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									PDF3D ReportGen Doubles Format Types, Adds PDF Templates

PDF3D® ReportGen version 2.5.0 from Visual Technology Services includes
70+ formats and extensible 2D and 3D PDF template operations

London, UK, November 14, 2012 -- In the PDF3D®ReportGen desktop
application version 2.5.0, Visual Technology Services has introduced
additional industry standard 3D file formats and new approach to PDF
template style formats for 3D PDF report production
(http://www.pdf3d.com). This release doubles the number of file formats
to over 70, including DXF, DWG, DWF and DGN, Collada and Blender types.
New methodology enables 3D model placement using a library of template
PDFs, including 3D model substitutions. The key features of this update

Smaller PDFs than original CAD model, Highly compressed PRC methods
Increased informational value by Annotated assemblies with 3D lead-lines,
dimension arrows, part labels, PMI, GD&T, perspective, isometric views,
scene level ruler dimensions
Merging CAD models with Analysis Result Contours
Capture animation sequences of transient data by loading file sequences
Session XML compatible with production PDF3D XML Server system
Choice of Windows, Linux and Apple both 32 & 64 Bit Desktop Versions

PDF3D ReportGen is used for commercial technical 3D reporting work-flows
in life sciences, marine, civil, environmental engineering projects,
earth resource exploration, astronomy, numerical modeling, and general
scientific data visualization reporting. With enhanced interfaces, PDF3D
ReportGen enables faster decision making, lowering project costs through
improved team collaboration.

About PDF3D
PDF3D (http://www.pdf3d.com)is an innovative independent 3D technical
publishing technology for 3D models viewable in PDF documents. Covering a
wide range of applications from geospatial, geology, aerospace,
architecture, product packaging, and online sales & marketing, PDF3D
makes it practical to distribute interactive 3D documents to everyone
with the free Adobe Reader.

DWG, DXF are the native and proprietary file formats for AutoCAD® and a
trademark of Autodesk, Inc. Visual Technology Services Ltd. is not
associated with Autodesk.

Contact :
Ian Curington
Visual Technology Services Ltd.
The Courtyard, High Street
Ascot, Berkshire
44 0 7787517529

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