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					                                                        April, 2012    Volume 45 , Issue 4                                   Circulation: 3260

                                                                        All-Chapter Scholarship Award Program
                                                      Attention: All Members Who Have Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren,
Bethpage / Woodbury                                         etc., Who Are Applying for the Retiree Club’s Scholarships
President, Marion Abbott (516) 575-3777

California - Golden West / Pt. Mugu
President, Fred Syrett (805) 647-4934
                                                     Please be sure to advise your applying student of the following: The Scholarship
California - San Diego / San Diego
                                                     Application must include an official school transcript that lists all of the student’s
President, Cliff Robinson, (760) 749-8183            High School courses, including the Senior year courses. Grades for all years,
Florida - First Coast / St. Augustine                except the Senior year, must be included on the official transcript. Don’t wait
President, Fred Bauer (904) 819-9817
                                                     for the final Senior year grades before submitting the Scholarship Application.
Florida - Manasota West / Bradenton
President, Burt Stern (941) 378-7082                 Have your student ask the school to include the list of Senior year courses on
Florida - Mid-West / Spring Hill                     the transcript.
President, Richard Arso (352) 684-0482

Florida - Southwest / Locations Vary
President, Carolyn Moors (239-283-8294)
                                                                        Scholarship Program Awards Luncheon
Florida - Spacecoast / Melbourne
President, William Steenson (321-751-3446)                 The 2012 Scholarship Awards Luncheon will take place on June 27.
Florida - Suncoast / Pinellas Park                              Reserve your seats now. Reservation form is on page 23
President, Robert Barth (727) 397-9714

Florida - Treasure Coast / Port St. Lucie
President, Nancy Schaefer (772) 878-2295                                    Grumman History - Chapter Three
Georgia - Peach Pit / Milledgeville
President, Wendell Barr (478) 456-1854                                              Halting the Advance
Maryland - Glen Arm / Belair                                                      World War II - (1941–1942)
President, Frederick Kief (410) 557-7138

New England - New England North / Dorset, VT
President, Bill Egner (802) 446-2062
                                                     As 1941 started Grumman, knew
New Jersey - Garden State / Lakehurst
                                                     it had to prepare for war. Plant 3
President, Al Larsen (732) 350-1170                  was under construction and Plant
New York - Eastern Long Island / Riverhead           4 was in planning. Space was
President, Bert Moller (631) 864-4377
                                                     needed to accommodate both
North Carolina - Eastern Carolina / Locations Vary
President, Rudi Wiehl (252) 633-2254                 its 2000+ employees and aircraft
Pennsylvania - Northeast PA / So. Sterling           production ($63+ million backlog).
President, Charles Dowd (570) 491-2125
                                                     Much needed steel came from
South Carolina -
Coastal Carolinas (NC & SC) / Myrtle Beach
                                                     the dismantling of the 3rd Avenue
President, Ronald Girardin (843) 903-7116            elevated/subway in New York
Texas - Houston / Houston
President, Angelo LaCognata (281) 326-1665
                                                     City and the 1939 World’s Fair
Virginia - Central Virginia / Monticello
President, Maryanne Muller (434) 589-5565

Virginia - Potomac / Locations Vary                  Activity within Grumman was frenetic. First flight of the XP-50 prototype for the
President, Ed Barron (202) 244-6808
                                                     Army Air Corp, based on the XF5F-1, took place in early February. The Goose’s
                                                     smaller version, the Widgeon, had entered production to meet commercial
                                                     demand. Development of the TBF Avenger was pushed, as the Navy needed it to
                                                     replace the obsolete Douglas Devastator. First flight was in August 1941, under
                                                     the sure hands of Bob Hall.

                                                     Production of fixed wing F4F-3’s was ramping up. The sto-wing XF4F-4, whose
                                                     first flight took place in April, was dubbed the “Wildcat” (the first Grumman “Cat”)
                                                     in October. Deliveries of F4F-4’s began in December.

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        Scholarship Fund Contributors              2012 All-Chapter Scholarship Awards Program

      The Scholarship Fund Directors and The       Scholarship Awards applications are available at
    Grumman Retiree Club thank the following for   all regular meetings. Applications can also be
         their recent donations to the Fund.       obtained by sending a self addressed envelope
                                                   to Scholarship Fund, PO Box 0748, Bethpage,
Aitken, Robert               Baumgartner, Joseph   NY, 11714-0748. Copies are available on the Club
Benz, J. K.                  Boisits, Robert       website.

Campbell, Francis            Chan, G. T.           The Scholarship Program is available to all GRC
Cinelli, C.                  Cosumano, Joseph      members’ descendants. You - the member - must
                                                   provide the Application and the encouragement
                                                   to your eligible graduating grand & great-grand
Cottrell, John               De Stefano, Vincent
                                                   students. Obtain an application and let them decide
Difalco, Dominc              Ferrara, Barbara
                                                   if they meet the eligibility requirement.
Greve, John                  Harris, Robert        Membership contributions are the Engine that
Holland, Edward              Johnson, Eleanor      allows the Scholarship Award Program to be a
                                                   continuing Program for all Members.
Johnston, Walter             Kielbasa, Andrea
Kline, Richard               Maller, Robert        All donations for the Scholarship Program are Tax
                                                   Deductible. Every little bit counts and it all adds up!
Mancilla,Frank               Maniscalco, Leonard      ***************************************************
Marboulian, Martin           Mustapich, Richard           2012 SCHOLARSHIP 50/50 RAFFLE
                                                       Members of All Chapters May Participate!
Naps, Edith                  Noonan, Harold
O’Rourke, Robert             Page, Marjorie        Enter often. Max prize: $500 for any one person,
                                                   in any one drawing. Multiple winners possible.
Prodomides, Harry            Rapelje, Peter        Winners announced in the Newsletter, after each
Rehm, Joan                   Schwarz, Jakob        quarterly drawing.
                                                   Send a filled-in raffle ticket (below) and a check
Shattes, Joseph              Smedfjeld, Harriet    (payable to Grumman Retiree Club Scholarship
St. Denis, Barbara           Stephan, Donald       Fund), to the address above. Each raffle entry
                                                   is $5. (Please indicate how many raffles you are
Stroud, Edward               Taylor, Robert        purchasing.)
                                                             Everyone has a chance to win.
                  Verderber, Richard                 This Raffle benefits the Scholarship Fund only.

                 DESIGN/OL, INC                            2012 Scholarship Program
                                                       SCHOLARSHIP 50/50 RAFFLE TICKET
              Grumman Retiree Club,                _______________________________________
           in Memory of Mary E. Harse              Name
        Glen Arm, Maryland, Retiree Club           Address

      Grumman Retiree Club, Bacliff, Texas         Town _______________State ____ Zip________

           Grumman Retiree Club, Inc.              Phone (optional) _________________________

                                                   Number of Raffles Purchased _______

To make Tax Deductible Donations to the                                      Bethpage Chapter
Scholarship Fund, send checks (payable to
 Retiree Scholarship Fund) to: Scholarship                  Our March meeting was called to order at 1:45PM
Fund, PO Box 0748, Bethpage, NY,                            by First Vice President Bob Ripp, with 110 members.
11714-0748.                                                 Following the Pledge of Allegiance led by Sergeant-
*********************************************************   at-Arms Barbara Major, the Vice President called for
        2012 Defensive Driving Course                       a moment of silence for deceased members and for
                                                            our Armed Forces throughout the world.
 The cost for the 2012 AARP Defensive Driving
 course in New York is $17 for AARP members                 Our speaker was Michael Pfeifer, Esq. principal
 and $19 for non-AARP members.                              attorney of the Law Office of Michael L. Pfeifer P.C.
                                                            The firm concentrates in the areas of elder law,
       2012 schedule: 6/5, 9/4, and 11/8.                   special needs planning, and estate planning, and is
    Classes held in Plant 25. 8:30AM sign-in.               located in Garden City, New York.

  To register: call Liz McGowan (516-221-6573),             Mr. Pfeifer discussed how to find a home care aide.
                  Weekdays Only!                            His suggestion was: if you need to hire a home-care
           Call between 6PM and 9PM.                        aide, hire a geriatric care manager, who is a nurse
               Classes fill up quickly.                     or social worker specializing in assisting people with
    Check your expiration date; sign up early.              health care needs. They would be able to help find
                                                            a health care aide or assisted living or help with bill
                         ****                               paying, etc. One way to find a care manager is to go
               Senior Blood Drive                           on the Internet and do a Google search.
         May 29, st the Cradle of Aviation.
For details, contact the Club office (516-575-3777).        To save money, people often hire a private person
                                                            to do their home care. Some of the concerns of this
         Bethpage Chapter Calendar                          type of hire are that you are responsible for the aide’s
                                                            income tax and you must be certain that you withhold
  Membership luncheon-meetings are generally                the income tax from the person’s wages; you have to
   held on the fourth Wednesday of the month.               be concerned if that person is working legally in the
                                                            country; you must have a workman’s compensation
       April 25 at the Crest Hollow CC                      insurance policy to cover the liability involved if that
       May 23 at the Crest Hollow CC                        person is injured while working in your home.
  Lunch at Noon; Business Meeting at 1:30PM
       $10/Member $20/non-member                            A home-care aide should be bonded for your
         Luncheon Reservation forms                         protection and this may not be the case with a private
                are on Page 22                              hire.

   GRUMMAN RETIREE CLUB NEWSLETTER                          Lastly, if the aide does not work out, or is taken ill,
 (USPS # 023-096) Volume 45, Issue 4, April                 it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Mr.
 2012, is published monthly except August by                Pfeifer’s best advice: hire an agency, so that all of
 Grumman Retiree Club, Inc., 600 Grumman Road               these concerns are properly covered.
 West, M/S Z49-25 Bethpage, NY 11714-5000.
 Periodical postage rates paid at Bethpage,                 Mr. Pfeifer next discussed the need to change your
 NY. Subscriptions rates of $11 are paid through            will, power of attorney, living will, etc., if you move
 membership dues.        POSTMASTER: Send                   out of state, because every state has different laws.
 address changes to: Grumman Retiree Club,
 Inc. c/o Command Printing, P.O. Box 9040,
                                                            In New York, probate is very easy to do and there is
 Farmingdale, NY, 11735.
                                                            no need for a revocable trust. Once your executor
                                                            receives Letters Testamentary from the Court, he or
she has the legal right to perform his or her duties        Medicaid. Another way to pay for such care would
as executor and the Court pretty much leaves them           be a Long Term Care insurance policy with New York
alone.                                                      Partnership Program.

In California, for instance, it is necessary to have a      Mr. Pfeifer was well received by the members. VP
revocable trust because if you have a will that goes        Bob Ripp thanked him for his presentation and
through probate, your executor needs to go to court         presented him with a memento from the club.
every time he/she has to do something regarding
that will. If the executor wants to sell the house,         The Vice President asked for additions or corrections
he/she has to go back to court and hire an attorney.        to the minutes published in the March newsletter.
Time consuming as well as expensive.                        The minutes were accepted as published.

A question was asked if different documents were            The Club’s Treasurer’s report was presented by
required if a person spent only three months out            Frank Rizzo and was followed by Harry Daum
of state and has a primary residence in New York.           presenting the Scholarship Fund Treasurer’s report.
The answer was, “yes”. Documents that work in NY
may not work well in another state. For instance, if        June Scholarship Luncheon - Betty Bohlander:
you have a house in Florida, you want a Power of            1. Everyone wanted to know that it is, in fact, being
Attorney that will control that real property in Florida.   held on Wednesday, June 27, at the Crest Hollow
                                                            CC. [Editor’s Note: Reservation Form is on page 19
You must make sure that your Health Care Proxy              of this Newsletter.] A few of our dates were incorrect
is recognized by the doctor when you go to the              in the beginning of the year, but we are now set on
hospital; that there is no question as to what you          June 27.
want done.
                                                            2. Members sometimes confuse the luncheon
                                                            meetings with the June and December luncheons.
Another question was asked regarding the need
                                                            Reservation forms for the luncheon meetings
to change documents if you move your primary
                                                            (which are separate from the Scholarship and
residence to another state. Mr. Pfeifer recommended
                                                            Holiday luncheon reservation forms) are in the
consulting an attorney to review the documents, as
                                                            Newsletters and should be filled out and sent to the
some of them may have to be changed. Example: in
                                                            Club office at PO Box 476.
New York we have a very good home-care Medicaid
program that doesn’t exist in other jurisdictions and       3. Reservations for the June (Scholarship) and
your needs would be different.                              December (Holiday) luncheons are sent to Betty,
                                                            who can be reached at 631-587-7573. Betty will be
Mr. Pfeifer’s last topic was Medicaid planning. A           happy to answer questions or offer assistance.
pre-planned funeral is an important part of Medicaid
planning. A pre-need funeral agreement is an                4. Anyone who needs to cancel a reservation or has
exempt asset currently worth between $10,000                other questions, call the office (516-575-3777) and
and $12,000. This agreement takes the cost of the           speak with Marge Cornell or leave her a message.
funeral out of your assets and puts it into a funeral       She will be happy to help you.
trust, and you are paid interest on the money you
have invested. This is good to do for your spouse,          5. Entrée choices for the 2012 Scholarship Luncheon:
your children and their spouses, and for your               roast beef, grilled shrimp oreganato, and penne de
brothers and sisters and their spouses.                     filetto pomodoro (penne pasta with plum tomatoes
                                                            and fresh basil). [The rest of the menu is on the
Medicare covers skilled care or rehabilitation for          reservation form on page 19 of the April Newsletter.]
a limited time only. If you really need custodial
care, which is help with activities of daily living         6. Cost: $30 pp; luncheon Noon to 4PM.
(walking, dressing, bathing, toileting) you will have           We invite you to attend the luncheon and
to either privately pay for these services or apply for      meet the recipients of your wonderful generosity.

Nick Bazzicaluppo, Prime Time Travel, presented                        February Drawings
possible future trips for club members and spouses.      - Door Prize Winners: Catherine LoSchiavo and
                                                         Dorothy Leogrande
Bob Ripp addressed a question, which has come up
relative to spouses becoming members of the Club.        - 5050 Winners: John Winue, Sally Lynch, Claudia
According to Bethpage Chapter By-Laws, spouses           Cinelli (who graciously donated her prize to the
are not eligible for membership until the death of the   Scholarship Fund) and Conrad Petersohn (who
Grumman retiree. Spouses are always welcome to           graciously donated his prize to the Club). Thank
attend meetings and other Club functions.                You, both, for your generosity.

             Out-of-town Visitors                        - Scholarship Drawing: Harry Prodromides.
Pauline Sandmann and Roy Jacobson, from                  Thank You, Harry, for graciously donating your $65
the Eastern LI Chapter. Pauline mentioned that           prize to the Scholarship Fund.
the Eastern LI Chapter has a website (www. The Grumman Memorial Park              Meeting adjourned at 2:45PM.
can be seen on their website.
                                                         Next Meeting: April 25, at Crest Hollow CC;
                   Anniversary                           lunch at Noon ($10/member; $20/non-members);
               Bob & Yvonne Huml                         business meeting at 1:30PM. Guest speakers:
        celebrated 53 years on February 7.               John Thiesen from the John Thiesen Foundation,
                                                         and Gary Hudes from Gennaro Jewelers.
Jack Cottrell (83 on 03/29); Harry Daum (79 on           By: Betty J. Bohlander, 2nd VP
03/29); Bob Huml (75 on 02/22); Augie Ripp (96
on 03/27); Judith Slate (72 on 03/19); and Andy           *******************************************************
Tomaiko (71 on 03/26).                                               CALIFORNIA / Golden West

              March Drawings                             Our March 13th meeting was held at our great new
** Door Prize Winners – $5 each: Rudolph                 meeting place, the “Fraternal Order of Eagles”
Gamberini, Gene Tiefenwerth, Clem Anton.                 building in Oxnard.

** 50/50 Winners – $20 each: Nick Bazzicaluppo           President Fred Syrett opened the meeting at Noon
(Thank You, Nick, for donating $10 to the Club and       with the Pledge of Allegiance. VP John Torkelsen
$10 to the Scholarship Fund), Harry Daum and             gave a prayer for our armed forces, who are
Norman Palmer.                                           protecting our interests around the world. We also
                                                         prayed for our members and their families suffering
** Scholarship Drawing - $62: Karl Christ                illnesses and losses.

Mail-in Scholarship Raffle Winners - $225 each:          Past President Dick Edwards gave us a fantastic
        Barbara Major and Sal Palazzolo.                 power point presentation on the Lunar Module
                                                         Program. Dick worked on the LM Program, as did
          A Belated Happy Birthday!                      a few other Grummanites in attendance. Dick had
                       to                                pictures that we had never seen before, along with
     Ernie Finamore, 86 on February 22nd                 statistics and stories new to us. Dick was scheduled
                                                         to give the same presentation to the Association of
                                                         Naval Aviation in Los Angles two days later.

                                                         John Erwin informed us that the USS Enterprise
                                                         CVAN-65 will be decommissioned this year, after
                                                         50 years of service. John served two nine-month

tours aboard the Enterprise in the Navy before             Next Meeting: 11AM, April 17, at “Fraternal Order
joining Grumman in 1980. On the flight deck                of Eagles” building in Oxnard. (The third Tuesday,
were Grumman’s A-6 Intruder, EA-6B Prowler, E-2            because the Eagles Hall had been reserved for
Hawkeye, C-2 COD, and - later - the F-14 Tomcat.           another function before we started meeting there.)
Grumman representatives were always aboard for
maintenance support and special test programs.             Following Meeting: May 8, the second Tuesday.

Three Golden West members at this meeting (John            By: Paul Aanerud, Sec’y, and John Torkelsen, V.P.
Urgo, Don Coler, and Fred Syrett) also spent time
aboard the Enterprise, which was the first nuclear          *******************************************************
aircraft carrier. It had a range of 200,000 miles                       CALIFORNIA / San Diego
without refueling, a crew of just under 3,000 men,
and carried up to 99 aircraft. It’s F-14s flew air cover   On March 1, thirteen retirees and guests got
for the evacuation of Saigon in 1975.                      together for a nice buffet lunch at Filippi’s Italian
                                                           Restaurant, in Mira Mesa.
Golden West member Jim Ashman was the first
Grummanite to start work at Grumman’s Point
                                                           The lucky 50/50 winners were Marge Cargill and
Mugu facility in 1969 on the F-14 Weapon Systems
                                                           Barbara Robinson.
Development Program.

Jim served aboard the carrier USS Belleau Wood             In mid-March, President Cliff Robinson had his gall
CVL-24 during the last two years of WWII. His ship         bladder removed. Cliff is recovering nicely at home;
took a Kamikaze hit off the Philippines in 1945 with       Dennis Klapwyk’s wife, Annette, had eye surgery;
93 fatalities. Jim cannot attend our meetings since        and Kit Schmersal is rehabbing after some knee
he is now living in Chino Hills, California, a long        problems.
drive. He is taking care of his ailing wife, Clo.
                                                           Celebrating birthdays in January, February, and
Bob Nastali announced that Smokey Hollatz is               March were Charlie Askins, Pauline Crane, Gert
home after six weeks in the hospital. He is no longer      Glick, Sy Glick, Ray Hanlon, Frank Huttle, Dennis
on dialysis and is back to cooking meals, one of his       Klapwyck, Sherry Lossick, Gayle Quebedeaux, John
hobbies. Great News! (Bob Nastali was another              Reika, Joan Riley, Sandra Riley, Barbara Robinson,
naval aircraft carrier veteran who joined Grumman          Bill Roeckl, Dick Sarraffe, Gene Shiwotsuka, and
at Point Mugu.)                                            Ed Vasely.

Another who comes to mind is Tony Benjes, the              Wedding anniversary good wishes go out to Jim &
first Director of Grumman Point Mugu Operations in         Betz Bartels, Pete & Mary Belay, Vincent & Orabelle
1969. He was in the first F-6F Hellcat Night Fighter       Holder, Frank & Kay Huttle, John & Mitzie Reika,
Squadron in WWII.                                          and Kenneth & Sandra Riley.

Also, Joe Smith, a later Point Mugu director. While                       Congratulations to All!
flying an F-4F Wildcat, he spotted a Japanese
fleet unit approaching Australia in early 1942. His        Next Luncheon: May 24, at the 94t
alert enabled the British and American fleet to halt
the intended bombardment of Australia. Joe said            Aerosquadron, one of our favorite gathering places.
he never had to pay for a beer when on liberty in          See you there!
                                                           By: Bill Roeckl, Sec’y.
We took a survey of how much our members spent
on gasoline per month. The results of the survey:           *******************************************************
high of $250, low of $50 (moped Driver?) average
of $148. Glad we’re not commuting to work.

              FLORIDA/ First Coast
                                                        Five members won 50/50 prizes.
Twenty-seven members attended our March 20
meeting on this first day of spring 2012. After the     Next Meeting: April 17, at the New Century Buffet,
Pledge and opening prayer, we enjoyed lunch.            US1 So., St. Augustine.

President Fred Bauer opened the meeting by              By: Steve Cacace, Sec’y
introducing two speakers from the St. Augustine
branch of BB&T Bank. The first speaker told us           *******************************************************
about the importance of family members having
access to bank accounts and other banking services                  FLORIDA / Manasota West
in an emergency, such as sickness or death. The
second speaker spoke about mortgages and loans          Our March 21, 2012 meeting opened with President
in today’s banking industry and the effect of tighter   Burt Stern leading us in the pledge to the flag.
restrictions and safeguards. The informal chat was      There were nine members and four visitors present.
well presented.                                         Visitors were Ann & Ned Sweeny (who, although
                                                        they have purchased a condo one hour north of
Recently retired, new member Cecil Bateman              Bradenton, still intend to visit our chapter multiple
attended today. Welcome, C.B.                           times in the future) and Brian & Lisa, consultants at
                                                        Crime Prevention, located in Bradenton.
Fred read a note from Jeanne Burhans, saying hello
to the club. Jeanne is ninety-one years young and       Nancy Winding still was not feeling well enough
just passed her driver’s test . . . Without Glasses!    to attend this month, but hopes to be better soon.
Bless you, Jeanne.                                      Ted & Diane Martines made it to the meeting and
                                                        received enthusiastic greetings from everyone. Ted
Ralph Davies told us that Bill Soldt had a scare        is doing well after his recent surgery.
recently and had an emergency pacemaker
operation. Bill is recovering well.                     Jim Murray gave his Treasurer’s report, indicating
                                                        that our funds were still sound.
Bob Rathje reports we have 79 paid members and
HQ has received our dues payments.                      Our visiting speakers, Brian & Lisa, an excellent
                                                        presentation on all sorts of security problems and
I’m sad to report that Alex Gaillard’s wife, Barbara,   possible actions to take to prevent these problems
passed away on December 22, 2011. We all extend         from happening.
our condolences to Alex and his family.
                                                        Our members discussed many Grumman memories
Birthdays: Werner Langhauser, Ralph Davies,             and folks from their past. We enjoyed a good
Chuck Osborne, Art Maguire, Barbara Mehl, Tony          lunch in the smaller room, because of our lower
Miller, Jim Mc Donald, Ann Walsh, Ruth Goehler,         attendance this month. Our members invite retirees
Gerri Newman, Eileen Cacace, Allen McCaffery,           to join us for lunch, at Noon, at Pier 22 Restaurant,
Kay Heagy, and Al Lebrecht.                             on the beautiful Bradenton River, FL. We normally
                                                        meet on the 3rd Wed. of each month, except in
Anniversaries: John & Gwen Saar, Paul & Kay             December, when we meet on the 2nd Wed.
Heagy, Fred & Marge Bauer, Peter & Jennifer
Foster, John & Ann Walsh, and Tom & Alice Downs.        By: Nancy Winding (941-355-7888)
The May picnic is a “Go” for May 15; the Treaty park
pavilion is reserved for us.                             *******************************************************

                 FLORIDA/ Mid-West                                      FLORIDA / South West

President Richard Arso opened our March meeting            President Clem Moors opened our March meeting
with 28 members and guests present. Our guests             with 22 members and guests present. We were
were: Janet Atkinson, Ginny Sidebotham, Ethel              pleased to welcome guests Anita & Ken Becker who
Gross, and Ray Landman.                                    were visiting from Eastern Long Island, and John
                                                           Zuk’s friend, Sandy.
Our chaplain was absent, so President Arso gave
the invocation and led us in the pledge to the flag.       We welcomed new members Ray & Marilyn Labell,
                                                           from Venice ,Florida, and Clara Millar, also from
The February minutes were read and approved.               Venice, Florida. Marilyn Labell read the biography
                                                           that they prepared. Ray retired from Grumman as
Treasurer Pat Courtney gave his report, which was          an engineer after 37 years. Marilyn also worked at
also approved.                                             Grumman as an Illustrator.

March Birthdays: Ethel Gross, Jo Keiser, and John          Secretary Tony Perre read the January meeting
Cornacchia. There were no Anniversaries for                minutes. In those minutes, there was a suggestion
March. Happy Birthday to our birthday celebrants.          made by Tom Cummiskey that he would contact
                                                           Manasota chapter and invite them to join us at our
Citrus County Sunshine Chairman Gus Krayer was             March meeting. They were unable to join us at this
absent as his wife Charlotte was in the hospital.          meeting.
Happily, Charlotte is now recuperating at home.
                                                           Tom also contacted Bethpage for information on
Hernando County Sunshine Chairman Bea Hall told            getting updated on Northrop/Grumman progress.
us about Charles Smith having a tumor taken out; it        It was suggested that he go to their web site: www.
was benign. Get well soon, Charles.               for the latest updates.

President Arso introduced the “Sunset Harmonizers”         We celebrated a special birthday this meeting: long
quartette. They sang old time songs for half an hour.      time member Jim Hodder is celebrating his 91st
They had great voices and we were thoroughly               birthday. Many happy returns to Jim. Jim informed
entertained by their singing.                              us that after 37 years of retirement from Grumman,
                                                           his paid medical insurance has ended.
We had eight 50/50 Winners.
                                                           Treasurer Willy Wolter gave us his report. We
Next Meeting: April 19, 11:30AM, at Buffet City on         currently have 30 paid members. Clem has asked
Route 50 in Brooksville. Please mail your checks           that we consider donating money at our next
[payable to Grumman Retiree Club] to Hank Mehl,            meeting. One of the suggestions made is to the
11059 Heathrow Ave., Spring Hill, FL 34609. Please         “Dogs For Veterans” organization in Florida. This
try to attend our meetings, which are about good           organization supplies trained dogs to veterans
friends, good food and lots of fun things to do.           needing support dogs. Marilyn Labell is getting
                                                           information for our next meeting.
Our April entertainment will be “Suncoast Harmony
Chorus,” four ladies singing for us.                       Clem proposed that our May 8 meeting be a
                                                           combined visit to the “Art of the Olympians” Al
                Hope to see you in April.                  Oerter Center for Excellence in Fort Myers, and
                                                           lunch at the “French Connection” restaurant, also
By: Joan Mehl, Sec’y.                in Fort Myers. The Museum was a dream that was
                                                           conceived by our late Grumman retiree member Al
    ****************************************************   Oerter, four-time Olympic gold medal winner.

Al never lived to see his dream fulfilled, but his                    FLORIDA / Spacecoast
daughter Gabrielle and wife Cathy completed his
dream. Clem’s proposal was accepted.                     Our March 21 meeting was called to order at Noon,
                                                         at the Suntree Country Club with VP Dan Postupack
50/50 winners: John Zuk, Willy Wolter, Jim Hodder.       in command. Following the Pledge of Allegiance,
                                                         Ed Romano favored us with a particularly thoughtful
Next Meeting: May 8, at Art of the Olympians
museum, Fort Myers, and lunch at the French
Connection restaurant in downtown Fort Myers,
                                                         Our tasteful buffet paid tribute to St. Patrick’s Day
after the museum. The museum is located at 1300
                                                         with delicious corned beef and cabbage featured as
Hendry St. Fort Myers. Meet outside the museum
                                                         one of our main courses.
at 10:30 am.

The easier way to get there from the North is to go      We were extremely fortunate to have guest speaker
south on US41. At the traffic light, bare left onto      County Court Judge Rhonda E. Babb, a particularly
US 41 Business. Stay on US41 Business over the           knowledgeable and articulate speaker whose path
Edison Bridge. Take first right turn at the South end    to her present position seems to speak of the
of bridge onto Edwards Drive. Stay on Edwards            “American Dream.”
Drive to the end of marina, about ¼ mile; make right
turn onto Hendry Street and the museum will be in        Born in Trinidad, she immigrated to Brooklyn, NY,
front of you.                                            with her family, in 1971. Academic scholarships
                                                         facilitated her obtaining her BA from Wellesley
There is restricted parking on Hendry in front of the    College and a Juris Doctor Degree from Brooklyn
Museum for the marina. Metered parking around            Law School. Gov. Jeb Bush appointed her to the
the museum is being rearranged. Sandy from the           Brevard County court bench in 2002.
museum will e-mail me as we get closer to the date
with the parking updates. I will e-mail that update.     Among the items of interest Judge Babb briefed
Parking next to the museum being added.                  us on was the fact that a county judge must be
                                                         in attendance at the county jail every day of the
There is a handicap ramp to the entrance, and an         year as the law requires that a prisoner must have
elevator in the museum to the second floor. The          access to a judge within 24 hours of his arrest - the
price of admission for our group will be $3 pp.          duty is rotated among the eleven judges . . . she
                                                         drew Christmas Day.
The restaurant is at 2282 First Street, about 2
½ blocks from the museum. After leaving the              The disposition of children at jail on weekends is
museum, you can leave your car in the metered            becoming more common.
parking lot and walk down Hendry one block past
Edwards Drive to First Street. Turn left onto First
Street; at the end of the block (at Jackson Street)      Most jury applicants are retirees and she has never
is the restaurant.                                       been told by a juror that it was an unpleasant
For those that are not able to walk to the restaurant,
there is free two hour Zip parking on First Street.      Mandatory minimum court costs startled our
                                                         membership, costing $231 for 2nd degree
It is requested that those planning to attend call
                                                         misdemeanors and over $600 for speeding in a
Clem Moors at 239-283-8294 so she can make
                                                         school zone.
arrangements with the restaurant.
                                                         Judge Babb noted some of the distasteful parts
By: Tony Perre, Sec’y. 239-731-7146
                                                         of her job such as delivering judgments in cases
                                                         involving repeat DUI offenders and aggressive
                                                         family pets, where the sentence is mandated.
                 Meeting Minutes                                               New Business
A motion was made, seconded, and passed to                  Camille Steenson reported that Treasure Coast
accept the minutes of the February meeting as               Chapter President Nancy Schaefer contacted us
published in the Newsletter.                                and indicated that their membership asked our
                                                            Chapter to take the lead in organizing a two-club
               Community Relations                          picnic this Fall. There was a positive reaction by
Chet Emery reported that a “get well” card was sent         our membership. Perennial favorites Ron Stinton
to John Alvar.                                              and Joe Mullings will reserve a site for our use in
                Treasurer’s Report
Bill Waldron reported that we have 145 paid                             Employee Birthdays
up members, with 77 in attendance today. Bill                 James Lawler, Nick Milonas, Richard Dillinger,
cautioned that those not paying their dues by this                   John McDonald, Ira Morgan,
month will not receive next month’s Newsletter. He                 Robert Filipi, and Ronald Sidorski
gave special thanks to those members who have
made contributions to our Scholarship Fund.                                 Spouse Birthdays
                                                                     Joan Mohlenbrok, Pat Belmont,
            Travel and Entertainment                             Dianne Bennett, Dolly Casko, Pat Klein,
Maureen Ayers happily reported that the tornado              Anita Leslie, Pat Duester, and Diana MacCarthy.
that hit Branson had minimal impact on the city’s
entertainment facilities and the trip is still on for our                      Anniversaries
32 subscribers. There are still openings on the bus         James & Carol Lawler, Theodore & Judy Felber, Joe
for any members who wish to take advantage of this          & Phyllis Gioffre, Harry & Pietrina Deneau, Patricia
wonderful opportunity.                                      Ann & Joseph Mullings, and Walter & Pat Duester

Maureen also briefed us on a great day trip to Fort                           50/50 Drawing
Christmas in Christmas, FL, with emphasis on the            We had six winners. The grand prize (a $25 gas
upcoming Old Timers Day, May 12, featuring free             card and a bottle of Irish Cream Liqueur) was won
lunch for those over 65.                                    by John Adrion

                   Scholarship                              By: Camille Steenson, Acting Secretary
Bob Prais: We will receive the qualified scholarship
applications from the Brevard School Foundation
next week. The Scholarship Committee will review                           Future Meetings
                                                                     Please Note Changes In Dates

the submittals, make their selection, and report to                 04/25 (4TH Wed.), 05/16, 06/20,
the membership at the April meeting.                        09/19, 10/17, 11/14 (2nd Wed.) 12/12 (2nd Wed.)

                Communications                               ******************************************************
In the absence of Chief Communicator Don Powell,
our cadre of callers will be given enlarged lists for
April’s meeting, to compensate for our inactive
e-mail communication.

                     Old Business
Dan Postupack reported on the delivery of our
contribution to the Veterans Transitional Facility and
led a rousing salute to Ron Stinton for his work in
putting this effort together.

                FLORIDA/ Suncoast                          He also reported that Bob Heggie continues his
                                                           recovery from a stroke; Bob is up and walking.
President Bob Barth opened our March 21, 2012
meeting luncheon with 15 members and guests in             Bob Falkowski is out of the hospital following rotator
attendance. Sergeant-at-Arms John Kucin led the            cuff surgery.
Pledge of Allegiance, Secretary Patricia Newark
followed by giving the invocation and a special            VP Tolve introduced Bob Watkins, who gave
prayer for our armed services personnel, both men          us a little background on our guest speaker,
and women, in harm’s way.                                  John Bagocius. John is Project Manager, Global
                                                           Software Solutions, at Cross Match Technologies.
Sam Orella gave an interesting presentation about          He is responsible for overall strategic direction and
the 42nd LM Anniversary Celebration at Stuart. The         planning for all of Cross Match’s external software
celebration took place in July of 2011. Over 200           solutions. (He is also married to Lisa Bagocius, the
people were there, including five Astronauts.              daughter of club members Pete & Lisa Meiers.)

        We had four Birthdays’ to celebrate:               Among other topics, John spoke about biometrics
Pat Newark (3/17, St. Patrick’s Day), Bob Barth            and the uses of fingerprint, iris, and facial scanners.
(3/4), Ed Williams (3/20), Jack Paras (3/30).              Demonstrating on the hardware that he brought
       Happy Birthday & Congratulations!                   with him, John showed that an identity could be
                                                           found within seconds on a database of hundreds of
             Anniversary Celebration                       thousands of stored prints.
Sam & Pat Orella celebrated 55 wonderful years
together by going on an 11-day cruise to the Islands.      His talk was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we thank
                                                           him for his presentation. (FYI: Northrop Grumman
We had four 50/50 winners: Lucky Patricia Newark           is involved in biometrics.)
(who kept hers), Tony Giouvalakas (who returned
his), Helen Barth (who returned hers), and Ed              March Birthdays: Mary Borgen, Ellen Gerry, and
Williams (who kept his).                                   Ken Tolve. Ken also celebrated his 35th anniversary
                                                           in the Boy Scouts.
Meeting Dates: 04/18, 10/17, 11/21, 12/19.
                                                           There were six 50-50 winners, and the meeting was
By: Patricia E. Newark, Sec’y. (727-360-7339)              adjourned.
                                                           Next Meeting: April 19, at Manero’s.
                                                           If you have not paid your dues for 2012, please
            FLORIDA / Treasure Coast                       send a check ($14) to Charlene Castagnero, 611
                                                           SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City, FL 34990.
Our March 15th meeting was held at Manero’s
restaurant, in Palm City, with 63 members and              By: Nancy Schaefer,, for
guests attending.                                          Raeann Wallace, Sec’y.

In the absence of President Schaefer, the meeting
was opened by Vice President Ken Tolve, who led              *****************************************************
the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Prior to the invocation, Chaplain Lawrence Regier
announced the deaths of members Jim Houlik and
Ray Macy.

              GEORGIA / Peach Pit                        Bill spoke about the submarines, the USS Jimmy
                                                         Carter and the USS Georgia. When the USS
Our March 20 meeting, held at Triumph                    Georgia was returned to service after extensive
Aerostructure’s Vought Programs Division Site, in        modifications to convert it into a special operations
Milledgeville, began at 12:45PM. There were 27           submarine, a Georgia Flag was taken by League
present when VP Jesse Griffin called the meeting         members to all 159 Georgia Counties for signing,
to order, welcomed attendees, and thanked the            and to receive Proclamations by County Officials.
Manager of Human Resources for the hospitality.
                                                         Bill hosted the Flag through 16 of those 159 Counties,
Sergeant-at-Arms Designee Mike McCabe led the            including Baldwin County where Chapter Secretary
Pledge of Allegiance. Chaplain Willie Collins gave       Lew Iuliucci, also a Navy League member, introduced
the Blessing..                                           Bill to the Mayor of Milledgeville. The Mayor
                  Old Business                           presented Bill a second Proclamation honoring a
A motion by Bob LaManna and seconded by Mark             local resident, the Honorable Congressman Carl
Mc Culloch to waive reading and to accept the            Vinson, often called the “Father of the Pacific
February meeting minutes was discussed. There            Navy”. Then, the signed Flag and all the County
being no changes, the motion carried.                    proclamations were presented to the Georgia’s
                                                         Captain at the Return-to-Service Commissioning,
                    New Business                         which was held at Kings Bay Submarine Base, in
1. Joe Sansotta gave a financial status and indicated    South Georgia.
the Club’s Newsletter lags year 2012 dues paid but
will be revised. A Preliminary Community Service         Thank You, Bill for the informative talk. And, for
Financial Donation Plan has been developed and           the reminder of the bond Grumman has had with
will be sent to all members for review/input prior to    the U.S. Navy and with Rep. Vinson. He rose to
next month’s ballot for vote.                            Chairman of the U. S. Congress’ House Armed
                                                         Services Committee. In his 55 years in Congress,
2. March Happy Birthday wishes were extended to:         he served no fewer than seven U.S. Presidents.
Wilber Spikes Jr. [5th], Gene Donovan [7th], Pat
Borstell [12th], Pat O’Toole [13th], Geraldine Collins                    Today’s Program
[20th], Dennis Klingener [20th], Joe Sansotta [26th],    Human Resources Manager Tena Wheeler presented
and Elmer Baumgart [31st].                               a Triumph Aerostructures’ Vought Programs Division
                                                         Program. She gave a presentation that addressed
3. There are no Wedding Anniversaries to report.         significant hiring, using State Funded “Quick-
                                                         Start” monies, resulting from additional work scope
4. Joe Lasker won the 75/25 Fundraiser raffle and        that also required Plant expansion and additional
donated his winnings to the Community Service            equipment. Staffing level increases are projected
Fund. Thank You, Joe.                                    into the near future.

5. Member Bill Schwendler, Jr., from Atlanta, gave       The talk recognized that - due to the severe
a short extemporaneous talk on the Navy League           unemployment in the region - every job posting gets
of the U.S., where he is a Board member of its           900 responses. So, the hundreds recently hired
Metropolitan Atlanta Council. The League supports        plus the hiring projected to come means that Site
an active and strong Navy, sponsors programs/            Operations has a positive economic impact on the
events promoting the Navy, and offers scholarships       Community.
for youth programs like Sea Cadets [Navy] and
Junior ROTC [Navy and Marine Corps]. He said             Thank you, President Merlin Fechner, Tena, and your
Baldwin County High School offers a Navy JROTC           staff, for the informative overview and subsequent
curriculum.                                              Plant tour.

[Secretary’s Note: From the 1975 Grumman Plant            Many of us remembered the submarine sandwich
66 opening, this Factory has quadrupled in size           sales his church had: he’d bring boxes of pre-
and now is just a little smaller than Bethpage Plant      ordered subs in for us to devour during lunch.
2. In addition, the part shapes have grown perhaps        Lunchtime - that was a time to get away from our
four fold, as well. Capital investment has been           workstations and participate in a game of basketball
huge as large-part manufacturing often requires           or table tennis, at which Izzy was a champ. As one
graphite tape laying machines, Autoclaves to cure,        of our co-workers said: “I remember Izzy as such
Bonded Assembly Machines to trim/hole drill. These        a kind and faithful individual.” In that being said, it
assemblies are 100% non-destructive tested on             sums it up for us all.
Ultrasonic Scanning machines.
                                                          He will be missed by all.
This is a “paperless” factory, using computer screens     The Glen Arm Chapter Picnic was discussed at
to complete duties. Hence, its transformation over        the meeting. We are scouting possible locations
the years has been impressive. And, this Site             in Baltimore County, but we discovered that many
enjoys Tier 1 [i.e., Preferred Supplier] status with      parks and locations have restrictions as to the
its Customers.                                            number of people in a party or open pit / cooking
                                                          arrangements. We’ll continue to research Baltimore
A motion to adjourn was made by Bill Schwendler,          County parks and check Harford County parks.
Jr. and seconded by Bob LaManna. The Business
meeting ended at 1:45 p.m.                                Currently, we are targeting Saturday, September 15,
                                                          as the date for our picnic.
Then, those interested were taken on a 1-hour tour
of the various work centers in the shop.                  A Pig roast was suggested as a main menu item.
                                                          Roast Beef, chicken, hot dogs and other items
Next Meeting: April 17, 12:30PM, at the Golden            were also suggested. Once we find a location, we’ll
Corral Restaurant.                                        be able to better determine the type menu we can
                                                          have based on what is allowed or restricted by the
By: Lew M. Iuliucci, Sec’y. (478-452-1357)                selected location.
                                                          No known April Birthdays, but we send Birthday
 ******************************************************   Wishes to everyone who had one this month.

                      Maryland                            Let us know your Birthdates and Wedding
            The Glen Arm Chapter
  Celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year!!!            Reminder: Membership renewals are due ASAP.
                                                          If you haven’t already done so, please submit your
As we began our March meeting, we took time to            renewal to Joe Svach, ASAP.
remember our fellow Grummanite, club member,
co-worker, and friend Israel Rosas.                       If you are in contact with fellow Grummanites who
                                                          aren’t Club members, but may want to join, please
“Izzy,” as we all called him, passed away on              forward their contact information or have them
February 28. He was the type of person who                contact Rolfe Feser or Joe Svach.
seemed to become a friend to everyone he met.
He was Deacon at his Church and he volunteered            Anyone who worked at Grumman is invited to join,
for Disaster Relief, helping in the US and other          regardless of age or years of service.
                                                          Current membership count for 2012 as announced
                                                          at today’s meeting is: 46. We are hoping to make
                                                          the 50-member mark by the end of month.

Our Chapter meetings are scheduled for the third                   New Jersey / Garden State Chapter
Tuesday of each month with one meeting each
quarter being an evening meeting. The meetings             Our March 20, 2012 meeting, held at the Lakehurst
are currently held at the Golden Corral, 706 South         Diner, was called to order by President Larsen at
Philadelphia Blvd, Aberdeen, MD.                           1PM, with seventeen members present. The Pledge
                                                           of Allegiance was recited, followed by a moment of
Next Meeting: April 17, at 11:30AM.                        silence for our sick and departed members and for
Next Evening meeting: tentatively May 20, at               our service men and women.
                                                           The Minutes of the previous meeting and the
Questions? Suggestions? Contact Rolfe Feser                Treasurer’s report were accepted as read.
( or 410-661-2580) or Joe
Svach ( or 410-836-8393).             There were no birthdays or anniversaries in March.

 ******************************************************                     Sunshine Report
                                                           - President Larsen said he is scheduled to have
                New England North                          surgery for bladder cancer, prostate, and a hernia
                                                           on the 26th, at Robert Woods Johnson Hospital. He
Greetings from Northern New England, where                 hopes to be hospitalized for only one week. We all
we are emerging sleepily from hibernation and              wished him well.
wondering, “What happened to Winter?” The
relatively mild winter facilitated the ongoing repairs     - Ann Kramer is in the Hospital with pneumonia.
of the damage to the Vermont roads, bridges, and
homes caused by tropical storm Irene.                      - On the brighter side, the Frankels sent a note to
                                                           keep in touch with us, although they cannot attend
Plans are underway for our 2012 season. We                 the meetings.
switched our meeting days to the 2nd Thursday of
the month.                                                 - Lorraine Griszlo called to tell us that Les is holding
                                                           his own and sent her regards to everyone.
Our first meeting is May 10, at the Fullerton Inn,
in Chester, VT, at which time we will discuss further
venues. Firestone’s in Quechee, VT will likely be                            Old Business
our June 14th location, followed by Lagasse’s and              -   Ron Kerr sent our 2012 roster and dues to
the Sirloin Saloon in Rutland, VT. Our 2012 finale                 Bethpage.
will be held at the Fullerton.
                                                               -   President Larsen reported that the Navy
Our Maine trip is set for September 11 and 12,
                                                                   Airship Program was being terminated, but
at the Juniper Hill Inn, Ogunquit, ME. A block of
                                                                   the project in which Northrop Grumman is
rooms has been set aside; individual reservations
                                                                   involved is not affected since it is an Army
are required.
The Egners and the Wanners phoned Pete & Valerie
Ivy during an informal February get-together. The              -   The members decided to table the tour of
Ivys’ driving is limited, and they are unable to attend            Lakehurst until a later date.
most meetings, but we intend to keep in touch with
one of the chapter’s favorite couples.

Submitted by Bill & Joan Wanner

                  New Business                                NEW YORK / Eastern Long Island Chapter
- In order to access any personal retirement
information from the Northrop Grumman Benefits            President Bert Moller [back from Florida] welcomed
Center, a member must give his or her identification      18 members to our March 21st meeting. Sergeant-
code. If you do not have an ID code, you can              at-Arms Richie Myers led the Pledge of Allegiance
call the Benefits Center and they will send you a         and Prez. Bert read a prayer for ailing and departed
letter with a temporary password, which you can           members and for our armed forces in harm’s way.
use to call them again and give them your own
password. Then you will be transferred to whatever        The Minutes of the previuous meeting were read,
Department you need.                                      seconded, and approved.

- Walter Matuza displayed a hooked rug wall               Treasurer Marty Getzelman gave his report after
hanging that he made. The craft keeps him busy.           several “jokes” and saying that he has received
                                                          no Credit Union reports. Marty is still looking for a
- Ron Kerr brought up the subject of electronic           replacement. Report seconded and approved.
signing of medical forms.
                                                          Birthday: Bill Mytko, 82 on March 13. And, as a
During a pre-op visit to a surgeon’s office, he was       birthday “gift”, his wife Eva broke her left arm that day!
asked to sign several forms such as, who is your
next of kin? He had to sign these forms without
seeing them! He had to sign an electronic pad with        Prez. Bert told the group:
an electronic pen.                                        ** It’s difficult to get guest speakers because most
                                                          require 30 or more attendees!
The technician on the other side of the desk was
looking at the forms on a computer screen and             ** Bert will meet with Riverhead Board Members to
monitoring the signatures being added to the forms.       discuss Grumman Memorial Park regarding aircraft
                                                          paint and bricks fading. Riverhead has responsibility
While Ron was signing each form, he couldn’t              for the Park.
actually see the forms, nor did he receive copies.
                                                          ** The Monday Salvation Army canteen at Calverton
He told the technician that he was not happy with         military cemetery has been discontinued due to lack
this procedure and how easily it could be used by         of funds!
bad people. She assured him that she wasn’t a bad
person!                                                   Bert then read a list of members who have not paid
                                                          their 2012 Club [$13] dues. He asked members to
This is a bad process that should not be used.            remind others that No Dues means No Newsletter.

                Ways & Means                              Community Relations - “Birthday Boy” Bill Mytko:
        Everyone present received a prize.
                                                          - Dominic Capobanco passed away March 8, 2012.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:20PM.                      Our thoughts and prayers are with Dominic’s family.

Next Meeting: April 17, at the Lakehurst Diner.           -   Eva Mytko broke her left arm

By: Carolyn Kerr, Secy. (732-244-4483)                    - Roy Jacobson [our door person] under the weather
                                                          at this writing.
                                                          Bill M. says this was a quiet month and to give his
                                                          regards to everyone.

Our condolences to all who have lost a loved one.         Tom told us that even though Ron & Barbara Betts
Our hopes for a swift recovery to all our ailing          were unable to attend, they donated their lunch
members.                                                  money to the club. We can always use these
Contact Bill Mytko (1-864-225-4927,
ermytko@ re: sickness, deaths, etc.            Tom entertained us with some witty Irish jokes
                                                          while we waited for our food. He has some of Jay
Remember: 2012 dues [$13]. Send check (payable            Messina’s books to pass around.
to ELI Grumman Retiree Club - - - NOT payable to
Bert!) to Bert (631-864-4377), at 33 Ramsey Road,         President Rudy Wiehl took over and sadly told
Commack, NY 11725. Print your name, address,              members that Artie Miller is unable to do our
and phone number on check!                                meetings in June and December because Fran
                                                          needs more care. We miss you and your perky
50/50 Drawing: Two $10 winners donated their              personality, Artie!!
winnings back to the Club. Thank You!

Next Meeting: April 18, at the Holiday Inn Express        Rudy stepped in and made reservations at the
Riverhead. [Route 58, East of Tanger Mall and             “Clamdigger,” in Pine Knoll Shores, for those two
Riverhead Raceway.] Lunch [$14] at Noon. Meeting          months.
at 1PM. Please call Bob Albert [631-585-7987]
by Monday of meeting week for cancellations/              Rudy also will be the Program Director for the
reservations [for head count].                            month of April, when we will meet, on April 10, at
                                                          “Famous” in New Bern.
My apologies if I misspelled or misquoted any
names or reports [had several complaints]. Note:          Rudy is trying to get a tour of the Cherry Point
The Secretary’s job and the Treasurer’s job are still     Marine Base. He hopes to incorporate a tour with
open. Volunteer!                                          our meeting for May. E-mails will go out re: dates,
                                                          times, and how many would be interested. If this
Pauline did yeoman duty at door. [Roy ailing.]            doesn’t work out, Bill Willemsen will take care of the
Thanks, again!                                            May meeting.

             Future Meeting Dates                         We also missed Joe Mele; Joe is helping Flossie
     05/16, 06/20 (our Food Drive Meeting!)               Johnson, who broke her hip recently.
By: Bob Albert, VP
                                                          Rudy made a very special announcement: Inge
  *****************************************************   Parker, wife of Bill, became a United States citizen.
                                                          Congratulations, Inge, and God bless!
               NORTH CAROLINA
             Eastern Carolina Chapter                     No Treasurer’s report due to the absence of Fred
Our March 14 meeting was held at Logan’s
Steakhouse in Jacksonville, with 27 members               Dottie reported that, besides Fran and Flossie,
present. The Program Directors for this meeting           Larry Spallanzani is very sick and would love to hear
were Jim Karika and Tom Schroder.                         from his fellow Grummanites.

Tom welcomed everyone and called on Ken Gruebel           Our 50/50 winners were Rosemary Daidonew (who
to lead the Pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation.      then picked her son-in-law’s number), Jim Karika,
The hand of God is certainly in Ken’s prayers: they       and Bob Lamberson. Thanks to Wes Johnson for
are always so appropriate and meaningful.                 always doing a bang-up job.

                 March Birthdays                          Those traveling Route 84: get off at Exit 17 (Rte
 Kathy Kuntz (3/3); Alan Brown (the big “80” on           191) North to Hamlin. You will come to a stoplight.
3/7); Katherine Torrens (3/8); Janet Savastio (3/10);     Go through it and continue North on 191 in Lake
Rudy Wiehl (3/19); and Marilyn Lindblad (3/20).           Ariel. Pass a fire station and a gas station, and
                                                          enter a right hand curve. As soon as you exit the
              March Anniversaries                         curve, Kay’s will be on your left. If you reach the
Evie & Ken Gruebel, 65 yrs on 3/9; and Gretta &           Post Office, you went too far. Turn around and
Vincent Rizzi on 3/28.                                    Kay’s will be on your right, at the Barber Shop.

              Congratulations to all!                     From Honesdale, take Rte 191 South into Lake
                                                          Ariel. Kay’s will be on your left before the left hand
By: Dottie Karika, Sec’y.                 curve.

   ***************************************************    From Hawley, take Rte 590 West into Hamlin. At
                                                          the junction of Rtes 590 & 191, turn right. Take
                  PENNSYLVANIA                            191North into Lake Ariel, and follow the directions
                                                          as from Rte 84.
      Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter
                                                          Nothing much else to report. Hope to see you all at
Well here we are: Spring. Can’t believe we survived       the April 19 meeting.
such a harsh winter. HA! HA!
                                                          By: Edward J. Sparkowski. Sec’y/Chaplain
April will be our first meeting of the year. More         (570-698-7182)
further on.
On our sickness report, my wife, Marianne, received
a clean bill of health from the Doctor, who told her he       SOUTH CAROLINA / Coastal Carolinas
would see her in a year. No pain, or cane. Will end
structured physical therapy Mar 19. She danced            Seventeen members and two guests were present
for the first time in five months at the St. Patrick’s    at our March 7, 2012 meeting. Thanks to Mary
Day dance last Saturday (March 17) and this is after      Moran, we met in a private room at the Ocean
surgery just seven weeks ago. Otherwise, we have          Garden Buffet in Surfside Beach.
no reports of any other illnesses.
                                                          After lunch, President Ronald Girardin called the
               March Birthdays                            meeting to order. Sergeant–at–Arms, Eldon Scott
          Linda Alongi, Peter Coniglio,
    Ed Drydol, Cheryl Hirsch, John O’Malley,              led the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment
   Fred Rademacher, and Edward Sparkowski.                of silence.

               March Anniversaries                        It was a very pleasant afternoon, and those of you
               John & Mary O’Malley.                      who were not present missed a nice meeting.

OK, here goes: Our first meeting of the year              The two guests at the meeting were Theresa
will be on April 19, at Noon. Location: Kay’s             McMahon (our perpetual guest), and Jenean Todd,
Restaurant, Route 191, Lake Ariel, PA.
                                                          Jenean, Museum Director of the North Myrtle Beach
                                                          Museum, was our guest speaker for the meeting.
                                                          She gave a nice presentation about the Museum,
                                                          which is scheduled to open in early summer of

She also brought along some pieces of artwork,                            TEXAS / Houston
which will be displayed at the museum, and spoke
about the “I Believe” campaign (founding members)                   No Report of March Activity
for those who wish to join for a fee.
We welcomed two new members to our club, who
were – unfortunately - not present at the meeting.                VIRGINIA / CENTRAL VIRGINIA.
Our new members are Katherine Fleischer and
Charles Guarneri.                                         A small group of five members had a March social
                                                          luncheon at Crab Louie, in Midlothian.
        “Happy Birthday” to Carol Joyce.
                                                          Due to small group, no 50/50 raffle was conducted.
February’s meeting minutes were read by the
Secretary. A motion to accept the minutes as read         Birthday: Frank Edwards (March)
was made, seconded, and approved.
                                                                    Remaining Spring Meetings
Don Webber gave the Treasurer’s report, which was         05/02, 12:30PM, Waynesboro Country Club
accepted as read, seconded, and approved.                 06/06, 12:30PM, Firehouse at Monticello (Pot Luck
Please keep John Lewis and Dick Seidler in your
prayers.                                                  No meetings in July and August

President Ronald Girardin won the 50/50 drawing           By: Karl Himmelmann, Sec’y.
prize, which he generously donated to the club.
Next Meeting: April 4, at Noon, at The Grill House
Restaurant (Lowes Shopping Center), 228 2nd Ave.                         VIRGINIA / Potomac
N., North Myrtle Beach.
                                                                    No Report of March Activity
Our May meeting/picnic, the last meeting before
we break for the summer, will be held on May 2,
at Noon, at Nancy and Don Webber’s home, 4713
National Drive, Myrtle Beach. Phone:

843-347-2113. Everyone is asked to bring a favorite
dish; the club will provide meat and paper goods.

All Grumman, Northrop Grumman, and Northrop
retirees in the area are welcome to join us, as well
as their guests.

By: Nancy Webber, Sec’y. (843-347-2113)


                                           In Memoriam

We extend heartfelt sympathy to the families and friends of those who have passed away.

         Beers, Henry S., Jr.                    Huntington, NY                  02/29/12

         Brielmann, Robert G.                    Farmingdale, NY                 03/14/12

         Capobianco, Domenic                     Brookhaven, NY                  03/05/12

         Czechowicz, Audrey                      Bluffton, SC                    02/00/12

         Harse, Mary E.                          North Bellmore, NY              02/20/12

         Houlik, James (Jim)                     Port St. Lucie, FL              03/03/12

         Kaufmann, Sidney                        Raleigh, NC                     05/00/11

         Kelly, Lauretta P.                      Charlottesville, VA             03/09/12

         Kollarik, Julius J.                     Levittown, NY                   02/14/12

         Maurer, Warren                          Franklin Square, NY             11/06/11

         McSweeney, John J.                      Shoreham, NY                    11/07/11

         Murphy, William J.                      Amityville, NY                  03/06/12

         O’Grady, Terrance M.                    Rockville Centre, NY            03/07/12

         Purdue, Lillian R.                      Portsmouth, OH                  01/16/12

         Schiel, Gunther ‘Tom’                   Dix Hills, NY                   02/21/12

         Stutzenstein, Henry J., Jr.             Merrick, NY                     02/27/12

         Wassermann, Kurt                        Cape Coral, FL                  09/11/11

         Zeller, Raymond C.                      Delray Beach, FL                02/05/12

                                    Correction and Apology:
            In our March Newsletter, San Diego resident Al Schaefer was incorrectly
     included in the list of deceased members. We are pleased to report that Al is very much alive.

    When reporting a death, provide the person’s Name, Date of death, and the City & State of residence
      prior to death. Notices of member deaths should be e-mailed to the club (,
                                     with “Death Notice” as the subject.
                                 Grumman History: Halting the Advance
                                        continued from cover

More F4F-3 and 3A’s (F4F-3 with an alternate engine due to availability concerns) were diverted to the UK Navy as
Greece, the intended customer, fell to the Germans. A British Martlet made history on Christmas Day by downing
a German Ju88 bomber. Martlets served with distinction aboard UK carriers throughout the war.

On December 7, 1941 20,000 employees, their families, and friends congregated by Plant 2 to celebrate it’s
opening only to be sent home when word came that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. This day was to be
called, “a date which will live in infamy” by President Roosevelt. Grumman, with its 4600 employees, $22 million
in sales, and a production record of exceeding delivery schedules during the preceding four years was ready to
play its role in the coming war effort.

On December 8, we were at war with Japan. On December 9, we were at war with Germany. On that very day,
a Wildcat shot down a Japanese bomber over Wake Island. Four Marine Wildcats played a significant role in the
valiant, but unsuccessful, 16-day defense of Wake Island. They sunk a Destroyer and shot down seven aircraft,
including a Zero. As 1941 came to a close, the Wildcat was - and the TBF Avenger would be - in the forefront
of blunting the Japanese seemingly unstoppable advances in the Pacific Theater.

Grumman engineers quickly modified F4F-3’s into a high performing, difficult-to-intercept, long-range
reconnaissance plane by removing its armament and armor plate (and other weight saving changes), installing
a downward looking camera, and expanding the fuel capacity within the fixed wings. Connie Converse piloted
the F4F-7 on its first flight on December 30, 1941. With endurance estimated at 24 hours, it made a non-stop,
11-hour transcontinental test flight. Twenty-one F4F-7’s were produced in 1942.

The Grumman F6F Hellcat was on the drawing boards with first flight just months away. Its criticality was
undeniable as the Japanese Zero fighter outmaneuvered every Allied fighter at the time (including the Spitfire).
The US Navy wanted Grumman to concentrate on getting the F6F into production. Fearing this would be too big
a strain on Grumman resources, on January 21, 1942, the Eastern Aircraft Division of General Motors Corporation
was established to produce Wildcats and Avengers for the Navy.

The Wildcat piled up victories despite performance shortfalls to the Zero. On February 28, as the carrier Lexington
approached Rabaul Island, a flight of attacking enemy bombers was detected. Navy Lt. Edward “Butch” O’Hare
faced them alone as his wingman’s guns jammed. He attacked. Within minutes, using just 300 rounds of
ammunition, he shot down five bombers, saving the Lexington. He became the first American WWII ace. He
also earned the Medal of Honor. O’Hare visited Grumman in April; addressing thousands of Grummanites, he
thanked us for the Wildcat and for 1,150 cartons of cigarettes. In 1949, Orchard Depot Airport was renamed
“O’Hare International Airport” in his honor. Today, there is a restored Wildcat, similar to Butch O’Hare’s, on display
in Terminal 2 of O’Hare International Airport.

Captain Joe Foss in his Wildcat became the number 1 Marine ace by shooting down 26 Japanese aircraft during
the battle of Guadalcanal. Wildcats, and – yes - Grumman Ducks played pivotal roles during the last half of
1942, halting the Japanese Fleet during the Battle of Midway in June and succeeding in the six-month battle for
Guadalcanal. The Japanese advance was halted.
                                   MEMoRiEs oF JaKE sWiRBUl

      There are still a few of us with fond memories of Leon Swirbul - - - known as “Jake” to everyone
      at Grumman.

      My first images of Jake came while working in the Plant 2 shop during Summers, in the
      late1940s, between semesters of studying Aeronautical Engineering at RPI.

      Jake’s strolls through the shop were regular events and he was almost always accompanied
      by a celebrity (like a movie star), or a professional boxer (like Tammy Muriello) or possibly a
      jockey (Jake owned race horses). Jake had one of the keenest intelligence networks in the
      world - his very own CIA - and always seemed to know whenever even the lowliest employee
      had sickness or a problem in his family.

      Jake would stroll over to the worker at his bench or workstation, address him by his first name,
      tell him that he had heard about his family problem and ask how Grumman could help him out.
      Aid from the Grumman Employee’s Service Group - the Welfare Dept., Grumman Medical,
      or whatever- came swiftly and effectively right after this first meeting. The net result was that
      there wasn’t a person in Grumman who didn’t know that Jake cared about every single one of
      them and would be there to help out in a pinch. This attitude was instrumental in blocking labor
      unions from ever gaining a foothold in Grumman.

      Jake also had a real good sense of humor and it came into play when he gave out our five year
      pins in the Plant 2 cafeteria. In 1955, Jake gave out the pins and shook hands with each and
      every employee.

      One very big, burly, mechanic, “Big John” by name (I think), was so excited and shook Jake’s
      hand so hard that Jake visibly winced and his knees started to sag. “Big John” was beside
      himself with embarrassment and began to apologize profusely. At that point, Jake straightened
      up and with a sly grin said: “Take it easy, Big John!” The crowd howled. Jake’s painful reaction
      to John’s handshake had been a complete put-on and the group loved it!

By: Sam Fletcher
                            GN_6-10_GN_10-07 10/5/10 4:09 PM Page 1

                             IMAX                        NOW

                                      NEW! Legends of Flight.
                               This unique cinematic experience shows
                                how the 787 might affect the next 100
                                     years of aeronautical design.
                             OPEn 9:30-5:00 PM
                             Tuesday through Sunday

                             Call 516-572-4111

                             Leroy R. and Rose W. Grumman IMAX Dome Theater
                                    Charles Lindbergh Blvd., Garden City, NY

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Member Name (print)                                         Member Name (print)
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            Bethpage, NY 11714                                                 Bethpage, NY 11714
       $10 per member - $20 per guest                                 $10 per member - $20 per guest
    PLEASE RESPOND BY APRIL 18, 2012                                PLEASE RESPOND BY MAY 16, 2012

                    Menu Choices: Roast Beef, Shrimp Oreganato, or Penne Pomodoro

                  I wish to reserve seats at the June 27, 2012 Luncheon (Noon – 4PM)
           for these dues-paying Grumman Retiree Club members, their spouses and/or guests:
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 10. ___________________________           _____________      ____   ___ ____           _____    _____

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 12. ____________________________          ______________ ____       ___ ____           _____    _____


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