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Samsung Galaxy S3 A Delightful combination of Advancement _ Style - Copy


									                 Samsung Galaxy S3: A Delightful combination of
                            Advancement & Style

Samsung has become one of the most popular companies in terms of the ever growing
popularity of the smart phones. Samsung Galaxy series has sent ripples through out the
global market. Experts are saying that, Apple has got the most potent competitor of
iPhone is Samsung smartphones. Even there are several comparisons coming up
between Samsung Galaxy S3and iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S3 review has brought out a
bunch of attractive traits for which the customers are drawn out towards it. It is a classy
looking smartphone, slick and stylish. Samsung smartphones are a great combination of
stylish features, as well as, reliability. When these two things go hand in hand, there is
sure reason for the buyers to opt for a gadget like Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review clearly shows that it is light weight and stylish
smartphone replete with amazing features. The glossy finish of the phone increases the
style quotient of this phone. Though this phone is an expensive one, the person going to
own it will get great voice clarity. Playing HD videos in this phone is a smooth
experience. There is a voice assistance service, which is helpful. Samsung Galaxy S3
clearly shows that, this phone uses latest Android version 4.0.3. The 4.8-inch HD screen
is an asset for this smartphone. The battery of this phone is made of polycarbonate
material. Instead of angular edge, Samsung Galaxy S3 has got rounded edge. The Quad
core processor of this smartphone makes it extremely useful and helpful. . As Galaxy is
loaded with features like Exynos 4412 Quad-core 1.4GHz chip with 1GB of RAM, it offers
high speed and powerful performance.

Samsung Galaxy S3 review shows that, this phone has a very good battery life, but it
does not mean, this trait will make the operating system slower. In order to be in the
competition, Samsung has put much effort to be in a superior position. It is a fact that,
Samsung offers brighter image and clear image quality. The resolution of the camera of
this phone is 8 megapixel, which great for taking pictures, as well as, videos. Image
sharing option of this phone is just amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review clearly states that it is available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64
GB. Samsung Galaxy S3 makes the matter even better as it has made a provision for
inserting a microSD card for even more space. Gaming geeks will be more elated finding
interesting and exciting features of gaming and animation. As the tagline of the
Samsung Galaxy goes ‘’Designed by humans’’, a Samsung admirer can easily understand
that, the themes and design of this phone are influenced a lot by elements of nature. In
the colour and other designs, the impressions of pebbles and leaves are prominent. The
phone is quite bigger in some peoples’ opinion, but the comfort with the size of the
phone depends on each individual. Owning a Samsung Galaxy S3 is quite a status
symbol for the features and looks it offer.

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