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									                 Complexities And Happiness Regarding Adoption

Regarding various circumstances and complexities about the adopted children, people
tend to become more flexible and inquisitive. Depending on the situation, not only
people interested in adoption, but many others also have shown interest about pros and
cons of adoption. Couples with medical problems are becoming more interested to have
adopted children to satisfy their desire to have own children. Couples who have got
married late also want to have adopted child in some cases for avoiding the risks and
complications of pregnancy. There are many same sex couples, who love to have their
own bundle of joy. Adoption, for the same sex couples, is a much convenient option than
hiring a surrogate mother or a sperm donor. Two decades ago, there was more
complexities regarding adoption, but it has now become an easier process.

The topic of pros and cons of adoption bears different sensitive issues. Apart from
civil issue, there are also moral and ethical complications regarding this topic. Parents of
an adopted child still have to face bizarre questions of this stigmatized society. An
adopted child is tended to suffer from identity crisis too. The matter of identity crisis is
so complicated and sensitive that it can ruin the fabric of a happy family. There are
people too, who have problems with the right to adopt a child by a same sex couple.
                          Anti-LGBT people consider that these people are not setting right
                          examples to their children. It is also a controversial issue of
                          gender, which deters the same sex couples to adopt a child in
                          many countries.

                         Legal complications take a greater position in the issue of pros
                         and cons of adoption. The highest courts of some countries
                         have declared the same and equal right for the adopted children
                         in the inheritance of property. Property issue may create a
                         powerful bitterness, but it is also a wide spread issue among the
                         natural siblings too. If a person or a couple can handle these
                         issues, they can save a life from constant humiliation and
                         frustration. It is not necessary to have blood relation with a
                         person, but love, acceptance and understanding are ways to
                         complete a family.

There are some couples, who opt for an adopted child despite having their own biological
children. Noted Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are much discussed
couples about this matter. While discussing, pros and cons of adoption, this point
makes sure that, love is not limited in the blood lines; it is something above all barriers.
In the modern world of continuous frictions and diversities, it can teach little children the
message of love, sharing, tolerance. It is quite complicated for parents to pay similar
attention and care to both children so that none feels inferior. It is necessary to discuss
the adoption issue with the child to satisfy his questions. Sometimes, the sense of
loneliness and identity crisis create insecurity and frustration among adopted kids, which
may lead to abnormal or even criminal doings. The adopted children should get legal
rights to ensure that, they are part of the family

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