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,~~t~,,~e., Oftf~f dW Uq~ m(rep~ndent~owned
mSUrance specialists m the country. Our professional staff
has decades of experience in aviation Insurance, and we
are uniquely qualified to provide ASS members a little
"plane talk" about their Individual insurance requirements.

The ABS Program is one of the most comprehensive
insurance programs available in the industry today and
features expanded coverages, access to a variety of
underwriters and competitive rates. The professional
Falcon staff is dedicated to serving ABS members with an
insurance program that is setting the standard fo r the
industry. Call today for same day quotes and coverage.

 Falcon Insurance Agency is the Insurance Program Manager for the
               1-800-2S9-4ABS (4227)
                            Fax : 51 2-89 1-8483
                   P.O. Box 92409 • AUStin. Texas 78735
 "My mechanic and I flew to the Bonanza Service Clinic
 at Albuquerque, New Mexico, conducted by Bob Olson.
 What a terrific learning experiencef" -Denis Beaugureau

                                                                                           the Bonanza magazines offering a good
                                                                                           home for somebody's pet.
Denis and lor'< Beougureau with N9BSOR                                                         After five months of unsuccessful
                                                                                           looking, I put an ad in the Ari~olla
                                                                                           Republic newspaper. To make a long
1960 M35                                          First, of course, what type to buy? I    story shon. I got a tip on a plane at Deer
    I flew my first Bonanza, the vener-       wanted a low-wing aircraft, but was torn     Valley Airport and made arrangements
able T-34, in 1969 in Pensacola, Florida,     between Mooneys, Pipers and Bonanzas.        to see it. I told Lark to act nonchalant so
the "Home of Naval Aviation." I had just      My future father-in-law iced it when he      we wouldn't appear too eager. When the
reponed there for basic flight training as    said, "If you're going to spend that kind    hangar door opened, we both gasped.
an aviation officer candidate (AOC).          of money, why not get the Cadillac."         9850R was gorgeous! Further inspection
After several more weeks in the T-34,         Since he owned a beautiful V35A. I fig-      revealed it had everything I wanted-
training continued in the T28 Trojan,         ured he knew what he was talking about!      fully !FR, autopilot, beautiful exterior
where AOCs learned instrument and for-           To say that searching for a first-class   and interior, low airframe time-the
mation flying and. ultimately. aircraft       airplane was a sometimes frustrating ex-     works.
carrier landings.                             perience is an understatement. To twist          I bought the plane, got checked out
    "Hitting the boat" was cenainly the       an old aying: "One man's treasure is         in it and took it home. What a pleasure
highlight of this phase of flight training,   another man's junk." I put a lot of miles    to have a head-turning aircraft when we
if not of my life! Subsequent training in     on my car looking at "8 inl8 out" aircraft   pull into an FBO. The I I-year-old paint
the Grumman S-2 for multiengine               that had poor paint, bare metal and car-     looked brand new.
qualification led to earning the "Wings       pet remnants for flooring. I put ads in          But a few years later we passed TBO
of Gold."                                                                                                       and had to stal1 think-
    I then was assigned to fly P-3 Orions                                                                      ing about a new en·
in the anti-submarine warfare commu-                                                                           gine or a new plane.
nity. During several tours, including                                                                          The 10-470 was run-
command, I accumulated almost 7,000                                                                            ning fine and oil
hours, but most were not as much fun as                                                                        analyses were perfect,
acrobatics in the T-34.                                                                                        but we wanted to go
    In 1994, I staned looking for an air-                                                                      ahead and make the
plane to own. I had grown tired of my                                                                          change anyway.
three-hour commute to visit my fiancee,                                                                            We staned think-
Lark, and wished to take advantage of                                                                          ing about moving up
all the great flying days and beautiful                                                                        to a turbonormalized
 country in southeastern Arizona. But 1                                                                                 contillued 011
                                              N9BSOR's engine comportment
                                                                                                                           page 7174
 had to get answers to a few questions.
                                  """"..           rv                     MARC H 2 00 2 • V OLU M E 02 · NUM BE R 3
                 1\                       ./ \.
      ~J                                                                      C OV E R
       Published b)' A\1ERICA'I 90XAXZASOCIETY
                                                                          7163             BONANZA OFTHE MONTH :
                      Orl1:aruzcd Januaf) 1967                                             Lark and Denis Beaugureau's 1960 M35 Bonanza ,

       t="~ ~~-
          ~                           -     -         ?

           ~                                                              7166             THE "ABS EXPERIENCE":                            Georgia, California. Minnesota
 316-945-1 700
 ABS EXECUTI VE DrRECTOR                                                  7178             ARE YOU PREPARED FOR AN ELECTRICAL FIRE?
 EDITOR IN CHI EF                                                                          By Thomas Turner
 \'3.Dcy Johnson
 1922 Midfield Road                                                       7131             SAFER TAKEOFF TECHNIQUES
 P.O. Box 12888                                                                            By ROil Zasad:in!iki
 Wichita. KS 67277
 Fax 316-945-1710
 ABS website: hl1p:llww"
                                                                          7173             UPDATE: NPRM-2000-CE-44-AD
 ADS e-mail:                                                          By Frallk Evallega
 Send articles/letters to the
 above address/fax/e-mail.                                                7183             ABS PAST PRESIDENTS SHARE THEIR MEMORIES
                                                                                           By Harry Hadler and Barrie Hiem
 Beuy Rowley
 ART DIRECTOR                                                             7186            TURNING POINT
 Jim Simpl-on                                                                              By Parrie Rowley
 Patrie Rowley
                                                                          7187             SEVEN-EIGHT-MIKE VISITS BIRTHPLACE IN WICHITA
 DISPLAY A DVERTISING DIREcroR                                                             By Sreve 1I1kellis
 John Shoemaker
 2779 Aero Park Drive, P.O. Box 968
 Tra'-erse CiIY. MJ 49684                                                 7190             MY FIRST AVIATION JOB
 1-800-773-7798,           .,1. 3317                                                      By Johll Miller
 Village Press, Traverse City. Michigan                                   7200             EVERY MEMBER GETS A MEMBER
 ABS MAGAZL"E (ISSN 1524·S.&38J il. pubh>hcd IDOOIbly by
 IIE.-\.Inetian BonanI.4 Soody .. !be Wachiu MId-ContiDent Air-               DEPARTMENTS
 port. 1921 ~lJdflCldRoad. ,,-!Chilli. KS67209. The pOttofl)urly
 ~ubscripbOflli Incl~ in the annuil.l due, (~5)ofSocletymcm.
 ben. Pcriodical~ pml~e paid III Wkhh~. Kan~. and al toddlhon~1
                                                                          7165     PRESIDENT'S COMMENTS                      7193    CURRENTS                                  SPPP SCHEDULE
 ~o pan ofth~ publICation ItA) be rgKlnttd Of, duphuud "1111-
                                                                                   by Harold BaSI                                    by uw Gage                                7182
 OEd ~ .. nllrn pc:muhlOll of tbc Editor 1ft Ollef.
Tho: Sociely and Pubh~her canl10l IC«jlI respo!\,i1>lliry fOf Iht         7168     TECH TlPSI                               7196     REGIONAL NEWS
COI't1X'UlC.$I or accuracy of the: lTI4l!c:B primed hemn or for 1I1~               COlVIN 'S CORNER
opinJOrIS e~~ Opmiom of tilt F..ditor or cootri\luton 00 IIOl
                                                                                   by Frank EWlllega. Neil Poban:.          7197                                              AD SECTION
IlC'I%S.53rily ~ !be position mille Snciety. Publtsher ~·es                                                                          AVIONICS                                 7182A
lhe righl to ttJCCI any m.;Iirnai ~ubrnlued for public,"on                         alld Arky FOlilk                                  by lim HI/ghes
Copy and phOl0ItNiphs submiutd for publicatioa !;hllil ~
lhe pnlpI'rly of tIw Socifly lind • •• MI bf. rHurntd. Aruo:b
submiued ... ilh palIn'S rttei'·C publicMlOa prrletmtt
                                                                          7173     TECH NOTES                               7202     GROUND C ONTROL
                                                                                                                                     by Na1lcy Joh"so1l                       SERVICE CLINIC
Canada & Mm:o-S50 (US). Filrti£ll-$all (US)
                                                                          7175     INSURANCE                                                                                  SCHEDULE
Ltfe m.:rn!)er.;hlp-S1.000.
Contact ASS Hcadquanm for delllLIs.
                                                                                   by 10/1/1 Allell. FalcOil 11Isurallce    7203     CALENDAR                                 7199
POSTMASTER: Scad IIdohu cblaF' toABS MAlR4.ZJ,\£.
PO. BoJ 128&8. WlCbua. KS 6n77-2888.
                                                                         7176 ASS MEDICAL PANEL
                                     () Copyrighl 2002
                                                                              by Jolm Hastings, M .D.

Board of Directors                                             Term expires                                                Term e"pires                                               Term expires
HAROLD BOST, President (Area 3)                                        2003 J OH_ D. IIASTL~GS, M.D. Secrttary (At· Large)
                                                                                  "                                               2002
760 BirkdaJe Drive, Fayetteville, GA 30215                                                                                                CRAIG R. BAILEY (Area-l)                           2001
                                                                             1432 S. Ne~pon Ave. Tulsa, OK 74120                          2518 Colony Ave.. Lindenhurst, IL 60046
Phone 770-7 19-0638. rax 770-719-9826                                       Phone 918-747-7517, fax 918·742-7947
e-mail HBostmai l@aol .com                                                                                                                Phone 847-646-8866. fax 847-646-7768
                                                                            c-rnail                                    e·mail
JACK THREADGILL, V.P.tArea 5)                                          2002 JAM.ES E. SOK (Area I)                                2~
1602 Brook Hollow Dri\"e. Bryan, TX 77802                                                                                                 JA CK CRONL'l (Area 6)                            2003
                                                                            9 Spruce Dr.. PO Box 1895, Lakeville, CT 06039                261 Vine Slreel. Denver, CO 80206
Phone 979-779-7 155. rax 979-775-7432                                       Phone 860-364-4010. fa;( 860-435.6114
e-mailthreadgl@tca.ocl                                                        email
                                                                                                                                          Phone 303-333-3000. fax 303·333.2000
RON DAVIS, Treasllrer (ArtIl8)                                         2003 STEVEN OXMAN (Area 2)                                 2004
2522 Vista Baya. Ncwpon BeaCh. CA 92660-3636                                                                                              TILOEN O. RICHARDS (Area 7)                       2002
                                                                            385 Westbury Dr., Riva. MD 21 140                             PO 80.'( lO·n. Sutler Creek. CA 95685
PhonelFax 949-548-2522                                                      Phone .t1 0-266-1 67 I. fax 410-166-6572
e-mail rada\·is1522@nelzero.nel                                             c-mail swo-J9@holm,                                    Phone 209·267-06-W. fax 209·267-1546
                                                                                                                                          e·mail richar<h@,·!

    Page 7164
                                                                                                                                                                         ABS March 2002
President's Comments                                    or Mex.ico to Miami, Florida, to connect with a Con-
                                                        tinental Gulfsrream on to Abaca, Bahamas.
                                                            In additi on, you will recei ve three days of
                                                        greens fees and golf cart for two at the resort's
                                                        magnificent golf club.
                                                            If a foreig n member wins the Grand Prize, he
                                                        or she has the option of taking the Bahamas trip if
"EVERY MEMBER                                           they will be in the United States during 2003, or
                                                        they may choose an ABS life membership instead.
GETS A MEMBER"                                              The more new members you recruit, the more
MEMBERSHIP DRIVE                                        chances you have to win. The Grand Prize draw-
    In my January 2002 comments, I said we were         ing wi ll be held in January 2003. Deadline for all
 putting the fini shing touches on a very exciting      entries is December 31,2002.                           Think it's not
 new membership drive called "Every Member                                                                     possible for every
 Gets a Member." We are now ready to kick it off-       More Prizes                                            ABS member to
 the first special Membership Drive in many years.         In addition to getting your name dropped in         recruit a new
    First, a challenge- to YOU and every ABS            the hat for the Grand Prize drawing for EACH           member?
 member- to recruit a new member. There are             new member you recruit, there will be prizes for:
 man y Bonanza. Baron and other Beechcraft                                                                     What about your
                                                        • TOP RECRUITER prize of a $1,OOOABS Life-
owners and pilots out there who are not ABS                                                                    mechanic, FBO
                                                        time Membership.
 members. There are probably Bonanza and Baron
                                                                                                               manager or that
prospects right on your own airport. Why not            • FlRST RUNNER-UP prize of a 5-year ABS
search out everyone of them with an invitation          membership ($250 value) plus $250 gift certifi-
                                                                                                               airport neighbor
to join ABS?                                            cate from the ABS Company Store.                       who aspires to a
    There are probably some Sierra. Musketeer,                                                                 Bonanza, Baron or
                                                        • SECOND RUNNER-UP prize of a 4-year ABS               Travel Air?
Sundowner or Skipper owners who are not aware
                                                        membership ($200 value) plus $200 gift certifi-
that they, too, can be included in our Society. There
                                                        cate from the ABS Company Store.                       Remember:
is no question these people have an interest in
learning more about Bonanzas and Barons-and             • THIRD RUNNER-UP prize of a 3-year ABS                Membership is
many will upgrade sometime in the future. So they       membership ($ 150 value) plus $150 gift certifi-       open to anyone
are good candidates for membership.                     cate from the ABS Company Store.                       with a sincere
    There is seldom a week goes by that I don 't        • FOURTH RUNNER-UP prize of a 2-year ABS               interest in our
meet a membership prospect. In fact, every time         membership ($100 value) plus $100 gift cert ifi-       models.
I see a Bonanza, Baron or other Beech aircraft, 1       cate from the ABS Company Store.                                                              - Harold Bast
try to meet the owner or pilot. It has been surpris-
ing to me how many I meet who are not ABS                 The Grand Pri ze Drawing and the TOP
members. I am happy to say that I have been suc-        Recruiter contest will run from March 1, 2002, to
cessful in recruiting a number of them. No, not         December 31, 2002.
                                                                                                               PAST PRESIDENTS
100 percent successful , and neither will you be.
But think of it like the old tomcat: It's the calls
that get results.
                                                        A VERY lMPORTANT GROUND RULE: To be
                                                        sure you get credit for EACH new member you
                                                                                                               fI.J. \k{'j
                                                                                                               h ..~(. II

                                                                                                                                        han \1lI

                                                                                                               Cal\'10 B lcar" \lll.I'!,O

                                                                        recruit, make sure your name is        (          k         '\                "   RfT

Grand Prize Drawing                                                     written on the membership ap-
   For each new member you                                              plication submitted for each new
recruit into ABS your name will                                         member.                                HdfT) (i I[              la
                                                                                                               Jnhn I· 1',,[ n
be placed in the Grand Prize Draw-                                        You may use the membership           ("nL"· R ( r,t.,
ing for a chance to win a aip for                                       application on page 7201 of this       L.cUn

two for fi ve days and four nights                                      magazine. To submit multiple
at the beautiful Treasure Cay                                           applications, photocopy the form
Hotel Resort and Marina at                                              on page 720 I or contact ABS                      H K,ll>o"'fn<
Abaca, Bahamas.                                                         Headquarters for more forms.           R,   n \       I. .
                                                                                                               \\          H        k
   The prize includes special coach airfare from
anywhere in the continental United States, Canada                                      Be a Winner!

ABS March 2002                                                                                                                           Page 7165
                                               May 2-5 - Atlanta
                                                                   (Peachtree City, Georgia)

                                              AIRPORT: Atlanta!
                                              Peachtree City -
                                              Falcon Field (FFC)                                               .I
                                              FBO: Airport Authority; 20¢ a gallon fuel discount. Tie down
                                              fees waived with fill-up.
                                              AVIS RENT A CAR: Compact $23.99. Mid-size $25.99.
                                              Full-size $30.99. Premium $32.99. (plus tax) Call 800-331-
                                              1600 ask for discount number T843999. Reserve car for
                                              (ATL) however, on remarks line show "Falcon Field"
                                              WYNDHAM PEACHTREE CONFERENCE CENTER,
                                              SinglelDouble: $89. Surrounded by 19 acres of lush,
                                              unspoiled forest.
                                              • 80 miles of bicycle, jogging and golf cart trails with
                                                  bicycle and golf cart rentals.
                                              • Executive fitness center including indoor and outdoor
                                                  pools and spa, massage therapy,
                                              • Tennis and racquetball courts.
                                              • 18-hole championship golf course.
                                                 Peachtree City is a planned city that started around
                                              1960. It now has more than 35,000 residents who enjoy
                                              the 80 miles of bicycle and golf cart trails. Golf cart owner-
                                              ship is the highest per capita in the world. Enjoy these paths
                                              by renting a bicycle or golf cart from the hotel.

                                                   You must make your reservations directly with the
                                               Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center (770-487-2000)
                                               no later than April 2 to ensure room availability and the
                                               contract rate. If you encounter any problems, call Harold
                                               Bost at 770-719-0638 or e-mail

                                               Local places of interest in Atlanta:
                                               • CNN Studios - 40-minute walking tour of CNN facility
                                                  including the news room, control room and special
                                                  effects studio. Up to 25 of us may be in the live audience
                                                  for CNN's "Talk Back Live" (Friday show 3-4 p.m.)
                                               • National Weather Service (NOAA) - Tours of the NOAA
                                                  Forecast Office at Falcon Field.
                                               • Atlanta Cyclorama - World's largest painting depicts
                                                  the Battle of Atlanta from the Civil War.

                                                   If you live in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennes-
                                               see, North Carolina, South Carolina or FlOrida, you will
                                               receive a more detailed mailer soon along with a registra-
                                               tion form. Please submit your registration form as soon as
                                               possible so we can properly plan for you.

Market Row - a new feature-bas been added to the ABS EXPERIENCE. U you have a Beech
 airplane for sale or trade, bring it to the ABS EXPERIENCE to be parked on Market Row. A
swap shop time will be scheduled to give buyers and sellers an opportunity to get together_
       Call Harold Bast at 770·719·0638 to reserve your parking spot on Market Row.
May 23-26 - Sacramento                                           May 30-June 2 - Minneapolis
                           (McClellan, California)               Minneapolis Airport Marriott
lionsGate Hotel                                                  AIRPORT: Minneapolis; Flying Cloud (FCM)
AIRPORT: SacramentolMcClellan Airport (MCC)                      FBO: Elliott Aviation; 15¢ a gallon fuel discount with
FBO : McClellan Jet Services                                     fill-up. Tie down fees waived if you bring tie downs.

AVIS RENT A CAR: CalJ800-331 -1600, tell the agent to            AVIS RENT A CAR: Call 800-331-1600 and ask lor
apply discount number T843999, to book you at the                discount number T843999. Tell the agent to book for
SMF location and to put "McClellan Field (MCC)" in the           MSP and put "Flying Cloud-Elliott" in the remarks line.
remarks . Compact $22.99. lntermediate $24.99. Full Size         Compact $24.99. Intermediate $25.99. Full Size $27.99.
$28.99. Premium $31.99 .                                         Premium $30.99. At these rates, sharing a rental car is
                                                                 suggested to simplify transportation.
THE LIONSGATE HOTEL, (866-866-7100 or 916-643-6223)
SinglelDouble: $79. Entirely renovated the first of this year.   MINNEAPOLIS AIRPORT MARRIOTT (952-854-7441)
o  20+ acres of secluded, beautifully manicured                  Single/Double: $79.
   grounds on the former McClellan Air Force Base on             o  473 newly renovated rooms
   the north side of Sacramento.                                 o  Marble lobby and inviting courtyard
o Each guest room has a kitchenette and honor bar.               •   Concierge level
o  Complimentary Continental breakfast each morning              •   A spectacular indoor pool and whirlpool
    and hors d'oeuvres reception each evening.                   o   State-ol-the-art fitness center
                                                                 •   In-loom coffee maker
IMPORTANT!                                                       o   Data port with high speed internet access
    You must make your reservations directly with the
LionsGate Hotel (866-866-7100 or 916-643-6223) no                    Thursday evening will be a fun-filled hangar party at
later than May 9 to ensure room availability and the             Elliott Aviation. The self-serve bar will be stocked with
contract rate. If you encounter any problems, call Harold        your favorite premium beverages.
Bost at 770-719-0638 or e-mail
Local places of interest in the Sacramento area:                      You must make your reservations directly with the
o McClellan Aviation Museum - A few blocks from the              Minneapolis Airport Marriott (952-854-7441) no later
   hotel, the museum houses one of the finest collec-            than May 9 to ensure room availability and the contract
   tions of military aircraft in the West including a MIG        rate. If you encounter any problems, call Harold Bost at
   17 and Mig 21. It has a 4,000-volume aviation history         770-719-0638 or e-mail
   research library. Tours available 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
• Old Sacramento -                                               Local places of interest in Minneapolis:
  This area from                                                 o ACES Simulation- F-18 Hornet Flight Simulator.
  the 1860s Gold                                                    "Incredibly realistic, flies like a real jet!" says Rick
  Rush era will be                                                  Adams, Blue Angel Pilot. Fly combat, land on an
  all "jazzed up"                                                   aircraft carrier, do loops and rolls.
    while we're in                                               o Mall of America-

    town. The annual                                                Largest fully-
    Jazz Jubilee will                                               enclosed shopping
    run from Friday                                                  and entertainment
    11 :45 a.m. until Monday. Jazz bands will be playing             complex in the U.S.
    all over "Old Sac" with many other activities. Visit             More than 520
    <> for details. It looks like fun!                specialty stores.
o   California State Railroad Museum - Widely regarded               Only four blocks
    as North America's finest and most popular railroad              from the Marriott.
    museum. See and touch a million-pound steam                  • Canterbury Park- Race track, casino games and
    locomotive or take a 40-minute train ride along the              poker room. Open 24-7.
    Sacramento River (11 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Their website
                                                                   If you live in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas,
    is <>.                  Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin,
    If you live in California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon,            illinois, Montana, Wyoming, MiChigan, Manitoba or
Washington, Alberta or British Columbia, you will                Saskatchewan, you will receive a more detailed mailer soon
receive a more detailed mailer soon along with a                 along with a registration form . Submit your registration
registration form. Please submit your registration form          form as soon as possible so we can properly plan for you.
as soon as possible so we can properly plan for you.

                           If you don't live in the respective areas described above
        but would like to attend one of these ABS EXPERIENCES, contact ABS Headquarters
         (316-945-1700 or e-mail and request a Registration Form.
EGT installation                                         and oneofthem should probably work on the cen-
Kent Schroeder
Kearney. Nebroska                                        ter windshield post. The compass should be avai l-
                                                         able from Aircraft Spruce (877-477-7823). Chief
Q:     The 1976A361 just purchased was upgraded          (800-447-3408) or Wag Aero (800-558-6868).
from an 10-520 to an 1 -550 and a new Alcor EGT
was installed. I have the opportunity to instail a JPI    Control wheel clock
"Classic" EGT/CHT gauge, but am told that the            WoyneSfulf
A1cor EGT must still remain in the panel and be          Lenexa. Kansas

operative. In essence, it would appear that I will       Q:      l awn a 1967 Travel Air with new-style
now have two EGT gauges. Is this true?                   yokes and wou ld like to find a genuine Beech
A:     Check your engi ne upgrade STC. If the            wind up clock that fi ts the center of the yoke.
                                                         Alternat ively, there is a Beech timepiece in the
Alear EGT was pan of the STC, yo u need a field
approval 337 to remove it and replace it with the        panel. Can it be fined to the center of the yoke if
JPI. It will take a 337 anyway to install the JPI.       the triangular insert is available?
                                                         A: Air Mech (580-43 1-2333) is a possi ble
Popping circuit breaker                                  source for the center piece in the control wheel.
SIeve Kaplan
The Seo Ranch, C a lifornia
                                                         They deal in used control arms and yokes. Also
                                                         White Industries (800-821 -7733) or Dodson (785-
Q:     The avionics breaker in my 1989 F33A              242-4000) may have something at salvage yards.
pops and my mechanic has traced the cause to
the circuitry in the blower motor. The motor             Weight and balance computer
draws 1.3 amp and the breaker is I amp. Can              Scott Green
                                                         Keller. Texas
you recommend a source for a replacement
blower motor for my KA33 avionics cool ing               Q:     I' m looking for a couple of things: In read-
blower? I have a 28-volt system.                         ing pastABS Magazines, I read abo ut a whiz wheel
A: This has been the subject of a proposed AD            for weight and balance. Is there such a tool and if
                                                         so, where can I purchase one? I'm also looking
Note and a Service Bulletin . Rayt heon has a dif-
ferent circuit breaker hookup available through          for a yoke mount for a Garmin 295.
its service centers.                                     A:   The CG planer is available from American
                                                         Aeronautics (800-359-4624). The yoke mount for
Chart/approach plate holder                              GPS is available from GarHawk (800-686-9887).
Scoff Johnson
Edina. Minnesota
                                                         Control locks
Q: Where can I get a chan/approach plate                 steve Kluess
                                                         Appleton, Wisconsin
holder for my 1980 A36 that will mount on the
control wheel?                                           Q: Please advise of any type of physical con-
A: Try GarHaw k (800-686-9887).                          trol locking device for the engi ne and prop con-
                                                         trols on a Baron 58. I need it to be locked with
Vertical card compass                                    some sort of padlock. The Beech rep gave me yo ur
Steve Cameron                                            address to ask for this.
Spartanburg, South Corolina
                                                         A:     Performance Aero (800-200-3141) has a
Q: I've got an S35 with the original front               throttle security lock for a Bonanza and good cabin
windshields and center post. I'd like to replace         door lock sets. You may want to go with the chain
my compass with a venical card compass. What             method on a Baron for engine security (Spony's
type or make would you recommend, and what               item 7460A; 800-543-8633).
would be the appropriate type mount to use?
A:     We know of two popular vertical card              Florido contacts
                                                         Richard Corlsen
compasses: Hamilton and PAl. To our knowledge.           Parrish, Florida
the Precision PAI-700 is the only TSO'd vertical
compass. We've seen them mounted on the glare            Q:     I recently retired and moved to Central
shield, but PAl makes several different mounts           Florida. I have a 1991 A36 and take pride in main-

                                                                                      ABS March 2002
taining both my flying skills and aircraft    Prebuy information                                The Raytheon TMDC (8 00-796-
in lOp condition, so am interested in find-   David Nichols
                                                                                             2665) can provide both the pilot hand-
                                              Irondale. Alabama
ing the name of area maintenance/inspec-                                                     book and shop manual and is the best
tion shop(s) and paint shops with good        Q:     I am looki ng to purchase an older      source for the POH. You can also get the
reputations for Bonanza work.                 V-tail Bonanza (1952-1960 mOdel) and           Aviation Technical Publishers CD-ROM
    I also would like the name of area        am looking for help with Airworthiness         from ABS (3 16-945-1700) which has
flight instructors with Bonanza experi-       Directives and other Beech or FAA-re-          shop manual, parts manual , wiring dia-
ence. I auend BPPP every year, but also       quired modification information. Does          grams and service letters.
need an experienced instruclOr for IFR        ABS have this type of info or could you           The elevator control fitting AD 89-05-
currency training and CFII instructor         direct me to a reliable source?                02 can be repetitively inspected or elinti-
training.                                        [am also looking for any information        nated by changing from magnesium to
A:     Windward Aviation (800-546-
                                              regarding safety items I need to be aware
                                              of with this type airc rafl. [ have read
                                                                                             aluminum fiuing s.
8668, 561-966-8668), Jet Center in
Daytona Beach (800-883-5388, 386-
                                              about some of the hydraulic prop issues        Usable fuel
                                              and know about the tail mod from the           Doug/os Dunham
255-04 7 1) and Island Aviation in                                                           Leawood. Kansas
                                              early '90s but that's about il. Any info
Fernandina Beach (386-261-3730) are
good shops. For painting, The Mod
                                              would be appreciated.                          Q:       Whenever I use the aux tanks of
Works (94 1-637-6770) has done some           A: While we have this information and          my M35 I always have a problem, even
                                                                                             when [am using them flying straight and
Bonanzas with good results. An unknown        can try to help, wi thout seeing the air-
                                                                                             level. The right tank drains twice as fast
is Prestige at 904-824-6397.                  plane and records, it's difficult to be sure
                                                                                             as the left, thus the system shuts down
   BPPP (800-377-4180) may have an            it 's all covered. The <www. faa .gov>
                                                                                             with five gallons left in the left tank that
instructor in that area.                      website also has ADs. The best bet is to
                                                                                             I can 't get al. This reduces my usable to
                                              have an IA look over the airplane for you
                                                                                             57 gallons. I run on the left tank for about
Reference questions                           to ensure all equipment ADs are com-
                                                                                             45 minutes, then go 10 aux. Is there any
Kelly Sullivan                                plied with.
Greenville. South Carolina                                                                   way I can get both aux tanks to drain?
                                                   AD 94-20-04 is the major recurring
Q: My brother and I are interested in         in pecrion of the aft fuselage and tail. The   A: [f you are straight and level , they
purchasing a Bonanza for personal use.        ADs on control arms and rods are minor         should drain at roughly the same rate.
Does ABS have any documents, books,           and should have been done. The hydrau-         Check the condition of the fuel filler cap
checklists, etc. that might help us in se-    lic prop can be expensive in the future ,      seals (both outer and stem) and confirm
lecting a Bonanza? Can we join theABS         depending on how it was done.                  that no fuel is gelling siphoned over-
before we actually take possession of a                                                      board. Also, check to make sure your vent
Bonanza?                                      Assist step/pilot handbook                     lines are clear. Plugged vem lines will cre-
A: Those III comparable BOllallzas by         William R. Phillips
                                              CuI/man, Alabama
                                                                                             ate a panial vacuum as you bum fuel. mak-
                                                                                             ing it harder for the system to draw the re-
Larry Ball describes the early hi story of
the Bonanza and the differences in each
                                              Q: On the 1966 Debbie I am purchas-            maining fuel out of the bladder.
                                              ing, there is an "oil can" type sound when
model year from 1947 up through 1972.
                                              weight is put on the step. Any ideas?          Fuel selector valve overhaul
Larry's follow-up book, They Called Me                                                       Han s Tetzner
                                              What can be done to repair it? Could it
'M" BOllall~a " describes the models                                                         Fort Lauderdale. Florida
                                              possibly affect the airworthiness of the
from 1972 through 1990. Co/viII:" Clillic
by the late Norm Colvin lists the crucial
                                              aircraft? I am having a mechanic look          Q: Could you advise me of any over-
                                              into it a bit more.                            haul shop for my fuel selector valves
mechanical things to check on Bonan-                                                         PIN 002-384001-9 and oo2-384ool-7?
                                                 Also, where can I locate a pilot hand-
zas and helps you understand mainte-
nance issues.
                                              book and shop manual forthat year model?
                                              The rudder spar AD has been fixed with
                                                                                             A:    Conso lidated at 516-981-7700
    [n addition. the ABS CD-ROM, con-                                                        overhauls fuel selectors.
                                              an STC, but is there one for the elevator
taining the ABS MagazilleiNelVsletler from
                                              control finings (AD 89-05-02)?                 Tip tank problems
1967-2000, is a great reference source. You
can order all of these from the ABS Com-      A: You could be hearing the nose strut         Benno Marx
                                                                                             Grandview, Washington
pany Store at 316-945- 1700.                  extending or the fuselage skin oil can-
    Yes, you certainly can join ABS with-     ning. Have someone else do it while you        Q:     My 1954 E35 began leaking fuel
out owning a Bonanza; many people do.         watch 10 see if the nosewheel strut is top-    from one tip tank when the aircraft was
Call ABS at 316-945-1700.                     ping out, or for flexing sheet metal.          not parked on a level fteld . At the same

                                                                                                                          Page 7169
ABS March 2002
time I noticed that, regardless of placement      seemed normal (aux tanks remained full),       egory, Some are very high time and you
of the tip tank selecror switch (right, left or      I then put the plane in the hangar and      need 10 have knowledgeable assistance
both), both tanks dropped in fuel level dur-      came back in about a week and a half to        when looking at them,
ing flights if I was not using the main tanks,    find the aux tanks down at least 10
    My mechanic dismantled the tip                gallons each, There is absolutely no           Landing gear vibration
                                                  evidence of any leak on the hangar floor       Sean Rivard
tank selector switch and noticed "slight                                                         Traverse City, Michigan
usage" of the "nylon seats." Figuring             and no visual signs of any leak coming
that one was worn worse than the other,           from the aircraft at aiL Do you have any       Q: lawn a 1988 B36TC (N365AC),
they were switched-but the problem                ideas on where this fuel could be going        JUSt after rotation on the c1imbout-but
 remains, My mechanic also advised me             and how to solve this mystery?                 before gear up-there is a vibration that
 that placing the tip selector switch
 between the detents would also help,
                                                  A:     We have had fuel that leaked at that
                                                                                                 is somewhat unsettling, My FlightSafety
                                                                                                 instructor said it is due to the gear in con-
                                                  sort of rate from drain valves that showed
 Alas, there is still free flow between                                                          junction with the angle of anack and
                                                  no evidence on the hangar floor. Condi-
 the tip tanks,                                                                                  speed and it is common, Is that true?
                                                  tions were just right to let it evaporate
    Fifteen-gallon tip tanks were installed                                                          Also, I am blowing light bulbs galore
                                                  without leaving a stain, To find the stains
 on my 1954 E35 in 1966 but sources for                                                          - two rotating beacons, two landing
                                                  (and the leaks), put newspaper down
 the parts are not clearly listed, The se-                                                       lights, one gear-down light, two KFC 150
                                                  under the wings with weighted comers,
 lector valve (RB-4-1 00) bears the name                                                         annunciator lights in less than one month,
                                                  You ' ll see the discoloration if it's leak-
 HE Aircraft Co" Oakland City, Okla-                                                             Any suggestions?
                                                  ing, Once you know the source, repair-
 homa, and the tip tanks were apparently
 obtained from Flight Extenders, Inc" of
                                                  ing the leak should be straightforward,        A:     Sometimes the vibration is from
                                                                                                 out-of-balance tires which, on the end of
 Stamford, Connecticut, I've not been
                                                  Military Barons                                the lever of the strut, can shake quite a bit,
 able to trace either company,                    l?ichord Lindsey                               With all the bulbs going, we wonder about
    Do you think replacing the nylon seats        Ponchatoula, Louisiano
                                                                                                 overvoltage spikes or vibrations in the air-
 of the tip tank seleclOr switch will solve
 the problem, and do you have any idea
                                                  Q:      From time to time, I've noticed        plane such as prop balance, A digital volt-
                                                  ex-military Barons listed for sale, Refer-     age monitor might show something,
 where they might be obtained?
                                                  ring to Larry Ball's book on the Baroni
A:    Flight Extenders is now D'Shannon           Travel Air series, I see that the U,S, mili-   H35 spinner
                                                                                                 Dennis Groth
(800-328-4629), HE Aircraft is not                tary bought 60 or so T-42s in the mid-
                                                                                                 Tucson. Arizona
listed in our vendor directories, You may         60s and a few more were produced some
have to go to a newer valve, If D' Shannon        years later, apparently for foreign buy-       Q:       I have a 1957 H35 and wonder
can't help, then a field approval 337             ers, Beech assigned them a separate se-        what alternative spinner application is
would be required to use another valve,           rial number range (TF) from the B55 pro-       available, I have the 0-470G with the
                                                  duction, and seems to have considered          Beech 278-100-7, It is mounted with the
Missing fuel mystery                              them B55Bs,                                    single bolt thru the center, All other appli-
Rob Newton                                            I'm curious to know what the differ-       cations I've seen have McCauley props,
St. Petersburg. Florida
                                                  ences are between the military and civil-          I also wonder what method to use to
Q:      I have a 1964 B55 and am experi-          ian models, and more importantly, what         replace the fuel tank pet-cock washers,
encing a mysterious fuel problem, After           does it take to "civilianize" one of these?    How does one get a screwdriver in to
lOpping off all tanks and leaving the             Is it possible to obtain a standard airwor-    remove them?
plane in the hangar for a few days, the           thiness certificate, or do they have to be        I bave the D' Shannon 15-gallon tip
aux tanks will be down about 10 or more           relegated to the "Restricted" or "Experi-      tanks, Can the Baron gear mirror be
gallons, There is no evidence of any leak,        mental" classes? Is this a practical way to    placed on the tank or should I purchase
I have been experiencing this problem             fly a Baron with an interesting background,    the wing mounts?
for a few months now,                             or an exercise in futility and red tape?
                                                                                                 A: We are not aware of optional          pin-
   I managed to get all tanks to a near
empty state a couple of weeks ago, I then
                                                  A: There were kits available from              ners for the 278 prop,
                                                  Raytheon to make the conversion, which             If you remove the wing bolt cover,
carefully supervised the fueling of the
                                                  mainly are placards and marking, The           you can usually feed a screwdriver
plane and the gallons pumped in seemed
                                                  alternator switch on some bad 10 be            through to loosen the clamp, Then use
to be normal, I took a short flight using
                                                  changed as we had a reset capability-          90-degree needle-nose pliers from Mac
only the main tanks and upon my return I
                                                  some hot-wired and some from dry cells,        (for removal of vacuum hoses) 10 hold tbe
visually checked all tanks and everything
                                                  They can be put into the "Normal" cat-         nipple while moving the drain valves with-

Page 71 70                                                                                                             ABS March 2002
out pUlling radial pressure on the nipple.       the AD that was issued on the Hartzell        It is made by BorroughS Tool & Equip-
   Having the tank warm will also help           props? How many were inspected? How           ment (6 16-345-2700). You shou ld be
soften the fuel tank's rubber to reduce          many were in need of repair out of the        able 10 order it from any TCM distribu-
potential tearing. If you get too vigorous       fleet? How many were put back in ser-         tor, or try Elliot! (309-799-3183) or Cen-
twisting. you can tear the nipple OUI of the     vice with no parts replaced. and how          tral Cylinder Services (402-451-6468).
tank. This is why Eagle Fuel Cell (800-          many were trashed?
437-8732) has a nice drain STC.
   As the D' Shannon tip is fiberglass. you
                                                 A: There is no tOlal figure available         Best glide speed
                                                                                               James S. Barker
                                                 on the Hartzell blade clamp AD 97-18-         Battleground, WaShington
could glue a min'Or to it or mount one with
                                                 02, as many of the inspections were done
the screws per Performance Aero
                                                 in the field instead of at Hartzell.
                                                                                               Q:       According 10 the POH, the best
(800-200-3 141) at the allachment screws.                                                      glide speed for a 1967 Debonair, at the
                                                     You may be able to get a fair idea if
                                                                                               weights I usually fl y, is around 115 mph.
                                                 you could find out Hartzell's sales vol-
Prop de-ice fluid source                                                                       I also fl y a Cessna 182, whose best glide
                                                 ume on the affected parts. I'm aware of
Steve Richardson                                                                               speed is 80 mph. I feel like the 182's glide
Canton. Michigan                                 three that threw blades, one fatality. I
                                                                                               speed is more manageable and I'd get
                                                 knew of 30+ that were found cracked.
Q:      Do you know a good source for            The repair station organization told me
                                                                                               farther with il. But with the Deb I feel
prop and windshield anti-ic~ fluid? I have                                                     like I' m really having to push the nose
                                                 80 percent of those looked at were un-
tried several places and I'm not having any                                                    over to maintain 115 mph . I feel like I
                                                 serviceable.- P
luck finding any for my 1980 B55. A lot of                                                     don't have much gliding distance at that
suppliers say they are shying away from                                                        speed, even though I can make success-
                                                 AD 98-73-02                                   ful dead-stick practice landings at 11 5
alcohol for liability reasons.                   Don Soy/es
                                                                                               mph from abeam the touchdown zone
A: We imagine you are trying     10 find
                                                 Sacromento. California
                                                                                               marks on any runway.
MIL-F-5566 isopropyl, which should be            Q: I just bought a 1949 A35. What                 I guess if I'd never flown anything but
available in Michigan from AD[ in                do I have to do to remove the speed           a Deb, I wouldn 't question the glide
Pontiac (248-666-3500) or Duncan in              restriction? I was told all ADs have been     speed. Because I have flown other air-
Bailie Creek (616-969-8400). Local               complied with on this airplane.               craft, that glide speed really feels wrong.
FBOs indicate they can still get it fro m
local chemical companies.
                                                 A: AD 98-13-02 placed the restriction         Please put my mind to resl.
                                                 on the airspeed. It lists a method to re-
                                                 move the airspeed restriction, which is
                                                                                               A: The POH shows best glide as 105
                                                                                               kts, 121 mph. It also calls for 50 fl. speed
Hartzell propeller                               to comply with Raytheon Service Bulle-
Royce Pierson
                                                                                               on landing of 70 kts or 80 mph. Realize
Haines City. Florida
                                                 tin 27-3358. This SB in its current form is   that the best glide speed is clean and the
                                                 hard (read: expensive) 10 comply with.
Q: We just replaced the two-blade                Both the AD and the SB are under revi-
                                                                                               normal downwind would be V ~r + 30
                                                                                               mph, base ref plus 20 mph and long fi-
MacCauley with a Hartzell three-blade            sion, andABS has actively worked toward
on our 1976 V35B, SIN D-9872. Will the                                                         nal ref plus to mph.
                                                 making it possible to comply with them.           There is a good discussion of glide
13-pound increase up front allow the re-
                                                                                               speeds in Flying the Beech Bonall za by
moval of the lead nose bowl weight? Is            reM master orifice tool                      John Eckalbar. It is available at the ABS
there an STC for same. or is removal not          l?obe rf Bohn
                                                  Flower Mound. Texas
                                                                                               Company Store (3 16-945-1700).
possible or not recommended?
 A:    We don't know of an STC that al-           Q: I'm an A&P, IA and pilot, and am           Wing root seals
 lows the removal. First, you need to run         searching for a source for the TCM Mas-       Joson Morford
 sample weight and balance problems for           ter Orifice Tool (PIN 646953) to allow        Flushing. M ichigan

 both takeoff and landing in the extreme          more accurate compression testing. I          Q: I have heard that to replace two
 loaded condition to determine if it could        surfed the TCM site to no avail and gave      wing root rubber seals on my K35, the
 be removed. Then a 337 fi eld approval           up after calling and getting shunted back                                      ·
                                                                                                wings need to be removed . Is thIS true ?.
  would be needed as it is a major alteration.    and forth through their maze of recorded      Our seal is glued down with 3M 1300L
                                                  phone holding pallerns. I would appre-        and I cannot determine much without
 Hartzell AD                                      ciate any help you can provide.               destroy ing the material.
 Horsens Is/and, Michigan
                                                  A:   Continental 's Service Bulletin             Do you know of any paint stripper that
                                                  M84-15 outlines how to check cylinder         is approved/suggested for use on the
 Q: I have a 1955 F35 with the Hartzell           compression using a Master Orifice Tool.      magnesium control surfaces? We under-
  prop. Where can I find out the results of

                                                                                                                             Page 7171
  ABS March 2002
 stand some strippers will make the mag-            unit would also be appreciated.                but no one seems to know where it can
 nesium more brittle.                               A: Globe Aerospace in California               be located.
 A: Many times lazy mechanics cut the               (818-768-6623) may be the right com-           A: Spartan International (5 17-694-
 wing seals down the middle and glue on             pany. You could al so try Autopilot Cen-       3911) used to have something like thal.
 only the outer half. The seals can be in-          tral in Tulsa (918-836-6418), Elliott in       AJso, 3M has wood grain tape that can
 stalled without removing the wing, but             Moline (309-799-3 183) or Du ncan in           be applied and looks very realistic.
  it takes a bit of effort. Start at a wide spot    Lincoln (402-475-2611 ).
 and slowly slide them in. Use something                The aircraft maintenance manual            Winterization plates
  like DCA as a lubricant to help it along.         won't help you on this. Autopilots are         Bill Lowen
                                                                                                   Grand Rapids. Michigan
 It will take a bit of time and patience,           typically an aftermarket item, even if
 but it can be done.                                installed at the factory, and drawings         Q:     Where can r find the winterization
      Methyl Chloride, which is a common            many times are not kept with the               plates for a 1980 Baron 55, SIN2353?
 component in many effective paint strip-
 pers, is not good for the magnesium be-
                                                    airplane, but should be.
                                                                                                   A:   Try Crossroads Aviation (972-239-
                                                                                                   0263), Arrell Aircraft Sales (805-604-
 cause it is acidic. EI Dorado Chemical             Baron/Travel Air flaps
                                                                                                   0439) or Select Airparts (800-3 18-001 0)
 (210-653-2060) makes an alkaline stripper          Edward Williams
                                                    Sydney. Australia
 called PR-3500 paint remover that should
                                                                                                   Backlight display
 work. It helps speed things up if you apply        Q: The other day r looked at a Travel          James Shelton
 the stripper liberally and then cover it with      Air that was being parted out and noticed      Judo, Wisconsin
 a plastic wrap, like Saran Wrap.                   that the flap skins were smooth, i.e. not
      The paint is ready to remove when it          channeled for extra rigidity. Has this type
                                                                                                   Q:      I am in need of some aircraft
 is soft and gooey through the plastic.                                                            troubleshooti ng on my 1980 A36. The
                                                    of smooth skin ever been supplied by
 Sterling in St. Louis (3 14-776-4450)                                                            subpanels that are backJit on my aircraft
                                                    Beech, or is this a modification?
 makes a primer that is low in zinc (which                                                         have all gone out. There are three sepa-
                                                        Also, some BaronlTravel Air flaps are
 is good for magnesium). For more infor-                                                           rate panels on this system. They encom-
                                                    larger than others-with a longer chord.
 mation, you may want to refer to the ar-                                                         pass the switches, flap/gear area and the
                                                    Did this apply to on ly certain serial num-
 ticle "Painting the Ruddervators on a                                                            circuit breakers. Initially, I thought it was
                                                    bers or was it specified by the original
 V35A Bonanza" in the June 1990 A8S                                                               in the dimmer, since the lights would
                                                    purchaser? And why did Beech use dif-
 Magazine, page 2519.                               ferent size flaps on certain models?          come on when I played with the dimmer.
                                                                                                  Then they would come on after a 30-
 Trim motor repairs                                 A: The smooth ski n flaps were stan-          minute flight. My A&P says the dimmer
 Mike Council                                      dard for some models and serial num-           is OK. Where do I start, or is there a re-
 Lucedale, MissisSippi                             bers. Wider chord flaps started in 1960        pair place that is experienced in this?
 Q:        Thave a 1972 V35B, and the elec-        beginning with SIN TD-303 . It also was
                                                   a longer cabin and slightly higher gross       A: This sounds like the transformers
  tric trim motor began slowing down un-                                                          used for the fluorescent displays on these
  til it finally stopped working. 1 ann an         weight.
                                                      As to your last question, we assume         panels. Air Capital Dial Inc. (316-264-
  A&P. T removed the motor to repair it                                                           2483) should be able to troubleshoot and
 but found it contaminated with ACF-50             changes in flap sizes had something to
                                                   do with weights and certification, but         repair the panels.
 from the semi-annual treatment. I
 intended to separate the motor from               frankly, we don't know.
 the transmission before removal from                                                             Fronk Evonego joined ABS in 2000 after 27 years
 the airframe but could not. When I took           Woodgrain trim                                 with BeecMloytheon.
                                                   Mike Huckabay
 the final mounting bolt from the motor,           Liftle ROCk, Arkansas                          Neil Pobanz is a refired u.s. Army civHion pilot and
 the trim cable unwound like a backlashed                                                         maintenance manager. Neil has been an A&P and
spinning reel!                                     Q:       l awn Bonanza E33A, SIN CE-           IA for 40 years.

      r need information about where to             216, N918MH. I am doing some work             Ark}' Foulk, whose business is Delta Strut. has been an
send this trim motor/gearcase for                  on the instrument panel and need to de-        ABS technical consultant since 1968 and was an ABS
                                                                                                  SetVice Clinic inspector.
repair. The unit was made by Globe                 termine where I can find "wood grai n
Industries, division of TRW, Inc., Part            trim." I know it must be available as r
No. 3I9A206-4.                                     see it on both panels of the "Bonanza of
     Any advice on a maintenance manual            the Month" for September and October
reference to rerig the trim cables to this         '0 I. I have checked with Central Flying
                                                   Service in Little Rock and other places,

Page 7172
                                                                                                                           ABS March 2002

     Progress has been slow, to say the        Of great help were the letters submitted by more than 125
 least, on NPRM-2000-CE-44-AD relat-
 ing to the speed restriction on early Bo-     members. Each day I hand-delivered a stack of letters to the
 nanzas. I have stayed in constant con-        representative in charge of the NPRM, who is located here in
 tact with the FAA, tracking and moni-         Wichita less than half a mile from the ABS headquarters.
 toring events as they occurred.
    The Airworthiness Directive was            to the FAA, noting that DER responsi-              Then the process was further delayed
about to be issued, listing Raytheon Ser-      bilities did not overlap and it would be       by Raytheon personnel changes. meet-
 vice Bulletin 27-3358 as the only means       impossible to comply with any service          ing cancellations and Raytheon 's posi-
of compliance. We successfully slowed the      bulletin containing this requirement. We       tion on DER requirements. We now
process by pointing out errors in the bulle-   called their attention to the fact that ap-    understand there will be no revision to
tin and informing the FAA that Raytheon        proved STCs require installers to deter-       the existing service bulletin.
had committed to revising its content.         mine compatibility for repairs and modi-           The FAA advised that they considered
    We also wrote letters to Raytheon          fications. We were also able to establish      all the public comments they received and
concerning the lack of flexibility for spe-    a dialog between FAA entities, which           have proceeded with writing the linal
cialized equipment, and the onerous re-        concluded that the DER requirement is          Airworthiness Directive, using portions of
quirement for a Designated Engineering         unrealistic in this instance.                  the existing service bulletin. We anticipate
Representative (DER) to review previously         Of great help were the leners submit-       approval of additional equipment for skin
approved modi lications and repairs for        ted by more than 125 members. Each day         thickness measurements, propeller balanc-
compatibility. Raytheon agreed to expand       I hand-delivered a stack of letters to the     ing, and relaxation of the need for a DER.
the equipment speci fications, but refused     representative in charge of the NPRM ,             We can expect to see the Airworthi-
to budge on the DER requirement.               who is located here in Wichita less than       ness Directive by late spring or early
    At that point, we redirected our efforts   half a mile from the ABS headquarters.         summer of 2002.                     ~

                                                          TECH NOTES
     Flight in icing conditions                                       same place a DC-9 calls it a trace, and you have to make a
        We have had several inquiries lately about flying single-     decision without enough information. Early in the morn-
    engine models in icing conditions. Having many years of           ing, it may pay to wait for more pilot reports. If there aren't
    experience in Barons through King Airs in ice throughout          any, you may be the first out.
    the country, I would say, "Don't do that!"                            If you have boots, make sure they will work with either
        To my knowledge, there are no approvals for known ice at      pump (engine). Have them checked for leaks before win-
    this date on single-engine models, although TKS (785-493-         ter. Many times they can be repaired. Rapco (262-367-
    0946) is expecting approval in the next 60 days. One has to       2292) makes material for both leading edge boot repair
    understand the forecast system and the limitations even if ap-    and prop boot repair.
    proved for known ice. We've had King Airs, and certainly              If you have an electric prop, inspect the brushes and
    Barons, where they would not maintain altitude, let alone         check all elements for function . Don 't turn the prop elec-
    climb. We also know of King Airs descending too early on          tric heat on without someone moving the prop back and
    the approach and having enough build-up during the proce-         forth , as you will burn the transfer ring and brush.
    dure that they didn't make the airport, let alone a missed ap-        If you have alcohol, check the flow rate and calculate
    proach. How do you think your C35 would fare?                     endurance. Make sure your source is good alcohol meet-
        The weather service issues large areas of forecast ice,       ing requirements. Understand your system and its limita-
    especially in the Great Lakes areas. The AIM has a section        tions before getting into conditions in which you have to
    relating to pilot reports on airframe icing. It's important to    have it.
    note the type of airplane when evaluati ng pilot reports.             Last of all, be conservative. Many times, ATC can't do
        FAR 91.527 covers conditions for flying into icing            much for you if you have waited too long to request an
    weather. A Piper 140 reporting heavy ice may be in the            altitude change or a course reversal. -N.P.            -@-

                                                                                                                           Page 7173
ABS March 2002
BONANZA OF 11IE MONTH,                         job they had done. And I could not be-           by Bob Olson. What a terrific job Bob
COlltilllled from page 7J 63                   lieve the difference in performance on           does and what a learning experience for
                                               the fli ght home! To this day, I don 't be-      my mechanic and me! After the inspec-
F33, since we often fly between ou r           lieve I got the throttle all the way for-        tion, Bob said, ''There's just one major
4,700-foot elevation airport in Sierra         ward before the plane leapt into the air.        problem with this aircraft. "
Vista and a 7,700-foot elevation airport in    Wi th a cruise of 180-185 KTAS, the dis-            "What is that?" I asked, with a note
Pagosa Springs, Colorado, where we have        tances go by a lot more                of alarm in my voice. "You own it- and
a vacation home.                                    Never content with the status quo, we       I don' t," he replied.
   It became apparent that we could not        did want to add a few "goodies," since               He confirmed my opinion lhat 9850R
afford anything that would make giving         we had pretty much decided thi s would           is a trul y clean , well-maintained and
up 9850R worth while. So we started            be our last plane . We had a 3/8-inch            beautiful aircraft, to which l owe a great
looking at an engine upgrade to get the         windshield installed by BDS while the           deal of gratitude to Darrell Noble, my
extra performance. Several call s to Scott     plane was at Cruisair, so we further qui-        mechanic.
Erickson at Beryl D'Shannon convinced          eted her with super soundproofi ng.                  Lark and I use the plane regularly, fl y-
me that the 10-550 was what we wanted.              We put GAMls in and now burn only           ing to Ca li fornia . Colorado, New
The arrangements were made and I fl ew         slightly more that the 1  0-470 did. The         Mexico, Texas, Mexico and other places
the plane to Cruisair Aviation in Ramona,      four- place intercom repl aced our por-          in Arizona. We frequently in vite another
California.                                    table two-place and the dual yoke allows         couple, throw our clubs in the back and
   It was a real pleasure to meet Dick         Lark to practice her earlier fl ight train-      go somewhere to play golf.
Kuck and his crew. I left 9850R for a few      ing. Some items purchased at Oshkos h               We are looking forward to the time
weeks, talking to him every few days.          and the ABS Convention in San Antonio            when we can work less and play more.
There were the usual unexpected delays         have added funher refin ements.                  We're certain 9850R will be a great way
and additional fixes, but finally I could           In September 2000, my mechanic and          to do that.
pick it up.                                    I fl ew to the Bonanza Service Clinic at
   I was so happy to see the beautifu l        Albuquerque, New Mexico, conducted               Denis Beaugureau, Sierra Vista, Arizona

   1960 M35 Bonanza
   Continental 1 0-550 conversion
      (Beryl D 'Shannon)
  Air/oil separator (Beryl D'Shonnon)
   EDM·700 graphic engine monitor
  Starter engagement warning light
      (lew Gage)
  Master switch ground modification
      (lew Gage)
  F flow/MAP gauge
  Firewall·mounted battery bax            Cleveland wheels and brakes                        KN·64 DME
  McCauley three-bladed prop              long tail cone (Beryl D  'Shannon)                 Two each KX-170B (one with GS)
  Fifteen·gallon tip tanks                Whalen strobe light                                KR·86ADF
     (B D'Shannon)
                                          Dual yoke (Cygnet Aerospace)                       KT·76A transponder with encoder
  Air skeg (Beryl D 'Shannon)
                                          Pilot/copilot PHs                                  Avionics master switch
  Speedslope 3/B-inch windshield
     (Beryl D 'Shonnon)                   Vernier prop. throllie and mixture controls        PS Engineering 1000 II intercom
  Pilot side window vent                  KMA·20 audio panel with ma"'er beacon              STEC·50 autopilot with altitude hold
                                          Apollo 612B loran                                  Super soundproofing

Page 7174
                                                                                                                      ABS March 2002
Avoid storm damage                                             engine" are clouds and precipitation and sometimes vertical cur-
                                                               rents strong enough to disintegrate the ordinary light aircraft.
                                                                   Thunderstorm cells progress through three stages called the
                                                               life cycle of the storm. The stages are cumulus, mature and
                                                               dissipating. Although most cumulus clouds do not result in a
                                                                torm, the initial stage is always the cumulus cloud.

              e are often asked by ABS members to                  It is a fac t that some pilots have been fortunate and flown
              advise them on ways to save premium              through limited state thunderstorms with little or no damage to
              dollars on their insurance policies each year.   their aircraft. Since th understorms produce some of the most
An all-tao-simple answer is to stay loss-free by avoid-        violent weather hazards at a totally unpredictable level, these
ing the obvious exposures that cause large losses. In          pilots should count their blessings and avoid lfying it again. A
the difficult market in which we find ourselves, an            thorough weather briefing for the area involved should be re-
insured with losses will be charged more premium than          ceived and the follow ing considered before a flight in the area
those who remain loss free.                                    of a thunderstorm:
     Since one of the greatest causes of loss during late      • Pilots. particularly those flying light aircraft, should avoid all
winter and spring is storm damage, it makes sense that           thunderstorms.
we should all be vigilant in avoiding this type of expo-       • Pilots should never fly closer than five miles to any visible storm
sure. It is clear that weather conditions can present haz-       storm cloud with overhanging areas due to the possibility of
ardous changes, in the form of thunderstorms and severe          encountering hail. Hail can be encountered up to 20 miles from
weather. Weather damage is cited as a cause of 21 per-           a thunderstorm.
cent of all accidents and flying near or into thunderstorms    • Pilots should be cautious in attempting night beneath all thun-
causes 22 percent of these accidents.                            derstorms due to the deslfuctive potential of shear turbulence.
     The loss records show that accidents that occur dur-      • Pilots in the vicinity of th understorms should, at flTSt sign of tur-
ing IFR flights are more severe than those that occur            bulence, immediately reduce airspeed to the manufacturer's rec-
during VFR flights. These statistics indicate that 63 per-       ommended airspeed for turbulent air for a specific gross weight.
cent of the IFR accidents result in fatalities compared to     • Maintain straight and level attitude on a heading that will take
 15 percent in VFR conditions.                                   you through the stonn area in the minimum time.
      Each year the aviation insurance induslfY pays out       • Maintain good judgment and do not let compulsion rule the
 millions of dollars in damage directly related to the           day. If the right decision is to make a 180 degree turn. then do
 natural phenomenon know as thunderstorms and se-                not delay.
 vere weather. All pilots are taught to respect-if not         • Hangar your aircraft when you arrive at the destination to avoid
 to fear-the damage that thunderstorms can inflict on            storm damage on the ground.
 an unwary aviator. However, it seems that many pi-                It is important to obtain good information on the expected
 lots soon forget the lessons learned in the classroom         weather along your flight path. This is one of the best invest-
 and will tempt fate when they encounter a thunder-            ments in time a pilot can make. The traditional Flight Service
 storm along their route.                                      briefings are fine, but many require that they be taken with a
      If you are one of the brave but foolish pilots who       grain of salt at certain times.
 would knowingly fly into or close to what has been                The resources today have never been better to check on avia-
 referred to as "nature's uncontrolled heat engine," you       tion reported weather. In light of the fact that new Internet tech-
  may want to take time out for a reality check. We en-        nology has given us great new free sites, it makes sense to use
  courage all ABS members to be aware of the damage            them often .
  that can be inflicted by thunderstorms and to review             We all know that thunderstorms that spawn hail, wind and
  the following information to refresh their memory with       turbulence will invariably cause extensive damage to airframe
  regard to these hazards of navigation.                       and control surfaces, broken windshields, propellers, engine
      The requirements for formation of a thunderstorm         damage, and even the total loss of an aircraft.
  are unstable air, an initial updraft and high moisture            If ABS members carry ground and in-flight hull insurance,
  content. It is known that latent heat released by con-        these damages will be covered and can be repaired. The trag-
  densation of existing water vapor increases the buoy-         edy of the fatalities that sometimes accompany these lessons
  ancy of a rising air column until it becomes self-sus-        can never be repaired. It is imperative that we all give thunder-
   taining. The updraft becomes the "burner chamber"            storms the respect they deserve.
   that draws fuel from below until its fuel source is ex-      Falcon Insurance is the agency for the official ASS insurance p~ogrom, ,Joh,n
   hausted or an intermediate layer of dry stable air is        Allen may be reached 01 1-800-259-4ABS (4227). Falcons webS/Ie IS
   encountered. The products of this uncontrolled "heat

                                                                                                                                       Page 1175
 ABS March 2002
                                                      ens, there is loss of energy, difficulty with
Pilot Fatigue                                         concentration and attention, and memory lapses.
                                                      Reaction time is slowed and judgment may be
BY JOHN D. HASTINGS, M.D.                             impaired. A pilot may stare at an instrument with-
                                                      out comprehending its message.Sleepiness can
    n recent years there has been considerable        clearly compromise aviation safety.

I   interest in pilot fatigue . More descriptive
    terms include drowsiness, weariness, tired-
ness and sleepiness. Just what is this state and
                                                          In aviation we are not so much concerned witb
                                                      medical conditions that disturb sleep, but rather
                                                      the healthy aviator who by choice or circumstance
                                                       has had inadequate quantity or quality of sleep.
how can it affect pilot performance?
   Sleepiness, along with hunger and thirst, are          Given the chilling statistics noted above, it is
basic body needs that are essential to survival.       wise for every pilot to consider the risk of sleepi-
Sleep deprivation increases sleepiness and sleep       ness on a flight. Questions a pilot should ask when
will reverse sleepiness, just as hunger is reversed    preflighting for sleepiness:
by eating and thirst by drinking.                       • Have I had enough sleep, or have I been
    Within a 24-hour conventional sleep cycle,            cUlting corners because I was so busy?
sleepiness peaks in the early morning hours and           Was my sleep not restful and I awakened
again in midafternoon. Auto accidents do not              tired because I was under stress?
occur in random fashion, but tend to peak in the
                                                          Have medications or alcohol impaired the
early morning hours (when fewer cars are on the           quality of my sleep?
road) and again in midafternoon. A study in Great
Britain estimated that 27 percent of drivers who          Do I have to take this long flight because
                                                          I have a deadline?
lost consciousness at the wheel fell asleep as
opposed to fainting, having a seizure or a heart          Have I been preoccupied by stress or
attack.                                                   depressed?
    A Presidential Commission determined that             Have I really maintained an awareness of
sleep deprivation was contributory, if not causal         how sleepiness can affect my performance?
in the 1986 Space Shunle Challenger accident.
                                                           How many of you can answer these questions
Certain key managers had had only two hours
                                                       honestly and come out clean? I thought so. I didn 't
sleep tbe night before and had been on duty since
                                                       either. Hmmm! Deserves some thought for many
 1 a.m . on the day of the launch. In aviation,
                                                       of us.
inadequate sleep is a major source of fatigue
                                                           There is an antidote for sleepiness. It is sleep.
for transmeridian flight crews.
                                                       Until next month, so long.
    Sleepiness may be accompanied by yawning,
                                                                                                  Fly safe,
eye rubbing and noddi ng. As sleepiness deep-
                                                                                         -Jack Hastings


Q: My son is 24. He bad a heart transplant at          this small number of pilots. There are some long-
age 19 because a viral infection severely              term survivors, however, and I have beard the FAA
damaged his own heart. He would like to                is willing to revisit the situation in light of current
obtain his private pilot certificate and fly with      knowledge. There are many pilots of all classes
me. Is this possible?                                  who are flying with kidney and liver transplants.
A: There were a few patients certified with            There are a number of pilots with a single lung
                                                       transplants and one with a double lung transplant.
heart transplants in earlier years. However, it was
found that the donor heart experienced prema-          But certification only comes with difficulty.
ture development of arteriosclerosis (narrowing
of the arteries of the heart) with a risk of heart     Q: I suffered a spinal fracture in an aircraft
attack.                                               accident, leaving me with little use of my legs.
    At that point, certification was withdrawn for    What are my hopes?

                                                                                      ABS March 2002
A:      Your hopes can be high. There are      the literature describing excessive day-       the approac h lights coming into
a number of pilots who operate aircraft        time sleepiness began to appear. There         LaGuardia. The pilot was wearing
through use of hand controls. Manyair-         were reports of persons falling asleep         monovision lenses, which the NTSB felt
craft have been modified for hand con-         suddenly whi le driving.                       may have contributed to the accident.
trols. There is an association for paraple-        Based upon these reports, the FAA no       The approach was unstabili zed and
gic pilots. The FAA may require a dem-         longer allows the use of these agents in       flawed in other respects, so controversy
onstrated flight test. but this shou ld        pilots.                                        has arisen about the role of the lenses in
present no problem.                               You are probably taking a low- and          this accident. Nevertheless, there is now
    I recall a gentleman who suffered a        only night-time dose of the drug, a dif-       a checkbox asking this question that you
cervical spine (neck) fracture , leaving       ferent situation than that of a patient with   must answer when you take your airman
him with some weakness in all four             Parkinson's di sease taking medication         medical examination.
limbs. Though his strength was not nor-        three times daily. Despite the difference,
mal in any limb and he had some spas-
ticity, he was able to demon trate his
                                               I suspect the FAA would say no.
                                                   Fortunately, there are other effective
                                                                                              Q: I lost an eye in a skiing accident
                                                                                              three months ago. [ atn doing well. Will
abi lities from preflight to shutdown to       agents that may be allowed. This includes      I be able to fly?
the FAA. He was granted a third class          Sinemet, another drug used in
airman medical certificate.                    Parkinson's disease.                           A:    Yes. As I recall, there are more than
                                                                                              3,000 monocular (one-eyed) pilots fl y-
                                       Q: have
Q: I am taking coumadin. a blood thin- a wonderfulhad LASrKdosurgeryhave any
                                                     j               and had                  ing currently. The FAA will want a pe-
                                                                                              riod of six months to pass before certifi-
                                                   result. I   not
ning drug. for deep vein thrombosis                                                           cation is considered.
                                               complications such as glare, etc. My
(blood clot in a vein in my right leg                                                             A pilot wearing monovision lenses
                                               ophthalmologist said I am completely
following an injury). Once a clot broke        healed, and he has released me for full        has impaired depth perception, but the
ofT and went to my lung, so they are go-       unrestricted activities. It has been two       monocular pilot has 110 depth perception.
ing to keep me on this drug for perhaps a      months since the surgery. I am told            With the passage of time he or she de-
year or two. Will I be able to fly?            there is an FAA eye form that must             velops "monocular clues." What happens
A: Ye . In earlier years, there was con-       be filled out to take to my aviation medi-     is the brain learns to judge depth by other
                                                                                              clues that don' t require two eyes.
cern about uncontrolled bleeding in the        cal examiner. Can you provide this
                                               information?                                       Relative size, contrast, shadows and
event of an aircraft accident in pilots tak-
                                                                                              other clues are used for depth perception.
ing coumadin. Experience has shown this
has not proven to be a great risk. Avia-
                                               A: Your AME has a standard ophthal-            They work quite well. The Luftwaffe had
                                               mology evaluation form , form 8500-7.           monocu lar aces in World War 11.
tors are now flying on coumadin,though         You can obtain one of these at his office           Monovision lenses are not allowed
special issuance is necessary. Individu-       and have it filled out. Alternatively, your     because they are taken in and out, which
als with mechanical heart valve replace-       ophthalmologis t cou ld write a note            may not allow these monocular clues to
ment must take coumadin for life. For-         describing the procedure, the fact that
tunately. one can now fly on coumadin.                                                         develop.
                                               you have healed and have no complica-
                                               tions such as glare, and that you are
                                               released for full unrestricted activities.      Q: I have had a heart valve replace-
 Q: I am taking a medication called                                                            ment. Will I be able to get my medical
 Mirapex for restless leg syndrome. With-
 out it I can't keep my legs still when I       Q: Can I fly with monovision contact A: Yes indeed. If your heart is other-
 am trying 10 sleep at night. I feel com-       lenses?                                        wi se reasonabl y healthy and without
 pelled to keep moving them. The drug                                                          significant arterial blockage or heart fail-
 does a great job, but I am worried about       A: No. The FAA will not allow certi-           ure, you should be able to obtain your
 the FAA's poSition.                            fication with monovision contact lenses        certificate. You will have to wai t six
                                                (one eye corrected for near vision, the        months and then provide a complete car-
 A:     I am doubtful the FAA woul d            other for distant vision). This disturbs       diovascular evaluation.
 approve the drug. Mirapex is in a class        depth perception, which requires both              A few years ago, a BPPP instructor
 of drugs called dopamine agonists. They        eyes working together to fix on an             who followed instructions to the leuer
 are used primarily in the treatment of         object.                                        was certified within a few weeks of the
 Parkinson'S disease.                              There was an airline accident a num-        six-month waiting period. He continues
     Initially, this agent and others in its    ber of years ago in which an aircraft hit       to fly.                            -@-
 class were approved, but then reports in

                                                                                                                            Page 7177
  ABS March 2002
                                                    Irs 1998: A Swissair MD-" crashes off the coast of Nova Scotia . Specula-
                                                    tion is that crew disorientation due to smoke from an electr~cal fire be-
                                                    gan the chain of events that led tothe accident. Investigation centers
                                                    on the crew's actions while processing the electrical fire checklist.
                                                    later that same year: An emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD) calls
                                                    for disabling Bob Fields' inflatable door seals. The Federal Aviation Ad-

                                                    ministration (FAA) is concerned about the possibilityof electrical fires
                                                    resulting from a malfunction of the door seal mechanism.
                                                    Mid-2000: A B58 takes off on a night IFR trip. The pilot reports an electri-
                                                    cal fire shortly offer takeoff. The Baron crashes into a lonely farm field,
                                                    killing all on board .
                                                    Events such as these serve as reminders that we should periodically re-
                                                    view the Electrical Smoke or Fire procedure for the airplanes we fly, really
                                                    think about how we'd handle smoke in the cockpit, and practice using
                                                    the checklist so we'll be ready in case we ever need it "for real." And yet.
                                                    the vast majority of Raytheon/Beechcraft Pilot's Operating Handbooks
                                                    (POHs) don't even include an Electrical Smoke or Fire checklist.
                                                    For those who fly airplanes that do have a printed procedure, and
                                                    (perhaps more importantly) those who do not, let's discuss what you
                                                    might do if you notice abnormally hot equipment or smoke in the

Checklists: Some models                             Sierra or some other make and model of          Single vs. twin,
have it. some don't                                 airplane, there are some basic consider-        pressurized or not
    There's an amazing lack of consistency          alions you should observe when contem-              The actions of fighting an electrical
among RaytheonlBeech POHs. Procedures               plating an electrical fire.                     fire or overheat vary slightly depending
and checklists that appear in some versions                                                         on the makeup of the airplane you're fly-
of airplanes do not exist in others. Beech          What will burn!                                 ing. Electrical overheat considerations
started publishing an Electrical Smoke or               When you think about it, there 's not       differ based on whether the airplane is a
Fire checklist with the introduction of the         a lot on board an airplane that will bum.       single or twin engine and, if a twin ,
V35B in 1972. To the best of my knowl-              If aviation fuel, oil or perhaps hydraulic      whether it's pressurized or not.
edge, however, they never put a similar             fluid isn' t involved, it would take some-          Although I 'll use the Bonanza and
procedure in earlier Model 35s or the               thing ve,y hot to ignite other on-board         Baron as examples, the basic theory is
Model 33 through the discontinuation of             material s. It's most likely, then, that an     valid for all makes of single vs. twin -
F33A production in 1994.                            electricalftre will actually be more of an      engine airplanes. Remember that the
    The A36TC, introduced in 1979, in-              electrical overheat. You won't see              manufacturer's POH is the final word in
cludes an electri cal fire checklist that is also   flames, and any smoke will be wispy.            what's the "correct" thing to do in the
present in all B36TC POHs, but normally             light-colored and thin . If the electrical      event of electrical overheat or fire. If a
aspirated 36s and A36s did not get the pro-         overheat is left unchecked, it may involve      checklist exists for the airplane you fly,
cedure until the change to 10-550s and              insulation and plastics, which if burned        by all means use it as your guide in iso-
throttle-quadrant controls in 1984.                 can produce a thicker, blacker and highly       lating and extinguishing a fire.
    Barons, first introduced in 1961 , have         toxic smoke.
always had electrical smoke or fire                     The best course of action, then, is to      The first step
checklists in all models. As I recall, so           catch an electrical overheat before it can         The Baron and Bonanza electrical fire
does the Duke. (lawn a full set of Baron            progress into a full-blown electrical ftre.     checklists call first for turning off the
and I 966-and-later Bonanza POHs, but               Run through the Electrical Smoke or Fire        battery and alternator/generator switches.
none for the Duke.)                                 procedure at the first sign of eye irritation   This will, of course, plunge you into
    Regardless of whether the particular            or wispy smoke, or if you notice that some-     darkness if you're flying at night or in
airplane you fly includes such a check-             thing "smells" or feels abnormally hot.         "serious" instrument meteorological con-
list, or whether you're flying a Span or                                                            ditions (IMC)-so keep a flashlight

Page 7178                                                                                                               ABS March 200 2
handy when flying in other than "day             likely overheated equipment and to ven-
visuar' weather.                                tilate the cabin to remove any contanti-          RaytheonlBeech A3G
    Why turn off the power? Again, it           nation that's already in the air. In Bonan-
takes a /01 of heat to suppon a cabin fire.
                                                                                                  Bectrical Smoke III' Fire Checklist
                                                zas, pull the Firewall Air Shutoff valve.         Action 10 be token must consider existing
Usually, removing the source of ignition        In pressurized airplanes, pull both               conditions and equipment installed:
(the electrical system) will extinguish         Firewall Shutoff Valves.
any avionics or related electrical fire.            In hoth cases, you're cutting off air flow    • Battery & Alternator Switches - OFF
    What else happens when you turn off         from the engine companment(s) into the            WARNING: E >r:frJCQI v             H
the battery and alternator/generator            cabin; you're also elintinating possible          01                  In

switches? Your avionics go away, of             engine-compartment fire contamination in          • Firewall Air Control Knob - PUll
course. Along with communications and           case you misdiagnosed the source of your            (If smoke or fire is present
                                                                                                    in the engine comportment)
VOR navigation radios, you' II lose your        overheat or smoke. Then open up the
Loran or GPS , which will have to reac-         pilot-side window and/or pop open the             • All Electrical Switches - OFF
quire chains or satellites (respectively)       forward door to suck out the smoke.                     Battery and Alternator Switches - ON
and recalculate their position to work              Be ready for cabin depressurization                 Essential Electrical Equipment - ON
after power returns. (Some newer mod-           (and rapid fogging of moisture in the air               (one at a time to isolate defective
els have batteries that will minimize the       that you may mistake for additional
"down time" after electrical interruption.      smoke) if you're flying a Duke or
                                                                                                  I~(.   ,..... _ _          _ J WI' n... be aggl 'IOte:t by
Check your POH supplement.)                     P-Baron up high. Also be aware of all             drat! 'The CJbl1 can be venti ted by IJUShlr'IJ the
    Also, if your airplane has an electri-      the implications of having the forward            firewr I a r CC'1trol ;'lOb full torwarc! bY open 1;1 the
cally driven slaved heading indicator (as       door noisily open in flight.                      forwl) d sidewa! ve-'Ilolo ?ul'e and tr,- c~mng
                                                                                                  the averrood 'resh air wi           T"e plot 10fTTl win-
pan of an HSI and/or slaved ADF), slav-                                                           dow con b ope '" j 'e           ed
ing will blank out. After you restore power,    Isolate affected equipment                        8 'C/I-raffA36 POll 5/IIf 1946          'L 1A   f 2" 1 and
you may have a "nav flag" and an inaccu-            To get a better idea of where the prob-       affer ret- ed OcfaO           wv
rate HSI and ADF for up to several min-         lem may lie, check the circuit breakers.
utes, especially if you've strayed from your    Chances are, if something got hot enough
heading while the power was off.                to prompt use of the Electrical Smoke or
    Any other equipment hard-wired into         Fire checklist, it also tripped a circuit         Raytheon/Beech 58P
the airplane's electrical system that takes     breaker. If you find a breaker popped, or         Bectrical Smoke or rll'8 Checklist
time to "spool up" after engine stan will       a breaker-type toggle switch mysteri-             Action 10 be taken must consider existing
                                                                                                  conditions and eQuipmenl installed:
likely require the same stan-up time af-        ously "off' when you thought it should
ter reintroducing electricity.                  be ·'on." don't reset it once you've staned
    Electrical anti- and de-icing devices       the Electrical Smoke or Fire procedure.           • Battery & Alternator Switches - OFF
will be shut down for the time your mas-             Now that you' ve removed electrical
                                                energy that sustains the fire, prevented          nreS:;Uflzoll       dump      Q
ter switch is off, so your autopilot is his-                                                      b<_
tory. Stall and gear warning horns are           fanning of any remaining flames and
                                                eliminated smoke from the cabin, you              If necessary, cabin pressurization may be dumped
inoperative. All your electrically pow-                                                           manually with the Emergency Door Seal Deflate
ered engine monitoring equipment will            need to figure out what was burning.             Switch when electrical power is off.
 be "out" until power returns. You'll dis-       Here's where I personally differ with
 appear from the radar scope (except as a        most presentations of the electrical firel        • Oxygen - AS REQUIRED
 possible primary target) as your transpon-      overheat scenario.                                • All Electrical Switches - OFF
 der no longer replies, and the controller's         Most primary texts and instructors            • Battery & Alternator Switches - ON
 frantic calls will go unanswered until you      will tell you to individually tum off ev-
                                                                                                   • Essential Electrical Equipment - ON
 have a powered-up radio.                        ery piece of electrically powered equip-            (Isolate defective equipment)
     In today's era of aero-paranoia, the Air    ment. Then turn on the battery and alter-         N\T1Ef'le!.l1                                    a
 Force may scramble fighters to see what         nator switches. Next you'll turn things            I..,.         "      EJNI     t'j          l.A1 J
                                                 on one-by-one until something begins to           PRiSS AIR $!illTOFF- ...Of\~ 5 T~ e>JOCU(]te 'TlOke the
 you're up to. Do you care? Not really-                                                            cubl:"l pres e and doOt seal P e!_ e ~ould be
 you're trying to survive in a potentially        overheat again. Lastly. they'll have you         au llped t fequ e
 toxic and lethal cockpit.                        turn everything else on once you've              See '>croff S8P i'I.J/i SIN fJ-436 TI-444 nd off.
                                                  found "the" errant piece of equipment.            ssuedu~ 17 ,1983

 Pressing on                                         I differ in that I'm not cenain I'd find
     Continuing the checklist, you're go-         one single radio or device that's over-
                                                                cOlltilllled 011 the Ilext page
 ina to limit the flow of air to the most

                                                                                                                                         Page 7179
 ABS March 2002
                                                extinguishers work on the basis of dis-        reference, VOR, Loran orGPS (whatever
heating. A fire that started in one place
                                                placing the oxygen that's required forthe      is normal for you), and autopilot on, if
may have spread to another. And I'd like
                                                fire to burn.                                  so equipped . View -limiting device
to avoid restarting a fire if! could possi-
bly avoid it. That's why my technique is            If you use one of these extinguishers      ("hood") on, dial in some place to navi-
to tum off everything individually, tum on      in an enclosed cabin, you may asphyxi-         gate to, and head there.
the battery and a1temator/generator(s), and     ate yourself-so use them sparingly and               Arrange before the fli ght for your in-
then power up ONLY the minimum equip-           avoid inhaling the discbarge. C02, and          structor/safery pilot to say without warn-
melll required to get me on the ground.This     other types of extinguishers also have a        ing, "I smell smoke" or some similar sig-
is consistent with the POH checklist, which     reputation for entering and destroying          nal at some point in the fli ght. When you
calls for "Essential Electrical Equipment-      avionics. But in my opinion that's a low        "detect" an electrical fire, run the check-
ON" (italics mine).                              prioriry when facing a cabin fire.             li st- including actually shutting off the
     I'd start with a single comm and nav                                                       battery and alternator/generator switches.
 radio, followed by what few lights I           Practice, practice, practice                    Transi tion to hand-fl yin g by parti al
 might need to see what I'm doing with-              You already have access to the best        panel, with whatever equipment you've
 out a flashlight. I'd turn on extra nav/        Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) fo r          got, in whatever light is available. Con-
 comms only if I absoilltely needed them         your make and model of airplane- the           centrate on partial-panel hand-fly ing
for {/II approach and landing at the near-       airplane itself. Budget some time to sim-      while navigating en route and simulta-
 est practical airpon. Transponders are op-      ply sit in your airplane and run through        neously running the electrical smoke or
 tional in emergencies (air intercepts of        the Electrical Smoke or Fire procedure.         fire checklist.
 nonsquawking airplanes notwithstanding)         Physically perform the steps. Move the              Way too much work, you say? You' re
 and on-board fires certainly qualify. So I'd    switches and controls like you'd have to        right-but it's what you'd have to do "for
 leave the transponder off unless Air Traf-      do "for real" in an electrical emergency.       real" perhaps with the added stress of
 fic Control absolutely insisted, and even           Decide beforehand what you' ll power        watery, itching eyes and coughing from
 then I'd try to talk them out of it if they     back up, and what YO il won't, if you no-       the acrid smoke.
 have a primary return.                          tice electrical smoke. Do the ali-impor-            Helpful hint: If you've got someone
     Do you need an autopilot to descend         tant "memory steps." Pull out the check-        on board with you, have them read the
 and land? If you do, you shouldn't be fly-      list to verify you've missed nothing and        checklist steps to you.
 ing in the first place-so don' t tempt fire     to complete the procedure. Get in the habit         If your passenger is familiar with the
 by turning it back on. Do you have to           of regularly practicing actual manipulation     location and function of switches in the
 have your GPS or Loran to find an air-          of the contrOls in your "CPT" for this and      COCkpit-and is sitting where he or she
 port? You shoUldn ' t, but if you' re lost,     all other emergency procedures.                 can reach them-put him or her in charge
 certainly go ahead and restore power.               Next, practice making the transition        of running the Electrical Smoke or Fire
 You probably don ' t ha ve to have a            from normal cruise to the emergency re-         checklist while you're fl ying the air-
 stormscope or radar or TCAS , or any of         gime. If you have the opportunity to at-        plane. Consider training your frequent-
 the other nice-to-have extras, so don ' t       tend type-specific, simulator-based train-      flyer passengers for just thi s and similar
 tum them on.ln fact, if you can commu-          ing, great! This is one area where simu-       emergencies beforehand. Manage your
 nicate and navigate (or get vectors from        lator training is at its best. You can also    cockpit; make use of anything you' ve got
 ATC as your source of navigation infor-         learn a lot from nontype-specific simu-         to ease the load.
 mation) with hand-held units, there's no        lator , if you can 't attend a F1ightSafety         Any procedure, published or not, is
 reason to turn the avionics back on at all.     ora SIMCOM.                                    only as good as your ability to run it un-
     Th e goal is 10 minimize risk by IIIm-          Practice thi s transition in your air-     der the stress of real-world conditions.
 ing all only those items ),011 abso/lltely      plane. I highly suggest you obtain the         Take some time to review and truly think
need 10 land safely. Let an avionics tech-
 nician troubleshoot the problem on the
                                                services of an instructor or safety pilot
                                                 who is expert in the ways of your spe-
                                                                                                through the Electrical Smoke or Fire and
                                                                                                similar checklists, and what equipment
ground, where you're not risking your           cific model of airplane. Make sure you're       you'd try to power back up and why. Con-
life. Use your best judgment and your           either VFR where transponders and two-          trive ways to review the physical motions
knowledge of the systems installed in the       way communication aren 't required, or          of the procedure, as well as to practice the
particular airplane you fly.                    coordinate the exercise with controllers        scenario as it would actually occur.
                                                beforehand, because you'll go "no radio"
Fire extinguishers                              for at least a short time.                     A8S member Tom Turner writes, lectures and teaches
    Small cabin fires can be put out with                                                      about aviation safety and flying high-performance
                                                    Begin the exercise from what you'd         airplanes. He flies a 1998 58 Baron. You can reach
fire extinguishers. Remember, though,           consider to be a "normal" cruise-power          om
                                                                                               T ot423·336-2261. or
that Haylon and some other styles of fire       set, mixture leaned, navigating by ground

Page 7180
                                                                                                                       ABS March 2002
You can minimize the hazard of an emergency during takeoff and initial climb by having
a plan for exactly what you will do if you are required to put the bird back on the ground.

                                                                                            maintaining proper speed-which is more
                                                                                            important than aircraft configuratioll--{)r from
RON ZASADZINSKI. BPPP INSTRUCTOR. FORT COLLINS, COLORADO                                    selecting and arriving at the most favorable off-
                                                                                            airport landing site.

                                                                                            Pilot mindset
                                                                                                Given the factors described, it makes
                                                                                            sense that takeoff accidents typically result
                                                                                            in more damage to people and aircraft than
                                                                                            landing accidents. But one less-obvious factor
                                                                                            is pilot mind-set. As mentioned above, during
                                                                                            a landing we are intending to contact the
                                                                                            ground. If an accident occurs. it is because we
                                                                                            have accomplished our intended task poorly.
      id you know that of pilot-related accidents, almost 50               During takeoff and initial climb, we are not planning for

D     percent occur during takeoff and landing? This is not too
      surpri si ng. Takeoff and landing are the most complex
phases of night, and therefore the most likely in which 10 en-
                                                                       ground contact. It is my suspicion tbat this plays a significant
                                                                       role in the outcome of takeoff vs. landing accidents. You can
                                                                       minimize the hazard of an emergency during takeoff and initial
counter a problem or make an error. A distraction during these         climb by having a plan for exactly what you will do if you are
phases is also more likely to create a hazardous situation.            req uired to put the bird back on the ground.
    According to data from the 2000 Nail Report, published by              Before every takeoff, I take just a moment 10 review the
the AOPAAir Safety Foundation, if one has an accident during           pitch attitude required to maintain best glide speed and what
takeoff, it is almost II times more likely to result in a fatality     that speed is. I remind myself that if the engi ne hiccups, I need
than a landing accident. There are many reasons for this.              to immediately lower the nose. at least slightly, so as to never
    The more apparent reasons for the increased fatality rate of       allow the airspeed to retreat below best glide speed, or blue-
takeoff accidents relate to the environment and aircraft configura-    line in a twi n. I also give a thought to locating the best off-
tion. When contacting the ground off-airport--especially right after   airport landing areas near the airport.
takeoff where the pilot has few choices as to where to set the air-        My assumption is that the first 1,000 feet of climb is the
craft down-the touchdown area is more likely to be inhospitable.       most critical because I will have only a minimal amount of
    Houses, lakes, power lines, trees and other features not re-       time untilI'm back on the ground. Once above 1,000 AGL, I'll
sembling the runway environment are often present. Contact-            have more time 10 make decisions and configure the aircraft
ing these during a landing attempt certainly increases the ri sk       should an emergency arise.
of damage to the aircraft and the occupants.
    Contrast this with landi ng accidents where the touchdown          Flying technique
area is fairly free of obstructions. After aU, we are heading to-          In addition to mindset, there are also nying techniques we
ward the runway-smaller chance of serious damage to us or              can use during takeoffs to make them safer. As a night instruc-
our aircraft.                                                          tor, I see a variety of techniques used by the pilots I fly with.
                                                                       As a result of some 6,000 hours of observation from the right
Aircraft configuration                                                 seat. I am convinced that the safest takeoffs are performed when
    What about aircraft configuration? During a landing, we are        the pilot has a very specific plan regarding the pitch attitude of the
intending to contact the ground. The aircraft is in landing con-       airplane. During rotation, and until the aircraft is fully airbome, I
figuration: wheels and naps down, and more importantly, is             believe pitch attitude is more important than airspeed. This is con-
nying fairly slowly. All these factors help to minimize aircraft       trary to how most of us were probably taught.
damage if the pilot loses control or contacts an obstacle.                 I learned to fly at sea level in a Cessna 172. Quite a bit of
    Shortly after takeoff, we are certainly not planning to touch      performance is available with on ly two people on board and no
the ground. Gear and naps are up, the aircraft is in a nose-high       luggage. Li ke most pilots, I was taught 10 watch the airspeed
attirude, and airspeed during the climb is different than landing      indicator and when reaching rotation speed, to add backpressure
speed. If an off-airport landing is suddenly required, we may not      and get the airplane airborne. From an observer's standpoint
have the time to properly configure the aircraft for touchdown.        sitting in the right seat of the ai rcraft, it feels like the pilot is
    Even if we do have the time, these tasks can distract us from      pretty much yanking the airplane into the air.

ABS March 2002                                                                                                               Page 7181
   Yes, the airplane flies, but there really is no margin if any              stacles close by, that technique may be more appropriate. Most
one of a number of things goes wrong. What if it is turbulent?                runways I use are two to four times longer than the minimum
What if there is a sudden increase in crosswind component?                    required for a safe takeoff. Lengthening the takeoff roll a bit
What if we encounter even the smallest windshear and lose five                causes no harm. In fact, it results in a lot of good.
knots of indicated airspeed? What if the engine should spuner?                    Using thi s technique, the aircraft will have a slightl y higher
   I know of at least one accident several years ago where the                indicated airspeed when the aircraft becomes fully airborne. This
instructor and pilot practiced aboning the takeoff shonly after               is a good thing because it gives the pilot more energy to work with
breaki ng ground. The Bonanza was totaled when it re-contacted                in the event of an unexpected crosswind gust, downdraft, or a small
the run way with 100 much sink rate. Is there another technique               loss of airspeed due to turbulence or wind shear.
available that would afford us a larger margin of safety?                         Assuming the runway is long enough, it is also easy to set
                                                                              the aircraft back on the ground safely in the event the engine
Another takeoff technique                                                     coughs or the door pops open. Setting back down is easier and
     There are other takeoff techniques. I'll share one with you              safer because with the lower pitch attitude used in this tech-
 that varies only slightly and leaves the pilot with many more                nique, there is a correspondingly smaller decrease in pitch re-
 options in the event something unexpected occurs. [ want 10                  quired to initiate a shallow descent.
 emphasize thi s is a "normal" takeoff technique, not necessarily                 In this environment and with the short time scales involved
 appropriate for shan field takeoffs or crosswind takeoffs. It                during an emergency, the change in pitch roughly corresponds
 works equally well for Barons and Bonanzas.                                  to the change in angle of attack (AOA). With onl y a small AOA
     Earl y in th e takeoff ro li , I hold a small amo unt of                 change required, very little li ft wi ll be given up to start the
 backpressure so [can feel when the nose wheel is getting "light."            descent. This avoids that awful sinki ng feeli ng close to the
  When The airplane is ready, the nose wheel will lift off. At that           ground and prevents slamming into it at high descent raLes.
 time I'll set a pitch attitude so the no e wheel is just two or                  This technique is an imponant one because it works even at
 three inches off the pavement. How do I know [ have the pitch                very high density altitudes. I live in Colorado and some of the
 attitude right? Since I'm performing the takeoff visually- and               scariest sights I have seen are "normal" takeoffs at Leadville
 that is where I believe our eyes should be, outside the aircraft-            (9,937 MS L). The technique described here works equally well
 let me give you a visual reference. This pitch attitude is lower             at 10,000 MSL and at sea level. Try it and see what you think.
 than that required for best rate of climb (which is eight to ten
 degrees up), and pennits an easy view of the runway over the          ASS member Ron Zasadzinski instructs with the Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Pro-
                                                                       grams as both Q ground and flight instructor and is the secretary of the BPPP
 nose of the aircraft. If you can't see the runway ahead of you,       Board of Directors. He fives in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he works both as a
 the pitch is too high for thi s techn ique.                           flight instructor and a computer consultant. He has over 5500 hours of flight
                                                                       time in general aviation aircraft and formerly worked as a nuclear physicist for
     As the aircraft accelerates, the elevalOr is becomi ng more       the Department of Energy at Lawrence Livermore Notional Lob.
 effective and requires the pilot to reduce backpressure to main-
 tain a constant pitch attitude. Once the aircraft
 is airborne, I continue to hold this same pitch
 attitude until we have achieved best rate of                                 2002 BPPP INC. SCHEDULE
 climb speed, or blue line in the case of a Baron.                      Initial/Recurrent Phase at all locations.
     Depending on the aircraft, weight, density            Bonanzas/Barons/Travel Airs at all locations. Subject to change.
 altitude and when you like to retract the land-         DATE                      LOCATION                                    PHASE
 ing gear, this can take anywhere from five sec-
                                                         March 22·24               Greensbo ro. North Carolina Initial/Recurrent
onds to thirty seconds. Not a long period of time.
                                                         April 12-14               Fresno. California                          Initial/llecurrent
Within this time fra me I have retracted the
wheels, and as the airspeed reaches best rate of         April 26-28               Columbus. Ohio                              Initial/llecurrent
climb speed (or blue line), I inc rease                  May 17-19                 Milwaukee. Wiscon si n                      Initial/llecurrent
backpressure again , setting a pitch attitude to         June 14-16               Colorado Springs. Colorado Mountain Flying
hold that speed, about 10 degrees above the              June 28-30               Spokane. Washington                         Initial/Recurrent
horizon. At whatever safe altitude you prefer (I         September 6-8            Machester. New Hampshire In itial/Recurrent
use 1,000 AGL), the pitch is lowered slightly            September 27-29 Fresno. California                                   Initial/Recurrent
to achieve a cruise cli mb configuIalion.                October 18-20            LiHle Rock                                  Initial/Recurrent
     Using this technique will res ult in a longer
                                                         November 8-10            Norfolk. Virg inia                          In itial/llecurrent
takeoff roll than the POH. Is this bad? a! The
ground roll published in the POH is achievable            Cockpit CompanIon course available at all locations except Colorodo Springs.

using only a short field teChnique. If you are                            CALL THE BPPP. INC. REGISTRATION OFFICE
taking off from a really short field or have ob-                 to make arrangements: 970-377· t 877 or fax 970-377-1512.

Page 7182                                                                                                                     ASS March 2002
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                                                               Phone: 316-945-1700 FAX: 316-945-1710
                                                               Web site:
ABS Past Presidents share their memories
Last year's president, Jon Roadfeldt, wrote a letter to all the past presidents of the Society asking them to share
some Society history from their perspective. Remarks by Willis Hawkins (1997-98) were published in the December
2001 issue. Now here is what Harry Hadler (/984-85) and Barrie Hiem (1994-96) had to say...

Harry Hadler. Edmond                     m lahoma                         we went to Guatemala City one year and then a two-week trip
    I bought my first Bonanza in January 1969 and was told                to Panama the next year with 33 airplanes and 80 people! Ambi-
about the existence of the American Bonanza Society at that               tious flying, but great fun and we made some lifelong friends with
time, so Ijoined immediately. Soon after, I received notice that          the fine Bonanza members who went with us on these trips.
the first convention would be held in Wichita-the hometown                    A lot of these weekend excursions were more than just
of my wife Mary and me.                                                   social. We made a couple of trips to Mobile, Alabama, to visit
    When the day of the convention arrived, the wind was liter-           the Continental engine plant, and to Ft. Worth to visit Center,
ally blowing things away. So we decided to drive to Wichita from          Tracon and the so-called "war room" deep underground where
our home in Oklahoma City, about 300 miles south of Wichita.              government could bave been conducted in a real emergency.
We checked in at the Ramada, the headquarters hotel, and soon                 Our most memorable trip was in the summer of 1985 when
met other Bonanza drivers gathered there for the convention.              the Southwest group flew in 12 airplanes all the way to Alaska
    Most of the convention activities were held aL the Beech              on the Will RogerslWiley Post Memorial Expedition. That was
Employees facility nearby. They had parked some notable                   on about the 50th anniversary of the crash at Barrow which
Bonanzas outside on the curb. including two that had just made            claimed their lives. We new the Alcan Highway route going up
a trip around the world! This really impressed me. I flew Brand           through Canada to Fairbanks, tben flew the pipeline up to
C for many years, and the thought never even occurred to me               Prudhoe Bay where we flew out over the floating ice fields.
that a small single-engine airplane would have the capability                 Then we jumped the DEW line stations over to Barrow and
to do that.                                                               circled the Cape (northernmost point of the United States). The
    Inside, there were four new Bonanzas to admire during tbe             next day, in absolutely gorgeous weather, we circled Mt.
meetings. We met most of the officers and directors of the                McKinley before landing at Anchorage. We stopped to visit
Society and a great many other attendees. We have many pleas-             Juneau and Ketchikan and returned directly to Victoria.
ant memories of our experiences at this convention and were im-               I was very pleased to be elected to theABS Board of Direc-
pressed with the presentations and speakers. For instance, Olive          tors in J 981. We had an outstanding group of people. Our very
Ann Beech was present at the final dinner. Hypolite Landry (ABS           first job was to hire an executive director, which was accom-
President in 1975-76) gave a talk, accompanied by his guitar, about       plished during the Board meeting at the Las Vegas Conven-
his solo flight around the world-a real entertainer. I think I am         tion. The following year, we selected a site for our new
one of only four members who has attended all the ABS na-                 headquarters building in Wichita and moved the office from
tional conventions.                                                       Reading, Pennsylvania, to temporary quarters in the airport
    It was at a convention Lhat I heard about the beginning for-          terminal in Wichita. About a year later, the Society moved into
mation of so-called "chapters" that were to be the social arms            the completely debt-free structure. Although about half its
of the Society. So we soon became involved with the South-                                            present size, it was certainly adequate
west Chapter, mostly Texas and                                      _ _- - ,                           for us at the time.
Oklahoma members. I became a                                                                                 During my second year on the
board member and later president                                                                        Board, our "Bulletin" started to be
of that group in 1978-80.                                                                               printed with some color, a notable
    The Southwest, at one time, was                                                                     event. The Service Clinic program was
the most aCLive chapter. We con-                                                                         transferred to the Air Safety Founda-
ducted weekend fly-ins four to six                                                                        tion and the beginning of the Bonanza!
times a year. During the mid-70s we                                                                       Baron Pi lot Proficiency Program
started a winter trip to Mexico each                                                                       (BPPP) occurred.
year, usually consisting of 12 to 25                                                                            In the early 1980s J had taken two
airplanes. We went to the Yucatan                                                                           training sessions with Airmanship,
every two or three years but also to                                                                        Inc. which were one-an-one with a
                                                                                 Harry and Mary Hadler
most of the major areas in Mexico.               pose with the dedication plaque at 0 ceremony held at       well-qualified Bonanza instructor.
    While [ was Southwest president.               ASS new headquarters in Wichita, October 16,1982.         When I came on the Board, I lobbied

Page 7183                                                                                                                  ABS March 2002
                                                                                          Harry Hadler and his Bonanza at
                                                                                          the BeechcroH plant in Wichita, Kansas.

                                                                                            and di stribute information to the members
                                                                                            about flying and maintaining their air-
                                                                                            planes. The conventions are basically tech-
                                                                                             rucal with exhibits and seminars through-
                                                                                             out. The social functions are mostly left
                                                                                              to the regional groups and they have done
                                                                                              a good job with that over the years. I think
                                                                                              it is really a shame that more members
                                                                     do not avail themselves of these activities.
      hard for a similar program that could be conducted by the          [ think the present dues structure is nominal compared to
Society at reduced rates. 1 like to think I was somewhat instru-     other technical groups I belong to. [have never regretted a single
 mental in getting the BPPP initiated. This was also the year the    minute [ spent working with the Bonanza organization and agree
Society had its first presence at Oshkosh, now an ongoing affair.    with a remark by former president Joe McClain (1987-88) who
    1 was elected president of the Society at the convention in      told me, "[ give money to many worthwhile orgartizations, but my
 Denver, Colorado, in 1984. In conjunction with the executive com-   time I can give only to a few."
 minee, we immediately made a change in leadership at the Wichita        My wife and [ have flying friends all over the country and
office by promoting Cliff Sones to the management ofthe Society'S    some foreign places, too, as a result of having a common bond
 activities and we employed local accounting and legal firms to      with the Bonanza airplane. We have had a lifetime of experi-
 handle the Society'S business.                                      ences to remember and enjoy.
    The V-tail safety study and retesting continued through this         I got my private ticket in December 1940. My license
year and was not completed until the following year. During          number is 4008-40 which no one wants to believe, but [ think it
that time, many models were required to operate at less than         was meant to convey that I was the 4,008th private license
optimum airspeed. T think this study made all Bonanza pilots         granted during 1940 to Civilian Pilot Training program (CPT)
 more aware of the limitations and parameters of night in our        participants.
 fine airplanes and was probably more important in making the            Since we bought a new Bonanza in 1970, I have accumu-
 recent years a lot safer for our flying friends than the mechani-   lated about 4,500 hours of V-tail time and 1,250 in a pressurized
cal "fix" that was later prescribed.                                 Baron that [ owned for eight years. As you can see, [ am a true
    Because of the cost factor of conducting Board meetings          Beechcraft convert.
throughout the year, we reduced the number of board members              Two years ago I joined John Miller 's pet organization, the
to nine. There were never any problems in working with other         UFOs (United Flying Octogenarians) and recently attended their
members of the Board. Most were businessmen who were do-             fly-in to Maxwell Field in Montgomery, Alabama. I really en-
nating their time and efforts to keeping the Society pointed to      joy his articles in the magazine. Brings back many memories.
greater service and value to the membership. These men (they
were all men at that time) gave freely of their time, working on
committee assignments throughout the year and on any special
events that came their way.                                          Barrie C. Hiem, Sr. RJme, Ge), ';1"
    Cliff Sones was my closest associate during my year as presi-        My introduction to Bonanzas came in 1969 as a result of the
dent. We talked by phone every day or two and [ made numer-          desire to "move up" after having been asked by ATC for an
ous trips to Wichita for consultations. He had not had much          estimate of when I might reach 5,000 feet during c1imbout in
experience with an association such as ours, but he did a super      the family C-I72. When someone asked me if I had considered a
job in keeping the employees focused on service to the mem-          Bonanza, [ replied, "No; they don't look like real airplanes with
bers and in handling the public contacts with suppliers, the me-     that funny taiL" When asked if I had ever flown in one.
dia and the members.                                                 I replied no again. When asked if [ would, [ replied that [ would
    The original idea of the formation of the Society continues      and so a ride was scheduled the next day. a Friday. On Monday, I
today. At least it seems to me that most Bonanza owners are          bought that airplane. Thirty-two years later, 1still have it, N545H,
still looking for information and instructions on how to realize     formerly N5452D, SIN D-4982.
the most from their investment and for anything that will per-           Immediately after the purchase, I joined the then-fledgling
mit them to fly more safely.                                         American Bonanza Society, and attended my first ABS Con-
    The Society was from the beginning a ..technical" organiza-      vention, the third annual convention, in 1971 at Dayton.
tion. The original reason for forming the group was to assemble          In 1992, I was elected to the board of directors. In 1993, [ was

ABS March 2002                                                                                                               Page 7184
elected secretary and then, in 1994, was elected     Barrie and Sora Hiern with .
                                                                                        QIC corperBononza.
to be president, in which office I served for two
terms. This was the beginning of a very chal-
lenging time for ABS, and a very exciting
one for me and those with whom I worked
on the board.
    The executive director. Clifford Sones, had
just resigned. During the previous year, the
BPPP had been suspended. The ABS NelVs-
letter, as it was called then, was a financial
drain on the Society, costing more to publish
than it was generating in revenues.
    The insurance program was compromised by the fact that                   The search for a replacement executi ve direc-
the agency representing the ABS was also representing other              tor was commenced immediately. Because of the unique re-
organizations to which many of our members belonged, thereby             quirement for working with a specialized and focused mem-
presenting a potential conflict of interest. While ABS was not           bership served by a volunteer board of directors with limited
bankrupt, the financial situation was such that the insurance            financial resources, the search lasted a couple of years before a
company that provided the Directors and Officers liability cov-          successful candidate was found.
erage had placed a credit watch on the Society.                               Attention to the multitude of problems has paid off, result-
    The bylaws were woefully outdated, and resulted in a near            ing in our current financially stable organization that has been
disaster by requiring an absolute number of directors to pass            able to expand its services to a stable and slowly increasing
motions and carry out the Society's business-specifically re-            number of members-all of this at a time when organizations
quiring six of the nine board members to approve anything. At            such as ours are baving difficulty attracting members.
one time, two of the directors resigned, thus placing in jeop-               My long-term dreams and hopes are for continued growth of
ardy the ability of the board to conduct business, and even be-          the Society as I know it, promotion ofthe camaraderie of the mem-
ing unable to meet if two of the remaining members were un-               bers and the love of our aircraft.
able to attend a meeting.                                                    The one dream I have that will probably remain a dream is
    Thus was the challenge and excitement. With the hard work             the establishment of a museum that could also be used as an
and dedication of the board, and particularly Ron Vickrey who            instructional facility for the members and those who maintain
served as both Treasurer and Vice President (because there were          our members' aircraft. I believe maintenance of our airplanes
not enough directors who were eligible under the bylaws to               is not only a skill. but also an art. As the years progress, it is
serve as officers), austere measures were taken, resulting in a           becoming harder to find people with the experience and devo-
reversal of the trend.                                                    tion to piston engines who are necessary for keeping them in
    Bob Goff of Village Press was of great help with the maga-            the air.
zine, helping to increase revenue with the establishment of re-               Over the years. my "Magic Carpet" Bonanza has taken my
alistic advertising rates and policies.                                   wife Sara and I, earlier accompanied by my daughter, to many
    The BPPP was made a separate entity, a wholly owned sub-             destinations from-Fairbanks, Alaska, via the Alcan to Beef
sidiary of the ABS Air Safety Foundation, and began operation             Island, British Virgin Islands, and from Maine to Arizona. When
with its own board of directors and financial responsibilities.           my daughter was about II years old, she asked how people
    The bylaws were amended and brought up to date so that                knew which highways to take when they drove somewhere.
constitutional crises in the foreseeable future may be avoided.          She had not seen us use highway signs.
    Vacancies on the board of directors were filled by qualified              The Bonanza provides challenges and education (I got my
candidates.                                                               ATP rating in it). recreation and relaxation. Our planet looks
    Falcon Insurance Agency was selected to manage the ABS                better from even a few thousand feet above it. Of my 3,900
Insurance Program and has done so since 1995 to the great                 hours of flying, 3,200 are in N545H, a definite member of the
satisfaction of its ABS participants.                                     family.
    Without an executive director in place who had previously                 Since my retirement from the practice of medicine and the
performed much of the work associated with the annual con-                ABS Board of Directors, I have fewer reasons to "escape." So
vention, it was necessary to engage the services of a conven-            I am not flying as much, although I still savor the $100 ham-
tion management group. This resulted in many improvements                 burger and the various fly-ins with the camaraderie and hangar
in the financial and logistical aspects of the convention. Indeed        flying. And I'll always love the plane that I once thought did
it was discovered just how much the executive director's atten-           not look like a real airplane.
tion to these duties compromised the ABS.                                     May the winds be always behind you.                    ---@-

Page 7185                                                                                                            ABS March 2002
Turning Point

After all, it's a design that has endured for almost six decades, gaining in popularity
year after year. Today, it is still an important part of the Beechcraft product line and,
without any evidence to the contrary, it appears that it is very much a part of the
company's continuing future. Raytheon plans to produce 71 new Bonanzas this year.
   But there was a time when the Bonanza became a question mark in the minds of
those who were managing the destiny of Beechcraft airplanes. In fact, Beech manage-
ment was seriously entertaining the idea of ending production of the Bonanza, thus
closing one of the more exciting chapters in the history of general aviation,
   What happened to cast this dark shadow on the airplane that got off to such a rous-
ing start? And what happened to turn around the Bonanza in a way that would make it
tbe most successful airplane ever to be introduced in its performance category?
   Answers to these two questions will be found in the intriguing story of the turning
point in the history of the Bonanza and of the time when no one knew whether it would
survive-a series coming in the next several issues of ABS Magazine.

  ME      C                                           "'I   U   L   co     V-     T ON
                         Seven-Eight-Mike in Wichita with a Beech Starship
                         and Raytheon Aircraft Headquarters
                           the background.

       Seven-fight-Mike visits birthplace in Wichita
                                              BY STEVE INKELLIS. ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND

    n August last year, ABS member Murray Wei ss sold me                     to a real cross-country trip. I have relatives scattered ahout the
    half of his N7978M, a 1966 Beech 35-C33A that he has                     country and my father and sister live all the way out in Marin
    owned for the last 30 years. I could hardly wait to fly the              County, California, just north of San Francisco and south of
    plane myself, but before I could line up the insurance and a             Napa Valley.
dual yoke for checkout, September 11 happened. Our home                          So Tbegan to plan a wintertime solo trip across the conti-
field, Gaithersburg (GAL), fell smack dab under the 25 mile                  nent, with stops in Chicago, Illinois; Wichita, Kansas, home of
no-fly zone around DCA. Grounded.                                            Seven-Eight-Mike; and Scottsdale, Arizona, with Marin's Gnoss
    Fortunately, within two weeks, ATC allowed us to fly out of              Field (DVO) as my final destination.
GAT on an AirLifeLine medical mercy mission, which allowed                       On December I, a beautiful , clear day, I left Gaithersburg as
us to temporarily relocate the airplane to Frederick (FDK). I                a passenger in one of my flying club's l72s to pick up Seven-
had my initial checkout flight in late September and finally                 Eight-Mike in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, from Witmer Aviation.
soloed the airplane in October. In November I attended a three-              Tom Witmer and the people in his shop have been taking care
day BPPP session in Norfolk, Virginia (ORF).                                 of the airplane for many years. He delivered the airplane to me
    Seven-Eight-Mike is one sweet airplane. It has a beautiful Ken           fresh out of annual with all systems go.
Reese paint job that's about 10 years old and still in terrific condi-           A call to Philadelphia Approach got me my clearance and a
tion. Murray has maintained this airplane to very high standards,            void time and without further ceremony, Seven-Eight-Mike and I
constantly updating the avionics, the airframe and the engine.               headed out on the fIrst leg for Chicago's Pal waukee (PWK).
    Her avionics suite includes a Garmin 530 coupled to an                       My rule is to not land with less than one hour reserve. Accord-
S-Tec 60-2 with GPS steering module, a Garmin audio panel, a                 ing to my flight plan, [ should have just made it, but with a little
King KCS-55A HSI system, Horizon digital tach, Shadin fuel                   more than two hours to go and stronger headwinds that predicted,
flow computer, JPI graphic engine monitor, digital OAT and                   it was clear to me that with ahout three hours fuel on hoard I'd be
voltage, WX-IO storrnscope, back-up vacuum DG , Narco DME                    cutting it too close for my self-imposed reserve requirement.
and a King ADF with slaved card. If you don't know where                         After a quick fuel stop at Toledo Express and a setting sun
you are in this airplane, then you shouldn't be flying .                     in front of me, Chicago approach advised, "Bonanza 78 Mike,
    The airframe has flap and gap seals, Beryl D'Shannon                     your routing (which was Chicago Heights, hang a right, and
speedslope windshield and side windows, Rosen visors, a taxi                 follow the Chicago waterfront up to PWK) won't work for me.
light on the nosewheel, Cleveland wheels and brakes, Eagle                   Your choices: Straight across Lake Michigan (35 miles of cold,
fuel sump drains and BDS vortex generators.                                  very dark water, but very direct) or Knox, Peotone, Joliet (a
    The STC with the VGs increases gross weight from 3300                    much longer back-door route)."
pounds to 3400 pounds- and you just can't believe what they                      Now loaded with plenty of fuel from my stop in Toledo, 1
do in lowering stall speed! Useful load is 1,200 pounds. The                 elected to take the dry land route. I was pretty sure the amend-
10-520B is equipped with GAMljectors and an Oil-a-Matic                      ment was a result of the post-September II aversion to having
pre-oiling system.                                                           small planes fly through the Enhanced Class Bravo and any-
    At 65 percent power, the airplane cruises at 160 knots true              where near the Sears Tower. I congratulated myself on my good
airspeed and 13 gallons per hour. Like I said before, Seven-                 decision to stop for fuel and hoped I would continue to have
Eight -Mike is one sweet airplane.                                           the good sense to make such good decsions throughout the
    With a real cross-country cruiser at hand, my thoughts turned            remainder of my flying career.

Page 7187                                                                                                                 ABS March 2002
    The new routing turned out to be a gift, of sorts. Over my      Eisenhower Air Force One. In fact, one of his Constellations
right wing was a big full moon right at my level that illumi-       was the first airplane so designated , This one had been restored
nated Lake Michigan through frosty clouds, despite the decid-       and was flyable, but it seldom got in the air because of its re-
edly-un-Chicago-like 43 F temperature. Then, above the city a       serve requirement of 1,200 gallons of 100 LL. Even the short-
beautiful, evenly spaced string of shin y pearls appeared in the    est flights were not economical. I was told that when they do
black sky, gently falling in from the north and rising up to meet   run it up, old-time mechanics sometimes stand right up next to
me in the south. This was, of course, traffic into and out of       the engine cowlings, making adjustments and listening for se-
O·Hare. Too soon I was on the ILS Runway 16 at PWK, on the          cret engine messages.
ground and out of the airplane.                                         I also had another reminder of September II when I walked
    On Sunday, I spent some time with my cousin-in-Iaw. We          into the near-deserted small airline terminal for lunch and was
took a short hop up to Batten Field in Racine, Wisconsin (RAC),     greeted by three National Guardsmen in full military uniform with
for a $100 hamburger. Then on Monday, December 3, I set off         M-16s over their shoulders. One stepped forward and asked, "Can
for Wichita to reunite Seven-Eight-Mike with her birthplace,        I help you?" and I repLied, "Just here for lunch, sir."
the Beech factory at the Beech factory field (BEC). I had called        One other sight that immediately caught my eye at Santa Fe
ahead and made arrangements with Kara Gardner at the                was a row of lovely warbirds-a Beech Mentor T-34, an L-39
Raytheon Customer Center to let her know that I would be ar-        (or maybe it was a Mig) and, most lovely of all, a 1950s vin-
riving sometime that day for a factory tour.                        tage T-33 jet trainer painted in Air Force Thunderbird colors,
    I taxied over to the Customer Center, parked next to a Beech    its canopy raised and ready to go. These planes belong to
Starship---the first one J'd ever seen-and before I had a chance    Jetwarbird Training Center whose founder. Larry Salganek, was
to shut down, Kara was strolling across the ramp to my air-         there that day to take a customer up for a spin in the T-33,
plane to greet me. She provided lunch, then after a few minutes         I envied him as I readied Seven-Eight-Mike for the second leg
to relax, she took me on a three-hour personal tour of the vari-    of our flight to Scottsdale. This flight featured my first reallMC of
ous Beech factories.                                                the trip. At 12,000 MSL and bumping along in pretty stiff
    We started in the building currently turning out the latest     headwinds, I asked for 14,000 to see if I could get a better ride,
and greatest Raytheon Hawker and Premier jets with their ul-        That might have been the highest ever for Seven-Eight-Mike.
tra-lightweight carbon fiber hulls laid by computer-controlled          I was pretty relaxed way up there grinding along in clouds
machinery. The tour ended at the Bonanza/Baron production           of fine ice crystals and sucking on my portable 0 , until my
facility- the same building and the same assembly line that         descent into Scottsdale. Airspeed that should have been going
produced Seven-Eight-Mike 36 years ago (at a fraction of            up was instead going down and then got down below 100 kts.
today's price, I shou ld add).                                      What's wrong? (You probably already know.) I cross-checked
    This was just pure fun for an airplane junkie and I highly      with the GPS that was reading a reassuring 153 kts, and then I
recommend it for any Beech aircraft owner. The folks on the         had that Homer Simpson "Duh" moment: With pitot heat now
assembly line treated me as if I were purchasing a Premier or a     on. in a couple of minutes, we had a working NS indicator.
King Air, and Kara gave me the royal tour, even though she             The stormscope said to watch for thunderstorms ahead but
knew I wasn't in the market for a new Beechcraft                    nothing close enough to Scottsdale to be of much concern. We
    From Wichita I headed off for my longest day of flying, an      broke out well above the airport and got the visual approach in
800 nm run to Scottsdale, Arizona (SDL), with a lunch-time          light rain, In three hours at full throttle and 2300, we burned at
stop in Santa Fe, New Mexico (SAF). Approaching Santa Fe            only 11.3 gph. Skinny air has its advantages,
from the east was interesting. I descended out of 13,000 and            After a couple of days with relatives in Scottsdale, I headed
used my new portable 0 , supply as I crossed the
last ridges of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at the
southern end of the Rockies. I had five or six thou-
sand feet to lose in the next 10 miles. I asked Santa
Fe tower for a right 360 to lose some altitude. Just
before the ridge I saw my first standing lenticular
cloud. which I steered well clear of, but I still got
some mild bumps before passing the last of the
    The first thing that caught my eye at Santa Fe
was a huge, Shiny aluminum Lockheed Constella-
tion with Air Force markings and the name CO/lIIl1-
bille on its nose, which I was sure was famous for
some reason. At the FBO they told me this was an

ABS March 2002                                                                                                           Page 7188
on to Marin County with a planned morning stop at the Grand         head to look out the windscreen. I had ru hed that first approach
Canyon. The Canyon has VFR corridors that have been estab-          in response to controller requests to maintain maximum
lished to provide traffic separation and to protect noise-sensi-    approach speed and never did feel comfortably stabilized.
tive areas. I plugged the coordinates into the GNS 530 and let         That was a big mistake after four hours of flying (and prob-
the GPSS do the steering while I snapped photos and enjoyed         ably any time). On the second approach, the controller again
the fantastic view.                                                 asked for max forward speed. "Roger:' I replied, and slowed
    From Grand Canyon Airport (GCS) I crossed the high and          her down to my comfort zone approach speed. This time when
low southern desert, passing the old silver mining town of          Peter spotted the rabbit at 200 agl, I picked up my head to see
Chloride, then Lake Mojave formed by the Colorado River and         out and things looked and felt like they were supposed to.
Davis Dam outh and west of Lake Mead, across rugged, snow-              After we taxied into the FBO, we met a couple of guys who
dusted and very empty country, finally arriving in California,      had landed their Lear 25 just ahead of us. They were self-de-
my nati ve state.                                                   scribed "freight dogs," guys who flew on-demand cargo at high
    Seven-Eight-Mike and I flew over the Tejon Pass at Gorman       rates in stripped-down Learjets to grease the wheels of just-in-
at the southern end of the Sierra evadas and on into the wide,      time production that has missed a beat. They told us they wanted
green San Joaquin Valley with its farms, oil wells and aque-        to check out the guys that landed a Bonanza in ""this:' refenring
ducts that serve thirsty Los Angeles. We could tell we were         to the weather. Until] heard that, I really hadn't been all that
approaching the San Francisco Bay area as the sky underneath        uncomfortable about my approach. Then I started to worry about
began to fill in with low clouds and high fog, requiring the        my judgment.
GPS approach into Gnoss Field (DVO). Seven-Eight-Mike and               On day three, we continued northeastward to Indi anapolis,
I had made the tri~oast to coast- with block time just over         Indiana, for fuel and then back to our home field (GAl) for a
 17 hours. not counting the side trips.                             night landing in familiar surroundings. Seven-Eight-Mike had
    When I was a kid, ] was a fan of the television how, "Sky       done everything I asked and more in those two weeks. This
King." From the front porch of our house in the Verdugo Hills,      was so much fun that I may do it again-and soon.
I could see the airport of beautiful downtown Burbank. On blus-
tery November days, I would sit on my front porch with the
twin boys who lived next door. Dressed in our bomber jackets,
we envisioned ourselves landing over the old Lockheed plant
where my father had helped build P-38s during the war years.
    Those make-believe fl ights became reality when I took my
85-year-old father down from Marin County to visit and his
90-year-old brother in Los Angeles, easing Bonanza Seven-
Eight-Mike down the glidepath of Runway 8 at Burbank-G len-
dale-Pasadena (BUR).

The IIIght home
    My regular flying buddy, Peter Rowny joined me on my
return to Maryland. We took three days, during which time we
deviated significantly from my originally planned southern
retum route. On day one, we flew to Tucson, Arizona, at 13,000
MSL much of the way. On day two we had to thread our way
diagonally northeastward to avoid thunderstorms and generally
lousy flying weather that was developing all across the Missis-
sippi River Valley and over as far as the southeastern coast.
    Peter worked Comm 2 much of the way, listening to ATIS
ahead and talking things over with Flight Watch . We stopped
in Amarillo. Texas, for lunch at the famous English Field House
Restaurant where we watched KC-135s executing multiple
touch 'n goes.                                                      ABS member SIeve Inkellis began flight training ;n mid-1999 at age 50 shortly
    Our flight from Amarillo to Kansas City was easily the most     after he mel ABS member Murray Weiss who introduced him /0 the flight school
                                                                    folks a/ Congressional Air Charters in Gaithersburg. Maryland. Steve received his
challenging flying in our trip. During a night instrument ap-       private pilot single engine fond rating in November thai year and his instrument
proach in light rain to bare minimums at Kansas City Interna-       rating a year later, He now has about 350 hours lotol time. During his flight
                                                                    training, Steve accompanied Murray as his 'copilor on a number of AiruteLine
tional (MCI), I went miss the first time, having broken out right   missions flying noncritical patients to and from treotment centers. "Now,"Steve
at 200 agl but not very happy with the picture when I lifted my     says, "faking these missions as PIC is the most rewarding aspect of my flying.M

Page 7189                                                                                                                 ABS March 2002
My fIrst
aviation job

        made my first solo flight on

I      my 18th birlhday in 1923 and
       acquired some flying experi-
       ence that year and in 1924 when
I reconditioned a barnstormer 's
J -4 Jenny that he gave to me.
 I entered the Pratt Institute ofTechnol-
ogy and graduated with a degree in me-
                                                                                                                   The pilof would sit in the rear cockpit.
chanical engineering in 1927.                                                    standard practice, to balance the weight of the engine.The front cockpit
    New Deparlment of Commerce rules                           was originally for only one person but it was modified to corry tour, two sifting backward.
and regulations for licensing of pilots
and inspection of airplanes were being set up that year and were             There were also questions about how to recover the wings
to become mandatory in 1928. Many of the World War I sur-                and control surfaces with fabric by proper rib-stitching. taping.
plus airplanes in use were in bad condition and were being re-          doping etc. I had done all of that and had thoroughly studied
jected and grounded by the new inspectors.                               the subjects in books.
                                                                             The afternoon was spent on the subject of engines and pro-
Getting a mechanics license                                              pellers. The ones in use in civil aviation were mainly the old
    I decided I could probably qualify for one of the new me-           Curtiss OX-S types, the Hispano-Suiza and the Liberly. I had
chanics licenses due to my previous experience, therefore, I            studied the engine manual on each engine so I passed the test
wrote to Washington, D.C., and asked for an application blank.          easily, even though I had only actually worked on the OX-So
I soon received word that an inspector had been assigned for                 The inspector seemed rather impressed, gave me a full score
the new licensi ng at Roosevelt Field on Long Island and that           and issued my A&P license #2906 that I have used ever since.
an inspector would be driving the 80 or so miles to the little
grass field at Poughkeepsie to give me the necessary exams              The Gates Flying Circus
required for the mechanics license.                                          A short time after that, the famous Gates Flying Circus came
    It was explained to me that the newly licensed war surplus          to town to hop passengers on that same little field in
airplanes had to be serviced by licensed mechanics who were              Poughkeepsie. known then as Poughkeepsie Airporl. now long
in very shorl supply. For that reason, it was necessary to get          gone. At that time the circus was flying four J- I Standards and
mechanics licensed as soon as possible. They were having dif-           one larger plane, a WWI CUrliss R-4 that had a big. noi sy, pow-
ficulty finding men who could pass the examination. The ex-             erful 400 HP Liberly engine.
military mechanics had by that time already secured jobs in                  I introduced myself to the pilot of the Curtiss and told him I
other occupations and had families .                                    was a licensed A&E mechanic. He seemed very surprised to
    Since there was no hangar or office on the field , the inspec-      find a licensed mechanic in an area where there was only one
tor gave me the exams-which took most of the day-in his                 old, still unlicensed surplus Jenny. When they had finished fly-
government car. He would read a topic from a manual and then             ing on a very busy Sunday, he told me that there were two
ask me to write down how I would solve the problem or per-              severely blowing exhaust valves on the engine and asked me if
form the work. The morning was spent either writing my an-               I could repair them.
swers a paragraph at a time or verbally answering questions.                 Of course, I said I could-although I had never before been
    The types of airplanes in common use at the time were the           within shouting distance of a big Liberty engine-but I had
war surplus CUrliss IN-4 and the Standard J-I-very similar              studied the manual carefully. When I confirmed that I could
WWI training airplanes. The questions were about repairing              have it ready by the next Saturday, he hired me to do the work.
the woodwork and the metal fittings, making up and splicing              I worked hard at it during the week, removing the overhead
control and structural cables and rigging and inspecting all the        camshaft and hand-grinding the two valves, which fOrlunately
structures. controls, shock absorbers, etc.                             were on the same side.

ABS March 2002                                                                                                                            Page 7190
    When the pilot returned the next Saturday, he was so pleased          Through a few thin spots in the overcast, we could see it was
that he offered me a job with the circus to act as crew chief on that     probably not more than 2.000 feet thick.
airplane which I accepted. He was in a hurry to fly to Pittsfield,            We could see the higher ground ahead was obscured by the
Massachusetts, where the circus was to operate that weekend. So           cloud cover. No instrument flying was being done at that time
I left my motorcycle there on the field, got into the airplane with-      for Howard Stark had started it only the year before, and only a
out even my toothbrush and rode up to Pittsfield.                         few of the air mail pilots were learning to fly by the lone turn
    We were greeted with an enthusiastic crowd and they be-               indicators in the mail planes. They used Stark's mail order pam-
came even more so when they heard that big engine roar to                 phlets to instruct themselves, and they were able to zoom up
take off and make steep climbing turns with four passengers               through the stratus layers over the Allegheny mountains with
aboard. The circus stayed very busy until dark when we finally            the tum indicators, developing the skill for continuous flying
went to a hotel and I was able to call my parents to tell them where      in the murk.
I was and what J was doing. I also asked them to please have my               Ive McKinney knew absolutely nothing about instrument
brother retrieve my motorcycle at Poughkeepsie airport.                   flying, but he had experience with briefly zoomi ng up through
    The next day, Sunday, business was so brisk that it became            stratus layers without any outside vision.
the biggest revenue day and weekend in the history of the cir-                With his girlfriend, my helper and me in the front cockpit,
cus, obviously due to the great publicity of the Lindbergh flight         he opened the engine wide. After getting full speed with the
the previous May (which I had cut classes to witness).                    biplane, perhaps 115 mph, right under the base of the overcast
    Pi lots were all making rapid and spectacular short hops with         he zoomed upward into the ceiling.
full loads of four passengers at $2.50 each. They took off one                The airplane staggered and fell off on one wing and dived
right behind the other and flew in a tight circle around the field.       back out of the bottom of the clouds, with the ground right in
    Toward the end of the day when I                                      front of the nose of the airplane. Ive recovered and repeated
was watching the R-4 make its unusu-                                      the same procedure with the same resu lts. On the third try, how-
ally steep climbing turn, the engine                                      ever, just as the plane was beginning to run out of speed, we
suddenly quit and smoke, oil and small                                    could see a spot of the setting sun.
fragments of something trailed behind                                         With the airplane staggering and Ive watching the sun to
the curved path of the plane. The very                                                                               help hold the right
skilled and colorful pilot, [ve                                       The tourillg Gales Flying Circus               angle of climb and one
McKinney, easily landed back on the                                  owned bl' Ivan Gales \l'lIS b."                 direction toward it, he
field and rolled to a stop right on the                              1927 drawing as 1I1allY as 30,000               was able to stagger out
line in front of the crowd, just as if it                            spec/alaI'S to each peljor1l1allCe              of the clouds up on top.
were a normal flight.                                                                                                    Of course, during all
    Of course, I was alarmed because I
                                                                     lind selling rides to 100,000                   of this hazardous per-
thought I might have made some mis-                                 plI.Isellgers 11 yellr. lts permanent            formance, J was just
take in my work on the engine. It                                    headquarters were near Teterboro about scared to death,
turned out, however, that it was a                                   Airporl ill New Jersey.                         for I was enough of a
piston rod that had failed and                                                                                       pilot to know the dan-
wrecked the engine. Ive asked me                                                                                     ger and was aware of
to stay in Pittsfield with a helper to                                    the long record of many accidents when pilots got into the clouds
change the engine with a replacement that would be shipped                during that era (and even today).
up from Lodi, New Jersey, near Teterboro Airport.                             When we were finally up and over the clouds, in the clear
    By the time Ive returned the next Friday, we had success-             and the red sun just about to set, it was so beautiful up there-
fully completed the work and were ready to fly west to Troy,              my first time! But the clouds ranged rar ahead. How were we
New York, for the weekend circus operation at an airstrip owned           to know when we were over Troy? Finally a hole in the clouds
by the Ford Motor Co. at Green Island. This flight turned out to be       appeared, but down at ground level the sun had set and it was
a rather scary one, and that is one reason I am telling this story.       very dark down there!
                                                                              That didn't disturb lve. The sun was long gone. He made a
The Troy night                                                            beautiful helical descent with 45-degree banks right down
    Troy was some 25 nm northwest of Pittsfield. There were               through that little hole. We found ourselves flying in darkness,
hills inbetween and a low ceiling that day of no more than 800            but fortunately the lights of Albany and Troy were visible!
feet at Pittsfield. Since no weather reports were available for               How Ive found that little airstrip at Troy in that darkness, I
Albany or Troy in those days , there was an obvious problem-              don't know. As he circled it, we could just barely see the line of
but that didn't bother Ive. With only an ordinary road map-               four Standards tied down, and he made a beautiful landing in the
no sectionals in 1927-he took off and headed northwest.                   dark. No lights on either the airplane or the airstrip. Ive surely

Page 7191                                                                                                              ABS March 2002
didn' t have any night vision problem.        Roy Ahearn. Pang later made the fi rst         grounded all of their old war surpl us air-
     No one was there~all the pilots had      trans-Pacific nonstop night from Japan         planes. I went off to go fl ying by myself.
gone to the hotel. We got a ride and joined   to Washington State in 1931 , plus other           Although the Ivan R. Gates Flying
them happily. After dinner, I went to bed,    notable flying. The ski lled parachute         Circus is no more, I treasure my memo-
and drifted off to sleep with wonderful ,     jumper/wingwalker was "Duke" Krantz,           ries and the pri vilege of having been a
scary memories.                               called Di avalo on the circus posters. All     small part of it.
    The chief pilot of the circus was Clyde   are gone to the forever now.
Pangborn, who later became a very good           Th e Gates Flying Circus ended              During the past 76 years,ABS member John M. Miller
                                                                                             has flown just about everything from Jennys to jets.
fri end of mine along with Ive and the        shortly after the "play" at Troy when the      John welcomes comments. Write to him 01 201
other pilots~Lee Mason, Joe James and         Department of Com merce inspector              Kingwood Rlrk. Rlughkeepsie, NY 12601 .

    A little flight back in history
        ast year J was invited to attend the 98th anniversary
   L    celebration of the first flights by the Wright Brothers
   on December 17, 1903, at Kitty Hawk. North Carolina. Due
                                                                     FBO (County Airport Authority) treated me royally and put
                                                                     my Bonanza in a hangar for the three nights I stayed over,
                                                                         My host and a friend of hi s took me on a tour of the site
   to the large number of people expected to attend, J was          of the first flights at Kill Devil Hill and the beautiful ,
   invited to stay at the home of an active pilot who lives not      impressive monument atop the hill, which is actually a huge
   far from the activities, a really generous man.                  sand dune, now stabilized by grass plantings. The original
      On December 16, the day after my 96th birthday, the           glider experimental flights were made down that hill. The
   weather was perfect and I flew my Bonanza, NI9WC (Wild            first powered flights were made from the foot of the hill
   Cowboy), VFR to Manteo Airport, nearest to Kitty Hawk. The       over flat territory. There are smaller monuments, showing
                                                                     the starts of the ftrst flights and the landing spots of each
                                                                     flight. Actually, a baseball player could easily bat a ball far-
                                                                    ther than those flights, but they were nights nevertheless,
                                                                         When I was flying back and forth, NY-MIA, as a captain
                                                                    on Eastern Airlines years ago, I had passed over the site many
                                                                    times without seeing it due to height, fog or darkness. I was
                                                                    tremendously impressed, especially by the monument.
                                                                         The museum at the site is currently being enlarged so
                                                                    only a replica of the original "flyer" was on display; the
                                                                    other items are in storage. There is an excellent runway next
                                                                    to the hill and J shall certainly land there for another visit
                                                                    when the museum work is finished. I strongly advise others
                                                                    to land and visit.
                                                                         The ceremonies were impressive and there was a lun-
                                                                    cheon and a banquet, with speeches of course. I was pre-
                                                                    sented with a finely framed print of that famous photograph
                                                                    of Orville Wright making one of the first flights, with his
                                                                    brother Wilbur running alongside the right wingtip. The
                                                                    original glass plate photo is in the Smithsonian,
                                                                         Kill Devil Hill overlooks the spot where the first flights
                                                                    were made for our now wonderful ability to fly, after thou-
                                                                    sands of centuries of man's envy of the birds. We just hap-
                                                                    pened to be born in the first century of flight. Think of that!
                                                                         My return flight was also in fair weather butlFR and I
                                                                    was routed right over Kennedy Airport at 7,000 feet and
                                                                    took a photo of it. It is hard for me to believe that it is now
                                                                    almost 40 years since I was last flying there with the DC-8
                                                                    jets, only six decades after the Wright flights! I'll go back
                                                                    to Kitty Hawk [or the 100th anniversary in 2003, -@-

ABS March 2002                                                                                                                Page 7192
       One more time                                                       From the operational angle. there is no difference in
                                                                       performance of the engine. From the maintenance angle,
       BY LEW GAGE                                                     there is no difference between the two wiring methods.
                                                                       When doing a spark plug rotation job, the plugs will move
                                                                       from one side of the engine to the other (left to right and
          As I' ve mentioned before in these missives, I receive       right to left) and will stay with the same magneto. Since
      phone calls (and now e-mails) for months on end that run         magnetos are AC (alternating current) devices, they fire a
      the gamut of topics. And then, out of the blue, there will be    + then - then + then -, etc. Since the firing order is from
      several questions on a subject that hasn't been brought up       one side of the engine to the other, all plugs on one side
      for several months. Occasionally, I'll think there is some       will be positive polarity and all plugs on the other will be
      sort of conspiracy among our members to see if I'm giv-          negative polarity.
      ing everyone the same answer. There have been several                The plugs must remain on the same magneto since it is
      inquiries regarding ignition harnesses in the past month or      uncertain what the polarity of the other magneto is on any
      so. Of course, these have been from ''E'' series enoi ne         given cylinder. The need to move the plugs from top to
      people regarding those classic machines.                         bottom, as some folks think is necessary. is not a consider-
                                                                       ation nor is it necessary. However, reversing the plug's
      IGNITION HARNESSES                                               polarity every 100-200 hours will greatly increase plug life
           There are several manufacturers making ignition har-        by minimizing the electrode erosion that takes place on
      nesses for the "E" series engine. My experience has been         plugs that are not rotated.
       limited to Slick and Champion. I currently have a Slick
      harness on my airplane with a new Champion unit Sitting          When to replace the ignition harness
      on my spare parts shelf-just waiting to go to work.                  Ignition harness replacement is necessary when the har-
           I bought the Slick unit about six or seven years ago.        ness appears to be failing mechanically or fail electrically.
      Although the quality of the merchandise was satisfactory.         Mechanical failure due to chafing of the insulation cover
      I was not altogether happy with it. The individual leads         or shielding braid or wires pulling out of the magneto plate,
      were not the correct length to make an installation in which     etc., is cause for repair or replacement.
      the wire could be bundled for good appearance. Some were             Electrical failure is normally caused by the breakdown
      too short and had to "shortcut" to the spark plug while          of the insulating value of the wire's covering. Leakage
      others were overly long. It all functions fine, but the lay-     through the insulation to the shielding braid or the aircraft
      out just was not the way it should have been.                    or engine structure results in lower voltage delivered to
          Also, the wiring routing was as laid out in the parts        the spark plug. This could re ult in poor starting voltage to
      catalog (Form X-30017, Figure 17), which is not the ap-          the plug, but is more likely to show up when the engine is
     proved layout. The parts catalog shows the individual mag-        at higher rpm and at higher altitude.
      neto wiring the top plugs on the side the mag is installed           If a rough engine condition can be pinned down to the
     and the bottom plugs on the opposite side, whereas the            ignition system, to a particular cylinder and to a specific
     approved Overhaul Manual (Form X30016, Figure 33)                 magneto, a test may be done to see just where the problem
     shows the right mag wiring the top plugs and the left mag         lies. Having a bar graph display (GEM-type EGT instru-
     the bottom plugs.                                                 ment) of EGT simplifies this pinning down of the offend-
          Either setup runs the engine the same, but the one shown     ing cylinder. There are other methods to find a ntissing
     in the Overhaul Manual is derived from "approved data." The       cylinder, but these are limited to brief ground runs when
     FAA does 1101 vielV catalogs or brochures as approved dala.       the problem may only occur in flight or at high altitude.
          I'm not quite sure just what the situation is if there are
     Slick mags installed on the engine. I would think that the        An example
     STC to install the Slick mags in place of the original Con-           Here is an example of such a test from a rough engine
     tinental Type Certificate-listed Bendix Scintilla S6LN-21         which happened to me several years ago. The engine ran
     mags would include the Slick harness wired per the Slick          up okay during the preflight mag check; however, upon
     installation instructions of the STC.                             takeoff there was a Slight roughness and #2 cylinder EGT
         The Slick-manufactured Bendix magneto harness                 rose several bars above normal on my GEM unit. An in-
     should not use that arrangement. However, with the mag-           crease in EGT can be caused by single ignition operation .
     neto harness plate attached and the spark plug wire ends          A momentary inflight mag check instantly indicated the
     marked for the cylinder number and "T" or "8" (top or             left magneto system was causing the problem. That would
     bottom), you' re sort of stuck.                                   mean the top spark plug, the ignition lead or the magneto
                                                                       itself was causing a problem.

Page 7193                                                                                                     ABS Ma rch 2002
    The only way to check a spark plug is while it is under               Is there anybody out there who knows for sure about this?
pressure. That is, the plug is installed in the test unit and air     The foregoing is the info I have. This system only primes four
pressure is applied ( ISO+/-psi). A high voltage current equal to     cylinders. A great percentage of these systems are inoperative.
magneto output is applied and an observation of the sparking             The only way to check the system is to remove the nozzle
or nonsparking of the plug is made.                                   from the cylinders and re-install them on the end of the primer
    The plug may spark fi ne under no air pressure, but the high      line. Use a small paper cup under each nozzle and activate the
pressure that occurs during the engine compression stroke             system by wobble-pumping and pressing the primer button
increases the resistance across the plug electrode gap and            while the master swi tch is on. After 10 seconds or so. stop and
may/will cause the cu rrent to short through a cracked plug           inspect the fuel quantity in each cup. The nozzles often plug
insulator or through carbon or lead deposits on the insulator.        due to the residue of evaporated fuel, so periodic cleaning is
    The plug checked okay so J ran a test of the lead/magneto         necessary. The engine will start quite nicely without the multi-
combination. The engine is rotated so the piston is at the bot-       port primer installed.
tom of the exhaust stroke on the cylinder being tested. This              When the throttle is opened about 1/4 inch and fuel pressure
positions the magneto distributor rotor away from the terminal        is applied. the carburetor begins spraying fuel. This may be
in the distributor block of that cylinder. This should isolate the    verified by pumping for S to 10 seconds and observing fuel
lead and magneto from being able to conduct current to the            draining out the carb air inlet elbow drain at the mid-point of
engine. By attach ing a high tension test unit to the spark plug      the lower right cowl skin. (See August 1990 ABS Magazille,
end of the lead and turning the test unit on, the gap of the          page 2S63)
electrodes in the test unit should show a spark. If no spark is           When the engine is cold, it takes a considerable volume of
observed, it means the current is finding a ground path that          fuel to start the engine. Actually, it takes about the same amount
offers less resistance than the test unit air gap.                    as a hot start to cause a combustible mixture in the cylinders, but
    In my test, there was no spark at the test unit. To isolate the   there needs to be quite a bit more volume of fuel lying in the in-
problem to either the harness wire or the magneto, the magneto        duction system to get enough of it to vaporize and be drawn into
cable outlet plate was removed from the magneto. Again, the           the cylinders. The fuel needs to be vaporized to bum.
test rig was hooked to the wire end and turned on. A nice blue            Some amount of atomized fuel wi ll be drawn into the cylin-
spark was merrily arcing across the electrode air gap of the test     ders, either from the spray of the carburetor orthe primer nozzles
unit. That says the insulation on the wire was good to block          and then vaporized by the heat of compression. In any event,
any current path to the wire shielding and/or engine.                 the volume of fuel consumed is many times that of a hot start.
    Sooo, with that bit of sleuthing done, I figured the problem          Usually, the odor of gasoline will be present for a few
must be in the magneto. Removal and disassembly of the mag            moments after a cold start due to the excess liquid fuel drain-
exposed a cracked distributor block with carbon tracking in the       ing out the air intake elbow drain or unburned fuel passing out
crack, which was the cause of that cylinder shorting out. The         the exhaust pipe.
engine ground checked okay so without the GEM-EGT instal-
lation and having a high tension test unit (about a $65 tool), the    Hot starts
one-hour or less procedure to locate exactly where the problem            A hot start is quite different. After we shut the engine down
was would have been a cut-and-try operation.                          and return the mixture control to full rich, the carburetor
    You can never have too many tools, plus the know-how to           temperature rises to that which is under and around the engine.
use them.                                                             Thi s increase in temperature causes the carburetor to spill a
                                                                      small amount of fuel out the discharge nozzle. These several
BENDIX PS-5C CARBURETOR                                               drops +/- of fuel quickly vaporize in the hot surroundi ngs, fill-
    There are a couple of small items J want to pass along about      ing the intake manifold with fuel vapors.
starting the "E" engine using the Bendix PS-SC carburetor.                Long ago J calculated the liquid volume of gasoline required
                                                                      to fill the engine induction system with enough vapor to con-
Cold starts                                                           stitute a combustible mixture. It amounts to only a drop or two.
   When the engine is started cold, an entirely different pro-        When attempts are made to restart a hot engine, depending on
cess is used than when starting with it hot. The E225-8               weather conditions (wind, temperature, etc.), there needs to be
engine is listed as requiring a primer system. Although the           no additional fuel added to the contents of the induction
Continental "E" parts catalog states that the primer system is        system. If the engine has cooled due to wind and temperature.
requi red on the 22S-8, engine parts catalogs are not governing.      the engine slowly transitions back to a cold start. But that usu-
Also, the A-777 Beech Type Certificate (TC) does not list the         ally takes more than an hour and maybe two to four hours.
primer system. However, the TC does specify the POH is a                  The following is the best method for making hot starts with
required part of the aircraft equipment, and there are several        a PS-SC-equipped "E" engine. The engine will start instantly
references about the primer system in the POH.                        with no grinding away on the starter for more than one or two

ABS Marc h 2002                                                                                                          Page 7194
seconds. (See ABS Maga zille,                                                                                      and hold it. If there is a good
October 1991, page 2867).                                                                                          battery and starter involved, the
I . Turn fuel selector to fullest                                                                                  starter is revved up to quite a
    main tank                                                                                                     bit of speed. Although the start-
                                                                                                                  ers incorporate a clutch mecha-
2. Turn mag switch to both
                                                                                                                   nism to limit torque, the starter
3. Turn on battery and generator                                                                                   planetary gear train and the
                                                                                                                  starter jaw and crankshaft gear
4. Open the throttle 1/4 to 1  12                                                                                 take one hell of a wallop (see
    inch                            The picture of the gears shows what can happen during an engine start when
                                    the gear train is subjected 'A the strain of a ·kerchunk- stort               ABS Maga zille, September
5. Grasp th e wobble pump                                                                                          1994, page 3608).
    handle and be prepared to pump, but do not pump yet                              A far better method that will lessen to a large degree thi s
6. Push starter button                                                          hardware-breaking event is to simply push the starter button
                                                                                wi th a quick, short jab. That will screw the starter jaw into
7. When engine starts, which should be the first or second
                                                                                engagement wi th the engine starter jaw gear. ow that the two
    cylinder to fire, wobble pump like mad.
                                                                                are in contact with each other, when the starter button is pushed
8. Monitor fuel pressure long enough to be sure the engine-                     again, the engine begins rotating without the big "kerchunk"
    driven fuel pump has cooled enough with the incoming fuel
                                                                                that occurs if the starter is allowed to gain momentum.
    so vapor lock is not occurring.
   So long as there is more than 7 psi pressure, the engine should          Lewis C. Gage. ABS member. ATP multiengine land with Boeing 7071120/147/
                                                                            Airbus-310 ratings. Commercial single engine land; flight instructor MEUSEL air-
run, but vapor lock may persist for up to two minUles with                  planes and instruments: ground instructor advanced and instrument: ffight navi-
everything really hot. Everyone I've talked into using th is hot-           gator: ffight engineer; mechanic-airplane and engine: and FAA parts manufac-
                                                                            turing authorization. Flight time: 15,OOO-plus hours. Lew may be contacted at
start method says it works as adverti sed. Try it, you'll like it.          Sunrise Fillers. Inc.. 2255 Sunrise. Reno. NV B9509. Phone/Fox: 775·B26-7184.
   Also, when using the starter, do not simply push the bUlton              E-mail:

          AirVenture Oshkosh to celebrate 50 years in 2002!
        EM's first fly-in convention was held         If you hove information about any of the fallowing airplanes. please let EM know:
   September 12-13. 1953. at Curtiss-Wright          Curtiss JN4-D Jenny. Frank T allman
   Field in Milwaukee. Wisconsin.Approximotely
   ISO people and 22 airplanes attended. This        Heath Parasol. Paul Ollenburg
   year. EAA plans to recreate that first            Payne Knight Twister (N979). Morris Anderson
   convention during AirVenture 2002 July            Rose Parakeet (N14S42). Dick Owens; now awned by EMer James Hays of Srawnwood, Texas
        EAA's gaol is to make this 50th              Stearman (N53234). Marion Cole; N number now assigned to a Galaxy 7 bolloon
   convention a memorable celebration for all                                                                                        .
                                                     Tater Chip (N31 E). Ned Kensinger and Maynard Korkell; now awned by James B Sampson of
   its members.Theyore requesting information        Indianapolis. Indiana; rebuild from the one that was destroyed?
   about those ISO people and those 22
   airplanes.                                        Waco F-2. Roy T  imm
        If you saved photographs. movies.            Piper J-5 Cruiser (N30S50). George Gruenberger; N number now aSSigned to a Paul Charles
   memorabilia such as posses. tickets. award        Monoplane II
   ribbons. medals or trophies. printed fly-in       Piper PA-12 Cruiser (N4333). Carl Tietz; N number now assigned to a Piper PA-2SR
   literature. patches. newspaper articles. or any
   other type of memento. this may be the time       Piper Clipped Wing CUb. Duane Cole
   to share it. If you attended the 1953             Piper J-3 Cub amphibian. L.A. Gardonier
   convention. EAA also welcomes your                Piper Clipped Wing Cub (possibly N7304H). owner unknown
   personal recollections in written farm.
        Send your info to Susan Lurvey. Libraryl            oke
                                                     Slow P (N7M). Roy True; N number now assigned to a Kittox
   Archives Manager. PO Box 3065. Oshkosh.           Stinson SM-SA.lrv Miller
   WI 54903-3065; 920/426-4S4S; or e-mail:           The following airplanes have been reported as destroyed. Any information you possess about
                                                     their demise woutd also be wetcome by EM:
       EM is also seeking information an the
   history and whereabouts of the 22 airplanes       Yellow Jacket (N5745N). Bruce Pitt; N number now assigned to a Bell 206L helicopter
   that flew in to that first convention.They hope   Poapdeck I (N19003). Racine Flying Club; N number nat assigned or reserved
   to have as many as possible an display.
                                                     Belly Flopper.lrv Miller

Page 7195                                                                                                                        ABS March 2002
                                                                                              Dead reckoning the complex of zones
REGIONAL NEWS                                                                             and corridors can be intimidating, but
                                                                                          those with GPS capability can prepro-
Rocky Mountain                                                                            gram their route coordinates and greatly
Bonanza Society                                                                           reduce the workload; a very good idea
   Few people have the opponunity to                                                      considering the high-density traffic.
view the enormity of the Grand Canyon                                                         Altitudes between 10,500 and 13,500
with the eye of an eagle, thousands of                                                    must be flown, depending on direction
feet above the rim and another mile            Join the Rocky Mountain                    of flight, and you should allow at least
above the Colorado River. No one can         Bonanza Society as we fly to                 an hour and a half. It will be an experi-
ever forget the experience of being in       Grand Canyon Airport (GCN)                   ence to tell your grandchildren. Beller
their Bonanza above the endless expanse       the weekend of April 26-28.                 yet, bring them along to enjoy it with you.
of river and canyon reaching from hori-                                                      The RM BS has a new, secure feature
zon to horizon. Mere mortals can enjoy       Canyon fMAX in Tusayan or take a nap.        on our website <hnp://>
the view from the North or South rims,           Architect Mary Colter's century-old      allowing you to safely register and pay
but the experience pales next to that of     buildings, designed to blend with the        ($432/couple: S366/single) for this event
being airborne above this, the greatest of   natural surroundings, are scattered along    of a lifetime with just a few keystrokes on
natural wonders.                             the canyon rim like pearls on a string and   your computer. A detailed briefing will be
   Join the Rocky Mountain Bonanza           some are within easy walking distance.       e-mailed in early April to those anending.
Society as we fly to Grand Canyon Air-           The Hermit's Rest tour departs Bright       Questions should be directed to Bill
port (GCN) the weekend of April 26-28.       Angel at 1630. with stops at Trailview,      Stovall at <>.
Stay in the spectacular EI Tovar Hotel,      Hopi and Pima Points as well as Hermit's     phone 303-670-2244 or Ron Schmidt,
which this year celebrates a century of      Rest and is timed to be back at the EI       <>, phone 308-
offering luxurious accommodations, all       Tovar Bar to enjoy sunset once again.        2846090 (days).-Bill SlOl'all
with canyon views.                               During the course of the day, differ-
   Be one of the 50 people who will          ent clouds roll in and the light changes,    Midwest Bonanza Society
gather for cocktails in the Thunderbird      presenting a different palene of color by       On Saturday, March 23, the MBS will
Room at 1830 Friday evening to watch         the hour and a photographic delight- so      have a luncheon at Rick's Boat House
the sun set at 1911. A sumptuous ban-        bring your camera and plenty of film.        Cafe, adjacent to the Eagle Creek Air-
quet dinner will follow.                         Flying the Grand Canyon is a must        park. Eagle Creek (EYE) is located on
   Saturday is a busy day, with two tours    even though the days of dropping below       the northwest side of Indianapolis, Indi-
included. The first. the Desert View Tour,   the canyon rim are gone forever. The re-     ana. Lunchtime will be II :30 a.m. Please
depans Bright Angel Lodge at 0800. with      ality now is a complicated Special Flight    RSVP to Craig Bailey. 847-265-9344 or
stops at Yavapai, Moran and Lipan Points     Rules Area (SFRA). A VFR chart can be        <cbai ley>.
as well as Desert View and returning at      purchased, which details airspace that          For other MBS fly-ins , the contact is
noon. Free time until 1630 affords an        can be flown by general aviation aircraft    Don Lambert at <>.
opportunity to lunch, hike. see the Grand    and commercial tour operators.                                        -Craig Bailey


ABS March 2002                                                                                                       Page      7196
     Maintenance matters                                                 was a "high proflJe" aircraft accident, someone from my
                                                                         branch advised Department of Justice attorneys during the
                                                                         subsequent series of hearings and trials. It was a highly inter-
                                                                         estingjob and a great chance to see a lot of the internal work-
                                                                         ings of the FAA-an experience I still draw upon a lot.
                                                                             At least 95 percent of the FAA employees I met were as
                                                                         conscientious, dedicated and honest as any group I have
              he tribe has spoken. In January, we published the          ever worked with. None of thcm , including myself, ever

     T        results of the Member Survey that indicated you
              would like more maintenance and technical stuff. I
     can see why. If I read every word from cover to cover in
                                                                         went out and looked for extra paperwork or violations to
                                                                         write up. All of them, given a choice, would like to per-
                                                                         form a ramp check or a cockpit review where the airplane
     the magazine, including the ads, Ijust might stumble across         was totally airworthy, weight and balance was clearly
     a hint or fact that may save me some money andlor time in           within limits, and the pilots' licenses and medical certifi-
     maintaining and fl ying my pride and joy.                           cations were proper and correct. Nobody wanted to be as-
         The other thing I gleaned from the results of the survey        signed to an aircraft accident where the maintenance
     is that more than 40 percent of the membership has been             records were absent. incomplete or shoddy, or where the
     with us for less than 10 years! To me, that means I can             crew qualifications were questionable, or where the pilot(s)
     recycle some of the maintenance and avionics advice I gave          had done something incredibly stupid.
     you 10 years ago.                                                       So where am I going with all this? Well, I've already
         For anyone who cares to remember, I first started writ-         been tapped for next month's article to review common
     ing for the ABS Maga zine in 1989, when I formed my avi-            pitfalls in avionics that might make your airplane unsafe,
     onics integration engineering company, Marketing and                unairwOI1hy or illegal. Get ready, but don't load your cross-
     Professional Services. I stopped writing in 1990 when 1             bows and take aim on the messenger! For now, let's cover
     accepted a job with Teledyne Continental Motors. My work            some maintenance matters.
     involved some flight testing on the liquid-cooled, turbo'd.
     TSIOL-550A engine in an A36 Bonanza and in a TCM                    Maintenance does matter
     turboprop-powered B58 Baron. either project made it to                  I tell any pilot or airplane owner who will listen that
     production, and both projects, along with my job, were              flying an airplane with something "a little bit broken" is
     canceled in 1992. It sure was fun while it lasted. I started        false economy. That "little bit broken" thing will magi-
     writing again in 1994 at the invitation of the then ABS             cally hang on until it gets you somewhere far from where
     President Barrie Hiern.                                             you want to be, and where it will be incon venient and
         I enjoy sharing with you the things I see and do on the         expensive to get home from.
     road and meeting some of you at the FBOs around the coun-               To put it another way, a broken airplane is "The world's
     try. I surmise that you would rather I stick to avionics and        most expensive tricycle l " (Maybe you can still taxi it
     maintenance and cool it with "Jim's Jet Job" stories. If            around the airport, but you can't ride it on public streets,
     that's not so, then let me know.                                    just like your mother wouldn't let you ride your tricycle
         One of the less enjoyable aspects of producing the              outside the yard.)
     column every month is when I find myself being "The                     So what if!'ve taken the airplane to my friendly avion-
     FAA's traffic cop." Yes, for nearly four years I was with the       ics shop twice and they have charged me each time for an
     FAA in Washington, D.C., as a Marine Corps officer assigned         hour's labor for troubleshooting, but it's still doing (or not
     duty at the FAA as an air traffic investigator. It was kind of      doing) it? How can I get the #@%'&I fixed when the shop
     like being an internal affairs officer for the police department.   can't find what's wrong with it? It won '[ work when I r
     The Feds used some of us military people instead of "real"          eally need it, but it won't stay broken when I try to get it
     FAA'ers, because in a few years we'd be reassigned before           fixed! What do I do? Well, here's where the mystical,
     the various unions and advocacy groups could get even with          magical avionics troubleshooting tool is called for.
     us. As you could guess, my fellow military officers and I,              The mystical, magical avionics troubleshooting tool is
     plus five or six "real" FAA employees, were not likely to win       available from me-as a former avionics manufacmrer's rep-
     any popularity contests.                                            resentative-for only $49.95 plus shipping and handling. So
         For those four or so years, if you wrote a letter to the        as not to create a conflict of interest with the advertising sec-
     FAA about the air traffic handling problems you had suf-            tion of the ABS Magazine, I'll have to "fess up" and tell you
     fered , or about the ramp check gone wrong, or whatever,            that I buy mine at an office supply store for under five dollars.
     my branch answered it. If you wrote to your congressman             Order it by its common name or "berrow i~ ' from your near-
     about it, then my branch answered to himlher. When there            est school-aged child: It's a notebook and pencil'

Page 7197                                                                                                          ABS March 2002
    With your notebook and pencil, write down the ci rcum-           the daughter was wearing a heavy gold bracelet on her left wrist.
stances and conditions every time the offending piece of equip-      This time hi s write-up was : "Removed GPS. found bad
ment works wrong or does not work when it's supposed to. Do          dimming pot, apparently activated by magnetism from heavy
the lights only flicker right after startup? Does it take three      gold bracelet. Changed dimming pot, checks OK." He then ex-
calls to ground control before they answer and then they say         plained to the pilot that the bad dimming pot had dimmed the
that's the first call they've heard? Does a funny sound happen       display in the daytime, making it appear unreadable.
only when I'm raising the landing gear? When I' m switched to           Two more hours of labor (one to extract the infonnation and
departure control frequency 11 8.85, I can 't get them until I've    circumstances from the pilot and one to change the dimming
flown about five miles away from the                                                                    circuit) and the problem never
airport, then I get them just                                                                                recurred. A myst ic al,
fine. Does my GPS drop off                                                                                     magical notebook
the line only around sun-                                                                                        could have saved that
down and works fine the                                                                                           pilot at least one trip
rest of the time?                                                                                                  to the avionics shop
    Fill up your mys-                                                                                              and two hours of la-
tical , magical note-                                                                                              bor charges.
book with lots of
specific informa-                                                                                                  Another
tion, such as the lo-                                                                                              example
cat ion where the                                                                                                     Some of you may
problem occurs,                                                                                                   remember from a
conditions of flight,                                                                                            few years back my
time of day, altitu de,                                                                                         stol)' about the Beech
speed, what you were do-                                                                                       King Air with wander-
ingjust before it happened,                                                                                  ing VOR needles. A new
what switch(es) you might                                                                                  owner was delivered a
have moved, what might have                                                                               brand-new KingAirC90A to
made it stop happening, etc, etc, etc.                                                             the Raytheon Beech FBO in Tampa.
   The proper use of the notebook is to fill it up with seemingly    Flolida. Because the owner was such a loyal, patriotic citizen, he
useless infonnation, then take it to your avionics shop along with   had a large American flag plastered on the vertical stabilizer of
the airplane, and let the technician read the notebook.              his new airplane. About three weeks later. he was back at the
                                                                     Raytheon Avionics department, complaining that both his VORl
Here's an example                                                    localizer needles "wandered" about half deflection to both sides.
    There I was flying along at 8, 125 feet, \0 miles west of the    Since the problem seemed to be in both VORILOC receivers, the
Podunk River, at 3: 14 p.m., with the sun over my right shoul-       technician immediately suspected the towel-bar-style VOR an-
der, when my daughter, who was wearing a black nylon jacket          tenna, which feeds both VOR receivers via a signal splitter. (This
over a T-shirt and blue jeans, reached over with her left hand to    is the way most airplanes with two VORILOC receivers are wired.
check the ground speed readout on my GPS display.                    Vel)' few have a separate antenna for each VOR receiver.)
    Just as she reached for the GPS controls, the GPS display            The technician disconnected the RG-58 coaxial cable from
went black and did not come back on for the rest of the flight.      the antenna and perfomled both a continuity check and a TDR
It seems to be working fine now, but I'm so used to relying on       check on the cable. (TDRs are time domain reflectometers. They
the GPS that I'm afraid something is wrong and it will do it         tell you where on a cable run there is a leak in the wire. The
again l The technician 's write-off was: "Pulled GPS. Checked        cable TV people use them with great effectiveness to catch cable
wiring and antenna continuity. Bench-checked GPS. Could not          TV thieves.)
duplicate problem."                                                      The cable checks revealed no problems. Next, the techni-
    A few weeks later our hero (the pilot), was back. The GPS        cian climbed up to the antenna and examined it carefully for
display had gone away again. He had not used a mystical , magi-      cracks, suspecting moisture was getting in via a crack or under
cal notebook so we had to pull all that infonnation out of him       the mounting pads of the antenna. Nope, no cracks and no breaks
one bit at a time, right down to the fact that both times that it    in the sealant around the base of the antenna. However, sOllle-
happened it was when his daughter was flying with him.               thillg had magically fixed the problem. The VOR needles were
    Luckily, she was also with him when he brought his air-          not wandering anymore. Thi s is one of those times when the
plane over to the shop the second time. This time the techni-        technician thinks, "[ don 't know what I did, but [ must have
cian-who was smarter than the average bear-noticed that              fixed it, 'cause it ain't broke anymore."

ABS March 2002                                                                                                           Page 7198
   About three weeks later, the King Air owner was back with                   stored voltage through him to the workstand to ground, and the
the same problem. This time the technician troubleshot using a                 problem wou ld go away until the airplane fl ew enough to build
"live" signal from the St. Petersburg VOR (PIE) instead of in-                 up another charge on the flags.
side the hangar, using a VORILOC signal generator. Yep, the                        This pretty much ends "troubleshooting strange avionics
problem was there.                                                             gl itches" although as the old comedian Jimmy Durante used to
    When he disconnected the coax from the antenna and fed a                   say, "I got a million of 'em:' However, to assist you in doing
VORfLOC signal directly to the airplane from the signal gen-                   your troubleshooting, I have a plug for a very nice organiza-
erator, the problem was gone. Aha! Now he knew for sure the                    tion that few people know much about unless you're in the
problem was in the towel bar antenna. He changed the antenna                   avionics industry-the AEA, which stands for Aircraft Elec-
and the problem was gone, both on the signal generator and on                  tronics Association. They are headquartered in Independence,
live signal. The owner went away happy. (We're sure part of his                Missouri, and most good avionics shops are AEA members.
"happy" was because all this was under his Raytheon warranty.)                 They are currently running an ad in Flying magazine, entitled
   The owner's happiness lasted about three weeks unti l the                   "Talk Avionics To Me." They offer free to pilots two pieces of
problem was back. Now he was getting steamed because those                     information whi ch I consider indispensable. One is "AN
dummies at Raytheon could not find and fix a simple wander-                    IN-FLIGHT AVIONICS TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE," and
ing VORfLOC problem. At this point, the avionics shop called                   the other is, "THE PILOT'S GUIDE TO AEA FACILITIES."
me, not because I' m an antenna genius, but because they re-                   To obtain either or both the publications, you can visit the AEA
membered I had once solved another knotty antenna problem                      website at <> or by calling 816-373-6565
for them concerning a Loran antenna.                                               That's about it for this month. Get ready to boil me in oil or
   After thinki ng about it awhile, I called them back and told                throw rotten vegetables at me next month when I tell you all
them to climb up and check around the vertical stabilizer and                  the things you need to be aware of to ensure that your airplane
rudder for a stray voltage source. I thought perhaps the factory               is airworthy.
had forgotten to attach the bonding strap from the stabilizer to                    There was a period of time when airplane insurance under-
the rudder, or that the stabi li zer was somehow holding stray                 writers vigilantly pursued unwary airplane owners over the
voltage. Nope again, Beech still takes great pride in the electri-             smallest and stickiest points of airwotthiness and the paper traiI
cal bonding of their airframes.                                                to prove it when the owners had a clainn. Fortunately, most of
   However, while working around the vertical stabilizer, the                  those insurers don't write airplane insurance anymore. But if your
technician noticed- just out of the comer of his eye-a flicker of              insurance carrier is " Stickup and Lickum Aviation, Farm imple-
voltage on his meter (one of those expensive meters that reads                 ment Insurance and TV Repair," you could still have a problem at
down to millivolts) as he touched it to the American flag' As soon             a very inopportune time. I hope not. See ya next month.
as he touched the flag, he grounded the fl ag and dissipated the
stored voltage and it wasn't there anymore!                              Jim Hughes, chief pilot, corporate aviation at E    mbry-R iddle Aeronautical Uni-
                                                                         versity, flies a Citation II. He also heads Marketing and Professional Services, a
    Further investigation revealed that the flag was made on alu-        consulting firm specializing in flight fest and avionics integration. His ratings
minized mylar that was glued to the vertical stabilizer over the         include both an ATP and an A&P mechanics license, with Q long list of type
                                                                         ratings from Boeings to Sikorsky helicopters. H has more than 2 1, 000 hours,
polyurethane paint. As the airplane flew along, a charge would           including over 3,000 hours in B                                   ing
                                                                                                              onanzas, Barons, Dukes and K Airs.
build up on the flags, which were right un-
der the towel-bar antenna. At some point, the                          2002 SERVICE CLINIC SCHEDULE
voltage buildup would become strong
enough to get into the antenna mounts and         DATES                 LOCATION                             FBO                            AIRPORT
cause a spurious signal into the VORs suffi-      March 14-17          Gainesville, Texa s                   Barrett Aircratt              GLE
cient to cause them to deflect.                                                                              Maintenance
   The cure was about as simple as it gets:       April 11 -14          Springdale, Arkansas Air America Aviation ASG
The tech simp ly drilled a small hole             May 16-19             Madera, Catifornia                   Barber Aviation                MAE
                                                  June 20-23            Rockford, Illinois                   Raytheon Aircratt              RFD
through the flag and the stabilizer skin at                                                                  Services
one corner, and clinched an aluminum pop          July 11-14            Reno, Nevada                         Aviation Classics              4SD
rivet (non-structural) through the flag and       August 15-18          Katamazoo, Michigan Katamazoo Aircratt                              A20
the skin to give the voltage buildup a path       October 10-13 Fernandina Beach,                            Island Aviation               55J
into the vertical stabilizer.                                           Florida
   Why didn't we figure that out the first                 THE ABS SERVICE CLINICS RUN THURSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY.
time? Because every time the technician            Call ASS Headquarters (3 16-945-1700) to make arrangements to attend, or sign
climbed up to check the antenna, he                 up via the ASS website: <>. Costofthese excellent one.-hour
                                                      visua l inspections is S160 for Bonanzas and $200 for Barons and Travel Airs .
touched the fl ag in his effort to trouble-                      Time slots are limited to 28 during each four-day clinic .
shoot the antenna, thereby dissipating the

Page 7199                                                                                                                         ABS March 20 02
    "Everq Member Gets aMember"
    The hunt is on' Recruit new ABS members and you
    could receive a large reward for your efforts. For each
    new member you recruit, your narne will be placed in
    the Grand Prize Drawing.

    Grand Prize
    Trip for two for five days and four nights at the
    beautiful Treasure Cay Hotel Resort and Marina
    at Abaco, Bahamas.
    (SpeciaJ coach airfare from anywhere in the continental U.S.,
    Canada or Mexico to Miami, Florida, to connect with a
    Continental Gulfstream on 10 Abaca, Bahamas. Plus three days
    of greens fees and golf can for (\\'0 at the resort golf club.)
    Alternative: II a foreign member wins and is unable
    to use the trip in 2003, he or she may choose an ABS
    Life Membership instead.

    Top Recruiter 0 Izes
    o   Top Recruiter: $1,000 ABS Life Membership.
    o   First Runner-up: 5-year ABS membership plus
        $250 gift certificate from the ABS Company Store.
    o   Second Runner-up: 4-year ABS membership plus
        $200 gift certificate from the ABS Company Store.
    o   Third Runner-up: 3-year ABS membership plus
        $150 gift certificate from the ABS Company Store.
    o   Fourth Runner-up: 2-year ABS membership plus
        $100 gift certificate from the ABS Company Store.
    Use the application form on the next page. or call ASS for a
    copy (316-945-1700).

•                                    •
                                 o   =
            ASS membership is by individual, not partnership or corporation , Please list a person 's name.
                                             PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY
Name ______________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________
City _______________________ State or Country _ _________ Zip ___________
Telephone (Home)                                             (Office) _ _ _ __ __ _ _ __ __
Fax                                                          E-Mail _ ___________________________
Occupation _________________________________________________________
Spouse name ______________________ Member Birthdate ____________________
Aircraft Model                                Serial #                        Year ___ Tai l# _ _ _ __

                 Domestic (U,S" Canada, Mexico)                        $50
                 Foreign (includes additional postage)                 $88
                 Life Membership (one-time payment)                 $1 ,000
                 Air Safety Foundation contribution                    $25
                 (Please consider a tax-deductible donation for
                 ASS safety, education and research projects.)
                                                                      Total   $~====
                                                                                 (US DOLLARS ONLY)

J Check (payable to ABS)             ~   VISA                MasterCard
Card Number: _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____          Expiration date: ---.1_ _
Name of Cardholder (print) _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Cardholder signature __________________________________________________

I was recruited by ABS member: ______________________________________________
City/State: _ _ __ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __
Moving forward                                                       ASS Convention
                                                                         Onward to September, and the 35th anniversary ABS
BY NANCY JOHNSON, ABS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                             Convention in hometown Wichita, Kansas. Ra yt heon!
                                                                     Beech likes 10 treat our Wichita conventions as a family
                                                                     reunion of sorts, and will once again host a great hangar
                                                                     party and open the factory for tours. We' re just in the plan-
           round the first of the year, I marked two note-

                                                                     ning stages now, but expect a wonderful event.
           worthy anniversaries - 25 years of marriage and               Since 2002 is also the 55th anniversary of the Bonanza,
           fi ve years at ABS. Where did the time go? (I also        a special feature of this convention wi ll be a display of
hit the Big 50 recently, but let's not talk about thaL)              one of each model in chronological order. We'll start so-
    My plan was to pause to reflect on the past and engage           liciting candidates in a couple ofmomhs, so more info later.
in a little introspection. But, truth be told, I' ve never been      At the last Wichita convention, in 1997, we had 48 of the
especially interested in either pausing or looking back. The         54 models and we ' re hoping to fill in the gaps this time.
few minutes I did spend resulted in this assessment: Cher-
ish the good, learn from the not-50-good and enjoy the               Every Member Gets a Member
bottle of Dom Perignon Doug brought home to celebrate                    Besides working on these new and recurring events,
our 25th, sipped from sil ver champagne flutes. Hey, I've            another new activity for the ABS staff will be to track the
always known the man has class!                                      results of the "Every Member Gets a Member" campaign.
                                                                     Since we know that current members are the most effec-
ASS Experience                                                       tive tool for getting new members, we figured why nOl
   Moving into this sixth year at ABS, there's enough go-            provide extra incenti ves for you.
ing on to keep the focus on the future. First and foremost is            Don' t worry about getting credit for your recruitment
the ABS Experience being organized by President Bost. With           efforts. If a recruiter isn' t named on the application form ,
seven events spread around the country from April through            staff will call the new member to see who should be listed.
June, there'll be plenty to keep us hopping in the coming            We don' t want anyone to miss out on their chances for
months. I hope all members plan to attend one or more.               some mce pnzes.
                                                                        So, it's another busy year around here, with no time for
EAA AirVenture                                                       resting on laurels or looking backward. Just the way J like it.
   Next up will be our annual participation at EAA
AirVenture at the end of July. Although always a great time,         Addendum
this year we will surely miss our old friend Sam James,                 It 's always fun to find references to the Bonanza in new
who took the lead in advance preparations and served as              places, and J just ran across a good one.
the ultimate host at our tent.                                          I was reading the book reviews in a recem Wichita news-
   During each AirVenture, Sam was diligent in making                paper, and came across one on John Grisham's latest novel,
sure everyone who visited the ABS hospitality tent signed            The SUIl11110I1S. The critic was describing the main character:
the guest book. You may not know that, ever since we first           "He's an amateur pilot who covets a Bonanza, 'the Porsche
exhibited at EAA, Sam was always the last person to sign the         of single engines.'" Cool.
book. In tribute to his longtime volunteerism, we will con-             I wonder if there are other novels that mention the
tinue that tradition by entering his name on the last line.          Bonanza (or Baron) in such glowing terms. Members?

   LIFE MEMBERSHIP                                GENERAL AVIATION
       ABS welcomes iI's newest Life                    Congratulations to ABS Member Judllh            there are approximately 81,000 CFls in the
   Members: James C. Garman of                      Cadmus, Collegeville, Pennsylvania, whose           Unifed States. Fewer than 300 of them have
   Mansfield, Ohio, and Kenneth Brian               Master Instructor designation was recenlly          achieved the Moster CFI distinction. Judy is one
   Wallick of Little Rock,Arkonsas.The Life         renewed by the Notional Association of Flight       of only two Pennsylvania CFls who have earned
   Membership was a giN from Kenneth's              Instructors (NAFI). Judy is an independent flight   this prestigious "Master" title.
       If you would like to become a ABS            instructor at Perkiomen Valley Airport (NlO) and        Questions regarding the Master Instructor
   Life member (a one-time S1,000                   specializes in instrument training. She also        program should be addressed to G Alexander
   payment) or wish to purchase a Life              teaches pilot ground schools as well as GPS         ' Sondy' Hill, Director of Education Notional
   Membership for someone else call H  olly         workshops and is active in The 99s.lnternational    Association of Flight Instructors at
   Putman, Member Services Coordinator,             Organization of Women Pilots.                       NAFIMosters@aol.comor303-485-8136,orvisit
        B eadquarters (316-945-1704).
   at A S H                                             To help put this achievement in perspective,    its website at          --@--

ABS March 2002                                                                                                                    Page 7202
MARCH                                                                                                                                  15-18 · ABS Service Clin ic.
14·17· ASS Service Clinic.                                                                                                             Kalamazoo Aircroft (A20). Kalamazoo.
Barrett Aircraft Maintenance (GlE).                                                                                                    MIChigan CoIi ABS HQ. 316·945·1700.
Gainesville, Texas. Call ASS HQ,                                                                                                       or sign up via the website
316·945·1700. or sign up VIC                                                                                                           <>.
the website <www.bononza,org>.
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Fly-in . Son Diego, CalifornlO (MYF).                                                                                                  Galeway lodge, Reservations 800-848-
                                           1922 Midfield Rd .                                                                          805B. Contact: Donald lambert. 219-
Contact: Ed Mixon e.moit
<edmixon@pocbeU,nef>.Moreinfo              P Box 12888
                                            .O.                                                                                        457·8853 or e-mail
at <WIfIrN pacificbonanzo ,org>.                                                                                                       <donsv35b®>.
                                           Wichita. KS 67277
16 • North East Bonanza Group Flv-in.                                                                                                  22-25 - Southeastern Bonanza
luray Caverns. Virglnio (cove tour).                                                                                                   Society Fly-in.Ashville, North Carolina .
COntoct Steve Oxman, 416-956-3080.                                                                                                     Conlact: Bill Coleburn, 828·456-7279.
                                                                                                 tel : 316'945 ' 1700        ::.
22·24· BPPP. lnc.                                                                                                                      11 - North East Bonanza Group
Greensboro, North Carolina
Conlact BPPP. lnc.. 970-377-1 B77 .
                                                                                                 fox ; 316'945 '1710         L"        Fly-i n. Martha's Vineyard . Kalama Field.
                                                                                                                                       Conlacl Don Noillen, 914-631 ·7764

23 - Midwest Bonanza Society
                                                            e-mo I. bononzo2@l:io                                      9               SEPTEMBER
Fly-in . Eagle Creek Alrportr; (EYE).                                                                                                  10-12 - Notional Business Aviation
Indianapolis, Indiana, Rick's Boathouse                                                                                                Association (NBAA) Annual Meeting
Cofe. Conlact: Craig Bailey 847-265-       4 . 820sh Formation Training               14·16 - Pacific Bonanza Society                  &: Convention, Orlando. Florida .
9344 or e-mail <>         Program . New Bedford Airport (E    WB).   Fly·ln Suiter Creek, California (070),           Contacl NBAA. 202-783-9283, or visit
                                           New Bedford, Mossochusselts. For           Contact. Phil Hitchings e-mail                   the website <>.
APRil                                      registration info. contact: Elliott        <hitchingsphil@Storstreom.ne1'> Mom info
4·7 · Southeastern Bonanza Society         Schiffman , 781 ·149·9610 or               ot <Vv'NWpoclficbononza,org>                     18·22 American Bonanza Society
Fly-In Dothan.Alabamo. FI. Rucker          <>                                                                              Annual Convention &: Exhibition
Army Air Museum, Eufolo Pilgrimage.                                                   20-23 - ABS Service Clinic. Raytheon             Wichita, Kansas CoU
Contact Mitch Waldren,                     10· 11 - Midwest Bonanza Society           Aircraft Services (RFO). Rockford , Illinois.
334-9B3-5706                               Weekend Fly-in Rough River State           Call ABS HQ. 316-945·1700.
                                           Part. Falls of Rough, Kenlucky.            Of sign up via the website
7-13 - Sun 'n Fun                          Reservolions :800·325·1713 .Contact:       <!NWW.bononza .org>,
lakeland, Florida                          Donald lambert. 219·457·8853 or
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11-14 - ASS Service Clinic,                                                           Conloct BPPP; Inc.• 970-377·1877 .
Air America Aviation (ASG).Springdale,     16·19 - ABS Service Clinic. Sarber
Arkansas. Coli ASS HQ. 316-945-1700.       Aviation (MAE). Madera, California         21-30 - ABS Experience
or sign up via the website                 Coli ABS HQ. 316·945-1700. or sign up      Reading, Pennsyfvonnio .
<>                         via lhe website <wwwbonanza .org>.         Coli ASS HQ. 316-945-1700

12-13-ABSExperience. PhoeniX.
Anzona. Coli ABS HQ. 316·945·1700.
                                           17-19· BPPP. lnc.
                                           Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
                                                                                      15 • North East Bonanza Group
                                                                                      Weekend Fly-in. Novo Scolia,Conada .
                                                                                                                                      .. _.... ........ ..,   "

12-14 - BPPP, Inc. Fresno. California
                                           Conlact BPPP.lnc.. 970-377-1 B77 .         Conlact 80b Macleon, 978·369·5295                 WICHITAI
                                                                                                                                          _ j _ ,t W
Conloct BPPP. lnc.. 970-377·1877           17·19· Joint Fly·in: North East            JULY
                                           Bonanza Group and Southeastern             11·14 • ABS Service Clinic.                      TaA · North East Bonanza Group
20 - North Eost Bonanza Group Fly-In       Bonanza Society Tullahoma,                 Avlalion Classics (450).                         Fly-in. Niagara foils, New York.
Annapolis, Maryland (City tour). Contact   Tennessee. Conlact Sieve Oxman.            Reno, Nevada. Call ABS HQ,                       (fatls tour).Contact Rich Campbell,
Sieve O,mon. 416·956-3080                  416·956-3080, Of Troy Branning,            316-945-1700, or sign up via Ihe                 61 0-67B-0942.or H R Cranrath.
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Program . Grayson County Airport (F39).    24-25 - ABS Experience.                    13 - North East Bonanza Group                    OCTOBER
Denison, Texas For regis1ration info.      Sacramento. ColifOfniO.                    Fly·in, Millville. New Jersey (canoe trip        10·13 - ABS Service Clinic.
contacf:Wayne Collins. 903·768·2611        Coli ABS HQ 316·945·1700                   and cookout). Contact Doug Smithson.             Island Aviation (55J). Fernandina
or <WW\'>.
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                                           31·June 1 • ASS Experience.                                                                 316·945·1700. 0' sign up via Ihe
26-21-ABS Experience. Golveston.           Minneopol!::o. Minnesota                   21· S20sh Formation Fl ight to EAA
Te,as. Call ASS HQ. 316-945-1700                                                                                                       website <>
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26·28 - Rocky Mountain Bonanza                                                        info. contact. Elliott Schiffman. 781·749·       T8A - North East Bonanza Group
                                           JUNE                                       961001' <'>.                         Fly-in .Tongier/Creswell. Virginia
Society Fly·ln Grand Canyon,Arizona
EI Tovor Hoter, Conlact Ron Schmidt,
                                           6·9 . Southeastern Bonanza SOCiety                                                          Qunch). Contact Clem Zilka.
                                           Fly·in. lexington, Kentucky, Contact:      23·29 - EAA AirVenture                           215-63B-B035.
308·284·6090; e-mail                                                                  Oshkosh , Wisconsin.
<schmjdt@lokemac.nel> or                   Rodney Parsons. B59·255-341 O.
B,II Siovali. 30:>670-2244.                14-15 - ABS Experience.                    AUGUST
                                                                                                                                       T8A - Southeastern Bonanza Society
26·28 · 8PPP, Inc. Columbus, Ohio.         Clncinnoti/BatoVia, Ohio                   2-4 • Pacjfic Bonanza Society Fly·in .           Fly-in. Pensacola. Florida, Blue Angels
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Canlact BPPP lnc .. 970-377·1877.
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MAY                                        14·16 · BPPP. lnc.                         <linondean@junocom>.Moreinfo
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(905) 871-0733
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for your FREE GEM Pilot's Guide and Video
Fax: (905) 871-5460 · Box 194· Buffa/o, NY 14205-0194
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