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					                 Debates & Controversies Of Capital Punishment

The pros and cons of capital punishment is a controversial and widely discussed the
issue for over a long period. Previously, capital punishment was implemented in the
reign of the kings and queens to punish guilty people. People committing heinous and
brutal crime were given death sentence. Time has changed, but the practice of capital
punishment still exists. The people who are in favour of upholding human rights is
against death sentence. In the ancient and medieval periods, the methods of killing
prisoners were more crude and inhuman. The aim of such barbaric practice was to give
the person a painful death, and set an example to the subjects. In the areas nearby
ocean, people used to drown the prisoners to be eaten by the sea creatures. Prisoners
were tied to the trees to be preyed upon by hungry animals.

Sometimes a criminal was beaten to death, burned or beheaded. With the advancement
of technology, there came guillotine, electric chair, concentration camp. The sole aim of
these inhuman and barbaric methods were not only providing as much pain possible to
the criminal or victims, but also relish the pleasure born out of the extreme pain of the
victims. This is an expression of sadism, the tendency of getting pleasure witnessing the
pain of others. Though time has changed, and instead of these ancient, crude methods,
some less painful methods like hanging, firing squad have come to existence. Though
these methods are less painful, the debate of pros and cons of capital punishment is
a burning issue among the human rights activists.

The people against capital punishment is of opinion that, death sentence does not
provide the convicts any chance to correct themselves, which is against the decency of
human rights. People who are advocates of capital punishment is of opinion that,
criminals sometimes, cross every limit and indulge in the inhuman activities against the
society. It is harmful for the society if, such inhuman creatures wander in the streets
freely. The seriousness of their crime has made them unworthy of any second chance to
rectify them. The complexity of the discussion of pros and cons of capital
punishment becomes more intricate in this juncture.

If a person has committed a massacre, he/she is not worthy to get treatment like that of
a human being. Exponents of capital punishment are of opinion that persons committing
inhuman acts should get inhumane punishment, as well. It nothing but a sort of
balancing act against crime. People who are prone to criminal activities get a warming
that, they have to meet the same fate if they go against the law. It is a practical fact
that, it is the tax payers’ money, used in the jails and rehabs. If the most dreaded
criminals are to be treated properly, it will take considerable money. Instead, that huge
amount of money can be invested in some other beneficial projects. Though the debate
over pros and cons of capital punishment persists, it is a fact that poor people cannot get
assistance of the authority to fight for their lives, where as rich can escape serious

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