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                                                               Afraid of God? Why Should We Be?
   Neil PRoNk

                                                        And he [Adam] said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid,
                                                                   because I was naked; and I hid myself. — Genesis 3:10
                Secular humanists have a negative view of religion because they think it is born of fear. Primitive man, so the
                theory goes, was terrified by thunderstorms, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural phenomena, and ascribed
                supernatural and divine powers to them. Many gods were invented whose wrath needed to be appeased and favor
                curried by offering costly — even human — sacrifices.
                     Because it was fear that caused man to invent gods and goddesses, religion, both in its primitive and advanced

                form, affects the human psyche negatively. Even Christianity, which represents the best and highest form of
                religion so far on the evolutionary scale, poses a threat to man’s psychological and emotional well-being. To the
                degree that it still plays on people’s fears, it is to be rejected because those fears are based on superstition and
                credulity rather than on objective facts. Therefore, if religion is to survive in this modern era, it must stop using
                scare-tactics that create guilt feelings and negative thoughts. What today’s stressed and hurting people need to
                hear is a message of love, acceptance, and hope that builds self-esteem. So taught Rober Schuller and so teaches
                Joel Osteen and other “positive thinking” and “health and wealth” preachers today.
                     All this is, of course, contrary to Scripture. The Bible frequently speaks of the fear of God. Sometimes the
                reference is to fear in the sense of reverence and respect. But the word “fear of God” can also mean being afraid
                of God. The two are not mutually exclusive. What is in view here is fear in the latter sense. Had man remained
                sinless, there would not have been any reason to be afraid of God. Fear in the sense of dread would have been
                abnormal and unnecessary. But Adam and Eve had every reason to be afraid of God after they had sinned. Just
                as pain is the signal that warns us when something is wrong with us physically, so fear is the signal that there is
                something wrong with us spiritually. Since the Fall, it is normal for the conscience to send danger signals to tell
                us that something has gone awry with our relationship with God. To receive no signal in the form of fear and
                apprehension in our present condition as sinners is abnormal and dangerous. As long as fallen man is capable of
                experiencing fear, there is hope for him because this shows he has not yet been abandoned by God. His troubled
                conscience witnesses to the fact that sin has come between him and his Maker (Isa. 59:2).
                     “Who told thee that thou wast naked?” the Lord asked Adam who was trembling with fear. “Hast thou eaten
                of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?” (Gen. 3:11). Here we have the true expla-
                nation of the origin of fear. Adam ate of the forbidden fruit and we in him. Today man has made great strides
                in his efforts to suppress the guilt feelings arising from his involvement in the first sin. Our modern media and
                entertainment industry provide endless distractions so man can at least temporarily forget not just his daily
                work, family, or health-related problems, but also his far more urgent problem, namely, his sin that exposes him
                to the wrath of God.
                     Have you faced this problem yet? Did you ever feel the impulse to turn the TV, DVD, or CD player off or
                put your novel down because suddenly there came a sense of fear over you, an awareness that things were not
                right between you and God? “I have sinned against God and His holy law,” you realized; a sense of guilt came
                rushing upon you, forcing the question to your lips: are my sins forgiven? If not, how can I meet God? What
                must I do to be saved?
                               The answer is: Repent, and ask God to forgive your sins for Jesus’ sake. This may sound too simplistic for
                          some people. Surely, more is required to get right with God! So they try to bring their sacrifices, hoping to appease
                          God and earn His favor. But Scripture says only to repent and believe the gospel.
                               That gospel was already revealed in Genesis 3. The same God who asked Adam where he was hiding, why he
                          was so afraid, and who had told him he was naked, informed him and his wife that He would send His Son into
                          the world via Eve to destroy Satan and bring man back to himself (Gen. 3:15). It would take a perfect sacrifice to
                          appease His wrath and to restore man to favor with their offended Creator. To illustrate the need for this sacrifice,
                          the Lord took off the aprons of fig leaves our first parents had made for themselves, clothed them with coats of
                          animal skins (Gen. 3:21), and sent them away (Gen. 3:21, 23). Yes, they were expelled from the Garden, but not
                          until they had first heard the gospel of God’s grace in Jesus Christ.
                               With the promise of a coming Savior ringing in their ears and hidden in their hearts, they entered a world
                          that had become a wilderness because of their sin. This promise sustained and comforted them in the vale of tears
                          through which they now had to pass. Whatever trials and tribulations they would encounter on their long pilgrim-
                          age to heaven, the Lord would keep them in His care and allay whatever fears would beset them along the way.
                               He does the same for all who fear His wrath which they deserve, but also His goodness which they do not
Puritan reSource center

                          deserve but adore because it leads them to repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ (Hos.
                          3:5; Rom. 2:4; Acts 20:21). They learn to say with David, “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee” (Ps. 56:3);
                          “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears”(Ps. 34:4).

                                      Neil (Cornelis) Pronk is a part-time lecturer at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, an emeritus minister in the
                                      Free Reformed Church, editor of The Messenger, and a prolific writer.

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Rev. David Kranendonk (M.Div., 2003)
Where are you presently laboring?
I am privileged to serve the Free Reformed church of
Bornholm, Ontario. Bornholm is a rural hamlet with a
grand total of one stop sign. The congregation of around

                                                                                                                              alumnuS inter view
100 members is spread out, coming from as far as an hour
north, an hour south, 45 minutes west, and 10 minutes
east. This poses challenges, but we are thankful that in
other respects the congregation is close.
                                                                                 The Kranendonk family
Can you share with us something about your family since you
left seminary to the present day?                              Have you been studying anything in particular, aside from
Since graduating, my wife, Ellie, and I have received five     your regular exegetical studies? Can you recommend any good
children: Simon, Ruth, Elnathan, Leah, and Thomas.             books or articles you’ve read recently?
My wife has begun homeschooling the oldest two. Since          Under the Theologische Universiteit Apeldoorn in the
schools in the area do not teach consistent with Scripture,    Netherlands, I am studying Paul Baynes’s pastoral treat-
most of the children in the congregation are homeschooled.     ment of predestination. A very thought-provoking book I
                                                               read recently and discussed for several months with Pas-
What encouragements have you received in your labors?          tors Joel Overduin and Henry VanEssen was Herman
An encouragement that others may take for granted is           Friedrich Kohlbrugge’s paraphrase of Romans 7.
that the congregation continues to gather faithfully.
When I began ministering the thought arose: “How               Are you able to find likeminded Reformed or Calvinistic
will they continue listening to a preacher like me for         brethren in your area with whom you can fellowship?
any length of time?” It is a blessing to realize preaching     With two other Free Reformed ministers within walk-
isn’t about me but the Word, and to see the congregation       ing distance, my town has the highest concentration
continue to gather to hear that Word brought with weak-        of Free Reformed ministers in the world! We try to
ness. More encouraging yet is to see or hear evidence of       meet monthly for discussion, book study, and prayer.
God’s blessing on that Word. Most encouraging of all is        Through a homeschool group, I also have some contact
to see who the ever-blessed triune God of glory is.            with other Reformed ministers.
What kinds of challenges have you faced?                       Do you attend any pastors’ conferences to recharge and re-
Every aspect of the ministry has its own challenges. Lately,   inspire you?
a specific challenge has been how to balance the various       Quite a few years have passed since attending a Banner
responsibilities within the home, congregation, as well as a   of Truth conference. I do attend a denominational pas-
number of organizations and committees, such as Bonisa         tor’s retreat annually, which is refreshing, challenging,
Mission, which works in China (                and encouraging.
What have you found the most challenging?                      What are you and/or your congregation doing in terms of
Myself. My ignorance, my dullness, my self-centeredness,       evangelistic outreach to the community? What discourage-
my sin, my pride.                                              ments, lessons, or encouragements have you experienced?
                                                               Recently I was requested to give some lectures on Evan-
What kinds of things learned in seminary have you found
                                                               gelism in Serbia for Come Over and Help (www.coah.
most helpful now that you are in the ministry?
                                                               org). My first reaction was: they have much more to teach
The very nature of a seminary education is that many
                                                               us than we have to teach them. We have an evangelism
small lessons from day to day serve to shape and prepare
                                                               committee which organizes “meditations” in some local
for the ministry. Since preaching is the main activity in
                                                               nursing homes as well as a summer Vacation Bible School.
ministry, I continue to benefit from the training I re-
                                                               A more unique project is a table at a local year-round farm-
ceived in the area of exegesis and homiletics. At the same
                                                               ers’ market where we have books available for purchase
time, I feel I have much more to (re)learn!
                                                               and are able to hand out Bibles, tracts, bookmarks, etc.
What have you been preaching in recently? What commentar-
                                                               Share one or two fond memories you have of your days at
ies have you found most helpful?
Some weeks ago, I finished a series on the first seven
                                                               My fondest memories are of sitting in exegesis classes
chapters of 1 Samuel. Serving a Reformed church, I fol-
                                                               when the precious Word of God was being expounded
low a church calendar and also preach God’s Word using
                                                               and the force of it was coming alive. Sometimes I re-
the Heidelberg Catechism as its summary. Recently, in-
                                                               member texts that were handled and go back to my notes.
stead of the Catechism, I finished a series on the Canons
                                                               Those notes fail to capture what really took place in some
of Dort, which I much enjoyed for its depth of God-
                                                               of those classes. God’s Word is living and powerful.
glorifying doctrine and richness of pastoral counsel.
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Dr. David Murray
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 February 18 –19: Burgessville, Ontario: Teachers’ Conference
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 May 12–13: Grand Rapids: URC Ministerial Conference
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 May 24 – 26: Ontario: HRC Young People’s Spring Retreat

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