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									                      Preventive Measures To Escape Flu Virus

Flu is such a disease that, everyone becomes abundantly irritated while suffering. Flu
virus sucks up the body comfort, and headache and weakness become part of life for
some days until it gets positively relieved. There are several ways of how to avoid the flu
virus. If these steps are followed in a proper way, it is possible to get rid of the disease
quite easily. Instead of following the methods, there is still chance of getting affected by
the flu virus, but it will surely reduce the chance of flu attack seriously. It is crucial to
get the house and office clean for the betterment of the hygiene issue. A healthy dose of
physical exercise can revitalize the systems of the body, which can make the chance of
suffering from flu lesser.

There are many other ways of how to avoid the flu virus. If a person can balance both
physical exercise, as well as, food habit, it will result in a healthier body and healthier
and stronger systems. If a person cuts off the amount of junk food intake, it is possible
to strengthen the overall system of the body. This thing can result in a stronger immune
                                               system, which can save people from not
                                               only flu, but also from several other
                                               diseases. Instead of having too much of
                                               fast food, it will be helpful for the body if,
                                               the daily diet chart has an enormous
                                               amount of fresh fruits, juice and
                                               vegetables. Eating such things will be
                                               great to avoid being attacked from the flu

                                               While discussing how to avoid the flu
                                               virus, it is crucial to talk about Vitamin D,
                                               the sunshine vitamin. Few minutes’ walk
                                               under the sun is sufficient for Vitamin D
intake in the body. There are different herbs, for example, andrographis, zinc and
elderberry, which are helpful to keep flu virus at bay. If these easy, but healthy habits
can be followed up properly, there is a great chance of escaping the attack of flu virus.
The answer of the question how to avoid the flu virus is straightforward, but following
them in a regular basis is not seen every time.

While discussing how to avoid the flu virus, it is beneficial to include a point of eating fish
as it is one of the excellent sources of Vitamin A, C and E. Milk and nuts should be
included in the diet too. In the modern way of living, it is not possible for everyone to
cook and eat healthy foods only, or to avoid junk food to a great extent. Convincing
children to eat healthy food is a matter of a great problem. In such cases, the body
becomes deprive of the required nutrient materials. In these cases, it will be quite
helpful to drink food supplements in order to get the balance of the required chemicals
alright in the body. Foods, which are a rich source of Beta Carotine, should be eaten to
prevent flu virus. Eating one or two cloves of garlic can prevent flu virus.

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