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                                                                                                 JANUARY 2010

 Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas              FORK               POUR            POOLS            MORE

                                                 F E AT U R E S
                                            8 ACF CHEFS LAS VEGAS held it’s christmas dinner
                                                  meeting at Reviera Casino with most local members
                                                  attending to support the local chapter.
                                          13 EXECUTIVE CHEF MIMMO FERRARO oversees the
                                                  kitchen at their new location on Paradise across from

                                 5                the Hard Rock Hotel.
                                          14 LOCAL FAVORITES TV HOST TONY SACCA has
                                                  joined up with chef and restauranter Josette Leblond
                                                  to create the Las Vegas Rocks Cafe downtown.
                                          24 TOP 100 CHINESE CHEFS in the US completed its
                                                  awards and expo held recently at the Palazzo Resort.
                                                  The event brought thousands of Chinese restaurant
                                                  operators to Las Vegas for this 3-day happening.

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                                           24	    Asian-Pacific	Islands

                               24                         January 2010 | FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas   3
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4       FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas | January 2010
                                                                  January 2010                                              
                             GARFIELD’S HOSTS
                             ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL
                             WINE MAKERS DINNER


            ACCROSS FROM
           THE HARD ROCK
        HOTEL ON PARADISE         January 2010 | FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas   5

                                  Effective Human Resources Strategies for 2010

                                               urviving and thriving in this new,              for a moral downfall long before we experienced this
                                               challenging economy has brought about           economic one. Our future is intrinsically tied to our
                                               some positive outcomes. At a minimum,           respectful treatment of one another.
                                               our businesses will never operate in the              Our Strategy going forward is to learn lessons
                                               same way as they did in the past. Before        from our past. Our concentration for the future has
                                  the recession; during the real estate boom, the drive        to be focused squarely on the respectful treatment of
                   By Linda       for profits, expansion and status was oftentimes placed      others. As you plan an effective Human Resources
                  Bernstein       ahead of basic respect for others. This was not an           strategy for tomorrow and consider your most valuable
                                  effective human resources strategy.                          asset – your people, here are a few concepts that you
                                        The drive for success can effect our behaviors         must consider to ensure future success.
                                  toward our fellow man. Some people are selfish and                 • Put people first - emphasize fairness, respect &
                                  self-absorbed, while others forget their manners and         courteous treatment.
                                  treat others with disrespect. We have to hope, however,            • Place emphasis on performance - notice work
                                  that we have all learned a valuable lesson about excess,     efforts, and reward and recognize people often.
                                  expectations and arrogance, and about the value of the             • Prioritize the partnership - make a connection
                                  contribution of our fellow man. Below are how I define       between your success and the people who drive it.
                                  our bad manners and behaviors.                                     • Partner HR and organizational goals - see human
             Linda Bernstein’s          Excess – spending without regard for the               resources as a contributor to business goals.
        consulting company is     consequences of tomorrow.                                          With these basic concepts in mind, you can create
         focused on providing           Expectations – thinking that the status quo will       a plan for building a better tomorrow in your life and
      sound human resources       always be as it is today.                                    your workplace. As old fashioned as it may sound, the
         advice and guidance            Arrogance - believing that we are better than or       adage… “what you sow, so shall you reap” is true in life
    designed to increase your     know more than others, and treating them as such.            for people as well as business.
     profits. Visit her website         No matter how you look at it, much of our present                               Happy New Year!
     at     situation is due to the lack of appreciation for what each
      for more information as     person brings to the table, the incessant drive for title/   Next Month’s Subject:
       well as her online store
                                  position/ power, and having lost sight of the enduring           Building Solid Policies, Procedures and Practices.
                  for products.
                                  value of the human spirit. In my mind, we were headed
               CONTACT INFO

                                  HR QUESTION of the MONTH
                  Linda	@	LJB	
                Consulting LLC

          Phone: 702-326-4040
                                       What policies or procedures have your added, changed or eliminated recently
         E-mail:                       to better serve your business needs?

         Web:                     Email your response to The best idea will be printed in    next month’s HR Insights column.

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6     FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas | January 2010                                                
Signature Chef
   of Las Vegas
                                                                              LAS VEGAS CHEF AND SOMMELIER
                                                                            A NEW CLUB created by Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet
                                                                              (Chef JD) Executive Chef of Garfield’s on the Lake
                                                                                  in Summerlin and supported by Fork & Pour –
                                                                                    Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas.
                                                                              An invitation-only gathering of Industry Professionals
                                                                                in a relaxed, informal, no-pressure atmosphere.
                                                                                 This is THE venue to taste complementary new
                                                                                   and different wines, talk with the distributors
                                                                               and winemakers, eat great food, and catch up
                                                                                      with other Las Vegas Industry Leaders.
                                                                                     Please contact us if interested in joining
                                                                                           & attending or any questions…

                                                                                     UPCOMING PRESENTORS INCLUDE
                                                                                            JOY ARMAGNAC

You Work Hard on Your Menu . . .
   Leave the MAGIC to Chef Paul !
        Choose From 28 Magic Seasoning Blends Products

                                              Chef Paul Prudhomme
                                              stands for quality and
                                              he proudly offers his
                                              line of all-natural, Magic
                                              Seasoning Blends (17),
                                              Magic Sauce & Marinades
                                              (4), Magic Chiles (7)
                                              and Smoked Meats
                                              (Andouille & Tasso)!

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       Call Gregg Villarrubia (504) 731-3519 or

       Las Vegas broker contact:                                                CALL YOUR LOCAL SALES REP TODAY!
       Rick Mundy (Nasser Company, Inc.), (702)-873-4351 or
                                                                                         (702) 399-6502

8   FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas | January 2010
                                                                                                                 WHAT’S COOKING |
                                                               mushrooms, imported Pancetta, blue cheese and
                                                               the house balsamic vinaigrette; and the Insalata di
                                                               Pomodori e Avocado-an inviting blend of sliced large
                                                               tomatoes, avocado, home roasted red bell peppers and
                                                               kalamata olives, drizzled with olive oil, oregano, salt
                                                               and pepper.
                                                                       Ravioli dishes stand out here, and the ravioli is
                                                               made fresh on the premises. Several combinations are

                                                               available, including Venison (with Shitake mushroom,
                                                               shallots and port wine reduction); di Zucca (butternut
            ince 2002 Gaetano’s Ristorante has provided        squash with amaretto cookies, brown butter and sage);
            a retreat for locals that appreciate upscale       di Pollo (chicken with a pesto cream sauce); and
            Strip elegance and sophistication at an off-       Mezzelune di Vitello (veal, peas, prosciutto, mushrooms
            Strip location and at a locals’ friendly price     & cream sauce).
            point. Since its very first year, Gaetano’s has           To compliment your meal, an extensive wine
 garnered a host of awards that include a Zagat rating,        list is separated into 19 sections including regions        By Bob Barnes
 the 2003 Las Vegas Life Epicurean Award for Best New          of Italy. If you have any room left after dinner, try the
 Restaurant Off the Strip and the Las Vegas Review-            Tiramisu prepared with espresso, lady fingers and
 Journal’s Best of Las Vegas Staff Pick for Best Italian       amaretto. A strawberry culle with port wine makes your
 Restaurant in 2007.                                           plate resemble a work of art. The Canoles here are
       As you approach the intersection of Eastern             made in the traditional Sicilian style with no cream,
 and Siena you’ll probably notice the beacon of a              incorporating mascarpone and ricotta cheese. An after
 large copper dome, signaling that you’ve arrived              dinner concoction invented by Gaetano is the Special
 at Gaetano’s. The unique architecture layout was              Cappuccino, which is special in part because it has no
 designed by its owners, Gaetano and Rory Palmeri.             coffee, but rather is a blend of bitter sweet chocolate,
 Inside you’ll be greeted with soft earth tones, dark          amaretto, crème de cacao and brandy.                        Bob Barnes is a
 wood, pecan colored tablecloths, large mirrors and                   Ninety percent of Gaetano’s guests are repeat        native Las Vegan
 windows, walls adorned with oil paintings and soft            customers. One of the reasons they keep coming back         and an associate
 Italian-themed music, all contributing to an ambience of      is the fact that special requests are always honored        editor of Food &
 relaxation and class.                                         if the ingredients are available, or if advance notice      Beverage Magazine
       Gaetano Palmeri was born in Gela, Sicily and has        is given. Gluten free and whole wheat pasta are             of Las Vegas.
 been working in the food and beverage industry since          available upon request. A daily happy hour from 5-7 in      He welcomes your
                                                               the bar offers martinis for $5.50 and a wine dinner is      inquiries and can
 he was 12. It was while traveling the world working on
                                                                                                                           be reached via
 a cruise ship that he met his wife of 32 years, Rory.         presented every month. Sign up at the restaurant to
                                                                                                                           e-mail at
 After relocating to Rory’s native California, in 1981         get on an email list notifying you of special events and
 they opened the original Gaetano’s in Calabasas,              specials. Gaetano’s is open daily for dinner from 5:00.
 California, an acclaimed restaurant that won several          In the words of Gaetano, “Il benvenuto a tutto e gode.”
 awards and flourished for 20 years. In 2001 the               Welcome to everyone and enjoy.
 Palmeris sold their restaurant to retire to Las Vegas.
 As it turned out, Gaetano and Rory weren’t quite ready            Gaetano’s Ristorante
 to sit around, so they decided to open chapter two of             10271 S. Eastern Ave. Suite #111
 Gaetano’s, inventing a Vegas version of their successful          Henderson, NV 89052
 restaurant. This restaurant is very much a family affair,         702-361-1661
 where it’s likely that you’ll be greeted by the wife (Rory)
 serving as maître d’, the husband (Gaetano) reciting
 the night’s specials and helping out in the kitchen and
 sons Nicholas and Danny serving as your waiter or
       While leaning towards Northern Italian cuisine,
 all regions of Italy are covered and all of the recipes
 are the creation of Gaetano. A perfect beginning to my
 dining experience was the Bruschetta-ciabatta bread
 grilled and topped with diced tomatoes, fresh garlic and
 extra virgin olive oil. The use of a brick oven results in
 an ideal texture of bread that doesn’t fall apart when
 you bite into it. I also enjoyed the Scampi alla Paglia-
 shrimp sautéed in garlic, white wine and lemon sauce
 and served over a bed of crispy straw potatoes; and
 a Sicilian Rice Ball-saffron risotto stuffed with buffalo
 mozzarella, bolognaise sauce and peas.
       For a salad course, there are several to choose
 from, such as the Signature Insalata di Verza Calda-a
 rich unique blend of warm Napa cabbage with Shitake                                         January 2010 | FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas                9
10   FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas | January 2010
                                                                                                                      FOOD FOR THOUGHT |

   Soups On!
                  here is nothing more     inches deep. Refrigerate
                  comforting than a hot    promptly. You can place
                  bowl of soup on a cold   loosely covered foods
                  winters day. I guess     in the refrigerator while
                  that is why January      still warm; cover when
 is National Soup Month. I get             food is completely
 questions about good soup recipes         cooled.
 quite a bit, so I’ve put together some          •    When serving
 information and a few recipes for         soup a second time,                                                                    By Les Kincaid
 you.                                      reheat it until it’s
       There are several theories as to    steaming hot throughout,
 the origins of the word soup. Some        at least 165 degrees F.
 people believe that the word “soup”
 stems from the word “sop”. People
 would pour broth over a slice of bread       Tortilla
 which would “sop” up the broth. The
 word soup possibly developed from
 this. Others believe the word soup            Soup
 stems from the slurping sound while
                                                 All I need to
 sipping the liquid from the spoon.
                                           make tortilla soup (the                                                                Les Kincaid is a
 Another possibility could be the word
                                           Mexican equivalent of                                                                  food, wine, and
 “sup” which means to eat the evening
                                           “Jewish penicillin”)                                                                   golf expert and
 meal; this even may be where our word
                                           is homemade chicken                                                                    cookbook author.
 “supper” comes from.
                                           stock, a few pieces                                                                    He hosts a nation-
       Coming in from out of the cold
                                           of chicken, seasonal                        and cook until soft, about 7 minutes.      ally syndicated
 to a tantalizing, hot bowl of your
                                           vegetables, diced avocado, a lime,          Add the garlic and cook, stirring, for     wine radio show
 favorite soup is a great way to warm
                                           some grated cheese, and tortillas.          1 minute. Add the chicken, water,          each Thursday
 up. It’s one of America’s comfort foods
                                           If you don’t want to go through the         tomatoes, cumin, chili powder,             from 7 to 8 pm.
 through the long, cold days of winter
                                           hassle of frying tortillas, buy some        oregano, and bay leaves. Bring to a        You can enjoy his
 which makes January one of the best
                                           crispy tortilla chips. This soup is more    boil; reduce heat to low and simmer,       web site or his
 months to be National Soup Month.
                                           like a stew and is a meal in itself. If     uncovered, until the chicken is very       broadcast at
 But soup shouldn’t just be eaten for
                                           you want to get fancy, make a batch of      tender, about 1 hour. Discard the bay      www.leskincaid
 one month; there are so many benefits
                                           hot cornbread to serve alongside.           leaves. You should have approximately      .com or email
 for eating soup all year long.
                                                 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2         6 to 7 cups broth remaining. Remove        les@leskincaid.
       Make a large batch of soup and
                                           large yellow onions, quartered, and         the chicken from the pan. Remove the       com.
 enjoy some for another meal. Many
                                           thinly sliced 5 cloves garlic, minced 1     meat from the bones and discard the
 soups, with the possible exception of
                                           whole chicken (3 1/2 pounds), cut into      bones. Dice and return the chicken to      FOLLOW ME
 seafood soups, may taste better the
                                           6 pieces, skin removed 8 cups water 3       the pot. Season to taste with the lime     ON FACEBOOK
 next day! For best safety and quality,
                                           large tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and         juice, salt and pepper.                    & TWITTER
 plan to eat refrigerated soup within
                                           chopped 3 teaspoons ground cumin 2                Heat 1/2 inch corn oil in a deep
 TWO days. And avoid letting soup
                                           teaspoons chili powder 1/2 teaspoon         heavy pan to 375 degrees F. on a           www.facebook.
 set at room temperature for more than
                                           chopped fresh oregano 2 whole               deep-fat thermometer. Add the tortilla     com/leskincaid
 TWO hours.
                                           bay leaves 2 to 3 tablespoons fresh         strips and cook until crispy, 1 minute.
       Don’t put a large pot of hot
                                           lime juice Salt and freshly ground          Remove from the pan and drain on 
 soup directly into your refrigerator.
                                           black pepper Corn oil for frying the        paper towels.                              leskincaid
 According to the U.S. Dept. of
                                           tortillas 5 corn tortillas, cut into 1/4-         To serve, heat the soup until hot.
 Agriculture, it would take an 8-inch
                                           inch strips 2 ounces mozzarella cheese,     Ladle into bowls and garnish with
 stock pot of steaming chicken soup 24
                                           coarsely grated 2 ounces Monterey           the mozzarella, Monterey Jack, and
 HOURS to cool to a safe temperature
                                           Jack cheese, coarsely grated 1 large        avocado. Top with a spoonful of sour
 in your refrigerator. To be safe:
                                           avocado, diced 1/4 cup sour cream           cream and the tortillas strips.
       •    To speed cooling, transfer
                                                 Heat the oil in a large soup pot
 soup to shallow containers, making
                                           over medium heat. Add the onions                                   Yield: 6 servings
 sure soup is no more than TWO

                                                                      January 2010 | FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas                      11
                              Last month, three major components to CityCenter: Vdara, Crystals
                         and Mandarin Oriental were unveiled at the 67-acre urban Strip metropolis.
                              Vdara Hotel & Spa, a 57-story sophisticated, smoke-free, non-gaming
                         all-suite condo-hotel tower is a boutique property with no squared-off lines
                         and a dramatic Silk Road Restaurant on the main floor.
                              The upscale, three-level, 500,000-square-foot shopping center Crystals
                         introduced an incredible array of prestigious brands including one of the
                         largest Louis Vuitton stores in the world, as well as flagships for Tiffany
                         & Co., Prada, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, and Ermenegildo Zegna. The
 By Jackie Brett experimental environment creates an abstract 21st century park and Chihuly
                      has opened a 4,350-square-foot exhibition space there.
        On two stories, Eva Longoria Parker opened her new Latin 6,000-square-foot steakhouse
 Beso and 8,000-square-foot nightclub Eve at Crystals with a 50-foot arched ceiling. Beso is
 joined by dining destinations Mastro’s Ocean Club, a new offering by Todd English, Todd
 English P.U.B., and two new concepts by Wolfgang Puck, The Pods by Wolfgang Puck and
 Brasserie PUCK.
       Mandarin Oriental is a luxury Asian-inspired, 47-story, non-gaming hotel and residences
 that create a sophisticated sanctuary. The hotel is below the 23rd floor and residences are above.
       Grammy winner Carrie Underwood’s “Play On Tour” will stop at the Orleans Arena
 on May 22. “American Idol” Season Four winner, Underwood spent this past year writing and
 recording her third album “Play On.”
        Ensenada, Mexico landmark Hussong’s Cantina will bring a Baja atmosphere to Las Vegas
 when it opens in January at The Shoppes at Mandalay Place. The 3,700-square-foot restaurant
 will savor all the charms of the original place that opened in 1892, right down to the façade,
 exterior signage and a replica of the rustic green and red bar.
        Last month, Sammy Hagar opened his two-level, 15,000-square-foot Cabo Wabo Cantina
 with an outdoor patio in the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood.
       The Las Vegas Rocks Café at Neonopolis is open downtown. The eatery founded by
 longtime producer, host and entertainer Tony Sacca has a Las Vegas history-theme and is open
 daily from 11 a.m. to midnight with Sunday jazz champagne brunches.
       A popular Las Vegas eatery, Hash House A Go Go opened its second Las Vegas location
 inside the Imperial Palace offering breakfast, lunch and dinner on the second floor in the space
 previously occupied by the Teahouse.
       Part of a $750 million expansion, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has opened its new all-suite
 hotel HRH Tower featuring a VIP entrance, 359 “standard” suites, a 40,000-square-foot casino,
 eight spa villas, seven penthouse suites, the luxurious Reliquary Spa and Vanity nightclub.
       Planet Hollywood has opened its 52-story, 1,021-room PH Tower with a lobby bar.
 About 200 units are being sold as Westgate time shares and the top four floors feature 16 huge
 condominium units.
       “American Superstars” will continue its successful run at the Stratosphere for two more
 years. The show currently features musical tributes to Michael Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Tim
 McGraw, Britney Spears and Elvis.
       In their 84th consecutive season touring the world, the Harlem Globetrotters will bring their
 basketball hi-jinks as part of the “2010 Magical Memories World Tour” to the Orleans Arena on
 Feb. 10.
        Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant on West Flamingo will commemorate 30 years with a
 weekend celebration, May 21-23, that will include a Guinness World Record attempt for the
 “World’s Largest Margarita.”
       Rick Faugno, who currently stars as Frankie Valli in “Jersey Boys” at the Palazzo, will
 reprise his one-man song and dance show with a seven-piece band and release his first CD, “Songs
 My Idols Sang (And Danced!)” on Sunday, Jan. 24, at 3 p.m. at the South Point.
       Society of Seven and “American Idol” star Jasmine Trias have an indefinite gig at the Gold
 Coast Showroom highlighting their high-energy variety show on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
 at 3:30 and 7 p.m.
       The MonteLago Village Resort at Lake Las Vegas has a newly remodeled lobby and wine
 bar called Acino.

12   FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas | January 2010                   
    Executive Chef

                             immo Ferraro was             The numerous awards and accolades
                             born and raised in      achieved by Ferraro’s include the DiRoNa,
                             Las Vegas, Nevada.      also known as Distinguished Restaurants
                             He has a lifetime of    of North America, for 10 consecutive years;
                             knowledge in the        Wine Spectator’s Best of Award of Excellence
                             culinary business       since 1996; Best Italian Restaurant by Las
                             having grown up         Vegas Life Magazine’s Epicurean Award -
 with his mother, Rosalba Ferraro and father,        voted by a panel of local and national food and
 Gino Ferraro who have owned restaurants             drink experts including members of the local
 throughout his life.                                chapter of Chaine des Rotisseurs; Southern
       After his graduation from the Califor-        Nevada Hotel Concierge Association’s Best
 nia Culinary Academy finishing in the top           Restaurant in the category of Italian Cuisine;
 10 percent of his class and taking a business       and voted Best Italian Restaurant in the Las
 management course at UNLV, Mimmo studied            Vegas Review Journals annual reader’s poll.
 in Tuscany, Italy, working under some of the        Ferraro’s has also received such prestigious
 best chefs Italy has to offer before heading back   recognition and accolades including the 5 Star
 to the states to work for his family at Ferraro’s   Diamond Award.
 in Las Vegas.
       In Mimmo’s own words, “I love what I do!
 I have a passion for the restaurant and service
 industry. Being in the kitchen and creating new
 dishes is natural to me. I enjoy every aspect
 of the business. I enjoy walking in the dining
 room, talking with the regular customers and
 meeting new people. I always try to make them
 feel welcome and a part of the family, because
 that is what we are—a family! Working with
 my father, mother, sisters and grandmother are
 by far the greatest rewards of this business.

  FOR MORE PHOTOS AND ARTICLES, GO TO                                           January 2010 | FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas   13
 By Shelley Stepanek
       The Neonopolis has awakened again. The space formerly known as
 Jillian’s has a brand new tenant and a great new theme after being totally
 renovated. VEGAS ROCKS, co-owned by TV host Tony Sacca, and Josette
 Leblond, who is known everywhere for her Josette’s Bistro and French
 bakeries, have teamed up with a new concept. Opening on Dec. 10th, the pair
 have partnered with all their experience in food and entertainment to reawaken
 the Fremont Street Experience area.
       The menu will consist of themed-style foods such as The Siegfried and
 Roy, turkey, ham, Swiss cheese sandwich; the Elvis Delight, grilled banana,
 and peanut-butter sandwich; The Ratpack Antipasto; and the Charo Chili. For
 entrees, The Sammy Steak, a big ribeye; The Topless Dancer, an open-faced
 turkey breast; the Cirque Du Sole Filet, and topping off the desert menu, The
 Glitter Gulch Crème Brule and The Sin City Dessert.
       With Terry Fator on Dec. 12th and Louis Prima there for New Years Eve, this
 20,000 sq. ft. venue can hold up to 3000 people in a standing room concert area.
       Sacca has been doing his television show “Entertainment Las Vegas Style”
 for 24 years. He wrote the song “Las Vegas Rocks” four years ago, and started
 marketing his musical clock and a line of souvenirs. He has produced, hosted and
 researched Las Vegas history for his TV show and has developed a library of photos
 and catalogues with over 500 major celebrities and entertainers. With videos
 running in the restaurant on numerous TV screens, you can immerse yourself in
 fascinating history as you watch the crowd strolling by on Fremont Street.
       Leblond has owned bakeries in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles for years,
 and her Josette’s Bistro has been a mainstay on West Flamingo. She has had her
 own cooking show for the last couple of years.
       Sunday Jazz Brunch featuring Grammy Award Winner
       Saxophonist Gary Anderson and Friends. 450 Fremont Street.

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14   FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas | January 2010                     
 ELEMENTS Kitchen & Martini Bar

         ust 10 months ago Elements           5 restaurants, incorporating South              Martini list, with an average price of $9
         Kitchen & Martini Bar opened its     American influences, spicy Asian, tropical      and enticing names like the Cha Cha
         doors and owners/chefs Catherine     Floribbean and the Classics to develop          Cha, Beatrice’s French Bulldog, Citron
         and Jose Luis Pawelek can credit     a fusion of flavors and styles with a dose      Dragon, Dreamsicle, Amarula Ubuntu,
         a number of different reasons why    of Fun. Appetizers run from $7-$10 and          Milky Way, Holy Hollytini (named after
 they have not only survived 2009 but         Main Courses $17-$28, with discounts            local celebrity Holly Madison) and Psycho.
 are thriving. “Certainly offering a global   during their daily Happy Hour 5P-630P.          They created a Martini card, giving guests
 menu with twists that appeals to a variety   “We feel that we have created a local           a complimentary 13th Martini for every 12
 of customers, pricing and location have      restaurant with a niche that includes over      and keeping track of their favorites.
 helped us to achieve our goals” says         300 martinis, home-made breads, soup                  Their chosen location on the
 Argentine-born chef Jose Luis Pawelek.       and desserts. Our guests can order a full       Southeast corner of Tropicana and
      Elements’ menu reflects the Pawelek’s   meal or eat lighter by choosing a couple of     Rainbow, next to Spanish Trail, Spanish
 travels and a medley from their past         appetizers.” adds Pastry Chef Catherine.        Hills, Spring Valley, Mountain’s Edge,
                                                   They have married reasonable               Rhodes Ranch, Coronado and minutes
                                              prices and personable service, in a smart       from the strip is ideal. With customer
                                              contemporary atmosphere, which would be         service and value being a critical
                                              right at home in San Francisco, Chicago         component in today’s economy, it looks like
                                              or New York, but retains a comfortable          this couple is headed in the right direction.
                                              neighborhood feel. The Paweleks have            Finding a middle-ground approach (NO $6
                                              been featured on numerous TV shows              jalapeno poppers or chicken wings nor $50
                                              both in Florida and New England, both           steaks) looks to be promising, and they
                                              as guests as well as in cooking show            expect to continue to defy the odds in the
                                              demonstrations, and are looking to do the       coming year.
                                              same here in Las Vegas.                               They are offering quarterly wine
                                                   Tampa Bay News 9 aired 5 of their          dinners and are starting the New Year
                                              cooking shows on the “Chef’s Kitchen,”          off right on Monday January 25, 630PM
                                              including Chef Jose Luis’ Short Ribs with       with an incredible dinner that features 6
                                              Kona Kahlua reduction and his artisanal         Courses, 8 Wines, guest speaker/wine
                                              breads and Chutney. Other segments              connoisseur Houston Smith and numerous
                                              detailed Catherine’s German Streudel            door prizes for $69 p/p plus tax/tip. A
                                              recipe and her famed Creme Brulees &            couple of seats are still available. Although
                                              Bread Pudding.                                  they are usually closed on Sundays,
                                                   Catherine and Jose Luis are a unique       Elements will be open on Sunday February
                                              team of chefs/owners/spouses, have been         14 in celebration of Valentine’s Day from
                                              married 29 years and have been working          5PM-9PM with a pre-set 4 Course Menu
                                              together for 20 years, an accomplished          for $49 p/p plus tax/tip. “We feel that we
                                              feat in any business especially Hospitality.    are the perfect venue for Valentine’s and
                                              “People wonder how it is possible to be         our special 4 course menu will include a
                                              together 24/7, especially in the restaurant     glass of bubbly and a couple of additional
                                              business, but we are not only used to it, we    surprises” says Catherine. “There will be
                                              thrive on it.” says Catherine. “It looks like   a variety of choices for both the appetizer
                                              we are the Ying/Yang of this industry and       and main course” adds Chef Jose Luis “so
                                              our lives” adds Jose Luis                       there will be something for everybody.”
                                                   “We created a menu that reflects a               Elements offers daily specials
                                              broad spectrum of tastes, including smaller     including a 3 course Monday Night
                                              plates and value for money, allowing            Special for $19, Tuesday is Osso Buco
                                              people to eat out more than once a month”       night and Hospitality Industry Night and
                                              explains Catherine. “With that in mind we       on Wednesdays there are great Wine
                                              also feature at least one reduced sugar/        discounts to be had.
                                              sugar free dessert, for those that want               With their energy, enthusiasm,
                                              that little sweet at the end of the meal        experience and effort the Paweleks can
                                              without over-indulging.” “Substitutions         be ready to take a victory lap and stare
                                              or accommodating a guest’s dietary              success in the face.
                                              restrictions, whenever possible” adds Jose          ELEMENTS Kitchen & Martini Bar
                                              Luis. “is what we are all about, and we will        4950 S. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas,
                                              do everything possible to entice our guests         NV 89118        Tel 702-750-2991
                                              to come back more frequently.”                      OPEN Mon-Sat. from 500PM
                                                   Besides the food their customers are
                                              attracted to their incredible world famous

16   FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas | January 2010                                     
                                                W        M
                                                        W. RE P
                                                          FO HO
Serving                                                     RK TO
                                                               PO S / S
the Service                                                      UR TO
                                                                   MO RIE
Industry                                                                RE S, V
                                                                          .C ISI
                                                                            OM T

              Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas

  Fitness Boot Camp Now Offered in North Las Vegas

                                        ocal health and fitness expert kicks off       a possibility to achieve and maintain your ideal body.
                                        a fitness boot camp with a refreshing               “There are 168 hours in a week. As a personal
                                        approach to helping people achieve a           trainer, I might see you for only one to five of those
                                        toned body.                                    hours. The results you achieve are really based on what
                                              Tony Wood, a fitness and health          you do for the other 160+ hours,” he added.
                                        professional, believes in training the              Also part of Workout Quest Boot Camp is teaching
                                        whole person--not just the body. He            people to understand food and nutrition, and the effect it
                       promotes mental exercises and delivers blasts of fun            has on their body and health.
                       and energetic physical exercise through a program                    “Shifting the focus to body size and muscle tone
                       called Workout Quest Boot Camp.                                 while nurturing a new relationship with food, allows
  Tony Wood is a            Workout Quest addresses fat and weight loss                people to make progress they have never been able to
  North Las Vegas      through a complete program that includes exercise,              achieve before,” he said.
  fitness and health   meal planning, mental focus and emotional support.                    “The truth is, it is much easier to re-design your
  professional              Open to women and men of all fitness levels,               daily meal plan than to try and exercise off extra
  who developed a      the boot camp is a 50-minute early morning exercise             calories,” Wood explained. “You would need to make
  program called       program available Monday through Friday at Sandstone            working-out your full-time job. And eating poorly
  Workout Quest        Ridge Park in North Las Vegas. Participants can join at         reverses most of the benefits of exercise.”
  Boot Camp.           any time during the program. Fitness assessment tests                Most of the strategy for weight loss, fat loss, firming
                       are conducted the first Friday of each month.                   and toning is in the mind, according to Wood. “When
  Web site: www.            According to Wood, Workout Quest is on a                   you get your mind into the right place, the body will     mission to move people away from the lose-weight-fast           follow.”
  Phone: (702)         approach, because it simply has not proven effective                 Wood believes his program will start people on
  882-4021             for healthy long-term fat loss. “Ultimately, what people        their quest to a fit and healthy body, mind and spirit.
  E-mail: info@        want is to fit into those size 4 jeans, play basketball like         For people interested in the Workout Quest Boot     they did in high school, and reveal a sleek and toned           Camp program, Wood suggests to experience a full
                       body.”                                                          week at no charge.
  FOLLOW ME                 Not only does the program offer a superior fat                  Additional information is available online at
  ON FACEBOOK          burning workout, Wood works with each individual to    Tony Wood can be contacted
  & TWITTER            change his or her thinking and behavior. Changes, he            by calling (702) 882-4021 or via e-mail: info@
                       said, “will go with you for the rest of your life,” making it

                                           CHEFS WANTED                        CONTACT FORK & POUR
                                                                               TO BE SCHEDULED FOR
                                                                                                                      CULINARY RELATED
                                                                                                                      SUBJECT THEY FIND
                                         IMMEDIATELY TO WRITE                      THE ARTICLE.                    INTERESTING FOR OTHER
                                         FOR FOOD & BEVERAGE                                                          FOOD & BEVERAGE
                                          NEWS OF LAS VEGAS                                                          PROFESSIONALS, GET
                                       ABOUT THEMSELVES, THEIR
                                        RECIPE, OTHER CHEFS OR                    GRAPHICS
     HELP WANTED                        ANY SUBJECT INTEREST-
                                           ING FOR INDUSTRY                    STUDENT WANTED                        FOR FURTHER
                                            READERS HERE IN                   TO ASSIST PHOTOGRA-                    INFORMATION
                                          LAS VEGAS AND GET                   PHER EDITING PHOTOS,
     FOOD & BEVERAGE                                                                                               PLEASE CONTACT:
                                           PUBLISHED AT THE                    ARRANGING AND UP-
      WRITERS WANTED                          SAME TIME.                       LOADING TO WEBSITE        
         FOOD & BEVERAGE                                                                                                FORK & POUR
                                           CHEFS WANTED                     CULINARY STUDENTS                          F&B MAGAZINE
                                                                                                                         LAS VEGAS
     WRITERS IN THE INDUSTRY,              CHEFS WANTED TO                                                            TEL(702)220-7955
                                                                               NEEDED TO WRITE FOR
                                        BEVERAGE MAGAZINE OF
                                                                              FOOD & BEVERAGE NEWS                    FAX(702)869-6364
         … GET PUBLISHED!                                                      OF LAS VEGAS ON ANY
                                          LAS VEGAS PLEASE                                                

20   FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas | January 2010                                            

                    AUTHENTIC FLAVOR,
                   TRADITIONAL QUALITY
                   Classic International Favorites
                        Our extensive variety of high quality domestic and
                           imported foods will inspire you in creating
                         a memorable and profitable international menu.
                           Made with the finest ingredients available,
                         Supremo Italiano Products, deliver consistent
                              authentic flavor, texture and aroma
                              while saving you time and money.
                            Your customers will come to rely on you
                             for the traditional recipes their family
                                   once enjoyed only at home.

                       SUPREMO ITALIANO PRODUCTS
                       Available Exclusively at Restaurant Depot
                       1477 Helm Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 260-4100
                              January 2010 | FORK, POUR & MORE       Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas   21

 By Bob Barnes
                    Big Dog’s                      our community with great beer! Jim

                                                   Wilson at Barley’s Casino & Brewing
                 ig Dog’s Brewing Company          Company has created his Vicious Blonde,
                 is now offering a brew school.    a strong blonde ale made with Honey Malt
                 “Professor” Dave Otto (Big        and Argentinean Cascade hops. Jim says
                 Dog’s brewmaster) leads the       it’s around 8% alcohol and the hops have a
                 class and shares his processes,   more noble character than the Cascades we
 the science of brewing, his tricks of the trade   are familiar with. In January you’ll be able to
 and provides assistance to his students as they   enjoy Barley’s beer in other Station Casinos,
 brew a batch of Big Dog’s Brew. On the day of     with the Red Rock Marzen style beer available
 the brew, students enjoy lunch at the brewery,    in all properties by the end of the month.
 and two weeks later, a special “graduation              Dave Pascual at Chicago Brewing
 party” is thrown with a three-course beer         Company has gone Belgian. Belgian styles,
 dinner made with the beer they brewed.            that is. He’s tapping his Mad Monk, a 7%
 Participants also receive a diploma, class        Belgian Dubbel, and Daisy Chain, a 9%
 picture and take home a growler of the beer       Belgian Tripel. By the time you read this he
 they helped to create. The brew school will be    should be pouring his Stout of Order, a 9%
 in session in quarterly installments. The first   Imperial Stout. Chicago Brewing is now                                                       stands
 one is slated for Saturday, Jan. 9 from 8 a.m.    offering a daily happy hour with 50% off all of                                      for India
 to 4 p.m. and the graduation party will be on     its drafts. Hours are from 5-7 p.m. and from 10                             Red Ale and you’ll
 Saturday, Jan. 23. Space is extremely limited     p.m.-midnight.                                    have to guess what the WTF represents. The
 and the cost is $99. Call Big Dog’s at 702-645-         Richard Lovelady at Gordon Biersch          IRA is a hopped-up red ale, similar to an
 1404 to enroll.                                   Brewing Company has brewed an 8% Helles           IPA, but a bit darker. Next up, in time for the
       Sin City Brewing Company has opened         Bock with 26 IBU’s (international bittering       New Year, will be his Blueberry Bock, a tasty
 its 3rd bar on the Vegas Strip. The newest        units). Richard says, “It’s a slightly stronger   dark bock beer with natural blueberries. Todd
 addition is in the Grand Canal Shoppes at         version of our one-time regular beer, blonde      reports this beer is one of the most requested
 the Venetian. The other two are at the Planet     bock, and will be out on Tuesday, January         seasonals they do. As always, great beer
 Hollywood and Flamingo, and all pour Sin          26th.” There will be tapping parties at both      happens in Vegas!
 City Amber, Sin City Light, Sin City Stout and    Gordon Biersch locations to celebrate the
 Sin City Weisse. It’s becoming pretty easy to     beer’s release, but the date has not been set          Bob Barnes is a native Las Vegan and
 find Sin City tap handles throughout the Vegas    yet. Check with the brewery as soon as you        associate editor of Fork & Pour-Food & Bev-
 Strip, and it is currently the lone local beer    read this.                                        erage Magazine of Las Vegas. He welcomes
 being tapped at the Yard House.                         Todd Cook at Boulder Dam Brewing            your inquiries and can be reached via e-mail
       Our local brewmasters continue to do        Company has his WTF IRA. He says the IRA          at
 their community service-that is, providing

         FOR MORE
        PHOTOS AND
           GO TO

22   FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas | January 2010                                              
                                                                       NIGHTLIFE FEATURE |

 Top Las Vegas Lounges       By Chanelle Hayes

                                               hen you think of Las Vegas nightlife, you think
                                               of PURE or TAO or Tryst, but sometimes the
                                               best nightlife experiences can be at some of the
                                               city’s best lounges, offering a more laid back
                                               and intimate atmosphere. V Bar, Playboy Club,
                             Revolution Lounge and Eyecandy Sound Lounge & Bar offer party
                             goers a unique nightclub alternative.

                             V Bar
                                  V Bar is known for its sophisticated ambience as well as for
                             serving some of the best cocktails in town. Located in the Venetian
                             Hotel and Casino, V Bar’s décor consists of sleek curves of double-
                             sided banquettes in rich chocolate fabric and faux crème-colored
                             reptile skin giving it an urban-style look. V Bar features VJs that hype
                             the crowd with live video-mixing on 50-inch plasma-screen televisions.
                             VIP booths are available for nightclub patrons in search of exclusive
                             treatment without the complication of long lines and guest lists. V Bar
                             opens at 5 p.m. daily.

                             Playboy Club
                                  The Playboy Club brings uniqueness to the Las Vegas nightlife
                             scene as it combines lounging and gaming. From the bunny buttons
                             on the sofas to the collage wallpaper in the bathrooms featuring every
                             centerfold from the last 25 years, Playboy Club reflects the iconic
                             image of the Playboy logo and theme. Playboy Club is home to the
                             Miss Playboy Club Model Search, which occurs the last Sunday of
                             every month. Playboy Club is connected to Nove Italiano restaurant
                             and the exclusive Moon nightclub, making it the perfect place to have
                             drinks after dinner or before hitting the nightclub upstairs. Playboy
                             Club is open seven nights a week.

                             Revolutionary Lounge
                                  The Mirage’s electrifying Revolution Lounge inspired by the
                             Cirque du Soleil Beatles show “’LOVE,” is a lounge like no other.
                             Revolution blends cutting-edge interactive design, art and sound in a
                             contemporary interpretation of The Beatles era. The DJs spin eclectic
                             sets from innovative rock-centric mixes with hip hop and house beats.
                             Revolution’s interactive VIP tables use infrared technology, letting
                             guests create tabletop artwork. Revolution features the Abbey Road
                             Bar, located in front of the main entrance. Revolution is open 10 p.m.-
                             4 a.m. Wed.-Mon.

                             Eyecandy Sound Lounge and Bar
                                  Eyecandy Sound Lounge & Bar inside of Mandalay Bay Resort
                             & Casino is a high-tech twist on a classic cocktail lounge creating
                             a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. Eyecandy features an inviting
                             atmosphere, chic design and plush seating. Eyecandy offers a unique
                             nightlife experience with VIP booth interactive touch tables which
                             allow guests to create visuals and an innovative dance floor that is
                             made of touch-activated LED tiles. The Eyecandy Sound Lounge is
                             open 6 p.m. to late and the Eyecandy Bar is open 11 a.m. to late.

                                 Other notable Las Vegas lounges: Ghostbar, MIX, Caramel,
                             Tabu Ultra Lounge, VooDoo Lounge, Pussycat Dolls Lounge   January 2010 | FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas              23

                      Restaurants Recognized at 6th Annual Top100
                      Chinese Restaurants in USA Awards Show
                           Chinese Restaurant News announced
 By Jan-Ie Low        the Top10 Chinese restaurants in the
                      country. The winning restaurants
                      received the Overall Excellence
                      Award, the most coveted award
                      amongst Chinese restaurateurs. The
                      announcement was made at the 6th
                      Annual Top100 Chinese Restaurants
                      in the USA Awards show held at The
                      Venetian in Las Vegas. Organized by
                      Chinese Restaurant News, the Top100
     “The East-West   Awards Show is a national event that
      Ambassador”     recognizes, cultivates and preserves the
                      best in Chinese cuisine.
                           Celebrity chefs including Lee Anne                   Ling” Ng, Bo Ling’s operates seven locations and has
                      Wong, a former contestant on the popular Bravo            been in business for 28 years.
                      television show “Top Chef,” and Master Chef Martin             3. Wong’s King Seafood Restaurant (OR) – A
                      Yan, host of the award-winning national cooking show      family chain that operates six locations of its fine dining
                      “Yan Can Cook,” were on hand to announce the              dim sum restaurants, Wang’s King Seafood Restaurant
                      winners.                                                  has been in business for over 15 years.
                           Overall Excellence winners:                               4. Mr. K’s (NYC, NY) – Serving classic fine dining
                           1. Ching’s Table (New Canaan, CT) – A family-        Chinese cuisine, this landmark Manhattan eatery
                      run regional chain, Ching’s Table operates 12 locations   owned by Johnny Kao and family has been in business
                      in Connecticut and New York City. Chef and owner Alan     for more than 30 years.
                      Li and his partners also operate two locations in New          5. Ana Mandara (San Francisco, CA) – A classic
                      York City named Wild Ginger. Chef Li has been in the      Asian fine dining eatery in San Francisco, Ana Mandara
                      restaurant business for more than 28 years.
                           2. Bo Ling’s (Kansas, MO) – A family chain
                      named after its creators, Richard “Bo” and Theresa “Far                                   Continued on Page 25 ...

24   FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas | January 2010                                     
         FREE STEAK &

                           with the purchase of a premium seating ticket to see

     The Show with the Most, from Coast to Coast

                                                                                                                          ... Continued from Page 24

                                                                                                                          represents the Asian restaurant award category added
                                                                                                                          this year.
                                                                                                                                6. Seafood Village Chinese Cuisine (HI) –
                                                                                                                          Specializing in Chinese, Japanese and Asian Fusion,
                                                                                                                          this fine dining restaurant is located in the Hyatt
                                                                                                                          Regency of Waikiki.
                                                                                                                                7. Happy Harbor (Los Angeles, CA) – An upscale
                                                                                                                          family restaurant serving Cantonese dim sum and
               ng                                                                                                         seafood, Happy Harbor has been in business for more
     Every  Friday,                                                                                                       than four years.
                    d ay
           y & S un                                                                                                             8. Chef Chu’s (Los Altos, CA) - An upscale
      T WO S HO W S                                                                                                       family dining restaurant that also offers fine dining
              & 7pm
                                                                              Exclusively at
                                                                                                                          catering, this landmark restaurant is located in Los Altos
     3:30pm                                                                                                               near Stanford University, and has operated under the
                                                                                                                          ownership of chef and owner Lawrence C. C. Chu for
                                 This offer is for Premium Seating                                                        over 40 years.
                           39.95* for 3:30pm show • $44.95* for 7pm show                                                        9. Lao Szechuan (Chicago, IL) – An upscale
                                             *plus LET and any applicable fees                                            family dining destination in Chicago’s Chinatown, Lao
            Information and tickets call 702-251-3574 •                                               Szechuan has become a landmark attraction to tourists.
                          Tickets also available at Gold Coast Gift Shop,                                                 Chef and owner Tony Hu and his partners own and
                       all Coast Casinos box offices and                                                 operate four locations.
                                                                                                                                10. Zine Noodles Dim Sum (Las Vegas, NV) –An
                                                                                                                          upscale family dining restaurant located in the Venetian
                                      This coupon entitles the bearer to
                                                                                                                          Hotel and Casino, Zine Noodles & Dim Sum is presided
                  ONE FREE STEAK & LOBSTER DINNER                                                                         over by Chef Simon Tu, a celebrated chef with more
                              AT T.G.I. Friday’s at Gold Coast                                                            than 20 years of culinary experience.
       with the purchase of a premium seating ticket to see Society of Seven show at
       Gold Coast. Buy one premium ticket (matinee or evening) at full price and get a                               
       free steak & lobster dinner. Premium tickets are $ 39.95* for 3:30pm show and
               44.95* for 7pm show. Present this coupon at Gold Coast Box Office
                            (Gift Shop) when purchasing your ticket.

                                                 OFFER CODE: SOSVV

                                                                                                                             FOR MORE PHOTOS AND
                                                                                                                                ARTICLES, GO TO
        Limit one ticket per coupon. Show and seating based on availability. This coupon has no cash value, cannot be
       combined with any other offer or used more than once. Reproduction, sale, barter and transfer are prohibited and
                 render this coupon void. Management reserves all rights. *Plus LET and any applicable fees

                                                                                                                                                                                                   January 2010 | FORK, POUR & MORE Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas                  25
 Chinese Chefs of Las Vegas Profile
                                     Chef Philip Lo oversees the menu                   Lo opened his own restaurant, Tasty Chinese
                                                                                        Cuisine Seafood Restaurant, in the San Francisco
                                development of Jasmine, Bellagio’s gourmet              Bay Area. Prior to his role as a restaurateur, Lo
                                Chinese restaurant. Designed with subtle                joined the acclaimed Flower Lounge Restaurant
                                European influences, Jasmine is surrounded by           group in Hong Kong. In 1984 he moved to the Bay
                                floor-to-ceiling glass with beautiful lake views.       Area where he was named executive chef for the
                                The restaurant’s menu offers traditional Hong           Flower Lounge Restaurant, the company’s only
                                Kong Cantonese cuisine, as well as more modern          restaurant outside of Hong Kong.
                                interpretations.                                             Chefs in America, a California-based
                                     Most recently, Lo held the position of Chef de     association of culinary professionals, honored Lo,
                                Cuisine at Las Vegas’ Sheraton Desert Inn’s Ho          an originator of nouvelle Hong Kong cuisine, as
                                Wan, a traditional Chinese restaurant. In 1992,
       Jasmine - Philip Lo                                                              one of “America’s Outstanding Chefs.”
         Executive	Chef
                                                          Originally from Hong Kong,    experience. Yau trained the staff of a new Chinese

                                Chef Kai-Wa Yau                began his culinary
                                                                                        restaurant in Las Vegas, Empress Court, which
                                                                                        was subsequently named one of the “10 Best
                                career at the age of 16 in his family’s restaurant as   Chinese Restaurants in the United States” by USA
                                part-time kitchen staff. His love and talent in the     Today.
                                culinary arts grew and allowed him to work in some           In December 1993, Yau became Chef de
                                well-known restaurants, including Hong Kong             Cuisine at Dragon Court at MGM Grand and
                                Holiday Inn Harbor Village, San Francisco Harbor        is now Executive Chef of Pearl, MGM Grand’s
                                Village and New Kin Hing in Los Angeles.                most distinguished restaurant to date. Opened
                                     Yau was one of the “first-wave chefs” to move      December 17, 2001, Pearl serves authentic
                                to Las Vegas from the Orient in 1988, in the city’s     Chinese cuisine in a modern, sophisticated
        Pearl - Kai-Wa Yau      on-going pursuit to raise the quality of the dining     atmosphere with a contemporary presentation.
         Executive	Chef

                                 Chef Chi
                               Kwun Choi is
                                responsible for menu
                                development, food
                                preparation and kitchen
                                operations for Blossom,
                                ARIA’s Chinese fine dining
                                     Chi Kwun’s experience
                                spans nearly 35 years in
     Blossom - Chi Kwun Choi    the culinary industry, having
          Executive	Chef     begun his career in Hong
                             Kong at the young age of 13.
                             Chi Kwun joins our property
 from The Mirage, where he most recently served as the
 Executive Chef of Fin, a position he has held for the past
 five years. His prior experience includes working as
 Executive Chef of China Spice at Green Valley Ranch,
 Sous Chef at MGM Grand’s Pearl restaurant and Sous
 Chef of Shanghai Lilly at Mandalay Bay.
       Chi Kwun currently serves as the Vice President
 of the American Chinese Chefs Association, Las Vegas
 Chapter. His accomplishments include the Five Star
 Diamond Award presented by The American Academy
 of Hospitality Sciences. Chi Kwun is also fluent in
 Cantonese and Mandarin. Please join me in welcoming
 Chi Kwun to our Food & Beverage team. He may be
 reached at 590-8770.

          ARTICLES, GO TO
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 Let’s Get Together at BJ’s!
   At BJ’s there’s something for everyone to enjoy: from exciting
   appetizers, signature deep dish pizzas, fresh salads and new
   culinary creations, to Pizookie® desserts and award-winning
       handcrafted beers. With over 100 menu items, there’s
                    something everyone will enjoy.
                               “Wow – I love this place!”®

      BJ’S MEDITERRAN                                           TED BEER                                                               ®
                                                                                                                                           MADE WITH GHIRARDE
                        EAN PIZZA                  G HANDCRAF                                                  TRIPLE CHOCOLATE PIZOOKIE
                                    AWARD-WINNIN                               BAL SAM IC
                                                                                            GLA ZED CHIC

10840 W. CHARLESTON BLVD., SUMMERLIN • (702) 853-2300
 9520 S. EASTERN AVENUE, HENDERSON • (702) 473-2980
             W W W. BJ S R ESTAU R A N TS. CO M

                                                                                                                                                                UNT2186LV09_Vegas_Food&Pour_hp_3.75x5.indd 1   10/29/09 2:36:14 PM

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