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 Journey with
 + Highest
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 Burns’ USF
 Legacy of
 + Mentee,
 Mentor &

MAGAZINE | Spring/Summer 2009 Volume 3
Dear Colleagues,

After a highly successful twelve-year career, I’ve decided to
step down and help begin the search for a new Dean of the
College of Nursing at the University of South Florida. I will
miss the College of Nursing a great deal; however, the time
has come for me to embark on a path towards a new chapter
in my life. I will always cherish my years at the College of
Nursing and I’m looking forward to continuing a relationship
with the community that I have been so much a part of for the
past twelve years.

As my legacy I leave the College of Nursing a successful
nationally-recognized nursing program built upon innovative
education models, collaborative clinical partnerships,
advanced practice graduate degree programs and a
facilitative multi-disciplinary scientific research infrastructure.
Our efforts as a College are well respected in the nursing
profession and the Tampa Bay community, especially our
immeasurable contributions towards making life better through
research, education and healthcare.

Thank you all for a breathtaking and memorable twelve
years. I’m extremely proud to have helped guide a College
composed of such bright and talented individuals.


Patricia A. Burns, PhD, RN, FAAN
Senior Associate Vice President, USF Health
Dean, College of Nursing University of South Florida

                                                                      MICHAEL HEAPE
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                                                                         09         INTERNAL AWARDS & PENDING GRANTS
Melissa M. Shelton, and Sarah Worth

Art Director                                                  C O M M U N I T Y                          L I F E
Klaus Herdocia
                                                                         10         CONGRESSWOMAN CASTOR HIGHLIGHTS
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Luis Battistini, Lissette Campos, Michael Heape,
Ashlea Hudak, Bob Knight, John Lofreddo,
                                                                         11         USF AWARDED $100,000 FOR RWJF
and Eric Younghans
                                                                                    NEW CAREERS IN NURSING PROGRAM

                                                                         12         DIANE SCHUCHAT’S DREAM LIVES ON
University of South Florida                                              14         DEAN BURNS’ USF LEGACY OF LEADERSHIP
Judy Genshaft, PhD
                                                                         17         COLLEGE ADOPTS NEW VALUES STATEMENT
Sr. Associate Vice President, USF Health
Dean, USF College of Nursing
Patricia Burns, PhD, RN, FAAN
                                                              A L U M N I                  L I F E

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University of South Florida
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MDC Box 22, Tampa, FL 33612
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USF Health is a partnership of the University of South
Florida’s colleges of medicine, nursing, and public
health; the schools of basic biomedical sciences and

physical therapy & rehabilitation sciences; and the                                                                                  UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA

USF Physicians Group. It is a partnership dedicated
                                                                                                                                    Journey with
to the promise of creating a new model of health and                                                                                Purpose
                                                                                                                                    + Highest
                                                                                                                                    Honor +

health care. USF is one of the nation’s top public re-
                                                                                                                                    Burns’ USF
                                                                                                                                    Legacy of
                                                                  Cover: USF College of Nursing Dean Patricia                       Leadership
                                                                                                                                    + Mentee,
search universities and one of 39 community engaged                                                                                 Mentor &

                                                                  Burns’ 1960 graduation photo from the E J Meyer

public universities as designated by the Carnegie
                                                                  Memorial Hospital School of Nursing.
Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. USF                                                                                    NURSING LIFE
                                                                                                                                   MAGAZINE | Spring/Summer 2009 Volume 3

received more than $360 million in research contracts
and grants last year. It is ranked by the National Sci-
ence Foundation as one of the nation’s fastest grow-      ***The article, Prestigious Fellowship with the American Academy of Nursing and Institute of Medicine, on
ing universities for federal research and development     page 9 of the Summer/Fall Volume 2 Nursing Life magazine inadvertently did not acknowledge the American
                                                          Nurses Foundation (ANF) as an organization supporting the Scholar in Residence program.

                   A JOURNEY
S t u d e n t s

                   WITH                      PURPOSE
                                                               Story by Marcia Parker

LI                    Jerome Noronha came to USF with a passion for working
                   with HIV patients, “both in the developing world and in the United
FE                 States.” Born and raised in Bombay, India, Jerome currently
                   enjoys working as an Adult Registered Nurse Practitioner
                   (ARNP) for the Florida Department of Corrections. Jerome’s
                   quest for knowledge and desire to achieve the most advanced
                   level of clinical education led him to the USF Doctor of Nursing
                   Practice (DNP) program. Before enrolling, however, Jerome
                   needed to make sure he would receive an education that was
                   “up to date and proactive.”

                  “...whatever your interest.
                  It all depends on how hard
                     you are willing to work.
                      After speaking to a current USF Nursing student, he decided
                   to attend the First Annual Doctoral Open House in October 2007
                   to help confirm his decision. The Open House, which provided
                   prospective students an opportunity to meet with doctoral faculty,
                   “helped to take away his initial anxiety as an adult learner,” says
                   Jerome. “The key is that they made me feel very comfortable as
                   a returning student.”
                      After the Open House, Jerome applied for the program
                   and was accepted into the Fall 2008 class. Upon graduation,
                   Jerome hopes to contribute to public health policy that reduces
                   healthcare costs without compromising quality. What advice
                   does he offer future students? “Nursing is for everyone –
                   females and males,” he says. “There are so many different
                   avenues to choose from, whatever your interest. It all depends
                   on how hard you are willing to work.” NL
                                                                                             LUIS BATTISTINI

                                                                          LUIS BATTISTINI
Story by Sarah Worth

At the Dec. 13 commencement ceremony, 100 percent of USF’s
charter class of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)
graduated with a job lined up -- proof that the demand for these
specialized health professionals remains strong even in a slow

CRNAs administer 65 percent of the 26 million anesthetics given to
patients each year, according to the American Association of Nurse
Anesthetists, and are the sole anesthesia providers in nearly half
of all hospitals and more than two-thirds of the rural hospitals in the
United States. A 1990 study by the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services drew attention to a national shortage of nearly
5,400 nurse anesthetists.

USF’s CRNA program, the first such certified program in the Tampa
Bay area, began in 2006 in response to the nationwide demand for
more anesthesia providers.

“The need for CRNA’s nationally and in the Tampa Bay community
has never been greater and we are extremely proud that 100
percent of our nurse anesthetists secured employment well before
completing their degrees,” said Sierra Gower, MS, CRNA, director
of USF’s CRNA program. “These 12 very skilled people will provide
much needed safe, competent anesthesia care.”

USF’s graduates were: Joshua Beason, Thomas Benafield,
Mary Bergin, Julia Cramer, Kimberly Durham, Jason Edwards,
Tae Garrison, Kathleen Harley, Lisa Hollett, Dean Jani, LaSonya
Malbrough, and Anita Lee-Newkirk. NL
S t u d e n t s

                                                                                                                                                           INDIAN RIVER STATE COLLEGE

       Story by Ashlea Hudak

                  Maria Seidel, MS, ARNP became a       from the beginning we felt very valued and         qualities,”says Seidel. “Dr. Mary Webb
     nurse in 1976 and experienced all the              welcome. I felt valued as a student, and I         keeps us informed and wants to know how
     typical floor nursing activities. Then in          felt like I was in the right place immediately,”   we are feeling as a group. Prima Hower
     1992, she was exposed to nursing                   said Seidel.                                       was so nice, and because of her we wanted
     education and has “gotten hooked on it                Objectives for the USF Doctor of                to stay. For many reasons we knew made
     and been in it ever since.” Seidel began           Nursing Practice program are based on              the right choice.”
     teaching nursing part-time as an adjunct           recommendations for essential curriculum              When Indian River State College
     and then progressed to full-time faculty,          elements as identified by the American             announced a scholarship opportunity with
     currently serving as District 24 President of      Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN).         the Tylenol National Scholarship Program,
     the Florida Nurses Association for St. Lucie,         “I really enjoy the whole DNP Program           a program for students pursuing healthcare
     Martin, Okeechobee and Hendry counties             at USF,” says Seidel, who travels to Tampa         careers, Seidel submitted an essay
     and as an Associate Professor of Nursing           once a week with a colleague for DNP               illustrating why she became a nurse and
     at Indian River State College on the East          courses at the University of South Florida.        where she is going with her nursing career,
     coast of Florida.                                  “It’s a three hour trip. We enjoy our ride,        including that she is pursuing her doctorate.
                  When Seidel’s colleagues began        staying overnight and studying before              In October 2008, Tylenol announced
     making plans to go back to school, she             class.”                                            that Seidel had been awarded a Tylenol
     began researching the Doctor of Nursing               While at USF, Seidel works with many            Scholarship.
     Practice (DNP) program at the University           of the faculty and staff. Beginning to name           “I’m very honored to receive a national
     of South Florida. As an educator, she “liked       them all she confesses, “They’re all great.”       award, and the money helps with my school
     what she saw.”                                        “Everyone I have met has been so                expenses,” Seidel says. “I’m a scholarship
                  “The application process was smooth   wonderful - these are good leaders                 junkie. If it applies to me, I’ll apply.” NL
     and I always spoke to a person. Right              and they have exceptional professional

Story by Deena Kemp Pople

  “This round of applause is for you,” nurse   grateful we are to you for giving them an
anesthetist student Kevin Sullivan said,       opportunity to obtain a world-class nursing
praising donors attending the 9th annual       education. Your support is significant,” she
USF College of Nursing Scholarship Award       said.
Luncheon. On behalf of the 108 students          This year’s Scholarship Award Luncheon
receiving donor-funded scholarships at         was held on Nov. 21, 2008 at the USF
the event, Sullivan thanked donors for         Marshall Student Center Ballroom. Funding
setting a positive example, not just to        increased 80 percent since last year’s
the community, but also to him and other       ceremony, totaling more than $180,000.
students. “I will continue in your example     Dean Burns was excited to announce the
by passing it on to future students,” he       establishment of five new awards.
said.                                            In her keynote address, Janis Boyd, a
  Nursing students Georgia Vong, Brooke        1973 USF graduate, shared what it meant
Waters, Sarah Chamieh and Jacqueline           to cofound one of these new scholarships
Munro also reflected on the meaning of         with her mother, Shirley Marie Turner.
the ceremony, each emphasizing the far-        Boyd said the scholarship, established in
reaching impact of the scholarship awards.     Turner’s name, represented her mother’s
  Dean Patricia Burns echoed the               love of nursing and desire to impact the
students’ gratitude. “I want to express how    future of the profession. NL

                                                                                                   JOHN LOFREDDO
 R e s e a r c h


Dr. Nick Hall, Director of the Center for
Psychoneuroimmunology at the USF
College of Nursing, points out some of
the equipment on the executive challenge
course at Saddlebrook Resort while

                                                                                                                                                                   ERIC YOUNGHANS
conducting a custom team building program
aimed at evaluating and coping with
stress, improving health and achieving
performance-driven goals.

      Story by Nick Hall

                   Sometimes, you have to be in an        Performance”, the second annual                  program that will include both theory and
      optimal performance state even though               national conference for the Center for           practical exercises.
      you don’t feel like it. Athletes know this. So      Psychoneuroimmunology, September 17-                Upon completion of this course, the
      do healthcare providers. But your immune            20, 2009 at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa,         participant will be able to understand how
      system and emotions may be working                  Florida.                                         stressful memories of traumatic events
      against you. Any inflammation, whether part            This second annual symposium will             can impact the immune system and
      of an allergy, an infection, or associated          bring together some of the nation’s leading      performance, describe how self-destructive
      with injury can give rise to pro-inflammatory       experts to discuss the impact emotions and       emotions can be triggered by injury and
      cytokines. These chemicals can derail               the immune system have upon performance          the immune system, as well as understand
      your mood, your reaction time and your              — whether it’s in a sports arena, hospital, or   how shift-work and crossing time zones
      motivation to push on.                              war zone.                                        can impact the immune system and
                   The USF College of Nursing will host      Attendees will gain a better understanding    performance. NL
      “Frontiers in Psychoneuroimmunology:                of the cause of suboptimal performance, as
                                                                                                           For more information, or to register to attend visit:
      Emotions, the Immune System and                     well as potential solutions, at this three day

Story by Anne DeLotto Baier

   Outstanding contributions and internationally-recognized
scholarly accomplishments have earned College of Nursing’s
Susan McMillan, PhD the University’s highest honor -
recognition as a 2008 Distinguished University Health Professor.
   Internationally known for her contributions to oncology
nursing and quality of life at the end of life, Dr. McMillan is the
Lyall & Beatrice Thomson Professor of Oncology Quality of Life

                                                                                                                                            ERIC YOUNGHANS
Nursing at USF. She was inducted into the prestigious American
Academy of Nursing in 1993 in recognition of her national and
international stature as a nursing leader – making her one of
only 1,500 nurses out of nearly 3 million nationally who have
received this honor. Dr. McMillan was named American Cancer
Society Professor of Oncology Nursing from 1990 to 2000, the
maximum time allowed for any professor to hold the award.
At USF, she has garnered many honors, including the Jerome
Krivanek Distinguished Teacher Award, the Theodore and
Venette Askounes-Ashford Distinguished Scholar Award, and
the College of Nursing’s Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award.                                  DR. MCMILLAN AWARDED
Currently the principal investigator for two large NIH grants,                                UNIVERSITY’S HIGHEST HONOR
Dr. McMillan is recognized worldwide for her research and
development of tools to measure symptom management and                The esteemed Distinguished University Health Professor
quality of life in patients with cancer.                              award applauds McMillan’s successful completion of 3 NIH
   Dr. McMillan founded and continues to direct the Oncology          R01 studies funded by the National Institute of Nursing
Nursing Program that prepares advanced practice nurses                Research:
in oncology – a field of nursing in great demand. Her NIH
training grant in cancer care was among the first to provide          2004 - 2008: Prior R01 with NINR: Systematic Improvement
interdisciplinary education for nurses and physicians. She            to Include Hospice Outcomes – to test an intervention
founded and played a key role in successfully transforming            consisting of systematic assessment of hospice patients with
an interdisciplinary research group into the USF’s Center for         cancer and their caregivers in improving symptom distress,
Hospice, Palliative Care and End of Life Studies, which partners      quality of life, and spiritual well-being
with hospices across West Central Florida.
   Dr. McMillan has been active in research at Moffitt Cancer         2002 – 2007: Prior R01 with NINR: Caregivers of Cancer Pain
Center since its inception and is affiliated with the hospital’s      Patients Coping Intervention – to provide a coping intervention
Psychosocial Oncology Program, where she mentors post-                for caregivers of actively treated cancer patients that will assist
doctoral fellows.                                                     them in managing pain.
   The Distinguished University Health Professor (DUHP)
award was established in 2007 to recognize USF Health faculty         1999 – 2004: Prior R01 with NINR: A Caregiver Intervention
members for their highly distinctive achievements in research,        to Improve Hospice Outcomes – to test a psycho-educational
teaching and service. Like the Distinguished University               intervention for hospice caregivers that is designed to improve
Professor (DUP) award, the DUHP is selected through a                 caregiver quality of life and symptom management and quality
rigorous process of internal and external review. NL                  of life for patients.
R e s e a r c h


  Story by Ashlea Hudak

             The College of Nursing has recently initi-   controlled trial are to determine how effective   related hormones (cortisol).
 ated two large randomized controlled trials              the program is for improving patient symp-           Collaborating with Moffit Cancer Center
 funded by the National Institutes of Health              toms and outcomes after treatment, what           and the USF Department of Aging Studies,
 (NIH). Dr. Cecile Lengacher was awarded                  aspects of the program are most effective,        Dr. Susan McMillan was awarded $2.5M
 $2.6M over a five-year period beginning in               and which types of patients respond best to       over a four-year period beginning in Janu-
 February 2009 as Principal Investigator on               the program.                                      ary 2009 as the Principal Investigator on
 “Symptom Cluster Trial for Breast Can-                      The study will follow 300 women recruited      “Managing Medication-Induced Constipation
 cer Survivors,” sponsored by the National                from Moffitt Cancer Center and USF Health         in Cancer: A Clinical Trial”.
 Institutes of Health and the National Cancer             with Stages 0, I, II, and III breast cancer who      Sponsored by the National Institutes of
 Institute. Breast cancer survivors frequently            have undergone lumpectomy and/or mas-             Health and the National Institute of Nurs-
 feel pain, fatigue, sleep dysfunction, anxiety,          tectomy. Patients will be randomly assigned       ing Research, the randomized clinical trial’s
 depression and fear of recurrence after they             to the MBSR (BC) program or a typical care        goals include determining incidence, dis-
 complete their treatments.                               regimen that is later offered in the program      tress, and trajectory of constipation among
             Collaborating with Moffit Cancer Cen-        and assessments will include measures of          cancer patients receiving the medications to
 ter and the USF College of Medicine, Dr.                 psychological symptoms (depression, anxi-         evaluate the efficacy of a Constipation Treat-
 Lengacher and her team will evaluate the                 ety, perceived stress), physical symptoms         ment Protocol, and comparing medication-
 effectiveness of the Mindfulness Based                   (pain, fatigue, sleep dysfunction), quality of    induced constipation management according
 Stress Reduction (MBSR) Breast Cancer                    life, biological stress markers (pro-inflam-      to dose of medication versus management
 (BC) program among breast cancer survi-                  matory immune cytokines, cellular adhesion        according to assessment data. NL
 vors. The primary goals of this randomized               molecules, lymphocyte subsets), and stress-
                                                                              INTERNAL AWARDS
                                                                              The Nursing Faculty in Pilot Research Projects Program, an inter-
                                                                              nal program within the College of Nursing, aims to provide support
                                                                              for nursing faculty to launch productive new programs of research
                                                                              that will ultimately result in intellectual productivity, published re-
                                                                              search, and successful grant proposals to agencies or foundations.

                                                                              Two $7,500 awards were made to College of Nursing faculty as
                                                                              part of the 2009 program including Theresa Beckie for the propos-
                                                                              al, “The Relationship Between a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism
                                                                              on Chromosome 9p21 9rs1333049 and the Phenotype of Women
                                                                              with Coronary Heart Disease” and Cindy Tofthagen for “Neuro-
                                                                              pathic Symptoms and Their Relationship to Depressive Symptoms,
                                                                              Quality of Life, and Sleep Quality in Colorectal Cancer Survivors
                                                                              Treated with Oxaliplatin.”

Dr. Cecile Lengacher leads a group of women in a Mindfulness                  PENDING GRANTS
Based Stress Reduction stretching exercise.                                   Several grants are under review that, if funded, would substantial-
                                                                              ly augment the College’s current research portfolio. The pending
                                                                              grants include, but are not limited to:

                                                                              Susan McMillan, PhD – “Pilot of an Intervention for Caregivers of
                                                                              Hospice HF Patients” NIH: NINR (R21) 2009 – 2011 – $375K

                                                                              Cheryl Zambroski, PhD – “Psychometric Evaluation of the
                                                               ASHLEA HUDAK

                                                                              Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale-Heart Failure” In response
                                                                              to PAR-08-213: Methodology and Measurement in the Behavioral
                                                                              and Social Sciences. NINR (R21) 2009 – 2011 – $400K

                                                                              Cecile Jevitt, PhD – “Prenatal and Postpartum Weight Control
                                                                              Intervention in Healthy Start Coalitions” In response to RFA-
                                                                              HL-08-007: Targeted Approaches to Weight Control for Young
                                                                              Adults. NIH (U01) 2009 – 2014 – $4.7M

                                                                              Maureen Groer, PhD – “Allostasis as a Framework for Prevent-
                                                                              ing and Managing Cardiopulmonary Disease” In response to
                                                                              RFA-NR-09-001: Centers in Symptom Management Research
                                                                              or Centers in Health Promotion/Disease Prevention: Building
                                                                              Research Teams for the Future. NINR (P20) 2009 – 2014 – $1.5M
                                                                              The proposal will test and refine the allostasis model for women’s
                                                                              cardiopulmonary health. This is to build a center in health promo-
                                                                              tion research. Individual proposals from 5 Colllege of Nursing
                                                                              faculty members were submitted:

                                                                               •   Susan Kennel – “Children and Risk for Cardiopulmonary
                                                                                   Disease: A Developmental and Allostatic Study”

                                                                               •   Brandy Lehman – “Understanding Stress, Immunity, and
                                                                                   Sleep Disturbances in Caregivers of Persons with Heart

                                                                               •   Theresa Beckie – “The Relationship Between Common
                                                                                   Variants on Chromosome 9p21 and Allostatic Biomarkers in
                                                                                   Women with Coronary Heart Disease”

                                                                               •   Frances Rankin – “The Allostatic Load Consequences on
                                                                                   Cardiopulmonary Disease Risk of Iron Supplementation In
                                                                                   duced Constipation Following Gastric ByPass Surgery in
                                                                                   Morbidly Obese Women”

                                                                               •   Cheryl Zambroski – “Unplanned Admissions to the Acute
                                                                                   Care Setting in Women with Acute Decompensated Heart
                                                                                   Failure: An Allostatic Perspective”
C o m m u n i t y


                    NEW $3.5M VA NURSING ACADEMY
                     Story by Anne DeLotto Baier

                        A new nursing academy will help         the-art spinal cord injury wing as a         selected to form nursing academies
                    alleviate the state’s nursing shortage,     backdrop, Castor was joined at the           with 10 VA medical centers. The money
                    offer care to wounded veterans and          news conference by Patricia Burns,           allows Haley and the nursing college
                    create high-paying jobs in the Tampa        PhD, Dean of the USF College of              to hire five faculty members this year
                    Bay area, U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor said       Nursing, and Sandra Janzen, Associate        and another five next year. That, in turn,
                    last fall.                                  Director for patient care services/nursing   allows the school to enroll more nursing
                        “It marries a number of missions,”      programs at the Haley VA Hospital.           students.
                    Castor said. “This VA Nursing Academy          The Department of Veterans Affairs           As a result of the program, 100 new
                    is a wonderful new initiative that builds   has provided $3.5 million to USF’s           nurses are expected to graduate with
                    upon the collaboration of USF and the       College of Nursing to establish the VA       their baccalaureate degrees in the next
                                                                                                                                                          LUIS BATTISTINI

                    James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital.          Nursing Academy. USF’s nursing school        four years, Janzen said. If they join
                    With the Haley VA’s new state-of-           is one of 11 across the country to date      the VA system, those new nurses can
expect starting salaries of about $47,000,
she said.
   “These are high-paying jobs for our
community at a time when unemployment
is on the rise,” Castor said. “These are good
paying jobs with good benefits.”
   The nursing students do clinical work at
Haley, where they gain first-hand experience
treating the nation’s veterans. They will be
exposed to specialized services including
mental health, physical rehabilitation,
polytrauma and spinal cord injury care.

                                                                                                                                                       ERIC YOUNGHANS
Haley officials hope the nursing students will
eventually work at the VA hospital.
   The program has three main goals:
to expand teaching faculty, to improve
recruitment and retention of nurses, and

                                                                                                                                                       LISSETTE CAMPOS
to create new educational and research
opportunities.                                    L to R: U.S. Rep Kathy Castor talks about the USF College of Nursing’s partnership with
   Florida’s nursing shortage is acute. The       James A. Haley VA Hospital, flanked by Marian Hardwick and Carey Ledee, among the first
                                                  USF nursing students enrolled in the new VA Nursing Academy.
state is short nearly 13,000 registered nurses
this year. By 2020, the shortage is expected
to reach more than 52,000, according to the
Florida Center for Nursing.
                                                 USF AWARDED $100,000 FOR RWJF
   Part of the problem is nursing schools are
forced to turn away qualified applicants. In
                                                 NEW CAREERS IN NURSING PROGRAM
                                                 Story by Ashlea Hudak
2007, for example, nursing schools had to say
no to more than 40,000 qualified applicants,        USF College of Nursing received                   a discipline other than nursing. Although
primarily because the schools didn’t have        $100,000 through The Robert Wood Johnson             enrollment in these programs has steadily
enough faculty members to teach the aspiring     Foundation (RWJF) New Careers in Nursing             increased, many potential students are unable
nurses, according to the American Association    Scholarship Program, a groundbreaking                to enroll since already having a college
of Colleges of Nursing.                          national initiative launched by RWJF and             degree disqualifies them for most federal
   Students enrolled in the VA Nursing           the American Association of Colleges of              financial aid programs for entry-level students.
Academy are eligible to apply for $10,000        Nursing aimed at helping alleviate the               The New Careers in Nursing scholarships
scholarships awarded through USF’s College       nursing shortage by expanding the pipeline           address this and the overall nursing shortage
of Nursing and the Robert Wood Johnson           of students in accelerated programs. Eight           by enabling hundreds of students to launch
Foundation.                                      eligible Accelerated Second Degree students          their nursing careers through accelerated
   The Nursing Academy initiative                in the incoming VA Nursing Academy (VANA)            education.
underscores Castor’s work on higher              cohort received scholarship applications, and           By bringing more nurses into the
education, health care and military affairs.     two are being held for the next VANA class.          profession at the baccalaureate and master’s
Castor pushed for the College Cost Reduction        “This program aims to safeguard the health        degree levels the program helps to address
and Access Act, which provides loan              of the nation by helping to ease the nurse and       the nation’s nurse faculty shortage. Data from
forgiveness to students entering careers in      nurse faculty shortage,” said RWJF President         the U.S. Health Resources and Services
public service – including nursing. Congress     Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA.                        Administration show that nurses entering the
also allocated $2.4 million for a program           Accelerated programs offer the most               profession at the baccalaureate level are four
through the USF College of Nursing to help       efficient route to licensure as a registered         times more likely than other nurses to pursue
veterans cope with emotional health and          nurse for adults who have already completed          a graduate degree in nursing, which is the
other problems. NL                               a baccalaureate or graduate degree in                required credential to teach. NL
C o m m u n i t y


                    DIANE SCHUCHAT’S
                                                          SCHUCHAT/DREHER COLLECTION

                     DREAM LIVES ON
                              Story by Deena Kemp Pople

                                                                                                                                                     SCHUCHAT/DREHER COLLECTION
                                        “         She became more aware
                                                   of the needs of

  Diane Schuchat was born to take care            a 104-degree
of living things. She began treating her first    fever, and started
patients as a toddler in preschool. At an age     community college
when many little girls pretend to be nurses       at 17—all to get
caring for imaginary human patients, Diane        closer to her goal of
was more interested in real, live animals.        being a veterinarian.
Growing up in a wooded area, she had lots
of opportunities to practice her veterinarian       After transferring to
skills.                                           a university to major in biology, her interest
                                                  suddenly changed. “She became more                                                     isolated
                                                                                                   year, so her patient wouldn’t feel so isolated.
  “No wart covered toad living nearby was         aware of the needs of people,” her mother        Diane really loved her job.”
safe from being cradled in her hands or           says, “and like my mother, whom she never
showered with kisses,” Diane’s mother,            knew, Diane decided to become a nurse.”            In 2006, as her health problems
Susan, recalls. “She once picked up a snake                                                        progressed, Diane moved to Florida to be
and brought it in to show her dad. It was a         Diane was courageous. After three years        closer to her family. Interested in pursuing
poisonous copperhead, yet, it didn’t bite her.”   of college, choosing a new career required       a graduate nursing degree, she visited
                                                  significant changes. Facing the cost of three    the USF College of Nursing. She was
  Because of her persistent love of animals,      more years in college at a small private         enthusiastic about the facilities and the
her family owned two dogs, a cat, two             school, she worked part time as a pharmacy       opportunity to start classes in Fall 2008. “But
horses and a skinny gerbil all at one time.       tech and stayed up long into the night to        it was not to be,” her mother says. Diane
According to her mother and father, Brad,         complete her studies.                            died in May 2008.
she loved them all equally. It was no surprise
when she volunteered at a veterinarian clinic       Diane was compassionate. She obtained            Her parents, along with her grandparents
in middle school. The young husband and           her nursing degree and spent a lot of time       Robert E. and Virginia Dreher and her
wife team who ran the clinic allowed her          deciding how she could make the most             brother Michael, a second-year law student
to brush dogs’ teeth and help with puppy          difference in people’s lives. She worked in      at Drake University, felt establishing
deliveries. She spent all her time on the         cardiac care, psychology, and dermatology,       a scholarship in Diane’s name was
weekends with them.                               but finally fell in love with acute kidney       an appropriate way to remember her.
                                                  dialysis care. She embraced the opportunity      Diane was determined, courageous, and
  Diane was determined. Even when health          to provide comforting care to seriously ill      compassionate. The Diane Schuchat
issues prevented her from completing              patients. Susan remembers how Diane went         Graduate Nursing Scholarship will help
high school, she plunged forward with the         beyond her duties as a nurse to care for a       nurses like her fulfill their dreams of
same enthusiastic persistence \she had            patient who lived alone in the country. “She     obtaining an advanced nursing degree.
as a six year old winning swimming races.         purchased a second cell phone and paid to        That’s something her family thinks that she
She got her GED, took the SAT exam with           add the woman to her plan for more than a        would like. NL
                     NURSING DEAN PAT BURNS’
C o m m u n i t y

                     USF LEGACY OF LEADERSHIP
                    Story by Ashlea Hudak

                       After a highly successful 12-year                        In the Tampa Bay area, nursing short-
                    career, Patricia Burns, PhD, RN, FAAN,                  ages and nursing faculty shortages are
                    has announced that she will step down                   greater than the national average. Under
                    as Dean of the College of Nursing at the                Dr. Burns’ leadership, the USF College
                    University of South Florida. Dr. Burns                  of Nursing has developed new advanced
LI                  is well respected in the nursing profes-                degree programs and created innovative

FE                  sion and the Tampa Bay community for
                    her immeasurable contributions towards
                                                                            education models to fill this need in the
                                                                            profession. She established the Clinical
                    making life better through research,                    Collaborative Initiative, a partnership
                    education and healthcare.                               between local healthcare agencies in
                       “I will miss the College of Nursing a                the Tampa Bay area and the USF Col-
                    great deal; however, the time has come                  lege of Nursing. The Initiative gives
                    for me to embark on a path towards a                    students seeking bachelor’s degrees
                    new chapter in my life,” Dr. Burns said. “I             the opportunity to reside in a single
                    will always cherish my years at the Col-                agency for clinical coursework.
                    lege of Nursing and I’m looking forward                 Students are often eligible and qual-
                    to continuing a relationship with the com-              ified to serve as nurse technicians,
                    munity that I have been so much                         and are employed by the agency after
                    a part of for the past 12 years.”                       the first semester.
                                      USF HEALTH MEDIA CENTER

  1997                                       1999                             2001                             2005
  Patricia Burns, RN, PhD,                    In Fall 1999, 628 students      The USF College of Nursing       The College of Nursing’s new                 The USF Clinical Nurse Leader
  FAAN becomes Dean of the                    were enrolled across all of     launched the Clinical Collab-    building was dedicated. Reno-                program began in 2005 and
  USF College of Nursing.                     programs at the College of      orative, a partnership between   vations tripled the size of the              admitted a charter class of 10
                                              Nursing.                        local healthcare agencies in     College of Nursing facility, from            Clinical Nurse Leader students.

                                                                              the Tampa Bay area.              25,000 to 75,000 square feet.
                                                                                                                                                   ERIC YOUNGHANS
ADDRESSING THE                                                                                                                  INNOVATIVE GRADUATE
NURSING SHORTAGE                                                                                                                NURSING PROGRAMS
   “The USF College of Nursing has                   forged collaborations across the Univer-                                       The College’s Doctor of Nursing Prac-
fostered innovative programming between              sity and State, as well as nationally and                                  tice (DNP), Nurse Anesthesia, and Clinical
the community and college to address the             internationally. The College’s exchange                                    Nurse Leader (CNL) advanced graduate
nursing shortage by expanding student                program with the University of Panama is                                   degree nursing programs epitomize Dr.
numbers and needs for more educators                 now in its third year. To date, three delega-                              Burns’ vision of the ideal innovative educa-
and enhancing the research focus within              tions totaling nearly 45 nursing students                                  tion model. One of the first universities
hospitals,” said Sandra K Janzen MS, RN,             have participated in the program, a hands-                                 in the country to offer the CNL and DNP
  CNAA-BC, Associate Director of patient             on community health learning experience.                                   programs, USF has graduated some of
      care services at James A Haley                     Clinical community partnerships are im-                                the first nurses in the country with these
         Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa,                perative for preparing nurses in advanced                                  degrees. In response to the nationwide
           Florida, “This forum is an exem-          clinical roles as much needed educators                                    demand for more anesthesia providers,
            plary model of community and             and researchers. One such partnership                                      USF began the nurse anesthesia program
             academic collaboration that             is the College’s longstanding collabora-                                   in Fall 2006 as the third public university to
              addresses current and future           tion with Moffitt Cancer Center, the only                                  offer the program, out of the seven accred-
               needs while systematically            comprehensive cancer center in Florida                                     ited nursing programs in Florida. USF’s
                exploring innovative ideas           designated by the National Cancer Insti-                                   program is the first in the Tampa Bay area.
                together.”                           tute. USF offers the only oncology nursing                                 In Fall 2008, 100 percent of USF’s charter
                    The College of Nurs-             master’s program in the state.                                             class of 12 nurse anesthetists graduated
                 ing has built healthcare                                                                                       with a job already lined up.
                  partnerships across 10                                                                                            Nursing bachelor’s, master’s and
                   counties in Florida and                                                                                      doctorate program students and graduates
                                                                                                                                provide safe competent healthcare in hos-
                                                                                                                                pitals across the greater Tampa Bay area,
                                                                                                                                a testament to the significant community
                                                                                                                                impact of the collaborations Dean Burns
                                                                        BOB KNIGHT


                             2006                                                                                  2007
Doctor of Nursing Practice   USF’s Nurse Anesthesia mas-        USF’s first class of 8 Clinical                    A formal Research Center was      Comprehensive five-year
(DNP) program established.   ter’s program was established      Nurse Leaders students                             established in 2007 at the Col-   strategic planning process
                             as the first in the Tampa Bay      graduated in 2006.                                 lege of Nursing to streamline     involving students, faculty,
                             area and only the third public                                                        the research process and          staff, alumni and the commu-
                             university in Florida to offer a                                                      expand the research portfolio.    nity began.
                             nurse anesthesia program.
                                                                                                  ERIC YOUNGHANS

                                                                                                                                                                                    LUIS BATTISTINI
    To facilitate the growth of research initia-                    STRENGTHENING                                           BUILDING NATIONAL
tives in the College and bring together                             RESEARCH COLLABORATION                                  PROMINENCE
diverse faculty and student research inter-
ests, Dr. Burns created a Nursing Research                              Recently, the College of Nursing in-                    The College has received national
Center within the College. The Center                               creased its research awards by 64 percent               support and accolades as well. The USF
has significantly broadened the College’s                           and achieved its goal of raising both public            master’s program in Nursing was recently
research portfolio, including multidisciplinary                     and private funding by 40 percent – re-                 ranked 72 by U.S News and World Re-
collaborations, and substantially upgraded                          sulting in the highest percentage jump                  port – a large jump from 115 scored when
                                                                    for a single college in research funding at             the program was last ranked in 2003. The
its research infrastructure and capacity,
                                                                    USF for FY 2007-2008. Dr. Burns fur-                    USF profile included in the 2009 Princeton
including enhanced administrative support
                                                                    ther strengthened the College’s research                Review “Best 368 Colleges” praises the
and expertise in data management, project
                                                                    endeavors by establishing a Biobehavioral               College of Nursing. Among the candid com-
management and statistical analyses.                                Laboratory. Scheduled for completion this               ments of USF students surveyed for the

                                                                    year, the laboratory will support the Re-               book: “There’s a great nursing program.”
                                                                    search Center and the College’s Center for                  USF’s nursing programs have steadily
    the time has                                                    Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). Occupying
                                                                    more than 2,000 square feet, it will house
                                                                                                                            flourished to accommodate a growing
                                                                                                                            student population. As of Fall 2008 the Col-
   come for me to                                                   state-of-the art equipment for conducting
                                                                    blood assays, such as flammatory markers,
                                                                                                                            lege of Nursing had 1,888 students enrolled
                                                                                                                            across its baccalaureate, masters, doctoral
    embark on a                                                     stress hormones, proteomics, and RNA and
                                                                    DNA analyses.
                                                                                                                            and continuing education programs – up
                                                                                                                            from 628 students in Fall 1999. Dr. Burns
   path towards a                                                       The facility will also include multiple
                                                                    patient rooms for conducting physical
                                                                                                                            oversaw the College of Nursing’s much
                                                                                                                            needed physical expansion. Members of
   new chapter in                                                   examinations, clinical measurements, and

                                                                                                                            the College, University and community
                                                                    treatments for health care and research pur-            gathered to dedicate the new building in
       my life                                                      poses. Enabled by the College’s productive
                                                                    research environment and clinical partner-
                                                                                                                            May 2005 and celebrated renovations that
                                                                                                                            tripled the size of the College of Nursing
                                                                    ships, the PNI Center pursues research,                 facility from 25,000 to 75,000 square feet.
                                                                    education and the translation of knowledge                  In 2007, Dr. Burns launched the College
                                                                    into clinical practice.                                 on an exciting and momentous endeavor
                                                                        The College of Nursing’s collabora-                 – a comprehensive five-year strategic plan-
                                                                    tive structure encourages a community of                ning process. Carefully constructed through
                                                                    scholars and clinicians interested in related           student, faculty, staff, alumni and commu-
                                                                    topics. This benefits the college by providing          nity involvement, the strategic plan has set
                                                                    a framework for research studies and part-              the mission, vision, goals and values to help
                                                                    nerships. Ultimately, this strong research              guide the College of Nursing to future suc-
                                                                    foundation benefits patients through evi-               cess and prominence regionally, nationally
                                                                    dence-based clinical care – another way Dr.             and internationally.
                                                                    Burns’ leadership has profoundly influenced                 As her lasting legacy, Dean Patricia
                                                                    healthcare in the Tampa Bay community.                  Burns leaves a successful, nationally-recog-
                                                                        Continued community support and                     nized College of Nursing built upon innova-
                                                                    individual contributions are vital to the future        tive education models, collaborative clinical
                                                                    of the College of Nursing. As Dean, Dr.                 partnerships, advanced practice graduate
                                                                    Burns fostered a large increase in financial            degree programs and a facilitative multi-
                                                                    donations to the College; endowments have               disciplinary scientific research infrastructure.
                                                                    grown by more than $5 million during her
                                                                    12-year tenure.

USF’s master’s program in                   College of Nursing web-based       Annual exchange program with   100 percent of USF’s charter     College of Nursing increased
Nursing ranked 72 by U.S                    instruction was ranked third in    the University of Panama, a    class of 12 nurse anesthetists   research awards by 64
News and World Report.                      the nation – with larger enroll-   hands-on community health      graduated with employment        percent, achieving the goal of
                                            ments for its graduate nursing     learning experience, began.    already lined up.                raising both public and private
                                            program than 70 other schools                                                                      funding by 40 percent.
                                            across the U.S.
                             E. YOUNGHANS

                                                                                                                                                                                 L. BATTISTINI
                                                                                                              L. CAMPOS

                                                                                                                                                      ERIC YOUNGHANS
  COLLEGE ADOPTS NEW                                                                     UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA
  VALUES STATEMENT                                                                       COLLEGE OF NURSING VALUES:
  Story by Maureen Groer
                                                                                         We embrace the diversity and expertise of our
  On October 31, 2008 a group of more than 50 staff, students and                        students, faculty, staff and community partners.
  faculty participated in a retreat, the purpose of which was to craft
  a set of shared values that would guide the College’s strategic
                                                                                         We lead the discipline and are nationally recognized
                                                                                         for the generation, exploration and application of
  plan. Under the leadership of a faculty/staff committee and with the
                                                                                         new knowledge for education, practice, science and
  help of consultant Dorothy Moga, the retreat was organized using                       knowledge.
  an approach called Appreciative Inquiry. This approach focuses
  on past successes as well as individuals’ positive and meaningful                      We embody personal and professional integrity to
  experiences within the organization.                                                   create a safe and trusting environment.

  During the retreat, participants split into groups and shared their                    We embrace an environment where we mentor,
  individual stories with each other, many of which were moving and
                                                                                         encourage and empower students, staff and faculty.
  touching stories about deeply personal events. Each small group
                                                                                         We promote partnerships where coordinated teamwork
  developed a set of value statements that exemplified the spirit
                                                                                         accomplishes innovative outcomes to advance the art
  of these positive and meaningful stories. When everyone came                           and science of nursing.
  back together, each small group advocated for a particular values
  statement. Then the entire group discussed, deliberated and crafted                    We honor and recognize our community, students,
  these into statements that everyone felt captured the values being                     faculty and staff.
                                                                                         We develop, nurture and recognize engaged leadership
  The set of value statements that the retreat produced are
                                                                                         in students, faculty and staff for positive impact in
                                                                                         education, research and health care.
  powerful, evocative and capable of guiding the college into the
  future. The sentiment of those who attended the retreat is one of
                                                                                         We support and help each other to achieve shared
  accomplishment and significance. The College is committed to not                       goals.
  only endorse these values, but to use them in every day teaching,
  research, practice and service. NL

                                                                                                                                                            ERIC YOUNGHANS

As of Fall 2008, 1,888 students   The strategic planning process   Construction completed on the Biobehavioral Laboratory, a
were enrolled across all of the   established the Mission, Vi-     2,000 square-foot facility housing state-of-the art equipment
bachelor’s, master’s, doctor-     sion, Goals and Values of the    for conducting blood assays and multiple patient rooms for
ate and continuing education      College.                         conducting physical examinations, clinical measurements, and
programs at the College of                                         treatments for health care and research purposes.

                                                                                                           T IMELINE               OF   L EADERSHIP

              BULLS SPIRIT AT THE         On October 15, 2008, University of South Florida
                                       College of Nursing alumni gathered underneath the

              NURSING REUNION
A l u m n i

                                       USF Nursing tailgate tent just outside Raymond
                                       James Stadium for the annual Homecoming Reunion.
              Story by Leanna Baylis   Brunch was served along with drinks, and fellow alums
                                       spent the morning catching up with one another and
                                       reminiscing about their lives as students at the College
                                       of Nursing.
                                          There was plenty of Bulls’ spirit in the air as current
                                       nursing students stopped by the tent to proudly display

LI                                     their 2nd place trophy for the College of Nursing float in

FE                                     the USF Homecoming Parade the evening before. After
                                       the tailgate, nursing alums helped cheer on the USF
                                       Bulls to a 45 -13 victory over the Syracuse Orange.
                                          Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s
                                       homecoming reunion. We hope to see you and your
                                       classmates at next year’s reunion on November 21,
                                       2009! For updates visit NL

                                                        Nursing students unite and proudly display
                                                        their Bulls spirit and love of all things health and
                                                        nursing while aboard the College of Nursing
                                                        float which won second place in the 2008 USF
                                                        Homecoming parade.

                                                                                                               LUIS BATTISTINI
   Story by Elise Brodeur

Story by Elise Brodeur

   Allyson Radford has been very busy              At times, Allyson doesn’t feel like a new
since she completed her Bachelor of             alumnus since she is still involved in the
Science degree in nursing in December           college. “It’s kind of surprising to get the
2008. The recent USF College of Nursing         Nursing Life magazine, newsletters and
alumna has been studying for and taking         alumni materials in the mail when I just
the GRE and NCLEX exams and applying            recently got my diploma.” Allyson says. “It
to the college’s BS to PhD program. With        is a little strange.”
all this, she also found time to work as           As part of her work with current nursing
a research assistant. March 2009 was            students, Allyson has taken on a new
exciting for Allyson because she received       role as an alumni mentor, whether it is
the wonderful news that she not only            reaching out to the underclassmen, giving
passed her nursing board exam, but she          them advice on how to prepare for the
also was accepted into the USF College of       boards and finals or answering any other
Nursing’s BS to PhD program.                    question they have. On her path to being a
   Through her work in the college’s            double USF Nursing alumna, she herself is
simulation lab teaching fundamental             becoming an ambassador for the College.
skills for entry-level courses and tutoring        “The students all know me and catch me
students, Allyson realized she wants to         in the hall and ask me how I did this or that,”
pursue research and teaching as a career.       she says. “It is beneficial just to have a face
This stemmed from her work for the past         that everyone knows and the students all

“           There are so many different
              areas you can go into.
year as a research assistant with Debra
                                                know that they can e-mail me anytime.”
Gottel, MHS, BSN and her research to help          Ms. Radford is excited about taking
individuals with mental illness quit smoking.   the next step in her career with a nursing
She gives credit to the College’s recently      graduate degree. As a new alumna, she
appointed Doctoral Student Ambassador           wants to help students and alumni realize
and USF nursing ’05 graduate, Melissa           there are many possibilities in nursing.
Molinari Shelton, MS, for helping her take         “You don’t even realize how many
the initial steps to realize this goal.         avenues you can take. That is why nursing
   “It is very comforting to have someone       is so great—there are so many different
like Melissa to turn to,” Allyson says.         areas you can go into,” Allyson says.
“Melissa has been a huge help. She              “When I realized that there was a doctoral
answered any silly question, telling me what    program where I could pursue research and
I have to look forward to and what I need to    teaching, I wanted to make a difference in
                                                                                                       ASHLEA HUDAK

get prepared for.”                              the community a different way.” NL
A l u m n i


                                                                                                                                           ASHLEA HUDAK
              Dean Patricia Burns leans in for a photo with nursing graduates, Matthew Wolland (left) and Allyson
              Radford (right), recipients of the inaugural USF Nursing Alumni Florence Nightingale Award.

                   NURSING ALUMNI FLORENCE
                   NIGHTINGALE AWARD
                   Story by Melissa M. Shelton

                                The USF College of Nursing started
                                Th                                               dedication to charity and community service.
                                  a new tradition this past December             A USF College of Nursing gold pin depicting the Col-
                                    when the USF Nursing Alumni                  lege’s official seal will be presented to each person
                                    Florence Nightingale Award was               honored with this award.
                                   introduced at the Nursing gradua-                The recipients of the award are chosen through
                                  tion awards ceremony on Saturday,              a vote by their peers approximately two weeks prior
                               December 13, 2008. This new award will            to the students’ graduation. The announcement
                        be given each semester to two undergraduate              of the voting results and presentation of the pins
                  students – one in the traditional program and one in           take place during the College’s awards ceremony
                  the accelerated program.                                       which is held between University Commencement
                      The USF Nursing Alumni Florence Nightingale                ceremonies on graduation day.
                  Award is sponsored by an individual alumna on                     Congratulations to the first two recipients, Allyson
                  behalf of the USF College of Nursing’s Alumni and              Radford and Matthew Wolland, who were chosen
                  Friends Board and will be awarded to students who              by their classmates for this award. They, along with
                  are beginning their nursing career and who will forth          their classmates, join the many alumni of the USF
                  into the community and represent the College of                College of Nursing who have made nursing their life. NL
                  Nursing in a positive light. Recipients demonstrate a

Virginia Wollard,                       Judy Heilig Zaritt,                      Elton Ammons III,
’75, is the Vice President of Triumph   ’80, is the Clinical Research Coordi-    ’02, is a product sales consultant for
HealthCare in Houston, TX.              nator for USF Pediatrics.                Cardinal Health.

Regina Petzold,                         Carl Goff,                               Menchu Lalas Barcenas,
’76, is an Operating Room Supervi-      ’86, is currently working for the Blue   ’05, is a clinical nurse at the UC Da-
sor at Longview Regional Medical        Cross Blue Shield Association. He        vis Medical Center in California.
Center in Longview, TX.                 currently resides in Washington,
                                        D.C. with his wife, Rebecca, and two     Lisa Bartell,
Vicki Dillard Brunson,                  sons, Errett and Carlisle.               ’05, is a cardiology nurse practitioner
’78, is the Financial and Operations                                             at Life Link Healthcare Institute in
Director for Integrity Research in      Jeanne Hopple,                           Tampa, FL.
Pensacola, FL. She is married to        ’93, is a family nurse practitioner at
Robert and has two children, Tori,      Ocala Family Physicians in Ocala,        Jeffrey McDermott,
21, and Becca, 18.                      FL.                                      ’06, is a CVRU/CVICU RN at Oak
                                                                                 Hill Hospital in Brooksville, FL.
Jean L. Kline,                          Theresa Allen,
’78, is the Deputy Secretary for        ’98, is a psychiatric nurse at the       Kenneth Duncan,
Health for the Florida Department of    Hartford Hospital Institute of Living.   ’08, is an acute care nurse practitio-
Health.                                 She currently resides in Middletown,     ner at Tampa General Hospital NL
                                        CT with her husband and three boys
                                        ages 1, 11, and 14.
                       University of South Florida College of Nursing    Non-Profit
                       12901 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, MDC Box 22          Org.
                       Tampa, FL 33612                                  US Postage
                       P (813) 974-2191                                    PAID
                                                                        Permit No.

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