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Positive _ Negative Aspects Of School Uniforms - Copy


									                  Positive & Negative Aspects Of School Uniforms

The subject of pros and cons of school uniforms has become a widely talked over issue in
different nations. The issue of wearing or not wearing uniform has got both support and
criticism from teachers, students and parents. This problem or controversy is a long lived
one, as there is no proper rule about this thing in many countries. It is a fact that,
uniforms help the students to take less time, while getting ready in the morning. If a
student has choice to wear what he likes, it takes more time to get ready. If a child
invests time to decide to wear something special, and it may take more time to get
dressed. In this way, he may end up missing some important classes.

One of the most striking points in the debate of pros and cons of school uniforms is,
it helps to blur the social divisions of the students. Schools are abode of knowledge,
where a student should be judge by his merit, intelligence, good behaviour and other
virtues, not on the basis of the social class he belongs to. If a school allows the students
to wear whatever they like, the matter of social status will be more prominent. There are
a person, who wants to criticise others on the basis of social status and appearance. If
the schools make the decision of allowing students wear any casual garments, it will
intricate the problem. It is important for the students to wear uniforms as after a certain
age group, a person forms his own choice of clothes.

A positive point in the favour of the school uniform is to help a student to focus on the
thing, which is the most crucial for student life. Instead of investing all intellect and time
in dressing up in a fashionable way, it is vital to invest that time in the studies. A
dignified and gentle look is enough and, a school uniform easily provides that. In the out
of campus activities like inter-school competitions among different schools, it is quite
convenient for the organizers and teachers to keep track of the students, if they are in
their uniforms.

It is an impertinent fact that, there is nothing but a school uniform, which expresses the
spirit and emblem of the school. The critics of school uniform says that, a student can be
outrageous by wearing ornaments, piercing, tattoos, loud make up. Sometimes, students
come from the grass root level. For these people, meeting the cost of living is a great
challenge, and the cost of uniform becomes greater burden. Making a student wear the
same thing every day may cause disinterest in him. While debating pros and cons of
school uniforms, it is to note that, it is not the uniform, but the grade and behaviour
that reflect the efficiency of a student. The size of school uniforms may create different
controversies. Wearing skirts as school uniform can be considered both sexist, as well
as, fashionable.

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