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									Varicose Vein Treatment

A common condition that occurs in both men and women is varicose veins. This medical
condition occurs when the valves in the veins malfunction and blood begins to pool in the veins.
This causes the veins to swell and become enlarged. As a result the veins have a dark blue
appearance are easily visible from the surface of the skin. This most often occurs in the veins of
the legs and ankles but can occur in other parts of the body as well. There are three major causes
for varicose veins: genetics, pregnancy, and thrombophlebitis. Some other causes include
standing for extended periods of time and having increased pressure in the abdomen.

Varicose veins usually do not usually have any symptoms. Some cases, however, include
swelling, itchiness, and an overall fatigued feeling in the legs, especially after an extended
                                                                 amount of sitting or standing.
                                                                 Other more severe symptoms
                                                                 include major swelling and
                                                                 pain in addition to skin
                                                                 changes,     which     include
                                                                 scaling, inflammation, and
                                                                 color changes. And finally,
                                                                 varicose veins can lead to
                                                                 open sores resulting in
                                                                 bleeding. In some cases,
                                                                 varicose veins can be a sign
                                                                 of a blockage in the deeper
                                                                 veins called deep vein
                                                                 thrombosis.     This    is   a
potentially serious condition that may require treatment.

People decide to undergo vein treatments in Minneapolis for this condition, either for aesthetic
or functional reasons. Patients have many treatment options available at their disposal. They
include home treatments such as compression stocking, propping up one’s feet to encourage
blood flow, exercise, and avoiding long periods of sitting or standing. There are also many
surgical treatments for more severe and complex cases such as sclerotherapy, laser vein
treatment in Minnesota, radiofrequency, and surgery to tie or remove the vein. Most of these
treatments do not require anesthesia and the ones that do are performed on an outpatient basis.
These treatments work by removing the vein entirely or sealing the vein off.

Like any other surgical procedure, there are risks associated with surgical treatment for varicose
veins.. Current treatment options are effective, however varicose veins may return. Most
insurance companies do not cover the cost of aesthetic varicose vein treatment but if symptoms
do occur, insurance is more likely to cover the cost of the procedures. Prospective candidates for
surgical treatment of varicose veins should fully research their options and decide if these
treatments are best for their condition. They should also consult with a qualified physician who
has extensive experience in vein treatment

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