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									                  CLEAN UP IN CLEANING

                 Growing Fast - Earning Big!

Examine business growth rates over past years - and, without
doubt there is one easy opportunity that ranks with the most
 profitable. A business that is unusually simple to start and
succeed in. Yet, a service that can grow into a considerable
             operation. All from almost nothing!

That business comprises a huge and vital industry. Offering
 a service that is more and more in demand. Quite simply -
                         it's cleaning.

    Cleaning is a truly unique opportunity - In that almost
   anyone can start such a service. You already have the
 know-how to clean! Yet, for such an accessible opportunity
   there is scope to build a really big business. You could
        start now and be very successful, very quick!

  And - cleaning is no longer the lowly, poor paid venture it
   once was. It's really quite a futuristic, high technology
business. Quite respected - and in many cases, very highly

  If you thought cleaning wasn't the right sort of opportunity
     for you - think again! It may well be the right sort of
              opportunity for your bank account!
                            A No Capital Start?

         In some circumstances it would be possible to start in the
          cleaning industry with virtually no capital! You need no
         special training, and often there's no equipment to buy.
            Either way, you will do best by setting up properly -
        cleaning is simple, but never underestimate any business!

          Cleaning is ideal for an owner-operator business, or a
          partnership. You can succeed full or part time. Never
        forget though that it is a business - and you must organise
         in a business like way. Use proper records and consult
                      business exports as necessary.

        A trading name looks good. It is not necessary to register
      this - just declare your own name on business documents, etc.

                    Get busy with your business cards!
A company needs to let people know they be practical and market
                                  your self!
  Small low cost ads in your local Post Office, Local shop and local free
                        papers usually do the trick!
And why not print off your own little flyer and drop it into peoples letterbox will always get a 10% response....imagine if you did 300 homes
 in your area and 30 of them wanted 2-3 hours per fortnight!! Not bad eh?
                            It soon mounts up!!
Get low priced business cards from Vistaprint as they are low cost and high
        One way of approaching cleaning is to do all the work
       yourself. Ideal for a low cost start up - but does restrict
      your earnings. Progressive cleaners just concentrate on
      getting the work themselves. Then, employ (usually part
       time) staff on a modest hourly rate. This allows you to
                     build an enormous business!

      Decide from the start what types of cleaning you will offer
      (see later). Then, organise your resources to provide the
        service. The next important step is to advertise your
    Use every established and original advertising technique you
                             can think of.
Press advertising is a must. Leaflets can be good in some situations.
      Mailshots to potential customers can grab big contracts.
                     And, a really great way to get
      business is to telephone or visit potential customers. This
               increases your 'sales' rate considerably.

    Throughout all advertising/negotiations project yourself as a
   professional, competent and careful business. People want to
       employ thorough cleaners. In line with this it is usually
     better to charge high prices for a good job, rather than low
     prices for a budget one. Earnings could be in the region of
     £20-£30 per hour, depending on the service. It's up to you.
   When getting work it is best to aim for contract cleaning.
Where you provide your service on a regular daily, weekly or
 monthly basis. Obviously more lucrative than one off work.
    Despite the name it is usually not necessary to sign a
                 contract for most customers.

     If you give considerable effort to selling at the start,
things will be much easier later on. You only need a handful
 of regular jobs to produce a regular income. If you employ
   staff to do the 'hard' work you'll have the ideal 'absentee
                       owner' business.

     Contrary to what you might think, cleaning is quite a
   sophisticated, although easy to start, operation. There's
      only so much theory though! Following, you'll find
  suggestions for services you can offer. Either offer these
      individually - or together for a really big business:

                     Daily Office Cleaning

One of the most popular services. Some competition but good
     demand for an efficient, confidential and 'low profile'
    service. Cleaning is easy, mostly comprising dusting,
   vacuuming and the like! Customer provides equipment.

 Approach all possible office customers in your area. Local
    councils/authorities may also put such services out to
   contract. Offer to do the work on a regular e.g. daily or
                   2/3 times weekly basis.
              Employ part time staff mornings or
                   evenings to do the work.

                        Home Cleaning

   A little exploited area, offering considerable scope for
future growth. More and more people need a few hours daily
    help with household duties. But, it is very difficult for
            them to find good staff independently.

One good idea is to employ full time household helps - then
divide their time between many household customers. This
solves the staff problem, and still leaves you a considerable
                         profit margin!
                     Specialised Cleaning

   In the cleaning industry there are forms of specialised
cleaning that most firms don't undertake. So you can corner
the market in these specialised areas. Often no experience
                          is needed.

  One major area of 'spec.' cleaning is kitchen cleaning, in
  restaurants, hotels, etc. Washroom cleaning/servicing is
 another area. Cleaning services to specific industries, e.g.
    food, processing, computers, electronics, chemicals,
  cosmetics, are also possibilities, where you will find little
headquarters. In many cases the customers will train you to
                    the standard required.

                   Special/Initial Cleaning

 Here you offer a year round 'spring' clean service to homes
and business customers. Special cleans are undertaken on a
  one off basis to give a cleaning 'facelift' to the customers
  premises. Initial cleans are needed prior to occupation of
                     newly built buildings.

  Both these services can provide very big jobs for very big
incomes - Cleaning everything in sight. Ideal for making use
  of part time or temporary staff. As with types of cleaning
 already mentioned get customer to provide equipment and
         materials needed if you don't want to buy.

                        Floor Cleaning

 Commercial premises have vast areas of solid (e.g. tiled or
   lino) floors. It all needs regular cleaning and there's a
 huge sub-industry set up to do this. All that is needed is a
special cleaning/polishing machine - can be hired if purchase
                     prices are too high.
                       Window Cleaning

      This is not the lowly paid activity you might think if
  properly organised. Most areas are short of good, reliable
   cleaners. Your only requirements? - a bucket, cloth and

 Domestic windows offer good potential - offer to clean inside
   and out for extra profit. Commercial windows offer lower
 prices, but huge jobs and regular work. Look out for council
                         contracts etc.

                       Acoustic Ceilings

    One of the very latest cleaning opportunities - cleaning
  millions of square yards of acoustic 'suspended' ceilings in
commercial premises. They can only be cleaned with a special
machine spraying a suitable chemical which causes the dirt to
                       drop from ceilings.

 Although equipment is required this is quite a new, exclusive
   service that the newcomer can dominate in their areas.
          Consult specialist suppliers for equipment.
                           Pressure Washing

                    One of my personal favourites.

       A high pressure washer delivers a powerful jet of water to
       clean many things - from vehicles to builders plant - and
     farms to buildings. Equipment is not that expensive (but could
       lease/hire) so there is much demand for a mobile service.
Screwfix sell particularly great equipment and this can make you a small
               fortune as, yet again it is repeat business!
           It is not unusual to be paid £50 per hour for this!!

                           Industrial Cleaning

        Cleaning of factories, industrial machinery is a possible
         'big business' service. A pressure washer would be a
                           valuable tool here.

                              Car Valeting

       Cleaning of new and used cars is potentially big business
      with millions on the road. Equipment not always necessary
       and could offer a mobile service. Offer to the public - or
        get motor trade contracts. Can employ unskilled staff at
           modest rates - but charges can be £40-£60 a car!
                 Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

A proven money maker cleaning these items for homes and
  businesses. Ideal owner operator concern with very high
charges. Special equipment is required. Some competition,
   so operate at the 'quality' end of the market to do best.

                       Exterior Cleaning

Contract cleaning of outside areas e.g. shopping centres, car
parks, office/factory grounds is a reasonably new opportunity
   offering potential for all to start. Comprises mainly litter
 collection and sweeping - but the new type tractor mounted
'jumbo' vacuum cleaners are set to revolutionise the service!
Definitely one of those services that could be tomorrows big
                       business success!

                          To Conclude

 You may well discover many more cleaning opportunities,
because new services are being invented all the time! Most
of them quickly become 'essential' - something people want.
       Good selling/organisation can get you started.

Cleaning is a humble enough opportunity for you to start and
 succeed in. But, the takings can be those of a much more
                      impressive concern!
  Remember One thing in all of this......if you try to do this business and
                      believe in will succeed.
         We always need to eat.....and we always need to clean.
It is a constant, repeat business and if you run it properly can be a source
                     of recession proof income for life.
 I wish you all the best in this venture.....and would ask you to follow the
                       mantra I have laid out below.
                 If You do this...You WILL be successful

Thanks once again for purchasing this ebook and please feel free to sell it
                     If you think you are beaten, you are
                     If you think you dare not, you don’t
                   If you like to win, but you think you can’t
                         It is almost certain you won’t

                      If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost
                         For out in the world we find
                      Success begins with a fellow’s will
                          It’s all in the state of mind

                   If you think you are outclassed, you are
                        You’ve got to think high to rise
                   You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
                           You can ever win a prize

                         Life’s battles don’t always go
                         To the stronger or faster man
                    But sooner or later the man who wins
                 Is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN

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