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					                    An Introduction to the Latest Nokia Phones

Nokia is one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers in the world. Nokia cell
phones are the other names for sturdy handsets, style and reliability. With the high
competition in the global market, Nokia has launched and will launch a whole range of
latest Nokia cell phones. A gadget freak remains aware of the situation generally, but if a
person is not a gadget geek, but is planning to get a new phone, he can get the updates
of the latest Nokia cell phones. In 2012, Nokia has launched 5 potent cell phone sets in
the market. Though there are other grand phones in the market, these phones by Nokia
deserve their place to be mentioned.

Nokia C300 is one of the latest Nokia cell phones. It features a comfortable QWERTY
keyboard. People, who are not much comfortable with touch screen phones, easily will
like it. The large navigation button has made the job of navigation easier. With the help
of this navigation button, the jobs of sending message, net surfing, listening to the audio
files become much easier. As this phone has WI-FI connectivity, it is a positive gain for
the user to get a phone like this. The display of this phone consists of a 2.4 inch screen.
The ability of the camera of this Nokia phone is 2.4 Megapixel. With superior WI-FI,
camera and comfortable typing experience, Nokia C300 rocks the market.

Nokia N8 has become one of the most popular and famous but latest Nokia cell
phones. One of the most fascinating things about this phone is its AMOLDED touch
screen of 3.5 inches. The display quality is just perfect for watching a video clip or even
a movie or playing game. The 12 megapixel camera of this phone has autofocus ability.
It can be easily said that the camera resolution of this phone outshines any other phone
in the market. Though Symbian 3 is the operating system, it is possible to upgrade it to
Anna OS. In short, Nokia N8 is a thrilling and complete deal.

Nokia 6085 is the only Nokia phone among the latest Nokia cell phones with dual
display. The dual display mode of this phone helps users to see the notifications of the
phone without even changing the display of the phone. It is better for those who do not
need internet and touch screen, but smooth use. Nokia 2720 S40 is a phone, which has
got a great design and model. This Nokia phone has internet, which runs through WAP
browser. This is a Bluetooth enabled phone. Though there are many other E series
phones by Nokia, E5-00 seems to most successful among the latest Nokia cell phones. A
QUERTY layout is present in this phone to make the typing experience more comfortable
and easy. There is a navigation button, which enables users to send text messages or to
surf the net. This phone has HSDPA connection, and, at the same time, it is WI-FI
enabled. As a result, high speed performance is a guarantee.

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