremely
      So just like most RPGs we play, the            classes are slowly being added via DLCs.            interesting dialogue. The atmosphere is
  game strives to find the best loot out there,           The new seamless co-op mode is very            quirky and crazy and there is a method
  and Borderlands 2 has no shortage of loot.         enjoyable. You find yourself competing              to this madness. This is one of the best
  Everything you kill, which is practically          with friends or complete strangers for              games we’ve played this year and is an
  anything that moves, drops loot. The loot          loot and are able to pursue quests you’ve           experience that must not be missed.
  consists of mostly guns, ammo, guns, mods,         already completed with them again, and at
  guns, grenades, guns, shields, guns, miscel-       the same time, quests you complete with
  laneous stuff and did we mention guns? The         them are considered done if you were to
                                                                                                         »	 Developer:	Gearbox software
  guns are all fun to use and some of them can       go back to playing single player again.
                                                                                                         »	 Genre: FPS, Action, RPG
  even have hilarious personalities. Yes, you             The story starts off where the last one
                                                                                                         » Platforms:	PC, PS3, Xbox
  read that right, personalities! The first time     ended; you start as one of the four new vault
                                                                                                         »	 Price:	PC: `999 /
  you hear an SMG cackling like a maniac as          hunters who are in search for, you guessed
  you fire at bad guys you’ll assume the fetal       it, vaults. The opening of the last vault led
  position and roll about the floor laughing.        to the discovery of Eridium, an ultra-rare

      Borderlands brings with it a massive           priceless ore. Pandora has been taken over
  array of side quests in addition to the main       by the evil Hyperion Corporation, and its
  story line. You’ll find yourself undertaking       handsome and “magnanimous” leader, Hand-
  these side quests not only for levelling up        some Jack. Oh, he also happens to want all

122 Digit | November 2012| www.thinkdigit.com
                            WorldMags.net                                                                                                       Skoar!

Gaming in Goa: ICGC National Finals
                                  A frenetic weekend with champions

Jayesh “Big Daddy” Shinde                               However, there was precious little time         Tekken), winners of which would go on to
feedback@skoar.com                                  to waste idling around or trying to explore         compete internationally in Malaysia and Paris,
                                                    Goa’s weekend pleasures, as the gaming              respectively. We would like to congratulate

         n a sleepy resort off the tourist          schedule was pretty intense, almost round           Oblique Gaming (who won the DOTA 2 finals),
         map, ICGC (Indian Cyber Gaming             the clock. There was plenty to keep the             Sagar Vyas (FIFA 12 winner) and Loveneet
         Championship) held its annual event        gamers busy and on their game as the day’s          Dogra (Tekken Tag Tournament winner)
         in Goa, earlier last month. It was a       gaming sessions – with simultaneous parallel            Attached along with the gaming tourna-
final sprint to the finish line for a lot of good   sessions on different games – would start           ment was an ancillary event, an expo of
gamers competing from around the country.           around noon and go non-stop all the way             brands associated with the field of gaming –
At stake were bragging rights, cash prizes,         until 4 a.m. the next day. Battling sleep and       Alienware, Cooler Master, and Gunnar Optics.
the title of national champions, and a chance       weariness, energy drinks came to the gamers’        They had stalls to showcase their latest prod-
to represent India in the international rounds      rescue and were consumed by the dozen!              ucts and services to the gaming community.
of a few noteworthy competitions. What more         Nothing prevented the show from going on.               The event organizers also made some
could a self-respecting Indian gamer ask for?           The tournament featured games like              encouraging announcements at ICGC’s
    The inauguration of the event was delayed       DOTA, DOTA 2, FIFA 12, League of Legends,           Goa event. The esports movement in India,
a bit, but once they started the organizers         Battlefield 3, Counter Strike Global Offensive,     which features gaming tournaments based
wasted no time in getting right down to             Tekken Tag Tournament and Blur. Three of            on sports-based games, is moving closer
business. Organized by Nodwin Gaming, the           the games were on a console platform (PS3),         towards recognition by the Indian Olympic
ICGC Goa finale successfully staged and             while the other five were played on the PC.         Association, an important step which would
completed its three-day weekend gaming              Participating in the event were some of India’s     help provide credibility to cyber athletes.
event, which saw over 400 gamers par-               elite gamers hailing from different parts of        ICGC also flagged off the Indian Pro Gaming
ticipate and congregate from all over the           the country. In all, teams from 14 Indian           House, a place where cyber athletes will
country. If not gaming against opponents in         cities, all competing for the ultimate prize: The   be trained, prepped and coached along
various knockout rounds or lounging around          chance to represent India in a global tourna-       with paying them a salary, to bring profes-
in the resort’s two swimming pools (water           ment of renowned gamers. How? For ICGC              sionalism into the Indian esports arena.
polo!), the players of various clans were busy      officially held the Indian legs of The Games        All this will definitely help raise the profile
practicing their moves and tactics, strate-         Xpo (featuring DOTA 2) and the Electronic           of gaming in India. Can’t hardly wait for
gizing on how to put their best foot forward.       Sports World Cup (featuring FIFA 12 and             the next ICGC finals? Neither can we!

                                                                                                               Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 123

  Jayesh “Big Daddy” Shinde                                                                           yes the goalie could be more manoeu-
  feedback@skoar.com                                                                                  vrable but overall FIFA 13’s gameplay is
                                                                                                      very good, we have no complaints. And

             he mechanics of the game haven’t                                                         watching a game unfold on the screen isn’t
             deviated much from FIFA 12 to                                                            far removed from the real deal. FIFA 13
             FIFA 13 – the look and feel of                                                           successfully delivers a first class gaming
             the menus, cut scene animations,                                                         experience, where one really feels that it’s
  background atmosphere, physics, etc. But                                                            far more than just a football simulator.
  having said that, FIFA 13 admirably builds
  on the foundations of FIFA 12 by heightening      controlling and playing FIFA 13 through the
  the sense of realism experienced within           Move motion controller isn’t as intuitive or
  the game. You can play real-life matches          natural as playing a round of golf in Tiger
  that reflect the form and shape of a team         Woods PGA Tour 13 or swinging a racquet
                                                                                                        FIFA 13 builds on the good work started
  at any given day – you can’t pick injured         in Grand Slam Tennis 2. Motion controller
                                                                                                        by EA with FIFA 12, making the football
  players, team morale is reflective of league      support is clunky on FIFA 13 and it’s a work-
                                                                                                        simulator experience better than ever. A
  position, etc. – and the feature should be        in-progress for EA, something to focus on
                                                                                                        few new features really help the game
  a great hit among fantasy football fans.          and fix in the next installment of the game.
                                                                                                        attain new heights in mimicking realism,
      Prime among new features added to                  You won’t notice anything drastically
                                                                                                        making this a bright new chapter in EA’s
  FIFA 13 is the skill games you have to take       different between FIFA 12 and FIFA 13’s
                                                                                                        celebrated football franchise.
  part in before kicking-off a game -- in FIFA      gameplay, other than a few subtleties in the
  12 you had to run with the ball on the training   latest version of the game. Player physics
  ground which would transform into a packed        is fine tuned to further enhance depth and
                                                                                                        »	 Developer:	EA Canada
  arena. In FIFA 13 you play the skill games        immersion in the game – collisions are much
                                                                                                        »	 Publisher: EA Sports
  before kick-off, randomized to help you           more natural, the ball’s momentum matters
                                                                                                        »	 Genre:	Sports, Simulation
  focus before a game. It’s addictive and a         while receiving a pass, the player’s position
                                                                                                        » Platforms:	Windows, Xbox
  great way of fine tuning technical skills, too.   plays a vital role, dribbling is even finer and
                                                                                                           360, PS3, PS2, etc
  The in-game commentary continues to be            more precise than before, and that’s just a
                                                                                                        »	 Price:	PC: `2,999 on PS3 and
  brilliant with the addition of Geoff Shreeves     few noteworthy improvements. First Touch
                                                                                                           Xbox 360; `1,499 for PC
  and Alan McInally for updates from other          Control is the latest addition to the game,
  live games and players injured during the         after the previous installments focused on
  game, respectively. This interplay between        dribbling and defensive aspects of the game.
  the commentators works seamlessly and                  FIFA 13 continues the encouraging
  is another nod towards FIFA 13’s mission
                                                    gameplay mechanic tweaks introduced in
  towards improved realism in the game.             FIFA 12 by making the game a little less
      FIFA 13 is the first game in EA’s football    predictive, and for all the right reasons.
  franchise to support motion controllers. But      Sure it’s still easy to score a goal and

124 Digit | November 2012| www.thinkdigit.com
                          WorldMags.net                                                                                                  SkOAR!	

                             A	Hit	and	Miss
Jayesh “Big Daddy” Shinde

           onami hasn’t changed the PES 2012
           recipe all that much, as a result                                                        Verdict
           PES 2013 bears an overbearing                                                            FIFA 13 remains the better game as
           resemblance to its predecessor.                                                          a complete entertainment package,
It’s both good and bad. The game, for                                                               mimicking on and off-field realism
instance, has a new training mode which          you’ll be frustrated. The tempo of the game        better than PES 2013. However, PES
takes newcomers and PES veterans alike           has slowed down in PES 2013 compared               2013 excels over FIFA 13 in one
on a journey of learning and practicing          to PES 2012, and we welcome this tweak.            crucial aspect, the on-field gameplay
all the nuances of the game. We recom-               Just like the new features elevate and         mechanics. A game played in PES 2013,
mend practicing the new skills and moves         add to PES 2013’s gameplay atmosphere, its         after thorough training, is more dogged,
a lot to save frustrating moments while          unwillingness to address obvious shortcom-         more believable, and more satisfying
playing games. And yes, the learning curve       ings spoils the overall experience. Player         than any FIFA 13 game you’ll ever
associated with mastering the new moves          likenesses have improved a bit, but the            play. Despite all its shortcomings, and
is definitely steeper, more challenging.         commentary remains one of PES 2013’s               for the football fan undecided on their
    Player movements have been improved.         lowest points, and it needs an immediate           allegiance, that’s reason enough to give
How players approach and react on and            overhaul – it doesn’t add to the gaming            PES 2013 a try.
off the ball is better than ever before, and     experience, only interrupts and irritates.
the ball physics is more realistic. PES 2013     While the presentation in FIFA 13 couldn’t         MOAR!
sports a new defence system that’s difficult     be any sleeker, PES 2013’s menu and home           »	 Developer:	PES Productions
to master, but immensely satisfying at the       screens look a bit dated. While it’s still great   »	 Publisher: EA Sports
same time – it’s one of the reason why the       playing Become A Legend and PES’ Master            »	 Distributor:	Konami
game clicks. Compared to FIFA 13, PES            League, we notice the advancement in their         »	 Genre:	Sports, Simulation
2013 imparts greater and finer control to        counterparts in FIFA 13 more visibly than in       » Platforms:	Windows, PS3,
the player in all aspects of on-the-pitch        PES 2013. It would be nice to see Become A            Xbox 360, more
gameplay, and it’s visible in the defence. PES   Legend and Master League get some atten-           »	 Price:	`2,999 on PS3, Xbox
Full Control lets you decide the direction,      tion from Konami so it keeps pace with time.          360 / `1,499 on PC
speed and angle of a shot without com-               The online multiplayer mode in PES
plicating the controller, while Deft Touch       2013 is still identical to its predecessor
Dribbling lets you add finesse to a player’s     except one change – you can win items

on-the-ball movement. When they come             to modify a player’s stats in the offline
off, both these features work beautifully        Legend or Master League mode. While
and help transform PES 2013 to a whole           PES 2013 excels offline, its online game-
new level – but yes, if you don’t practice,      play leaves a lot to be desired.

                                                                                                        Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com 125
                                         Call of Duty Black Ops 2                               Adobe Reader App

    Digit 101
                                         Activision has announced that the online Call of
                                         Duty: Elite subscription service will become free
                                         upon the launch of Black Ops 2 on November 13
                                                                                                Adobe has updated its Adobe reader app for iOS and Android
                                                                                                app with cloud, FormsCentral support mobile document
                                                                                                rights management with secure watermark support

 Humour 101
  How to be funny online... and in real life. Kind of.

              umour is an essential part of the          • Use the power of Web for effective               • Excessive use of expletives don’t neces-
              human experience. Some philoso-            fact-mining and broadening your scope              sarily add to the humour quotient of the
              phers (who we fail to remember)            of humour to connect and compare two               content, and expletives can never make up for
              have argued that expressing and            seemingly unrelated or opposite concepts. For      lack of humour -- using them as a punchline, for
  appreciating humour is as important                                                                                      instance. If you aren’t careful
  as our ability to think. It’s what sepa-                                                                                 with that potty mouth of yours,
  rates us from apes and other pri-                                                                                        you’ll have potential followers
  mates, making us human. Whether                                                                                          smell the reek from afar, wrinkle
  it’s Ray William Johnson’s weekly                                                                                        their noses and flee far away.
  report on viral videos, Jon Stewart’s                                                                                    • Always make fun of
  political satire, or Andy Samberg’s                                                                                      yourself. If you take yourself
  SNL skits, we all laugh and smile                                                                                        too seriously and are wound up
  at things online. Here’s our take on                                                                                     like a spring, you will have a hard
  what works and what doesn’t.                                                                                             time connecting with
  • Humour is effortless and                                                                                               your audience.
  should come naturally, it can’t be                                                                                       • Humour on the web has all
  forced. So be natural, act normal,                                                                                       kinds of people reading it, folks
  and don’t ever force it. Ever. Trying                                                                                    from across the world, with
  to be funny almost always fails,                                                                                         different backgrounds and
  whether you’re on the Web or off it.                                                                                     sensibilities. In your eagerness
  Beware: for people will see through                                                                                      to make fun of anything and
  your act, get bored, stab their eyes                                                                                     everything, always remember
  and curse their unlucky stars for having to            instance, if you can connect Sachin Tendulkar      that making fun of certain topics can be
  experience your constipated sense of humour.           to Genghis Khan (who never had anything to do      socially awkward, frowned upon or even
  • There’s a fine line between being funny              with each other, as far as we can remember)        be deemed downright insulting. Topics like
  or hilarious and making an utter and com-              in an article or video ridiculing all the scams    rape, people with special needs, The Holocaust,
  plete fool of yourself. Think again: are those         uncovered in India recently, you’re thinking       religion and few others are best left unex-
  people really laughing with you or at you? If          outside the box.                                   plored. Use your own discretion.
  you’re a “funny” Youtube video you’ll realize
  this soon enough -- those who like you are the
  former, while those who want to hunt down and
  kill you are the latter.
  • Being funny on Twitter is insanely dif-                                                                Worklight
  ficult, mainly due to its 140 characters cap.
                                                                                                           Provides an open, comprehensive and
  At least as far as Twitter’s concerned, less is
                                                                                                           advanced mobile application platform
  better. If you work on a tweet joke for more                                                             for smartphones and tablets, helping
  than a few minutes, put aside your self-                                                                 organizations of all sizes to efficiently
  delusion for a second and accept the fact that                                                           develop, connect, run and manage HTML5,
  may be being funny isn’t your thing. Get off the                                                         hybrid and native applications Leveraging
                                                                                                           standards-based technologies and tools,
  stage, you should be in the audience!
                                                                                                           the platform ships with a comprehensive
  • Just because every Tom, Dick and Harry (and                                                            development environment, mobile-
  his grandmummy!) can make a meme and post                                                                optimized middleware, and an integrated
  it on your Facebook timeline, it doesn’t mean                                                            management, and analytics console,
  you have to follow suit. Memes and rage                                                                  supported by a variety of
                                                                                                           security mechanisms.
  comics are a good start, but don’t get stuck
  and quickly rise above them to make your style
  and mode of humour delivery unique and of
  better quality.

126 Digit | November 2012 | www.thinkdigit.com

                                                                                                                                                                                        keeping your technology alive


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