How Do You Get a Virus on a Computer

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					How Do You Get a Virus on a Computer

How do you get a virus on a computer? It's a good question and the answer to it will go a long way to helping you to

protect your system, personal details and family and friends. Most viruses can be avoided by knowing what signs to

look for when it comes to everyday tasks like checking email and downloading documents, so I am going to answer

this question and hopefully help you prevent anything catastrophic from ever entering your computer.

-One of the main entry points for viruses is through your email inbox. Most people use email every day now and it has

become our first point of contact with big companies we want to get in touch with and when we want to share pictures

and files with family and friends. That is however where the problem lies. The email itself is not malicious but it is

when you download an attachment that the trouble starts to begin. Most mail readers will automatically download this

content which just essentially opens the front door to your computer and leaves all your data vulnerable. Best practise

in this situation is to disable the automatic download so you can check the email first to see if it could be corrupt.

Never open anything you were not expecting or anything from friends that is out of character.

-Not updating your security program should not need be an obvious example but it is still a major factor in letting in

viruses. If you don't update your system then you are leaving it exposed to the new viruses that are being created all

the time. The same goes for internet plugins. If you are not updating them then you are losing one of your main

defences against a virus.

- Downloading pirated software or music/film from a dodgy site is another way to get a virus. When you download a

file from a site that looks dodgy there is a good chance you are watching a virus go straight onto your computer. Look

for reviews first to see whether the site is reputable. If it has a chequered past then stay well away and buy the item

from a certified retailer.

-It may seem obvious as one of the first things you get when you buy a new system but many people still don't have

any form of spyware protection or antivirus. This doesn't leave the door to your computer open but it means that once

a virus comes in via an infected email or a dodgy file you will have no way to detect it or get rid of it.

Following simple steps like not opening emails you weren't expecting, updating your security programs regularly, only

buy music and films from proper retailers and making sure that you have antivirus and spyware protection will go a

long way to stopping any viruses from getting on to your computer and ruining your life. Knowing the answer, to a

question like how do you get a virus on a computer, is half the battle in knowing how to protect yourself and others

that could get infected via you system.

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