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IN BRIEF                 THE GOLDEN MOMENT                DELIVERABLES
Speculative              “a r e Y o u c h i c k e n ? ”   i d e n t i t Y, p r i n t , o n l i n e

Final year project:      The concept behind                         identitY
I chose to create an     the whole campaign, it                     Logomark
integrated campaign      challenges and dares                       Packaging
for a relatively         the target audience,                      print (ttl)
obscure fast food        who are an assertive                       Print ads
restaurant whose USP     and confrontative                            Flyers
is its all-you-can-eat   group of people, to                         Coupons
fried chicken buffet.    come and eat the fried                    Copywriting
                         chicken buffet.                             online
                                                                     We b s i t e
                                                                   Ad banners
IN BRIEF                             THE GOLDEN MOMENT                      DELIVERABLES
client                               “ p r o d u c t S i n t h e w i l d .” p r i n t

Berten Living,                       The idea is about                           print
a lifestyle furniture                giving an emotional                       Brochure
c o m p a n y, n e e d e d a 3 2 -   attachment to the                        Layout/Grid
page brochure to be                  public furnishings                       Copywriting
sent to potential                    that are usually taken
customers, such as                   for granted. They
architects and                       belong in the wild,
companies involved                   urban savannah
in public and private                and deserved to be
housing developments.                noticed by the public.
IN BRIEF                  THE GOLDEN MOMENT                  DELIVERABLES
client                    “ t h e w h i t e S p i d e r .”   identitY

Masako is a personal      Masako highlighted                      identitY
friend, and she           that she wanted an                  Logomark/logotype
requested for a logo to   animal as a logo, and                Surface graphic
represent her, so that    one of her favourite                    Namecard
she could use it as a     animals is the spider.
surface graphic design    A spider logomark
on a Japanese custom-     was created using the
made chocolate brand.     initials of her full
                          name, Oze Masako.
IN BRIEF                        THE GOLDEN MOMENT                        DELIVERABLES
perSonal                        “ t h e f e S t i v e d i a m o n d .”   Branding

A group of friends & I          The proposed idea is                           Branding
decided to create a             to use a diamond as                             Identity
series of fun, witty            a logomark, because                            Collateral
green packets to be             t h e r e ’s a d i a m o n d i n                Product
distributed to our              every major festive
families and friends.           event here: The ketu-
We n e e d e d t o h av e a n   pat, the christmas
identity for our unique         tree decorations, the
packets and possibly            double happiness wall
more fun products in            decal, and the flames
the future.                     of the diwali lamp.
IN BRIEF                                 THE GOLDEN MOMENT                DELIVERABLES
perSonal                                 “ t h e Y e l l o w S t a r .”   print, photographY

I recently went on a                     This is a work-in-                      print
3-week backpacking                       progress, I am in the                   Poster
trip on Vietnam, on my                   process of discovering                Typography
own. It was the best                     and fleshing out                        Layout
decision I made in my                    the golden moment.                   photographY
life so far. Beautiful                                                        Photojournal
c o u n t r y, g r e a t c i t i e s ,
amazing people.
I want to compile my
experiences into a
tangible, visual form.
IN BRIEF                 THE GOLDEN MOMENT                    DELIVERABLES
perSonal                 “ p i e c e S o f a p u z z l e .”   photographY

My DSLR had only a       Ta k i n g a d v a n t a g e o f         photographY
50mm fixed lens at       the close-up shots you                   Experimental
the time and shots       get in a photo shot
taken with it are        using 50mm lens,
pretty much limited to   I take hundreds of
portraitures. I needed   pictures from the same
to find an alterntive    spot, and manually
way to experiment,       piece them up together
push the limits and      in post, to form a
make the best out of     fragmented panorama.
the lens.                Just like a puzzle.

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