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					August 3rd, 2012                                                                                                       Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku                     -      Retailers such as The Card Geeks and Toy Coin will
  and Japanese Pop Culture                                               be attending to satisfy your craving for anime goods!
                                                                         Last but certainly not least, registrations for doujinshi
Arma 2 glitch provides                                                   booths are now officially open with booths available while
                                                                         slots last. Please read and download the Booth Terms and
hilarious dance off                                                      Conditions and Registration Forms from the following links:
Source:                                ACMEIV-
dance-off/                                                               TermsConditions.doc
By Xharky on August 3rd, 2012                                                                  ACMEIV-
Some weird glitch present in the landscape of a vanilla                  BoothRegistration.doc
installation of Arma 2 provides an impromptu stage for a                 All applications must be signed and mailed to (or dropped
dance off between several players…hilarity ensues.                       off at):
                                                                         Kareshi Kanojo no Mise (The Anime House) 1 Selegie Road,
Arma 2 is a First Person Shooter game which differs from                 PoMo #B1-17, Singapore 188306
CoD or Battlefield by realistically simulating all ballistics              Please note that cosplaying in A.C.M.E IV is highly
in the game. Rounds will travel in parabolic trajectories                discouraged by the management of Singapore Expo. More
and are affected by bullet drop tendencies based on their                information will be available in the coming weeks, so stay
calibre. Bullets will also ricochet from surfaces based on the           tuned!
angle which they impact, along with material penetration,
with rounds suffering from velocity and directional changes.
The game also allows extensive mods to be created, with a                Corpse Party OVA in the
complete toolset for developers who intend on making their
own content.                                                             works
And apparently, not just attempting to be a realistic version            By shia on August 3rd, 2012
of CoD or Battlefield, even the player models have savvy
dance moves!

A.C.M.E IV first wave of
highlights revealed
By sentinel011 on August 3rd, 2012

A.C.M.E will be returning for its 4th year, this time in a
bigger and better location! Here are the important details of
A.C.M.E IV that you should take note of.
                                                                         Mages, the company that brought to us Corpse Party
                                                                         announced today 02 August 2012, that they will be
                                                                         producing a new OVA for Corpse party.
                                                                         The new anime, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls will serve
                                                                         as a sequel to Corpse Party: Missing Footage, which was
Date: 25th August 2012                                                   packaged with the limited edition of “Corpse Party Hysteric
Time: 10am to 6pm                                                        Birthday 2U”.

Location: Singapore Expo, Garnet Rooms                                   The original Corpse Party game follows a high school
                                                                         student who are trapped in an elementary school that
And here are some of the highlights of A.C.M.E IV that you               was later demolished and turned into their high school.
should watch out for:                                                    The elementary school is haunted by children who had
-     Bushiroad Trading Card Game tournaments, brought                   disappeared to grisly murders. In “Corpse Party Hysteric
to you by Bushiroad SEA and Genesis Frontier                             Birthday 2U”, an anthology game based off the original,
                                                                         several writers tell the story of the birthday of unfortunate
-       Touhou Hisoten tournament, brought to you by                     Sachiko, one of the students who cursed the school after her
HisoutenSEA community and KKnM.                                          grisly death.

August 3rd, 2012                                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

Mages has not given a date or price on the release of the OVA
as of press time.
Source : ANN

Miku Flick 2 to release with 0
day DLC
By shia on August 3rd, 2012

Famitsu reports that there will be 3 new songs added to Miku
Flick 2 as a DLC that will be released on the same day as the
release date of Miku Flick 2.
Miku Flick is a music game that uses flick, the typing method
of choice for the Japanese language for the iPhone to type
out the lyrics as she sings along.
Miku Flick 2 comes with other vocaloid characters, such as
Rin/Ren and Luka and there will be duet songs. Sega plans
                                                                        Sega might want to look at how things turned out when
to release these 3 songs as a additional DLC pack that will be
                                                                        Mass Effect 3 released with Day 0 DLC contents, the general
released on the same day as Miku Flick 2. The date and price
                                                                        opinion was very negative and to some people it felt like a
are unconfirmed as of press time.
                                                                        cash grab. In my humble opinion, Sega should just package
Cantarella by WhiteFlame                                                it into Miku Flick 2 and charge more or at least delay the DLC
                                                                        for a few weeks so as to not ruffle the feathers of consumers..

                                                                        Title : Miku Flick 2
                                                                        Maker #Sega

                                                                        Date of release#Soon


                                                                        Platform#iPhone#iPod touch#iPad#iOS 5.0###

                                                                        Copyright##C)SEGA #C) Crypton Future Media, Inc
                                                                        Source : Famitsu

                                                                        Kyuubey asks if you would
Gemini by Dixie Flatline
                                                                        like to sign a credit card
                                                                        By shia on August 3rd, 2012

                                                                        Kyuubey here has a interesting preposition for you, it asks if
                                                                        you would like to sign for a Madoka Magica Credit card.

Colorful X Sexy by Team MOER

August 3rd, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

Kotaku Japan reports that the Orient corporation will be
bringing Madoka Magica Mastercard to the market and it
will feature the 5 ill-fated magical girls from Madoka Magica
in collaboration with the launch of the movie. The card is
named “Mahou Shoujyo Madoka#Magica Mastercard UPty”

Card Benefits
   • No yearly fee
   • As long as card is used once a year, there will not be a
     card fee.
   • if you sign up before 20th August 2012 , 200 lucky
     winners will get tickets to the Madoka Movies(part
   • 8 different original premium cards will be randomly
     sent to you                                                       At the conference, Festival Directors Mr Haruhiko Miyano
                                                                       from Dentsu and Mr Shawn Chin from SOZO spoke towards
With such benefits I would like to sign up too! But there must         an audience of sponsors, partners, media and bloggers,
be some catch right ?                                                  sharing what’s in store for us in Singapore this year.
Well, it is a revolving credit card and might have a very high
interest rate on the credit you use and hence fall into a debt
trap , as expected of Kyuubey that devious little thing!

Mahou Shoujyo Madoka#Magica Mastercard UPty is now
available for contract on their official site. Would you like to
be contracted too?

Source : Kotaku Japan, OHP

Anime Festival Asia 2012                                               Mr Haruhiko Miyano spoke of the increased response of
contents and guest line up                                             content partners, and introduced a new concept that will
                                                                       be replacing the Cool Japan segment in the previous AFAs
revealed in today’s press                                              called Japan Future Entertainment.
By sentinel011 on August 3rd, 2012

Southeast Asia waits in anticipation as to what would be the
guest list and programs for this year’s Anime Festival Asia in
Singapore will be like. The first venue of the very first AFA,
Singapore is looking to end the year with an awesome first
release line-up.
AFA is known for many things, and one of it is its unique
content creation. The Anime Festival Asia held in Singapore
is AFA’s flagship event, and we are promised that only the
best will be available in Singapore.

                                                                       Partners such as Amuse, A-Sketch, Horipro and King
                                                                       Records are currently in the list. If you do not know who
                                                                       they are, they are the managing companies of past, present
                                                                       and future artistes performing in Anime Festival Asia and J-
                                                                       Live Asia. These companies will be having booths showing
                                                                       exclusive content at AFA12. More companies are currently

August 3rd, 2012                                                                                        Published by: VR-Zone

in the works, so we can expect to see more in the next wave
of updates from AFA.
Without further ado, we present to you the special guests
announced earlier this afternoon.
Special Guests
Shinichiro Watanabe

                                                               Danny Choo has definitely branched out and worked in
                                                               tandem with AFA over the years, having supported the event
                                                               with his Mirai Millennium as we as being the event’s official
                                                               host. The jovial host’s own content has spawned out a web
                                                               portal, TV show and products about Japanese pop culture!

                                                               Featured Content
                                                               “K” anime showcase

Easily one of the most influential directors of the anime
industry to incorporate music heavily into his works,
Watanabe has worked on many hit anime series such as
“Macross Plus”, “Cowboy Bebop” and “Samurai Champloo”.
The director has also worked together with Yoko Kanno on
the recently concluded anime series “Sakamichi no Apollon”,
with the last time working with the musical matriarch
since “Cowboy Bebop”. We thoroughly enjoy the musical
productions and direction he has done with his anime, and
can’t wait to see what he has to say on his journey in anime

Go Nakanishi                                                   Upcoming anime “K” will be featured in AFA this year!
                                                               The visuals and camera directions of this anime were
                                                               outstanding, based on the short clip shown to us during the
                                                               press conference. To further up the ante with content, there
                                                               will be a separate cosplay competition focusing on the title,
                                                               with the grand prize sending the winner to Japan for a future
                                                               “K” event as an official cosplayer!
                                                               In addition, AFA’s guest cosplayers will be cosplaying as
                                                               characters of the anime series. Do look out for them!
                                                               Anime KARAOKE MA’☆ (pronounced as ‘Master)

Go Nakanishi is no stranger to AFA, having attended last       The latest iOS app specializing in Japanese Anime opening
year. This year, the top anime producer will share and         and ending theme songs will be showcased in AFA12! the
feature his latest work, “K” in AFA. More details as we        app allows you to adjust various options such as volume,
explain further down below!                                    pitch and tempo controls on top of its main karaoke function.
                                                               You can post scores on Twitter once you are done. The app
                                                               also allows one to practice their Japanese as it displays both
Danny Choo                                                     phonetic English and the original Japanese lyrics.

August 3rd, 2012                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

Guest Cosplayers


                                                             T.M. Revolution

KANAME# has been with AFA since its second year, have
have attended every available AFA ever since, including
the past Malaysia and the upcoming Indonesia AFAs. His
cosplay still astounds many current cosplayers, and his
vision and advice still inspires both cosplayers and anime
fans alike.


                                                             T.M Revolution, also known as “Takanori Makes
                                                             Revolution“, is no stranger to both the Japanese pop scene as
                                                             well as the Anison scene. Takanori Nishikawa is no stranger
                                                             to singing for anime titles, as Rurouni Kenshin’s third ending
                                                             theme “Heart of Sword (Yoake Mae)” was also Nishikawa’s
                                                             third single. His fanbase has soared since then, and TMR has
                                                             since sang for numerous anime titles, such as Mobile Suit
                                                             Gundam SEED, Darker than Black, Sengoku BASARA, Soul
                                                             Eater, Bleach, and many more.
We can’t help but to be captivated by SINGI’s cosplays.
Simple characters are portrayed with aplomb, depending       Nishikawa is also no stranger to attending and performing
on the character’s personality. We are looking forward to    overseas conventions, having been to Taiwan, New York, and
her elaborate cosplay showcases and attendance at this       other various conventions in USA.
year’s AFA12.                                                Fans not only from Singapore, but Southeast Asia will surely
                                                             anticipate TMR’s high octane performance come November
                                                             at Anime Festival Asia!
I Love Anisong – Electric Groove


August 3rd, 2012                                                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                titled “Blayblue”. FLOW has performed the first series’
                                                                first opening theme, “Days”. They have performed for AFA
                                                                Malaysia earlier in June this year, and will return later in the
                                                                year to perform for their fans and Anison lovers this coming


Four popular voice actresses who are selected to become
Anison’s idol unit are made even bigger through Sphere!
                                                                Composer Satoshi Yajinuma (SAT) and voice actress
Sphere consists of the following voice actresses:               Yoshino Nanjo made up this synthpop group. Fans of the
- Haruka Tomatsu (Nagi from Kannagi, Naruko Anjo from           current fripside will definitely know that they have produced
AnoHana, Ichika Takatsuki from Ano Natsu de Matteru,            theme songs for popular anime series “To aru Kagaku no
Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online)                              Railgun”. Under their belt are 5 singles (three which hit the
- Minako Kotobuki (Mugi from K-On!, Rika Dobashii from          top 5 Oricon weekly charts) and 2 albums. The duo have
Hatsukoi limitied, Yuko from A Channel, Karina Lyle/Blue        performed at Animelo Summer Live twice. Check them out
Rose from Tiger & Bunny )                                       at AFA this year!
- Ayahi Takagaki ( Feldt Grace from Mobile Suit Gundam
00, Noe Isurugi from True Tears, Touko Zaizen from
Inazuma Eleven, Wakana Sakai from Tari Tari)                    SEA*A
- Aki Toyosaki (Yui from K-On!, Momo Deviluke from
Motto To Love-Ru, Momoka Oginome from Mawaru
Penguindrum, Chiyuri Kurashima from Accel World)
Anime fans will rejoice that not one, not two, but four voice
actresses are coming to Singapore! Not to mention, two of
them have attended AFA’09 with the rest of the K-On cast.
Sphere has performed numerous concerts in Japan and also
at the largest Anison concert in the world, Animelo Summer


                                                                The wonderful local girls of SEA*A will be performing at
                                                                their fourth AFA, their second time in Singapore! We are
                                                                especially proud of local talent, and SEA*A’s songs are no
                                                                slouch, with DREAM SHOOTER being one of the theme
                                                                songs for Cardfight! Vanguard anime series! Do not miss out
                                                                on their bubbly dances and songs!


Southeast Asia will never get enough of FLOW’s electrifying
performance, and this will be the third time performing in
Singapore! We sure hope that FLOW will be performing
their latest song from the recent Eureka Seven AO series,

August 3rd, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

May’n has grown together with Anime Festival Asia since
2008, from a young artiste to a veteran performer, holding
regional concert tours as well as large localized concert
tours. Her most recent song, “Chase the World”, was sung
for the hit anime series “Accel World”. Singapore will once
again be fired up by May’n's performance.

After the press conference, media guests had a photo op with
the butlers and maids from all three AFAs, as well as its first
Regional Cosplay Championship winner-turned-judge Clive
Lee in his wonderful Unicorn Gundam costume.

                                                                  With such an awesome line-up and contents for the fans,
                                                                  they will no doubt be elated. As this is the first round, there
                                                                  is no mention of the ticket pricing nor when will the online
                                                                  ticketing sales be launched for its I Love Anisong segment.
                                                                  Check out our article at a later time as we continue to update
                                                                  more on AFA12′s first wave of contents!
                                                                  More information can be accessed through Anime Festival
                                                                  Asia’s facebook and official site.

                                                                  Star Wars: The Old Republic
                                                                  officially going Free2Play

August 3rd, 2012                                                                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

By Xharky on August 3rd, 2012                                             01 August onwards. From 6th August to 19th August, Bandai
Turns out all the speculations were true, and player hopes                Namco plans to put up more posters of different designs at
have been fulfilled. EA|Bioware has officially announced                  more locations. A small sample of posters are available in the
that their hulk of a MMO; Star Wars: The Old Republic, will               gallery below.
be transitioning to a Free2Play model sometime later this                 IdolM@ster Cinderella Girls is a spin-off social game based
year.                                                                     off the wildly popular game “The Idolm@ster” that is on the
Free2Play players will be able to reach the current level                 mobile phone platform. Bandai Namco has invited over 100
50 cap in the game, and will also have access to all 8                    popular artists to draw the illustrations of the idols in the
classes. However, there will be minor restrictions that have              form of cards. Players can collect cards of the idols and train
to be removed through microtransactions (so you still have                them to become the No.1 top idol unit.
to pay…something). When new content and level caps are
introduced, Free2Play players will have to purchase them,
either through subscribing, or through individual purchases.
For existing subscribers however, they will receive an
allowance of the new cash shop currency ‘Cartel Coins’ for
every month that they have subscribed to the game since its
launch, until the Free2Play release date.
After the Free2Play launch, existing subscribers can
continue their subscription, and they will receive
unrestricted access to all ingame features, content and any
future updates. They will also be given a certain amount of
Cartel Coins every month for spending in the cash item store.
A bonus amount of Cartel Coins will be given based on the
number of months they have subscribed to SWTOR before
the Free2Play launch.
Star Wars: The Old Republic will also be going on sale this
month, for US$14.99 including a 1 month subscription.

Sources: Official Press Release, SWTOR Free2Play Page

IdolM@ster Cinderella Girls
to “hijack” Akihabara train
station advertisement spots
Source:   Source : 4Gamer, OHP
By shia on August 3rd, 2012
                                                                          Piko to attend this year’s
                                                                          By sentinel011 on August 3rd, 2012

                                                                          Famed nico singer Piko announced at a live concert in Hong
                                                                          Kong yesterday evening that he will be attending STGCC this

Bandai Namco has announced on the 31st July 2012
that they would be promoting their mobile social game
“Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls” for the iPhone/Docomo
market by running advertisements at both the JR Akihabara
station and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line’s Akihabara station.
Bandai Namco has named the campaign “Akihabara Station                    At the 14th ACGHK with an estimate of 700,000 attendees,
Advertisement Hijack” and will be putting up posters from                 Piko mentioned to the 5,000 strong audience that he will be

August 3rd, 2012                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

attending Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention
2012 on the 1st and 2nd of September. It is not known if he
will be there for a performance, or purely a meet-and-greet
session, or maybe both. Nonetheless, Utaite fans will rejoice
with Piko’s appearance at STGCC.
While confirmation has come from Piko’s side, no public
word has been confirmed from STGCC as yet. We expect fans
eagerly waiting for more details to be revealed by STGCC.
Source: musicman-net

OniAi to air in October, 1st
trailer streamed
By shia on August 3rd, 2012

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne, also
known as OniAi in short, will be airing this October and the
production company T.O Entertainment has released the 1st
trailer for our viewing pleasure.
The story revolves around Akito, who was separated from
his twin sister, Akiko while they were young, and after some
circumstances, they are living together again and going to
the same high school. Akiko has a severe brother complex
while Akito fends off his younger sister’s advances in a light
hearted romance comedy.
Daisuke Suzuki, whom is the author of the series, launched
the series in 2010 with illustrations by Gekka Uruu. The light
novel series has over 430,000 copies in print.
Suzuki’s previous works include the hilarious Goshuushou-
sama Ninomiya kun, that lead to the animation adaptation
of the series with the same name.
Our previous news about the series can be found here.
Source : ANN, OHP

August 8th, 2012                                                                                                       Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku                   Steins;Gate skin released for
  and Japanese Pop Culture
                                                                       Feel On “comics experience”
                                                                       Twitter app
Game Review: Record of                                                 Source:

Agarest War Mariage PSP                                                comics-experience-twitter-app/
                                                                       By KarbyP on August 8th, 2012
By sentinel011 on August 8th, 2012

                                                                       Feel On! for Twitter by Japanese app developer LisB (read
                                                                       “L is B”) is an iPhone Twitter client that lets you frame your
                                                                       thoughts in comic or manga-style panels, and publish them
Gratuitous fan service, annoyingly hard bosses and
                                                                       to the popular social network.
inter-generational relationships, Record of Agarest War
Mariage[アアアアアアア Mariage] (Agarest M)(Yes it is written as              The app was released throughout the world in the regional
                       th                                              iTunes app stores of 139 countries last year.
“Mariage” ) is the 4 in the series of Adventure RPG that
Compile heart has put onto the market.                                 But the version you really want is the one from the Japanese
                                                                       iTunes store.
Record of Agarest War Mariage was released on 19 July 2012
by compile heart and goes for 6,090 yen for the normal                 That’s the only one that has access to a Steins;Gate skin for
edition and 8,190 yen for the limited edition.                         the app, released earlier today as an in-app purchase for
                                                                       existing users of Feel On! for Twitter in Japan.
                                                                       The Steins;Gate skin costs 350 yen from the iTunes app
                                                                       store, while the app itself is free to use.
                                                                       This is the first in-app purchase – ever – for the Feel On!
                                                                       Twitter client, and we get the feeling that it won’t be the
                                                                       last. Especially since 5pb and MAGES head honcho Shikura
                                                                       Chiyomaru is a pretty big fan of Twitter.
The limited edition also includes a pencil board, a materials          Plus, Twitter plays a pretty heavy role in Robotics;Notes,
book and a set of posters of the heroines.                             5pb and Nitroplus’s latest entry in the Science Adventure
If you like blatant fan service, grinding levels and brutal boss       series of visual novels that takes place in the same universe
fights in a J-RPG this is the game for you.                            as Steins;Gate, in the year 2020.

Read our full review here!                                             This is just speculation on our part, but we think that at some
                                                                       point in the future – say, sometime after Robotics;Notes
                                                                       begins its TV anime run on Fuji TV’s Noitamina time slot
                                                                       later this year in October – LisB and MAGES will probably
                                                                       work on releasing a Robotics;Notes skin for the Twitter

August 8th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

client as well. It’d make perfect sense – but again, all of that
is pure speculation right now.
It’s not like we have access to an actual time machine, or the
ability to receive D-mails from the future, after all.
… Or do we?

                                                                   Source: Feel On, 5PB Mobile site

                                                                   Miku Flick 02 30-second
                                                                   trailer recaps all of the
                                                                   sequel’s new features

August 8th, 2012                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

By KarbyP on August 8th, 2012

“Hatsune Miku is baaaack on the iPhone!” the playful voice
of Saki Fujita teases in this new 30-second promotional
trailer for the soon-to-be-released iPhone game app, Miku
Flick 02.
Like its predecessor, this rhythm-action sequel has players
perform taps and flicks on a Japanese-style smartphone
keyboard in sync to a number of popular Vocaloid songs
performed by digital singer Hatsune Miku. This time round,
her friends Kagamine Rin, Len, and Megurine Luka will also
join in on the fun. Some of the songs here will be duets.
This new trailer is nowhere near as satisfying to watch as the
previous, two-and-a-half-minutes-long play video that Sega
released for the app.
For the most part the new trailer is a recap on all the new
features Sega is adding to Miku Flick 02. Apart from the
addition of an “Extreme” difficulty level, which is a notch
above “Hard”, there will also be three new modes of play:
Replay, Karaoke, and Climax.
Only one of the modes is clearly defined on the game app’s
official website: Replay mode is where you go to view your
best hi-score or “super play” performances.
Karaoke mode is pretty self-explanatory, which leaves us
with Climax mode, which we’re not entirely sure refers to
what exactly. Could this be the new name for the nigh-
impossible “Break the Limit” mode in the original Miku
The official website has also been updated with a list of songs
(nine tracks + one hidden… any good guesses on what the
hidden track might be?) that will be included in the game.
Like we previously reported, the game will also support DLC
song packs, the first of which contains three duet songs.

August 8th, 2012                                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                      The game will feature voice samples and photos of idols
                                                                      simulating Valentine’s Day, Xmas, Wedding and other red
                                                                      carpet events. The “Super Deluxe Box” is to include

                                                                          • 1 copy of AKB 1/153: Love Election (2UMD for the PSP
                                                                          • 4 making of DVDs with AKB 48 idols totaling 400 mins
                                                                          • 3 making of DVDs with SKE 48 idols totaling 300 mins
                                                                          • 2 making of DVDs with NMB 48 idols totaling 200
                                                                          • 1 making of DVDs with HKT 48 idols totaling 100 mins
                                                                          • A 150 pages swimsuit photobook featuring all 153 idols
                                                                          • 10 Photos of the idols
                                                                          • Code for downloadable content

Miku Flick 02 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (iOS 5.0
and above) will be released on the iTunes App Store soon
(date is to be determined), to be sold in Japan for 900 yen.          The “Super Deluxe Box” will be on sale for 14,679 JPY. The
As with the first Miku Flick, an English international version        standard edition will be priced at 7,329 JPY. The pre-orders
of the app is also planned for release in the near future.            will come with an additional three idol photos. AKB 1/153:
                                                                      Love Election will be on sale in Japan on December 20.
Source: Miku Flick/02 -アアアアアア/02-アアアアアアアアiPhoneアア
アアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアア                                  Source: ANN, SiliconEra, Jefusion, Japandman, アアア

                                                                      The next Final Fantasy XIII
AKB48 3rd Dating Sim now                                              Sequel will be announced on
for PSP & PS Vita                                                     September 1st
Source:   Source:
ps-vita/                                                              will-be-announced-on-september-1st/
By GermanSausage on August 8th, 2012                                  By GermanSausage on August 8th, 2012
More cheers for getting a PSP or a Vita this Christmas.               On September 1, the next Final Fantasy XIII title will
                                                                      be announced at the Final Fantasy Anniversary event at
                                                                      According to Famitsu, Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase has
                                                                      confirmed with the gaming magazine that work on the sequel
                                                                      has “just begun”. More information will be revealed by the
                                                                      publisher during the anniversary event at the “Final Fantasy
                                                                      XIII Lightning Saga: New Development Presentation”.
                                                                      Square Enix has been constantly intheheadlines with good
                                                                      and bad news, as well as many floating rumours about its
                                                                      Source: Kotaku, Andriasang
For AKB, this will be it’s 3rd dating simulation game. AKB
1/153: Love Election is published for the PSP and Vita. The
dating simulation to be published by Namco Bandai will                Arc System Works has
feature idols from AKB48, SKE48, NMB 48 and HKT 48.
Making a total of 153 idols for players to meet, date and
                                                                      unveiled the new Blazblue
progress all the way to the nuptials.                                 Chrono Phantasma

August 8th, 2012                                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

By Kyoka on August 8th, 2012

                                                              Amane = Neshiki

Arc System Works has just revealed their new successor
to the fan favourite Blazblue franchise. Known as Blazblue
Chrono Phantasma, was announced at Arc System Works’s
yearly event “BlueFes 2012 -Riot Summer Again-” just
The game has new updates and features, and introduces 3
new characters to join the fray. The game is scheduled to
launch in Japanese arcades by winter 2012, while location
tests will take place at Akihabara’s Hey arcade from August
6 through August 12. So if you’re in Japan, do have a sneak
preview of the game. Arc System Works has a promotional
video shown below, also screend during its sunday event.
New updates:
                                                              Source: 4Gamer
   • Renewed background graphics
   • Character design drawn by Mr. Toshimichi Mori            Ano Hana theatrical release
     ( Director and Producer of the Blzablue series)
   • New game BGM music
                                                              dated for Summer 2013
   • 3 new characters “Amane = Nishiki”, “Barrett” and        for-summer-2013/
      “Azrael”                                                By shia on August 8th, 2012

   • Changes to the design parts of existing characters       Oreteki reports that the theatrical release for “Ano hi
                                                              mieta hana no namae wo bokutachi ha mada shiranai”(Ano
   • Added new moves to existing characters
                                                              Hana) has been dated for Summer 2013. Unfortunately it is
   • Configurations and screen changes ( guard primer now     unknown as of press time if there will be any changes in the
     not shown)                                               staff producing it.

Barret                                                        Ano Hana is follows the story of 5 kids who have grown
                                                              up after growing apart due to a unfortunate accident that
                                                              claimed the life of one of their friends, in which the main
                                                              protagonist, Jinta has become a shut-in after the accident,
                                                              until one day he starts seeing the ghost of Meiko , the girl
                                                              who had died in the accident. She returns with an unfulfilled
                                                              wish that she has forgotten and hopes that Jinta can fulfill it.

August 8th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

Mages is developing the game for Ano Hana and it will be on
the PSP and it will be release on the 30th August 2012. Read
more about it from our earlier post here.
Source : oreteki , Ano Hana Movie OHP

Sony releases 5th                                                  Colors
Anniversary Hatsune Miku S
Series Walkman
By Kyoka on August 8th, 2012

                                                                   Walkman Neck Strap

                                                                   Special interview with
                                                                   Arisaka Mika
                                                                   By bj0rN on August 8th, 2012

                                                                   Early last month, jazz singer Mika Arisaka was in town for
                                                                   the grand opening of KAWARA Cafe & Bar. We are happy to
                                                                   be able to meet up with her for a little chat and interview.
Its been five years since the huge success of the ever popular
                                                                   For those who are unaware of who she is, Mika Arisaka
vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku sang to the hearts of fans
                                                                   sang for one of the Gundam SEED ending themes, titled
everywhere, and to commemorate its 5th anniversary Sony
                                                                   “Life Goes On”. She is also pretty well-known amongst
has released its Limited Edition series of Hatsune Miku S
                                                                   the Japanese Jazz community; SGCafe dropped by her
                                                                   performance at The Still Bar prior.
Limited to only 3939 units per walkman design, it comes
in Black or Turquoise. Why the strange limited quantity
number you ask? It appears to be a word play on Miku’s
name, “Mi” refers to the number 3, or “Mitsu” and “Ku”
meaning the number 9 in japanese, which is properly
pronounced as “kyu”, hence the term Mikumiku “3939″.
This special walkman is only available in Sony Japan priced
at 12,800 Yen without speakers, and 15,800 Yen with

   • Original 5th Anniversary Hatsune Miku Walkman
     wallpaper art
   • Shipped with Pre-installed full version of “Fragments         How’s your stay in Singapore so far and what do you think
     of the star”                                                  of it?
   • Official numbered serial number engraved on back of           It has been wonderful! There’s good food and I had Ginger
     Walkman with original art                                     Chicken and Bak Kut Teh. There was some Garden Festival
   • Bonus Hatsune Miku Walkman neck strap                         at the Orchid Garden now but I can’t attend it sadly even
                                                                   though I like flowers. I haven’t been to much Asian countries,
                                                                   only Bali and Thailand. Too bad the Merlion is under
                                                                   construction so I couldn’t get to see the real thing. I think
Source : Hatsune Miku Project F Official website
                                                                   Singapore is amazing. There’s so many things to see and all
                                                                   here and I hope I do have enough time to explore more.
                                                                   I’ll definitely would love to come back again.
                                                                   Great show on Friday at Still Bar with DJ Takizawa Kentaro,
                                                                   I would presume it’s your first performance in Singapore?
                                                                   Yes, it’s my first time in Singapore however it’s not my
                                                                   first time to perform with Kentaro. We’ve collaborated on
Back Design                                                        numerous occasions in Japan for a long time. I also have a
                                                                   choir with about a hundred children called the Sun Showers.

August 8th, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

More about yourself, so what got you into music and                 I’m trying to get the Sun Showers together and go to Tohoku
performance? You even went to pursue studies in America             region to get the children from both there and Tokyo to get
at Berklee College of Music.                                        together to make a live album. I would like to make my own
                                                                    jazz album and have guest to collaborate together. I’m more
I was born in Japan with two elder brothers and an elder
                                                                    interested in teaching nowadays rather than doing my own
sister. They are a lot older than I am and as I grew up, I listen
                                                                    stuff. It’s great to see my student have their own releases and
to various kind of music, such as Reggae, Rock, R&B, Funk,
                                                                    watch them go far. I still sing with Reggae Disco Rockers but
Classical as well. I also play the classical piano as a child. I
                                                                    we’re probably gonna make something next year.
then decided to go to the States to live with my sister when I
was 15 and spent about 10 years there and went to Berklee           —–
College of Music. I was heavily involved in Jazz there and          We hope she will be back in sunny Singapore for more
eventually I decided that I want to be a vocalist.                  local delicacies as well as spreading the love for jazz and all
How was life in America for you during the times you pursue         things good. SGCafe wishes Mika Arisaka continued success
music there?                                                        and fulfilment with her career and life ahead.
It’s been 12 years since I’ve been back so it was before the
9/11 when I was there. It was interesting with a lot of things      [By: Bj0rN; Editor: sentinel011]
like cultural influences, racial and political issues. I tried to
find my identity there as an Asian and a Japanese, so it was
a refreshing experience there.                                      World Cosplay Summit 2012
                                                                    By sakurazaki on August 8th, 2012

                                                                    This year’s World Cosplay Summit has shown a myriad of
                                                                    cosplayers from all over the world with beautifully crafted
                                                                    armor and costumes. What makes this year’s WCS different
                                                                    from last year’s? Let’s find out!
                                                                    The “World Cosplay Summit” also known as WCS, was
                                                                    created to promote international exchange through the
                                                                    Japanese youth culture of manga and anime. The cosplay
                                                                    event sponsored by TV Aichi has grown from a weekend
                                                                    event in 2003 to an international event comprising of the
                                                                    parade and championship. The event is now held annually
                                                                    on the Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend of August
                                                                    since 2006.
So you’ve also sang for some animes along the way, how              The World Cosplay championship began in 2005 and
is it different to sing for an anime compared to what you           is designed to determine a Grand Champion through
normally do?                                                        stage performances by representative teams from each
It was different in a way. They have all sorts of theme,            participating country. The championship is graded on the
especially Gundam. There’s like a written image for it where        finish of the costume design and the teams performance on
I was to try write the song to fit the theme of the series and      stage.
had to do my research. I also added in some homage to it with       This year, England, Indonesia and Russia have joined
the first Gundam series with ” moeagare” and i used that in         to bring the total participating nations to 20. The
‘Life Goes On’ to try to make a connection.
                                                                    championships held on the 4th of August 2012 has just come
What are your source of inspiration and motivation to be a          to an end and indeed it has been one of the most exciting
singer?                                                             years. With amazing performances and fabulous costumes
With music, I can communicate with people and its like              that one will only witness once every few years!
an international language that I can connect people with.
That really inspires me to encourage a lot of children to
sing especially with a live band. It’s somewhat different from
karaoke but the feeling of performing with a live band is a
whole new experience for them too. It’s one of my lifetime
work to provide these opportunities for them.
It’s been quite awhile since your last album release. Any
future plans of releasing new singles or albums? Or do you
plan to do more live performances like what we saw on
Friday at Still Bar?

August 8th, 2012                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

                                                          The Best Wig award went to team Brazil

Representatives waiting for the results to be announced
Team Japan won the top prize clinching the Championship
title for the World Cosplay Summit 2012!

                                                          The Brother award went to Team Singapore once again

Team Singapore placed second with a breath taking
performance and commendable costumes

                                                          Italy claims the prize for faithfulness to the original series

Team Indonesia placed third with their amazing costumes
and well-choreographed performance

August 8th, 2012                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

Performances from the other countries

                                        For more information check out the following websites
                                        WCS Official Website :
                                        e/WCS Twitter Main Site :

August 10th, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku                  A.C.M.E IV: Bushiroad
  and Japanese Pop Culture
                                                                      announces TCG tournament
                                                                      schedule, groups release
Miku Flick 02 released in                                             information of their wares
iTunes Japan and Singapore,                                           Source:

new 60-second trailer                                                 tcg-tournament-schedule-groups-release-information-of-their-wares/
                                                                      By sentinel011 on August 10th, 2012
features “Just Be Friends”                                            More exciting news ahead, with A.C.M.E IV announcing
Source:   their Bushiroad tournament schedule of their card games,
japan-and-singapore-new-60-second-trailer-features-just-be-friends/   while doujin groups Colleteral Damage Studios and
By KarbyP on August 10th, 2012                                        Metronome dish out new wares for sale at the venue.

                                                                      Bushiroad TCG Tournament schedule and details at A.C.M.E
Sega has just released Miku Flick 02 on the iTunes app store
                                                                      This is the day that all Bushiroad TCG fans have been waiting
and – guess what – it’s available to Singapore iTunes account
                                                                      for! Today we will be revealing the format and schedule of
holders! I kid you not: you can buy the app right now for S
                                                                      all Bushiroad TCG tournaments at A.C.M.E this year, so all
$13.98! In Japan it’s sold for 900 yen.
                                                                      Bushiroad fans, sit tight and start reading!
We’ve also checked the US iTunes app store, and it appears
that currently Miku Flick 02 has not gone live over there yet.
                                                                      Weiss Schwarz Tournament
Keep in mind, though, that the iTunes app store updates at
different times for different regions; so US readers, if you          Time: Registration starts from 10am                  to   10.45am,
check back with Apple later in the day, who knows, you might          tournament starts from 11am to 3pm
indeed be able to spend your day happily Miku-flicking.               Number of participants: 256
To commemorate the game’s release, Sega has also put out a
                                                                      Format: Double elimination, random pairing
new 60-second trailer, this time featuring Megurine Luka’s
Just Be Friends.
Like the previous trailer, this one also recaps all the new           Cardfight!! Vanguard Japanese tournament
capabilities added in 02. This new trailer also offers a good         Time: Registration starts from 1pm to 1.45pm, tournament
look at what we believe to be Climax Mode.                            starts from 2pm to 6pm
We’re not hundred-percent certain of this yet, but pay                Number of participants: 128
attention to the new trailer and you’ll see that at one point
Sega shows the game being played with a single virtual                Format: Double elimination, random pairing
button (with a musical note on it), as opposed to the
traditional Japanese virtual keyboard.
                                                                      Cardfight!! Vanguard English tournament
That, we think, is Climax Mode – a super-easy mode where
you can focus on taking in the sights and sounds rather than          Time: Registration starts from 2pm to 2.45pm, tournament
worry about typing the wrong Kana and what not.                       starts from 3pm to 6pm
                                                                      Number of participants: 64
Head over to the iTunes app store today to get it, pronto!
Source: Miku Flick 02                                                 Format: Double elimination, random pairing

August 10th, 2012                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

Chaos TCG tournament
Time: Registration starts from 2pm to 2.45pm, tournament
starts from 3pm to 6pm
Number of participants: 32

Format: Double elimination, random pairing
                                                                Superscenic 2 collects the original works from the nine
                                                                active artists within the CDS team along with some
Victory Spark tournament
                                                                commissioned works that we have done in the past over
Time: Registration starts from 2pm to 2.45pm, tournament        80 pages of A4 prettiness. Xeph, WaHa, Tragic Comedy,
starts from 3pm to 6pm                                          Haimerejzero, GreenTeaNeko, JUN, IdleErrant, Setsuri
Number of participants: 32                                      and Semi-Shigure. Some of them had been with the team
                                                                since its formation while others had only joined as recent
Format: Double elimination, random pairing                      as last year.

Of course, the tournaments will be held at A.C.M.E, at the
following date and location:
Date: 25th August 2012
Location: Singapore Expo, Garnet Rooms
                                                                Check out what lurks beneath the minds of these artists
Hopefully this information will help all TCG players to plan    when left un-inhibited by fandom. Enjoy their individuality
their schedule in advance. Have fun in your games, and good     and their styles as they illustrate their imaginary worlds.
luck!                                                           Learn from the team’s experience of working with each
                                                                other and working with clients to create some really pretty
—–                                                              artworks.
Continuing on, we have the doujin groups Colleteral             The book itself will be officially launched at Singapore
Damage Studios and Metronome teasing us of what’s in store      Toys Games Comics Convention 2012 (STGCC) on 1st-2nd
for us:                                                         September 2012 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall at
Colleteral Damage Studios: Superscenic 2: The Definitive        the price of $50. If you buy at STGCC, you will get the
Collateral Damage Studios Artwork Collection – Pre-order        book and two postcards, all within a specially designed bag
your copy at A.C.M.E IV!                                        to carry them in. The preorder price is $46 and it comes
                                                                with an extra print. To preorder, simply drop by the CDS
                                                                booth at either ACME (EXPO on 25 Aug) or ICDS (Ngee
                                                                Ann Polytechnic on 26 Aug) and leave your name/contact
                                                                number and email. As a promise, you will also need to leave
                                                                behind a $1 deposit. Yes, just one gold-looking coin. Then
                                                                collect it on the day of STGCC itself. If you are unable to
                                                                collect, we can make arrangements for you to collect your
The first Superscenic, #CDS0001, was put together by the        pre-ordered copy at another event.
original Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) artists back in
2007. It was announced during the first Kaleidoscope and
debuted at EOY of the same year. A compilation artbook
featuring the work of various artists in the group and some
guest art, it was unlike anything else the doujin community
had offered then. It captured the spirit of the young group
then; the raw skills and talents along with an earnest desire
                                                                Subsequently, Superscenic 2 will be available at future
to showcase their works to the public.
                                                                events that CDS goes to and, if we are lucky, some
Five years on, thanks to all the support the community          bookstores.
had given the group, CDS had grown to be popular and
more importantly, better. Going by product number, we
had produced about thirty products by now. It was time to
test our limits and do something memorable to mark the
occasion, something both familiar and different from what
we usually do.
It was time for another Superscenic 2.
                                                                We are also giving away two fully autographed copy of the
                                                                book for only $1 for anyone who helps us spread the word
                                                                around. Just follow some simple steps.
                                                                1. Share our posts on Superscenic 2 on Facebook or retweet
                                                                any Superscenic 2 related posts on Twitter.

August 10th, 2012                                                                                          Published by: VR-Zone

2. Bonus points if you include a short write-up on why you    product will look like. The final design may be subjected to
want the book yourself in your report.                        change.
3. ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ CDS on either Facebook or Twitter       More information to come as the clock ticks to A.C.M.E IV!
4. Pre-order the book.
5. Lucky draw closes on 31st Aug, 2359 and two lucky          Concert overview: Nakagawa
winners will be chosen randomly. You will get the
autographed book upon collection during STGCC itself.         Shoko Asia Tour in Singapore
Site | Facebook
                                                              By sentinel011 on August 10th, 2012

Metronome: Kuroyukihime (Accel World)                         Last weekend was a blast, with Nakagawa Shoko performing
                                                              in Singapore for the second time. What’s the difference
                                                              between her own solo performance compared to the one at
                                                              AFA09, and was it any better? Read on!
                                                              Nakagawa Shoko, or Shokotan as her beloved fans call her,
                                                              was in town last Saturday on the 4th of August to perform her
                                                              last leg of her ASIA TOUR at Singapore’s Kallang Theatre.
                                                              An estimate of about 600 fans and attendees came, with a
                                                              few of them in costumes and fanclub outfits.

Would you like to do some accelerating together with
Kuroyukihime? Link up with her at the upcoming ACME!
                                                              The concert was scheduled for an 8pm performance, but
Please email us at with your
                                                              only until 8.15pm did the concert begin. Shokotan started
name, contact number, item name and sizing, to place your
                                                              her concert with a bang with tunes from popular anime
orders. Thank you!
                                                              series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, wearing a colourful
                                                              neon UV reactive dress. Performing ‘Sorairo Days’ as
                                                              a starting song immediately got the audience pumping,
                                                              followed by 2 other popular tunes from Occult Gakuen and
                                                              Shokotan’s on variant of Saint Seiya opening theme.
                                                              Her first emcee was lively as she introduced herself. A
                                                              large screen behind provided the audience some background
                                                              information about Nakagawa Shoko, switching between
                                                              English and Chinese text. The theatre had this very warm
                                                              and fuzzy atmosphere as Shokotan tried her best to express
                                                              herself to the audience in a mix of English and Japanese.

#Series: ######### (Accel World)
#Price: $30.00
#Color: Black
#Size: S / M / L / XL
#Cotton T-shirt
#Design & Art Works By bj0rN / CDS Disclaimer: This
digital image is intended to give an idea of how the actual

August 10th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

A medley of tunes of favourite anime titles soon followed,        13. calling location
from series such as K-On!, Macross Frontier, Sousei no
Aquarion and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu . Shokotan                 14. 空空空空空 Horizon
belted a few more classic songs before performing her
own original songs. The Interlude that came after kept            15. 空空空空 Tsuzukusekai
the audience hyped up, while Nakagawa Shoko blasted out
in a shimmery red and black outfit. Her second emcee              16. 空空空空 Tsuyogari
segment had bits of Singlish inside, with one particular          Encore:
sentence saying “Is everyone feeling shiok? (“Shiok” means        17. 空空空空空空空空 Moonlight Densetsu
great/awesome in English). She also taught her famous
catchphrase for awesome – “GIZA!”                                 18. 空空空空空-空空空ver.- Sora iro Days Chinese Ver.
More hard hitting tunes followed, ending the concert with         We feel that all otaku should experience Nakagawa Shoko’s
Beezelbub’s ending theme “Tsuyogari”. But…..                      concert, to get the feel of an otaku performing for her fellow
….the concert ain’t over till the lady said so! Calls of encore   otaku friends. Her live performance gives off much better
calling out “SHOKO!!” resonated the hall for 5 minutes, with      vibes than what you can experience from her DVD footage.
Nakagawa Shoko dressed as Hatsune Miku! She proceed to            That said, Shokotan hopes to perform in Singapore again in
sing a classic Sailormoon theme song “Moonlight Densetsu”,        the future, so keep your fingers crossed and wait for her next
followed up by a Mandarin variant of “Sorairo Days”. The          live! All in all, it is a very satisfying 90 minute concert for all,
live concert came to an end as Shokotan’s band members            especially for those who are new to her live experience.
came foward to be introduced to the audience. A special           Special thanks to Akiba no Hoshi for the photos and ani-
message appears at the end for the audience, expressing her       culture for the set-list information.
thoughts and wishes of this ASIA TOUR.

                                                                  Watch 150 people dance
                                                                  to Weekender Girl in this
                                                                  Hatsune Miku Project Diva f
                                                                  promo video
                                                                  By KarbyP on August 10th, 2012

With that, here’s the song list:
1. 空空空空空 Sora iro Days
2. 空空空空空空空空空空空空 Flying Humanoid

3. 空空空空空空 ver.Ω Pegasus Fantasy Ver.Ω

4. Medley: Don’t say “lazy”(K-On!) + 空空空空
Seikanhiko(Macross Frontier) + 空空空空空空空空空 Sō Sei No                A while back Sega announced that they were looking for 150
Aquarion (Aquarion) + God Knows… (Haruhi Suzumiya no              volunteers to appear in a Hatsune Miku Project Diva f promo
Yuutsu)                                                           video, where they’d be dancing to the beat of kz[livetune] and
                                                                  Hachiouji-P’s Weekender Girl.
5. 空空空空空空空空空 Cruel Angel Thesis                                   Well, the PV’s finally done – here it is!
6. 空空空空空空空空 Namida no Tane, Egao no Hana                          There are guys. There are gals. Professional dancers. Office
                                                                  workers. Hipsters. Otaku. Fashionistas. A cafe barrista. A
7. CAT Life                                                       waiter. Socialites. Famous Vocaloid creators. And, of course,
                                                                  Saki Fujita (pictured above), the voice of Hatsune Miku…
8. souffle secret                                                 Everyone’s here for Miku!
                                                                  Will you be there for Miku, too, when her game (Hatsune
9. rainbow forecast                                               Miku Project Diva f) drops August 30 in Japan and Asia?

10. pretty please chocolate on top                                Oh and in case you’re looking for the original dance tutorial
                                                                  videos, so that you may join in on the fun at home:
11. ARENA (band solo)                                             Read more about Hatsune Miku here on SGCafe!

12. TYRANT too young

August 10th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                    Will your favourite character make an appearance in Toaru
Halo 4 Developer 343                                                Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki (The Miracle of
Industries release video of                                         Endymion)? Find out in this minute-and-a-half PV trailer,
                                                                    the first for the forthcoming movie.
UNSC weapons                                                        In addition to returning ensemble characters, the movie
                                                                    will also see three new characters in a plot, penned by
By Xharky on August 10th, 2012
                                                                    series author Kazuma Kamachi, revolving around Endymion
                                                                    which is a newly-constructed space elevator in Academy
                                                                    One of the new characters is Arisa Nago (pictured above), a
                                                                    Level 0 girl who Index and Kamijou meets at the outset of the
                                                                    movie, and is subsequently revealed to be targeted by Stiyl
                                                                    Magnus and his team of magicians.
                                                                    The movie’s synopsis, according to Mangahere:
                                                                     Academy City’s space elevator Endymion. One day
                                                                     as its completion nears, Kamijou and Index meet
                                                                     a Level 0 girl named Nago Arisa. Index and Arisa
                                                                     have a mysterious connection in their ravenous
                                                                     appetites. While the three are enjoying their time
                                                                     after school, Stiyl (who has brought in some other
                                                                     magicians) suddenly attacks. His target is Arisa.
For all FPS buffs out there, Halo 4′s developer 343 Industries       Why is a member of the science side like her being
has released videos of UNSC weapons in action, along with            targeted by the magic side? With the attack form
rebuilt sound effects for them.                                      the magic side underway, Academy City deploys
                                                                     a unit meant to maintain order led by its female
                                                                     leader Shutaura. As the situation developing around
Halo 4 will be the first game in a new trilogy (named the            Kamijou, Index, and Arisa grows more and more
‘Reclaimer Trilogy’) in the Halo universe of games. It begins        confused, Stiyl says, “That girl could likely cause a
four years after the ending in Halo 3, and features the return       war between the magic side and the science side.”
of the Master Chief and Cortana.                                     When science and magic cross paths, the story
The game itself will be released in the usual Standard and           begins with Endymion as its stage!
Limited Editions. The limited edition will include access to        J.C. Staff, the studio that produced the TV anime series, will
future DLC in the form of competitive multiplayer maps, and         once again take up production roles for the movie. Director
digital items for avatars and customization of the player’s         Hiroshi Nishikiori, who was involved with both the Index I
in-game Spartan IV characters. An extended version of the           and Index II TV anime series, also returns as director for the
series ‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’ and a special Briefing           film.
Packet will be included.
                                                                    A Certain Magical Index (空空空空空空空空空空空空空空 空空空空空空空空
                                                                    空空空) the movie will begin playing in cinemas in Japan 23
                                                                    February 2013.

A Certain Magical Index
movie’s subtitle – Endymion
no Kiseki (The Miracle of
Endymion) – revealed in
Summer Comike PV
By KarbyP on August 10th, 2012

August 10th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                        By Xharky on August 10th, 2012

                                                                        Recently, according to an officially published report from
                                                                        Activision Blizzard that World of Warcraft has currently 9.1
                                                                        million subscribers, down from the 10.2 million from the last
                                                                        report in May. This has brought up much discussion over on
                                                                        reddit on whether this giant in the world of MMOs is finally
                                                                        going down.

                                                                        However, with upcoming AAA+ title Guild Wars 2 releasing
                                                                        a month before WoW’s upcoming expansion Mists of
                                                                        Pandaria, will this giant finally be toppled?
                                                                        Guild Wars 2 builds on AreaNet’s well received and editor’s
                                                                        choice award-winning Guild Wars, by extending the lore
                                                                        and world of Guild Wars approximately 200 years into the
                                                                        future. With new mechanics like dynamic events, an updated
                                                                        combat system, the game is set to welcome players into the
                                                                        world of Tyria on August 28th (25th for preorder headstarts)
                                                                        Some information on the new stuff:

                                                                           • Dynamic Events: This replaces the MMO tradition of
                                                                             fixed quest elements by allowing players to complete
                                                                             quests in different ways, and changes the types of
                                                                             quests given based on what is happening in the area.
[Via Hachima]                                                                For example, if you defend a village from invaders, they
                                                                             may return with siege weapons to resume the attack,
World of Warcraft loses 10%                                                  or regroup in nearby caves which forces you to explore
                                                                             and clear them out. You can choose between defending
of subs in 3 months, will                                                    a town’s water supply, or help workers repairing the
                                                                             damaged pumps later on. Every action by players carry
Guild Wars 2 dethrone it?                                                    a consequence, whether it is intended or not.
                                                                           • Updated combat system: Environments will affect
                                                                             skill damage, and tactics are rewarded. Most skills
                                                                             benefit from positional play, and environments will
                                                                             provide additional weapons from flammable objects,
                                                                             to catapults and even siege golems. Players can also
                                                                             team up to combine skill effects, such as firing
                                                                             arrows through a firewall will create a rain of fire,
                                                                             and combining necromantic dark magic and weapon
                                                                             attacks to be able to life-steal from enemies.

                                                                        Will Guild Wars 2 overtake WoW in playerbase? Or will this
                                                                        titan continue to roll? Guess it’ll just have to wait till pandas
                                                                        invade Warcraft.

August 10th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

1st Maoyuu Maou Yuusha PV
is curiously described as “ver
By KarbyP on August 10th, 2012

                                                                  Source: Yaraon

                                                                  Shoko Nakagawa plays
                                                                  Ragnarok Odyssey, Persona
Does this mean there’ll be a “ver1″ that’s going to blow our      on her PS Vita, wants to see
minds even more than this 1st 0th trailer already has?            God Eater and FF10 remake
Pony Canyon streamed on the Web today a first trailer for
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, an anime adaptation of the fantasy
                                                                  on it
light novel series about a hero (“yuusha” in Japanese) and a
demon queen (“maou”) becoming friends after she explains
to the young hero that the war between humans and demons
                                                                  By KarbyP on August 10th, 2012
is a complete farce. Not all demons are evil, not all humans
are good, and the ongoing war was apparently forged for
social and economy reasons.
For instance, if the war were to end, soldiers would lose their
jobs, and the economy would descend into recession.
The story told in Maoyuu Maou Yuusha began life as
postings in a 2Ch message board thread.

                                                                  Japanese TV personality and popular Anisong singer Shoko
                                                                  Nakagawa is a gamer.
                                                                  Not only that, she’s a platform-agnostic gamer.
                                                                  Although Shoko-tan is a presenter on the Nintendo-
                                                                  affiliated TV-Tokyo kids show Pokemon Sunday (read all
                                                                  about her thoughts on Pokemon in our interview with her
                                                                  here), the 27-year-old talent also plays games on her Xbox
                                                                  360, PS3 and – most recently – the PlayStation Vita.
                                                                  So, what does Shoko-tan think of the PS Vita? In a blog
                                                                  post yesterday, she said:
                                                                    I’ve been playing a lot of Ragnarok Odyssey ever
                                                                    since I took the Vita out of its packaging. The
                                                                    graphical fidelity is amazing almost to the point of
                                                                    disbelief, and I like the inclusion of a touch panel too.

August 10th, 2012                                                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                2nd Madoka Magica TPS
                                                                Android game app stars Mami
                                                                Tomoe; 1st game (Homura
                                                                Akemi ver.) ported to iOS
  It’d be heavenly to see God Eater, Resident Evil, or          By KarbyP on August 10th, 2012
  a Final Fantasy on this screen! If only! And what
  about that HD remake of FF10, there’s still no word
  on if it will really come out on the Vita?
  It’s shame that right now there aren’t too many
  software titles, even though there’s such great
  potential in the hardware.
  I want to get Persona 4 because I’ve heard it’s good…
  but wait, I also want more time in general! (^ω^;)
  And also the update for archives [support for
  PlayStation Archives, or PS1 games on PS Vita], it’s
  not ready yet, huh…”
That was yesterday. In another blog post earlier today:         Frontier Works today released Mahou Shoujo Madoka
                                                                Magica TPS Featuring Tomoe Mami (空空空空空空空空空空空 TPS
                                                                FEATURING 空 空空), the second entry in their series of
                                                                Madoka Magica-themed third-per-shooter game apps.
                                                                The game has you looking over the shoulder of Mami Tomoe,
                                                                almost as if you were tagging along behind her, as the
                                                                firearm-equipped Mahou Shoujo ventures forth into danger,
                                                                dropping foes like flies until she gets to the witch lurking in
                                                                the dungeon’s deepest pits.
  Got a red Vita case, a less-bulky AC adaptor, and             Initially Mami is only equipped with a single-shot pistol.
  Persona 4 Golden today!! I want to try and make               But there are also stronger weapons that will be unlocked
  time in my schedule to play the game~~~!!! (###)              whenever Mami falls in combat (to make the game easier),
  At first I was worried that the red case might be a           or whenever Mami manages to take down a witch.
  tight fit, but as it turns out it’s roomy enough to store     Apart from shooting, Mami can also use magic to help her
  3 game cards [on top of the PS Vita] as well as the           vanquish her enemies. Tapping on the Soul Gem icon on the
  compact AC adaptor, hurray! (###) Why the heck                upper-left-hand corner of the screen will cast a spell that
  was the original PS Vita AC adaptor that came in the          stops all enemies in their tracks. Each use of magic will,
  box so ridiculously big anyway?\                              however, cause the Soul Gem to gradually lose its shine.
  Looking forward to finally playing Persona! (###)             When it’s completely shrouded in darkness, you won’t be
  “                                                             able to use magic any longer (although that’s a pretty fair
                                                                consequence, compared to what actually happens in the
You and everybody who’s waiting eagerly for Persona 4           critically-acclaimed anime series).
Golden’s English release (or the Chinese localised version,
which comes out next week on August 16), Shoko-tan.
Shoko Nakagawa’s new album, nsum – Nakagawa Shoko ga
Utatte Mita! (nsum # #############), goes on sale in
Japan August 15.
Shoko-tan is also a guest vocalist in DECO*27′s latest album,
Love Calender, available now both at retail stores in Japan,
and internationally through iTunes.
Here’s the official music video for Shoko-tan’s track
in the album, TAKING SWEET SHELTER feat. Shoko
Nakagawa / ### feat. ####:
Source: Shoko Nakagawa’s official blog [via Kotaku]

August 10th, 2012                                             Published by: VR-Zone

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica TPS Featuring Tomoe Mami
supports Android devices running version 2.2 or above, and
is available from the Google Play store now, priced at 630
The first entry in the series, Mahou Shoujo Madoka
Magica TPS Featuring Akemi Homura (空空空空空空空空空空空 TPS
FEATURING 空空 空空空), is also available for Android and –
starting today – for iOS devices on firmware 4.3 and above.
Available from the Google Play and iTunes app stores (Japan
region) for 630 and 600 yen, respectively.
Source: Famitsu

August 13th, 2012                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku
  and Japanese Pop Culture

Sleeping Dogs: launch trailer
vs live-action fight film vs
screenshot gallery
By KarbyP on August 13th, 2012

Sleeping Dogs, arguably the biggest video game title in
August, comes out tomorrow, August 14.
In this open-world cop drama set in Hong Kong, you play as
Chinese-American undercover cop Wei Shen, who infiltrates
and gets in deep with the triad organisation known as “Sun
On Yee” (it’s a reference to a real-life triad gang).
Expect chopsocky fisticuffs that mixes martial arts
with improvisational fighting styles. Expect blazing
gunfights on the streets of Hong Kong where some
unfortunate fruit-seller’s stall may be the only cover for
you to duck under for a brief respite, before you jump out
and shoot bad guys in the head mid-dive. Expect moral
ambiguity, in a storyline whose missions will sometimes
require you to be a bad guy in order to be the good guy.
Also expect top-notch voicing work, from an international
cast that includes Will Yun Lee, Edison Chen, Emma Stone,
Kelly Hu, and more.
Take a listen in the launch trailer for the game:
Apart from the launch trailer, Square Enix has also put out
a live-action fight film based on the game – which is itself
inspired by Hong Kong cinema.
Warning: This short film contains drug use, violent content,
and strong language which may be pretty intense for some
viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.
Which did you like better?
Sleeping Dogs is available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation
3 consoles August 14 in Singapore and the United States,
available at all good video games retailers.

August 13th, 2012                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

                    Singapore: VS Arashi starts
                    tonight, 8pm on Channel U;
                    “J-Dorama” Full Throttle Girl
                    premieres Saturday

August 13th, 2012                                                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

By KarbyP on August 13th, 2012                                   from the clutches of three Hunters – agents dressed in black
                                                                 – for 60 minutes. The rules? Stay within the pre-defined
                                                                 game zone – which is usually a famous Tokyo hang-out spot
                                                                 like Shibuya – and safety-first: those who are caught in any
                                                                 sort of minor accidents are disqualified.
                                                                 Should the participants succeed, a handsome prize money of
                                                                 some 600,000 yen awaits them.
                                                                 But it’s not as easy as it sounds; some of the participants are
                                                                 friends who are likely to travel together and, as the saying
                                                                 goes, “when chased by a bear, you only need to run faster
                                                                 than the person beside you.”
                                                                 The things people do to not get eaten by a bear for money.
                                                                 Expect thrills, spills, and heartless acts of betrayal in Run for
                                                                 Money, Tuesdays 8PM on Channel U.
Two variety shows and one J-dorama: This August, Channel
U has prepared quite the treat for fans of Japanese television
                                                                 J-dorama:     Full                   Throttle             Girl
VS Arashi                                                        (Zenkai Girl)

                                                                 Finally, J-dorama fans can look forward to Full Throttle
The J-Wave on Singapore TV starts tonight with VS Arashi,
                                                                 Girl, an 11-episode love comedy starring Yui Aragaki, Ryo
a game show where a guest team of celebrities take on
                                                                 Nishikido (from Kanjani Eight or 関関関関∞), and Hiroko
Arashi, the enigmatic J-pop group that has taken Japan by
storm since their debut (“Arashi” literally means “Storm”),
in a number of wacky physical-challenge attractions: Kicking     Here’s the synopsis from Fuji TV:
Sniper, Bound Hockey, Giant Crusher, and more.                    Devoted to becoming an international lawyer,
What in the world could “Giant Crusher” possibly entail?          Wakaba Ayukawa (Yui Aragaki) is full of ambition.
You’ll just have to watch to find out!                            Her hard work pays off when she lands a job at an
                                                                  international law firm, but to her disappointment,
VS Arashi airs every Monday 8PM on Channel U.
                                                                  the first prestigious assignment that is given to
Run for Money                                                     her is to babysit the boss’ (Hiroko Yakushimaru)
                                                                  5 year old daughter, Hinata. Wakaba loathes kids
                                                                  and nursing, but unwillingly takes on the job as
                                                                  she is fixated on wealth and success. One day when
                                                                  she goes to a preschool to pick up Hinata, she
                                                                  meets a man named Sota Yamada (Ryo Nishikido).
                                                                  Sota is a man without higher education, wealth,
                                                                  or a future goal, someone that Wakaba absolutely
                                                                  cannot stand, the complete opposite of her ideals.
                                                                  Once again, contrary to her will, she ends up
                                                                  looking after Hinata and a few other kids along with
                                                                  Sota. Despite being exhausted from all the first-time
                                                                  experiences in child care, Wakaba begins to realize
                                                                  what is truly important to her. A heart-warming
                                                                  comedy about work, relationships and love.”
Then tomorrow, August 14, watch Japanese TV personalities        Full Throttle Girl premieres on Channel U Saturday, August
and regular folks alike push their limits in Run for Money,      18, at 11.30PM.
a reality game-show where participants are told to escape
August 13th, 2012                                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

Source: Xin MSN
                                                                      Hatsune Miku projected in a
Gran Turismo 6 is in                                                  different “light” in this music
development… but Yamauchi                                             video for Project Diva f theme
won’t say when it’s coming                                            song, Odds&Ends
out                                                                   different-light-in-this-music-video-for-project-diva-f-theme-song-
Source:   oddsends/
but-yamauchi-wont-say-when-its-coming-out/                            By KarbyP on August 13th, 2012
By KarbyP on August 13th, 2012

                                                                      Earlier today the full music video for ryo (supercell)’s
                                                                      Odds&Ends was leaked onto the interwebs, depicting what
                                                                      we assume to be ryo and his band mates rocking out to the
Gran Turismo 6 as well as further GT5 DLC are in the                  Project Diva f theme song. Hatsune Miku also appears in this
works. But When can we expect them to be released? Series             video, but not in the sort of form you’re used to seeing.
producer and CEO of developer Polyphony Digital Kazunori              And no, we’re not talking about the 2D animated version
Yamauchi wouldn’t say.                                                of Miku, as seen in the picture above. It’s something else.
                                                                      Something pretty mind-blowing. You’ll know what we’re
                                                                      talking when you see it. I don’t want to spoil it for you.
                                                                      If for whatever reason you really need to skip to the moment
                                                                      of truth (serious, why would you? Watch the whole thing!),
                                                                      the awe-inspiring sight begins right around the 04:30 mark.
                                                                      The CD single for Odds&Ends also features Sky of Beginning
“If I carelessly talk about when it’s coming out, what                by Jin feat. Hatsune Miku (and not a kz/livetune track,
will happen is people will claim that we’ve fallen behind             which Famitsu and ourselves previously speculated on), and
schedule if we ever decide to change the release date, so             will be released in Japan on August 29 – one day before
I won’t ever speak of such things (unofficially at events or          Hatsune Miku Project Diva f for the PlayStation Vita goes on
interviews) ever again,” Yamauchi explained with a bitter             sale.
smile when fans asked him the million-dollar question on              A limited-edition version of the CD single also comes with a
everybody’s mind, in a talk session at the Gran Turismo               Blu-ray or DVD containing the music video, plus a Hatsune
Asian Championship 2012 grand finals held in Japan’s                  Miku Grafique – that squarish, cardoard-like plushie that
Kanagawa prefecture on Saturday.                                      appears in the music video. For more details on that, read
In 2009, prior to the release of Gran Turismo 5, Yamauchi             our previous story.
revealed in an interview with Eurogamer that “we’ve actually          Source: Crunchyroll
reached a point where we can probably release [GT5]
anytime, except that you can also keep working as long as
you want to as well, it’s just a matter of timing.” In the            Tsukihime remake is amongst
end, a release date was only decided upon consultation with
“various parties at Sony”, and after additional features like
                                                                      the topics covered in Type-
YouTube replay sharing in HD were implemented.                        Moon’s 10th Anniversary
GT5 was in development for a total of five years, and was             Phantasm art book
finally released on 24 November 2010.                                 Source:
It’s still early days for now, but when Gran Turismo 6 comes          topics-covered-in-type-moons-10th-anniversary-phantasm-art-book/
out, what features do you hope to see in it?                          By KarbyP on August 13th, 2012

Souce: 4Gamer [via My Game News Flash]

August 13th, 2012                                                Published by: VR-Zone

Type-Moon 10th Anniversary Phantasm is not simply just an
illustration book or a collector’s item. Nope.
To fans of the visual novel maker, it might as well be a holy
bible, what with over 400 pages covering everything from
Fate/Prototype to the upcoming Tsukihime remake, and all
the stuff in between: the original Tsukihime, Canaan, Melty
Blood, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, etc.
What you see above is an image – courtesy of Akibablog
(same pic as this watermark-less one Japanator found)
– of some of the concept art from the Tsukihime visual
novel remake, announced way back in 2008. Now that
Mahou Tsukai no Yoru is finally out, Type-Moon is finally
proceeding with the remake, full speed ahead.
Apart from your first look at new Tsukihime, the book
also contains interviews with voice actors, profiles and
commentary from key staff members, and numerous
galleries for all manners of Type-Moon things: April Fool’s
Day 2005-2012, Ichiban Kuji Premium Illust Art Gallery,
and – in my opinion the highlight of the book – a freaking
Saber Gallery.
The book is out now in Japan (released on August 10,
2012), but has already been sold out at various places online,
including Amazon Japan – which lists a bunch of second-
hand copies for nearly twice the price of a brand new one.
Readers in Singapore who’d like to pick a copy up should
check with Kinokuniya Books.
Tell us in the comments below if you know where else folks
can go online to grab a copy of this much-coveted holy bible,
or any thoughts you might have on the new look in the
Tsukihime remake.

August 13th, 2012   Published by: VR-Zone

August 13th, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

Source: Akibablog (warning: NSFW)

                                                                      (Above) AKB48 at the Music Station Super Live 2010
Next week’s Music Station                                             broadcast

will be Atsuko Maeda’s final                                          The idol group has planned a special AKB48 medley for
                                                                      the August 17 broadcast of Music Station. For her final
AKB48 TV performance                                                  TV performance with the group, Maeda says she’s aiming
Source:   for perfection and wants to finish her it gracefully and
atsuko-maedas-final-akb48-tv-performance/                             beautifully – without any slipping or tripping over, of course.
By KarbyP on August 13th, 2012
                                                                      AKB48 first went on Music Station back in June 9, 2006. At
                                                                      the time the group was still part of an indies label, and Maeda
                                                                      was only 14 years old. The group performed Skirt, Hirari on
                                                                      their maiden appearance.

Next week’s Music Station, to be aired on August 17 in Japan,
will be Maeda’s final AKB48 TV performance, Japanese
music news site Natalie reports.
The 21-year-old, regarded by many as the “face” of AKB48,
                                                                      (Above) AKB48 on the June 9, 2006 broadcast of Music
will be leaving the popular Japanese idol group on the 27th
this month, after a 3-day live concert performance at the
Tokyo Dome from August 24 to 26.                                      Since then, AKB48 has been on the programme a total
                                                                      of 22 times. Of those, Maeda has appeared in 21 of
In a statement released to Japanese media, Atsuko Maeda
                                                                      the performances – she had not been part of the “Ue
said that her most memorable Music Station moment was
                                                                      kara Mariko” TV performance as the front-lining members
“when I tripped over during the Super Live performance on
                                                                      of that single were determined by a rock-paper-scissors
2010 December 24. ‘Yabai (Oops)’, everybody made fun of
                                                                      In addition to appearing as an AKB48 “senbatsu” (front-
                                                                      liner) member, Maeda also has had two solo appearances on
                                                                      the show.

August 13th, 2012                                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                 Source: Natalie

                                                                 Family Mart X Hatsune Miku
                                                                 presents: Kagamine Rin’s
                                                                 Omelette Napolitan
The group performing Manatsu no Sounds good! (真真真                presents-kagamine-rins-omelette-napolitan/
Sounds good !) for the first time on Music Station on 25 May     By KarbyP on August 13th, 2012
                                                                 Plus a look at the final packaging for the Hatsune Miku Po
Apart from reminiscing about past Music Station                  Pi Po vegetable juice. It costs less than 200 yen!
appearances, Maeda also aired her thoughts on the
upcoming AKB48 Tokyo Dome concert:                               Rin’s Omelette Napolitan
“I’m really glad to be able to participate in our Tokyo Dome
concerts from August 24 to 26. To me, it [the significance of
performing at Tokyo Dome] feels like, ‘we started out as a
small group but look how far we’ve come!’
Performing at Tokyo Dome has always been a goal for the
management behind AKB48, and so all of us performers in
the group wanted to live up to that and achieve the goal – but
honestly, we never dreamed that this day would really come.
So if I were to have graduated from the group before we were
able to perform at the Dome, I think I would have regretted

                                                                 Finally, a Kagamine Rin themed item! It’s a perfect match
                                                                 for her image colour (yellow)!
                                                                 From August 14 to September 10 Family Mart outlets in
                                                                 Japan will carry a Rin’s Omelette Napolitan (真真真真真真真真真
                                                                 真) as part of the Hatsune Miku 5th Anniversary Miku Loves
                                                                 FamiMa campaign (関関関関関 関th Anniversary 関関 LOVES
                                                                 Judging from the pictures alone you might think that this to
                                                                 be a regular plate of omelette rice.
                                                                 That’s not the case, however. In an attempt to switch things
                                                                 up a bit (since omu rice is so blatantly common), Family
                                                                 Mart decided to go with Spaghetti Napolitan covered under
                                                                 that fluffy omelette instead of fried rice.
                                                                 Two slices of cheese garnished on top evoke Kagamine Rin’s
                                                                 trademark head-ribbon.
                                                                 Customers are also advised to use the ketchup that sits on the
                                                                 side to draw their favourite sayings or a face on the omelette.
                                                                 Also worth noting: this dish, Rin’s Omelette Napolitan, is
                                                                 made and produced under the supervision of Good Smile
                                                                 Cafe. Only 40,000 packs will be available throughout the
                                                                 promotional period nation-wide.

August 13th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                  Mad Catz test-launches
                                                                  a new line of low-noise
                                                                  joysticks in Japan; pre-orders
                                                                  for the PS3 version begin
                                                                  today [video]
                                                                  By KarbyP on August 13th, 2012

Miku Vegetable Juice
This week the Family Mart X Hatsune Miku blog also shared
a little more detail on the previously-reported vegetable juice
that’s themed after the song Po Pi Po.
The final name for the drink is Po Pi Po Mirai Yasai (真真真真
真真 真真真真). It will be sold at all Family Mart outlets between
August 14 and September 10, available in two form factors:
a 350ml pet bottle (158 yen), or a 200ml juicebox (105 yen).
I’m a little surprised that the drink would be sold for well
under the 200 yen as “advertised” in the Po Pi Po song,           Only in Japan for now: Mad Catz has launched through
but that’s Family Mart for you. Competitive, mass-market          Amazon Japan a new line of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
pricing for all.                                                  joysticks – the Team Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Versus
In case you’re wondering, FamiMe is keenly aware of the 200       Series SH – that are similar in construction to the Street
yen meme from the song, but decided to price it lower to          Fighter X Tekken FightStick V.S., but fitted with low-noise
encourage sales. So now you don’t have an excuse to pick one      Sanwa parts.
up.                                                               Pre-orders for the PS3 SH stick will start later today (August
A total of six designs are available for the illustrations that   11), at 13:00 hours Japan Standard Time (GMT+0900
adorn both the pet bottle and juicebox containers.                hours) exclusively from the Mad Catz shop on Amazon
                                                                  The stick will be sold for the special “test-launch” price of
                                                                  19,800 yen (US$253) to monitor market demand. 4Gamer
                                                                  notes that this is 4,000 yen cheaper than Mad Catz’s Street
                                                                  Fighter X Tekken VS Edition sticks in Japan (23,800 yen).
                                                                  As the market price for a set of low-noise joystick parts and
                                                                  buttons from Sanwa alone is roughly 7,000 yen, 4Gamer
                                                                  believes that Mad Catz will adjust the price of the stick
                                                                  accordingly for future batches.
                                                                  Expected shipping date for the PS3 stick is tentatively August
                                                                  An Xbox 360 version of the stick (pictured below) will ship
                                                                  sometime in September. Mad Catz is not ready to announce
                                                                  pre-order details for the X360 stick at this point, but the test-
                                                                  launch price will be the same.

Source: Family Mart X Hatsune Miku

August 13th, 2012                                                                                          Published by: VR-Zone

                                                              noise buttons provide an advantage in tournament matches,
                                                              due to the fact that you are less likely to telegraph your
                                                              combo inputs to your opponent in such situations.
                                                              There may be some truth to the notion that low-
                                                              noise joysticks can lead to improved chances of winning.
                                                              In a Daigo Umehara column published in Arcadia
                                                              magazine a while ago, renowned Japanese Sagat player
                                                              Bonchan revealed that Ryan Hart, a top European Street
                                                              Fighter IV who plays Sagat, uses the negative edge
                                                              technique (performing special moves by releasing buttons
                                                              instead of hitting buttons) when throwing out Tiger Shots so
                                                              as not to telegraph his fireballs.
                                                              But just how much quieter is the new SH series joystick, and
                                                              is it quiet enough to give you a competitive advantage?
                                                              4Gamer took an SH stick to the test in this video, performing
                                                              back-dash cancels in Tekken and comparing it to a second
                                                              joystick loaded with regular Sanwa parts:
                                                              What do you guys think?
                                                              Are low-noise joysticks something you’d consider when it’s
                                                              time to get a new one?
                                                              Keep in mind, however, that a microphone sensor’s audio
                                                              sensitivity is different from that of the human ear, so the SH
                                                              stick may in fact be quieter than as heard in the video.
                                                              Source: 4Gamer, Famitsu

                                                              New system announced for
                                                              the selection of Singapore
                                                              WCS representatives
                                                              By sakurazaki on August 13th, 2012

                                                              Singapore has been a faithful participant of the World
                                                              Cosplay Summit since the year 2006 and now to up the
                                                              excitement of the competition, a new system has been
                                                              introduced to determine the representatives.
                                                              The World Cosplay Summit began its prestigious World
                                                              Cosplay Championship since year 2005, and was designed to
Why launch the stick in Japan first? According to Famitsu,    determine a Grand Champion through stage performances
Mad Catz’s decision for the Japan test-launch is due to       by representative teams from each participating country.
consumer demand there for a quieter joystick solution that    The new system will aid in the selection of Singapore’s World
would not annoy family members or neighbours during           Cosplay Summit Representatives for the year 2013!
play, especially at night. Apartment complexes in Japan are
notorious for their thin walls.                               The following information is adapted from Cosfest Asia:
In addition, Mad Catz sponsored pro players Daigo               All interested cosplayers/non cosplayers will
Umehara, Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, and Kenryo “Mago”           register with us first as individuals. You will be
Hayashi have also reportedly told the company that low-         interviewed and auditioned by us. We will also

August 13th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

  explain to you what is required to join the World                      an all-ages PS2 port of the PC visual novel Fate/stay night –
  Cosplay Summit. At this point, you are not required                    back when it was still a rumour.
  to have any costumes ready yet. We will then                           Since then, the game has been officially announced at
  announce the shortlisted group of cosplayers who                       Type-Moon Fes, and now Crunchyroll brings word that
  will then go on to the next phrase. Bear in mind that                  the official website for the game has been updated with a
  lots of physical stamina is required to be the WCS                     batch of screenshots taken from Realta Nua’s opening intro
  Singapore National Team because you will have to                       (produced by ufotable, the studio behind Fate/Zero) – which
  go around in many costumes at Nagoya during the                        will be on display on actual PS Vita demo units at this
  Championship!                                                          weekend’s Comic Market event in Japan.
  After that, the WCS Singapore manager team will
  hold a session where all who have signed up to be
  considered for WCS Singapore draw lots to decide
  who they have been paired up with.
  In this system, you do not form your own ready
  teams but instead, be paired up with another
  Only after you are paired up, then do the both of you
  start on costume discussion, performance planning
  and costume making.
  The purpose of this is to encourage more interaction
  between various cosplayers and for you to make
  more friends.
  If you are interested, message us here at the Cosfest                  To view the screenshots, go to the official site through this
  Facebook with your:                                                    link.
  Full name
  Nick name
  Birthday                                                               Also in today’s update, Type-Moon has provided a little
  Contact number:                                                        more detail on the bonus “Hanafuda” digital card game that
  Series you would like to cosplay to enter the World                    folks who pre-order will receive a product code for; it’s a
  Cosplay Summit Selection rounds                                        downloadable PSP title that supports Game Sharing and
                                                                         local ad-hoc wireless play.
  Let’s have a great WCS Singapore 2013 National
  selection round!”
  For more information visit the following sites
Cosfest Asia Mainpage :

Pre-order Fate/stay night
Realta Nua, receive a bonus
Hanafuda game that tells
the story of the “Holy Grail
By KarbyP on August 13th, 2012

                                                                         This downloadable game is a sequel to the bonus included
                                                                         with the original Realta Nua on the PS2 that was
                                                                         called Tobidase! Trouble Hanafuda Travel Journal (真真真真真
                                                                         Although the PS Vita/PSP Tobidase! sequel had a working
                                                                         title that simply added a “2″ to the original’s ridiculous long
                                                                         moniker, Type-Moon had a change of heart, announcing
                                                                         today that the downloadable game will instead be
                                                                         called Tobitate! Chojikuu Toraburu Hanafuda Daisakusen
                                                                         (関関関関関関関関関関関関関関関関関, which translates into something
                                                                         like Take off! Super Dimensional Trouble Hanafuda Attack
We first told you about a PS Vita port of Fate/stay night                Plan).
Realta Nua (apparently Irish for “a new star”) – originally
August 13th, 2012                                               Published by: VR-Zone

Tobitate! will feature a “Seihai Onsen” or “Holy Grail Onsen”
story scenario penned by various creators: Kinoko Nasu, Gen
Urobuchi, Hoshizora Meteo, and Yuichiro Higashide.
It’s also said that Fate/Zero’s Archer, Rider, and Berserker
camps will also play a part in the Holy Grail Onsen scenario.
Source: Fatevita [via Crunchyroll]

August 15th, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
                                                                     By KarbyP on August 15th, 2012
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku
  and Japanese Pop Culture

Perfume releases World Tour
1st site and ticket pricing
By sentinel011 on August 15th, 2012

SGCafe      has   previously  reported    on    Perfume’s
announcement of their first overseas live tour, and today
they have released a comprehensive site, complete with               Brace yourself, Guild Wars 2 pre-purchasers, for yet another
ticket pricing and more!                                             chance to play The Game before it officially comes out next
                                                                     Developer ArenaNet has just announced on their Facebook
                                                                     page that they will be conducting a server stress-test later
                                                                     today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone).
                                                                     It’s scheduled to start on Pacific Time (GMT-0700 hours)
                                                                     August 15 from 12:00 noon to 4PM, which translates to
                                                                     Singapore time (GMT+0800 hours) August 16, 3AM to 7AM.
                                                                     If you’ve participated in any of the previous weekend betas
                                                                     or server stress-test events, your save data will carry over.
                                                                     If you’ve only participated in weekend betas, but never a
                                                                     stress-test, and are contemplating taking leave tomorrow so
Granted that the locations are all in the Asian region, makes        you can take part in this one, fair warning from us: they really
you wonder why it isn’t called Asia Tour instead. As of now,         mean it when they say this is a stress test. There have been
the only additional information that is shared on the site is        reports of players not being able to log-in at all when the
the ticket pricing and the live commencement timing. The             servers were overloaded during these tests.
Tour Goods list has yet to be updated, though.                       Besides, Guild Wars 2 comes out two weeks from now,
VIP – SGD$128                                                        August 28. And all gamers who’ve pre-purchased the game
General Admission – SGD$88                                           will access it three days earlier, on August 25 (all dates given
                                                                     relate to Pacific Time). So let someone else do the stress
Doors open: 18:30 (SGT)                                              testing, and improve the game experience for you, two weeks
Show time: 19:00 (SGT)                                               from now.
We have also heard that a good percentage of VIP tickets are         Even if this is the game that critics expect to finally dethrone
allocated for P.T.A fanclub members through their official           World of Warcraft, there’s really no rush!
site. (Check their news post on 9 August!)
                                                                     Guild Wars 2 can be pre-purchased from https://
Links: J-live ASIA facebook, Perfume WORLD TOUR 1st        
official site
                                                                     If you’ve pre-purchased Guild Wars 2, let us know which
                                                                     server you and your friends are planning to play on in the
Guild Wars 2 pre-purchasers:                                         comments below.
get ready to stress test some                                        Source: Guild Wars 2 Facebook page [via Guild Wars 2 Guru]

servers later today
Source:   Tekken Tag Tournament
                                                                     2: Spruce up your pre-fight
                                                                     VS screens with illustrated
                                                                     “character panels”

August 15th, 2012                                              Published by: VR-Zone

By KarbyP on August 15th, 2012

What you see above is not an actual Tekken Tag Tournament
2 screenshot, but an artist’s (*cough*mine*cough*)
impression of what your pre-fight VS screens in the game
could look like, should you decide to use custom “character
Once you unlock them with fight money, you can swap
out the default 3D character panels with 2D ones. Three
designs are available for each character in the game, each
illustrated by Tomio, Fujisawa, Shunya Yamashita, and
JUNNY respectively.
Before we take a look at what each illustrator’s character
panel designs look like, here’s an actual example using
pictures that did not come out of MS Paint:

Tomio Fujisawa (フフフフフフフ)
A graphic designer and a part of Spooky Graphic, a team of
artists whose work in videogames includes Metal Gear Solid
Portable Ops and Peacewalker, and Sega’s Kurohyo: Ryu ga
Gotoku Shinsho (Yakuza New Chapter on the PSP).
Fujisawa previously worked with Project Tekken on a line of
fantastic Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection posters that you’ll see

August 15th, 2012                                          Published by: VR-Zone

                    Shunya Yamashita (フフフフフフ)
                    Did weapons and NPC design for Final Fantasy X, card
                    illustrations for Square Enix’s Lord of Vermillion arcade
                    game, etc.
                    Has some fascinating video games and anime-based artwork
                    over at the illustration gallery on his blog. To get to the
                    gallery, click on “イイイイイイイイイ” (WARNING: NFSW).

August 15th, 2012                                               Published by: VR-Zone

Did the cover illustrations for the two SoulCalibur novels (イ
イイイイイイイ イイイイイイイイイイイイイ) that came out in Japan in
January this year, a poster for the Mastercup 4 5-on-5
Tekken 6 BR tournament in Japan sometime last year, and
way too many other non-video-games-related projects to
More of his amazing work can be found on his blog (again,

August 15th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                  PlayStation All-Stars Battle
                                                                  Royale adds DmC’s Dante to
                                                                  roster; buy PS3 version, get
                                                                  Vita port free [video]
                                                                  By KarbyP on August 15th, 2012

                                                                  Update: now with video.
                                                                  Original story: When PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
                                                                  ships in November 20 this year (delayed from its original
                                                                  October 16) its roster DmC Devil May Cry’s Dante, Little
                                                                  Big Planet’s Sackboy, Spike from Ape Escape, and Ratchet &
                                                                  Clank from, well, make a guess.
                                                                  The four characters were announced today at a Sony
                                                                  Computer Entertainment Europe press conference at
                                                                  Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.
                                                                  Today’s roster announcement brings us one step closer to
                                                                  realising what’s rumoured to be the final roster for the game,
                                                                  which Eventhubs reported on last month. There was also a
                                                                  leak on the official website.
                                                                  But that’s not all the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale news
Character profiles are a feature that’s actually already
                                                                  coming out of Germany today.
in the arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (click on
the links to see your favourite TTT2 characters drawn in the      SCEE also announced that the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation
styles of each of the three illustrators), which was why we       Vita versions of the game will be included with every copy
didn’t include Famitsu’s information on character panels in       purchased, in something called the “Cross Buy” programme.
our earlier story on collaboration costumes.                      What this means is that if you buy the PlayStation 3 version,
But we figure there might be a lot of folks who do not already    you’ll automatically get the Vita port for free – and vice-
know about the character panels functionality, since TTT2 is      versa.
the only fighting game (as far as I can recall) that has such a   Sony is currently doing a similar thing with Sound Shapes,
feature. Although custom character portraits in SoulCalibur       a downloadable rhythm-based platformer available digitally
V and SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny are somewhat similar to         through PlayStation Store. Buy the game, and you’re
this.                                                             automatically entitled to download both the PS3 and PS Vita
Also, I wanted to take the opportunity to show off my mad         versions.
MS Paint skills.                                                  Could Sony’s generosity encourage the fighting games
“…………….”                                                          community to pick up PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as
                                                                  a competitive title? We’ll find out when the game launches
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for PlayStation 3 and the Xbox
                                                                  in November.
360 is scheduled for a September 11 release in Singapore
and the US.                                                       A private beta for the game is currently being conducted for
                                                                  PlayStation Plus subscribers.
Pre-order details for Southeast Asia can be found at the end
of this post.                                                     Source: Destructoid
Read more about the Tekken series here on SGCafe!
Source: Famitsu, Gamersyde

August 15th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:
Extra costumes designed by
various illustrators, including
UK’s Simon Bisley
By KarbyP on August 15th, 2012

That’s Alisa, Heihachi, and Anna you see in the image
above, donned in a set of special “collaboration” costumes –
designed by various illustrators in Japan (and one abroad) –
that will be featured inTekken Tag Tournament 2.
Famitsu revealed images for six of these collaboration
costumes today. Some of which were designed by illustrators             Alisa
whom the Project Tekken team worked with for extra
                                                                        Design: Shigeto Koyama (イイイイイイ), who’s credited for
costumes in previous games.
                                                                        design works on Eureka Seven AO, Gurren Lagann movie,
Which is your favourite?                                                Evangelion 2.0 movie, and more.

Design: Mutsumi Inomata (イイイイイイイ), who designed Jin
and Xiaoyu’s extra costumes in Tekken 5, and Zafina’s in
6. Has also worked on the Tales of series, and Mobile Suit
Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny.

                                                                        Design: Ryouji Minigawa (イイイイ), who did Lee Chaolan,
                                                                        Marshall Law’s extra constumes in Tekken 5, Roger Jr.’s in 6.

August 15th, 2012                                                                                        Published by: VR-Zone

Anna                                                        Kunimitsu
Design: Ito Oogure (イイイイ), better known as Oh! great (Air   Design: Katsuya Terada (イイイイ), character designer for
Gear, Tenjho Tenge). Did Asuka Kazama’s third costume in    Blood the Last Vampire. Also did creature designs for
Tekken 5, Lili’s third costume in Tekken 6. Also designed   Kamen Rider W.
Ashlotte for SoulCalibur IV.

                                                            Read more about the Tekken series here on SGCafe!
                                                            Source: Famitsu

                                                            Tekken Tag Tournament 2
                                                            opening intro has Angel,
                                                            demons, and fearless fight

Heihachi                                                    By KarbyP on August 15th, 2012

Design: British comic-book artist Simon Bisley.

August 15th, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

Namco Bandai posted the new opening intro for the console
version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this week. Hit the
jump to see it: it’s got Angel, demons, and a fight audience
who’s not afraid of anything. Pretty cool guys (and so is the
Why aren’t the spectators spooked at all by Ogre and Angel’s
unconventional ring entrances?
Aren’t they worried at all if they might get hurt in the clash   Read more about the Tekken series here on SGCafe.
between Ogre’s flaming breath and Angel’s laser attack?
                                                                 Source: Eventhubs, @Harada_Tekken
Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada, who decides on many of
the minor details within the Tekken universe, has the answer
on his Twitter stream:                                           Vergil is in DmC: Devil May
“The spectators are American!” he replies in Japanese to a       Cry [Gamescom 2012 trailer]
fan who was impressed by the audience’s bravado. (It’s a         Source:
joke, of course.)                                                gamescom-2012-trailer/
                                                                 By KarbyP on August 15th, 2012
The opening CG you see above won’t be the only one
stored on the console release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
Responding to fans who were disappointed to see that their
favourite character wasn’t featured, Harada explained that
the original TTT2 opening will also be included:
Also on Twitter, another fan in the fighting games
community recently asked Harada which member of K-On!
is Tekken sumo wrestler Ganryu’s favourite.
For those of you who have been wondering:

                                                                 Vergil, Dante’s long-lost twin brother appears in this new
                                                                 Gamescom 2012 trailer for Capcom and Ninja Theory’s DmC
                                                                 Devil May Cry – a reboot for the series.
                                                                 The silver-haired older twin appears before dark-haired
                                                                 Dante to recuit him for The Order, an organisation that
                                                                 seeks to free the human world from grasp of demons – who
                                                                 apparently ran the orphanage where Dante was raised.
                                                                 Vergil’s bio in DmC Devil May Cry:
                                                                   Vergil is Dante’s twin brother. While Dante was
                                                                   put into an orphanage run by demons and ended
                                                                   up a street kid, Vergil was adopted into a rich,
                                                                   educated and very privileged home. A highly
                                                                   intelligent and gifted individual, he wrote a security
                                                                   encryption program that eventually made him a
                                                                   multi-millionaire before he even finished school.
                                                                   Vergil hates the demons for having killed his mother
                                                                   and enslaved his father and uses his riches in
                                                                   the single minded pursuit to bring them down.
                                                                   Calculating and dispassionate, Vergil’s decisions
                                                                   are always logical, strategic and never emotional.
                                                                   He formed the underground organisation known as

August 15th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: VR-Zone

  The Order to research the demons with the goal of
  toppling their hold over humanity.
The trailer also contrasts Vergil’s cold, calculative nature,
with Dante’s hot-headed brashness, when one of their own
– Kat, a female psychic – is trapped in Limbo. Vergil opts
to abandon her lest risk the fate of humanity, but Dante is
unwilling to leave without her.

                                                                Source: Xbox360GamerSA

                                                                Shoko Nakagawa to host 24-
                                                                hour-long live broadcast to
                                                                mark new CD release; guests
                                                                include kz and sasakure.UK
                                                                By KarbyP on August 15th, 2012

                                                                To commemorate the release of her new album tomorrow,
                                                                Shoko Nakagawa is hosting a very special episode of her
                                                                regular Nico Nico Live broadcast that will run for 24 hours
                                                                The broadcast will begin August 15, 12-midnight JST (GMT
                                                                +0900) – which is August 14, 11PM Singapore time (GMT
                                                                +0800) – all the way till the same time the following day.
                                                                The stream is entitled:
                                                                Shoko-tan’s Nico-user Live (in Harajuku): Shoko
                                                                Nakagawa tries to sell her new mini-album nsum~

August 15th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: VR-Zone

Exclusive 23-hour TV – You can save Nakagawa with your                      Alternate CD jacket illustration, for
purchase of a copy                                                         the regular CD (without DVD) version
(イイイイイイイイイイイイイイイnsumイイイイイイイイイイイイイ イイ24イイイイ
イ -イイイイイイイイイイイイ-) .
                                                                Here’s the link to the livestream:
And it will include a music video showcase of past Shoko        watch/lv102717479
Nakagawa songs, a live feed of various fans’ meet-and-          Nico Nico Douga regular and premium users alike can hit
greet handshake sessions throughout the day, as well as talk    the yellow button that says イイイイイイイイ to DVR the entire
sessions with invited guests Hyadain (イイイイイ), Hachiouji-P       broadcast, so that you can skim through the entire 24-hour
(イイイP), Merochin (イイイイ), kzイlivetune), sasakure.UK, and         long video to get to the parts you want to see.
Hyakka Ryoran (イイイイ).
                                                                Full program schedule as follows:
                                                                00イ00—Music videos and selected live footage
                                                                12イ00—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 1)
                                                                12イ45—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 2)
                                                                13イ30—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 3)
                                                                14イ15—Guest appearance!
                                                                Hyadain (イイイイイイイ) plays a game live on streamイ
                                                                15イ00—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 4)
                                                                15イ45—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 5)
                                                                16イ30—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 6)
                                                                17イ30—Guest appearances!
                                                                sasakure.UK talks about the albumイ

                                                                Hyakka Ryoran-san (イイイイイイ) tells us about his occasional
                                                                visits to the Nico Nico Douga siteイ
                                                                19イ15—Guest appearances! kzイlivetuneイand Hachiouji-
                                                                P (イイイP) talks about the albumイ Merochin (イイイイイイ)
       中中中中中nsum中中中中中中中中中中中中中中中CD+DVD中                          choreographs for a song live on streamイ
                                                                21イ00—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 7)
During the broadcast Shoko-tan will somehow attempt to          21イ45—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 8)
sell 3,000 copies of her newly released mini-album from her
live location (it’s not stated how fans are supposed to buy     22イ30—Special Talk Sessionイイ
a copy that will count towards this tally; probably only the    Can Shoko-tan sell 3,000 copies of her new mini-albumイ
copies sold at the Harajuku location will count).
                                                                What will happen to Shoko-tan if she doesn’t sell 3,000
Even if you can’t tune in to the the full 24-hour broadcast,    copiesイ
at least try to tune in near the end to find out if Shoko-tan
manages to accomplish her goal or not.                          A final spurt for the goal in this 24-hour broadcastイイ
Shoko Nakagawa’s new mini-album, nsum~Nakagawa                  24イ00—Results announcement イBroadcast Overイ
Shoko ga Utatte Mita! comes out tomorrow, August 15.
                                                                イ Schedule times are a rough approximation.
                                                                イ Events might be moved forward or back, depending on
                                                                Source: Natalie, Barks

                                                                Hatsune Miku X Family
                                                                Mart campaign starts today
                                                                [commercial videos & photo

August 15th, 2012                                              Published by: VR-Zone

By KarbyP on August 15th, 2012

The Miku Loves FamiMa campaign (イイイイ 5th Anniversary
イイ LOVES イイイイイイイイイイイ) start today!
All those Hatsune Miku food items we’ve been telling you
about are finally available on store shelves!
To get the word out, the convenience store chain put out a
television commercial:
There are some hilarious outtakes too:

Crunchyroll’s Scott Green notes that FamiMa’s Hatsune
Miku CMs are similar in nature to the Corolla + Miku “Bacon
Wrapped Hotdog” commercials from a while ago:
Do we have places that sell bacon-wrapped hotdogs in
Singapore? I kinda want one now, thanks to Miku (although
I think the intention of the Corolla commercials was to sell
Well, they don’t sell bacon-wrapped hotdogs in Family Mart
in Japan either. But you know what they do sell?
Bread that’s shaped like leeks (イイイイイイイイ):

Family Mart East Ikebukuro Seiko
Building Branch (photo tour)
During the campaign period (39 days, from August 14 to
September 10), a particular branch of Family Mart locaed
in the Seiko Building in East Ikebukuro (イイイイイイイイイイイイ
イイイイイイ) will also be plastered with Miku loves FamiMa
decorations, including illustrations from Miku designer Kei
and other artists.
Famitsu visited the store and did a photo tour:

August 15th, 2012                                        Published by: VR-Zone

More (decorations, food items sold at the store, and a
Hatsune Miku X Family Mart smartphone app):

August 15th, 2012                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

                    Source: Crunchyroll, Famitsu

                    Shakugan no Shana
                    illustrator Noizi Itou tweets
                    on coming to Singapore for
                    By sentinel011 on August 15th, 2012

                    Last year STGCC invited Hanasaku Iroha’s illustrator,
                    Kishida Mel to give a talk about his works and a meet-and-
                    greet session. This year’s special guest has been officially
                    announced – or not?
                    Famed illustrator Noizi Itou tweeted the following:
                      Speaking of which, I will be heading to Singapore
                      end August for an event called STGCC. I am both
                      nervous and thrilled, since this is my first time in
                    The image below is a screen capture of her twitter account:

August 15th, 2012                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

The quote is highlighted in red
STGCC has not officially announced yet, but luck has been
our side so far with our discovery of Utaite artiste Pico before
their official announcement as well.
Noizi Itou is a manga and game artist who draws for several
high profile anime series, which includes The Melancholy
of Suzumiya Haruhi, Shakugan no Shana, Another and
more. She has released almost 10 illustration art books to
Source: Noizi Itou’s Twitter

August 17th, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
                                                                       By KarbyP on August 17th, 2012
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku
  and Japanese Pop Culture

Metal Gear Rising:
Revengeance and DmC Devil
May Cry demo play videos
from Gamescom 2012
dmc-devil-may-cry-demo-play-videos-from-gamescom-2012/                 Borderlands 2, the video game, is done. Development work
By KarbyP on August 17th, 2012                                         on it has been completed, and now Gearbox Software is busy
                                                                       making that awesome Mechromancer DLC character that
                                                                       gamers who pre-order the game will get.
                                                                       Borderlands 2, the awesome 20ft wall mural, on the other
                                                                       hand, is not quite done yet. But it will be, in about 13 hours
                                                                       from the time this post is up.
                                                                       Until then, you can watch UK graffiti artists Sam Hope and
                                                                       Dave More go at it at Gamescom in Germany in this live
                                                                       Stay tuned to SGCafe over the next couple of days, where
                                                                       we’ll bring you loads and loads of Borderlands 2 coverage.
Can’t get enough of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and                 We’ve played quite a lot of the four-player co-op shooter-
DmC Devil May Cry from just the official Gamescom trailers             slash-RPG when Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford
alone?                                                                 was in Singapore this week, so expect more details on the
Then watch Raiden and Dante go at it (separately) in                   Mechromancer, skill trees, cool character skins, and much,
these play videos captured on cameras from the Gamescom                much more very soon.
showfloor in Germany.                                                  Borderlands 2 comes out in Singapore September 21.
Raiden’s robot friend sadly doesn’t make an appearance at
the Gamescom demo (maybe at TGS?). Still, you get to watch
Raiden slice up some poor sod’s car, and some other poor
                                                                       DJMax Technika Tune 9-
sod (who’s probably not the owner of that classy car) like             minute-long “Let’s Play”
                                                                       trailer kicks off “Summer Fes’

DmC Devil May Cry’s Dante makes some sashimi too. But
                                                                       2012″ campaign
he prefers to use only fresh, live demons from the world of
Limbo for ingredients. If you were worried that this series
                                                                       By KarbyP on August 17th, 2012
reboot might stray too far from the core gameplay experience
that Devil May Cry’s been known for, this video below should
put you at ease.

Borderlands 2: Watch “live”
as UK graffiti artists Sam
Hope and Dave More create
Gamescom wall mural
                                                                       Find out howDJMax Technika Tune is played on a PS Vita in
                                                                       this 9-minute-long trailer, hosted by popular Niconico “Let’s
                                                                       Play” video-maker Gacchiman (ガガガガガ).

August 17th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

This is but only the first in a series “DJMax Summer
Fes’ 2012″ campaign trailers that features various popular
Niconico users singing, dancing, and otherwise doing
something with DJMax Technika Tune.
Next week’s trailer, to be released on August 24, features
Niconico user Yuge (ガガ) – renowned for his “Let’s try
singing” videos – who will perform Keys to the world from
the game.

                                                                DJMax Technika Tune for the PlayStation Vita goes on sale
                                                                September 27 in Japan.
                                                                Source: 4Gamer

                                                                Niconico Live to stream
                                                                Animelo Summer 2010, 2011
                                                                performances; Hatsune Miku
August 31′s video is a “songs introduction” trailer hosted by   a special guest in 2012
Vocaloid producer KagomeP (ガガガ P). The tracks Ooh La La,        Source:
Brand NEW Days, and RockSTAR will be covered.                   summer-2010-2011-performances-hatsune-miku-a-special-guest-
                                                                By KarbyP on August 17th, 2012

And finally, two “Let’s Try Dancing” videos featuring
Boutou (ガガ) and Apricot* (ガガガガガガガ) will be streamed on          This year’s Animelo Summer, codenamed Infinity, will take
September 7 and 14, respectively. Again, these are folks who    place at the Saitama Super Arena on August 25 and 26. To
are famous on Japanese video upload site Niconico Douga         get fans of the annual anison event hyped up for the actual
for their dance videos.                                         concert, Niconico Live will be broadcasting concert footage
Boutou will dance to A Song of Sixpence, while Apricot*         from 2010 and 2011, viewable for free, on three consecutive
performs to the beat of Shining My Boy.                         nights.
                                                                The fun begins August 22 (Wednesday), 9PM JST (GMT
                                                                +0900 hours) or 8PM Singapore time, starting with Day 1 of
                                                                the Animelo Summer Live 2010 -evolution- concert (looks
                                                                like this is the entire thing, as seen on DVD and Blu-ray).
                                                                August 23 (Thursday) night, 9PM JST’s broadcast will
                                                                feature the Day 2 concert of Animelo Summer Live 2010.
                                                                Each day’s concert features entirely different artistes, so you
                                                                might want to catch both.
                                                                Finally, on August 24 (Friday) night, a digest video of
                                                                Animelo Summer Live 2011 -rainbow- will be streamed
                                                                online. It’s not the entire concert because the DVDs and Blu-
                                                                rays for that are still on sale.
                                                                As usual, Niconico users free and premium alike can click on
                                                                the ガガガガガガガガ button to DVR the broadcasts, so that they
                                                                may watch it any time after the broadcasts.

August 17th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

To go to each day’s broadcast page, click on the respective            Been a while since we’ve heard news of a Pokemon-themed
links below:                                                           limited edition Nintendo portable. Between August 25 to
                                                                       September 14, Pokemon Center Tokyo will be taking pre-
ガガガガガガガ2012ガガガガSPガガガガ Animelo Summer Live 2010 -
                                                                       orders for a Pikachu Yellow version of its 3DS LL (3DS XL
evolution- 8.28
                                                                       in the West) handheld.
ガガガガガ2012ガ8ガ22ガ(ガ) 21:00ガ26:00(ガガ)
>>ガガガガガガガ                                                              Quantities for the Nintendo 3DS LL Pikachu Yellow edition
                                                                       will be limited. Nintendo does not plan to put this on retail
ガガガガガガガガ2012ガガガガSPガガガガ Animelo Summer Live 2010
-evolution- 8.29                                                       shelves; it’s only available to those who pre-order. If you do,
                                                                       you’ll get one September 15.
ガガガガガ2012ガ8ガ23ガ(ガ) 21:00ガ26:00(ガガ)
>>ガガガガガガガ                                                              As with any regular 3DS LL sold in Japan, one of these babies
                                                                       will run you 18,900 yen (price not including AC adaptor; in
ガガガガガガガガ2012ガガガガSPガガガガ Animelo Summer Live 2011
                                                                       regions outside Japan an adaptor is included).
-rainbow – ガガガガガガ
ガガガガガ2012ガ8ガ24ガ(ガ) 21:00ガ24:30(ガガ)

Hatsune Miku in Animelo Summer
2012 -INFINITY∞-

Apart from today’s news on the Niconico broadcasts, we’d
just like to take a brief aside to tell folks that Hatsune Miku
will be a performer at Animelo Summer 2012 -INFINITY∞-.
She’s an artiste for Day 2 (August 26, Sunday).
Nothing like a good Hatsune Miku live performance to make
your summer all mellow-mellow (heh… geddit? Animelo…
nevery mind).
Source: Anisama

Nintendo 3DS LL Pikachu
Yellow edition launched,
sold exclusively at Pokemon
Center stores in Japan
By KarbyP on August 17th, 2012

                                                                       Those of you lucky enough to be in Japan in the
                                                                       aforementioned period, try and get one from a Pokemon
                                                                       Center store in these branches: Sapporo, Tohoku, Tokyo,
                                                                       Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka (we’re not sure if that’s
                                                                       all of the Pokemon Center store branches in Japan).
                                                                       Better yet, go to all of the aforementioned stores, and tell
                                                                       us if there’s a Nurse Joy at every branch to heal your Poke-
                                                                       Source: 4Gamer

August 17th, 2012                                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

One OK Rock’s “The
                                                                        By KarbyP on August 17th, 2012

Beginning” – theme song for
live-action Rurouni Kenshin
movie – posted on YouTube
By KarbyP on August 17th, 2012

                                                                        Geddit? WTF? That the acronym you can use to refer to
                                                                        Tekken Tag Tournament 2‘s expanded online functionality,
                                                                        and it’s really quite apt, given the staggering amount of
                                                                        free content - all DLC characters, stages, and techniques
                                                                        - Namco Bandai is giving away to fans. (Seriously, folks,
                                                                        you’re missing out on a lot if you don’t pre-order.)
                                                                        On top of the basic online functionality (6-player lobbies,
                                                                        replays; game updates that will add even more modes like
                                                                        50-player lobby arenas and 16-player lounges), a “World
Here’s the music video for One OK Rock‘s 7th single, The                Tekken Federation” service will let you track detailed player
Beginning, taken from the J-rock band’s official YouTube                stats, leaderboard rankings, and create teams – this is
page.                                                                   essentially clan support in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
Comprising four members – Taka (vocals), Toru (guitar),                 Just don’t get hung up on the phrase” a new premium
Ryoto (bass), Tomoya (drummer) – the enigmatic J-rock                   service” when the emcee says it in the trailer. Many in
band was formed in 2005 and was recently here for the                   the fighting games community were concerned, since the
Singapore stop of their Start Walking the World Tour.                   word “premium” usually means “paid” content in MMOs and
One OK Rock’s The Beginning, set to be released August                  other free-to-play titles, but in Tekken Tag Tournament 2′s
22 in Japan, is also the theme song for the live-                       case, it’s really not used in that context.
action Rurouni Kenshin movie that’s headed to cinemas                   The World Tekken Federation service is free to all players,
there August 25.                                                        according to Mad Catz’s Mark “Markman” Julio who
A set of hi-res movie trailers, putting the spotlight on the            responded to a query on Twitter asking if WTF was
various ensemble cast members in the movie, surfaced on                 something that had to be paid for monthly or annually.
the Interwebs this week. Between the seven clips, you’re                Oh, and in case you were wondering, the emcee’s Corissa
looking at over three minutes of footage from the movie,                Furr, who played Lili in the “Bad Girls” “Girls Power” trailer
which we can’t help but get excited about.                              for TTT2:

Kenshin                                                                 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is scheduled for release on
                                                                        September 11 in Singapore and the US.
 Kaoru                                                                  Read more about the Tekken series here on SGCafe!
Sanosuke                                                                Source: Eventhubs

                                                                        Project Diva developer
Megumi                                                                  teasing Hatsune Miku on
Kanryu                                                                  Android announcement
Jine                                                                    [speculation]
Source: Crunchyroll
                                                                        By KarbyP on August 17th, 2012
Tekken Tag Tournament 2                                                 Expect some kind of video, relating either to Hatsune Miku
“World Tekken Federation”                                               on Android, or Project Diva f’s AR functionality – later
                                                                        today from Sega’s Project Diva development team later
trailer: Don’t get hung-up on                                           today. Possibly Android-related (and Hatsune Miku-related,
the word “premium”                                                      of course).

August 17th, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                   now that the series is on PS Vita, it’d make perfect sense to
                                                                   release the older PSP entries for smartphone devices.
                                                                   Check back with us later today to find out for sure.
                                                                   Source: Twitter

                                                                   Hunter X Hunter: Phantom
                                                                   Rouge film synopsis revealed
                                                                   – Kurapika’s scarlet eyes
                                                                   “stolen” from him
                                                                   By KarbyP on August 17th, 2012

                                                                   Kurapika goes blind in the plot for the upcoming Hunter
Sega’s Hatsune Miku Project Diva team loves the iPhone. Or         X Hunter: Phantom Rouge movie, when a mysterious
developing for the iPhone. One or the other. Maybe both.           malevolent party assaults and robs him of his prized eyes -
And that’s probably why they’ve already put out not one, but       which have the ability to turn crimson red when Kurapika
two Hatsune Miku game apps for the iOS platform – Miku             gets emotional.
Flick, and Miku Flick/02.                                          It’s a trait all Kurta clan members have, which makes their
We hear it all the time from our readers: “Why iOS? Why            eyes one of the seven most beautiful wonders in the world.
can’t it be for Android? I’d gladly buy the app right away if it   But it’s also the reason why the entire clan was nearly
were available for Android!”                                       decimated (Kurapika is the sole surviving member) by the
                                                                   Phantom Troupe, a gang of pirates who committed the
Well, folks, it looks like the Project Diva team may finally
                                                                   massacre because they wanted those eyes.
have gotten to work on something on Android… We don’t
really know yet; this is all just rumours and speculation for      And Kurapika would have ended up dead just like the rest of
now.                                                               his clan, had it not been for intervention from the rest of the
                                                                   Hunter X Hunter heroes (Gon, Killua, Leorio), who managed
Late last night, the Twitter account for one of the members
                                                                   to retrieve the last-remaining Kurta member from death’s
on the development team posted the image you see above, of
                                                                   door before it was too late.
Hatsune Miku being displayed on an Android device.
                                                                   Just as our heroes manage to save Kurapika and catch a
Chances are, that’s not Miku Flick or Miku Flick/02. Which
                                                                   breather, the Phantom Troupe appears before them.
doesn’t feature a landscape mode (can someone confirm this
for us? Tell us in the comments).                                  As it turns out, our mysterious big band is a member of the
What is it then? Your guess is as good as mine.
                                                                   Specifically, the one with the No.4 spider tattoo – all
But we’ll find out soon enough. Earlier on the developer’s
                                                                   members of the Phantom Troupe are marked with a spider
twitter stream, it’s mentioned that they’ve prepared some
                                                                   tattoo bearing a different number (do you see the tattoo in
sort of video announcement they’d like to share with
                                                                   the first and third images below?).
fans, but declined to because the Hatsune Miku loves
FamiMa campaign had just started. They didn’t want their           Who is this mysterious assailant? How did they manage to
announcement to detract from that. So they’ve decided to           entrap Kurapika – and why now?
release the video on Thursday.                                     And will Kurapika ever regain his sense of sight?
                                                                   Find out in Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge, when it hits
                                                                   theatres in Japan January 12 (and subsequently on Blu-ray
                                                                   and DVD).

The video may or may not necessarily be connected to the
Android image. It could also be another Hatsune Miku
Project Diva f trailer, this time centered on its Augmented
Reality (AR) functionality.
But given the timing of these hints, as well as Sony’s
PlayStation Mobile announcement – over 30 “PlayStation-
like” titles will be released for supported Android devices –
yesterday at Gamescom in Germany, we’re hoping it’s not
Project Diva f-related.
What do you think? Could we be hours away to a Hatsune
Miku Project Diva on Android announcement? You know,

August 17th, 2012                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

                    Source: Hachima

                    Metal Gear Rising:
                    Revengeance has a final
                    release date, Gamescom
                    trailer expands upon E3′s
                    By KarbyP on August 17th, 2012

                    Kojima Productions and Platinum Games’s lightning-bolt-
                    action blockbuster title Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
                    gets a release date at Gamescom: February 19, 2013 for US,
                    February 21 in Japan.
                    Also, Raiden gets a pet in a new Gamescom trailer that
                    expands upon the one you saw from E3 in June. The new
                    stuff starts from 03:18.
                    Players assume control of katana-wielding cyborg ninja
                    Raiden in this Metal Gear Solid spin-off that’s less on tactical
                    espionage, and more about confronting your foes in the most
                    stylish way possible, giant sword in hand.

August 17th, 2012                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

The game was at one point cancelled by Kojima Productions
(like Sleeping Dogs once was), but subsequently resurrected
when the studio outsourced development to Platinum
Games – hence the “Revengeance” in the title.
Why feature a robo-dog in the game? That’s probably a
decision on Platinum Games’s part. Several NeoGAF forum
users noted that a robot dog was originally planned to be
included in Platinum Games’s Vanquish, but was ultimately
cut out.
All that research on a controllable robo-dog is now going
into Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance… with a vengeance.
It could also be a homage to Casshern, some other forum-
goers noted.
We’ll try and get information on an Asian release date on this
highly-anticipated PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 action title.
In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful stills:

                                                                 Source: NeoGAF

August 22nd, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku
  and Japanese Pop Culture

Persona’s Elizabeth & Aigis,
characters from Fantasy
Earth: Zero and Sora no
Kiseki are also guests in Lord
of Vermillion
By KarbyP on August 22nd, 2012
                                                                         Fantasy Earth: ZERO ()
                                                                         Free-to-play MMORPG Fantasy Earth: Zero‘s joining the
                                                                         fight too. Lyle and Tivarece, who are both rulers in the
                                                                         game’s universe, are your FE:Z guest characters.

Over the past weekend, Square Enix announced at a Lord
of Vermillion national tournament in Japan that the next
version of the game, to be released in arcades there Autumn
2012, would feature guest characters from the Persona series
– and possibly more.
Only one character, Yu Narukami, was detailed at the event.
Now, courtesy of the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu
magazine, we finally have details on a couple more of those
guest characters that will be added in Lord of Vermillion                The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the
Re:2 ~Saisei~ (ロロロ ロロ ロロロロロロロRe:2 ロロロロ).
                                                                         Sky / Sora no Kiseki ()
Persona series ()                                                        Estelle Bright, the heroine in Falcom’s The Legend of
From Persona, Elizabeth and Aigis will be joining the                    Heroes: Trails in the Sky RPG is the final guest character
aforementioned Sister-Complex Kingpin of Steel (that’s Yu’s              announced in this week’s Famitsu reveal.
“nickname” in Persona 4 Arena, for those of you who didn’t
pick up the amazing fighting game).

August 22nd, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

Now, if only arcades in Singapore would bring in this
excellent tabletop collectible-card-game, which is based on
                                                                      Kamikyoku / 神神
the same technology as seen in Sega’s Sangokushi Taisen               Artiste: AnyuuP (ロロロロP)
Source: 1, 2, 3
                                                                      Kagamine Hachi                            Hachi            Hana
                                                                      Gassen / 神神神神神神神
Hatsune Miku Project Diva f:
                                                                      Artiste: MojyaP/Niregiru (ロロロP/ロロロロ)
five more songs revealed in
the latest issue of Famitsu
                                                                      Tengaku / 神神
magazine                                                              Artiste: Yuuyu (ロロロ)
By KarbyP on August 22nd, 2012
                                                                      Stay with me
                                                                      Artiste: shu-t
Five more songs from Hatsune Miku Project Diva f are
revealed in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine,              (We weren’t able to find any clips for shu-t’s Stay with me…
which brings us to a grand total of 30 known tracks so far.           could this be an original?)
Only two more to go!
                                                                      Artiste: cosMo@BousouP (cosMo@ロロP)
                                                                      (No clips for this track too… let us know if you’ve heard this
                                                                      track before; we’ll update this story accordingly as soon as
                                                                      we have more)

                                                                      Hatsune Miku Project Diva f for the PlayStation Vita goes
                                                                      on sale in Japan and Asia August 30.
                                                                      Source: Imagebam

                                                                      Hatsune Miku Project Diva
                                                                      f, Diva Arcade merchandise
                                                                      part of September &
                                                                      October’s Sega Prize line-up
                                                                      By KarbyP on August 22nd, 2012

Which songs are you hoping will fill those final two slots in
Hatsune Miku Project Diva f’s song roster?                            Back in June, Hatsune Miku Project Diva f’s producer,
Expect a proper trailer from Sega sometime later this week            Seiji Hayashi, had refused to talk about merchandising tie-
introducing the five new songs Famitsu revealed. For now,             ups when asked about it by 4Gamer, as they were still
here are some samples taken from YouTube:                             brainstorming for ideas.

August 22nd, 2012                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

Now that the PS Vita rhythm-action title is on the verge of
release, those merchandising ideas have finally been filtered
                                                                Hatsune Miku and Future Stars
through and materialised – the first batch of which will be     Project mirai Mascot Cleaner Vol.4
included in the October line-up of Sega Prizes.                 Features the Vocaloid stars in costumes relating to the
Miku fans can attempt to capture and win these Sega Prizes      song Sakasama Rainbow (逆逆逆逆逆逆逆逆). 10cm in length,
from UFO Catcher machines, or buy them directly from            eight designs in total.
places like Amazon.
October’s Sega Prize line-up also includes some Project
mirai themed items.
There’s also something for Project Diva Arcade fans. But
unlike the rest of the items mentioned here, these will come
Which of these items tickle your fancy? Let us know in the
comments below.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f Multi-
A 20cm-long pouch for your PlayStation Vita (also has space
for a couple of small items). Two designs are available.

                                                                Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade
                                                                Dedicated IC Card Case VersionB
                                                                Three designs in all, these 8cm-long card cases are the
                                                                perfect way to keep your Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade
                                                                Ver.B IC card in pristine condition.

Hatsune Miku                   Project          Diva       f
                                                                Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade
Cleaner Strap
                                                                Micro-fibre Towel
A cleaner strap and cloth perfect for wiping the PS Vita’s
touchscreen after play. Three designs available, all of which   Two designs, 70cm in length.
are 10cm in length.

                                                                Source: 4Gamer

August 22nd, 2012                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

Borderlands getting a
four-part comic series in
By KarbyP on August 22nd, 2012

2K Games and Gearbox Software’s Borderlands is getting
the comic-book treatment this November, with the release
of the first issue in a four-part series from publisher IDW.
Entitled Borderlands: Origins, the series is illustrated by
Augustin Padilla, written by Mikey Neumann (who served as
writer for the first game; Anthony Burch is penning the story
for Borderlands 2), and provides an insight into the origins
stories for Roland, Mordecai, Lilith, and Brick – the original
vault hunders from Borderlands 1 who will return as non-
playable characters in the sequel.
Here’s a plot synopsis for the first issue:
  “Roland.” For the millions and millions of fans of the
  smash-hit video game BORDERLANDS, a lingering
  question exists: how did the Vault Hunters get on
  the bus with Marcus in the first place? Find out
  how Roland got on the bus with Mordecai, Lilith,
  and Brick in this exciting look at the soldiers of
  the Crimson Lance and what made him leave their
  ranks and search for the Vault. Surprises abound in
  the first part of a four-issue series chronicling where
  Borderlands began.”
Two covers will be available for this first issue: one featuring
Roland, and a variant cover – a piece of fan-art from
renowned comic-book artist Ray Dillon – that has the
playable cast of Borderlands 2 on it.

August 22nd, 2012                                                                                          Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                    As you can see, Toy Coin will be bringing in the
An insert ad for Borderlands: Origins will be included with         Ichiban Kuji for OreImo and Angel Beats!, so fans
every copy of Borderlands 2, which is slated to hit PC,             of these two highly popular series better start
PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 21 (pre-order               preparing for the Toy Coin booth!
details here).
                                                                    Singapore Toys,Games and Comics Convention
Source: Newsarama [via GameInformer and VG24/7]                     (STGCC) in conjunction with A.C.M.E IV will
                                                                    also have their own promotion within the event!
A.C.M.E. IV reveals                                                 Basically, buy your STGCC tickets at A.C.M.E IV and
                                                                    stand a chance to win a Hatsune Miku VN02 Mix
merchandise from retailer                                           toy! The lucky draw will be conducted at 5.45pm and
Toy Coin                                                            the lucky winner will collect the prize on the spot!
Source:   We would also like to announce several new features
from-retailer-toy-coin-goods/                                       of A.C.M.E IV that would cater to their respective
By sentinel011 on August 22nd, 2012                                 fanbases:
More news on merchandise to be released at A.C.M.E. IV this         -        Show Dolls will be attending the event, so
coming Saturday! The committee reveals some upcoming                look out for a display of beautiful dolls from various
gems and exclusives to be sold at the event.                        anime and manga series!
There will be exclusive figurines such as Nendoroids and            -        Garage Sales Booth: Check out nifty items
exclusive Ichiban Kuji items up for sale. Below is the write-       like artbooks, games, Nendroids, PVC figurines all
up of A.C.M.E. ‘s press release:                                    looking for a new home at unbelievable prices!
  Once again, we have several updates for you. As you               And finally, in response to enquiries about our
  might know, A.C.M.E IV is on this coming Saturday.                Gundam vs Gundam tournament format, the
  We hope you are prepared for it!                                  tournament will be held in 1 v 1 format, with
                                                                    single elimination and the winner decided by the
  Anyway, first up is an announcement for Toy Coin.                 best of 3 rounds. We are only preparing for a 16
  As previously announced, Toy Coin is one of the                   player tournament, so interested Mobile Suit pilots,
  retailers who will be present in A.C.M.E IV, so let’s             please send your registration to the following email
  take a closer look at the items that they will be                 address:
  bringing in to the event!

August 22nd, 2012                                                                                          Published by: VR-Zone

  That’s all we have for this round of announcements!
  We are certainly saving the most important
  information for our last article, so stay tuned and
  visit our website ( regularly!

Persona 4: The Ultimate in
Mayonaka Arena skins for
your iPhone 4/4S, PS3, and
Dual Shock 3 controllers
By KarbyP on August 22nd, 2012

                                                                  PS3 Dezaskins
                                                                  Two designs are available for the PS3 skins, which also goes
                                                                  for 3,980 yen. Note that the price does not include any Dual
                                                                  Shock 3 skins – those are sold separately.

Tell the world which character you “main” in Persona 4: The
Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena with these iPhone 4/4S cases
from maker Dezaegg. 13 designs are available in all, each
corresponding to a different fighter.
Also available: Persona 4 Arena-themed PS3 and Dual Shock
3 skins.
Pre-orders from Dezaegg’s official website starts today. The
cases and skins go on sale September 28.
This is not the first time Dezaegg has made Persona-themed
iPhone 4/4S cases; back in July a groovy set of Persona 4:
The Golden-themed cases was released.

iPhone 4/4S “Deza Jacket”
Each case comes with a protective film for your iPhone’s
front bezel, as well as a matching digital wallpaper. Priced at
3,980 yen.
Scroll down to the end of this post to view all designs.

                                                                  Dual Shock 3 Dezaskins
                                                                  Like with the iPhone 4/4S cases, 13 designs are available for
                                                                  the Dual Shock 3 skins. Each skin will run you 980 yen.

August 22nd, 2012   Published by: VR-Zone

August 22nd, 2012                                                Published by: VR-Zone

                    Source: Dezaegg

                    Atsuko Maeda’s final
                    performance at the AKB48
                    theatre to be live-streamed
                    August 27 on YouTube and
                    By KarbyP on August 22nd, 2012

                    Atsuko Maeda graduates from the idol group AKB48 August
                    27. On that day, she will be performing live at the AKB48
                    theatre in Akihabara for the last time, and it – as announced
                    by the group’s management earlier today – will be streamed
                    live on YouTube and Google+.

August 22nd, 2012                                                                                            Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                    By KarbyP on August 22nd, 2012

                                                                    Arc System Works has refined the release date for the
                                                                    console version (PlayStation Network / Xbox Live Arcade)
The broadcast begins at 6PM Japan time (GMT+0900                    of Guilty Gear XX ΛCore Plus from a vague “Summer 2012″
hours) or 5PM Singapore time. To catch it, go to the official       to a slightly more concrete “late October, 2012″.
AKB48 YouTube channel, or Atsuko Maeda’s Google+ page.
                                                                    Guilty Gear XX ΛCore Plus (read as “Accent Core Plus”) was
The decision to live-stream Maeda’s final performance at the        originally released on the PS2 in 2008 and featured Kliff and
AKB48 theatre was made due to an overwhelming number                Justice as playable – but overpowered – boss characters.
of applications for tickets to see AKB48‘s “absolute ace” for
the last time: a whopping 229,096 fans entered the ballot for       In a press release, Arc System Works says that the
August 27′s 250 “premium tickets”. The odds of landing one          forthcoming PSN and XBLA release of Guilty Gear XX ΛCore
of these tickets were 1:916.38.                                     Plus will contain everything as seen in the 2008 PS2 release,
                                                                    with the addition of online mode (if you’re played BlazBlue,
This was the biggest number of ticket applicants since              Arcana Heart 3, or Persona 4 Arena you should know what
the 250-seat theatre opened in December 2005. Thus the              to expect for online).
management’s decision to live-stream the entire event, in
part of appease fans who were not able to obtain one of the         At launch, it will not feature the balance tweaks (especially
much-coveted premium tickets, despite their best efforts.           those for Kliff and Justice) that were made in Guilty Gear XX
                                                                    ΛCore Plus R, a new version that’s coming out in Japanese
Apart from the live-stream, the AKB48 management will               arcades September 20.
also be running a Google+ campaign where fans can attempt
to get their messages to Maeda.                                     However, at some point in the future a patch will be released
                                                                    for Guilty Gear XX ΛCore Plus on PSN/XBLA that will
Beginning August 21, fan messages posted on Google+                 update it to reflect the changes made in R – just take note
with the hashtag “ロmaeda0827″ will be compiled and                  that this won’t be at launch.
subsequently printed on flower petals, to be sprinkled
on the AKB48 theatre like confetti during the August 27
                                                                    Guilty Gear Low-Noise Stick -
Additionally, fans can also collaborate on an Atsuko Maeda
gradauation album through the social network by sharing             Sanwa Edition- 神神神神神神神 神神神神神神神-
their photos with one another.                                      SANWA EDITION- 神
Source: Oricon

Guilty Gear XX ΛCore Plus
to hit consoles late October;
low-noise GG joystick in

                                                                    Although the game itself will only be available from October,
                                                                    Arc System Works will be bringing out a Guilty Gear-themed
                                                                    PlayStation 3 joystick that’s fitted with low-noise parts from
                                                                    Sanwa on September 6, to be sold at Enterbrain’s Ebten
                                                                    For 15,540 yen including tax, the stick comes with a special
                                                                    poster illustrated by Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari.
                                                                    Alternatively, you can opt for a poster-less version of the
                                                                    stick for 13,980 yen.

August 22nd, 2012                                                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

The parts used in this stick from ASW are the same ones as
those featured in Mad Catz’s SH series.                      Persona characters to
                                                             come in as guests in Lord of
                                                             By KarbyP on August 22nd, 2012

                                                             Persona 4 Arena’s Sister-Complex Kingpin of Steel,
                                                             Narukami Yu, will be the first in a new line of guest
                                                             characters featured in Lord of Vermillion Re:2 ~Saisei~ (ロロ
                                                             ロ ロロ ロロロロロロロRe:2 ロロロロ), an expansion to the current LoV
                                                             Re:2 that will be released in Japanese arcades Autumn 2012,
                                                             Square Enix announced yesterday at a national tournament.
                                                             In LoV Re:2 ~Saisei~, Narukami’s special technique is
                                                             Ziodyne, which does lightning-based damage to one enemy
                                                             unit within his attack range, and lowers the target’s defense
                                                             and movement speed for a set amount of time.

                                                             Although Narukami (which the Japanese has taken to calling
                                                             “Bancho” or ロロ as he was the nameless main character in
                                                             Persona 4) was the only character announced at yesterday’s
                                                             event, Square Enix said fans can expect to see more
                                                             characters from Persona 3, Persona 4, as well as Persona 4:
                                                             The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena to make an appearance in
                                                             this card-based, tabletop arcade game that plays similar to
                                                             Sega’s Sangokushi Taisen.

Source: 4Gamer                                               Outside of the Persona series, Square Enix also announced
                                                             that characters from TV anime Black Rock Shooter and
                                                             Type-Moon’s visual novel Mahou Tsukai no Yoru will
                                                             be making guest appearances. Keeping in mind that
                                                             Lord of Vermillion is essentially about a war between
                                                             mythological creatures, who do you think will be featured as
                                                             guests? Update: Black Rock Shooter and Mahou Tsukai no
                                                             Yoru guest characters were already part of a previous version
                                                             of Lord of Vermillion Re:2.

August 22nd, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

Finally, Square Enix announced that five cards from the                design protector sheet, AR card, and a PS Vita Trooper Pack
original LoV that didn’t make it into Re:2 will return in the          pouch.
Saisei expansion. One of which features Izanami – but not
the same one as seen in Persona 4:

                                                                       According to Engadget China, a glossy screen protector is
                                                                       part of the Hatsune Miku protector sheet; the entire thing
                                                                       comes as a single piece, so you won’t be able to remove
                                                                       the glossy screen protector part and replace it with your
                                                                       own matte screen protector, unless you decide to cut it out
                                                                       They also appeared to be surprised that you’ll have to apply
                                                                       the protector sheet on by yourself (only the illustration on
 For more images of these five cards, head over to 4Gamer’s
                                                                       the back panel comes pre-attached on the PS Vita unit). But
                                                                       not to worry: the protector sheet comes with an instruction
Source: 4Gamer                                                         card that shows how you’re supposed to align the whole
                                                                       thing properly.

Engadget China goes hands-                                             This was something we already knew about quite a while
                                                                       back – Sega chose to do it this way as the protective sheet
on with Hatsune Miku limited                                           is a pre-order bonus for the regular version of the game, for
edition PlayStation Vita                                               those who already own a PlayStation Vita.
By KarbyP on August 22nd, 2012

                                                                       Due to the method of printing used on the sheet, its surface
                                                                       is smooth and slippery to the touch, which could be a minor
Colour us envious: The lucky, lucky folks from Engadget                concern for some.
China were able to go hands-on with a final retail unit of the         Compared to that, the bigger concern Engadget had was
Hatsune Miku limited edition PlayStation Vita a whopping               the fact that the Hatsune Miku protector sheet – like most
two weeks before it goes on sale (if you want one of these             other protective films of such nature – was susceptible to
babies, better pre-order before they’re gone).                         scratches. There was already a demo unit at the event they
So they’ve done their due diligence by giving us a first look          were at that had plenty of scratches on it. If your fingernails
at the much-coveted handheld in a detailed hands-on report             are long, you’re bound to scratch it at some point, they
that includes comparisons with a regular Crystal White PS              explained. If it were a regular protective film, that would
Vita.                                                                  have been fine, but this is a one-of-a-kind design that’s not
                                                                       for sale.
Sold for HK$3,488 in Hong Kong, the Hatsune Miku limited
edition Vita comes with a 4GB memory card, an original-

August 22nd, 2012                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

Our advice: you might want to consider applying a second
protective film to keep the Hatsune Miku protector sheet
Finally, Engadget China added that the rear touch panel on
the Hatsune Miku limited edition PS Vita, despite sporting
a special illustration, has the exact same texture as a regular
Crystal White PS Vita. Apart from the special illustration,
the limited edition Vita is no different from a regular Crystal

August 22nd, 2012                            Published by: VR-Zone

                    Source: Engadget China

August 23rd, 2012                                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku
  and Japanese Pop Culture                                             AR Live
                                                                       The above video interview you see above is actually the
Hatsune Miku Project Diva f                                            second of a two-parter.
                                                                       Here’s the first part, which has the developers discussing
developers talk Dreamcast                                              the process they took with creating character modules, and
& Phantasy Star Online 2                                               a brief demonstration of the game’s AR Live function.

references in this video
                                                                       Dead or Alive 5 will have 2-
Source:         player online training & 16-
                                                                       player tournament modes
By KarbyP on August 23rd, 2012
                                                                       By KarbyP on August 23rd, 2012

The Dreamcast controller makes a cameo in the PV for
RemoCon (リリリリ). Did you notice that from watching any of
                                                              takes a look at the online modes in Koei
the previous songs trailers for the game?
                                                                       Tecmo’s Dead or Alive 5. Other than standard ranked
In the following video interview, the Hatsune Miku Project             matches, a two-player online training (which was first
Diva f development team says that as much as possible                  introduced in the genre by Street Fighter X Tekken) and 16-
they’ve tried to include interesting parodies or references            player tournament modes will be included.
here and there throughout the game for players to find.
                                                                       There’s also text chat support, for those of you who don’t feel
Some of it will be obvious, some of it won’t. The Dreamcast
                                                                       like putting on a headset and chatting with your opponent
controller falls under the former category – it’s an actual
                                                                       when you’re about to slaughter them in the 3D fighter.
item that you’ll be able to use as decoration in the My Room
feature of the game.
The developers also talked about the story behind the
Phantasy Star Online 2 tie-in as seen in the PV for the
song Online Game Addicts Sprechor (リリリリリリリリリリリリリ).
When it was decided that Online Game Addicts
Sprechor would make it into Project Diva f’s track list, the
team really wanted to have actual MMOG references in the
PV for it. Which means they would have to approach an
actual MMOG maker to ask for permission to include any
such recognisable elements.
Fortunately, Sega already has a current MMOG property:
Phantasy Star Online 2.
So they approached the PSO2′s producer Tabata Sakae, who
told them “well, since within Sega we’re pretty much the only
MMOG property… and since it’s Hatsune Miku, sure, we’ll
go along with it.”

August 23rd, 2012                                                                                            Published by: VR-Zone

Famitsu also has a batch of images that shows Brad Wong,
Elliot, Helena and La Mariposa (Lisa) slugging it out. The    Dead or Alive 5 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles is
four characters were the latest to be confirmed for Dead or   scheduled for release on September 25. Like with Tekken
Alive 5, which comes some seven years after the previous      Tag Tournament 2, pre-orderers are entitled to a set of
numbered title in the series, 4.                              swimsuits for the characters:

                                                              Source: Famitsu

                                                              Spec Ops: The Line adds 2-
                                                              player co-operative mode in
                                                              free DLC pack
                                                              By KarbyP on August 23rd, 2012

                                                              Thought you finished your tour of duty in Dubai as Colonel
                                                              John Konrad in 2K Games’s Spec Ops: The Line, didn’t you?
                                                              Well, think again, pardner.
                                                              Developer Yager has just added four brand new 2-player co-
                                                              operative missions to the game, available via a 200+MB DLC
                                                              These co-op missions are playable online as well as offline
                                                              via system-link.

August 23rd, 2012                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

Here’s what each of the four new missions entail. Consider
this your mission briefing:

   • Carpark Extraction – Reach the chopper before a
     devastating sandstorm prevents your extraction
   • Gorge Top – Locate and assassinate the 33rd VIP.
     Get out of there once the target is down before
     reinforcements arrive!
   • Refugees – You are a part of a refugee insurgency in an
     encampment held by Konrad soldiers. Your objective
     is to get out of there alive!
   • Graveyard Sabotage – Hack the Com Stations in order
     to scotch communication with Enemy-HQ

Each mission can be played on four difficulty levels, with the
hardest being FUBAR (F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition).
Even on the easiest difficulty level, these missions are no
cakewalk. In Graveyard Sabotage, for instance, you start the
mission by going into a firefight with unidentified targets
that you can’t see, due to a sandstorm, and ends with a
heavily fortified area filled with tangos who are trying to
flush you out with rocket launchers.
The co-operative mode DLC pack is available now, free to all
Specs Ops: The Line players.

Kyubey from Puella Magi
Madoka Magica: “make a
contract with me, eat my
face cake”
By KarbyP on August 23rd, 2012

I bet this was exactly what Mami Tomoe had in mind when
she told Madoka Kaname to “wish for a cake” if she didn’t
know what to do with her wish.
(In the world of Puella Magi Madoko Magica, the magical
creature Kyubey offers to grant talented individuals a wish –
anything they desire – on the condition that they enter into
a contract with him to fight demons as a Mahou Shoujo or
Magical Girl.)
Bandai’s official online store Premium Bandai has begun
taking pre-orders today for a “Kyubey Face Cake”, made with
vanilla mousse and cranberry sauce, that will ship out in
November to fans of the anime series who’d love nothing
more than to take a bite into the villainous magical cat’s

August 23rd, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

This is not the first time Premium Bandai has offered a cake   Source: Comic Natalie, Premium Bandai
based on the critically-acclaimed anime series from 2011.
A Mami Tomoe-themed “Mou Nani mo Kowakunai” (“I’m              Tales of Xillia 2′s Rowen J.
not afraid of anything anymore”) cake with pineapple and
peach fruit bits in it was made available earlier this year.   Ilbert has really fast fingers
To commemorate the forthcoming theatrical release of two       [character intro video]
Puella Magi Madoka Magica films, Premium Bandai will           Source:
once again take pre-orders for the Mami Tomoe-inspired         really-fast-fingers-character-intro-video/
cake later this year in October.

August 23rd, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

By KarbyP on August 23rd, 2012                                           Late last night (in the AM), the organisers for A
                                                                         Certain Magical Event dropped a massive bombshell upon
                                                                         unsuspecting fans on their Facebook page.
                                                                         Nagi Yanagi, who performed songs like Kimi no
                                                                         Shiranai Monogatari (Bakemonogatari ED) and Sayonara
                                                                         Memories while she was a guest vocalist with the music
                                                                         group Supercell (led by Odds&Ends‘ Ryo) between 2009 and
                                                                         2011, will be coming to Singapore for A.C.M.E. IV.
                                                                         Apart from the aforementioned two singles, Yanagi also
                                                                         provided vocals for the majority of Supercell’s second album
                                                                         Today is A Beautiful Day (2011); for their first album,
                                                                         Supercell’s leader Ryo had relied on Hatsune Miku for
Don’t let his mild-mannered, refined appearance fool you.                vocals.
Tales of Xillia 2′s Rowen J. Iibert – one of your party                  Yanagi also has a solo career, and was the artiste behind
members from the first game returning for the sequel – is a              songs like Vidro Moyou (リリリリリリ, the ED for Ano Natsu de
master at typing text messages on mobile handsets.                       Matteru) and Ambivalentidea” (ED for Jormungand).
I’d love to see him go toe-to-toe with Steins;Gate’s Shining             Outside of anime, she’s also worked with visual novel maker
Finger, Moeka Kiryu.                                                     Key on two songs for Rewrite, and a concept album (a
Heck, this guy might even be able to clear the hardest song              collaboration with Key’s Jun Maeda) entitled Owari no
in Miku Flick in Break the Limit mode.                                   Hoshi no Love Song.
                                                                         To meet Yanagi in person and receive her autograph, all you
                                                                         have to do is purchase one of her CDs at A.C.M.E IV from
Watch Rowen (CV: Makoto Terada) fight alongside
                                                                         the Cantaria booth. The autograph session will take place at
protagonist Ludger Will Kresnik in these two following clips,
                                                                         the venue 3PM.
also published today:
                                                                         From A.C.M.E.’s Facebook page:
                                                                          ********SPECIAL NEWS ALERT********
Tales of Xillia 2 is set one year after the original Xillia, and its
story revolves around 20-year-old Ludger Will Kresnik (CV:                We have just confirmed an appearance of a very
Takashi Kondou) and 8-year-old Elle Mel Mata (CV: Mariya                  special guest!!!..and that person is none other that
Ise).                                                                     Yanagi Nagi-san!!
In many of the promotional materials it is hinted that at                 Well, unfamiliar with that name? But we believe
some point in the game the player may have to be prepared                 you will not be unfamiliar with songs like “Kimi no
to “destroy the entire world for the sake of one girl”.                   Shiranai Monogatari” and “Sayonara Memories”
                                                                          by supercell. Indeed, she is the lead vocal for these
Other characters         returning      from     the    first   game
                                                                          songs under the alias “nagi”.
include Alvin.
                                                                          She produced her first single under her own
Tales of Xillia 2 for the PlayStation 3 is slated for a
                                                                          name “ビビビビビビ” (ED theme for Ano Natsu de
November 1 release in Japan.
                                                                          Matteru), followed by “Ambivalentidea” (ED Theme
Namco Bandai Games will release an English version of the                 for Jormungand). That is not all, she sang for two
original Tales of Xillia sometime in 2013.                                songs in the OST of Key’s visual novel, Rewrite and
                                                                          collaborated with Jun Maeda of Key to produce the

Singapore: Former supercell
                                                                          original concept album “Owari no Hoshi no Love
vocalist Nagi Yanagi will be                                              worked with visual novel maker Key on two songs
                                                                          for Rewrite, and a concept album (a collaboration
here for A.C.M.E. IV                                                      with Key’s Jun Maeda) entitled Owari no Hoshi no
Source:    Love Song.
By KarbyP on August 23rd, 2012                                            Yanagi-san would be having a signing session at
                                                                          3PM. You would only need to buy 1 of her CDs
                                                                          in A.C.M.E. and you would be able to get a free
                                                                          autograph by Yanagi-san in person! (hmm maybe
                                                                          we should change the conditions, this seems too easy
                                                                          The autograph session and sales of her CDs would
                                                                          be at the Cantaria booth. (they would also be the
                                                                          ones selling Suzuhira sensei works >.<) So see you
                                                                          all there!!”

August 23rd, 2012                                                        Published by: VR-Zone

Persona 4′s Jiraiya & Izanagi
no Ookami, Fatal Fury’s Terry
Bogard are the next Bandai
D-Arts action figures
By KarbyP on August 23rd, 2012

Jiraiya (Yosuke’s Persona) and Izanagi no Ookami (the
evolved form of Yu Narukami’s Izanagi) from Persona 4,
and Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard are the next in line to receive
Bandai’s D-Arts movable-parts PVC figure treatment.
Feast your eyes on these glorious images of the figures in
various poses, courtesy of
Then scroll down for pricing and availability details.

August 23rd, 2012                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

                    Jiraiya is available in stores sometime in September, to be
                    sold for 3,675 yen including tax. The figure is about 160mm
                    tall. Comes with a pedestal for Jiraiya to stand on.
                    Izanagi no Ookami is about 170mm tall, comes with
                    his trademark spear, interchangeable hand parts, and a
                    pedestal. Available mid-November for the price of 3,990 yen.
                    Apart from Jiraiya and Izanagi no Ookami (white), a
                    previous line of the D-Arts figures featured regular Izanagi
                    (the black Izanagi as seen in the image above) and
                    Konohanasakuya (Yukiko’s Persona).

                    Fatal Fury
                    Terry Bogard comes with a ridiculous number of
                    interchangeable parts: hair, power wave, burning knuckle,
                    power geyser, facial expressions, and three types of
                    interchangeable hand parts for both the left and right arms.
                    Plus a haversack accessory part that’s tied to a specific hand
                    This guy’s roughly 150mm tall, and will be sold for 4,410 yen
                    (what a deal, considering the crazy amount of accessories
                    you’re getting). Available late-November.

                    Source: Famitsu

                    Little Battlers Experience W
                    delayed to October
                    By KarbyP on August 23rd, 2012

                    Level 5 today announced that the next entry in their
                    miniaturised robot combat video game series, Little Battlers
                    Experience W (リリリリリリリW) will have its September 27
                    release date delayed to October 18.

August 23rd, 2012                                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

Fans of the Little Battlers Experience (known as Danboru
Senki in Japanese) franchise -there’s an anime series as well
– will just have to wait slightly longer before they can finally
get their hands on this latest installment, which is being
released simultaneously for the PSP and the PS Vita. Cross-
platform multi-play is supported in W.
In typical Japanese-developer fashion, no real reason was
cited as to why the game’s being delayed for three more
weeks, other than that publisher Level 5 is doing it to ”further
improve the game’s quality, provide an even more fulfilling
amount of content, and ultimately ensure a great user
experience for all customers.”
But you know, developers do not simply wake up one day
and decide they’re going to delay a game’s release just to
“make it better”. Unless the game you’re making is, well,
Gran Turismo. In which case the delays are justified.
Little Battlers Experience is set in a futuristic universe
where teenagers and adults alike collect combat-ready
miniaturised robots called “Little Battlers” that they do
battle with, Pokemon style.
All’s swell, until a mysterious terrorist group suddenly
hijacks all of the Little Battlers in the world, and sets them
to attack innocent bystanders.
You’d think the folks who made all these robots would have
seen this coming a mile away. That maybe it’s not such a
good idea to equip these robots with tiny machine vulcans.
Ludicrous plot mechanics aside, the game itself looks like
a blast to play. Guess we’ll find out when Little Battlers
Experience W ships October 18.
Source: 4Gamer

Minami-ke Omatase’s (OVA)
ensemble cast prepares for
Halloween in this PV
By KarbyP on August 23rd, 2012

The tenth volume of slice-of-life gag manga Minami-ke will
come bundled with a special original video animation DVD
containing a one-off episode, Minami-ke Omatase, that
features scenarios in depicted in five chapters from series.
Publisher Kodansha today uploaded a promo video for the
OVA.                                                                 For those of you who’ve been following the manga series,
                                                                     these are the five specific chapters that will be featured in
                                                                     the OVA:

                                                                        • Chapter 179: リリリリリ / Because the weather’s hot

August 23rd, 2012                                                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

   • Chapter 181: リリリリリ / For some reason                            been the prompt for the mass account purge on Monday,
                                                                     in an attempt to dwindle the figures and restore investor
   • Chapter 185: リリリリリ / Words of Magic
   • Chapter 189: リリリリ / Ambience
                                                                     It is unclear, however, why Facebook has chosen to target
   • Chapter 192: リリリリ / On a whim                                   specifically user accounts with the word “cosplay” in it.

The Minami-ke Volume 10 + Minami-ke Omatase OVA DVD                  Oddly enough, it would seem that users who had the word
limited edition set is scheduled for an October 5 release, to        “cos” – a term that many Japanese cosplayers include in
be sold for 3,700 yen including tax. Pre-orders begin August         their cos names – were not affected at all.
Prior to the Omatase OVA, the series has seen three TV
anime seasons - Minami-ke (2007), Minami-ke Okawari
(2008), and Minami-ke Okaeri (2009). There was also
another OVA released in 2009, entitled Minami-ke
Source: Yaraon
                                                                     It could very well be that the term “Cosplay” is simply
                                                                     the most frequent term employed in Facebook usernames
Facebook mass-deletes                                                (possibly the sole silver lining to this gloomy story:
cosplayer accounts without                                           “cosplay” could be the most popular term included in
                                                                     Facebook usernames).
warning                                                     postulates that other common terms found in
Source:   user account like “photography”, “gamer”, and “sports”, are
accounts-without-warning/                                            likely to be targeted next.
By KarbyP on August 23rd, 2012
                                                                     Our hearts go out to cosplayers affected by Facebook’s
If you’re a cosplayer who goes under an alias on your                thoughtless, extremist measure.
Facebook profile, it might be a good idea to go to your
Account Settings – right now – and click on “Download                Source:,
a copy of your Facebook data”.Also, try to avoid common
words in your username. It might potentially save you from
a lot of trouble and heartache.

Several cosplayers found themselves in for a rude shock
when they accessed the popular social network service
Facebook earlier this week, only to discover that their user
accounts – along with years of accumulated personal data
including photos, videos, and hundreds if not thousands of
contacts – had been deleted.
According to news site, their accounts were
deleted due to a mass purge Facebook performed on Monday
that targeted usernames containing the word “cosplay”, in
an attempt to clamp down on “duplicate” or “fake” accounts
that go by an alias rather than the users’ real names.
These “duplicate accounts” were said to comprise
approximately 8.7 percent of Facebook’s monthly active
When the social network revealed this 8.7 percent figure in
a regulatory filing made earlier in August, the information
did not sit well with investors and caused a dip in the
publicly traded company’s stock price. This might have

August 27th, 2012                                                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
                                                                   However, for this performance I did not want to let myself
    A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku             get carried away. I mustn’t let it feel like a dream [I told
    and Japanese Pop Culture                                       myself]. It’s a joy to be able to perform on stage, and I was
                                                                   able to experience and savour that sense of joy for real this
Atsuko Maeda’s final AKB48                                         —Moving forth what do you think AKB48 will be like without
interview: “I might try                                            your presence? How would you like the group to evolve?

studying abroad in New                                             I’d really like for the AKB48 to remain as a group
                                                                   and maintain its own identity regardless of whomever is
York” [full transcript]                                            graduating.
                                                                   Yesterday, after everyone came to see me off [before I made
By KarbyP on August 27th, 2012
                                                                   my way here to Akihabara], I turned and saw a bunch of new
                                                                   AKB songs on the monitors behind me. And that made me
                                                                   As I would be graduating today, yesterday I began to see
                                                                   myself as someone outside of the loop, as someone who
                                                                   could view AKB48 from an objective viewpoint. Looking at
                                                                   everything around me, [when I saw how wonderful it was]
                                                                   gradually a smile began to form on my face. And when I saw
                                                                   everyone else’s faces, it put me at ease too.
                                                                   From now on I’ll be supporting everybody’s activities from a
                                                                   spectator’s point of view. And I look forward to seeing their
Earlier today Atsuko Maeda held her final AKB48 press
conference at the AKB48 Theatre in Akihabara, Tokyo,               —Maeda, in the past you’ve often blogged about about the
where she will be performing for the last time as an AKB           splendourous breakfasts you allow yourself to indulge in
member (streamed live today from 5PM Singapore time;               from time to time (note: two weeks ago the AKB48 CAFE &
YouTube link here).                                                SHOP announced that it will introduce a new breakfast item
                                                                   based on something Atsuko Maeda has blogged about, to be
At the press con she spoke about future showbiz plans, about       voted on by fans). How was your breakfast today?
AKB48′s iron-clad “no-romance” rule (which she’s no longer
subjected to beginning tomorrow), and the possibility of           Ah, I didn’t manage to grab a bite this morning. In fact I
studying abroad – by herself – in New York.                        haven’t had anything yet. During the 3-day Tokyo Dome
                                                                   concert period, althought there was time allotted for sleep, I
The full transcript from the session, as follows:                  was so anxious that I woke up super early for the past three
-                                                                  days in a row. Now that the concert’s done, I was able to feel
                                                                   at ease, and as a result I overslept this morning. So there
                                                                   wasn’t time to eat breakfast (laughs).
                                                                   —Once you’ve graduated from AKB48, that means a
                                                                   romantic relationship is no longer forbidden, right?
                                                                   I wonder about that. As a joke I told Akimoto-sensei
                                                                   (producer for AKB48) that as soon as today’s over, at 0:00
                                                                   midnight on the 27th, I’ll go and fall in love, or something
                                                                   like that.
                                                                   But in reality I don’t have any such person in mind. Even
                                                                   within my inner thoughts, it feels like romance is something
                                                                   that’s still a ways off, so I don’t know about that.
–The dream-like 3-day Tokyo Dome concert has finally
This concert was really the one I’ve been happiest with, in all
of my almost seven years [with AKB48]. Whenever I go on
stage to perform, I get so anxious that my mind simply goes
blank, and so I never got to truly take in the entire experience
[of performing on a big stage]. It always felt to me like, “is
this a dream?”

August 27th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                    By KarbyP on August 27th, 2012

                                                                    Hit the jump if you’re interested to find out what the game’s
                                                                    trophies are. You’d have to guess what the conditions to
                                                                    unlocking these trophies are, however; it’s not specified in
—Once you’ve had some time to unwind and settle down,               the trophy description.
what would you like to do?                                          All of the trophies have to do with unlocking profile titles in
I’d like to go to various places, if there’s time for that. But I   the game. The sole exception is the Platinum Trophy, which
want to go to all those places by myself.                           is unlocked when all other trophies are.
Maybe I should live and study abroad in New York, which is          Although the conditions for unlocking these titles/trophies
the one place I’m most interested in amongst all the various        are not specified, you do get a sense of what you’re supposed
countries. But if I do that I’d like to do it by myself. Not        to do simply from the name of the title.
having an insider’s perspective to the place, I think I’d be        Here’s the list of trophies in Japanese, followed by a rough
able to challenge myself in many interesting ways.                  translation of all the titles you’re required to obtain to unlock
—How about taking your former stint with being in AKB48             Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies in the game. Note that the
as a title, and continuing your career in showbiz as “Atsuko        first item on the English list (Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platinum
Maeda”?                                                             order) is the very last one on the Japanese list (Platinum-
                                                                    Gold-Silver-Bronze order).
Hmmm… If I were to think about it [and weigh the pros and
cons] calmly, I think if I were to go into showbiz that way it      Hatsune Miku Project Diva f comes out in Japan and Asia
would make me very uneasy.                                          (including Singapore) August 30.
However, if Akimoto-sensei and everyone with AKB48,
including the members, staff, and fans, think that I should do
it and would support that endeavour, then at the very least,
I wouldn’t want to let everybody down. I’d try my best.
—After leaving AKB, how about taking on the path of an
aspiring actress with the goal of one day walking down the
red carpet at the Academy Awards?
Although I’ve considered becoming an actress and aiming
for that sort of lofty dream before, eventually I felt that I
didn’t quite have the conviction to work hard for that sort
of goal yet. So not right now, but someday I might aspire
towards that.
Atsuko Maeda’s final greeting at the photo-session:
Actually I cried quite a lot yesterday, so I’m sorry if my face
looks less photogenic than before (laughs). I’m really glad
that so many of you have come. Today is my last day with
AKB48… but since I already did all the crying yesterday,
I’m hoping that today I’ll be able to finish everything all
smiles. I’d like for everyone to have a good time today, my
sincerest thanks to everyone. Please continue to support us,
both AKB48 and Atsuko Maeda. Thank you very much.
Source: Oricon Style

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f’s
list of trophies leaked [minor

August 27th, 2012                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

                            Shooting Star
                            If it’s for you…

                            Beautiful furniture

                            A place to rest (こここここ)


                            MEIKO’s Manager

                            KAITO’s Aibo (partner)

                            Luka’s Tea Buddy

                            Len’s Friend

                            Rin’s Play Buddy (こここここここ)

                            Miku’s Partner

                            Hobby: PV Appreciation

                            Memories Album
                            Module Collector


                            Super Player (こここここここ)

                            Expert Player (こここここここ)
                            Source: Jin

                            The World Ends With You -
                            Solo Remix- out today for
                            iPhone and iPad
Bronze                      remix-out-today-for-iphone-and-ipad/
This is who I am (ここここここ)   By KarbyP on August 27th, 2012
That’s good!

Begun making Edits

Live tour

Good morning (こここここここここ)



Home interview              One of the best games to ever grace the Nintendo DS is
                            getting an iOS port. Square Enix’s The World Ends With
Art Colection               You (Subarashiki Kono Sekai or ここここここここここ) was a stylish
                            action RPG set in real-world Shibuya.
I love DIVA
                            Not only that, but it had a killer soundtrack and an intriguing
                            storyline as well: as an amnesiac Neku Sakuraba, you have
Welcome to DIVA!
                            to work with a partner to try and clear seven missions on
                            seven consecutive days, in a cruel “Shinigami Game”; fail

August 27th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

any of the missions, and Neku ceases to exist. Clear all the    Outside of the core game there is also a Beyblade-like
missions, however, and an unspecified reward (well, you’ll      multiplayer mini-game where you slide a pin badge around
find out halfway through what this “reward” is) is yours.       attempting to knock others’ pin badges off the playing field.
Above all, The World Ends With You featured a unique            If you didn’t have the chance to pick up this cult classic on the
combat system that required you to take control of              DS, I heartily implore you to check it out. This game was so
two separate characters, simultaneously, fighting on two        amazing that even if you’ve finished the original DS version,
separate screens.                                               enough time has passed since it came out that it might be a
                                                                good idea to revisit it again on iOS – I know I will be.
                                                                The World Ends With You -Solo Remix- is now available on
                                                                the Singapore iTunes app store for S$ 22.98.
                                                                That may seem a little pricey for an iOS game, but this was
                                                                originally a DS RPG about 30~40 hours in length – now with
                                                                its graphics redrawn in HD.

                                                                “Madoka Magica” movie
                                                                trailer features a new theme
                                                                from ClariS
                                                                By IceTea on August 27th, 2012

                                                                A new trailer for the upcoming Madoka Magica movies
                                                                were recently aired in Japan, featuring a new theme song
                                                                “Luminous” by the teenage female duo, ClariS, who also
                                                                performed the OP “Connect” for the anime series.
                                                                “Luminous” will be the theme song for the first movie,
                                                                Gekijou-ban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Zenpen:
                                                                Hajimari no Monogatari and the CD single is expected to go
                                                                on sale on October 10.
                                                                Producer Atsuhiro Iwakami had revealed that the film
                                                                trilogy will begin with a two-part compilation of the TV
                                                                series, followed by the first movie Gekijou-ban Mahou
                                                                Shoujo Madoka Magica Zenpen: Hajimari no Monogatari
In enemy encounters, you and your partner are teleported        which will open on October 6. The 2nd movie, Gekijou-ban
into different realms but fight the same enemies (an enemy      Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Kohen: Eien no Monogatri,
defeated on one screen will disappear on the other).            will follow on October 13 as well.
On the DS’s lower screen, you controlled Neku by slashing,      Kalafina is expected to be returning to perform a theme song
tapping, dragging, and rubbing away at the touchscreen.         for the films too.
Simultaneously, you also controlled Neku’s partner with the
d-pad, who performs combo attacks (hit the left or right d-
pad directions) that can be modified by hitting up or down.
For The World Ends With You’s iOS port, however, Square
Enix has reimagined the combat system so all of it takes
place on one screen now (hence the subtitle -Solo Remix-).      Borderlands 2: play this “16-
 Your partner now appears to be AI-controlled, but to make      bit demake” while you wait
up for the lack of multi-tasking, there are new combat
elements as well (as seen in the trailer from 1:10 onwards).    for the full game
By the way, even though the trailer below is in Japanese, the
game is out now internationally in English as well.
August 27th, 2012                                                                                        Published by: VR-Zone

By KarbyP on August 27th, 2012                                  By KarbyP on August 27th, 2012

Borderlands 2 developer Gearbox Software has put out a          Ever wondered how the cast of Puella Magi Madoka
browser-based game – entitled “The Border Lands”, a 16-bit      Magica would look like in yukatas? The 13-episode anime
“demake” of their successful FPS/RPG franchise – as part of     series never got the chance to dress its cast of characters up
their promotional efforts for the highly-anticipated sequel.    in any sort of fan-service costumes.
And guess what, folks, it’s actually pretty good!               But thanks to Mobage’s Puella Magi Madoka Magica social
You pick from one of four characters – Salvador, Maya, Zero,    game, we’re finally able to take a look at Mami Tomoe’s
or Axton (who are also the playable cast of Borderlands 2)      yukata sugata (Japanese for “yukata appearance”).
– each with different stats, and proceed to slug away at the    As long as you’re not actually spending any time or money
myriad foes of 16-bit Pandora.                                  playing these bloodsucking excuses for a video game, these
Slain enemies will occasionally drop a weapon chest, which      social game thingamajigs are actually pretty awesome! In
lets you swap your currently equipped weapon for one of two     terms of the amount of eye-candy they provide, that is.
options, including: a twin-shot that cover your front and
your back simultaneously, rocket launchers that can pierce
                                                                Card Illustrations
through terrain, and even a spread-shot that fires in random,
uncontrollable directions.
Here’s the official game description according to a press
  The Border Lands’ is a 16-bit lo-fi game which
  offers a tantalizing glimpse into the origins of many
  elements still present in today’s hit franchise. It may
  not have 87 bazillion guns, or dynamic online co-
  op but it does fit on five floppy disks! For those who
  perhaps unsurprisingly no longer have a working
  floppy disk drive, the game can also be played online
  for free online.”
The web-based game is accessible from the URL http://
Be sure to let us know how far you got and what your best
high scores are in the comments below!
Borderlands 2 for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360
gaming platforms comes out internationally on September
For Borderlands 2 price and pre-order campaign details in
Singapore, click here.

“Madoka Magica” girls put on
summer yukatas for Mobage
social game

August 27th, 2012                                           Published by: VR-Zone

                    Event cutscenes

                    If for some reason you’re interested in picking up the
                    social game, then you might be happy to learn that –
                    like many Mobage social games – there isn’t an IP block
                    or any such other means being employed to keep non-
                    Japanese players out (pity the same can’t be said of Madoka
                    Magica Online). As long as you’re able to register for a
                    Mobage account through your smartphone (a fair amount of
                    Japanese literacy is required), then you’re in.
                    That said, paid content for the social game will only be
                    available to players who can authenticate their account with
                    a Japanese mobile number. Even on the free level of service,
                    many of the promotional items and in-game campaigns
                    cannot be accessed unless you’re verified.
                    Source: Crunchyroll

August 27th, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                   ~Tip sent in by SGCafe reader Luvmichan.
Start your weekend with
these Hatsune Miku music                                           Atsuko Maeda’s AKB48
videos: “Weekender Girl” and                                       graduation parade on August
“Fake Doll”                                                        27 cancelled
By KarbyP on August 27th, 2012
                                                                   By KarbyP on August 27th, 2012

Music videos for kz/livetune and HachioujiP’s feel-good
Hatsune Miku song Weekender Girl, as well as HachioujiP’s
electro-ballad Fake Doll are up now on video sites YouTube         A “graduation parade” event where fans lining up on the
and Niconico Douga.                                                streets of Akihabara could catch a glimpse of Atsuko Maeda
                                                                   prior to her final performance at the AKB48 Theatre has
Both are original tracks written and composed specifically         been cancelled, AKB48′s management announced today.
for Sega’s Hatsune Miku Project Diva f.
                                                                   The event was born out of a request from Atsuko Maeda
Which do you like better?                                          herself after she heard that the odds of landing one of the
Not that you’d have to choose between them: Fake Doll is the       premium tickets to her final performance at the AKB48
coupling track for Weekender Girl in a CD single that will be      Theatre had been 1:916.38.
released in Japan August 29.
Two versions of the single will be available: a regular edition
CD priced at 1,050 yen, as well as a limited first-print CD
+DVD+bonus gift: Hatsune Miku keyholder [こここここ:CDこ
DVDこここここここここここここここここここWeekender Girlここここ] that
will be sold for 1,785 yen. Prices include tax.

                                                                   “Can we somehow arrange for me to meet more of my fans
                                                                   in person?” Maeda reportedly asked the management, who
                                                                   had assented to it after consulting with both the local police
                                                                   as well as residents on safety measures.
                                                                   However, today the management had a change of heart, and
                                                                   announced the event’s cancellation to allay safety concerns
                                                                   posed by a potential overcrowding situation on the streets of
                                                                   Akihabara reminiscent to the 500,000-man parade at Ginza
                                                                   this past Monday, when Japan’s 71 Olympic medalists rode
Readers in Singapore might want to check with HMV; there’s         through the metropolitan Tokyo area on five double-decker
a good chance they’ll bring it in, but it may not be the CD        buses. In the interest of public safety, police had advised for
+DVD version. For that you might have to order online.             the graduation parade to be cancelled.
A digital copy of the CD single will also be sold on iTunes        On the AKB48 official blog, the popular Japanese idol
Singapore on August 29 for the low, low price of S$4.98. A         group’s management apologised for the unfortunate turn of
total of four tracks are included – Weekender Girl, Fake Doll,     events.
and their respective karaoke (instrumental) versions to do         Fans, however, can still watch Atsuko Maeda perform at the
your own covers with.                                              AKB48 Theatre for the last time on August 27 via a live
iTunes has started taking pre-orders for Weekender Girl/           broadcast on YouTube, Google+, and the Fuji TV channel in
Fake Doll, so if you want to be amongst the first to download      Japan.
the songs, head to the iTunes store online today!

August 27th, 2012                                                                                          Published by: VR-Zone

Source: AKB48 official blog [via Natalie]                           Here are the details for the Ichiban Kuji:
Yanagi Nagi appearance                                              Time 3:00pm
details, merchandise                                                Ticket Price: $16.00 each tickets
                                                                    *No Reservations of Kuji tickets
exclusives from KKnM at this                                        *No Pre Sales would be done
Saturday’s A.C.M.E IV                                               *First come first serve only, limited amount of
                                                                    tickets per purchase round for each title.
By sentinel011 on August 27th, 2012
                                                                    (e.g. Typemoon 10th Anniversary – 3 tickets only
Our previous article has mention of guest Yanagi Nagi. Now          per purchase round, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
to wrap things up, the A.C.M.E committee has shared with            Part 2 – 3 tickets only per purchase round)
SGCafe some very exclusives for all to salivate over.
Of course, more details of Yanagi Nagi’s appearance are             *No Discounts would be given, all prices at fixed
also featured below. Gundam VS Gundam and Tohou                     price
tournaments’ rules and regulations are also featured. Of            ~~~~~
course, for those who intend to queue overnight, comiket
style; there are also details about that too!                       Sheng Tai Toys has the following promotion at
                                                                    A.C.M,E IV as well:
All these and more are explained in the press release below:
  In the last article of our A.C.M.E series, the spotlight
  shall be on the products that will be on sale at the
  event, along with a special guest that we will be
  announcing shortly. So without any further ado,
  head over to the KKnM website to see the items that
  will be on sale:
  In addition to the items in the above link, KKnM
  is also happy to present the following two sets of
  Ichiban Kuji:

                                                                    English Version of One Piece Carddess Promotion
                                                                    specially at ACME at KKnM booth! Buy 3 packs
                                                                    and flash your cards to receive a One Piece Before
                                                                    Meister Vol. 2 mini figurine!!
                                                                    The entire list of items looks tempting, yes? But that
                                                                    is not all! Cantaria, in conjunction with Suzuhira
                                                                    Hiro, has also brought us a whole slew of products
                                                                    that are illustrated by Suzuhira-sensei herself.
                                                                    Here’s a picture for your reference:

August 27th, 2012                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

                                                           overnight for their desired item, fear not! You can
                                                           look for our friendly overnight queuemaster Chin
                                                           Yong at the Changi Point MacDonalds. He will be
                                                           holding A.C.M.E IV signage and he will be equipped
                                                           with queue numbers to be given to fans who are
                                                           queuing overnight.
                                                           Please note that Chin Yong will be at Changi Point
                                                           MacDonalds at 10pm, so basically the first person
                                                           to contact him personally at that time will be first in
                                                           the entire A.C.M.E queue.
                                                           And finally, we would like to send a friendly
                                                           reminder to the gamers out there who are
                                                           participating in A.C.M.E IV’s Touhou Hisouten and
                                                           Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus tournaments.
                                                           Here are the links to the rule, regulations and timing
  The price list for these items would be released on      for the respective games:
  the day itself as there could be more items arriving,
  even as we speak. So worry not!                          Touhou      Hisouten:  
  There’s also an autograph session for Suzuhira-
  sensei! Conditions for the autograph session would       Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus: http://
  be a minimum purchase of SGD100.00 worth of    
  Suzuhira-sensei’s works and items.                       That’s all for now. All that is left is to attend the event
  A limit would be imposed, and please note that the       on 25th August, and be at Singapore Expo’s Garnet
  autograph session would be at 1.30pm at Cantaria’s       Room at 10am. See you then!
                                                          Us at SGCafe feel that there’s a need to point out to all
  Cantaria also has something to say about the            interested merchandise hunters and Yanagi Nagi fans on
  other special guest that they have specially invited    how to get to A.C.M.E IV. We have provided the site map and
  for this event. The following except is lifted          layout from their facebook page:
  straight from the A.C.M.E Facebook page (http://
  We have just confirmed an appearance of a very
  special guest!!!..and that person is none other that
  Yanagi Nagi-san!!
  Well, unfamiliar with that name? But we believe
  you will not be unfamiliar with songs like “Kimi no
  Shiranai Monogatari” and “Sayonara Memories”
  by supercell. Indeed, she is the lead vocal for these
  songs under the alias “nagi”.
  She produced her first single under her own
                                                          Site Map
  name “ビビビビビビ” (ED theme for Ano Natsu de
  Matteru), followed by “Ambivalentidea” (ED Theme
  for Jormungand). That is not all, she sang for two
  songs in the OST of Key’s visual novel, Rewrite and
  collaborated with Jun Maeda of Key to produce the
  original concept album “Owari no Hoshi no Love
  Yanagi-san would be having a signing session at
  3PM. You would only need to buy 1 of her CDs
  in A.C.M.E. and you would be able to get a free
  autograph by Yanagi-san in person! (hmm maybe
  we should change the conditions, this seems too easy
  The autograph session and sales of her CDs would        Event layout
  be at the Cantaria booth. (they would also be the
  ones selling Suzuhira sensei works >.<) So see you      Look out for SGCafe as well, as we are having a special
  all there!!                                             activity for all our forum members! Take a picture of yourself
                                                          with your loot of the day at A.C.M.E and post it up onto our
  ~~~~~                                                   forum and win special prizes from us! For more information,
  Ok, that is a lot of new information for a post.        head over to our forum thread.
  Now, for A.C.M.E attendees who would like to queue

August 27th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: VR-Zone

Kami Jigen Game                                                     Informants System (見見見見見見)
Neptune V’s 6th PV details
“Informants”, “Disc Make”,
and “Nepstation” game
By KarbyP on August 27th, 2012

                                                                    Some of the NPC characters in the game – IF, Famitsu-chan,
                                                                    Dengeki-chan (Famitsu and Dengeki are two of Japan’s
                                                                    biggest video games magazines, by the way) – are informants
                                                                    that you can send on expeditions to find out more about the
                                                                    dungeons you’ll be visiting. The more they go on expeditions,
                                                                    the faster they’ll level up.
                                                                    Informants will return from each expedition with credits,
                                                                    items, and occasionally information that may or may not be
You can make your own game discs in PS3 JRPG Kami Jigen             helpful to you. For instance, in the PV Famitsu-chan claims
Game Neptune V (ここここここここここここV), the third entry in the              to have found a great way for increasing the amount of EXP
Hyperdimension Neptunia series.                                     you accrue in combat. If you choose to believe her, you’ll
                                                                    earn 1.4x the amount of EXP on your next trip to a specific
However, as this 6th PV shows, there’s a chance that your
                                                                    dungeon. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes believing
creation might be certified as a “Sh*t Game” by people
                                                                     a piece of information can lead to your detriment.
who’ve never even played it.
Watch the promo video, then scroll down for the full play-
by-play to find out what’s going on.


Fight monsters to level up, search for rare items, jump
over obstacles. That’s the basics of dungeon exploration in
Neptune V.

                                                                    While an informant is still out on an expedition, you can
                                                                    increase the chance that she returns with rare information
                                                                    for you by going into the same dungeon and triggering/
                                                                    disabling flags. That said, fair warning: sometimes triggering
                                                                    a flag might summon an enemy that’s tougher than even the
                                                                    dungeon’s boss.

August 27th, 2012                                                                                          Published by: VR-Zone

Disc Make                                                        Combat

In the world of Neptune/Hyperdimension Neptunia series,          In combat you can build up an Exe Drive gauge to unleash
game “discs” are what your party members use to conjure          EX Finish and ExeDrive moves.
spells and other actions.
New in Neptune V is the ability to make your own game discs
by picking out three “Idea Chips” – which can be anything        Nepstation
from game genre (“RPG”, “Simulation”) and mechanics
(“Synthesis”), to other means of elevating a gane’s status
(“Have a popular actor be part of your voice cast”, “Pre-order
Campaign”, “Famous Game Creator”) – combining these
ideas, and burning the finished product onto a Blank Disc.
Then the game is promptly certified by people who’ve never
played the game as either a Godly Game (こここここ) or a Sh*t
Game (ここここここここ), which will have an effect on the skill’s
Just like in real life.

                                                                 Get your play style rated by a panel of judges. Score well, and
                                                                 you may be rewarded with an otherwise unobtainable item.
                                                                 This is clearly a parody of Sony’s Weekly Toro Station, which
                                                                 is hosted by the PlayStation mascot cats Toro (white) and
                                                                 Kuro (black).

                                                                 Character Challenge

                                                                 How deep is your love for the game’s characters? Character
                                                                 challenges are goals you can attempt to clear while in control
                                                                 of specific playable characters. Examples of these challenges
                                                                 include “Jump 10 times” and “Travel 1,500″ while in a
                                                                 Clearing challenges will not only buff a character’s stats, but
                                                                 unlock bonus voice samples.

August 27th, 2012                                   Published by: VR-Zone

Kami Jigen Game Neptune V (ビビビビビビビビビビビビV) for the
PlayStation 3 comes out in Japan August 30.
An English release has not yet been announced.

August 31st, 2012                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
  A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku
  and Japanese Pop Culture

Hatsune Miku Project Diva
Arcade: Songs for September,
new modules released today
By KarbyP on August 31st, 2012

Three songs originally featured in Hatsune Miku Project
Diva Extend will be making their way to Project Diva Arcade
on September 6.

   • Nekomimi Switch / Cat Ears Switch (ねねねねねねねね);
     Music & lyrics by daniwell, illustration by Miro (ねね)
   • Rin Rin Signal -Append Mix- (ねねねねねねねね -Append
     Mix-); Music & lyrics by Dios/SignalP (ねねねねP),
     Illustration by Watarinarumi (ねねねねねね)
   • Lovers Suicide in Oblivion / Boukyaku Shinjuu (ねねね
     ね); Music by OPA, lyrics by Asaki No’9, illustration by
     Ichika (ねね)

The new songs will be selectable once Project Diva Arcade is
patched on September 6.
There’s actually an update for Project Diva Arcade today as
well, but it’s not for new songs.
Instead, three new modules have been released:

   • TYPE2020 – 250vp, designed by Supercell’s Shirow
     Miwa (ねねねね)
   • Sonic Style (ねねねねねねねね) – 250vp, designed by Sega’s
     Yuji Uekawa (ねねねね)
   • Loreley (ねねねねね) – 250vp, designed by Anko (ねねね)

August 31st, 2012                                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                        Square Enix and Sony announces a Final Fantasy XIII/
                                                                        XIII-2 Dual Pack for Asia just one day before the Final
                                                                        Fantasy makers are set to unveil to the world “new
                                                                        information about the direction of Lightning’s story“ at the
                                                                        series’ 25th Anniversary Event in Tokyo tomorrow.
                                                                        The two-pack compilation for PlayStation 3, officially
                                                                        called “”Final Fantasy XIII/Final Fantasy XII-2 Dual
                                                                        Pack” features both games with Japanese voices and
                                                                        interchangeable English or Chinese text, and will be
                                                                        available in Singapore and other Asian regions on September
                                                                        12, to be sold for the recommended retail price of S$99.90
                                                                        (although Play-Asia is listing it at a much higher price).
                                                                        On top of both games, the set also comes with a a set of
                                                                        post cards: the “Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 Post Card Best
                                                                        8 Selection”, as it’s called.

Asia: Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2
Dual Pack announced as part
of series’ 25th Anniversary
By KarbyP on August 31st, 2012

                                                                        If tomorrow’s announcement does indeed turn out to be a
                                                                        Final Fantasy XIII-3, then it might be a good idea to grab the
                                                                        dual pack so that you have a good idea on the story so far.
                                                                        Although no official pre-order campaign has been
                                                                        announced yet, readers in Singapore who’d like to make a
                                                                        pre-order should head down to their favourite PlayStation
                                                                        partner shop. We recommend enquiring with Gamescore or

                                                                        Persona 4 The Card Battle
                                                                        social game launches in

August 31st, 2012                                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

By KarbyP on August 31st, 2012

                                                                Source: Famitsu

                                                                Marvel vs. Capcom Origins
                                                                launches September 25
                                                                (PSN), 26 (XBLA)
                                                                By KarbyP on August 31st, 2012
You’ve played the Persona 4 RPG. You’ve played the Persona
4 fighting game. Now play Persona 4 The Card Battle, a
social game for smartphones and feature phones that Atlus
announced today.
Persona 4 The Card Battle will be released on the GREE
social platform in late September, but pre-registration for
the free-to-play title starts today. Players who pre-register
will receive a bonus Rare card, at random (you might end
up with a Super Rare or an Ultra Rare), at the outset of the
All told, Persona 4 The Card Battle will boast some over 400
character cards based on the RPG franchise.
                                                                Capcom today has announced a concrete release date
In the game, players explore the rural town of Inaba as they    forMarvel vs. Capcom Origins, a compilation of two games
gather increasingly powerful Persona cards. As they do so       – Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs Capcom – updated
they will run into many of the characters from the original     with HD remastered graphics and GGPO-enabled online
RPG series.                                                     play.
Apart from the typical social game “player vs. player”          The compilation will be released on the PlayStation Network
combat, Persona 4 The Card Battle appears to also feature       first on September 25, a Tuesday, priced at US$14.99/
a co-operative “player vs. environment” mode. Specifically,     €14.99/£11.99/AUD23.95. A price for Singapore has not yet
there will be rival boss battles in this social game that you   been announced.
won’t be able to defeat alone; the only way is to communicate
                                                                Subsequently, Marvel vs Capcom Origins will be brought
with other players, and work together.
                                                                out to X360 owners via Xbox Live Arcade on the following
                                                                day, September 26, to be sold for 1,200 MS Points.
                                                                If you’re wondering why PlayStation 3 owners will be getting
                                                                the game one day earlier than their Xbox 360 counterparts,
                                                                the explanation is really quite simple: PlayStation Network
                                                                releases usually come out on a Tuesday, while Xbox Live
                                                                Arcade releases are scheduled for Wednesdays.
                                                                Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom were released
                                                                as arcade titles in 1995 and 1998 respectively. Two other
                                                                instalments – X-men vs. Street Fighter, and Marvel Super
                                                                Heroes vs. Street Fighter – also came out in between those
                                                                Capcom went with MSH and MvC for this particular
                                                                compilation because they felt these two were the most iconic
                                                                titles in the series.
                                                                Despite requests from the fighting games community for a
                                                                re-release of X-men vs. Street Fighter, Capcom Senior VP
                                                                Christian Svensson has gone on record to say that “anything
                                                                ‘X-men’ specific is off the table due to licensing reasons.”

August 31st, 2012                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

                    Hatsune Miku Project Diva f:
                    all 82 character “modules” in
                    one video
                    By KarbyP on August 31st, 2012

                    Plus official pictures for Black Rock Shooter and the rest
                    of yesterday’s reveal, such as Border Break, Shining Blade,
                    and Puyo Puyo collaboration costumes. Now that the game’s
                    finally out (released today), Sega’s not holding back!

                    “Hatsune Miku Project Diva f All
                    Modules” trailer
                    If the homage to Niconico Douga at the beginning didn’t
                    put a smile on your face, then the rest of this trailer, which
                    showcases all of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f‘s 82 modules
                    (character costumes), probably will.
                    Sega also mentions in the description of the video that a
                    Project Diva f demo is out now on the PlayStation store. Do
                    check it out, those of you who aren’t quite convinced if this
                    is something you’ll want to pick up yet (we obviously think
                    it’s a killer app for the Vita).

                    This Week’s Songs Reveal
                    Yesterday we reported that Black Rock Shooter and Yume
                    no Tsuzuki were the final two songs included in Hatsune

August 31st, 2012                                                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

Miku Project Diva f, as revealed in the latest issue of Weekly
Famitsu magazine.
Today Sega has brought out some images from the respective
songs’ PVs… not that it matters any more since you’ll be able
to get a better look in-game anyway!

Black Rock Shooter

                                                                 The cover illustration was done by KEI, who was the original
                                                                 illustrator that decided on Hatsune Miku’s look.
                                                                 Singapore readers who’d like to pick a copy up should check
Yume no Tsuzuki
                                                                 with Kinokuniya Books, who usually brings them in on
                                                                 Friday (check with them tomorrow).

                                                                 This Week’s Modules Reveal
                                                                 As usual we’ll do a simple roll call for all the modules Sega
                                                                 has revealed this week. Many of these modules should be
                                                                 familiar to Miku fans, but there are quite a few surprise
                                                                 costumes as well, including collaborations with Sega’s
                                                                 arcade third-person shooter Border Break, PSP RPG Shining
                                                                 Blade, and puzzle series Puyo Puyo.
                                                                 Hatsune Miku Append (ねねねね ねねねね)
                                                                 Design: Masaki Asai (ねねねね)

This Week’s Famitsu Weekly
Speaking of Famitsu Weekly, guess who’s gracing the cover
of this week’s issue?

August 31st, 2012                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

Kagamine Rin Append (ねねねね ねねねね)   Racing Miku 2012Ver (ねねねねねねね 2012Ver)
Design: Osamu (ねねね)               Design: GAN

Kagamine Len Append (ねねねね ねねねね)   Sorcerer Apprentice / Madoushi no Tamago (ねねねねねねね or
Design: Osamu (ねねね)               literally: Egg of Sorcerer)
                                  From: Puyo Puyo series (ねねねねねねねねねねねねね)

August 31st, 2012                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

Elf Princess of the Forest / Mori no Yousei Hime (ねねねねね)   Hatsune Miku SW School Competitive Swim / School Kyouei
From: Shining Blade (ねねねねねねねねねねねねねねねね)                     (ねねねね SW ねねねねねね)
                                                           Design: Sega (no particular designer was mentioned for all
                                                           of the swimsuit modules here)

BB Operator (BBねねねねねね)
From: Border Break (ねねねねねねねねねねねねね)
                                                           Kagamine Rin SW School (ねねねね SW ねねねね)

August 31st, 2012                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

Kagamine Len SW Boxers (ねねねね SW ねねねね)                  KAITO SW Half-spats (KAITO SW ねねねねねねね)

Megurine Luka SW Competitive Swim Type / Kyouei Type   MEIKO SW Waterpolo (MEIKO SW ねねねねねねね)
(ねねねね SW ねねねねね)

August 31st, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                      By Neubronner Eugene on August 31st, 2012

                                                                      If you adore famous cross-player Touya Hibiki then you’d
                                                                      best make your way down to STGCC this weekend. She’s
                                                                      announced a special, extremely limited run of her 2012
                                                                      winter ROM release at her booth at the event held at Marina
                                                                      Bay Sands Expo halls on September 1st and 2nd.
                                                                      The cd-rom full of awesome photos (See her preview picture
Sakine Meiko (ねねねねね)                                                  above) will be released at 6pm at her booth in the event hall
Design: daigoman                                                      on a “first-come, first-served” basis. We recommend lining
                                                                      up well in advance because it’s sure to sell out.
                                                                      These goods, according to her twitter, were meant to be
                                                                      released for Winter, but “as a special service” she’s bringing
                                                                      down an extremely limited run (Numbers unknown) to the
                                                                      event! Be sure to check her out there, and we’ll be sure to
                                                                      bring you the reports with our hands-on showfloor presence.

                                                                      Source: Twitter

                                                                      Hatsune Miku Project Diva
                                                                      f: Black Rock Shooter and
                                                                      Yume no Tsuzuki are your
                                                                      final two tracks [video]
                                                                      By KarbyP on August 31st, 2012

                                                                      Plus a look at a batch of new character modules, courtesy of
                                                                      this week’s Famitsu Weekly magazine.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f is out now in Japan and Asia,
available from all good video game stores and digitally
through the PlayStation store.

Limited special release of
Touya Hibiki’s winter ROM at
STGCC                                                                 Last week Weekly Famitsu revealed the titles of all but the
Source:   final two tracks in Hatsune Miku Project Diva f.

August 31st, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

Info on the final two tracks is finally “unlocked” this week,
now that we’re less than 24 hours away from the official              Shoko Nakagawa is playing
release of the game (for those of you who’re planning to buy          Final Fantasy VII on her
the download version, the PlayStation store usually updates
around 12 to 2PM, going by experience).                               PlayStation Vita
The final two tracks are:
Black Rock Shooter (ブブブブブブブブブブブブブ); artiste: ryo                      By KarbyP on August 31st, 2012
Yume no Tsuzuki (ブブブブ); artiste: Dixie Flatline
As a bonus we were able to find a video of Project Diva f’s
version of Black Rock Shooter running in PV appreciation
Unfortuantely, as the Vita doesn’t allow for any form of video
output (unless you have very specialised equipment), the
vid maker shot the footage on a handycam. So pardon the
video quality (or lack thereof); it’s just going to look infinitely
better when you finally get your own copy of Hatsune Miku
Project Diva f.                                                       The 27-year-old voice actress, anisong singer, and presenter
                                                                      TV Tokyo programme Pokemon Sunday is thrilled by
According to the vid maker, he used Hatsune Miku’s default
                                                                      her PlayStation Vita’s newfound ability to run PlayStation
module for the PV as there is no “matching module” so as to
                                                                      Classics, thanks to yesterday’s firmware 1.80 upgrade.
speak. Or at least, he wasn’t able to unlock it despite having
cleared Black Rock Shooter on all difficulty levels.                  On her official blog, Shokotan shared these pictures of Final
                                                                      Fantasy VII running on her PS Vita, and had the following
And here’s Yume no Tsuzuki. Note that the video here isn’t
                                                                      to say:
the one in Project Diva f.

New modules ()

Apart from the song reveals, Famitsu also had a full spread
on a bunch of new modules from the game revealed for the
first time. These including Racing Miku and Hatsune Miku
Expect to hear more about these modules and songs
tomorrow (possibly with a hi-quality video), as new Hatsune
Miku Project Diva f is usually revealed officially every
Hatsune Miku Project Diva f for the PlayStation Vita comes
out in Asia and Japan August 30.                                        Super! Lololololol God-like hardware lolololol
A Hatsune Miku limited edition PlayStation Vita + game                  amazingggg!
bundle is also available.                                               Downloading FF56789 [through PlayStation
                                                                        Classics/Archives] and PSP software [from the
Source: Imagebam                                                        PlayStation store] was pretty quick, and I like the
                                                                        way all these game app icons line themselves up
                                                                        neatly on the homescreen, all on my Vita! Now I
                                                                        want to see FFT, Chrono Trigger, Tactics Ogre on

August 31st, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

  my Vita too!!! If we can have the FF4 remake on it                   your memory card before it can be used by another PSN
  as well that would be heavenly!!                                     ID. Alternatively, just remove the memory card prior to
                                                                       restoring to factory defaults, and insert a second one for your
  FF7′s finally hereeeee! It was refreshing to see
                                                                       other PSN ID.
  Midgar as rendered on the Vita’s screen, which is
  so much more vivid than the original Playstation
  [playing on my TV], just so awesome that I can
  bring it everywhere with me, kyaaaa that really                      PlayStation Classics
  cheers me up! What a blast of nostalgia, seeing Aeris                We’re not going to list all of the 221 titles available from
  Cloud Barret aaaaaah!                                                the Asia PlayStation store; just go on your Vita and browse
  Oh it’s still in the process of being downloaded [onto               through all the good stuff!
  my Vita] so I guess I’ll go attend to some work.                     That said, we do understand that a lot of the PlayStation
  To be able to play these many games just with a set                  Classics games on the Asia PlayStation store are in Japanese,
  of Vita, that’s really awesome. I’m glad to have lived               which can be quite frustrating if you’re just looking for
  to experience this, so much that it brings tears of joy              something to play with that doesn’t require JLPT lessons.
  to my eyes!                                                          So here we’ve put together a partial list of gems that gamers
  Written from my iPhone”                                              from all walks of life should be able to play comfortably –
                                                                       even if the only Japanese words you know are “sushi” and
Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Trigger, and Tactics Ogre?
One step at a time, Shokotan!
                                                                       Games that do not require Japanese language proficiency
Source: Shoko Nakagawa official blog                                   (our top picks):

                                                                          • Crash Bandicoot (platformer)
Asia: 221 “PlayStation                                                    • Cyberbots (fighting)
Classics” now playable on                                                 • Darkstalkers 3 (Vampire Savior EX Edition, fighting)
your Vita thanks to firmware                                              • Dead or Alive (fighting)
1.80                                                                      • Dodonpachi (2D plane shooter)
Source:      • DonPachi (see above)
By KarbyP on August 31st, 2012                                            • Everybody’s Golf 2 (sports)
                                                                          • Fatal Fury Wild Ambition (fighting)
                                                                          • GuiltyGear (fighting)
                                                                          • Gunners Heaven (2D side-scrolling shooter, similar to
                                                                            Metal Slug)
                                                                          • Metal Slug, Metal Slug X
                                                                          • Mr Driller (action/puzzle)
                                                                          • Plasma Sword (fighting)
                                                                          • Pocket Fighter (fighting)
                                                                          • R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 (racing)
The long-awaited PlayStation Vita 1.80 firmware update has
                                                                          • Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (fighting)
finally been released today, allowing gamers access to over
200 “PlayStation Classics” from the Asia PlayStation store                • Rockman 1 to 5 (platformer)
(600 in the Japanese store).                                              • Samurai Shodown 1 to 4 (fighting)
Apart from adding support for PlayStation Classics, 1.80                  • Silent Bomber (action)
also boasts a long list of upgrades, including the ability to
navigate menus on the Live Arena homescreen and various                   • Tekken 2 (fighting)
system apps with the Vita’s physical buttons (previously it               • The King of Fighters 95 to 99 (fighting)
was touchscreen only).
                                                                          • The Last Blade (fighting)
For details on all the shiny new upgrades, watch this
introduction trailer:                                                     • Um Jammer Lammy (rhythm-action)

Important: Do note, however, that beginning with firmware                 • XI[sai] JUMBO (puzzle, download the free trial
1.80, memory cards in your Vita are now “locked” to your                    version)
current PSN ID. Previously it was possible to store content
downloaded using various PSN IDs on one memory card;
this is no longer possible.                                            And here’s a list of our top picks for those of you who can
                                                                       read the language:
For those of you who’ve been swapping PSN IDs around on
your Vita by going into Settings and choosing to restore your             • Arc The Lad I to III (RPG)
system to factory defaults, you will now have to reformat

August 31st, 2012                                                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

   • Atelier Elie, Atelier Marie Plus (RPG)
   • Biohazard 1 to 3 (survival horror)
   • Bokujou Monogatari Harvest Moon (simulation)
   • Breath of Fire IV (RPG)
   • Grandia (RPG)
   • Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (platformer)
   • Legend of Dragoon (RPG)
   • Metal Gear Solid (tactical espionage action)
   • Popolocrois (RPG)
   • Silhouette Mirage Reprogrammed (side-scrolling
   • Spectral Force 1 and 2, Spectral Tower 1 and 2
   • The King of Fighters Kyo (turn-based… RPG?)
   • Wild Arms (RPG)

For a partial list of games from the UK and UK PlayStation
stores, check out’s story here.

Hyperdimension Neptunia
JRPG series to receive anime
series-to-receive-anime-adaptation/                                Set in a fictional universe known as Gamesindustri that’s
By KarbyP on August 31st, 2012                                     split into four regions – Lastation (a parody on Sony’s
                                                                   PlayStation), Leanbox (Xbox), Lowee (Wii), and Planeptune
                                                                   (Sega Saturn) – the games’ stories are based loosely on real-
                                                                   world gaming events.
                                                                   For instance, the original Hyperdimension Neptunia began
                                                                   as a parody on the console wars and Sega’s eventual exit from
                                                                   the hardware business, but later had all the console makers
                                                                   regions’s goddesses unite against a common threat: piracy
                                                                   Arfoire the witch, who’s named after the infamous Nintendo
                                                                   DS flash cartridge.
                                                                   The second game – Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk.II – was
                                                                   still about combating piracy, but featured the goddesses’
                                                                   younger sisters – the personification of portable gaming
Idea Factory and Compile Heart’s Hyper/Ultradimension
                                                                   devices from all four hardware makers – as playable
Neptunia series of JRPGs is getting an anime adaption, this
                                                                   characters instead.
week’s Dengeki PlayStation magazine revealed.
                                                                   The latest instalment in the series, Ultradimension Neptunia
No further details are available at this point; we don’t know if
                                                                   V or Kami Jigen Game Neptune V (ねねねねねねねねねねねねV) is set
this will be a TV anime series, or an original video animation.
                                                                   to come out for the PlayStation 3 in Japan this Thursday on
A production studio has not been named as well, although
                                                                   August 30, and will have the protagonists travel back in time
the voice cast will likely feature the same ones as heard in
                                                                   to “Gameindustri 1989″ where they will meet new characters
the game.
                                                                   based on 16-bit consoles.
The games’ voice cast includes: Rie Tanaka (Maria
                                                                   For more info on this third game’s new mechanics – such
from Hayate no Gotoku) as Neptune or Purple Heart
                                                                   as the ability to make your own “game discs” by combining
(the goddess of Sega-inspired country Planeptune) and
                                                                   Idea Chips such as “Genre: RPG” and “Pre-order Campaign”
Imai Asami (Steins;Gate‘s Kurisu Makise, Idolm@ster‘s
                                                                   or “Employ Famous Voice Actor” – read our previous story
Chihaya Kisaragi) as Noire or Black Heart (Sony-inspired
Lastation), and Eri Kitamura (Lollipop Chainsaw) as Uni
(the PlayStation Portable, personified).                           Although there’s no word yet on an English version, given
                                                                   that the previous two games were given the full localisation
                                                                   treatment, chances are we’ll see Ultradimension Neptunia V
                                                                   on store shelves sometime in the future too.

August 31st, 2012   Published by: VR-Zone

Source: Flickr


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