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									   Guide to order the best custom lapel pins

Ornamental pins worn on lapel of a jacket are known as lapel pins and are primarily used for indicating
the wearer’s association with a company or organization. These are decorative badges with bar or metal
pin attached on the back, which can be fastened on to a clothing. The backside pin being invisible does
not distract attention from the pin’s design. Due to their ability to grab attention many companies now
resort to using custom lapel pins for symbolizing their attainments and also for fundraising events. In
countries like China and the USSR, these pins acquire cultural significance and come with portraits of
popular political figures or other prominent people.
Choosing lapel pin manufacturing company
Some of the significant points to consider while choosing lapel pin manufcturing company include:
•Fees of designing and manufacturing custom lapel pins
•Time taken to manufacture pins
•Customizing and design options offered by different manufacturers
•Design team and previous works
•Quality of lapel pins manufactured
•Experience of designing pins
•The ordering process of different manufacturers

The ordering process

The ordering process is a significant step in choosing the best company for ordering lapel pins, and this
depends on the customer’s needs as well. Companies without a design have to go through the designing
process, or else one can start the process of ordering pins by submitting the design of the pins. Usually
the ordering process comprise of submitting the design, either through fax or email or in person, which
can be a logo, a sketch, a scanned image, etc. Once submitted, one of the representatives of the
company calls up for further details. Those without a design have to finalize one and then confirm the
order. Once confirmed the delivery date has to be determined.
Creation of design

The process of design creation includes selecting the background, metal color, and correct size of the
pins. Understanding and selecting the right pin style is equally important for buying custom lapel pins.
Soft enamel style for thick pins, photo etched enamel using brass, die casting using 3D mold, sandblasted
and textured, offset print for reproducing pictures, and the classic Cloisonné are some of the common
styles of pins. When unsure while picking a style, look for a company with friendly staff to assist through
the process of style selection.
Effective cutouts, attachments, and added options such as LED lights, sliders, and glow are other
important elements to consider while ordering custom pins.

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