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                                         NOVEMBER 2010

                                       CONTENTS  3        Interview with Vice-Chancellor Professor Wendy Purcell
                                                 4-5      UoP on TV
                                                 6-7      Enterprising alumni
                                                 8-9      Encouraging student enterprise
                                                 10-11    Positively Plymouth
                                                 12-13    Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry
                                                 14-15    Peninsula Arts
                                                 16-17    Marine Institute
     Development and alumni relations team,      18-20    Deans’ update
 clockwise from left, Sam Davis, Karen Teague,
           Paola Simoneschi, Clare Anderson,     21       Students’ Union report
                 Fern Cargill, Amanda Pléven.
                                                 22-23    Graduation 2010
                                                 24-25    Making a difference           If you require this publication
                                                                                        in an alternative format,
                                                 26-27    Employability
                                                                                        please contact the
                                                 28-29    Alumni focus                  Development office
                                                 30-31    Alumni programme              on +44 (0) 1752 588020.

Welcome to the second edition of                 highlights students who have           bond with Plymouth, whether that’s
Plymouth’s Progress. Since last year’s           been rewarded for showing their        arranging your reunions, giving you
magazine, the alumni programme                   enterprising spirit by finding ways    opportunities to link with current
has been growing with more                       to broaden their own experience        students, or shouting about your
events, sector-specific groups and               while helping others. Also featured    successes in our publications.
international representatives from               are two graduates who have been
                                                                                        Continue to be part of life
China to Brazil. And we’ve been                  enjoying the limelight due to their
                                                                                        at Plymouth!
meeting more of you - which, I have              own business enterprises, including
to say, has been a real pleasure.                Channel Four’s ‘Secret Millionaire’.   Karen Teague, Editor
In this edition, Professor Wendy                 The University continues to            PS If you want to receive more
Purcell, Vice-Chancellor and                     play a pivotal role in the region,     regular news from Plymouth,
Chief Executive, talks about the                 benefiting the wider community         including about events, sign up for
University’s internationalisation                beyond education. Students from        Evolve our regular e-newsletter, by
strategy and the importance of                   the Peninsula College of Medicine      sending us your email address to
providing our students with a                    and Dentistry are making an  
multicultural learning experience                impact at a local level by bringing
to prepare them for employment                   high-quality dental care to
in a world where teams of people                 residents in Truro, Devonport and
from different nations and cultures              Exeter, where the college’s new
need to work effectively alongside               teaching centres are based.
each other.                                      I hope you enjoy reading               Thanks to Plymouth graduate, Jamie Ball, who
                                                                                        provided this year’s front cover illustration.
Like internationalisation, enterprise            about your fellow alumni and           Jamie is currently working in the creative
is another of the University’s                   developments at Plymouth. We           industry in Berlin. Read more about him on
core principles, and this edition                want to help you continue your         page 28.
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Professor Wendy Purcell
Vice-Chancellor, Chief Executive and
alumna of the University of Plymouth

Why is internationalisation important for the University of Plymouth?
Internationalisation is important to us, as our students and graduates
live, work and study in a multicultural, multi-ethnic society. Our students
must be enabled to work alongside and communicate with people from
very different backgrounds and cultures to their own. They need to work
together to understand and find solutions to complex global challenges
and create opportunities in a fast-moving, diverse environment. Multi-
national project teams characterise our landscape and those who can
succeed across different communities will be the leaders of tomorrow.
How are you developing your internationalisation approach?
We have over 80 nations currently represented among our staff and
students - and it’s increasing all the time. Part of our responsibility for a
multicultural student experience is in the recruitment of international
students and creating a diverse student community. Currently our efforts
are focussed on China, India, Europe, South East Asia, Brazil and the
Middle East. We are working to ensure our curriculum is culturally inclusive
and celebrates expertise from across the world. For example, we are one of
seven university partners in an ‘Engineers Against Poverty’ project called
‘Developing a Global Curriculum for Engineering’.
How is the University working with the city of Plymouth?
The city is linked with international exploration, for example, through
its links with Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, the Pilgrim Fathers,
Captain James Cook and Scott of the Antarctic. Our University motto,               Professor Wendy Purcell.
‘explore, dream, discover’, is expressed in the way we help our students
develop as responsible and engaged global citizens. Internationalisation
is ‘bigger’ than the University - it embraces challenges and opportunities
with our stakeholders, the city of Plymouth, our wider South West region
and out into the UK. We are working with partners in the region to drive
                                                                                         “ ...those who
up tolerance and appreciation of diversity, respect for difference and                 can succeed
understanding of sameness. Working with community groups, we are
involved in city-wide initiatives such as the Chinese Cultural Centre, The             across different
South Asian Society and the Plymouth Respect Festival to promote an
engaged and vibrant global community.
                                                                                       communities will
How does the University’s world-class excellence in research help
                                                                                       be the leaders of

internationalisation?                                                                  tomorrow.
Our research by definition is international and world leading in key
areas such as Marine, Computing and Robotics, Medicine and Music. Our
researchers are globally connected with long-standing partners in Europe,
China, the United States and beyond. Working on this international stage
enriches the student experience here at Plymouth through a research-
informed curriculum.
How can Plymouth alumni get involved?
Our Plymouth alumni are great ambassadors for our University. We would love
to work with our alumni, both in the UK and overseas, to provide international
experiences for all our students. We are currently developing ways we can
encourage our home students to experience study and work placements
outside the UK. If you are able to assist us by providing placements, please get
in touch with the alumni office:

                           UOP ON TV
                           OUR LUCKY PLANET
                           Telling the life story of the planet on a BBC television series, Plymouth
                           Professor of Geoscience Communication, Professor Iain Stewart, shared his
                           excitement for what he calls the ‘drama of geology’.
                           In the series Earth - The Power of the Planet, Professor Stewart looked at the
                           forces that shape the Earth (volcanoes, the oceans, atmosphere and ice),
                           drawing the conclusion that Earth is actually an exceptionally unusual
                           and even lucky planet. Luck comes in the shape of Jupiter, which has
                           such a huge gravitational pull that it protects the Earth from being hit by
                           meteorites. Without Jupiter, complex life on Earth would never have had a
                           chance to get going.
                           Professor Stewart’s main research interests are in the area of recent crustal
                           movements (neotectonics) and geo-hazards, particularly in terms of
                           identifying ancient earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions in the
    Dr Iain Stewart.       geological and archaeological record. He also worked on the earlier BBC

                           series Journeys from the Centre of the Earth and Journeys into the Ring of Fire.
                           The conclusion to the latest series is thought-provoking. While pumping
                           carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is threatening the delicate balance that
             Yet it is     ensures the Earth provides a home in which life can flourish, it is possible that
                           the planet may well have the potential to recover, even if it does take millions
             humans who    of years. Yet it is us humans who are likely to prove more vulnerable.

        are likely to      ELECTION PREDICTIONS
        prove more         Directors of the University of Plymouth’s Election Centre were pivotal to
                           the UK’s joint media team forecast of a hung parliament on election night.
                           BBC, ITV and Sky News broadcast the joint media exit poll at 10pm on
                           election night, as polling stations across the country closed. Meanwhile,
                           the University’s Professor Colin Rallings was whisked by motorbike from
                           the BBC’s Millbank HQ across London to the ITV studios, so that he could
                           appear live on screen to explain why David Cameron’s bid to secure an
                           overall majority had narrowly failed.
                           In the run-up to the election, Professor Michael Thrasher assisted with Sky
                           News’ coverage of the three leadership debates. Both professors’ research
                           on the new parliamentary boundaries was key to them predicting a hung
                           parliament as the outcome for the 2010 UK election.

                                                                                 Professor Michael Thrasher
                                                                                 reporting on election night on
                                                                                 Sky News.
                                                                                          PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 5

Leading ocean acidification expert,
Plymouth lecturer Dr Jason Hall
Spencer, was chosen to feature in

a documentary about some of the
world’s most stunning underwater
locations and the fate of the
oceans with future changes in the            One Ocean bears witness to a
environment.                                 world that is at once intricately
The Changing Sea is part of the
One Ocean series by the Canadian
                                        beautiful and achingly vulnerable.
Broadcasting Company (CBC),
examining how the sea holds the
key to the balance of life on the       of this year. This is a global film
planet. Dr Hall Spencer’s work,         festival and conservation summit
which focuses on the pioneering         for underwater film-makers and
use of CO2 vents to study the effects   marine researchers.
of ocean acidification, is used to
                                        Dr Hall Spencer said, “I am
illustrate how the ocean’s chemistry
                                        delighted that the film has received
is being compromised by increased
                                        recognition from the underwater
acidity, less oxygen and rising
                                        filming community. I hope that this
                                        will get the message out to a wider
The documentary on the human            audience about what is happening
impacts of our oceans was screened      in our oceans.”
in 130 countries. Dr Hall Spencer
                                        Programme director, acclaimed
links the main marine science
                                        Canadian film-maker Erna Buffie,
research issues, such as how
                                        said, “During the making of the film,
to protect deep water corals;
                                        I was lucky enough to collaborate
developing sustainable fishing;
                                        with a group of brilliant and
mapping underwater volcanoes
                                        passionate scientists, like Jason       Dr Jason Hall Spencer (right) with colleague
and investigating their effect on                                               Dr Richard Kirby.
                                        Hall Spencer. His groundbreaking
climate; underwater noise pollution
                                        research at the underwater CO2
affecting whales and dolphins; and
                                        vents in Ischia provides a powerful     Message in the bubble: was the
damage to cold water corals.
                                        ending for The Changing Sea,            title of the research paper on first
The programme won the award in          because it shows us, in no uncertain    data of the acidification effects on
the Marine Earth Sciences Category      terms, what may happen to the           motile invertebrates in natural CO2
of the Blue Ocean Film Festival         global ocean if we don’t break our      vents by Rodolfo-Metalpa, Patti,
in Monterey, California, in August      addiction to fossil fuels.”             Hall Spencer, Gambi.

            TOP OF THE LIST
                                     Dominic List, founder of IT and telecoms provider Comtact,
                                     which has seen exceptional growth since it was established in
                                     2005, is a Plymouth graduate with an inspiring story to tell.
                                     The Business Entrepreneur of the Year finalist (2008) and subject of Channel
                                     Four’s Secret Millionaire (2009) studied engineering at the University, attracted
                                     by several recommendations, the balance of engineering and business in the
                                     course and the many opportunities for outdoor pursuits.
                                     Now based in London, he remembers his student days fondly.“I met some great
                                     people and there was a real sense of camaraderie,” he said.“On graduation day
                                     we felt this amazing sense of achievement, but it was tinged with sadness that
                                     three of the best years of our lives had come to an end - and no more Captain
                                     Jaspers’ giant hot dogs, simply the best I’ve ever tasted!”
                                     As a child, Dominic suffered severe asthma and worked extra hard on his
                                     education, determined not to let the illness beat him. This same tenacity
                                     showed itself as he went about setting up his own business. “I wanted to
                                     wholly own my company so, instead of getting someone to back me, I sold my
                                     car, re-mortgaged my house and took out a loan,” he explained.
                                     Having received valuable guidance from mentors both at University and since,
                                     Dominic knows firsthand the positive impact this can have.

                                 “        If I can pass on one bit of wisdom it would be to seize
                                          the opportunity to have a mentor - they can make a

                                          huge difference to your life and career.

                                     Determined to keep driving Comtact forward, Dominic is exploring new
                                     avenues:“Currently we are one of the fastest-growing IT and telecoms providers
                                     in the UK. We saw 600 per cent growth even during the recession, and we are
                                     on target for a profitable £10-million turnover this year. By creating our own
                                     unique intellectual property, I hope to bring our technology and services to new
                                     markets and take the company overseas, continuing our expansion.
                                     “But it’s not just the thrill of landing a new deal or the financial rewards. I get
                                     real satisfaction from leading a company Britain can be proud of, creating
                                     new jobs, promoting existing staff and making sure the team has a great
                                     As a successful entrepreneur, Dominic has been able to fuel his passion to help
                                     others less fortunate than himself. He supports many charities, including The
                                     Fredericks Foundation, and mentors would-be entrepreneurs. A keen sports
                                     enthusiast, Dominic also sponsors up-and-coming F2 driver, Jolyon Palmer. He
                                     attends most of Jolyon’s races, bringing with him 50 or so enthusiasts from a
                                     motor project for underprivileged young people that he also supports.
                                     Who better to comment on the importance of an enterprising spirit than one
                                     of our own highly successful graduates? “It’s all about developing life skills
                                     that are useful in the workplace, chasing your goals and never giving in,” he
                                     said. “Most importantly, it’s believing in yourself and having the confidence to
                                     reach the top of the ladder.”
                                     To read more about Dominic, visit

                              Dominic List.
                                                                                          PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 7

Being offered a chance to appear in Virgin TV’s Naked Office may seem
a daunting prospect for most people, but for Plymouth graduate Rob
Drake-Knight and his brother Mart, it was an opportunity to shout
about their award-winning eco-fashion business.
Virgin TV approached Rob and Mart to take part in the national television
programme, in which a business expert suggests that companies can
improve their productivity by employees coming to work naked!
While understanding that mass media is about entertainment and the
programme was unlikely to delve too deeply into fashion ethics, Rob
and Mart saw this as an unexpected vehicle to bring their ideas about
improving sustainability in the clothing trade to a wider audience.
Although the brothers set up their business in 2008 with just £200 of savings,
they were listed in the country’s Top 100 Start-up Companies of that year.
Rob says,“Rapanui is about making cool eco-fashion for young people; that
means clothing that is eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable.” The company’s
clothes are made from natural organic fabrics in a wind-powered factory
that is audited by the Fairwear Foundation. They also ensure every worker
receives a fair wage plus clean, safe working conditions.
While consumer awareness of environmental issues and demand for green
alternatives are growing, sustainability is still met with resistance in the
fashion industry, and organic clothing generally remains a niche or more
expensive option. Rob wanted to challenge this: “We wanted to open up
the eco-clothing market… make it easy and affordable to choose the more
sustainable alternatives.”
Building on their cool eco-fashion brand, Rapanui has now entered the
corporate and promotional clothing market, hoping to spark a change in
the industry. Success seems to be ahead for their new venture, with one of
their first customers being Ben and Jerry’s, the global ice-cream company.
At the end of Naked Office, Virgin TV’s business expert’s advice to Rob and
Mart was “carry on doing what you’re doing”, and as Rapanui went on to
be awarded the Sustainable Business accolade this year, it proves that the
company has an eco alternative that’s a real winner.
To find out more about Rapanui visit:
                                                                                 Rapanui’s ‘eko green bamboo’ t-shirt.

                                                                                 Rob (left) and Mart Drake-Knight.

      ENTERPRISE         Delivering an outstanding student experience through the curriculum
                         and associated opportunities is a top priority for the University, and
                         each year a number of particularly enterprising students are helped
                         to achieve their potential and make a positive difference thanks to
                         generous donations to the Roland Levinsky Memorial Fund*.
                         Some of this year’s beneficiaries explain what the funding has meant
                         to them.
                                                Christina Carr - BA (Hons) Business Studies
                                                “Thanks to my award, I’ve been able to reserve a place to teach at a school
                                                in Mexico, where I’ll also have the opportunity to volunteer at a local
                                                orphanage. As well as helping others, this will enable me to experience
                                                Latin American culture, develop new skills and continue my learning of
                                                Spanish. Things like this will give me a real edge when I enter the job

                                                Heidi Samson - BA (Hons) Fine Art
                                                “Together with three other students, I run the READ book charity project,
                              Christina Carr.   providing secondhand books to disadvantaged schools in Tanzania.

                                                Without the £1,500 funding I received, the all-important library renovation
                                                project we’re working on out there probably wouldn’t be happening. I
                                                know going to Tanzania will be an incredible experience and it will be
     This has undoubtedly                       wonderful to see for myself the impact we’re making.”
     been a factor in helping
    us secure Newly Qualified
    Teacher posts as it’s a                     Alexis Kirke - PhD Computer Music student
    valuable skill few people                   “I’m producing a live electronics and visuals composition. The performance

    have.                                       will involve the use of live playing to manipulate sub-atomic particles by
                                                magnetism, and the money I’ve received from the RLMF will enable me
                                                to order specialist equipment, such as a cloud chamber, from the USA.
                                                Without the funding this would not have been feasible.”

                                                Laura Hobbs - recent graduate, BSc (Hons) Marine Biology and
                                                “The funding has enabled me to join polar explorer Antony Jinman on a
                                                trip to Baffin Island to continue his work with schools through his company,
                                                Education through Expeditions. We’re creating resources that link to the
                                                national curriculum and help educate children about climate change.
                                                Without the award, I don’t think I would ever have had the opportunity to
                                                take part in such a fantastic expedition.”

           Antony Jinman, who runs
           Education through Exhibitions.
                                                                                               PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 9

                                                                     Samantha Newcombe - recent graduate, BEd
                                                                     (Hons) Primary Education Studies
                                                                     “Having paid over £100 each for a foundation in
                                                                     Makaton, a form of sign language developed to help
                                                                     people with special needs, my classmates and I didn’t
                                                                     think we could afford to progress to the enhancement
                                                                     stage of the course. However, the RLMF award made
                                                                     all the difference and meant that 16 of us were able to
                                                                     do it. This has undoubtedly been a factor in helping us
                                                                     secure Newly Qualified Teacher posts as it’s a valuable
                                                                     skill few people have.”

Students learning Makaton, a form of sign language.

Wiktoria Niewiadomska - BSc (Hons) International                                  “As well as helping others,
                                                                                  this will enable me to
“This award is a real honour and I appreciate the recognition.
It is enabling me to pursue my personal, as well as academic,                     experience Latin American
development. For the past three years I have been                                 culture, develop new skills
doing voluntary work in Plymouth, concentrating mainly
on refugees and asylum seekers. I am thrilled that I can now                      and continue my learning
afford to go to the Middle East and explore the subject from                      of Spanish.”
a completely new perspective. I have just bought my plane
ticket to Tel Aviv!”

Nilesh Dixit - MSc Marine Geosciences
“I have great memories of the field trip I was
able to join thanks to the funding I received.
The time in Cyprus really nurtured my interest
in marine environments and associated
mineral deposits, and all the skills I gathered
boosted my confidence as well enhancing my
CV. The kind support of donors to the Roland
Levinsky Memorial Fund has meant a great
deal to me.”

*The Roland Levinsky Memorial
Fund was established in recognition
of the life and work of the late
Vice-Chancellor, Professor Roland
Levinsky.                                             Cyprus field trip.

    by Lee Fordham - final year student in BSc (Hons) Sociology
    Well, I thought it was that simple when I considered        It was also really pleasing to see that Plymouth’s
    the term ‘brand’ and what it meant in the marketing         marketing students had been involved in the whole
    mix. Before my year-long marketing placement                process, giving them real-life experience, something
    within the Careers and Employability Service at the         that I believe the University continues to do
    University, I certainly didn’t think branding was the       really well.
    most central part of marketing and at the core of every
                                                                I have learnt from this experience that a brand is so
    good marketing strategy! I didn’t realise how carefully
                                                                much more than just a logo. It is the whole visual
    considered the brand had to be and how important it
                                                                identity. And I believe that the tireless amount of work,
    was to involve so many people in the branding process.
                                                                research and consideration that has gone into this
    Through my placement I worked on a range of projects,       project will really reflect what it means to be part of the
    including developing an effective strategy of marketing     University in the city of Plymouth.
    careers fairs and events to students and the naming of
                                                                This experience being part of my marketing placement
    gateway Employability Centre. I was also invited to the
                                                                has given me a real personal passion and ambition
    University’s branding day.
                                                                to work in this industry. My next project is chairing
    Looking at the University’s brand was the most              our new student-led society SIFE (Students in Free
    holistic project that I have been involved in. Obviously,   Enterprise) to build an equally strong brand using
    rebranding a university that already has a fairly strong    the lessons that I have learnt through this year-long
    brand is difficult, and I was impressed by how many         experience. So, watch this space for a SIFE launch and
    people were involved in the process, from potential and     enterprising projects to come…
    current students, alumni and members of the public,
    to marketing executives from across the globe, and
    University staff right through to the Vice-Chancellor.
                                                                                                PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 11

While the University has been reviewing its brand, the
city has been considering its own brand perception
and promotion.
As Plymouth people know, the            Anouska Wilkinson, Marketing
city has been a little too good at      Executive with PCDC.“It’s about
keeping its heritage, strengths         capturing what people in Plymouth
and assets to itself. But no more - a   think and letting those in and
definitive brand has been created,      outside the city know there is much
capturing the best of Plymouth          here to be proud and positive about.
and forming a firm foundation
for future marketing and                “Positively Plymouth
investment campaigns promoting          is a clear, distinctive
inward investment, tourism, and         identity that can be
employment and education                used by businesses and
                                        organisations throughout
Consultants Lloyd Northover             the city for future
were hired by the Plymouth City
                                        campaigns across a broad
Development Company* (PCDC)
to develop the city’s brand identity    range of media, including
and, using ideas and images from        marketing and advertising,
Plymouth people, businesses and         publications, prospectuses
city leaders, Positively Plymouth       and new media.”
was unveiled earlier this year. A
subtle grid pattern, representing       The challenge now for all of us in
Plymouth’s ‘hidden gems’, is used       the city is to embrace it and make it
as a unifying framework to present      work for us.
stunning images of the city and         *In August 2010, it was announced that PCDC
what it has to offer.                   was to cease trading. Plymouth City Council and
                                        partners are creating a mechanism for ensuring
“This is not just about a logo,”        the Positively Plymouth brand is maintained
explained Plymouth graduate             and built upon.

If you’re a small business              Sell2Plymouth is an initiative to                 services up to £20,000 in a
manager or owner who’s                  make it easier for small, local firms             one-stop information point which
                                        to access public sector contracts,                also contains details of how to bid.
often wondered how you                  promoting business relationships
can win business from the                                                       
                                        between micro and small
large public sector buyers              businesses and the public sector.
in the Plymouth area, then              Go to the website to find out how
Sell2Plymouth can help.                 to access contracts for goods and
                              PENINS U

                            MEDICINE A
                                                                                             PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 13

  Treating real patients starts early for students of the Peninsula Dental
  School. After just six months of training, they begin practising their skills
  on members of the public.
  In Exeter, Plymouth and most recently Truro, dental patients are eagerly
  signing up for treatment from Peninsula Dental School students and the
  feedback on the treatment they receive is highly favourable. In addition,
  the students’ skills bring positive health benefits to the city areas in which
  they work.                                                                       Professor Liz Kay, Dean of the Peninsula Dental
                                                                                   School (left) and HRH The Duchess of Gloucester at
  Investment in state-of-the-art technology and simulation, including the          the opening of the Truro dental facility.
  ‘Phantom Head’, has meant that students initially practise and develop
  their skills in simulated clinical surroundings. This prepares them for
  treating actual patients by first allowing them to gain experience and
  confidence in a closely supervised setting.
  The new dental education facilities are located in areas where it is known
  that poor standards of dental health are common. Poverty and deprivation
                                                                                       “     Ultimately,
                                                                                             working with real
  often result in a poor diet and consequently poor dental health. A recent
  NHS report revealed that one in three Plymouth five-year-olds have                    patients gives trainee
  suffered from tooth decay. Locating the dental education facilities in areas          dentists enormous
  of need brings high quality NHS dental care to patients and provides the

  dental students with experience of a wide range of dental conditions.
  Ultimately, working with real patients gives trainee dentists enormous                satisfaction.
  professional satisfaction.
  HRH The Duchess of Gloucester opened the dental education facility
  at Truro in May of this year. This is the third of the four dental education
  facilities of the Peninsula Dental School. One more site is under
  construction adjacent to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.
                                                                                     2010 graduation ceremony in Plymouth for the
                                                                                     Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry.

  July saw the graduation of the Peninsula College of Medicine and
  Dentistry’s 500th new doctor. The ceremony, which was held at the Minster
  in Plymouth, celebrated the fourth cohort of doctors to graduate from
  the medical school since the first graduation in 2007, with more doctors
  achieving distinctions and merits, and deciding to remain in the South
  West to practise medicine.
  Postgraduate degrees and doctorates in medical research and health care
  related disciplines were awarded to 27 students. Professor Sir John Tooke,
  the inaugural Dean of the Peninsula Medical School, became an Honorary
  Doctor of Science and Dr Michael Powers QC was awarded an Honorary
  Doctorate of Laws.

  Students practising their dental skills with the ‘Phantom Head’.
Based within the University’s Faculty of Arts, Peninsula Arts provides a prestigious and
wide-ranging series of events that opens up the arts and the University to the people of
Plymouth, the South West and visitors to the region. The year-round public programme
includes exhibitions, music, film, talks and performing arts.

The whale is the largest animal that ever lived, yet        Peninsula Arts welcomes 2011 with a number of
we know so little about it that it remains one of the       cultural activities bringing together science and
great mysteries of the natural world. This mystery          the arts in a series of events surrounding its key
has attracted artists, scientists, writers, musicians and   exhibition, Dominion. Running in the Peninsula
storytellers throughout the world and throughout            Arts Gallery from 22 January to 6 March 2011, the
history - from the ancient civilisations to Aboriginal      exhibition features the collaboration between the
peoples, from 19th-century literature - in the shape of     internationally acclaimed writer Philip Hoare - winner
Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick - to 21st-century cinema        of the 2009 BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for his book,
such as Free Willy and Whale Rider.                         Leviathan or, The Whale - and the renowned artist
                                                            Angela Cockayne, whose work has been praised by
In Britain, we have moved from being a whaling nation
                                                            Desmond Morris, among others. Dominion seeks to
to a whale-watching nation in just one generation:
                                                            explore the links between science and art, literature
many different species of whales and dolphins swim
                                                            and natural history.
off our shores, especially here in Devon and Cornwall.
The whale is not only a symbol of artistic and literary     Dominion symposium
mystique, but an emblem of ecological threat, too. Its      During the exhibition, Peninsula Arts in conjunction
vastness incorporates all these themes and more, and        with the University of Plymouth Marine Institute will
yet remains unknowable. As Melville wrote, ‘the living      hold a two-day symposium (18-19 February 2011),
leviathan never fairly floated itself for its portrait’.     bringing together internationally celebrated whale
Philip Hoare March 2010                                     experts, writers and artists. Alongside Philip Hoare

                                                                                                Philip Hoare and
                                                                                                Angela Cockayne.
                                                                                       PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 15

     “Call me Ishmael”
     Herman Melville,
     Moby Dick (1851)

                                                                                   Bone boat entitled ‘Dead Men Don’t Bite’.

and Angela Cockayne, the symposium will include:         impacts and influences our creative life.
Professor Hal Whitehead (Dalhousie University, Nova      Titled Re-sounding Science, the three-day festival,
Scotia), Richard Sabin (Senior Curator, Department       11-13 February 2011, will feature performances and
of Zoology, The Natural History Museum), Dr Simon        premieres of the latest in contemporary classical
Ingram (University of Plymouth Marine Institute), and    music. The highlight will be the world premiere of
Associate Professor Anthony Caleshu (English and         Mind Pieces by Professor Eduardo Reck Miranda,
Creative Writing, University of Plymouth). The event     performed by the Ten Tors Orchestra, conducted by
will also feature a special dance performance by Adam    Simon Ible. The festival taps into the apparent beauty
Benjamin (Rayne Fellow, University of Plymouth), film    of scientific apparatus; the changing technological
screenings and music that celebrates all things whale.   tools of 21st-century music creation; the inspiration
                                                         of our planet’s amazing bio-diversity, and that most
In parallel with these events, the annual Peninsula
                                                         complex and beautiful machine which science is only
Arts Contemporary Music Festival, one of the UK’s
                                                         just beginning to understand: the human brain.
most innovative festivals of contemporary music, will
seek to respond to selected art and science themes       Re-sounding Science is a chance to re-evaluate
within Dominion. This key music event will explore       artistically science’s role in society, focusing on
both issues of biological survival and how technology    sustainability through the arts.

                                                                              Professor Eduardo Reck Miranda.

      “      The most beautiful experience
             we can have is the mysterious -
             the fundamental emotion which
             stands at the cradle of true art

             and true science.
                                      Albert Einstein



                                                                                      An artist’s inpression of the new marine building.

    Construction of an £18-million marine building is now underway on the
    Plymouth campus. The new building will house state-of-the-art research
    facilities, including new wave tank testing equipment that will be unique in
    the UK.
    Due to be completed in spring 2012, the marine building is a key element
    of the £25-million Plymouth Science and Innovation Programme. This is a
    partnership between the University, South West Regional Development
    Agency and Plymouth City Council that was created earlier this year to put
    Plymouth at the forefront of research into low-carbon technologies.
    Incorporated in the new building will be a wave tank measuring 35m
    by 15m and capable of operating to a depth of 2m. The tank has been
                                                                                                The Marine Institute was
    specifically designed for testing developments in wave and tidal energy, as
                                                                                                inaugurated in 2006 to
    well as coastal engineering and environmental impact modelling. The new                     support and promote marine
    building, which will be part of the University’s Marine Institute, will also be             and maritime activity across
    home to a new ship simulator and will provide office space and support for                  the University, from research
    start-up maritime businesses, in addition to teaching facilities.                           to policy engagement.
                                                                                      PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 17

                                                                    Vice-Chancellor Professor Wendy Purcell naming the
                                                                    RV Falcon Spirit at the Blue Mile event in July 2010.
Away from dry land, the Marine Institute has been developing
the University’s sea-going facilities with the purchase of a new
high-specification catamaran research vessel. Named
RV Falcon Spirit in honour of legendary Plymothian polar
explorer Robert Falcon Scott, the 16-tonne vessel will be able
to operate up to 60 miles offshore, enabling it to take part in
research activities, such as those associated with the Wave Hub
project in Cornwall.
Boasting a ‘moon pool’ and hydraulic H-frame to enable
technology to be deployed easily in the water, RV Falcon Spirit
will carry a £300,000 remotely operated vehicle, which can
dive to a depth of 1km and record via high definition video
cameras. The vessel will provide teaching and research facilities
with wet and dry laboratories and can accommodate up to 12
scientists, along with its crew of two.
                                                                    Children at the Blue Mile event village,
RV Falcon Spirit was named by Professor Wendy Purcell,              on Plymouth’s waterfront.
Vice-Chancellor, in July of this year, at the Blue Mile event
in Plymouth. Hosted in partnership with the University and
Plymouth City Council, the Blue Mile is the UK’s newest
mass-participation event, aimed at engaging people with our
marine environment.
The Blue Mile’s Race for the Environment encouraged people
to take part by completing a mile in, on or next to the water.
Several hundred swimmers, stand-up paddleboarders and
kayakers took to the water and raced on equal terms over a
distance of a mile. It really was an event for everyone with the
youngest participant aged seven and the oldest, 68!
Plymouth is the first city in the UK to hold the Blue Mile event
and organisers hope to extend the event to other coastal
                                                                    Swimmers ready to take part in the ‘Race for
locations in the future.
                                                                    the Environment’.
Find out more about the University’s Marine Institute at:

                                                Professor David Coslett - Faculty of Arts
                                                I’m delighted to report that Plymouth has been chosen as one of four UK
                                                cities to host The British Art Show in 2011. A full events programme, plus a
                                                Fringe exhibition will coincide with the show.
                                                The University’s first Master of Fine Arts programme will run in
                                                collaboration with TransArt Institute in the United States, initially being
                                                delivered to students in Berlin and New York.
                                                Continuing the global theme, the School of Architecture, Design and
                                                Environment will host two international conferences through the Culture
                                                Theory and Space research group, working with the city’s museum. Plans
                                                are under-way to launch an international MA in Architecture, as well as to
                                                develop joint research ventures in Chile and China.

          3D design students with their work.   The coming year will see the seventh Peninsula Arts’ Contemporary Music
                                                Festival and the second city-wide Shakespeare Festival. Our first students
                                                will also graduate from the faculty’s newest programme: BA (Hons)
                                                Dance Theatre. We wish them good fortune in the challenging economic
                                                environment that all our graduates face - confident that we have enabled
                                                them to develop the skills and aptitudes which distinguish Plymouth
                                                graduates amongst the best of their peers.

                                                Professor Richard Stephenson - Faculty of Health
                                                The Faculty of Health continues to transform lives through research,
                                                education and enterprise centred upon health and social wellbeing,
                                                and through the widespread activity of our alumni and partners. The
                                                forthcoming year promises to be one of great opportunity for the faculty
                                                as the coalition government pledges to reform the landscape of health
                                                care and social work.
                                                To capitalise on our position as one of the largest and most diverse
                                                disciplinary faculties within the UK, we are building upon our
                                                internationally renowned expertise to realise these opportunities by:
                                                  •   refreshing our portfolio of research through a new Applied
                                                      Research Centre that will incorporate our health and education partners
                 Physiotherapy and Podiatry       •   re-profiling curricula to meet workforce demands
            students treating runners at the
              Plymouth half marathon 2010.        •   promoting e- and work-based learning to enable greater
                                                      continuing professional development in the workplace
                                                  •   enhancing our student experience and employability through
                                                      volunteering and internships, and
                                                  •   embedding the concepts and practice of enterprise at the core of
                                                      our activity.
                                                The faculty strongly values collaboration and partnership and we warmly
                                                welcome contact with individuals and organisations in meeting the
                                                above agenda.
                                                                                           PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 19

Professor Richard Gibb - Faculty of Science and Technology
The Faculty of Science and Technology continues to undertake pioneering
research into the causes and consequences of climate change. Our Marine
Biology researchers have just been awarded over £200,000 to investigate
how marine animals might evolve to cope with living in warm waters with
increased acidification. This is just one of six projects to be funded by the
UK’s first research programme investigating the impacts of
ocean acidification.
Recognising the University’s strengths across the marine and maritime
agenda, a new marine building has been commissioned, which will house
state-of-the-art research facilities. This will help position Plymouth as a
global centre for marine energy research and create valuable opportunities
to support the marine sector and the economy. The project is being part
funded by the South West Regional Development Agency, Department of
Business, Innovation and Skills, Department of Energy and Climate Change
and the Higher Education Funding Council for England.
The plans are part of a wider £25-million city legacy project, in which the
University is a key partner, for creating economic success from marine

Mr Will McBurnie - Faculty of Education
Having relocated from Exmouth to Plymouth two years ago, the faculty is
                                                                                 Final-year Theatre and Performance student.
building on a base of a Grade 1 Ofsted award for our primary and secondary
initial teacher education and a Category A status from the Training and
Development Agency for Schools for initial teacher education. We have now
launched ICE House, a project for the post-compulsory education sector that
aims to research teaching and learning methods that develop and support
learners’ skills in innovation, creativity and enterprise (ICE).
We have also introduced a taught doctorate programme (EdD) and                   Biology day for AS-level school pupils.
the Masters in Teaching and Learning (MTL). This academic year sees
the launch of a new foundation degree for the Children’s Workforce, an
MSc in Learning for Sustainability and a new initial teacher education
postgraduate programme, iTeach.
In addition, faculty staff are committed to enhancing our research-
informed teaching and will be involved in the forthcoming Pedagogic
Research Institute and Observatory.

Professor David Wheeler - Plymouth Business School
The Plymouth Business School is unique. No other Business School offers
the normal disciplines of Management alongside programmes in Law,
Languages, International Relations and Politics. And no other Business
School foregrounds experiential learning, entrepreneurialism, social
responsibility and sustainability as actively as we do. That is why we believe
our students become the most entrepreneurial, engaged and employable
graduates in the country.
In the next 12 months the Plymouth Business School will be rapidly
expanding its recruitment of overseas students in order to enhance
inter-cultural learning and future career opportunities for all our students.
We will be introducing novel experiential learning opportunities through
direct engagement with small businesses and social enterprises in Devon
and Cornwall, with a focus on the simultaneous creation of economic,

                                                                 social and environmental value. And we will be
                                                                 placing even greater emphasis on developing the
                                                                 interpersonal and leadership skills that today’s
                                                                 business, government and third-sector employers
                                                                 If you are an employer or an alumnus and want to
                                                                 get involved in this exciting transformation, please
                                                                 email me direct at:

                                                                 Dr Colin Williams - University of Plymouth
                                                                 In the coming year, University of Plymouth Colleges
                                                                 Faculty (UPC) will continue to play a pivotal role
                                                                 in advancing the University’s enterprise agenda
                                                                 throughout the region. Our partnership spans the
                                                                 South West - from Bristol to Penzance and from
                                                                 Weymouth to the Channel Islands. UPC represents

                                                                 the University throughout the region, enabling
                                                                 strong partnerships with colleges and private and
                                                                 public-sector employers.
                                          With our partners, we will build on our current success to forge new
                                          national and international links with the University. While the national
       ...a pivotal role                  economic outlook may be bleak, we firmly believe that careful positioning
       in advancing the                   during these challenging times will enable us to fulfil our mission.
  University’s enterprise                 We aim to ensure that everything we do makes a positive impact on
                                          improving the lives of individuals, society and the regional economy.
  agenda throughout the

                                          Professor Steve Thornton - Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry
  Above: Tourism, Hospitality and
  Event Management careers staff          Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry has established its pre-
  with keynote speaker, Michelin          eminence as the leading new educational institution, developing
  award-winning chef Michael Caines
                                          innovative, patient-focussed approaches to training doctors and dentists.
                                          Our investment in simulation tools to develop students’ clinical and dental
                                          skills enables them to work directly with patients early in the curriculum.
                                          The challenge is to ensure that our curriculum continues to be at the
                                          cutting edge, maximising the impact of science and technology and
                                          reflecting the needs of the NHS.
                                          The quality of our research was recognised in the last Research Assessment
                                          Exercise in 2008 and we now need to increase the scale of this research in
                                          order to compete with the major educational institutions. The European
                                          Centre for Environment and Human Health will open shortly in Truro, and
                                          the Wolfson/Wellcome development will facilitate translational medicine in
                                          Exeter, complementing clinical trials activity in Plymouth.
                                          We have a strong basis for future development in medical and dental
                                          research and education and I am looking forward to building on the
                                          excellence developed by my predecessor, Professor Sir John Tooke.
                                                                                       PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 21

                                        MESSAGE FROM SEENA SHAH, UPSU
                                        There’s a new team in place at the University’s Students’ Union
                                        (UPSU), bringing with them plenty of ideas for new projects and
                                        campaigns that will be presented at the first Annual President’s
                                        Address in January 2011.
                                        The new officers will continue the work of the previous team, leading
                                        UPSU through the Students’ Union Evaluation Initiative and benchmarking
                                        our work against national standards, with the assessment being submitted
                                        in mid 2011. The Union will also see the recruitment of a new Chief
                                        Executive and, as with all students’ unions across the country, registration
                                        for charitable status.
All silence at the ‘headphone disco’.
                                        Always looking to offer something new, this year’s summer ball featured
                                        a ‘headphone disco’ - everyone was issued with wireless headphones and
                                        two separate DJs broadcast to them live via dedicated FM channels. A
                                        surreal spectacle unfolded: a mass of humanity, throwing moves, pulling
                                        shapes and singing along to what appeared to everyone else to be...
                                        complete silence!
                                        As UPSU develops its offering to accommodate our varied student
                                        demographic, we look forward to helping provide students with more
                                        opportunities for their personal development.

                                                    ACTIVE IN SPORTS AND SOCIETIES
                                                     Report from               Last year, Plymouth had success in
                                                     Lou Ramsay,               a wide range of sports, with men’s
                                                     Entertainments            squash winning the BUCS Gold;
                                                                               an array of individual and team
                                                     and Events Manager
                                                                               gold and silver medals in the BUCS
                                                     Participation at the      surf championships, and further
                                                     2009/10 Sports and        medals for judo, karate, sailing and
                                                     Societies Fair was        octopush. Overall, Plymouth came
                                                     exceptional, with over    45th out of 150 institutions - a jump
                                                     6,000 students joining    up of six places on the previous year.
                                                     105 different clubs
                                                     and societies, and 32     We also won the Varsity Cup
                                                     teams entering the        against local rival, UCP Marjon.
                                                     British Universities      The event ran over three days and
                                                     and Colleges Sport        involved 250 students, who raised
Ladies’ Varsity Rugby team, 2010.                    (BUCS) leagues.           £11,395 for The Anthony Nolan
                                                                               Trust and The Motor Neurone
                                                                               Disease Association.
                                                                               Finally, the Musical Theatre
                                                                               Group put on Grease, which was
                                                                               enthusiastically received and led to
                                                                               them being awarded Society of the
                                                                               Year for the second year running.

                           CELEBRATING SUCCESS
                           Once again this year, Plymouth Hoe provided a spectacular backdrop
                           to the University’s degree celebrations. Over 6,000 new graduates
                           received their awards in front of their families, friends and University
                           staff in a week-long run of celebratory events.
                           In addition to marking the achievements of our students, the University
                           honoured individuals who have made major contributions across society,
                           distinguishing themselves in charitable work, education, medicine, law,
                           television and conservation.
                           Richard Bayly, Deputy Regional Director for Economy Growth and
                           Regeneration in the Government Office South West
                           Christine Beasley, Chief Nursing Officer
                           Matthew Bourne, acclaimed choreographer and director
                           Eric Dancer, former Managing Director of Dartington Crystal and
                           renowned training and development advisor
                           Roma French, founder of drug-support centres Trevi House
                            and Hamoaze House
                           Christopher Gates, Managing Director of Princess Yachts International
                           Andrew Graham-Dixon, art critic and television presenter
                           Jane Henderson, Chief Executive of the South West of England Regional
                           Development Agency
                           Tom Henderson, founder of the charity ShelterBox
                           Thelma Holt, award-winning theatre producer
                           Carleen Kelemen, Director of the Convergence Partnership Office for
                           Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
                           Jonathan Kestenbaum, Chief Executive of NESTA, the National
                           Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts
                           Freddie Knox, former aide and confidante to the Astor family
                           Heather Rose Maxwell, former Principal of South Devon College
                           Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah, member of the Kuwait Royal Family and Chief
                           of Maritime Operations
                           Mary Quicke, agricultural entrepreneur
                           David Spiegelhalter, scientist and eminent risk-analysis expert
                           Alastair Stewart, ITV news presenter and journalist
                           Dick Strawbridge, television presenter
                           Simon Tonge, Executive Director of the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust
                                                                                        PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 23

Freddie Knox was born in the            over the years, her friend. An active
Barbican, Plymouth, and spent his       member of St Andrew’s Church
early years as a pupil of St Andrew’s   and a committed Hospital Visitor
School. He was introduced to            over many years, Freddie has a
politics at a very young age when       long interest in voluntary work. He
- as an eight-year-old - he ran with    was President and Secretary of the
‘tally pads’ at the elections. His      first branch of the United Nations
mother and grandmother were             Association Plymouth and a
both ardent suffragettes and along      delegate to the first United Nations
with his uncle, worked on Nancy         Associations Conference.
Astor’s behalf when she stood in
the by-election of 1919, becoming       Now in his early 90s, Freddie
the first woman to take her seat in     continues to make public                Freddie Knox.
the House of Commons.                   appearances in his home city,
                                        and only last year donated to the       on the history of the Lord Mayor’s
Lady Astor went on to serve             city a rare bronze statue, given        House on Elliot Terrace, which
Plymouth City as an MP for 25           to him in the 1930s on a visit to       was previously Lady Astor’s home,
years. Freddie became her aide,         Plymouth, Massachusetts. He has         bequeathed to the city
confidante and representative, and      also for many years been a speaker      of Plymouth.

Sheikh Suhaim bin Khalid                Most importantly my knowledge           decisions and to be an asset to
Al-Thani is a member of the             of the practical and theoretical        any organisation. “
ruling family of Qatar. His             aspects of management as a
father was Minister for the             discipline was broadened. This,         I now aim to further my knowledge
Interior 1972-1989, and his             I hope, will allow me to become         by studying for a masters
sister is married to the current        an effective manager in my              qualification, before taking up
Emir of Qatar. He completed             chosen field. The BSc programme         a position in global finance. My
a University of Plymouth BSc            helped me develop new skills; I         experience at Greenwich and at the
(Hons) in Business Management           particularly enjoyed presentations,     University of Plymouth has been
at the Greenwich School of              as this helped me become a              positive - I thoroughly enjoyed my
                                        better speaker, both in terms of        time and believe that I have come
Management (GSM).
                                        organisation and confidence.            away a much more rounded person.
As an undergraduate I was able                                                  My thanks to everyone at GSM and
to meet a diverse mix of students       “At the end of my course, I have        the University, both academic staff
from many different backgrounds         the experience to apply the             and administrators who have made
and this introduced me to new           theoretical ideas of business           the last two years an enjoyable
cultures, as well as new ideas.         in order to make effective              period in my life.

              MAKING A
             DIFFERENCE                            HUMANITARIAN DISASTERS
                                                   HIGHLIGHTED BY NEW TECHNOLOGY
                                                   The University is using the latest satellite imaging technology
                                                   to highlight the horrors of human rights abuse and deliberate
                                                   environmental damage in the most inaccessible parts
                                                   of the world.
                                                   The University of Plymouth at Britannia Royal Naval College has been
                                                   awarded high-resolution satellite imagery to monitor and help prevent
                                                   the human and environmental atrocities in the remote regions that TV
                                                   cameras cannot reach - including the Sudan, Burma, Zimbabwe and
                                                   West Papua.
                                                   Satellite imagery of sufficient resolution (1m) has only been available
                                                   during the last decade and is finding uses in a wide range of
                                                   applications from, agriculture to disaster monitoring.
                                                   The award of the technology was made to Dr Chris Lavers by the
                                                   GeoEye Foundation, a not-for-profit philanthropic organisation based
                                                   in the US. The foundation provides satellite imagery to educational
                                                   institutions to advance their research and humanitarian support. Rarely
                                                   has the technology been awarded to researchers outside of the US.
                                                   Dr Lavers is using the technology to further the work of leading
                                                   humanitarian organisations including Amnesty International, Survival
                                                   International and the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust. The imagery he
                                                   obtained was also recently made available to the first prosecutor of the
                                                   International Criminal Court at The Hague.
                                                   “My research for the University of Plymouth at the Britannia Royal Naval
                                                   College is a ‘swords into ploughshares approach’ to investigate the
    The rate of rainforest disappearance in        potential of military technologies for civilian applications,” explains
    West Papua, which is having an adverse
    affect upon disadvantaged Amungme and          Dr Lavers.
    Komoro tribes, is evidenced in the changes
    in these two images of the same location.
                                                   “Satellite technology provides immediate access to inaccessible
                                                   regions, enabling us to help ensure these human rights and
    Land has been cleared on the right of the
                                                   environmental abuses remain in the public eye.”
    river (fig 2), with bridges and man-made
    lakes having been created. New building
    plots have displaced recent pristine forest.

    Fig 1.                                                         Fig 2.
                                                                                        PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 25

LEARNING THROUGH LOCAL HERITAGE                                                PLYMOUTH NAMED
For Marc Lintern, Head of Employability and Careers at the                     TOP GREEN
University, the starting point for a social enterprise project was the
extraordinary talent of Plymouth students.                                     UNIVERSITY IN UK
                                                                               The University of Plymouth
In his role, Marc - who is himself a Plymouth graduate - organises
                                                                               has been named as the UK’s top
activities to encourage students to think about setting up their
                                                                               university in environmental
own businesses. Working with students at the University and Looe
Community School, the team produced and published a book called
We Love Looe, celebrating the heritage of the Cornish town.                    The annual People & Planet Green
                                                                               League Table ranked the University
The writing and publishing process gave students a real-world learning
                                                                               of Plymouth in the top spot - out of
experience, while the school pupils had a chance to explore their local
                                                                               133 universities. The University also
history and, working alongside the University students, experience a little
                                                                               retains the accolade of being the
of life in higher education.
                                                                               league’s top overall performer since
Marc recommends social enterprise to others and encourages people              it began in 2007.
to come forward with their ideas: “If you have an idea, however
                                                                               The Green League based its rating
embryonic, contact to find out how we might
                                                                               on 11 environmental policy and
be able to help.”
                                                                               performance-related criteria
                                                                               including carbon emissions per
                                                                               head, waste recycling rates and
                                                                               new criteria measuring the sector’s
                                                                               efforts to engage students and staff
                                                                               in cutting carbon emissions.
                                                                               Extending sustainability further
                                                                               into the operations of the
                                                                               University, the Procurement Unit is
                                                                               working to develop and implement
                                                                               strategies for the procurement of
                                                                               goods and services and the use of
                                                                               our estate, which not only achieve a
                                                                               year-on-year reduction in operating
                                                                               costs, but reduce the University’s
                                                                               carbon footprint.
Students from Looe Community School.

A social care initiative developed by the University has received
national recognition for service delivery and best practice from the
Social Care Institute for Excellence.
Students and Refugees Together (START) is a registered charity that            Children enjoying the START project activities.
was initiated in 2001 by the University’s Associate Professor of Social
Work, Avril Bellinger. Its mission is to facilitate students working with
families, individuals and institutions to ensure that refugees make the
successful transition from people in need to positive contributors to the
communities in which they settle.
The programme provides students in social work, occupational therapy
and community development with an opportunity to develop
their professional skills, while bringing real benefit to asylum seekers and
refugees by reducing their risk of social isolation through
                                                                               University placement students who help to
community activities.                                                          deliver START services. L-r: Omega Mugabe,
                                                                               Jancy Kolanjikompil, Della Norris and Dan Spry.

                              GATEWAY TO CAREERS
                              Within the first month of operation, the University’s new employability
                              centre hosted over 4,000 visits.
                              Opening gateway, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Wendy Purcell,
                              emphasised that employability is a core principle of the University Strategy:
                              “Employability is a key issue for students and for our University. Studying
                              today is a major investment of time and money - we want to help our
                              students get the most from this experience, not just in offering the highest
                              quality of courses, but also in the jobs they secure after graduation.”
                              With 400,000 students graduating this year across the UK, the graduate
                              job market has become very competitive, particularly in these tough
                              economic times. Marc Lintern, who heads the Careers and Employability
                              team at the University, encourages students to use gateway throughout
                              their time at the University. He also highlighs gateway’s importance to the
                              region: “I believe that the opening of gateway is highly symbolic of the
                              enterprise mission and the way in which employability is at the heart of the
                              University; and the University is at the heart of the region.”
                              Within just the first few months of opening, gateway has assisted more
                              than 90 recruiters, including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Gardline, Subsea 7
                              and the RAD.
                              The Careers and Employability Service offers on-going advice for alumni,
                              for up to three years after graduating. To find out more about the services
                              available, as a graduate or a business wishing to use gateway, visit

                                                                  gateway, the University’s new employability centre.
                                                                                       PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 27

The University has a vibrant
community of postgraduate students,
who benefit from our innovative
approach, world-leading expertise,
and multimillion-pound facilities. Our
close collaboration with employers
helps to ensure that graduates are
equipped with the most relevant
knowledge and skills to be competitive
in the workplace - 87 per cent of our
postgraduate students are employed
within six months of completing their
studies with us.
Our postgraduate programmes - which
are flexible and can be studied full- or          If you are considering embarking on a postgraduate degree and
part-time - incorporate input from               would like to take the opportunity to have your questions answered
researchers, current practitioners,              or find out more about your subject of interest, why not visit us at
professional bodies, business and                our Postgraduate and Professional Open Evening?
industry. This ensures our programmes            Tuesday 16 November 2010, 15:30 - 18:30
are relevant, stimulating and equip              Tuesday 22 March 2011, 15.30 - 18.30
students with a wide range of practical
skills sought by employers. Flexible             Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth
opportunities are provided for                   For more information and to register your attendance visit:
gaining vocational skills or setting the
foundation for further research.

A HELPING HAND THROUGH THE                                              CONTINUING SUCCESS FOR
RECESSION                                                               GRADUATE INTERNSHIPS
In last year’s magazine we reported on the Enterprise Vouchers          Since the launch of the Plymouth Graduate
scheme which was funded by the University’s successful bid to           Internship Programme in February 2010,
the Economic Challenge Fund, helping individuals and business           the University has successfully placed 250
through the recession.                                                  recent graduates into businesses in Devon
                                                                        and Cornwall.
Uptake was huge, with the University helping 140 individuals
                                                                        The programme was initiated in response
and 110 businesses by the end of the scheme. Awardees used
                                                                        to the University winning funding from
their vouchers for a variety of University services such as career
                                                                        the Higher Education Funding Council for
planning, facilities and expert knowledge, plus guidance on
                                                                        England in order to generate graduate
                                                                        jobs in the region. It created short-term
Fine Tubes Ltd used the vouchers to access the University’s             paid internships for graduates from the last
cutting-edge facilities. Dr Janardhan Rao Saithala from the             three years, and provided an opportunity
company explained: “The University of Plymouth Enterprise               for employers to expand their workforce
Vouchers have enabled us to access the facilities at the Electron       and tap into the up-to-date knowledge of
Microscopy Centre in order to understand the processes in detail        graduates.
and help Fine Tubes with writing conference papers which are            Richard Giles, graduate intern at Zoeftig Ltd
presented at an international level.”
                                                                        said: “I have benefited immeasurably from
                                                   The Economic         the internship at Zoeftig Ltd. It has given
                                                   Challenge            me the opportunity to apply my particular
                                                   Fund team.
                                                                        skill set within a fast-growing business. I
                                                                        have been allowed to make a meaningful
                                                                        contribution to the business and to take
                                                                        responsibility for my own work.”

    Whether they work overseas or choose to stay local, progress to further study or
    establish their own businesses, Plymouth graduates - including the inspirational four
    whose stories are relayed here - are making their mark in numerous spheres.

                                  Jamie Ball, artist
                                  The design on the cover of this year’s Plymouth’s Progress was kindly
                                  produced by Plymouth graduate Jamie Ball, who gained a first in BA (Hons)
                                  Media Arts, specialising in illustration, animation and post second World
                                  War German painting. He is now based in Berlin.
                                  “My fondest memory of being a student at Plymouth was being fascinated
                                  by the huge selection of art books in the University library. I spent hours
                                  discovering the work of new painters, which I would then go and see, often
                                  in London and Stockholm.
                                  “I also recall catching up with friends at various tea rooms on the Barbican
                                  and the Hoe, and picnicking and sketching while walking around the
                                  coastal path from Mount Batten.
                                  “After graduating, I worked for two years as a Creative Content Designer for
                                  a software company in my home city of Nottingham. I now live and work in
                                  Berlin and am represented by Kinky Illustration Agency. My recent projects
                                  have included work for Alfa Romeo and the Italian football team.
    Jamie Ball.
                                  “As a sideline, I’m dedicated to featuring contemporary artists and studios
                                  in the Little Kingdoms Eu: Visual Journal, an online project aimed at
                                  providing inspiration for young and aspiring creatives.”
                                  Find out more at

                                  Sue Austin, MA Fine Art student, University of Plymouth
                                  As a final-year Fine Art student, Sue caused a stir in Plymouth - and lots of
                                  media coverage for the final-year Degree Show - when mysterious white
                                  lines created by her special wheelchair appeared across a large part of the
                                  city. As well as leading to the venues of the show, the temporary lines were
                                  part of the Freewheeling project, which aims to reshape preconceptions
                                  associated with the wheelchair.
                                  “Graduating with first-class honours and winning the Natalie Sitar Award
                                  for outstanding achievement was a real high point, and now I’m studying
                                  for an MA in Fine Art at the University. It’s a very intense, stimulating and
                                  challenging route of study.
                                  “Freewheeling raised my profile and has led to invitations to join several
                                  prestigious national projects. I was chosen to be part of the Sync Cultural
                                  Leadership Programme, which promotes leadership amongst disabled
                                  people to recognise their valued perspective, and also selected to be on
                                  the five-member Impact Selection Panel, which is run by the Arts Council
                                  and focuses on embedding professional disabled artists in mainstream
    Sue Austin.
                                  arts settings. It is great to be part of such groundbreaking initiatives.”
                                                                                       PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 29

Neil Harvey, Managing Director,
Juice Media Design Ltd
A shining example of a young
entrepreneur nurturing today’s
students, Law graduate Neil is seeing
his company Juice Media Design
Ltd go from strength to strength.
The firm, established in 2009, is
multifaceted, building websites,
providing marketing services and
even installing Bluetooth devices in
taxis and buses.

  “ I’ve beenwith the
University’s students
and recent graduates
to develop web-based
graphics projects. They
have great technical
skills and are brimming
with original ideas. I add
value by helping them
                                                                                                            Lee Davis.
to develop relationship-
building skills with                    Lee Davis, Tutor in Mechanical Engineering, University of Plymouth
                             “          In the space of a just a few years, Lee has gone from being - by his own
                                        admission - ‘a bit of a Jack the Lad’ at school to passing his Mechanical
                                        Engineering degree at Plymouth with flying colours and progressing to
“The business is growing fast,          PhD study at the University.
securing small to medium-sized
clients in the UK and Asia, and we’ve   “Having experienced a variety of jobs, including painting and
moved from our initial location in      decorating in the UK and overseas, I’d always regarded my education
the University’s Formation Zone         as unfinished business, but never dreamt that one day I’d be mentoring
to the Tamar Science Park. We           students myself.
also have a base in Exeter and          “Determination, hard work and the support of the brilliant staff in
Falmouth. I’m currently exploring       the School of Engineering paid off, however, and I’m combining my
the potential of streaming live         research in lean supply chains in construction with providing academic
events, such as theatre productions,    support to students with learning difficulties. Sadly, my mother died
to cinemas, and intend to expand        shortly after my doctoral studies began but I’m so pleased she lived
to new locations. Bristol and Cardiff   long enough to know I’d made it onto the PhD.
are next!”
                                        “I hope to continue with the mentoring and learning support work
Visit        pretty much full time - it’s very rewarding. As well as this, I aim to keep
for more information.                   up some academic research in order to complement my doctorate.”

                           The benefits of being part of the University don’t stop

                           after graduation. The alumni programme provides a
                           range of opportunities, facilities and services to help
                           keep you in touch with us - and with each other -
                           and support your career and personal development.
                           The key elements of the programme are described briefly here. To see
                           the very latest information, please visit our web pages at
                              • Keep up to date with news from the University and the South West
                                and find out about recent alumni success stories by signing up for
                                our monthly e-newsletter, Evolve. This will also ensure you are in the
                                know about the latest events and discounts for alumni.
                              • We provide opportunities for informal networking as well as
                                organising sector-specific events aimed at keeping you abreast of
                                the latest developments and issues in your field. We’ll also support
                                you in arranging your own reunions, plus we have international
                                groups that co-ordinate events across the globe.
                              • Whether it’s special low rates on University summer accommodation,
                                or access to the Library, our range of deals for alumni is expanding.
                                If you run a business and would like to offer a discount to fellow
                                graduates, please get in touch. We’ll include the information in our
                                e-newsletter and on our web pages, boosting the profile of
                                your business.
                              • Careers support and development opportunities are an important
                                part of our provision for alumni - please see below.
                           Enhance your career
                           Alumni Careers Network - Recognising that it can be daunting moving
                           from study into employment, many of our alumni are keen to use their
                           experience to make a positive difference to current Plymouth students and
                           recent graduates. The Alumni Careers Network we are developing enables
                           you to do just this while boosting your own personal and professional
                           experience and enhancing your CV.
                           Get to the gateway - As alumni you have access to gateway, the University’s
                           centre for information, advice and graduate recruitment activities. There’s
                           also a comprehensive programme of events to support your professional
                           development. Remember that individual advice is available through our
                           Careers and Employability Service for three years after you graduate.
                           Knowledge Transfer Partnership and Graduate Internship opportunities
                           - Apply your degree, start a graduate-level job and gain professional
                           recognition. Find out more and view the latest vacancies at
                                                                                    PLYMOUTH’S PROGRESS | 31

Automatic postgraduate awards - If you are considering embarking on
a postgraduate degree or continuing professional development, an alumni
discretionary award of 10% for home and EU graduates, is available in all
Giving back
From mentoring students or giving a guest lecture to hosting a student on
placement or making a financial donation, many of our alumni want to give
something back to the place where they studied.
Your donation to the University can go to a specific fund of your choosing,
or you can opt to give wherever need is greatest.
Farewell Fund
We are dedicated to providing the ‘springboard’ of a qualification from the
University of Plymouth to all those students who are capable of achieving
it, and are determined to make the maximum effort to help those whose
financial situation would be the reason for withdrawing from study.
We hope your experience at the University and of living in the South West
was all that you hoped it would be, from the intellectual challenges to the
social side. If you would like to be part of helping someone else’s future
now that you are making your way in the world, you can do so by donating
to the University Farewell Fund, which provides support to help students to
continue with their studies in spite of financial difficulties.
Roland Levinsky Memorial Fund
                                                                                 Using the funds she received
Many of our current students are keen to contribute to the community             through a University award,
but are hindered by the lack of money to help them help others. In 2007,         Jacqueline Turner (above), a
the Roland Levinsky Memorial Fund was established in memory of the               postgraduate Psychological
late Vice-Chancellor, Professor Roland Levinsky. It is dedicated to the          Research Methods student,
principle that individuals should be encouraged to reach their full potential    established a sustainable
regardless of financial constraints.                                             garden project with the
In 2010, 11 students benefited from receiving funding to undertake               Longreach charity in Plymouth.
projects they identified, which ranged from a group of Education students        Longreach helps rehabilitate
learning Makaton, a form of sign language developed to assist children and       women who have been
adults with special needs, to taking up a clinical attachment to a hospital in   dependent on drugs and/or
Sierra Leone. See pages 8 and 9 for more information.                            alcohol and the garden project
                                                                                 is helping the women build
If you want to make a donation to either of these funds, you can use             their self-reliance and
the enclosed donation form, or make a donation on line at                        self-esteem. Alternatively, you can call us
on +44 (0) 1752 588020.                                                          In addition to wishing to
                                                                                 help the women through the
Make a difference!                                                               charity, Jacqueline also plans to
                                                                                 incorporate her findings into
                                                                                 her research on establishing
                                                                                 the benefits of gardening as a
                                                                                 therapeutic treatment.

James Eden (centre) with the artist group
Correspondence, winners of a University
Enterprise award.

   Wiktoria Niewiadomska, Roland Levinsky
   Memorial Fund award winner.

    You are invited to the events we
    have planned for the months
    ahead. Find full details, including
    confirmation of venues, on the
    alumni website.

    Postgraduate and Professional         UPC alumni event                         Sociology: ‘Made in Plymouth’
    Open Evening                          Thursday 25 November 2010                Friday 15 April 2011
    Tuesday 16 November 2010              18.00 - 20.00                            14.00 - 19.30
    15.30 - 18.30                         The Treasury, Catherine Street,          Roland Levinsky Building,
    Roland Levinsky Building,             Royal Parade, Plymouth                   University of Plymouth
    University of Plymouth                This celebratory event is exclusively    Many individuals who have
    For more information visit:           for our alumni who attended the          studied or taught Sociology at       University’s partner colleges. Enjoy     Plymouth have gone on to have a
                                          a complimentary drink and catch          significant impact nationally and
    Health alumni event                   up with other UPC graduates and          internationally. To celebrate this,
    Wednesday 17 November 2010            staff in a reserved area of the venue.   we are inviting current students,
    18.30 - 20.00                                                                  former graduates and past and
    Peninsula Allied Health Centre,       Plymouth alumni event                    present staff to this event, which
    Derriford Road, Plymouth              Thursday 20 January 2011                 will include presentations by
    Graduates from the Faculty            17.30 - 19.30 (venue to be confirmed)    Jane Barrett, Director of the Social
    of Health are invited to this                                                  Science Research Unit at the Food
    celebratory social event.             Truro alumni event                       Standards Agency; Eric Harrison,
    The evening offers you the chance     Thursday 17 February 2011                Senior Research Fellow, Centre for
    to catch up with other Health         17.30 - 19.30 (venue to be confirmed)    Comparative Social Surveys, City
    alumni and enjoy some light                                                    University London; and Professor
    refreshments.                         Hong Kong alumni event                   Tony Chapman, convenor of the
                                          Saturday 29 January 2011                 Third Sector Research Unit,
    Science and Technology                19.00 - 21.00 (venue to be confirmed)    Teeside University.
    alumni event
    Thursday 18 November 2010             Brunei alumni event                      We are also planning an alumni
    18.00 - 20.00                         Wednesday 25 January 2011                event at the House of Commons in
    View 2, the Barbican, Plymouth        (time and venue to be confirmed)         the new year.
    You’re invited to attend this
    celebratory alumni event.             Postgraduate and Professional            Find full details, including
    The evening will offer you the        Open Evening                             confirmation of venues, on the
    chance to catch up with fellow        Tuesday 22 March 2011                    alumni website.
    Faculty of Science and Technology     15.30 - 18.30
    alumni, and enjoy some                Roland Levinsky Building,
    complimentary refreshments.           University of Plymouth

    Science, Technology and               Isle of Wight alumni event
    Engineering                           Wednesday 13 April 2011
    Placements and Graduate               17.30 - 19.30 (venue to be confirmed)
    Recruitment Fair
    Wednesday 24 November 2010
    11.00 - 15.00
    Roland Levinsky Building
    For more information visit:
                                                                                   Development and Alumni Relations
                                                                                   University of Plymouth
                                                                                   Drake Circus
                                                                                   Devon PL4 8AA

                                                                                   Tel: +44 (0) 1752 588020

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