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Psychology - Bachelor of Arts
The mission of the department of psychology is to help students acquire a broadbased knowledge in the field of psychology in its historical and
cultural contexts, both as an empirical science of human behavior and as a foundation for a professional career in human services.
Chapman University College offers an undergraduate program in psychology. The undergraduate curriculum emphasizes critical thinking,
methods of inquiry, research methodology, psychology processes, and the application of psychological principles to diverse areas of human
behavior. Students are encouraged to complete elective courses that provide a strong theoretical
background and the application of psychology in a field that best suits students’ professional goals. Students are encouraged to participate in
practical fieldwork experience and elective independent research projects. Each student’s major is individually designed around a core of lower-
and upper-division courses covering history and theories, critical thinking, statistics, research, physiological psychology, and the capstone
Senior Thesis courses. Overall, the psychology undergraduate curriculum is designed for students who want to prepare for graduate study in
psychology or related disciplines, for graduate study in fields
where knowledge of human behavior would be beneficial, for professional careers in psychology or for baccalaureate-level careers in human
services or in psychological support settings.
The core foundation curriculum in psychology provides the student with the essentials of psychological science and thought. Culminating with
the senior thesis, the core curriculum produces an integration of the student’s goals and objectives with psychology’s present and future. In
addition to the core foundation curriculum, students pursue a curriculum of electives in psychology chosen in consultation with their psychology
academic advisor. Students pursuing the psychology degree must receive at least a “C” grade in all courses used to satisfy the degree
requirement. Moreover, psychology major courses
taken while attending Chapman cannot be satisfied with a “Pass” grade under a pass/no pass grading system. Courses in the major will not be
accepted for credit by examination with the exception of PSYU 101, provided it was completed prior
to taking any other psychology course.

Departmental Honors
Students who are majoring in psychology are eligible for departmental honors if they meet the following criteria:
1. Chapman University GPA of 3.70 or higher
2. Psychology Major GPA of 3.80 or higher
3. Receive an A in PSYU 499 (3 credits)

Degree Requirements (48 credits)
core foundation in psychological science (24 credits)
PSYU 101 Introduction to Psychology                                3            PSYU 304 Research Methods for the Behav Sciences                  3
PSYU 201 Critical Thinking in Psychology                           3            PSYU 333 Physiological Psychology                                 3
PSYU 202 History & Systems of Psychology                           3            PSYU 478 Senior Project/Thesis I                                  3
PSYU 203 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences                    3            PSYU 479 Senior Project/Thesis II                                 3

Electives in Psychology (24 credits) (18 units must be upper division)
Students who are transferring credits from an accredited college or university may transfer in a total of 6 lower-division elective credits in
psychology excluding personal development or personal adjustment courses.
PSYU 302 General Psychology Seminar                              3             PSYU 418 Community Mental Health                                   3
PSYU 305 Research Methods Laboratory                             1             PSYU 421 Cross-Cultural Psychology                                 3
PSYU 310 Psychology of Learning                                  3             PSYU 428 Introduction to Clinical Psychology                       3
PSYU 315 Sensation and Perception                                3             PSYU 432 Introduction to Psychological Measurement                 3
PSYU 317 Cognitive Psychology                                    3             PSYU 436 Health Psychology                                         3
PSYU 319 Motivation and Emotion                                  3             PSYU 440 Human Sexuality                                           3
PSYU 322 Theories of Personality                                 3             PSYU 444 Psychology of the Lesbian and Gay Exp                     3
PSYU 323 Child Development                                       3             PSYU 448 Psychology in Literature and Film                         3
PSYU 324 Adolescence                                             3             PSYU 450 Introduction to Counseling                                3
PSYU 328 Abnormal Psychology                                     3             PSYU 455 Family Systems and Dynamics                               3
PSYU 336 Social Psychology                                       3             PSYU 481 Organizational Psychology                                 3
PSYU 348 Psychological Approaches to Literature                  3             PSYU 492         Intern Program:
PSYU 391 Youth At-Risk                                           3                              Fieldwork Practicum in Psychology                1-3
PSYU 395 Topic Courses in Psychological Process                  3             PSYU 495 Topic Courses in Psychological Application                 3
PSYU 415 Sports Psychology                                       3             PSYU 499 Independent Study                                        1-3
PSYU 416 Human Communications Workshop                           3             total credits in major 48

Minor in Psychology requirements
There are two tracks for a psychology minor. The general track is designed to enhance knowledge of a psychological process and/or area within
the discipline. The applied track is designed to provide exposure to the essential skills and procedures underlying the use of psychological
processes and procedures. Students seeking a psychology minor should discuss the selection of track and courses with a psychology division
Requirements for Psychology Minor:
general track (18 credits)                                                      applied track (18 credits)
PSYU 101, 203, 304 core foundation courses                 9                    PSYU 101 core foundation course                                   3
Three upper-division elective courses in psychology        9                    Five upper-division elective courses in psychology               15                  7545 Irvine Center Drive, Ste. 150, Irvine, CA 92618                            949-753-4774

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