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               July 15, 1990

       Washington Adventist Hospital dominates
       cardiac care in nation's capital-pages 4and5

                                                                                                   VISITOR STAFF
                                                                                              Kermit Netteburg
                                                                                             Managing Editor:
                                                                                              Charlotte Pedersen Coe
                                                                                             Editorial Assistants:
                                                                                              Randy Hall, Keith Potts
                                                                                             Communication Intern:
                                                                                              Elaine Hamilton
             JESUS—                                               recurity. We talk a lot
                                   about it. Social Security, financial security, retire-
                                                                                             Circulation Manager:
                                                                                              Dianne Liversidge
               YOUR                ment security, even national security.
                                                                                             Pasteup Artist:
                                                                                              Diane Baier
                                      Mr. Webster tells us that security means protec-
           SECURITY!               tion, freedom from exposure to danger, freedom
                                                                                               The VISITOR is the Seventh-day Advent-
                                                                                            ist publication for the people in the Columbia
                                                                                            Union territory. The different background*
                                   from anxiety or doubt.                                   and spiritual gifts of these people mean that
                                                                                            the VISITOR should inspire confidence in
                                      As a self-appointed observer of human behavior,       the Saviour and His church and should sen'e
                                                                                            os a networking tool to share methods that
                                   I have the impression that we humans generally           members, churches and institutions can use
                                                                                            in ministry. Address all editorial correspon-
                                  behave as though we are not very sure of our secu-        dence to: Columbia Union VISITOR 5427
                                   rity. We worry, we fret, and we often seem rest-         Twin Knolls Road, Columbia. MO 210-45.
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                                  less and unsettled.
                                                                                              COLUMBIA UNION CONFERENCE
                                      Think about it. Don't most of us run to and fro       (30 ll 596-0800                (301)997-3414
                                                                                            President ................
                                  looking for security rooted in money, material pos-       Secretary. ASI ........
                                                                                                                       ... ...R.M. Wisbey
                                                                                                                       ...... H.M. Wright
                                   sessions and social and professional approval?           Treasurer ................
                                                                                              Undertreasurer ..
                                                                                                                       ....... D.J. Russell
                                                                                                                       ........ R.J. Jensen
                                      In Philippians 4:6 (NIV), God counsels us, "Do           Assistant .............
                                                                                            Church Ministries ..
                                                                                                                                ........... J. Cullum
                                                                                                                               ........ J.. Clements
                                  not be anxious about anything." In the next verse,                     ....
                                                                                              Associate ......................... B.. Manspeaker
                                                                                            Communication .                         .. K. Nettohurg
                                  He promises us a peace so profound that it tran-          Data Processing .... . ................... M. Connor
                                                                                              Associate ............. ........... N. Lamureaux
                                  scends all understanding; a peace that will guard                                  ...................... R. Osborn
                                                                                            Education ................

            CLINTKREITNER         our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. How can we            Associates ...         . .F. Hoffer, A. Westney
                                                                                            Ministerial ..................
                      President   possibly attain that seemingly elusive state in this        Associate ................................... F. Ottati
                                                                                            Publishing— HUES ............. S.D. Pangborn
Reading Rehabilitation Hospital   stress-filled world?                                        Associates ...R. LaGrone, G. Sunderland
                                                                                              Treasurer .............................. D. Griffiths
        Reading, Pennsylvania         I would like to suggest a hypothesis for you to           Assistant ......................... D. Trimarchi
                                                                                            Religious Liberty ...................... A. Westney
                                  consider. Could it be that the security and peace         Trust Services ............................ J. Lastine
                                  we experience is directly proportional to our com-          COLUMBIA UNION CONFERENCE
                                  mitment to Jesus? Could our lack of security and                   ASSOCIATION
                                                                                            President ................................ R.M. Wisbey
                                  peace be a consequence of a commitment to Jesus           Vice President ......................... D.J. Russell
                                                                                            Secretary ..................................... J. Lastinc
                                  that is only partial?                                     Treasurer ................................. R.. I. Jensen
                                      Surely His commitment to you and me is beyond                  LOCAL CONFERENCES
                                  question. He long ago made provision for our eter-        ALLEGHENY EAST: Alvin M. Kibble.
                                                                                             President: Robert Hooker, Visitor Corres-
                                  nal protection, our freedom from exposure to eter-         pondent: P.O. Box 266. PHIL- Form.-. PA
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                                  n al danger and our freedom from doubt or anxiety         ALLEGHENY WEST: Willit- J. Lewis.
                                                                                             President; Robert C. Lewis, Visitor Corres-
                                  about our eternal future. What could possibly be           pondent; 1339 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH
                                  preventing us from experiencing the indescribably         43205. Telephone: (6141 252-5271.
                                                                                            CHESAPEAKE: J.W. Coulter, President;
                                  deep inner peace and security He offers, other            Tom Lemon, Visitor Correspondent: 6600
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                                  than incomplete commitment to Him?                        phone: (301) 995-1910; Washington, D.C.,
                                      Let's fix our eyes upon Jesus, the Author and         area, 596-5600.
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                                  Perfecter of our faith, as we're instructed to do in      ident; Ruth Wright, Visitor Correspondent;
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                                  Hebrews 12. Let's let Jesus be our Social Security,       Telephone: l".'S04) 422-4581.
                                                                                            NEW JERSEY: Robert W. Boggess, Pres-
                                  our financial security and our retirement security.       ident and Visitor Correspondent; 2160
                                  How about it?                                             Brunswick Avc.. Trenton. NJ 08648. Tele-
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                                                                                            non, OH 43050. Telephone: (614) 397-4665.
                                                                                            PENNSYLVANIA: Jerry Page, President;
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                                                                                            720 Museum Rd., Reading, PA 19611. Tele-
                                                                                            phone: 12 15) 374-8331. ABC, P.O. Box 3641,
                                                                                            Hamburg, PA 19526. Telephone: (215) 562-
                                  COVER: Physician Samir Neimat performs open-heart         5156.
                                                                                            POTOMAC: Ralph W. Martin, President;
                                  surgery at Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma        Robbi Pierson, Visitor Correspondent; P.O.
                                  Park, Maryland. Glenn Dalby, hospital photographer,       Box 1208, Staunton, VA 24401 Telephone'
                                                                                            (703) 886-0771. ABC, 8400 Carroll Ave.,
                                  captured this intense moment in the operating room.       Takoma Park, MD 20912. Telephone- (301)
                                  Washington Adventist Hospital is the only complete car-   439-0700.
                                  diac care center in Montgomery County, the largest and    Printed by Swenk-Tuttlc Press, Inc. from
                                  most prosperous jurisdiction in the Baltimore-Washing-    Adrian, MI 49221.
                                  ton corridor. (See the story on pages 4 and 5.)           July 15,1990                        Vol. 95, No. 14

                                                                                                                  VISITOR, July 15,1990
                     NEW JERSEY—Jim Stevens, ministe-                       The people were so enthusiastic that they begged for a sec-
BAPTIZE           rial director of the New Jersey Conference,
                  tells the story of an unusual week of prayer.
                                                                         ond week of prayer. At the end of that week eight people were
                                                                             Then the service that Sabbath, which started at 9:30 a.m.,
                  It lasted for 65 days!
                      From their first meeting with Pastor Ele-          lasted until nearly midnight. Virtually every young person in
                  azar DeGracia, members of the Vineland                 the congregation dedicated his or her life to the Lord. It was
Seventh-day Adventist church in southern New Jersey re-                  quite a revival, the pastor noted, for many of the youth hadn't
ported that they felt the Holy Spirit's presence in a special            been part of the church for some time.
way. They placed their prayer requests in a box each evening                 One young man who had left not only the church but also
and then listened as DeGracia spoke about preparing for the              his home to become a drug dealer was baptized. Then he went
final events in Earth's troubled history. Members prayed to-             back to all his former customers to ask their forgiveness and
gether that God's Spirit would help them be prepared for that            tell them how the love of Jesus had changed him and could en-
difficult time.                                                          rich their lives, too.
   DeGracia recalls the change that came over the church.                    Vineland members shared their revival experience with
"From the first night, everyone had a change in their attitude           the nearby Landisville church. And between the two con-
toward church services. Nobody wanted to leave! We took the              gregations, 13 more people were baptized. The prayer meet-
time for everyone to give a personal testimony, and the aver-            ings continued for 65 days.
age attendance was more than 100 people," he added.                          Stevens claims he hasn't seen any church start a week of
   The following Sabbath, after the regular 11 a.m. worship              prayer that lasted that long before and said, "But the revival
service, the people just stayed, giving personal testimonies.            of the Holy Spirit that is taking place in that church district
Children remained quiet and nobody complained. Finally, at               is truly a manifestation of God pouring out His Spirit on His
4 p.m. they broke to eat the lunch that had been prepared to             church in the last days as He prepares a people for His great
share at noon.                                                           and glorious coming!"—CPC

FACE TO FACE" Profiles of newly baptized people

Melodie                  John Bainter,      Martha Bain-        Claire Wed-        Seymour Zieg-       Kirsten Car-      Samuel David,
Stairs, Cum­             Zanesville,        ter, Zanesville,    derburn, Ger-      ler, Baltimore      reno, Sligo,      Philadelphia
berland, Moun­           Ohio. After at-    Ohio. Martha        mantown, Alle­     First, Chesa­       Potomac. A        Boulevard,
tain View. A             tending a series   joined her son,     gheny East.        peake. Seymour      sixth-grader at   Pennsylvania.
third-grader at          of meetings that   John, in becom-     Four months of     attended ser-       the Sligo ele-    An active mem-
the Willow-              was conducted      ing a member of     intense and sat-   vices for "a long   mentary school    ber of his con-
brook church             by Robert Wag-     the Seventh-        isfying Bible      while" before he    in Takoma         gregation's
school, Melodie          ner early last     day Adventist       study led Claire   decided to join     Park, Mary-       Pathfinder and
was baptized by          autumn, John       Church through      to insist that     the church by       land, 12-year-    Adventist Youth
Pastor Richard           was baptized       profession of       she be baptized    profession of       old Kirsten was   clubs, Samuel
Hall in March of         during October      faith in October   during Febru-      faith in Febru-     baptized in De-   was baptized in
1990.                    of 1989.           of 1989.            ary of 1990.       ary of 1990.        cember of 1989.   October of 1989.

VISITOR, July 15. 1990

      From sanitarium
       to heart center:
  thanks the
 doctor who
helped make
   it happen
                                 Physician Samir Neimat started the emphasis on heart surgery at Wash-
                                 ington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, Maryland, which has become
                                 a leading heart-care facility in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area.
                                 Often standing over the operating table for as many as seven hours, Nei-
                                 mat readies the vein from a patient's leg that will be used to bypass an
                    TRINA MAGI   obstructed heart artery.

                            On April 30, cardiovascular tho-         Then he performed open-heart sur-
                         racic surgeon Samir Neimat scrubbed      gery—for the 3,500th time.
                         for surgery. He put on his cap and          For 15 years, Neimat has worked
                         mask and entered the Washington          with the Takoma Park, Maryland,
                         Adventist Hospital operating room,       hospital in fighting heart disease, the
                         where a nurse helped him into his        nation's number one killer.
                         surgical gown and gloves.                   When he joined the medical staff
                                                                  in 1975, the hospital's open-heart sur-
                                                                  gery program was just four years old.
                                                                  Fewer than 75 surgeries had been

                                                                                        VISITOR, July 15,1990
                                                                            WASHINGTON ADVENTIST HOSPITAL

performed, and the hospital needed           patients return to an active lifestyle    answer my questions or tell me that
monitoring equipment, intensive care         after surgery.                            everything was going to be all right."
units for cardiac patients and spe-              "For many people, surgery is the           At a recent board meeting, hospital
cially trained cardiac nurses.               only alternative, and they are afraid,"    President Ronald Marx applauded
     Since then, Washington Adventist        says Neimat. "It's my responsibility       Neimat for his outstanding contribu-
Hospital has grown to become Mont-           to help reduce their fear by explain-      tion to the development and success
gomery County's only complete car-           ing the procedure and presenting the       of the hospital's cardiac program, and
diac care center, offering a full range      facts. If I can help them maintain a       thanked Jacqueline Neimat, his wife,
of services from prevention and diag-        positive psychological outlook, they       for her efforts in raising funds.
nosis to treatment and rehabilitation.       will recover more quickly."                    "We are deeply grateful to Dr. Nei-
     Using the most advanced                                                                        mat," says Marx. "His ded-
technology, physicians at                                                                           ication and untiring service
the hospital now perform                    Heart catheterizations at WAH                           over the years have helped
more than 700 open-heart                                                                            make Washington Advent-
                                                                                        3,652       ist Hospital the top-notch
surgeries as well as 3,600
heart catheterizations (X--                                                    3,359                heart center it is today."
ray procedures that show
doctors where arteries are
clogged in the heart) and                                        2,665                              Trina Magi is publications
angioplasties (procedures                                                                           manager for Washington
                                                                                                    Adventist Hospital. The
                                                *            *             y
that open blocked arteries)
each year.                                                                                          picture on page 4 was taken
     The hospital operates                                                                          by Glenn Dalby, a photog­
four heart catheterization                                                                          rapher for the hospital.
laboratories, two telemetry
units with 40 monitored
beds, two cardiac surgery
 intensive care units and            1985          1986           1987         1988      1989
 centers for risk factor re-
 duction and cardiac reha-          Heart catheterizations let doctors know where arteries are
 bilitation.                        clogged so angioplasties can open them without surgery.
     And in the spirit of the    _____
 sanitarium it once was,
 Washington Adventist Hospital still              According to his patients, this phi-
 emphasizes community health educa-           losophy works.
 tion and disease prevention through              "Neimat is a priceless man and a
 healthful living.                            first-class, top-flight doctor," states
     "It's been an exciting experience to     patient Dickran Hovsepian. "He is
 come in at the start of the program          conscientious and deeply concerned
 and work to build it up," says Nei-          about his patients. And I think he
 mat. "Washington Adventist Hospital          must sleep at the hospital, because I
 has a lot to offer patients.                 remember him checking on me at all
     "I'm most impressed by the spirit        hours of the day and night!"
 of the people who work here," Neimat             Edith Crilley, who had bypass sur-
 adds. "So often, I see a nurse take          gery, says, "Neimat has an outstand-
 the extra time to answer a patient's         ingly wonderful bedside manner. He
 questions or explain what's going on.        was warm, caring, friendly, and sup-
  I could share thousands of examples;         portive. He sat at my bed constantly
 it happens every day here."                  while I was recovering. He was al-
      Neimat says he enjoys the techni-        ways there when I needed him—to
  cal nature of his work, but he gets the
  most satisfaction from what he calls
  the "human element"—from seeing

 VISITOR, July 15, 1990

                           HOSPITALS            The unions in North America form            a new spirit of sacrifice and a new faith-
Hadley Memorial                              the backbone of world tithe. For exam-         fulness about stewardship. "Our move-
Hospital being sold                          ple, more than 90 percent of all tithe re-     ment began in sacrifice, and it will be
                                             ceived by the General Conference last          finished in sacrifice," he said.
to D.C. firm                                 year came from North America.                                  KERMIT NETTEBURG
     Negotiations have been completed           This year's tithe gain figures for the                                  Visitor Editor
 and a contract has been signed for the      nine North American unions are:
 sale of Hadley Memorial Hospital, which
 is located in the southwestern portion          Atlantic Union               12.9%                                      POTOMAC
 of the District of Columbia.                    Canadian Union               12.5%
     Metropolitan Health Associates Inc.,                                                  Galax member
                                                 Columbia Union                1.7%
 a 100 percent minority-owned firm, has          Lake Union                    1.1%        selected as
 agreed to purchase the facility from Ad-        Mid-America Union             6.5%        Woman of the Year
 ventist Health System/NEMA Mid-At-              North Pacific Union           2.0%            Carlene Poole, a member of the Galax,
lantic Corporation for $9.2 million.             Pacific Union                 0.7%         Virginia, church, was recently chosen
    This sale includes the transfer of all       Southern Union                4.7%         Woman of the Year by the Galax Busi-
 equipment and contracted physicians'            Southwestern Union            5.3%         ness and Professional Women's Club.
 services, including the CT scanner and                                                        Poole, who has worked as children's
 supporting staff radiologists.                 Russell had no explanation for the          librarian at Vaughan Memorial Library
    It is planned that Hadley Memorial       small gain. He did say that gains were         for 15 years, conducts several programs
 Hospital will continue to offer the same    uniformly small across all eight confer-      for both preschool and primary grade
level of medical care to its community       ences in the Columbia Union.                  children. She also coordinates activities
under the new ownership.                                   KERMIT NETTEBURG                for senior citizens at the library.
    The Hadley purchase is subject to a                               Visitor Editor           In addition to her duties as librar-
number of conditions, including approval                                                   ian, Poole has been the chairman of the
by the District of Columbia State Health                                                   Galax Clean City Committee over the
Planning and Development Agency, ex-                        COLUMBIA UNION                 past three years. Through this position
pected by late fall. Until approval is re-                                                                   she has been involved
ceived and the transfer of ownership         Tithe percentages
                                                                                                             in many beautification
has occurred, Hadley will be managed         may be changed                                                  and clean-up projects
by the current management team.              from union's actions                                            and other activities.
    Metropolitan Health Associates, Inc.,        A reduction in the amount of tithe                             She served last year
is a professional human services man-         that flows from the local conference to                        on the Doard of direc-
agement consulting firm specializing in      the union and General Conference was                            tors of the Twin County
health and social service projects.          recommended by a special ad hoc com-                            United Way's money-
    Based in the District of Columbia,       mittee last month.                                              raising campaign. She
the corporation was established in 1973          The recommended change would re-          is also a member of the selection com-
by a group of health care and social ser-    duce the union's share from 10 to nine        mittee for Galax Employee of the Month
vice professionals.                          percent and lower the General Confer-         and helps with the annual banquet.
    Earnest Green, president of the com-     ence's share from 20 to 17.5 percent.             Poole has spent 10 years as church
pany, has 20 years of experience in the          Ifthe changes are made official, almost   organist, served on church and school
managing of health and human service         $2 million more would stay in local con-      boards and in other church offices.
companies, facilities and projects in both   ference coffers than under current plans.                         RUBY ANDERSON
the public and private sectors.              That also means $2 million would have                        Communication Secretary
    A meeting to introduce Metropolitan      to be cut from union and GC operations.
Health Associates, Inc., to all the physi-      The plans for this recommendation
cians who are practicing at Hadley will      were not discussed at the General Con-
                                                                                                                    NEW JERSEY
be held within the next few months.          ference session in Indianapolis but will
                                             go to the Annual Council in October.          Grocery store
    AHS/Mid-Atlantic Corporation plans
to retain all current hospital employees        The committee also made clear that         receipts pay off
during the transition period.                the proposed reduction in tithe per-          new computer
             BRYAN BRECKENRIDGE              centages should not adversely affect              Steven Carlisle, an eighth-grade stu-
   President, Mid-Atlantic Corporation       appropriations to the world field or to       dent at the Lake Nelson church school,
                                             Global Strategy.                              and his fellow pupils collected $391,000
                                                Union President Ron Wisbey also re-        of grocery store receipts in the Shop
                COLUMBIA UNION               quested that the extra funds go for local     Rite supermarket "Apples for Students"
                                             church work, supporting the Columbia          program to earn an Apple computer.
Union's tithe gain
                                             Union's Vision 2000 statement that the            Carlisle collected over $20,000 worth
through April of 1990                        local church is "the driving force and        of receipts alone. The Apple II 65 com-
among smallest in NAD                        central focus of the denomination."           puter system with 512K capacity, two
   The Columbia Union's tithe gain for          Division President Charles Bradford,       color printers and an additional disk
1990 was only 1.7 percent through April      in an article explaining the recommen-        drive was delivered on May 10, giving
30, among the lowest gains in the North      dation in the Adventist Review, stated        the school five computers.
American Division, according to a re-        that the changes should be accompa-                          JOHN FALCONBRIDGE
port from Treasurer Don Russell.             nied by a new commitment to mission,                                          Principal

                                                                                                                  VISITOR, July 15,1990
•••^^^^^••^H CUC
Three teachers
receive Zapara Awards
for excellence
   Three educators at Columbia Union
College in Takoma Park, Maryland, have
received awards for teaching excellence
at Seventh-day Adventist colleges within
the North American Division.
   Juanita Gurubatham, assistant pro-
fessor of medical technology, Edna Maye
Loveless, professor of both English and
communication, and Helen Willhelm,
assistant professor of business adminis-
tration, each received $1,000 Thomas
and Violet Zapara Awards during com-
                                             James Cox, interim vice president for academic affairs, presents Zapara Awards to
mencement exercises on April 28.             Edna Maye Loveless (left), Helen Willhelm (center) and Juanita Gurubatham at CUC
   Candidates for the awards were cho-       commencement exercises April 28.
sen on the basis of student and peer
evaluations, spiritual credibility, teach-      After nine years of teaching medical     a sense of fairness to her tests and her
ing load, relationships with colleagues      technology at Columbia Union College,       classroom." He feels that another rea-
and students, commitment to quality          Juanita Gurubatham says her favorite        son she received this award is because
and service to academic discipline.          part of the job is the students.            of her accessibility to students for coun-
   The Board of Higher Education at             "They never give you an opportunity      seling and help with classwork.
the General Conference was responsi-         to become bored. Medical technology as         Edna Maye Loveless enjoys seeing
ble for the awards, which are funded by      a profession is fairly routine—you go in    her students' work in print. "Since I
a donation from the Zaparas.                 every day and do certain things," she       teach writing, the most rewarding part
    The three teachers were among 36         said. "It's a challenge to encourage stu-   of teaching for me is probably seeing
faculty members from 13 Adventist col-       dents to get excited about the learning     kids get published."
leges across North America who were          process and to become involved in learn-        During her 11 years of teaching at
selected to receive the awards.              ing and working with them."                 CUC, Loveless has also enjoyed exchang-
    Nine CUC educators, including this           Milind Borge, a junior medical tech-    ing ideas with her students. 'I was de-
year's recipients, have been given Zapara    nology major from Takoma Park who           lighted about the award," she said. "It
Awards over the past three years. This       has taken courses from Gurubatham           was quite a surprise to me."
year's winners are all experienced teach-    for two years, describes her as "a great        "Since Dr. Loveless was one of the
ers who still get excited about teaching     teacher" because "she doesn't just give     first teachers I had at CUC, I really
and learning from students.                  students the answers. She also brings       tuned into her style of teaching," said
                                                                                         Kenneth Finer, ajuniorjournalism major
                                                                                         from Dayton, Ohio. "After seven classes
                                         COLUMBIA UNION STEWARDSHIP                      with her, she told my mother I should
                                                                                         be 'Lovelessed out,' but that didn't hap-
   Rendering unto God and Caesar:                                                        pen. There was always more to learn."
   What do tithe and taxes have in common?                                                   Helen Willhelm has been in the class-
      Money is powerful. Our world runs on it. So does the church. Money pro-            room for 32 years, but for her it's more
   vides for tithe and pays taxes. Both tithe and taxes are mandated by higher           than just a place to work. "I've never
   authorities. Jesus confirmed the responsibility Christians have for both              felt teaching was a job or a chore. I love
   when He said, "Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the            to see people learn and watch the light
   things that are God's,"—Matthew 22:21. There are many similarities be-                come in their eyes. It's exciting when
   tween tithe and taxes:                                                                students understand and grow, espe-
      Where        .. Tithe into the storehouse, the church.                             cially in skills subjects like typewrit-
                   .. Taxes into the storehouse, federal and state.                      ing, computers or shorthand," she said.
      What         .. Tithe is 10 percent of one's income.                                   "The most rewarding part of teach-
                   .. Taxes vary from 15 to 33 percent of one's increase.                ing is when students come back and tell
      When         .. Tithe at income intervals.                                         me how they've used their work skills
                   .. Taxes: payroll deduction; quarterly and/or annually.                and developed in their lives."
      Benefits .. Tithe: God's blessings now and eternal security with Jesus.                Melody Crandall, a junior office su-
                  ... Taxes: freedom, liberty and government services.                    pervision major from Hamburg, Penn-
                                                                                          sylvania, describes Willhelm as one of
      Tithing Christians can joyously sing "God Bless America" as they pay                the best teachers she's ever had. "She
   their taxes. They know how much God has blessed them as they have faith-               encourages me to do my best not only in
   fully tithed their increases.                                                          school, but also the rest of my life," said
                                                              JERRY LASTINE               Crandall. "She's a great inspiration."
                                                        Stewardship Coordinator                                     WENDI CALBI
                                                                                                                   Public Relations

VISITOR, July 15,1990

 New Jersey nuzzles new members
        ROBERT BOGGESS       Congregations across New Jersey cli-      Burke. Both were baptized at the nearby
                          maxed a decade of steady membership          Tranquility church.
                          growth on World Baptism Sabbaths cel-            Burke had been expelled from GSA
                          ebrated in May and June, as nearly 200       for a school violation only a few months
                          persons committed their lives to Jesus       earlier but was readmitted after coun-
                          Christ by baptism.                           seling with Principal David Mathi.
                             Thirty-four pastors representing 70           Because of the kind and forgiving at-
                          districts (and most of the conference's      titude reflected by the faculty, Burke
                          churches) baptized an average of six in-     declared his decision to be baptized and
                          dividuals each.                              follow Christ.
                             World Baptism Sabbath, a special
                          event coordinated throughout the Ad-         Vineland Spanish grows
                          ventist Church worldwide, brought New           Stephen Bohr, Hispanic coordinator
                          Jersey's cumulative 1990 baptism total       for the conference, held a five-week cru-
                          to more than 400 people.                     sade at the Vineland Spanish church.
                             To make this conferencewide baptism          At the conclusion of the meetings, 16
                          program a success, pastors, lay leaders      souls were baptized. Eleazar DeGracia,
                          and evangelists visited people, gave Bible   the local pastor, followed with a Revela-
                          studies, presented Revelation seminars       tion Seminar.
                          and conducted evangelistic meetings.            Julio Rodriguez, who was baptized
                                                                       during the crusade, suffered a heart at-
                          Evangelism revitalizes students              tackjust two days after he was baptized.
                             Staff members and students at Gar-        Though he believes this was a direct at-
                          den State Academy marked World Bap-
                          tism Sabbath on May 26 by celebrating
                          the spiritual rebirth of two students at
                          the school, Jennifer Battle and Jonathan

                                                                                             VISITOR, July 15.1990
                                                                                       SPOTLIGHT ON NEW JERSEY

tack by Satan because of his decision to    with 32 members, recently conducted         ings featuring conference Ministerial
be baptized, Rodriguez remains strong       an evangelistic campaign featuring Rob-     Director Jim Stevens as speaker.
in his faith.                               ert Boggess, president of the New Jersey        During the months of April and May,
   When Raul Guadalupe was baptized,        Conference, as featured speaker. Ten        a small, committed group of members
he was expelled from his brother's house.   people made decisions for baptism.          and non-members took part in the meet-
                                                                                                                ings, exploring the
                                                                                                                major prophecies
                                                                                                                of Daniel and Rev-
                                                                                                                elation. At theend
                                                                                                                of these meetings,
                                                                                                                10 decisions were
                                                                                                                made for baptism.
                                                                                                                came from Pastor
                                                                                                                Fritz Krieger's ef-
                                                                                                                forts in teaching
                                                                                                                classes on Scrip-
                                                                                                                ture at the Tran-
                                                                                                                quility Adventist
                                                                                                                school, hospital
                                                                                                                contacts by Chap-
                                                                                                                lain Dieter Hain,
                                                                                                                contacts through
                                                                                                                the relatives ofAd-
                                                                                                                ventists and ad-
                                                                                                                vertising brochure
                                                                                                                    Stevens added
                                                                                                                that an advanced
Taken in by a sister in Allentown, Penn-       One of those who was baptized, Rick       series of meetings is being conducted to
sylvania, Guadalupe now attends church      Lopez, turned away from a life of drugs      follow up all the newly baptized people.
there regularly.                            to embrace God's saving message. An-         "We rejoice with those people who have
                                            other, Anna Maria DiMeo, has endured         taken their stand to become part of the
Literature helps win souls                  harassment and even life threats from        Hackettstown Seventh-day Adventist
    Forty-one people have been baptized     a former friend in order to walk in the      Church fellowship," he said.
already in 1990 as a direct result of the   new lifestyle of an Adventist Christian.
ministry of New Jersey's team of more          With a weekend attendance of more
than 40 literature evangelists.             than 80 led by Pastor Steve Dayen, this     Robert Boggess is president and com­
    Under the able leadership of Pastor     congregation is the first of its kind in    munication director for the New Jersey
Eliseo Lozano and assistants Joe Barnes,    New Jersey, designed especially to meet     Conference. The photograph on page 8
Hugo Zapato and Caesar Grau, $250,000       the needs of young English-speaking         was taken by Lee Ann Yahle ofKettering
worth of truth-filled literature has been   Hispanic adults who desire the Spanish      Medical Center in Kettering, Ohio.
distributed throughout New Jersey.          culture, but feel more comfortable using
    During the summer months, 51 ad-        the English language.
ditional student literature evangelists
will conduct the largest student program    Stevens evangelizes Hackettstown
of its kind anywhere in the North Amer-       The Hackettstown church recently
ican Division this year.                    conducted a series of evangelistic meet-

President leads pioneer outreach
  The Perth Amboy Pioneer Community
church, which was organized in March

 VISITOR, July 15,1990

                                             Sandborn in a tool shed on the property
                                             of his firm, Sandborn Wire. The teacher
                                             was Naomi Trubey, who is still active in
                                             the Indiana Conference.
                                                 In 1950 this school was relocated to
                                             Ashtabula, where Julia Numbers taught
                                             for 20 years. Numbers has retired and
                                             now lives in Loma Linda, California.
                                                An alumni list is being developed, as
                                             well as a history of the school. Any for-
                                             mer students are asked to contact Martha
                                             Leonard, P.O. Box 327, Ashtabula, Ohio
                                             44004 or call (216) 964-7071.
                                                               MARTHA LEONARD
                                                                            Treasurer    April Cavender (right) receives congrat-
                                                                                         ulations for being named Pathfinder of
                                                                                         the Year from Don Baker, youth director
                                                          ALLEGHENY WEST                 of the Pennsylvania Conference.
                                             Union president
                                             speaks at                                   New Brighton
                             POTOMAC         Ohio church
                                                                                         Pathfinder receives
   Famed Adventist neurosurgeon Ben             Ron Wisbey, president of the Colum-
Carson autographs copies of his book,        bia Union, was the guest speaker by in-     top state honors
Gifted Hands, at the Potomac Adventist       vitation from Pastor E.T. Mimms at the           April Cavender, a 12-year-old mem-
Book Center in Takoma Park, Maryland,        Southeast church in Cleveland, Ohio,         ber of the New Brighton congregation,
on Sunday, May 27.                           on May 5.                                    had the distinction of being named Path-
                                                During the 11 a.m. worship service,       finder of the Year for the entire state at
                                             Wisbey encouraged each member to at-         the annual Pathfinder fair, which was
                                             tend the upcoming General Conference         held on May 6 at Blue Mountain Acad-
                                   OHIO      session in Indianapolis.                     emy in Hamburg.
                                                                                              Cavender won the award based on
Ashtabula church                                He also spoke about God's blood cove-
                                             nant with each of us through Jesus and       points she received for her attendance
retires debt                                                                              of local Pathfinder club meetings, earn-
                                             quoted texts from II Samuel.
of $5,000                                       This was the first time that Wisbey,      ing honors and spiritual participation
    The Ashtabula church participated        who provides leadership to 551 congre-       in activities of her local church.
in a high Sabbath by celebrating the re-     gations in the Columbia Union, had vis-          When she found out that she had to
tirement of its church school debt.          ited the Southeast church.                   do a special project that involved help-
    The school closed after the 1987-88                           JODY GOGGANS            ing out her local church, she decided to
academic year with a debt of $5,000, in                   Communication Secretary         use some of her skill and talent. She
addition to a minus figure in the church's                                                spent hours every week learning how to
combined budget.                                                                          play new songs on the piano so there
    The plea for members to wipe out the                                POTOMAC           would be an accompanist for the pri-
debt reminded many of the promises                                                        mary/junior division of the church.
that Ellen White made in Testimonies,        Vienna celebrates                                How did Cavender react when her
volume 6, pages 103-4: "When you place       centennial with                              name was called as winner in front of
the Lord first, and determine that His       400-member choir                             hundreds of Pathfinders from all over
house shall no longer be dishonored by          The Vienna, Virginia, church recently     the state? "I didn't believe it, really. I
debt, God will bless you. Every week         celebrated its centennial with a com-        was so surprised!"
endeavor to lay aside something for this     bined worship service that involved all          Cavender will be able to attend the
object, something in addition to your        the churches in the community.               conference's youth camp for one week
tithe money. ... When the Lord sees His         The Adventist church was represented      absolutely free. That really excites her.
people restricting their imaginary wants,    by 12 singers who joined the 400-mem-        "I've been there before and it's just a
practicing self-denial, ... then the work    ber choir that performed at the event.       beautiful place. There are new build-
will go forward with power."                    Vienna member Connie Dalton pre-         ings and a lot of fun things that Path-
    Church members look for God's spe-       pared a "Year of the Family" banner to      finders like to do."
cial blessing as they now lay solid plans    depict the church's involvement in the           Even though she doesn't have to learn
to re-open their school permanently.         community over the past 70 years. Mem-      songs every week for Sabbath school
   A funding committee is working with       ber Marguerite Ballard carried the ban-     anymore, Cavender still spends time
conference Development Director Jeff         ner in the centennial procession.           practicing them. She's discovered the
Wilson to provide an endowment fund             Pastor Marvin Wray represented the       joy of being able to grow and use her
that will generate a permanent income        congregation on the platform with other     talents to help bless others in her local
for the school.                              Vienna clergy.                              congregation.
   The Ashtabula school was started in                              INGRID WRAY                          GLORIA BENTZINGER
the late 1940s in Rock Creek by Robert                                Correspondent            Associate Communication Director

10                                                                                                              VISITOR. July 15, 1990

                                           Allegheny East Conference. Greene is              If a person has no money, a chore can
                                           the patron of the Cohansey school.            be done to gain a meal. These people
                                              Local ministers Marty Thurber and          can also spend the day talking, reading
                                           Eleazar DeGracia, as well as Principal        or playing games. Staff members at St.
                                           Cathy Tomlinson and teacher Pat Rei-          Paul's include paid personnel as well as
                                           ner, also took part in the celebration.       volunteers from the community.
                                              Alumni of the school were invited to           The Allentown Adventist church con-
                                           come, and a special yearbook listing the      ducts several Community Services pro-
                                           school's 30-year history is available.        grams throughout the year, including a
                                                                                         cooking school directed by Vonnie Reeser.
                                                                                         An advertisement is usually run in the
                                                                        POTOMAC          newspaper and about 25 people attend.
                                           Powell Valley                                     This year Reeser decided to do some-
                                                                                         thing different and work in a commu-
                                           church welcomes                               nity project. Daybreak welcomes such
                                           24 new members                                programs, so each Monday for four weeks
                                               The Powell Valley church in Big Stone     the Allentown church cooking school
                                           Gap, Virginia, underwent unprecedented        staff went into St. Paul's Lutheran church
                                           growth as the result of an evangelistic       kitchen, demonstrated, gave talks and
                                           series held March 10 to April 7.              information on better nutrition at low
                                               This little church located in the Alle-   cost, since the people there have lim-
                                           gheny Mountains covers a wide area—           ited cooking skills and sparse kitchens,
                                           to the Kentucky and Tennessee borders         if any at all.
                                           and along the entire southwest tip of             An average of 10 people attended the
                                           Virginia. It faces unique challenges be-      nutrition school sessions. Through their
                                           cause of the region's mountainous ter-        voices and facial expressions, it was ev-
                                           rain and sparse population.                   ident that they really appreciated the
                                               The outreach series was presented         program. In addition, Bibles and les-
                                           by Evangelist John Earnhardt with as-         son papers on learning to know Jesus
                                           sistance from Powell Valley Pastor Pete       were given out.
    Kirn Button of Independence, New
Jersey, and several other students from
                                           Watts and church members.                                              BETTY GRIDER
Garden State Academy in Tranquility,           "We were elated," said Watts, "when                      Communication Secretary
New Jersey, volunteered their "profes-     the series of meetings drew an average
sional skills" during the free car wash    of 130 non-Adventists each night!"
offered in appreciation by nearby Hack-        In all, 250 guests attended the meet-                              NEW JERSEY
ettstown Community Hospital to both        ings. Earnhardt joined with members
its medical and dental staff on Doctors'                                                 Flying nuns
                                           in welcoming 24 friends (five who drive
Day, May 11.—BILL WEBER                    an hour each way to be in church every        are OK
                                           Sabbath) into the congregation through        in Waldwick
                                           baptism or profession of faith.                  "You know, those flying nuns turned
                                                                                         out all right."
                    NEW JERSEY                                                              This was the comment of sign builder
                                                                                         Hal Olivo as he reported to a committee
Cohansey school                                                   PENNSYLVANIA
                                                                                         at the Waldwick church school.
holds science fair,                        Allentown church                                 The "flying nuns" were actually an
marks 30th anniversary                     helps Lutherans                               artistic rendition of the three angels in
   The Cohansey church school in Bridge-   feed the needy                                Revelation 14 as depicted in a new sign
ton conducted its second annual spring        Ten years ago, when federal funding        marking the entrance to the Waldwick
science fair, at which students demon-     was cut for several government organi-        Adventist school, which was dedicated
strated their original science projects    zations and institutions that assist low-     on May 4.
and presented a program of vocal and       income persons with social problems,             Principal Janet Ledesma directed
physical exercises designed to promote     Daybreak was started at St. Paul's Lu-        the program, introducing school board
good health mentally and physically.       theran church in Allentown.                   Chairman Robert Bartolomucci as well
   They also organized a walkathon in         Daybreak is a small restaurant that        as Waldwick Mayor Lawrence Williams,
which 40 people took part to raise money   serves mentally ill and retarded people,      who commended both the students and
and purchase computers for the school.     senior citizens, disabled veterans, re-       the school for their community interest
   The 1990 school year climaxed with      covering addicts and anyone with a low        and involvement.
a special anniversary/graduation pro-      income who finds himself either in sub-          Conference President Robert Boggess
gram on June 10 to signify 30 years of     standard housing or homeless.                 officiated the dedication when students
providing Christian education for Sa-         At Daybreak, breakfast, lunch and          Joe and Sean Creighton, Julie Grosse
lem, Vineland, Bridgeton and other sur-    dinner are served five days each week,        and Jaylene Jardininco cut the ribbon.
rounding communities.                      Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to            Funds for the sign were raised by the
   The speaker for the event was Pas-      7 p.m. at the low cost of 15 to 20 cents      students in various projects. The sign
tor Patrick Greene of the Salem Mount      for breakfast, 25 to 50 cents for lunch       dedication concluded the school's Ca-
Calvary and Glassboro churches in the      and 50 cents for dinner.                      reer Week program.

VISITOR, July 15, 1990                                                                                                           11

                             POTOMAC          counsel to the board on matters of taxes
Stanley school                                and planned giving. Each of these peo-
                                              ple adds particular skills and commit-
raises funds and fun                          ment to his or her profession and then,
for outdoor education                         in turn, to philanthropic giving as well
   Students from the Adventist school         as Kettering Medical Center."
in Stanley, Virginia, have been raising                           ANITA RICHWINE
funds and having fun while preparing                                 Public Relations
for a week of outdoor activities at Camp
Blue Ridge in Montebello, Virginia.
   The students and their families got                        MOUNTAIN VIEW
together on May 6 for a potluck picnic.
While the moms and dads put the food          Lewisburg members
out and prepared the picnic meal, the         honors the founder
students took part in a bike-a-thon.          of their church
   The bicycle route allowed students            The Lewisburg, West Virginia, church
to ride from 12 to 60 miles (depending        declared June 2 as Pastor Carl Calfee
upon the strength and speed of the indi-      Day to honor his work in spreading the
vidual). Each youngster in the bike-a-        gospel and founding that congregation.
thon had secured sponsors who paid for           Calfee was interviewed during the
each mile completed by that student.          worship service by Kester Erskine to
   Funds from the bike-a-thon will pay        detail his early evangelistic efforts. He
for the excursion to Camp Blue Ridge          remembered visiting Gertrude Erskine-
and a week outside with nature.               Martin at her farm in Organ Cave during
   Classes at the camp will include ca-       the 1950s after she completed Voice of
noeing, photography, art, horseback rid-      Prophecy Bible lessons and expressed a
ing, nature walks, Bible studies, music,      desire to become an Adventist.
                                                                                          ADRA works in Khokana, Nepal, to keep
repelling and other health sports.               He started a branch Sabbath school,      little children like Manjn from contract­
   Evening campfire programs will pro-        sponsored by the nearby Princeton con-      ing leprosy.
vide opportunities for sharing of spiri-      gregation, that became a company and
tual experiences and growth.                  then an independent church.
                     JEAN HUFFMAN                Today Lewisburg has a membership         Lepers in
             Communication Secretary          of 60 people, with several more study-      Nepal receive
                                              ing for baptism under Pastor Ron Boyce.
                                                 Calfee then gave the morning mes-        new homes
                            HOSPITALS         sage and was later surprised with the            The Adventist Development and Re-
                                                                                           lief Agency recently completed construc-
New planned gifts                             presentation of a plaque and card from
                                                                                          tion of 30 low-cost homes in Khokana,
group to advise                               church members expressing their appre-
                                              ciation for his efforts.                    Nepal, where families with leprosy can
KMC Foundation                                                   YVONNE MICHAEL            live, accordingto Paul Dulhunty, ADRA's
    Bruce Bedford, chairman of the board                    Communication Secretary       director in Nepal. The country's recent
of the Kettering Medical Center Founda-                                                   political unrest has not affected ADRA's
tion in Ohio has announced the organi-                                                    relief projects.
zation of a community group that will                                                         Khokana is an isolated leper commu-
effectively develop and manage planned                                                    nity about 10 miles from Kathmandu,
charitable giving to meet the health-re-      Healthy Choices                             the capital of Nepal. A nation of 18 mil-
lated needs of individuals served by the      Race draws                                  lion people, Nepal is one of the world's
Kettering Medical Center Corporation.         capacity crowd                              poorest countries. It is renowned for its
    Members of the new Planned Gifts              The Healthy Choices Race in Silver      spectacular mountains, including the
Advisory Committee will counsel the           Spring, Maryland, drew 1,000 runners        world's tallest peak, Mount Everest.
foundation board and staff on the vari-       and racewalkers on Sunday, May 20.              Three years ago ADRA workers dis-
ous ways individuals might contribute             Participants chose from among one-      covered the leper colony in this moun-
planned gifts, receive tax benefits from      mile, five-kilometer and 10-kilometer       tain kingdom. "Khokana was not fit for
these gifts, establish memorials or ar-       races and enjoyed a complimentary vege-     humans," said Dulhunty, "yet there were
range for beneficiaries to derive income      tarian brunch afterward.                    more than 1,600 people living in crowded,
from trusts created by gifts.                    The race was sponsored by Washing-       filthy barracks."
    This new committee is made up of          ton Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park,          ADRA made the children of lepers in
Dayton area business men and women            Maryland, Shady Grove Adventist Hos-        Khokana its first priority. "Though lep-
with knowledge and skills in financial        pital in Rockville, Maryland, and the       rosy is contagious, the children are not
planning, accounting, legal practice, trust   Spencerville, Maryland, church,             yet infected, and it is possible to keep
management and insurance fields.                 "This event was another avenue for       them from getting that disease," Dul-
    Bedford said, "The Kettering Medi-        us to promote healthful living and build    hunty stated. "The key is to keep them
cal Center Foundation Board of Trust-         friendships with our neighbors," stated     clean and provide education."
ees is honored to have these individuals      Judy Lichty, Life Dynamics coordina-            ADRA immediately started a project
assume positions of key leadership and        tor and race director.                      to improve living conditions at the col-

12                                                                                                              VISITOR, July 15,1990

ony, then started a school for the chil-       others who, for various reasons, are not          Information from these various lead-
dren and began teaching vocational skills      married. Each of these persons has his        ers was used in the early development
to adults so that they could earn money        or her own particular needs and prob-         of the booklet, which was designed to be
for their families.                            lems, but they all have a common need         both sensitive and as inclusive as pos-
    The new homes that ADRA has built          for affirmation, acceptance and interac-      sible without drawing contrasts to mar-
is a way for the lepers to get out of their    tion with other people.                       ried life or making distinctions between
cramped living quarters. In addition to            This poignant observation comes from      the different situations of singles.
the 30 structures already completed,           a new 44-page booklet—"Stand Firm in              "Our mission continues to be worked
another 15 are being built. These homes        the Faith"—produced by the American           out in terms of the need of the churches,"
cost approximately $4,500 to build.            Bible Society as a supportive Scriptural      said Houser. "There is a lot of interplay
    "Compared to where the lepers have         resource for today's "singles"—the popu-      between the ABS and churches."
been living, these small homes are man-        lar term used to describe this burgeon-           The ABS's mandate includes provid-
sions," said Dulhunty. "The homes give         ing population group.                         ing the Scriptures, without doctrinal
the lepers a new start—a chance for a              It is no surprise that churches are       note or comment, in a language and in
better tomorrow."                              faced with the question of how best to        formats each person can readily under-
                      NINA MARTINEZ            serve and involve single persons who          stand and appreciate.
                           Correspondent       come with myriad gifts to share, as well          This selection of Scripture is one of
                                               as needs and concerns.                        several new ABS publications address-
                                                   "We felt we needed something that         ing the specific concerns of churches
                     WORLD CHURCH would help churches serve single per-                      today and reflecting the continued rele-
New Scripture resource                          sons," said Charles Houser, manager of       vancy of the Bible in the daily lives of
                                               Scripture resources for the national dis-     the people they seek to serve.
provided for growing                           tribution department of the ABS.
single population                                  "While some single persons are form-
   Millions ofAmericans are single. They        ing their own Bible study and support                         WORLD CHURCH
represent a wide variety of situations:         groups and are playing an integral part      Church ministries
students and young adults involved in           in church activities, others are floun-      ideas encourage youth
their careers, single parents coping with       dering, left without a sense of direction    to attend church
heavy demands, divorced and widowed             or involvement in their local congrega-
                                                                                                 Finding ways to revitalize local church
adults dealing with loss or change, and         tions. This new ABS resource can help
                                                                                             youth groups within North America is a
                                                                     pave their way."
                                                                                             high priority of the North American Di-
                                                                         The five-section    vision Department of Church Ministries
                              Just like
                                                                     booklet guides single   teen/young adult coordinator, Ted Wick.
                                                                     persons through a           "For several years teen/youth groups
                              yaurftrst                              creative use of their
                                                                     freedom and oppor-
                                                                                             have been on the decline, especially in
                                                                                             the Caucasian churches in the division.
                               summer                                tunities to serve.
                                                                         And it offers af-
                                                                                             Our aim is to get them involved in proj-

                               campy att the
                                                                                             ects that will be both enjoyable and ful-
                                                                     firmation for every     filling," Wick said.

                                                                     single person as an         "To help the leaders of local congre-
                                                                     individual who can      gations take the initiative, we have de-
                               make iviU be                          be confident in his
                                                                     or her own identity.
                                                                                             veloped a package of materials entitled,
                                                                                             'Taking the Lead.'"
                               single.                                   "Be alert, stand
                                                                     firm in the faith, be
                                                                                                 Several ideas have been put together
                                                                                             in these packages. Some of the items
                                                                     brave, be strong. Do    included are three videos depicting what
                                                                     all of your work in     some active youth groups are doing, job
                              Cji'o\\ n-iip singles from             love," the pamphlet     descriptions of a local youth leader and
                               across the nation are heading         advises in a quota-     nine apprenticeship positions for local
                               to a summer camp at Hayclen           tion drawn from the     church office, a book on relational youth
                               Lake. Idaho, Aug. 27 to Sept.         New Testament pas-      ministries called Let Me Be a Window,
                               3. 1990. Join them for                sage of I Corinthians   brochures on teen pregnancy and a plan-
                               spiritual renewal, fellowship,         16:13, 14.
                               and outdoor action. Camp                                      ning calendar.
                               Mivoden offers windsurfing,               "Stand Firm in           One further helpful item that is not
                               horsemanship, creative ce-            the Faith" was de-      included in the package but is available
                               ramics, sailing, photography,         veloped upon the ba-     at any Adventist Book Center is a youth
                               canoeing, watersking. and              sis of feedback from    songbook, He Is Our Song.
                               more. Get the details in a             ABS field represen-         The "Taking the Lead" package, in
                               brochure from:                         tatives who interact    separate parts or the whole, can be ob-
                                                                      with church as well     tained from the NAD Distribution Cen-
                              4467 King Springs Road                  as community lead-      ter, 5040 Prescott, Lincoln, Nebraska
    Aduentist                 Smyrna, Georgia 30083                   ers across the U.S.     68506; (402) 486-2519.
          Ministries          404»434'5111                            on a regular basis,
                                                                      said Houser.
                                                                                                                    LYNN MARTELL
                                                                                                              NAD Church Ministries

 VISITOR. July 15, 1990                                                                                                               13

  ADVERTISEMENTS                                 NEW MARKET: Within walkingdistance             FINANCING A HOME? For purchases                 LUTHER CREST APARTMENTS for
                                                 of SDA, SDAE and an Adventisl church.          or refinances, the process can be incredibly    today's seniors: Are you over 62 and make
                                                 This lovely three- or four-bedroom brick      smooth or unforgettably slow. A seasoned         less than $17,150 yearly? Located in the
         ADVERTISING RATES                       rambler is located on 1.2 acres with town      lender gives you the benefit of profes-         beautiful Shenandoah Valley with a Sev-
   Minimum charge, $13 for 50 words or           water and sewer, central air and a garage     sional advice—from saving on closing             enth-day Adventist church, academy and
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be placed by mail or telephone by calling        COLUMBIA UNION COLLEGE IS                     prices and programs available from a ma-         ing opportunity. (915)
(301) 596-0800 or (800) 438-9600 loll-           SEEKING an instructor for its respiratory     jor mortgage lender. Call Mark Sweeney
free. The Visitor does not guarantee the in-     care program. Minimum requirements in-        at (301) 434-6800 or (301) 552-7164. (91)        ADOPTION: We want to give your child
tegrity of any advertising or the product or     clude a bachelor's degree and RRT with                                                         our love and ensure that your child will
service advertised.                              two to three years of teaching experience.    DIRECTOR OF PHARMACY: Florida                    have every opportunity in life, including a
                                                 Inquire: Don Steinert, Chairman, Allied       Hospital Altamonte needs a director of           good Adventist education and a loving
ADVENTIST CHRISTIAN HOME                         Health Department, Columbia Union Col-        pharmacy. M.S. or advanced degree or             home. For more information, phone (412)
BOARDING for junior academy students.            lege, Takoma Park, MD 20912; or phone         three years' experience in hospital phar-        438-6151 collect or write Occupant, Box
C.F. Richards Junior Academy in Staun-           (301) 891-4182. (81)                          macy administration. Please send your            921, Hopwood, PA 15445. (715)
ton, VA, offers Christian home boarding                                                        resume to: Carol Tompkins, Florida Hos-
for students in grades 9 and 10 as an option     EXECUTIVE SECRETARY TO HOS­                   pital, 601 E. Rollins, Orlando, FL 32803:        COUNTRY LIVING AT ITS FINEST:
in your Christian education planning. For        PITAL PRESIDENT is needed in lovely,          or call (800)327-1914. (715)                     Heritage Country Estates is now offering
further information, please call (703) 886-      rural northwest New Jersey. Two churches                                                       beautiful one-and-one-half- to two-acre
4984 or (703) 885-3936 or write the junior       in the immediate vicinity and others within   HEALTH INSURANCE: America's fin-                 wooded lots starting under $4,000. Owner
academy at 414 Sterling St., Staunton, VA        a 20-mile radius. Only seven miles from an    est program for self-employed or small           financing; 10 percent down, 10 percent in-
24401. (815)                                     elementary school and academy (K-12).         groups at affordable prices; 100 percent         terest. Located in Tennessee a mile from
                                                 Close proximity to cultural events. Send      hospitalization coverage, disappearing de-       church and church school. Free brochure.
POSITIONS OPEN: The following posi-              your resume to; Personnel Director, Hack-     ductibles lo /ero and $100 outpatient de-        (800)453-1879, Ext. A-367. (1015)
tions are open at Pine Forge Academy:            ettstown Community Hospital, 651 Wil-         ductible. Use any physician or hospital.
work-study coordinator, maintenance and          low Grove St., Hackettstown, NJ 07840; or     Coverage up to $2M per person. Under-            GATLINBURG CONDO OR MOUN­
a business education teacher. To apply,          call (201)850-6910. (81)                      written by Pioneer Life Insurance Com-           TAIN VIEW CHALET for rent. Both are
please send your resume to: Pine Forge                                                         pany in Illinois. For estimates, call Keith at   close to downtown. Two or three bed-
Academy, P.O. Box 338, Pine Forge, PA            APARTMENT NEEDED for Adventist                (301) 587-5125. Not available in Ohio or         rooms, two baths, fireplace, full kitchen,
19548; or call (215) 326-5800. (81)              mother with two good children. Seeking a      New Jersey. (8!)                                 cable TV and pool. Sleeps four to eight.
                                                 two-bedroom apartment cither in Prince                                                         Condo overlooks Roaring Fork Stream.
DO YOU HAVE A COMPUTER you do                    George's, Montgomery or Howard coun-          CONFLICT OF THE AGES SET: Soft
not need? If you could loan, donate or sell                                                                                                     Heart-shaped Jacuzzi spa. Sauna, ski, hike,
                                                 ties in Maryland. Call Debra at (301)596-     cover: reg. $39.95, on sale for $27.50 UPS       Dollywood. Relax in the Great Smokey
for a very low price, you would greatly          9311 or (301) 531-6350 in Columbia, MD.       paid. New Jersey residents, add six percent      Mountains. Phone Johnny or Lois Stein-
help a poor author struggling to complete a      (81)                                          for sales tax. Mail your check, money or-        kraus at (615) 428-0619 and please reserve
book on hope for backsliders. Phone (301)
                                                                                               der. Visa or Mastercard to: NJ A BC, 2160        early. (11)
604-0337 or write: 12290 Green Meadow            INDUSTRY MANAGER NEEDED for                   Brunswick Ave., Trenton. NJ 08648: or
Dr., #111, Columbia, MD 21044. (715)             San Diego Academy Pak-It Industry. Ex-        call (609)392-8010. (1015)                       CANADIAN UNION COLLEGE seeks
                                                 cellent growth opportunities. Salesman-                                                        applications for a faculty position in chem-
WANTED: Professor of history for a Sev-          ship and management skills are necessary.
enth-day Adventisl college with the fol-                                                       PASADENA, MD: Attached parsonage                 istry, with secondary expertise in com-
                                                 Salary based on experience and demon-         for rent. Three bedrooms, two baths, large       puter science, to begin September I, 1990.
lowing qualifications: a doctoral degree         strated performance. Phone Dr. Guptill at
with a major emphasis in social history and                                                    basement. Located just off Rt. 100 near          Applicants must have a doctorate in chem-
                                                 (619) 267-9550. (715)                         Gibson Island. Situated on six acres with        istry, be committed to conduct research in
the ability to offer courses in world history,
                                                                                               lots of trees (wooded area); $450 plus util-     the field and be willing to teach within the
urban history and Latin American and Ca-         SEEKING AN EXPERIENCED PRO­
ribbean history. Overseas third-world col-                                                     ities. Must be an Adventist and willing to       context of Seventh-day Adventist higher
                                                 FESSIONAL fund developer with success         make the Pasadena church your home. Be           education. Send curriculum vitae to: Vice
lege teaching experience preferred. Send         in coordinating both capital campaigns
your resume to: Vice President for Aca-                                                        willing to work in church. Reference by          President for Academic Administration.
                                                 and annual fund raising. Familiarity with     current pastor requested. Contact Pastor
demic Affairs, Atlantic Union College,                                                                                                          Canadian Union College, Box 430, Col-
                                                 acute care hospital operations is advanta-    Keith McNabb at (301) 969-5424 from 6
South Lancaster, MA 01561. (715)                                                                                                                lege Heights. Alberta, TOC OZO. (815)
                                                 geous. Send your resume to: Personnel Of-     a.m. to 8:30 a.m. (best time). (715)
                                                 fice. Portland Adventist Medical Center,
PASTORAL POSITION: The Potomac                   10123 SE Market St., Portland, OR 97216.
Conference is looking for a retired pastor                                                     MOVING TO DAYTON, OH? I can help                          HIGH BLOOD
                                                 (715)                                         you locate near the Kettering or Sycamore
to serve a small church in Virginia on a sti-                                                                                                             PRESSURE?
pend salary. If you are interested, send a                                                     hospitals. 1 will send you maps and bro-
                                                 HAVE YOU EVER thought of living in            chures for this area if you call (513) 435-              OVER WEIGHT?
resume to: Ministerial Director, Polomac         the beautiful Northwest? If you are a ra-
Conference, P.O. Box 1208, Staunton, VA                                                        8733 and leave a message or write to Mar-                   DIABETES?
                                                 diologic technologist or an ultrasonogra-
24401. (81)                                                                                    tin Ippisch, Ramiree Realty, 5759 Far Hills           HIGH CHOLESTEROL?
                                                 pher, Portland Adventist Medical Center       Ave., Dayton, OH 45429. (1215)
                                                 has positions available. Excellent salary                                                            HEART PROBLEMS?
COUNTRY HOME on five acres in West               and benefits plus relocation assistance.
Virginia. Nine miles from the Spencer Ad-        Phone Leland Friend at (503) 251-6132.              Health Lectures                                        let the health
ventisl church. Three bedrooms, living
room, kitchen, dining room, bath, organic-
                                                 (715)                                              Inspirational Talks                                     professionals
garden boxes, fruit trees, good well water,                                                          Cooking Classes                                            at the
                                                 ATTENTION: POSTAL JOBS! Start at
septic and shed. Home is 200 ft. off a hard
surface road. Call (304) 655-7184 or write
                                                 $11.41/hour! For application information,       NEWSTART Homestyle Kits                              NEWSTART®
to P.O. Box 43, Arnoldsburg, WV 25234.
                                                 call (602) 838-8885, Ext. M-17574, from               Choose from a variety                         Lifestyle Program
                                                 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week. (715)
$18,500. (715)                                                                                        of video & audio tapes,                                  help you
                                                                                                    cookbooks, & bakery items
ENJOY SDA SINGLES' monthly mag-                                                                                                                          Call Toll Free
azine with pictures, descriptions, special
                                                           Successful computer                           Call Toll Free                                 1 (800) 525-9191
                                                            dating exclusively
 features and educational tours at home and
                                                           for SDAs since 1974                           1(800)525-9191                                 for a free information
abroad. People ages 18-90 are eligible to
join the largest Adventist singles corre-            ADVENTIST CONTACT                            for your free products guide                                  packet
spondence club. Send a self-addressed,                   P.O. Box 5419                           -_,Q_,        a division of                        O          a division of
stamped envelope to: Box 5612, Takoma                Takoma Park, MD 20912                                VEIMAR INSTITUTE..                     \\/ / WEIMAR INSTITUTE
Park, MD 20912: or call (301)891-3753.                   (301) 589-4440                                    PO Btu 486. Weimar. CA 95736 .^       V_V_/ P.O. Box 486, Weimir. CA 95736 >

14                                                                                                                                                              VISITOR, July 15,1990
                                                                                                                                                  BULLETIN BOARD

                                                 TESTIMONIES FOR THE CHURCH

Scott Nutter—highly trained, experienced         SET: Burgundy; reg. $87.95, on sale for
and board-certified—is available in sev-         $52.50 UPS paid. (One or two books in set
eral locations to help any foot/ankle prob-      1/4 inch smaller.) New Jersey residents,          "For the Lord himself will come down
lem you may have, including arthritis, heel      add six percent for sales tax. Send check,     from heaven, with a loud command, with
pain, spurs, diabetes, ingrown nails, cal-       money order, Visa or Mastercard to: NJ         the voice of the archangel and with the
louses, sprains, fractures, warts, bunions,      ABC, 2160 Brunswick Ave., Trenton, NJ          trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ
etc. Surgery, if needed, at Adventist hos-       08648; or call (609) 392-8010. (1015)          will rise first. ... Therefore encourage each
                                                                                                other with these words,"—/ Thessalonians

pitals. Columbia. MD: (301) 531-6350:
Laurel: (301) 725-5652: Greenbelt: (301)         LIFE, HEALTH AND BUSINESS: Pre-                4.16, I8NIV. The staff of the Visitor joins
345-4111. (1115)                                 ferred insurance rates for most Seventh-       the church family in expressing sympathy
                                                 day Adventists. We specialize in assisting     to those who have lost loved ones.
BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED color                    families with all of their insurance needs,
                                                 including life, health and business. Protect   BALDWIN, George F., born May 5, 1909,
                                                                                                                                                       JULY ONLY
and nature pictures inside the seven vol-
umes of the Psalms. Regularly $89.95: on         your family for a small monthly cost. GET      Media. PA; died March 8, 1990, Gettys-               The best-selling
                                                                                                burg, PA. He was a member and former
sale now for only $79.95 (UPS paid). Do
not miss out on this great deal! New Jersey
                                                 MET. IT PAYS! Call Tom Hughes, Met-
                                                 ropolitan Life account executive, at (301)     head elder of the Gettysburg church. Sur-        children's books of 1990
residents, add six percent for sales tax.        879-2724. (1015)                               vivors: wife Helen, son Eugene, daughter
Send a check, money order. Visa or Mas-                                                         Margo Von Phul, sister Mary Osterlund,
tercard to: NJ ABC. 2160 Brunswick Ave..         MOVING? We can help! Call the profes-          11 grandchildren and three great-grand-             Order from your local
Trenton, NJ 08648: or phone (609) 392-           sionals with Montana Conference Trans-         children.                                           Adventist Book Center
8010. (915)                                      portation. We will move your household
                                                 goods anywhere in the United States or         BALDWIN, Philip C, born March 7.                   for any of the following:
                                                                                                1940; died April 23, 1990. Havertown.
MEDICAL POSITIONS AVAILABLE:                     Canada. Prompt, courteous service at a
                                                 discounted price. For a free estimate and      PA. He was a former member of the West
East Pasco Medical Center, an 85-bed
acute-care hospital and one of AHS/Sun-          information concerning your move, phone        Chester, PA, church. Survivors: wife Pa-         Rocky and Me                 $4.95
                                                                                                tricia, sons Charles, Peler and Donald,
belt's newest facilities, offers a modern,       (800) 525-1177. Owned and operated by
                                                                                                daughters Sherry Zampitella and Jenny
                                                                                                                                                 Mystery on                    6.95
progressive environment with opportunity         the Montana Conference. (1215)
for professional growth. We have open-
                                                                                                Baldwin, parents George and Helen, sister          Cotton s Island
ings for dedicated Christian health-care         LOOKING FOR AN OPPORTUNITY
                                                                                                Margo Von Phul, brother Eugene and
                                                                                                three grandchildren.
                                                                                                                                                 Roxy Raccoon                  5.95
professionals to join our growing team.          to serve? Louis Smith Memorial Hospital,
Zephyrhills is conveniently located 20           a 40-bed facility located in southern Geor-                                                     Mom for Alexander             4.95
                                                                                                BL'YS, Dirk H., born May 9, 1902: died
miles northeast of Tampa. FL. A nine-            gia, has an opening for a director of nurs-
                                                                                                March 30. 1990. He was a member of the           Pepper Bear                   6.95
grade Adventist church school with 90+           ing service. Contact Lucile Mann, director
students is located three miles from the         of human resources, at (912) 482-3110 or
                                                                                                Elkton, VA, church. Survivors: wifeCath-         Uncle Arthur's               29.95
                                                                                                erina and grandchildren Dirk van Veen
hospital. If you are interested in learning      send a resume to 852 W. Thigpen, Lake-
                                                                                                and Winnefred Miller.                              Story Time
more about professional health-care op-          land, GA 31635. (815)
portunities in sunny central Florida, write                                                                                                        (5 volumes)
                                                                                                CRAIG, Wanda L., bom November IS.
to: Human Resources Department. 7050             COVER PHOTOS: Send slides of people            1902, Battle Creek, MI; died May 2. 1990.        Sam Campbell Set             24.95
Gall Blvd., Zephyrhills, FL 33541: or call       in the union to: Visitor Covers, 5427 Twin
(800) 326-6191. (1015)                           Knolls Rd., Columbia, MD 21045. (715)
                                                                                                Prince George's County. MD. She taught             (3 volumes)
                                                                                                music at Shenandoah Valley Academy in
                                                                                                New Market, VA, from 1930 to 1934 and            Shipwreck on                   6.95
PERFECT HOME BUSINESS: You can                                                                  worked with her husband in Adventist               Devil's Island
make a substantial income marketing life-
changing health and nutritional products
                                                       LEGAL NOTICE                             Book Centers in Michigan and Nebraska.
                                                                                                                                                 Gold Star for Eric            6.95
                                                                                                Employed at the Review and Herald Pub-
that are beneficial for all. Little or no in-
ventory required. Handling and shipping               Allegheny Association and                 lishing Association and the General Con-         DogforDarcy                   6.95
                                                                                                ference Treasury Department for several
done by the company with a minimum of                    Pine Forge Academy                     years, she was a member of the Sligo con-        Forever Stories              49.95
paperwork. For further details, write to:               Constituency Meeting                    gregation in Takoma Park. MD. Survi-               (5 volumes)
Health, 27921 Covington Way, Sun City.              Notice is hereby given lhat the next reg-   vors', husband Ercel. daughter Dorothy
CA 92381: or call (714) 679-3223. (715)          ular meeting of the constituencies of both     Campbell, three grandchildren and one            God's Minutes                 14.95
                                                 the Allegheny Association of Seventh-day       great-grandchild.
                                                 Adventists and Pine Forge Academy is
                                                 called to be convened in the fellowship hall   DAMAZO, Christine, born November 17,                  Postage charge is $2,
                                                 of the Pine Forge Seventh-day Adventist        1895, St. Michaels Island. Azores; died               plus the sales tax for
                                                 Church in Pine Forge, PA 19548. on Sun-        May 18, 1990. Frederick, MD. She was a
                                                 day, August 5, 1990, beginning at 9 a.m. to    member of the Frederick church. Sur-                your area. Free postage
                                                 review the constitution and bylaws of the      vivors: sons Joseph. Frank. David, Paul.             on any order over $10.
                                                 Association and Academy.                       Raymond and Milton, daughters Evelyn.
                                                    ALVIN M. KIBBLE, Roard Chairman             Dorothy Miller and Naomi Ret/.er. sister
                                                            RICHARD F.. MILLS, Secrelarf        Mildred Cotter, 26 grandchildren and 22
                                                                                                                                                 SUNSET CALENDAR
                                                          Students who look                      DRISKELL, Arlene B.. bom December 8,                     Daylight Saving Time
                                                              forward                            1925, Yakima, WA; died May 4, 1990.                            July 20 July 27 Aug. 3
                                                                                                 Baltimore. MD. Careers in denomina-             Baltimore        8:29    8:24   8:17
                                                      to a life of serving the Lord              tional publishing took her and her husband      Cincinnati       9:00    8:55   8:48
                                                         in health, pastoral, or                 to the Pacific Press, Southern and Review       Cleveland        8:55    8:49   8:42
                                                       educational ministries must               and Herald publishing associations. Sur-        Columbus         8:56    8:50   8:43
                                                            Call Toll Free                       vivors: husband Orval. daughters Karen          Jersey City      8:23    8:17   8:09
 Len D. McMillan. Ever feel like your                                                            Edwards. Kathleen Matthews and Barbara          Norfolk          8:21    8:16   8:10
 hang-ups are as big as fire-breath­                       1(800) 525-9191                       Burks. sister Velma Hurley, brother Clar-       Parkersburg      8:49    8:43   8:36
 ing dragons? McMillan reveals win­                        for free information                  ence Babbitt and eight grandchildren.           Philadelphia     8:25    8:20   8:13
 ning tactics that will slay them!                              material on                                                                      Pittsburgh       8:46    8:40   8:33
 96 pages. Paper, US$6.95/                               Weimar College                          OST, Waller M.. bom July 20. 1910. Day-         Reading          8:30    8:24   8:17
                                                                                                 ton, TN; died April 23, 1990. He was the        Richmond         8:27    H:22   8:16
 Cdn$8.70.                                                                                       first lay field secretary of the General Con-   Roanoke          K:37    8:32   8:26
                                                       Q          a division of
 At your ABC. From Pacific Press                    \\//WEIMAR INSTITUTE                         ference. Survivors: sister Alice Owens,         Toledo           9:04    8:58   8:51
   ) 1990 Pacific Press Publishing Association      V.\ V / P O Doi <*4 Weimo. CA 95756          stepson Sherman McCormick and step-             Trenton          8:24    8:19   8:11
                                                                                                 daughter Kathleen Jeffries.                     Washington, DC 8:30      8:24   8:17

 VISITOR, July 15,1990                                                                                                                                                              15

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