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					February 26th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

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                                                                    By magnetic_rose on February 26th, 2012
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Sega Gets You Dancing With
New maimai Dance Game
By magnetic_rose on February 26th, 2012

                                                                    A TV guide published in Japan inadvertently leaked the news
                                                                    that the Bleach anime will end its broadcast run on March
                                                                    Its 6:00 PM Tuesday time slot on TV Tokyo will be taken over
                                                                    by the new weekly Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-
Sega has announced the release of a new rhythm game with            Power Ninden starting April 3.
a front facing touchscreen and a camera that records the
player’s performance. The new game is called “maimai” —             In other news, Hollywood entertainment magazine Variety
“mai”, incidentally, is the Japanese word for “dance”.              is reporting that Warner Bros. has purchased the rights to
                                                                    Bleach and is working on a live-action movie adaptation.
To play, you need to press the eight buttons surrounding the
main display, or slide your finger across the touchscreen, in       Dan Mazeau of the Clash of the Titans remake will be in
time with the music. There’s also a camera near the top of          charge of the screenplay, and Peter Segal of the Get Smart
the console, which can record the player and the screen at          remake will produce and possibly direct the film.
the same time.                                                      Source: ANN
Sega plans to add the ability to upload player videos to
NicoNico Douga — which would work well within the culture
of NND users who like to show off their gaming prowess
                                                                    Sony Computer
online.                                                             Entertainment official PS Vita
maimai will be available in July 2012, and will be available        launch in Singapore
overseas shortly after.                                             Source:
Source:                                                  official-ps-vita-launch-in-singapore/
                                                                    By sentinel011 on February 26th, 2012

Bleach Ends TV Run,
Hollywood Adaptation

                                                                    Portable gaming takes the next step with the PS Vita, with
                                                                    Singapore the third country to be launched outside of Japan.

February 26th, 2012                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

With more gamers in Singapore wanting a new experience in      GRAVITY    Sony       Action   PS Vita    SGD54.90/
portable gaming, the PS Vita certainly lives up to the hype.   RUSH )     Computer Adventure Card /      SGD46.79
It’s going for a suggested retail pricing of $399.             )))))      Entertainment       PS Store
Below are the game titles available for purchase at all        (Chinese                       Download
authorized Sony retail outlets and participating shops:        Version)                       Version
                                                               Hustle     Sony       Sports   PS Store   SGD14.5
Title Name Publisher Genre          Format      SRP (SGD)      Kings™     Computer            Download
Army       SQUARE Action            PS Vita     SGD54.90/                 Entertainment       Version
Corps of   ENIX Co.,                Card /      SGD51.99       Little     Sony       Action   PS Store   SGD32.49
Hell™      Ltd.                     PS Store                   Deviants™ Computer             Download
(English                            Download                              Entertainment       Version
Version)                            Version
                                                               LORD of SQUARE Action          PS Vita    SGD69.90/
ASPHALT : Ubisoft    Racing         PS Vita     SGD56.90/                 ENIX Co., RPG
                                                                            ™                 Card /     SGD62.39
INJECTION  Limited                  Card /      SGD44.69       APOCALYPSE
                                                                          Ltd.                PS Store
                                    PS Store                                                  Download
                                    Download                                                  Version
                                                               Lumines : Ubisoft     Puzzle   PS Vita    SGD59.90/
BLAZBLUE ARC            2D fighting PS Vita     SGD54.90/      Electronic Limited             Card /     SGD51.39
CONTINUUM SYSTEM        game        Card /      SGD45.49       Symphony                       PS Store
SHIFT     WORKS                     PS Store                                                  Download
EXTEND Co.,Ltd.                     Download                                                  Version
(English/                           Version
                                                               ModNation Sony        Racing   PS Vita    SGD39.90/
                                                               Racers:    Computer            Card /     SGD35.09
                                                               Road Trip Entertainment        PS Store
                                                               (Asian                         Download
DISGAEA3 NIPPON Simulation          PS Vita     SGD69.90/      English +                      Version
Return    ICHI    RPG               Card /      SGD58.49       Chinese
          SOFTWARE                  PS Store                   Version)
          INC.                      Download
                                                               MotorStorm™Sony       Racing   PS Store   SGD9.89
                                                               RC         Computer            Download
DUNGEON Ubisoft         RPG         PS Vita     SGD56.90/                 Entertainment       Version
HUNTER Limited                      Card /      SGD44.69
                                                               MICHAEL Ubisoft       Rhythm/ PS Vita     SGD56.90/
ALLIANCE                            PS Store
                                                               JACKSON Limited       Dancing  Card /     SGD44.69
                                                               THE                            PS Store
                                                               EXPERIENCE                     Download
Dynasty      TECMO      Action      PS Vita     SGD54.90/      HD                             Version
Warriors     KOEI                   Card /      SGD46.79
                                                               NINJA      TECMO      Action   PS Vita    SGD54.90/
NEXT         GAMES                  PS Store
                                                               GAIDEN KOEI                    Card /     SGD46.79
(English                            Download
                                                               Σ PLUS     GAMES               PS Store
version)                            Version
                                                               (English   CO., LTD.           Download
EA           Electronic Sports      PS Vita     SGD54.90/      voice                          Version
SPORTS       Arts                   Card /      SGD54.90       version)
FIFA                                PS Store    (DL)
                                                               Puzzle by HAMSTER Puzzle       PS Store   SGD3.89
Football                            Download
                                                               Nikoli V   Corporation         Download
                                                               Sudoku                         Version
Escape     Sony      Puzzle             SGD19.49
                                    PS Store
                                                               Ragnarok GungHo Action         PS Store   SGD58.49
Plan       Computer                 Download
                                                               Odyssey    Online              Download
(Chinese Entertainment              Version
                                                               (Japanese Entertainment,       Version
+ English
                                                               version)   Inc.
                                                               Rayman     Ubisoft    Action   PS Vita    SGD59.90/
Everybody’sSony      Golf Game PS Vita  SGD54.90/
                                                               Origins    Limited             Card /     SGD51.39
Golf 6     Computer            Card /   SGD46.79
                                                                                              PS Store
           Entertainment       PS Store
(Asian                                                                                        Download
Chinese                                                                                       Version
+ English                                                      Reality    Sony       Fighting PS Vita    SGD39.90/
Version)                                                       Fighters   Computer Action     Card /     SGD35.09
F1 2011™            Racing
             CODEMASTERS            PS Vita  SGD59.00/         (Asian     Entertainment       PS Store
             Ltd.                   Card /                     English                        Download
                                    PS Store                   Version)                       Version
                                    Download                   Shinobido Spike       Ninja    PS Vita    SGD69.90/
                                    Version                    2: Revenge Co.,Ltd.   Stealth  Card /     SGD58.49
                                                               of Zen                Action

February 26th, 2012                                                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

(Japanese                          PS Store                  At the opening launch, Mr Tetsuhiko Yasuda, Chairman of
version)                           Download                  Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong, gave a speech
                                   Version                   on the development kit for the PS Vita and the Playstation
STAR         Sony      Shooting    PS Store   SGD12.99       3 established in Singapore since last year, with some games
STRIKE™      Computer              Download                  currently in development locally. Nanyang Polytechnic is
DELTA        Entertainment         Version                   involved in this development.
SUMIONI      ACQUIRE INK           PS Vita    SGD54.90/      Mr Michael Humphrey, Designer of WipeOut 2048, was
(Japanese    Corp.     ACTION      Card /     SGD46.79       present to give a demonstration of the game using the
version)                           PS Store                  PS Vita’s intuitive features. Other guests include Media
                                   Download                  Development Authority and Nanyang Polytechnic.
                                                             People can experience the PS Vita’s features at the roadshow,
Touch My NAMCO         Others      PS Vita    SGD59.90/      with games such as Fifa Football and WipeOut 2048.
Katamari BANDAI                    Card /     SGD53.91
         Games                     PS Store
ULTIMATECAPCOM Fighting            PS Vita    SGD54.90/
MARVEL CO., LTD. Action            Card /     SGD44.69
VS.                                PS Store
CAPCOM                             Download
3 (English                         Version
Uncharted: Sony      Action        PS Vita  SGD69.90/
Golden     Computer Adventure      Card /   SGD58.49
Abyss      Entertainment           PS Store
(Chinese                           Download
                                                             Picture source: Vr-Zone
+English                           Version
Virtua     SEGA      Sports        PS Vita    SGD54.90/
Tennis 4                           Card /     SGD40.59
                                   PS Store
                                   Download                  One Piece: Pirate Warriors PV
WipEout™ Sony      Racing
                                   PS Vita    SGD39.90/
                                                             4 is out
2048     Computer                  Card /     SGD35.09
         Entertainment             PS Store
                                                             By shia on February 26th, 2012

PlayStation ® Vita Peripheral & Accessory
Product         Model No.    Release Date SRP (SGD)
Memory Card     PCH-Z041G    22nd Feb,      SGD27.90
(4GB)                        2012
Memory Card     PCH-Z081G    SGD39.90
Memory Card     PCH-Z161G    SGD77.90
(16GB)                                                       The 4th Promotional Video for One Piece: Pirate Warriors
Memory Card     PCH-Z321G    SGD129.00                       is out.
USB Cable       PCH-ZUC1     SGD11.90
AC Adaptor      PCH-ZAC1H    SGD11.90                        One Piece: Pirate Warriors in a nutshell is basically a
Cradle          PCH-ZCL1G    SGD19.90                        Dynasty Warriors game set in the One Piece universe.
In-Ear          PCH-ZHS1G    SGD19.90                        The story is follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a
Headset                                                      young boy who organizes a crew of pirates and sets off to
                                                             find the legendary treasure “one piece”. Luffy while he was
To celebrate the launch of the PS Vita in Singapore,         young had ingested the Gum-Gum fruit that lets him become
Sony Computer Entertainment is having a roadshow on          as stretchable as rubber.
the ground floor of 313 Somerset in Orchard Road. The
roadshow will be held from today till Sunday, 26 February.

February 26th, 2012                                                                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                         The boxed set includes Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop
                                                                         Distance for Nintendo 3DS, Kingdom Hearts re:Coded and
                                                                         Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for Nintendo DS, a 3DS cover,
                                                                         and a set of 12 postcards.
                                                                         The Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box will be priced at
                                                                         JPY 15,000.
                                                                         Source: Siliconera

                                                                         New Images for Conception
Pirate Warriors comes in a few flavours , Normal Edition ,
                                                                         for the PSP
Treasure Box, Gold Edition
The Treasure Box, a collector’s edition which includes
                                                                         By magnetic_rose on February 26th, 2012
the game’s soundtrack, 15 collectible pins, a serial code
to download nine custom themes featuring individual
members of the Straw Hat Pirates, and a book featuring
character and CG-rendered artwork and environments from
the game’s production and a rare collectible for the Social
game , One Piece Grand Collection
The gold Edition includes what is in the Treasure Box
Edition and a Limited Skinned PS3 plus an exclusive custom
theme of the Straw Hat Pirates and another exclusive rare
collectible for One Piece Grand Collection.
Game Information:Japanese Name : ))))) )))) (one
piece kaizoku musou)
Genre : Action
                                                                         Feast your eyes on Cancer, Leo, and Virgo (yes, she is also a
Maker : Koei Tecmo , Published by Bandai Namco                           regular high school student trapped in the alternate world).

Release Date : 1st of March 2012

Price : Normal-8190yen               ,   Treasure-12890yen           ,
Source : Bandai Namco

Kingdom Hearts 10th
Anniversary Box Out March
By magnetic_rose on February 26th, 2012

Square Enix and Disney’s Kingdom Hearts series will be
celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a limited edition boxed
set — out 29th March in Japan.

February 26th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                      By magnetic_rose on February 26th, 2012

                                                                      Kochi Indies Magazine is an independent publication whose
                                                                      main purpose is to nurture young artists with aims of joining
                                                                      the manga industry.
                                                                      Kyoko Yasuoka, the editor in chief said, “We, as manga
                                                                      editors, advise them how to create manga on the professional
                                                                      level. Once they reach a certain level, we publish their manga
                                                                      in our magazine and distribute it through the book stores in
                                                                      the region and our online store.”
                                                                      The good news is, Kochi Indies Magazine is
                                                                      open      to  illustration submissions from foreign
                                                                      artists. For inquiries and to submit your manga
                                                                      illustration to the magazine, email them at kochi-
                                                                      Source: Crunchyroll

                                                                      Studio Ghibli and Level 5′s Ni
                                                                      no Kuni in English by End of
                                                                      By magnetic_rose on February 26th, 2012

Click here for more on Conception: New PSP Game
“Conception” Ups Ante on Dating Sims, Heads Straight to
Source: Conception OHP and Famitsu                                    Ni no Kuni — an RPG for the PS3 created with the
                                                                      collaborative efforts of Studio Ghibli and Level 5, will see an
                                                                      English-language release by the end of the year, according to
Kochi Indies Manga                                                    their distributor Bandai Namco.

Magazine Open to Overseas                                             Ni no Kuni will include both English and Japanese voice
                                                                      tracks in the English-language release.
Submissions                                                           According to Level 5, it was such an honor to work
                                                                      with Studio Ghibli, as well as with acclaimed animation
                                                                      soundtrack composer Joe Hisaishi, that they wanted to do

February 26th, 2012                                                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

their best to bring a rich gaming experience to both Japanese          buildings, etc. in order to build up the mightiest Viking
and overseas gamers.                                                   kingdom.”
Source: Crunchyroll                                                    Registration is currently open and — as previously
                                                                       mentioned, the game is free to play. However, you can also
                                                                       purchase power-ups and items via micro-transactions. To
Otome Game “Hanayaka Nari,                                             sign up and play, visit:
Waga Ichizoku” Gets Anime                                              Source: EinHerJar OHP
By magnetic_rose on February 26th, 2012

As announced on the cover of Enterbrain’s B’s-Log magazine
that was mistakenly leaked by its editors (it has since been
recalled), otome PSP game “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku”
will have an animated version very soon.
“Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku” is set during Japan’s
Taishō era (1912-1926), where you play as a naive young
house-maid, caught up in the struggle for succession of a
powerful and wealthy family.
Source: ANN

“EinHerjar” Singapore Beta
Now Open
By magnetic_rose on February 26th, 2012

Free-to-play Japanese browser game “EinHerjar” opens the
doors to its English Beta, with the aim of attracting users
from Singapore and the rest of South East Asia.
EinHerJar is set in “a vast and wild Nordic land where
a human race has proclaimed themselves as descendants
of the Gods. Each player will play as a chieftain of a
Viking clan… [and] will be in charge of many tasks such
as managing resources, finding new areas, constructing

March 3rd, 2012                                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
                                                                     “We have seen the passion and dedication of the local
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku                 gaming community, and are fully committed to raising the
  and Japanese Pop Culture                                           profile of Singapore’s gaming scene and giving it the support
                                                                     and attention it deserves.”

Now Streaming: Singapore’s
                                                                     New Street Fighter X
finest SoulCalibur players vie
                                                                     Tekken alternate costumes,
for $10,000 in prizes
Source:   Godsgarden tournament
By KarbyP on March 3rd, 2012
                                                                     unveiled on Japanese
Catch Singapore’s finest SoulCalibur players in action at            livestream
E2Max from now to 12midnight today, as they vie for                  Source:
a chance to represent our sunny island in the grand                  costumes-godsgarden-tournament-unveiled-on-japanese-livestream/
finals of SoulCalibur Impact 2012, a global SoulCalibur V            By KarbyP on March 3rd, 2012
tournament to be held in Newcastle, London on March 17.
    Watch live video from on

The action is fiercer, Pyrrha’s 236+B stab move more
visceral if you catch it live at E2Max, of course. And there are
free-play SoulCalibur V terminals for folks to try the game, or
(if you’re familiar with the game) play some casual matches
with members of the community too.
But if you can’t make it to the event venue, local
SoulCalibur community and co-organiser of the tournament
(in conjunction with Namco Bandai Partners Singapore)
“Soul Singapore” has got your back: they’re streaming the
tournament live.
Top 8 starts from 7.30PM, and for everything else you can
refer to the event schedule posted here.

                                                                     Capcom just unveiled several new character “arrange
                                                                     costumes” (that’s Engrish for “alternate costumes”) for
                                                                     Street Fighter X Tekken at the grand finals of the Super
                                                                     Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver.2012 3v3 national
                                                                     tournament in Japan, streamed live on Nico Nico Douga
                                                                     right now.
                                                                     Tekken side:
                                                                     -Asuka (cosplaying as Ibuki)

                                                                     -Lili (as Poison)
This is the first time Namco Bandai Partners Singapore has
worked with a local games community to organise a fighting           -Paul (as… Blanka?)
game tournament of this scale.
“Fighting games have always been a key part of Namco                 -Law (as Fei Long
Bandai’s business and with important franchises such as
Soul Calibur and Tekken under our belt, our next steps are           -Xiaoyu (as Chun Li)
to grow these licenses organically,” said Mr Kelvin Seah,
General Manager of Sales & Marketing at Namco Bandai                 -Jin (erm… no idea; let us know in the comments)
Partners Singapore.

March 3rd, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

-Ogre (as Gill)
Street Fighter side:
-Vega/Claw (as… again, let us know in the comments)

-Balrog/Boxer (as Steve)

-M.Bison/Dictator (as Yoshimitsu)

-Juri (don’t know this one either)

-Akuma (as Heihachi)

                                                              Source: Jin’s My Game New Flash

                                                              Latest episode of Cross
                                                              Counter Asia features an all-
                                                              new 8-bit intro
                                                              By KarbyP on March 3rd, 2012

                                                              Local Street Fighter champs Xian and Zhi are back with more
                                                              excellent online ranked-match adventures – and a brand
                                                              new intro done in 8-bit style – in the latest episode of Cross
                                                              Counter Asia.
                                                              It looks like this will be the last episode to focus exclusively
                                                              on Super Street Fighter IV, at least for a while, as the
                                                              dynamic duo takes a break from the game to play some Street
                                                              Fighter X Tekken, which comes out next Tuesday.

But that’s not all; on the stream Capcom also announced
that they will be collaborating with Godsgarden on a Street
Fighter X Tekken tournament very soon. We’ll bring you
more details on the new arrange costumes as well as the
Godsgarden tournament when they are made available.

March 3rd, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                      By KarbyP on March 3rd, 2012

                                                                      Arc System Works’ and Atlus’s long-awaited fighting game
                                                                      Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena (Persona 4:
                                                                      Arena for short) was finally released in Japanese arcades
                                                                      To commemorate the occasion, the Naka city (Ibaraki
                                                                      prefecture) branch of arcade chain Plabi Joy Com is
                                                                      streaming a bunch of P4:Arena casual matches live on their
                                                                      Ustream channel.
                                                                      Now that the game is out, we also have more concrete
                                                                      information about Labrys, the new character we reported
                                                                      on yesterday. According to Japanese arcade-goers, the robo-
                                                                      chick is not a playable character at this point. Instead, you
                                                                      face off against her in the latter half of story mode. Win
                                                                      one round against Labrys, and Kuma/Teddie appears to stop
                                                                      the match. Players then proceed to fight the “true form” of
                                                                      Kuma/Teddie as a final boss.
                                                                      Go to this story if you’d like a closer look at the
                                                                      official Labrys character artwork.

                                                                      In the same story you’ll also find screenshots detailing
                                                                      character colour variations in the game (14 in total, but
                                                                      only 8 accessible at the start; the rest you’ll have to unlock
                                                                      through the arcade game’s Player’s Guild card system) as
                                                                      well as “instant-kill special moves”.

Persona 4: Arena casuals                                              These instant-kill moves are similar to the Astral Heats
                                                                      in BlazBlue and Destroyed in Guilty Gear in that if you
streamed live, more details                                           land it on your opponent you’ll win the match immediately,
on Labrys, instant-kill moves                                         no questions asked. According to Famitsu, the activation
                                                                      conditions include: you must be on match-point, and you
                                                                      have 100 SP points to burn. Unlike Astral Heats, it looks like
                                                                      you can use these instant-kill moves even with 100-percent
                                                                      health (as seen in the following screenshots).

March 3rd, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                     Miku Flick will be released on the Japanese iTunes App Store
                                                                     on March 9, also known as Miku’s Day, for 1,200 yen.
                                                                     In Miku Flick, players will tap and flick on a Japanese-
                                                                     style virtual keyboard and type out the lyrics of well-loved
                                                                     Vocaloid songs (such as “Stargazer” and “World is Mine”) to
                                                                     the beat.
                                                                     Tapping any of the virtual keys on your iPhone is good
                                                                     enough for first-vowel consonants like “a”, “ka”, “sa”, and
                                                                     “ta”. But to access the syllables “ki”, “ku”, “ke” and “ko” you
                                                                     will need to tap “ka” and flick to the left, upwards, right, or
                                                                     downwards respectively.
                                                                     As an example, one of the screenshots shows what appears
                                                                     to be a line from World is Mine, requiring the player to type
                                                                     in “i de” just as Miku is about to sing those syllables. To
                                                                     accomplish this, you first tap on the key for “a” and flick to
                                                                     the left, then tap on “ta” and flick to the right – in two quick,
                                                                     successive strokes.

Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena is slated for a
Summer 2012 release on consoles (PlayStation 3/Xbox 360).

Miku Flick, an iOS game from
Sega, comes out on Miku’s
By KarbyP on March 3rd, 2012

A new Hatsune Miku rhythm action game from Project Diva
publisher Sega is coming to the iOS! reports that

March 3rd, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

                                                               scored points by correctly guessing the title of a song purely
                                                               from the first few seconds of its intro. Mayu Watanabe made
                                                               a brief (pre-recorded) appearance on the show to promote
                                                               her solo debut single, Synchro Tokimeki, which came out

                                                               Shizuka Oya’s idol/actors team (Oya, renowned model Rola,
                                                               comedian Bibiru Ooki, and D☆DATE’s Shunji Igarashi)
                                                               eventually clinched first place on the show, no doubt in
                                                               part due to Oya’s uncanny ability to recognise Shinryaku no
                                                               Susume (the theme of Ika Musume) and Sousei no Aquarion
                                                               almost immediately after the intros were played. See it
                                                               for yourself in the following Shizuka Oya highlight reel on
                                                               YouTube, starting from the 04:50 mark.
                                                               Oddly enough, however, she wasn’t quite as quick to the
                                                               batting post when it came to her own music, and even
                                                               hilariously mistook Ue Kara Mariko (the song in which Oya
                                                               made her first senbatsu or “front-line member” appearance)
                                                               for Everyday Kachusha (beginning of the highlight reel).

Due to the nature of the game, a basic understanding of        This is what Persona 4
Japanese Hiragana may actually be required to play Miku
Flick. Although from the screenshots it sure looks there are
                                                               Ultimate’s new character,
markers on the virtual keyboard to help players who may not    Labrys, looks like
be able to pinpoint the right Kana in the nick of time.        Source:
Miku Flick supports the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod              new-character-labrys-looks-like/
Touch (4th generation), iPad, and the iPad 2. For more         By KarbyP on March 3rd, 2012
information, head over to Sega’s official site.                Earlier today the Net was abuzz with news of Labrys, a
Source:                                               new character in Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka
                                                               Arena who’s voiced by Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa in K-
                                                               On!!). The information was published in Weekly Famitsu,
                                                               which technically only goes on sale in Japan tomorrow. But
AKB48′s Mayu Watanabe and                                      thanks to the power of the Internet, you’re hearing about it
                                                               one day in advance.
Shizuka Oya on FujiTV music                                    And now that scans from the magazine have also appeared
quiz show                                                      online, you’re seeing it early too. Here’s your first look at the
                                                               silver-haired heroine and her “steely” charms.
By KarbyP on March 3rd, 2012

Can you guess the name of the song AKB48′s Mayu
Watanabe is humming in this video? Here’s a hint: it was
one of the most popular tracks featured in Guitar Freaks and
DrumMania. The answer is revealed from 0:35 onwards.
This clip is from variety show Quiz DoReMiFaDon, which
aired last night on FujiTV. Contestants on the show –
comedians, TV talents, and idols like AKB48′s Shizuka Oya –

March 3rd, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                 Pixiv Artists Draw Final
                                                                 Fantasy Characters in
                                                                 Shounen Jump Styles
                                                                 By magnetic_rose on March 3rd, 2012

                                                                 Check out the gallery after the jump!

According to the scans, Labrys is the student council
president at Yasogami High School (which the Persona 4           Fist of the North Star – Hara Tetsuo
characters go to). Not much else is known about her except
she speaks Kansai-ben, and wants Kuma to put a stop to his
Mayonaka Arena tournament.

We’re not sure if Labrys is an original character exclusive to
this game, although Japanese forum-goers have pointed out
that she may have made her first appearance in a Persona
3 drama CD. If you’re a fan of the franchise with more
information on Labrys you’d like to share, do let us know in
the comments below.
Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena hits arcades
and consoles later this year.
                                                                 Prince of Tennis – Konomi Takeshi
Source: Hachima

March 3rd, 2012                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

One Piece – Oda Eiichirou                 Eyeshield 21 – Murata Yuusuke

Hikaru no Go/Death Note – Obata Takeshi   JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Araki Hirohiko

March 3rd, 2012                                                Published by: VR-Zone

Naruto – Kishimoto Masashi   Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Amano Akira

                             Slam Dunk/Vagabond – Inoue Takehiko
Bleach – Kubo Tite

March 3rd, 2012                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

Dragon Ball – Toriyama Akira   Black Cat/ToLoveRu – Yabuki Kentarou
                               Source: Pixiv

                               Hakuouki Gets New OAV,
                               Third Season, *AND* Full-
                               lenght Film
                               By magnetic_rose on March 3rd, 2012

Gintama – Sorachi Hideaki      Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan is having a landmark year. Not
                               only is the Playstation and PSP game franchise releasing a
                               sixth OAV, but a third season for the TV animation is in the
                               works, and a feature-length film has also been announced.
                               A special arc for the Hakuouki Sekkaroku OVA will be
                               released in June 2012; this 6th OAV will cover the Shimabara
                               arc from the first five OAV releases from Kazama’s point of
                               The new TV animation Hakuouki Reimeiroku is scheduled to
                               air this summer; it follows the arc from the first two seasons
                               and tells the story of the rise of the Shinsengumi.
                               Lastly, a two-part movie will premiere early next year
                               featuring an original screenplay. Details on the film are

March 3rd, 2012                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

still scarce, but fans should watch out for it in the coming
Source: Crunchyroll

Square Enix Announces
Guardian Cross for the iOS
By magnetic_rose on March 3rd, 2012

Square Enix will be releasing a new game entitled Guardian
Cross — for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Guardian
Cross is a free-to-play card-battling game, with special
options that can be purchased with cash.
Guardian Cross was developed by the same team who
created Knights of the Crystals for Facebook. The iOS
version will be released in the first quarter of 2012, with an
Android version following soon after.
Source: Crunchyroll.

March 17th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku
  and Japanese Pop Culture

Miku Flick: Can you clear the
hardest song in Break the
Limit mode?
By KarbyP on March 17th, 2012

The answer is “No”. It is, quite literally, unpossible.
But before we get to that, let’s first take a look at how Miku
Flick actually plays. Contrary to my initial speculation, it
seems like you really don’t need to be well-versed in the
ways of Japanese hieroglphyics (or just hiragana) to play the
Oh, make sure you stop at the 03:10 mark (when you get to
the “results” screen… we’ll let you know why in a bit).
Seems manageable, even though it’s on Hard, right?
Now here’s the same song again, this time in Break the Limit
mode (this is footage from the same video, beginning from         Tell Your World EP debuts #4
                                                                  on Oricon Daily Ranking, full
Yep, in Break the Limit mode you’re expected to type out
every single syllable in the song. And in the case of “The        MV released on YouTube
Disappearance of Hatsune Miku”, the final (and hardest)           Source:
song you unlock in Miku Flick, that’s simply not humanly          oricon-daily-ranking-full-mv-released-on-youtube/
possible.                                                         By KarbyP on March 17th, 2012

Not every song is as unscalable in Break the Limit mode. As       The full EP album for Hatsune Miku X Google Chrome “Tell
this next video from YouTube user Yuuki7oct proves, Break         Your World“, was released earlier this week on March 14,
the Limit is perfectly playable – he cleared “moon” with an       debuting at number four on the Oricon Daily ranking charts,
“A” ranking (over 15,000 points). Although it will no doubt       amongst the likes of SDN48, 2PM, and miwa.
test your skills.                                                 #1 “NEXT ENCORE” SDN48
Miku Flick is available on the Japanese iTunes store for          #2 “2PM Best ~2008-2011 in Korea” 2PM
1,200 yen, and supports the iPhone (3GS and up), iPod
Touch (3rd Generation and up), and iPad.                          #3 “guitarium” miwa

                                                                  #4 “Tell Your World EP” livetune feat. Hatsune Miku

                                                                  #5 “Ramune no Nomikata” SKE48(team K II)

March 17th, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

#6 “PLAYGIRLZ” Afterschool
                                                                Street Fighter X Tekken Blog:
#7 “YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz I” YELLOW FRIED                       patch for infinites & bugs
#8 “Kono Koe” Takahashi Yuu                                     Source:
#9 “NEWTRAL” Ikimonogakari                                      By KarbyP on March 17th, 2012

#10 “nanoir” Nano
To commemorate the release, livetune has uploaded the
full music video to Tell Your World on his official YouTube
channel (video embedded up top).
Here are some stills taken from the music video:

                                                                In his latest entry on Capcom Japan’s official Street
                                                                Fighter X Tekken blog, assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano
                                                                announced that the development team is currently working
                                                                on a patch (or possibly, several patches) that will address
                                                                – among other game glitches – sound effects and voices
                                                                not playing back correctly during online matches, infinite
                                                                combos for a subset of the cast, and a glitch where certain
                                                                characters are frozen in place after activating a Quick
                                                                The development team is currently looking into the causes
                                                                behind infinite combos and the Quick Combo glitch. Both
                                                                issues will be fixed accordingly.
                                                                As for sound effects and voices not playing back correctly,
                                                                Ayano AP once again explains that the audio glitch has to
                                                                do with the way the netcode is written – sound effects are
                                                                sometimes cut off during “roll-backs” that allow multiple
                                                                players to connect to one another with minimal lag (KarbyP’s
                                                                note: this is similar to GGPO technology, which was
                                                                implemented in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition)
                                                                – and that the team will do its best to improve the online
                                                                experience with regards to audio.
                                                                The audio issues were the topic of discussion in Ayano AP’s
                                                                previous blog post last week. As a minor update, he says that
                                                                the team should be ready to announce a release date for a
                                                                patch in mid-April.
                                                                Apart from the bug-related announcements, Ayano AP also
                                                                urges Street Fighter X Tekken players to check out the
                                                                official Capcom USA blog next Tuesday, March 20 at 8AM
                                                                Japan time (7AM Singapore time) where some additional
                                                                Street Fighter X Tekken game elements (probably DLC) will
                                                                be unveiled.

Apart from the titular single, Tell Your World EP also
includes the full versions of “Far Away”, “Star Story”, and
“Fly Out”, which are tracks that fans have often requested to
be released on a CD.
Source: Ota-suke

March 17th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

Kuro’s infinite loop should be a thing of the past once the             Last batch of images — features Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius,
game gets patched. Screenshot taken from this video by the              Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. More after the jump!
venerable Desk.

Win One of Six Pairs of
Tickets to L’Arc~en~Ciel Live
in Singapore!
By magnetic_rose on March 17th, 2012

Win one of six pairs of tickets to L’Arc~en~Ciel Live in
Singapore, from Animax Asia’s Hunter x Hunter Watch and
Win Contest!
Watch Animax Asia every day from 12th March to 8th April
2012 at 7PM to 9PM and again at 10PM to 12AM. One of four
characters from the Hunter x Hunter series will be randomly
shown at a corner of the screen.
Log into the Animax Asia website and answer the questions:
1) “Which Hunter character appeared on the Channel
today?”; and 2) “Why do you want to be a Hunter?”.
Six winners will be selected from all the correct entries.
Winners will be announced on 9th April 2012 via the Animax
Asia website.
Source: Animax Asia

Latest Images for Conception
for the PSP
By magnetic_rose on March 17th, 2012

March 17th, 2012                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

                   Click here for more on Conception: New PSP Game
                   “Conception” Ups Ante on Dating Sims, Heads Straight to
                   Source: Conception OHP and Gamer.

                   Tiger & Bunny -The
                   Beginning- To Hit Singapore
                   By magnetic_rose on March 17th, 2012

                   Sunrise has confirmed that there are plans to screen the
                   Tiger & Bunny film in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taipei,
                   upon its release in the latter half of this year.
                   Gekijō-ban Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning- will act as a
                   sort-of prequel for the TV show, and will introduce new
                   characters not shown in the original series.
                   A second film featuring all-new characters and plot is also
                   slated for 2013.
                   Source: ANN

                   Giant Cosplay Photo Studio
                   Opens in Osaka

March 17th, 2012                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

By magnetic_rose on March 17th, 2012

A massive new cosplay photo studio has opened in Osaka,
Japan just last 29th February 2012.
Dubbed “Haco Stadium Osaka”, the studio — which spans
several floors, has spaces decked out in different themes that
you can use as backdrops for your cosplay shoots.
Definitely more eye-catching backgrounds than some
random people at a convention hall!


Reception and Community Space

                                                                 Jail Cell

Rental Lockers and Change Rooms

March 17th, 2012                                                Published by: VR-Zone

Ancient Japan

                    Modern Minimalist
Morrocan-inspired   If you plan to fly to Japan and experience Haco for
                    yourselves, do check out the Beginners Guide and the Ticket
                    Reservations (Japanese only) ahead of time.
                    Alternative Options
                    If you’re nowhere near Osaka and are flying to another part
                    of the country, Haco also has a service that can help you!
                    Haco Studio Hotel will help you get in touch with local hotels
                    in your immediate vicinity, that will cater to your photoshoot
                    This service is available all throughout Japan, with the
                    goal of matching photographers and cosplayers, with hotels
                    that can provide them with themed rooms for their shoots.
                    Definitely a novel concept!
                    So, do you think a similar service will prosper in
                    Singapore? :)
Renaissance         Source: Haco Stadium and Haco Studio Hotel

                    Worldwide Subscriptions with
                    By magnetic_rose on March 17th, 2012


                    Starting 29th February 2012, online manga portal
           has opened subscriptions to manga fans
                    worldwide. The service was previously only available to
                    readers in North America.
                    To celebrate this event, is currently running
                    a promo for new subscribers with paid accounts! New

March 17th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: VR-Zone

members who sign up for the USD 10 (approximately SGD              to having a live string quintet and saxophone trio which was
12.50) monthly plan will get an additional USD 10 worth            not in the previous day’s MikuPa 2012.
of store credit, while users who sign up for their USD
25 (approximately SGD 31.40) monthly plan will get an
additional USD 25 worth of store credit.
Members who would like to sign up for free subscriptions are
not left out of the party! Close to 200 titles have been opened
up for free previews, up ten-fold from the standard twenty-
title free preview allowance. Manga fans who have trouble
getting their hands on their favorite titles should definitely
take advantage of these promos, which run until 14th March
JManga is an online manga portal that releases manga
from different publishers on a number of genres such as
shounen, shoujo, seinen, josei, and kids. The site stemmed
from industry efforts to curb online piracy from file-sharing
and “free” manga sites.
Source: JManga

Brief of Last Miku Day
Thanks Giving Live 2012
By shia on March 17th, 2012

I would like to bring you on some coverage of of the just
concluded Last Miku Day Thanks Giving Live 2012

                                                                   All in all, It was a great live with excellent music and good
                                                                   visuals .
                                                                   Today’s Set List
                                                                   1. Tell Your World
                                                                   2. Yume Yume

                                                                   2. World Is mine

                                                                   3. Electric Angel

                                                                   4. Koi Suru Vocaloid
While the Thanks Giving Live 2012 was terrific, somehow
after the previous day’s MikuPa 2012 new additions ,Thanks
                                                                   5. Clover Club
Giving Live 2012 felt less satisfying compared to MikuPa.
Also the models used are the previous year’s models, with
                                                                   6. Po Pi Po
less depth due to the lack of specularity(reflective surfacing)
and no translucent models. The only new model I noticed
                                                                   7. Romeo and Cinderella
was the American Miku.
                                                                   8. Finder

                                                                   9. Uramote Lovers

                                                                   10. StargazeR

                                                                   11. Moon

                                                                   12. The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

                                                                   13. Change me

                                                                   14. Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder
While on the Visual front Thanks Giving Live 2012 was
bland, The live band was in my humble opinion better due           15. Just Be Friends

March 17th, 2012                                                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

16. Magnet

17. World’s End Dancehall

18. Meltdown

19. Kodoku no Hate                                              3. With more Fluid movements there comes more close
                                                                shaves to closet malfunctions.
20. Promise

21. Time Limit

22. Puzzle

23. 1/6                                                         4. Most important was the addition of specular (light
                                                                reflection) effects(Note the sleeves.).
24. SPiCa
Encore 1
1. Ai Kotoba

2. Melt

3. Hajimete no oto
Encore 2
1. Project Diva desu.
2. World is Mine
Will keep everyone here updated once they announce the
Source : OHP
Source : Set List Click on “HATSUNE MIKU Concert Final
39′s Giving Day”
LIVE SET LIST                                                   5. Rainbow Sparkles in the song Marginal.

Brief of Hatsune Miku Live
Party 2012
By shia on March 17th, 2012
                                                                6. Uta Ni Katachi ha nai keredo – Wedding dress miku.
I would like to bring you on some thoughts of the just          Tranclucent alpha blending effect.
concluded Hatsune Miku Live Party(Mikupa) 2012

                                                                The Full Set List can be found here.
                                                                There will still be another concert currently airing, on the 9th
                                                                of March 2012 @ 1900 JST.
                                                                There will be Net Tickets for the Event on Nicovideo going
                                                                for 2000Yen, or if you want to get for both(yesterday and
                                                                today). It will be for 3500yen. More details can be found here
Please bear with the horrible quality images, as the stream
                                                                and here.
was of quite poor quality.
                                                                Source : OHP
The Visuals have been given quite a boost this year. Main
                                                                Source : Set List for MikuPa
things to note this year’s concert are :
1. There is more depth perception this year.
2. Movement is more Fluid compared to previous year’s

March 23rd, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
                                                                       The Tokyo Anime Fair (TAF) recently announced the
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku                   winners of the 11th annual Tokyo Anime Awards in the
  and Japanese Pop Culture                                             respective nominated categories.
                                                                       Animation of the Year:
Gundam Unicorn Episode 5                                               From Up on Poppy Hill (Kokuriko-zaka Kara)

releases teaser trailer, to air
in Japan in May
By shia on March 23rd, 2012

                                                                       Television Category:
                                                                       Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The teaser trailer for Unicorn Episode 5 is out.
The Theme song is BROKEN MIRROR and will be
Gundam Unicorn Episode 5 will be in Japan Cinemas on the
19th of May 2012.
Pre-orders for the BD/DVDs will begin on the same day.                 Tiger and Bunny

The expected release date for the BD/DVDs will be on the
8th of June 2012 @ 6090Yen/5040Yen respectively.

Winners of Tokyo Anime Fair
Awards 2012
By Sakamoto on March 23rd, 2012

                                                                       Domestic Feature Film Category:
                                                                       From Up on Poppy Hill (Kokuriko-zaka Kara)
                                                                       International Feature Film Category:

March 23rd, 2012                                                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

                                                             Macross: My Boyfriend is a
                                                             Pilot PS3 game slated for July
                                                             2012 release
                                                             By Sakamoto on March 23rd, 2012

Original Video Anime Category:
Mobile Suit Gundam UC

                                                             Namco Bandai is hot on its heels after releasing Tekken
                                                             Hybrid, which included Tekken Tag Tournament and the
                                                             film Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Now it has done something
                                                             similar with the original Macross: Do You Remember Love.

Best Director:
Akiyuki Shinbo – Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Best Screenplay:
Gen Urobuchi – Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Best Art Direction:
Takumi Tanji – Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep
Below (Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo)

                                                             According to famous gaming magazine Famitsu, the
                                                             Macross Hybrid Pack is slated for release on 26 July this
                                                             year, for the Playstation 3 only. It includes the movie and
                                                             a game titled ‘My Boyfriend is a Pilot’ for 7,140 yen (SGD

Best Character Design:
Masakazu Katsura – Tiger and Bunny
Best Voice Actor/Actress:
Hiroaki Hirata – Tiger and Bunny [Kotetsu T. Kaburagi/
Wild Tiger]
Best Music:
Satoshi Takebe – From Up on Poppy Hill (Kokuriko-zaka
Kara)                                                        Macross fans can also pick up a limited 30th anniversary
                                                             edition, that includes a 90 minute bonus video, booklet,
Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Tiger and Bunny top the        film, mini theater pamphlet, mini poster, mini art book, and
awards by gathering 3 awards each.                           anime song archive for 13,800 yen (SGD $210).
The awards ceremony will be taking place during TAF, which
runs from March 22 to March 25 2012 at the Tokyo Big Sight
event center.

March 23rd, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

Steins;Gate: Hen’i Kuukan no                                         Sharp X1
Octet (an 8-Bit Retro Visual
                                                                     Sharp MZ-2000
Source:   Fujitsu FM-7
                                                                     If you recognize any of these, you’re highly likely to be a geek,
By Sakamoto on March 23rd, 2012
                                                                     or a nerd.

                                                                     Graphics-wise, each pixel and line is rendered one by one
                                                                     and takes time to load as if you were playing it on a
                                                                     8bit CPU running on 1Mhz of processing power. It can be
Another of Nitroplus and 5pb’s genius creations,
                                                                     excruciatingly slow, but that’s how long the games of that era
Steins;Gate: Hen’i Kuukan no Octet (or more commonly
                                                                     took to load. Fortunately, there is also a skip mode where
known as Steins;Gate 8bit) was released for Windows PC on
                                                                     you can skip the graphics loading. The game emulates the
28 November 2011. Hen’i Kuukan no Octet (transliterated
                                                                     retro noises down to the last bit, instead of streaming an
as Variant Space Octet) basically takes place in an alternate
                                                                     mp3 file. There’s even “sound chipping”, which is common
timeline from the original game. While not necessary, it is
                                                                     with 8-bit games. For instance, when other sounds beep on
recommended that you play the original Steins;Gate and
                                                                     screen, parts of the music will be silenced for the duration
also Chaos;Head (which already have English translations)
                                                                     of the sound.
to understand the story more.
The story is a continuation from the true ending of
Steins;Gate (which I won’t spoil right here, for obvious
reasons). Basically, Okabe Rintarou realizes the world line
has changed once again. He receives a D-mail from his
future self from the year 2025, and the divergence meter
is off by 0.000132%. He is told by his future self that the
IBN5100 has been stolen once again this time by a man
named Knightheart and he must take it back to save the
world from falling into chaos. He’s still the same ol’ crazy
Hououin Kyouma otherwise.

                                                                     This game is less or a visual novel and more of a text
                                                                     adventure game, where you sometimes have to interact with
                                                                     the game through typing commands such as “talk”, “move”
                                                                     etc. It may be difficult for an average gamer, as you’ll have
                                                                     to work out which ones to use in a particular scenario. You
                                                                     have to pay attention to the text and know the characters and
                                                                     preceding storyline which generally offers hints on what to
                                                                     try out. But sometimes the game can really evil, like making
                                                                     you type “wait” a few times before you can actually proceed.
                                                                     This game takes from the actual difficulty found in early text
                                                                     adventure games, such as games from Infocom.
The graphics and music for this game are completely
                                                                     You can view the translated demo here (MAJOR S;G
reproduced to simulate the feel of the retro computers in the
                                                                     SPOILERS ALERT). The full English translation is in this
80′s era. The moment you start the game, you can choose
                                                                     blogger’s site as well:
to emulate the game between 5 different computer settings,
whose names are parodies for their real-life counterparts:
NEC PC-8801
NEC PC-6001

March 23rd, 2012                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

Coverage on
Nipponbashi(Osaka) Street
Festival on 20th March 2012.
By shia on March 23rd, 2012

The 8th Nipponbashi’s Street Festival just concluded
yesterday and here is some cosplay coverage from various
sites that covered the event.

Nipponbashi is a shopping district in Osaka, Japan. It is also
known as “Den-Den Town” as it is home to “Otaku” interests
and it is often compared as the Akihabara of Osaka.

The event had a street parade that consisted of cosplayers
walking down the street. The Event Attracted over 220,000
people and was featured on the news.

March 23rd, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                   Mahoutsukai no Yoru: An
                                                                   By Sakamoto on March 23rd, 2012

                                                                   Mahoutsukai no Yoru is a kinetic novel developed by Type-
                                                                   Moon, set for a release date of 12 April 2012, for the Windows
                                                                   PC. Originally written as a novel by co-founder Kinoko Nasu
                                                                   on 28 July 1996, the demo was released as a bundled extra
                                                                   in Volume 7 of Type-Moon Ace.
                                                                   Koyama Hirokazu will be featured as the lead artist instead
                                                                   of Takeshi Takeuchi, who has worked on Type-Moon’s
                                                                   previous works, such as Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night.
                                                                   Unlike standard visual visual novels, Mahoutsukai no Yoru
                                                                   (also referred to as Mahoyo) has no choices and no routes;
Source: OHP , 1 , 2                                                only a linear story. Also, like Type-Moon’s other PC works,
                                                                   the characters will not be voiced. One thing to note is that
                                                                   there will be no ero-scenes as well.
Mahoutsukai no Yoru : Master
By shia on March 23rd, 2012

                                                                   Mahoyo is set in the Showa Era, around the late 1980s.
                                                                   Depicted as a prequel to Tsukihime, this story involves
                                                                   Soujuurou Shizuki, a boy who stumbles upon a mansion
                                                                   sometime in winter, which houses two witches. Thus, a
                                                                   strange communal life begins with these three people. This
                                                                   game also focuses on Aozaki Aoko.

2012/3/21 INFO Mahoutsukai no Yoru disk has been

To the Japanese, “Master up” Means the DVD/CD has been
finalized and it has been sent for printing and most likely the    Most who have played or watched the series will remember
release date will be revealed soon.                                her as Tohno Shiki’s redhead sensei from his past and the
Source: OHP                                                        one who gave him his glasses to seal off his Mystic Eyes of
                                                                   Death Perception. She was already a sorceress then, but in
                                                                   Mahoyo, Aoko is still a student magus in training together

March 23rd, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

with her teacher and friend Alice Kuonji. Other familiar faces    You can really see Aoko in a different light, with her many
such as Aoko’s sister, Aozaki Touko from Kara no Kyoukai,         expressions being shown in this demo, from her serious face
also makes an appearance in her student days.                     to her ‘dere’ face. The transitions are also unlike what is seen
                                                                  in their usual Type-Moon works. Run using the KiriKiri2
                                                                  engine and in 16:9 widescreen format, it allows for plenty
                                                                  of cinematic scenes. Screenshots don’t do this game justice;
                                                                  you have to play it and see for yourself.
                                                                  An English fan-translated patch has already been released
                                                                  shortly after the demo was available, you can get it in the link

The demo is really amazing, even though playing time
is about 1 to 2 hours at most. It isn’t that long and
                                                                  Perfume goes global, hosts
doesn’t really reveal the plot except for the fact that there’s   MTV Video Music Awards
something strange afoot with the secluded house atop the
mountain that’s Konjuo’s state. It’s clear that the original
two inhabitants are Alice and Aoko and it’s going to be a
journey to find out how a no-good, almost villager-looking
                                                                  By sentinel011 on March 23rd, 2012
Soujuurou ends up rooming with them. Aoko does complain
about him not knowing much and almost wasting her whole
day in touring the school. Alice on the other hand might
be a student from the same school; however, there’s no
official proof as the uniform in not identical, though it can
be explained away with the difference of a decade.

                                                                  Perfume has been making waves throughout Japan with
                                                                  their electro-pop tunes and catchy dance moves, and has
                                                                  gathered enough attention to host this year’s MTV Video
                                                                  Music Awards Japan.
The timeline is messed up here, much like the Kara no             MTV Video Music Awards is an international award show
Kyoukai OVAs. It probably won’t have the 5 chapters back-         held yearly where voters and/or fans can vote for their
to-back, but you never know till the full version comes out,      favorite artist’s music videos.
since this is Nasu’s writing we’re talking about.
                                                                  The show will be held in Chiba at Makuhari Messe Hall
                                                                  on June 23rd, and it is its eleventh year in Japan, with
                                                                  performances by domestic and international artists.
                                                                  Also just a few weeks ago, Perfume announced that they
                                                                  will be going global, after changing their record company
                                                                  from Tokuma Japan Communications to Universal J, the
                                                                  Japanese division of Universal Music.
                                                                  “We want to sell the package as they are now,” said Kimitaka
                                                                  Kato, managing director of Universal International at the
                                                                  label’s Japanese division.
                                                                  “I won’t get them to sing 100 percent in English and not
                                                                  Westernize them at all unless they ask us to,” he continued.
                                                                  “I think with Perfume it’s all about that futuristic Japanese
                                                                  He accurately described Perfume as, “mysterious, futuristic,
                                                                  robotic, doll-type girls, well choreographed with laser
                                                                  beams,” and said that UMG will be playing off of that image.

March 23rd, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

They’ll be starting slowly with Perfume, first promoting the         By magnetic_rose on March 23rd, 2012
girls in Asia, before heading out on a “small showcase tour”
in other territories.
Perfume will also be releasing their latest single, ‘Spring of
Life’, on April 11 under their new label. CDJapan’s pre-orders
of Perfume’s First Press limited edition of the single were
sold out merely 2 days after its release.

                                                                     The Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 in Harajuku will be holding
                                                                     a special “Evangelion Racing Week” from 16th to 31st March
In addition to updating their official website, Perfume has          2012.
launched an official global website aimed at overseas fans.          The highlights of the event include special appearances by
 The global site features an interactive page where you can          the Eva Race Queens and the Evangelion Super GT bikes.
pan 3D dancers made out of Triangles, presumably using
                                                                     Special re-issues of limited edition track-only merchandise
Perfume as a template. The site also features tweets using
                                                                     will also be made available for purchase at the Eva Tokyo-01
the Twitter hashtag #Perfume_um. The official Perfume
                                                                     store during the campaign period.
facebook page has also been released.
                                                                     Source: Tokyo Walker

                                                                     Madoka Magica Film Slated
                                                                     for Fall 2012
                                                                     By magnetic_rose on March 23rd, 2012

The group has launched an official YouTube channel.
The Kirin website also has video clips of the new Hyoketsu
commercial and some making-of footage.
Source: natalie, natalie, tokyohive, 6theory

                                                                     The Chūnichi Shimbun has published a special feature with
Evangelion Store Tokyo-01                                            Puella Magi Madoka Magica director Akiyuki Shinbo.
                                                                     The feature includes information that the Madoka Magica
Hosts Evangelion Racing                                              movie is slated for release in fall of 2012.
Week                                                                 Source: ANN.

March 30th, 2012                                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku
  and Japanese Pop Culture

Super Bride Wars pits “mai
waifu” against yours
By KarbyP on March 30th, 2012

                                                                     For bigger screens, go to GREE’s page for Super Bride
                                                                     Anime series featured include Shin Koihime Musou,
                                                                     Shuffle!, D.C. ~Da Capo~, Boku wa Onee-sama ni
                                                                     Koishiteru, Disgaea, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii
Sorayume’s Super Bride Wars (Cho-Yome Taisen) is a card              Wake ga nai (added in February), and Omamori Himari
battle RPG that features characters – especially those you’d         (March).
want to call “mai waifu” – from various game, manga, and             A new series is added to the game every now and then, but
anime series.                                                        the cards contained in each series are offered for a limited
Players collect character cards to use as avatars, and power         time only.
them up with item cards before sending them out on quests
and combat. As characters level up, the costumes they wear
and other personal artifacts will change. Delve deeper into
the game, and you may gain access to ways of play that take
advantage of the “cross-copyright” nature of Super Bride
War’s content.

March 30th, 2012                                                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                This week NBGI has graced us with not one, but two
                                                                delectable Idolmaster trailers. Why, thank you, NBGI! That’s
                                                                a surefire way to put a smile on anyone’s face… even the
                                                                eternally-blue Chihaya Kisaragi!
                                                                PS3 Idolmaster 2 Catalog No. 06 PV
                                                                The first is a promotional video for DLC that will be making
                                                                its way to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Idolmaster
                                                                2 this Friday (March 30). Like we previously reported, most
                                                                of Catalog No. 06′s content originate from episode 25 of
                                                                the Idolmaster anime: insert song “Watashitachi wa Zutto…
                                                                Desho?” (also known as “Itsumademo, Dokomademo” in the
                                                                anime), the costume “Forever Star”, and performance stage
                                                                “Eternal Big Tree”.
                                                                There is also a “Love Sign” amulet that gives you a different
                                                                Burst Appeal animation (as seen in the video), as well as
                                                                several costumes and accessory sets. Head over to 4Gamer’s
Originally beginning life as an exclusive on 10game             story for a look at all the drool-worthy wardrobe loveliness.
(pronounced “Jugem”), a social game portal for feature
phones, Super Bride Wars has since been ported over to
mixi, Mobage, GREE, and – earlier this month – Hangame.         Imas G4U! (PS3) Play Video VOL.9
Interestingly, you can actually play the Hangame version        Then there’s volume 9 of the Idolmaster photography mini-
on the PC via emulation in addition to on feature phones        game spin-off series Gravure 4 You. This new volume has
and smartphones – just as long as you have a Hangame            a Yukata/sailor swimsuit theme, and puts the spotlight on
account. On the other platforms, Super Bride Wars only          cover girl Chihaya Kisaragi, as well as Ryo Akizuki from
work on handsets (in fact, only on feature phones for mixi      Idolmaster: Dearly Stars (Nintendo DS).
and Mobage).                                                    For those of you unfamiliar with Idolmaster: Dearly Stars,
Super Bride Wars is free-to-play (with paid premium             Ryo Akizuki is Ritsuko Akizuki’s cousin… and is actually
content) and available on Hangame via the following URLs:       a guy. Growing up, the ever-so-effeminate Ryo had often
                                                                been mistaken for a girl. So he aspired to join show-
◇Feature phone version
                                                                business, believing that by becoming an idol he would one
                                                                day develop boyish charms and become suave like Makoto
                                                                (who, ironically, is a gal).
◇PC emulated version
                                                                His wish was eventually granted when he joined talent                 agency 876 Productions, where Ryo was supposed to debut
appId=O_ECU                                                     as a male idol. Unfortunately, when he went to understudy
◇Smartphone version                                             a female idol, said idol fell ill and Ryo was asked by his
                                                                producer to perform in her place to resolve the situation. In                          the end, Ryo did his job so well that he was forced to debut
                                                                as a female idol instead.
Check out 4Gamer’s story here for direct URLs to the game
on the other Japanese social game portals.
Sources: 1, 2, 3, OHP

Idolmaster 2 March DLC and
Gravure 4 You trailers
By KarbyP on March 30th, 2012

                                                                Don’t be fooled… it’s a trap!
                                                                But I digress. For those of you interested in the list of BGM
                                                                tracks and backdrops included for this volume of G4U, check
                                                                out 4Gamer’s story here.
                                                                Like previous volumes, Idolmaster Gravure 4 You! VOL.9
                                                                will be sold only as part of the “Anime & G4U! Pack
                                                                VOL.9″ bundle which also includes the ninth volume of the
                                                                Idolmaster anime on Blu-Ray (episodes 24 and 25, plus
                                                                an extra OVA episode that never aired on TV). A copy of
                                                                the fictitious Idol Gravure Monthly magazine (◇◇◇◇◇◇!!
                                                                VOL.9), plus several other premiums are also in the package.
March 30th, 2012                                                                                          Published by: VR-Zone

Anime & G4U! Pack VOL.9 goes on sale in Japan on June
28, for the price of 9,980 yen.
Some screenshots from Gravure 4 You! VOL.9 (for more, go
to 4Gamer’s gallery):

                                                           Source: 4Gamer

                                                           K-On ! After School Live!! HD
                                                           Ver. Release date set on 21
                                                           By shia on March 30th, 2012

March 30th, 2012                                                                                                          Published by: VR-Zone

Sega has announced the release date for K-On ! After School                By shia on March 30th, 2012
Live!! HD Ver for the PS3.

The game is a port and visual upgrade of the K-On Psp game
that released in 2010.

                                                                           According to VR-Zone Singtel will be offeringoffering the
                                                                           PSVITA with plans soon.
                                                                           The current PSVita on sale in the Singapore market is the
                                                                           Model with only Wi-Fi. There was no official 3G with WiFi
                                                                           for Singapore until now.
                                                                           Singtel will start selling the 3G with Wifi Version
                                                                           SingTel is bringing in the 3G/WiFi version of the PS Vita
                                                                           handheld game console which will begin retailing from 14
                                                                                            Mobile            Mobile            MultiSim
                                                                                            BroadBand         BroadBand
                                                                                            7.2 Plan          7.2 Plan
                                                                            Price of        SGD$99              SGD$419
                                                                            Monthly       SGD$40/mth SGD$17.90/ SGD$10.70/
                                                                           subscription             mth         mth
                                                                            Bundled local 50GB       1GB        N/A
The Special that comes with the game includes a set of 6 IC                data usage
cards and stickers.
                                                                           Customers may pre-order the PS Vita online at http://
                                                                  from 28 March and Singtel will be
                                                                           throwing in SGD$20 Sony Playstation Network Credits if
                                                                           you preorder with them.
                                                                           Source : VR-Zone , OHP

Game Data
================                                                           Phantasy Star Online 2
Title : ◇◇◇◇◇◇ ◇◇◇◇◇◇!! HD Ver.◇(K-On ! After School
                                                                           Closed Beta to release in
Live!! HD Ver.)                                                            April 2012
Maker : Sega                                                               to-release-in-april-2012/
                                                                           By shia on March 30th, 2012
Platform : PS3
                                                                           Sega has announced a sequel to one of their bigger
                                                                           properties, “Phantasy Star Online 2″
Genre : Music

Release date : 21st June 2012

Recommended sales price : 5229 yen

SingTel to offer 3G and Wi-Fi
version of PSVITA with plans

March 30th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                  Sea☆A to sing for anime
                                                                  Arashi no Yoru ni
                                                                  By Sakamoto on March 30th, 2012

The game will be available on the PC, VITA and iOS/
Android. Phantasy Star Online 2 will be free to play with
microtransactions. The smartphone version will be different
from the PC and Vita version, while the PC and Vita versions
have some form of multi platform play. Only the data is
shared with the smartphone version.

                                                                  Sea◇A, anison’s first South-east Asian female idol group that
                                                                  had recently performed at the Anime Festival Asia 2011, will
                                                                  have an upcoming song used in anime “Arashi no Yoru ni
                                                                  ~Stormy Night Secret Friends~”, which tells a tale of a goat
                                                                  and a wolf in search of an “emerald forest” to escape from
                                                                  their clans and live free from persecution.

The release dates are as follows
PC : Summer 2012

Phone : Winter 2012

Vita : Spring 2013

                                                                  You can catch their new anime song at 5:30 Japan time,
                                                                  every Wedensday evening beginning April 4 2012. Sea◇A
                                                                  has recently performed songs for other animel such as
                                                                  “Cardfight!! Vanguard” and “Toriko”.

                                                                  Idolmaster 2 March DLC
                                                                  includes an insert song – the
The beta test will start this April and Sega is accepting close   very last one – from anime
beta users from the 26th of March 2012 1600HRS JST.
Source : Andriasang , Jin115                                      Source:

March 30th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: VR-Zone

By KarbyP on March 30th, 2012

                                                               “Watashitachi wa Zutto… Desho? (We’re Forever… Right?)”
                                                               Source: 1, 2

                                                               Arc System Works announces
                                                               Xblaze at BlazBlue
                                                               By KarbyP on March 30th, 2012
According to a leaked magazine scan, the insert song from
episode 25 of the Idolmaster anime series, “Watashitachi wa
Zutto… Desho?”, is making its way to Idolmaster 2 (PS3) as
DLC next week.
This song is also known as “Itsumademo, Dokomademo”,
which was a temporary working title for the song
accidentally left unchanged in the anime series, due to
miscommunication on Columbia Japan’s part. The title for
the song was corrected when it was released as a track on
The Idolm@ster Anim@tion Master 07 CD.
Apart from the song itself, the costume featured in episode
25 – Forever Star – will also be available as DLC, as well
as a number of other additional costume parts – we’ll find     Arc System Works today announced Xblaze (working title), a
out more when Bandai Namco Games releases the official         new game and the first title in what the BlazBlue, Guilty Gear
Idolmaster 2 March DLC trailer, which should be hitting the    and Persona 4: Arena developer is calling the “Adventure
Internets sometime between now and next week. Do check         Project” series. This means that Xblaze is most likely a visual
back next week for the trailer.                                novel, like the majority of ADV-genre games in Japan –
Also coming next week: expect some sort of Idolmaster-         Steins;Gate is part of 5pb’s “Science Adventure series”, for
related announcement from Anime Contents Expo 2012.            instance.
Like we mentioned in the headline, Watashitachi wa Zutto…      No platform has been named, but Xblaze is currently
Desho?/Itsumademo, Dokomademo is the very last insert          scheduled for a 2012 Winter release in Japan.
song from the Idolmaster anime series. And the DLC comes
out one day before Anime Contents Expo 2012… coincidence       A brief teaser trailer was shown at BlueRevo, an official
much?                                                          BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II tournament where the best
                                                               players from all over Japan (and overseas; at least one
The DLC will hit the PS3 version of Idolmaster on March        team was from the US) competed in teams of 3. The full
30. It is unknown if Xbox 360 users will be able to purchase   tournament and announcement was streamed live over Nico
the content for use in Idolmaster 2 on Microsoft’s platform    Douga as a pay-per-view feed earlier today.
(certain DLC items are PS3-exclusive).
                                                               But if you just want to check out the teaser trailer for XBlaze,
                                                               well, you’re in luck – uploaded some direct-
                                                               feed footage of the teaser, embedded here below for your
                                                               viewing pleasure:
                                                               Some stills from the trailer (from 4Gamer):

March 30th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

                                                               Asiasoft “Bans” Qisahn Over
                                                               Diablo 3 Pricing
                                                               By Sakamoto on March 30th, 2012

                                                               Singapore-based game distributor has waged
                                                               war with Blizzard’s Southeast Asia distributor Asiasoft over
                                                               an alleged “ban” on Qisahn selling Diablo III in Singapore.
                                                               Asiasoft is a big-name distributor in Southeast Asia, hosting
                                                               a large share of other MMO titles in the region, the latest
                                                               being Trion World’s RIFT.
                                                               In a blog post titled “Preorder Diablo III at S$65.90/RM
                                                               $160“, Qisahn alleged that Asiasoft turned off any sort of
                                                               negotiations regarding news about pre-order prices along
                                                               with the launch party and goodies. Quoted by Qisahn in their
                                                               blogpost, “For the past one week, we tried calling / SMS-ing
                                                               daily but the manager is either too busy, on leave, in Malaysia
                                                               or I don’t know, just not responding.”
                                                               Details seem to be very limited at best, but it seems to suggest
                                                               that Qisahn was ready to sell Diablo III below the suggested
                                                               retail price set by Asiasoft. Not too happy about the alleged
                                                               situation, Asiasoft have “banned” Qisahn from their supply

The teaser says that Xblaze is yet another story about the
“Azure” (the crux of BlazBlue’s story revolves around a
weapon known as the Azure Grimoire). However, according
to 4Gamer, Xblaze may or may not be directly related to the
BlazBlue games as we know it – BlazBlue producer Michi
Moritoshi was rather coy when he went on stage to unveil
the game.
                                                               Will players be affected too?
Moritoshi also mentioned that a second title in the
Adventure Project series is also in the works. As for actual   Qisahn is now asking its customers and blog viewers to use
BlazBlue news, he hopes to be able to announce something       their price to muscle a better deal and suggesting it is going
at another major event soon.                                   to import the title from distributors elsewhere. Qisahn has
                                                               already made a name for itself in Singapore and Malaysia,
Source: 1, 2, 3, 4                                             as an online company that usually has better deals on their
                                                               products compared to other retailers. However, Qisahn is
                                                               not free from controversy itself, having admitted to falsely
                                                               selling Hong Kong PSP Vita sets as Singapore sets only a
                                                               couple of weeks ago.
                                                               More news to develop as this saga unfolds.
March 30th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

Source: NGNT                                                              3. Mimura Kanako(CV. Ootsubo Yuka)
                                                                          Song: Shokora Tiara

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
Debut CD release in April
By shia on March 30th, 2012

BandaiNamco will be releasing their first batch of singles for
the game Idolmaster Cinderella Girls.

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls is a spin off social mobile game
from the original Idolmaster series of games.
Idolmaster is a series of games that put the player in the
position of a producer of a group of new idols and turning
them into superstars.
There will be 5 singles debuting in this batch.
1. Shibuya Rin(CV. Fukuhara Ayaka)
Song: Never Say Never

                                                                          4. Takagaki Kaede(CV. Saori Hayami)
                                                                          Song: Koikaze

2. Futaba Anzu(CV. Igarashi Hiromi)
Song: Anzu no Uta

                                                                          5. Jougosaki Riko(CV. Yamamoto Nozomi)
                                                                          Song: Doki Doki Rhythm

March 30th, 2012                                              Published by: VR-Zone

All 5 CDs will be out on the 18th of April 2012 and will be
priced at 700 Yen each.
QR code for the link to Idolmaster Cinderella Girls:

Source: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Game OHP, Idolmaster
OHP, Official Blog, ColombiaMusic Japan


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