; Controversies _ Expected Boons Of Stem Cell Research - Copy
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Controversies _ Expected Boons Of Stem Cell Research - Copy


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									             Controversies & Expected Boons Of Stem Cell Research

The pros and cons of stem cell research are, in the present times, in a highly transitional
mood, as this genre of science is quite in an initial level. It is said that, stem cell
technology has the capacity of controlling some of the most dreaded diseases in the
medical science. As this technology is still in an extremely premature stage, there are
people, who are of opinion that, patients cured by stem cell technology will get back the
negative side of this technology in the future. There are many controversies related to
stem cell research like whether it is justified to let the research continue or not. There
are many negative outputs from the conservative and religious groups depicting their
negative outlooks about this area of medical science.

Medical personalities are keen on the levels of experiments done to get more data about
pros and cons of stem cell research. As stem cell study is quite a new domain, it is
noted that, at this juncture of time, it is not possible to give the final verdict about pros
and cons of stem cell research. Stem cells are, in common language, the initial thing of a
living body. As stem cells have the ability of rebuilding any type of cells, researchers are
                            aiming to develop technology to treat diseases like cancer or
                            spinal injury. If the researchers can get the intended results
                            of stem cell research, it will be no less than a great revolution
                            in the history of medical science.

                           While the subject is pros and cons of stem cell research,
                           the supporters of this technology propagate that, when the
                           researchers will get success by gathering information in this
                           field, it will help to wipe out different diseases and give a new
                           lease of life to many ailing people. Stem cell research will help
                           to get proper treatment for different diseases like multiple
                           sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. At
                           present, there is no proper treatment available for these
                           diseases. Cancer research has progressed a lot, but is still far
away from controlling this hydra headed disease.

Doctors can take out affected cancerous organs like lungs, liver, pancreas as with the
help of stem cell technology they can be re-created and grown. Heart patients can get
immense benefit from stem cell research technology. With the advent of advanced stem
cell technology, it is possible to increase the average time period of life. While the topic
is pros and cons of stem cell research, it is also necessary to mention the negative
impacts, which may occur for using stem cell technology. For example, stem cell is more
effective on the young aged patients. The power of cell proliferation is stronger while the
cells are from the younger donors. There are enormous ethical controversies about this
topic too. Extreme success in stem cell research can lead to successful cloning, against
which greater opinion has been generated. People can extend their lives hundreds of
years, which is harmful for the planet, as well as, for every living species of the Earth.

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