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									                   Debate Regarding Pros & Cons Of Censorship

Pros and cons of censorship are a much debated and quite controversial topic. There are
two types of mindset among the people debating this hot topic. Censorship is mainly
applicable for the well being of the youths so that they do not get any wrong message in
a tender age. But there are people, who are liberal enough to go against censorship.
Liberal minded people are known for their concept of the freedom of expression and the
right to determine what a person likes to watch and read, depended on his own will.
Right to decide to watch a movie whole in a democratic country should not be
questioned on the basis of some trivial issues or threat of some over audacious groups.
People, the supporters of censorship also constitute a large number and have their
reasons to justify their decision too.

When the discussion is about pros and cons of censorship, people who are for
censorship, strongly advocate the reason of not hurting the sensitive issues for averting
greater turmoil. In order to escape large scale turmoil, it is better to cut some scenes off
a movie. It is better to look at both points related to pros and cons of censorship, in
                          order to understand the issue clearer and better. Advocates of
                          censorship are vocal for censorship as they think that, it is a
                          legal method to withhold any information, which may
                          jeopardize the fabric of peace and harmony of the society. It is
                          nothing but paying a small price for bigger cause.

                         There is confidential information in every sector like
                         government, art, sports and so on. There is a need to keep
                         some information confidential in order to keep the peace. It is
                         also true that, people of higher authority makes disadvantage
                         of censorship law. In this case, censorship is used to serve
                         some negative aspects. For example, Wilkileaks has shown
                         that, if different documents of Government offices are made
                         public, it can sent ripples throughout the world. The world may
be at the juncture of another great war for this open publication. Though, censorship is
applied in the present days as a camouflage to the negative deeds, it still has its

While discussing pros and cons of censorship, it is a fact that well planned application
of censorship has helped to escape many religious, political and social riots. A censor
board screens books, television serials, magazines, newspapers, and movies for
removing objectionable contents. For the small children and viewers, it is essential to
censor terrible action scenes and abusive words as these leave a strong imprint on their
impressionable mind. Censorship, no doubt, is used as a tool to stop creative genius on
the name of different socio-political and religious issues. Though pro- censorship people
are of opinion that, censorship does not aim to curb creativity and freedom of
expression, it is, in many cases, used against it. People who want to portray a dark side
of something cannot get required independence for being strangled by the ropes of

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